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20 years old lookin for a good time

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20 years old lookin for a good time

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Some days I wish time would slow down just a bit, kind of like this snail who moves nice and slow. The larger the apple the harder it is for it to stand up in the peanut butter.

Cut a thick vertical slice from a whole apple, just missing the core. Do this on both sides. Cut a celery stick that is about 1 inch longer than the width of the apple slice. Put the peanut butter into the plastic bag, snip off the end to make a small hole. Fill the trough of the celery stick with the bag of peanut butter, and set aside. Using the plastic bag filled with peanut butter again, draw a spiral on both sides of the apple slice. Wedge the apple slice into the filled celery stick.

Larger apples like to fall over. Add two carrot shreds for antennae. I know — as soon as I saw it I knew I needed to try it out. Always trying to look for fun, healthy snacks and this one certainly is. My two year old would love this! What a great idea to get kids to eat a healthy snack! Ok, these are the cutest!! Stopping by from Talent Show Tuesday. My son would love these as an after school snack. Such a great idea! If you would like to use a photo of mine, please send me an e-mail to ask permission and then include a link back to the post you took it from but please do not include the full recipe in your description.

This is a fun after school snack for the kids. You get everything ready, they get to assemble. Such a cute idea. Ellora Creatively Southern — September 10, at 7: Erin — September 11, at A recipe for life. Summer Pasta Salad posted on August 17, Individual Fruit Pizza Cups posted on May 11, All images and content- Copyright Kendra Arch Feel free to pin images directly from my site.

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He and his mommy are visiting Minnesota. It's been an emotional weekend, but a profitable one too. He put two special people in my path at church this morning; my beautiful Bethany appeared in front of me in the foyer after first service and again in the Ladies' Room , and my sweet friend Brenda spotted me when I popped into the gym to see the missions tables on my way out the door. Long hugs from old friends mean so much. I am loved and I am blessed. Jesus loves me this I know.

I'm a country girl at heart. Take me for a slow ride down a country road and I may as well be in heaven. I took a ton of pictures, even though digital photos don't weigh a thing. Posted by Martha at 6: Saturday, October 20, Mendon Ponds, Again.

Some days I feel a little more stressed than others. Today was one of those days and what better medicine is there for stress than a walk in the woods? I am grateful for safe autumn walks through the woods, even if it did decide to rain.

It was mostly a sprinkle of rain, at least until we got back to the car. It was a different kind of week. I went to bed earlier than usual at least three out of seven nights, got up way earlier one morning, and worked 4 hours overtime in a week that started out severely sleep deprived. I'm not complaining, just stating facts. Had I not taken the effort to take care of myself midweek, I would have been a mess by week's end. I am grateful for a God who meets each and every need ahead of time, even if it simply mean being sure I am aware.

Perhaps that headache early in the week was actually a gift. Posted by Martha at 7: Wednesday, October 17, So, Yeah I wish there was a way to write out everything in my heart, but I know it isn't prudent or possible. The little I share is often too much, and yet I ache to write Posted by Martha at 8: When I go home to Williamson the Naughties come meowing. I was out on Saturday, to look through boxes of stuff, and they found me. Always looking for a scratch on the ears of g little bit of snuggling.

I don't know what they will do if we sell the house. Where will they go? Monday, October 15, Autumn Sister Outing. Before it gets too far in the past We thought it might be fun to visit Bristol Mountain Ski Resort , ride the lift, and see the fall colors.

There was a fall festival planned there to add to the fun. We didn't count on the miles long line of traffic both directions waiting to get in. A drive that might have taken ten or fifteen minutes the one down the road to the ski center took nearly two hours! Yes, we were that patient, and we had prepaid tickets for the lift, like everyone else in line.

Saturday, October 13, The Week in a Nutshell. It's late and I should be fast asleep, but I just dropped Joe back off at his apartment and I'm spending a few minutes winding myself down before turning out the light.

Autumn has finally arrived in upstate NY. We had summer temperatures up until Friday afternoon when the weather decided to take a turn toward winter. Today it was in the forties, down from the eighties earlier in the week. It was a good run with some calling it "the summer that wouldn't end. The week was varied and diverse from weather to sleep patterns to daily activities Sunday- church, and then feeling rather sickish, I stopped at Wegmans on my way home for a bit of medicine and some chicken soup which I took home and ate after tucking myself into bed for a long nap.

Monday - work, my step study, and a late night, bare-footed, jammie clad visit to one of my boys. Tuesday- work, chiropractor, support group meeting Wednesday- work, and went out with Ben. Tonight he brought me flowers and took me out to dinner in his fancy truck. Thursday- work and a bit of time at the pottery studio Friday- work and a birthday party for Number Seven. I went to sleep exhausted Thursday evening, woke up in the middle of the night, and couldn't go back to sleep.

When I finally dozed off, I dreamed it was light out and the clock read 7: I was late for work, and of course couldn't find the number to call in. When I did find it, I dialed wrong over and over I was relieved to realize it was all a dream and even more relieved when my alarm went off at the usual time and it was still dark outside.

Monday, October 08, Much Better, Thanks. I haven't had a sinus headache like that in quite some time, but thanks to my sister and a couple of Musinex tablets, I was able to get relief. After sleeping away the afternoon, I took a Benadryl before climbing into bed for the night.

