German cockroach

Do cockroaches bite?



Cockroaches generally choose warm, moist, food-rich, porous places, which is the 4 basic conditions for the breeding of cockroaches. These conditions are under normal circumstances, so we see cockroaches everywhere.


So does a cockroach bite? Cockroaches like to chew on all kinds of things, generally do not bite people. The cockroach spreads the disease through various ways, causes the human skin to produce the allergy, for example: allergic asthma, dermatitis, skin scar itch and so on. Cockroaches like to crawl around food, fly, chew clothes, food. But cockroaches are nocturnal, and when people are asleep, they come out for food, and they may want the skin and hair of the human body, and children should pay special attention.


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Does a cockroach bite people poisonous?


It has been proved that cockroaches carry 40 of bacteria that are pathogenic to vertebrates. Among them, the most dangerous is the infection of leprosy mycobacteria, infected with bubonic plague bacillus, infantile diarrhea by-catch bacillus. Cockroaches can also be infected by artificial means, resulting in cholera, pneumonia, SARS and other diseases.


At night, the cockroach will crawl to the human body to bite, then feel a little pain but not serious. Cockroaches bite is not the same as mosquito bites, cockroaches are infected with the virus bite. So, after being bitten by a cockroach, it is found that the skin is inflamed, itchy and can be applied to some ointment.
German cockroach
German cockroach
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The damage of cockroaches


Although cockroaches carry a variety of pathogens, these pathogens cannot reproduce in cockroaches, through the medium. What are the hazards of cockroaches?


1, causes the disease, spreads the bacterium. Cockroaches are everywhere, because of the intestinal diseases caused by cockroaches and the spread of parasitic eggs cause people’s attention. In recent years, there have been more and more cases of allergies due to the body fluids and feces of cockroaches. The news also reported that cockroaches will get into the ear canal of sleeping children.


2, chew food, pollute the environment. Cockroaches will not only bring health hazards, but also eat and pollute the environment. Because cockroaches have the habit of eating and pulling, carrying dysentery bacillus, salmonella, staphylococcus, and so on, the things that have been crawled by cockroaches may be contaminated, affecting health conditions. The serious person also causes the human body allergic reaction because of the cockroach’s secretion, the excrement.


3. The electrical apparatus fails. Because the habit of biting the cockroaches, resulting in communication equipment, computers and other failures, a short circuit, known as “computer pests”, resulting in economic losses.


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How do cockroaches kill?


1, check the house around the ditch, wall cracks, windows, to prevent cockroaches into.


2, keep the tuyere convection, indoor drying. Because cockroaches live in a humid environment, water leaks should be repaired quickly.


3, the use of sticky cockroach paper to catch cockroaches, kitchen, canteen and other places with boiling water soaked in various cracks, the eradication of cockroach eggs. If it is winter, the kitchen, cabinets and other places will hide the cockroaches clean.


4, to make sure that no one in the family, the use of thick kill cockroach gel bait to eliminate cockroaches. The cockroach is nocturnal, in the cupboard crevice, the corner puts some kill cockroach gum bait, one week can eliminate the cockroach.


5. Keep the interior clean. Cockroaches do not like the most clean place, to maintain environmental hygiene, timely clean-up of rubbish, do not put expired food, so as to eliminate cockroaches.


6, placed cockroach medicine, cockroach food. The stores sell cockroach-killing drugs, cockroaches are accustomed to repeat the route, as long as the position, it can play an effect. During drug release, cockroaches should be removed from food and water, and cockroaches are more resistant to hunger and dry. In particular, the female cockroach, with sufficient food and water, eggs will hatch.