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Adult singles dating in Oxford, Maryland (MD

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Adult singles dating in Oxford, Maryland (MD

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Me black blonde hair green eyes. Attached and needing more. We are a crazy happily in like couple, this is not something we need it is something we both want. NO SINGLE M's, DO NOT WASTE Maryland (MD TIME OR YOURS.

Relationship Status:Married
Seeking:Look Man
Hair:Bright red
Relation Type:Lonely Lady Want Geek Dating

Adult singles dating in Oxford, Maryland (MD

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Waiting for a single woman that I can trust and have some new adventures with. Im into greens, hip hop, some rap but mostly old type of music of aby genre I believe I have an old fashioned type of mentality. Real and good waiting m4w The title says it I am real and good Maryland (MD smart funny clean.

I want to give you a sensational oral, I know where to put my mouth, I love dedicating myself to give you a stupendous time of your life, I'm not satisfied with good I wanna hear it was fantastic.

I am a widow and after just over two years my friends told me to try internet dating. As I was in my 40's I thought I would join a site for over plus dating which you pay a subscription for and I thought would be safe.

I started chatting to a guy who said he was english born but his father was american. He was working for the united nations as an orthapedic surgeon which I thought was a bit of a story but I went along with it. We were chatting for a few weeks and he suggested going onto messenger as it would save money on subscriptions. He told me things like he was also a widower and told me about his wife etc. This went on for 3 months. I gave him my mobile and he rang me each evening and we would chat for 5 or 10 mins at a cost to him not me.

He even rang me when I was on holiday in Spain. When I came back we chatted for another couple of weeks and then he asked me for some money so that he could home and we could be together.

I was so gullible for the love but as soon as he asked me for money I cut him off completely. The best advice I can give you is if anyone asks for money or your bank details to transfer money into - cut them off totally and report them to the site you originally met on.

I also did some checking on other sites and also facebook and reported him on each site in a hope that nobody else can be conned by him. But I will say if they sound too good to be true cut them off and don't even say anything to them just get rid of them as soon as possible for the sake of your heart and in a lot of circumstances your pocket.

They pretend to be soldiers, working in Pakistan and also in jobs that will pull at your heart strings to make you fall for them as soon as possible. Please take this warning and be very careful and forget about how you feel when you find out, and get them reported to whoever you can. Click here to add your own comments. Nigerian Dating Scam - I've been there by Catherine Sheffield, UK I am a widow and after just over two years my friends told me to try internet dating.

Oct 27, Rating RE: Anonymous The checkpoints that the commentator below sounds like John Richard Power, though he is an Irish US is a second location and the real pilot. Anonymous Ladies please note the folowing. UK or US Citizen 3. Widowed with 1 daughter or child 4. Only son or sometimes with sister 5. Father passed away or no parents at all 6. Talking about investmest after a few talks 9. Easily falls in love and has a lot of plans He will meet you as soon as possible and get married If you meet someone and it looks like the above mentioned please block asap.

Dont waste your time for nothing. Oct 24, Rating Morgan Travis by: Barbara He indeed is s scammer. Told me all about his daughter Lisa and said she wanted to meet me last Christmas.

Lived in New York. I unfortunately did send money. Felt like a fool! Oct 24, Rating Ken Mark or Moro by: Anonymous Talked for 10 months to this person who says he's a surgeon in Syria , widow with a 15 yr old son. Did scam me out of money. Sob story, in love with me after a week, I saved his life blah blah. Today he wanted more money and I finally came to my senses. No matter how I tried to leave him he would be relentless in calling and texting with more sob stories. Had me convinced he was coming here today.

I checked the planes at the airport and I unplugged my phone. These scum are so convincing and play on your heartstrings. Please don't get hooked like I was. Get help if you suspect he is a scammer. This could bankrupt you and or make you sick. Oct 24, Rating Dr Morgan travis by: He is a "general surgeon" working for the UN in Syria. I guess the documents could be false. There was a Nigerian scammer jailed for using same name.

Once again, a widow with a 10 yr old dau back home, Thanks in advance. Oct 20, Rating Fred smith whos suppose to be an orthopedic surgeon in syria he says he lives in brooklyn ny by: Anonymous Hi, about two months ago I was on face book and this man who says he is Fred Smith and is an orthopedic surgeon serving in Syria through NATO, so does this sound familiar to anybody?

Oct 13, Rating Bruce Eskenderian by: Anonymous Anyone heard of this guy? Say's he's in the Army 2 kids wife passed, in Nigeria still. Oct 12, Rating Ryan Williams by: Anonymous Has anybody heard of a Ryan Williams? Orthopedic Surgeon working out in Cyprus for the United Nations. Oct 09, Rating RE: Anonymous My plan is to go into investment after my Retirement and start a new family with the woman I wish to marry, and I also plan to return to North Carolina where I spent all my life with my family.

Frank William associates with John Power, the Irish pilot real airman works for the national flag carrier that has produced three arrests for sexual assault and human trafficking on duty by means of workplace resources last year on Veggieconnection. In the profile on that dating site John Power says " I have a great career and a life but I still think it would be nice to have somone to share with".

In the private emails, John Power talks to you about the company run by his parents and a brother is in financial problems due to the recession in the US and his family has decided to fire employees who had worked for them for some time and also neibours in the community: John Power also tells you about his dream to have animal sanctuaries for rescued livestock animals after retiment from the airline.