Slept like a baby and was able to go to work pain-free. Sunday, October 07, Sleepy Day. Nothing special this weekend. I spent a good amount of time in bed fighting a sinus headache this afternoon. Probably got something in my eye or inhaled something irritating. It happens a few times a year and wipes me out for a day or two. Here's hoping I'm good for work tomorrow. That is a juvenile swan taking a nap on the side of the road.

Thursday, October 04, Nobody. I'm finding a song or two running through my head. This is one of them It was a run around kind of day and I still didn't get everything done. Tomorrow I go into work a half hour early. One of our staff is sick.

She needs to see a doctor and I hope she takes the time to go. The Affordable Care Act hasn't made health care affordable for all of us. In many cases we've lost our insurance altogether or pay for a policy that gives nothing in return, while those who pay nothing see the doctor for every cough and sniffle. This friend needs to see a doctor before she ends up with pneumonia, if she doesn't have it already.

Wednesday, October 03, Bits and Pieces. Time is slipping away and thus the "Bits and Pieces. Friday, September 28, Friday, Friday! There are days at work when I rush to keep up with all that needs to be done. Today was not one of those days. Today I was ahead of the game and actually ran out of things to do well before lunch time. If it hadn't been Friday, I might have baked a banana bread. I did that on Wednesday. After my nap, I mean lunch break, I was sent to the older toddler class.

I helped a few little ones with shoes and socks and then headed outside with five little ones, one crying because she wanted me to carry her. I do love you! We met another toddler teacher and five more little people out on the playground where most of mine ran off for the swings. One small child stayed behind, preferring to sit on my lap as she was not feeling well.

It was not Sophia We herded wayward children back toward the group, plucked one off the picnic table repeatedly, and admonished them to "share," "wait your turn," and "be nice. They are used to me bringing their meals and passing out hugs, but I rarely get to spend a significant amount of time looking after them anymore. Last summer a number of them were in our baby room and I took them for a walk every day The toddlers ate their banana bread snack outside and we eventually headed back in so another group could use the playground.

They washed their hands, used the potty, and sat down for a cup of cool water. One of the teachers had a bottle of Pepsi on the counter and as she took a drink, our little friend Carissa looked up at her and said, "Are you drinking a beer?

Oh, I miss those little people! Thursday, September 27, Sweet Honesty For as long as I can remember, it has been terribly difficult for me to be completely honest with others when I think my honesty will hurt them.

OR, keep in touch in real time on our Facebook page. I look forward to hearing the group. We are performing again in your neighborhood. Hope you can come have some fun with us! We are coming back to Mildord Amp this June.

Some of our best performances have been for very small crowds because we can connect with them more directly. We figured the weather caused just enough doubt to keep the zoobies home….. Thanks for the kind words and stay in touch on facebook. Time to call the girlfriend Pat and make plans to see what has become your favorite Seger tribute? Saw the show in Grand Blanc last night. As a long time Seger fan I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the show.

Luke, it means a lot to us that you took time to share your thoughts about a recent performance. We will see you at St Andrews Hall on March 15th. Thank you Rock n Roll Never Forgets. My Wife and I attended the Concert at St. Listened to your show at the Mustang Stampede from our boat at Mackinaw City marina. Thought for sure Seger was performing. Took me back to my high school days. Thanks for the kind words that mean so much to us! Shawn Murphy for 2 weeks before she started touring with Bob Seger.

I am sure your show will bring down the house! Thanks for keeping the music alive! Thanks for the kind words. Bring your friends and neighbors! You guys were great yesterday, I spoke to you a little yesterday. I have brother who performed with Harry Chapin on tours after college hay days studies Cleveland Institute of music. I would like to send you a cd of brothers band jazz band, Peter Virckes quartet in St. I am the one talked to you about your booking the dinner where we ate, you said you were missing people.

Hope you can make this one! Todd and group does a good job with Seger songs and they are fun and great group. Rock N Roll Never Forgets. To Members of looking back. I saw your show at Alpenfest and loved it!

I am associated with a historical Society with a year old Playhouse which currently needs a new roof. Feel free to call Todd Stoney at ! I saw you at Alpenfest and had a great time. I am associated with an organization which is looking for entertainment for fund raising events in Houghton Lake, Can you advise me of the cost of one of your performances? Please give me contact information by e-mail.

PA for a concert for will not work for a concert of or more. We can and would prefer to take care of ALL production in house. So, we like to take the guess-work out of this as much as possible.

I also saw your performance at Alpenfest and it was wonderful. Having been a Seger fan since he was Bob Seger and the Last Herd so many years ago and seeing him in concert several times I can say you guys do him proud. We can only measure ourselves against the original. See you in Frankenmuth this September? Client satisfaction always come first. We hope to return next year. Hope you can come see us at either location.

Check our website later today for more information about our new singer! Glad to see the site back up again. Missed you for a while there. Good job with the history of the group. Being the quality control guy here you have my promise we will always have a continuous improvement philosophy in this band and like a fine wine will improve over time.

See you someplace and sometime where the weather is warm. Saw these guys in Ferndale last Summer. During the Dream Cruise. They blew us away.

From Cool World creator Ralph Bakshi, Hey Good Lookin’ is an outrageous, nostalgic and adult take on a more innocent time. Well, not that much more innocent: not . Jan 05,  · after 20 years i’ve found a cure that really works messages in this subject. Detroit's 1st Bob Seger Tribute Band Is Now The Nations Most Popular. Detroit is known for its music and talent, and Bob Seger's fans deserve no less than the very best our market can produce, and Lookin' Back DELIVERS! Our honest tribute is prepared .