Ladies, you should imagine there are culprits behind Mr. Oct 06, Rating Google Quora. Anonymous If you Google Quora. You can also ask them questions and they will answer you honestly.

Remember if they are using two first names like William Albert or Alex James, it's most likely a scam. All military personnel have access to their bank account just like you and I with a debit card and yes they all have access to ATM machines.

Like I said a lot of information for you if you are still wondering about certain things about all military services and whether you are being scammed. Oct 04, Rating Misuse of stolen photos by: Anonymous The article below is about the laywer based in England who had stolen the photos of Bollywood star to hook women on Tinder, one of the popular dating services. Though the lawyer is described as a rapist by fraud in the article, but he took advantage of accommodation, food, hydro and gifts from the victmized woman; that should also be refarded as financial fraud.

Lawyers, medical professionalas in the developed western countries do engage in such illegal activities. Oct 04, Rating Surgeon by: I think it's a Nigerian scam. Same modus, similar story, fake documents, falls in love too fast and wants to marry right away.

Sep 28, Rating RE: John William sextortion by: Anonymous Then started asking for nude pics and Amazon gift cards. Sep 26, Rating John William by: Anonymous Be careful of John William. Started out on Words with friends. Was immediately in love with me. Lots of lovey dovey messages. Then started asking for nude pics and Amazon gift cards.

It was all too familiar and I blocked him. Sep 26, Rating Ryan Taylor by: Anonymous Jan 06, Even in the Netherlands, Scott's photographs are being misused. Hello, I live in the Netherlands and have been chatting with a Ryan Taylor since a week.

He sent many photos and I did research and now it appears to be photos of Scott Humpal. I started searching because that man Ryan asked me for money.

I did not send money. I do think it is very bad for Scott and his family that his pictures are being misused so do not give money to people - never do. I had to report this because I find it so bad what happened.

Sep 22, Rating Dr.

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Started out on Words with friends. Was immediately in love with me. Lots of lovey dovey messages. Then started asking for nude pics and Amazon gift cards. It was all too familiar and I blocked him. Sep 26, Rating Ryan Taylor by: Anonymous Jan 06, Even in the Netherlands, Scott's photographs are being misused. Hello, I live in the Netherlands and have been chatting with a Ryan Taylor since a week. He sent many photos and I did research and now it appears to be photos of Scott Humpal.

I started searching because that man Ryan asked me for money. I did not send money. I do think it is very bad for Scott and his family that his pictures are being misused so do not give money to people - never do. I had to report this because I find it so bad what happened. Sep 22, Rating Dr. Anonymous I met Dr. Tommy Pieoro on Zoosk under the name of Simon which he claimed was his middle name. Said he was working for the U.

After a few weeks which I had my suspicions due to poor grammar and just mistakes. He started to go down the road of taking about how they just gave him cash. I cut him off. I also went on his FB page which was filled with all hookers. He started to create multiple pages.

Mario Sbdone came up as a match. He is an Opthamologist in Italy. The guy stole all his pictures and videos. I contacts the doctor and informed him.

I also contacted all the social media sites. He goes by Tommy or Tom Piero. Anonymous Claimed as an engineer, project manager, investor from Manchester, UK. Widowed, as wife died of cancer 3 years ago, has a 22 years old daughter who just recently married to a Turkish guy,and in search of spouse. His profile in the dating site , is too good to be true - portrayed as a pious, religious man.

He will be such a sweet talker and tries to be as charming as he could. Would be reluctant to share pictures. He has a profile at LinkedIn too. Just search his name.

So ladies, please be aware and be critical. My red flag moment was when he mentioned about his investment to a stranger i. ME too soon-after just talking for a few times, something that normal people dont do. After 5 days of communication I sensed that something is not right when he was being too bossy and demanding. And I decided to make my own digging.

Luckily I found this thread. And thank god, I saw his name mentioned by one of us dated back in 17 August Don't fall for sweet words and promises. These people are highly trained and good at manipulating. They will gain your trust as much as they could. Always trust your gut feeling. If something sounds too good to be true, believe it. That is what I did. Sep 19, Rating Robert Sean by: Anonymous Hi, Look out for Robert Sean operating on instagram robertsean and Twitter robertsean Claims to be in construction but is a surgeon?

Following over women. Not asked for money yet, but same story single father, child at boarding school and a widow. Falls in love very easily, sounded Nigerian on the phone call he made to me. Has anyone come across him, definitely a scammer.

Anonymous Just happened to me on Hinge. Thank you for the heads up as I just deleted him. The story is all the same or similar - neurosurgeon, wife died, son in London, he's in Mynmar on assignment for a few months moving back to the Bay Area in a few months. On to the next. Sep 17, Rating Robertson Jones by: Anonymous Thank you everyone for the confirmation that Dr.

Robertson Jones is a scammer. I was hoping it was not but it is true. I'm thankful that I stumbled across this site. Sep 16, Rating Dr David Williams. Anonymous Yes, I have just discovered Dr David Williams' pictures are everywhere on Haters scam united but with different names.

If you goggle Skype, his stolen pictures are there with 7 different profiles all the same details except the date of birth on Skype.

He is also called Wilson Scott with a dozen fake profiles and same details with different date of birth. He is also called Richard Terry and William Bellor The same story surgeon working in Syria with wife killed and a son or daughter at boarding school some where in the States. Sep 16, Rating Statement by: Robert Jones says he is a neurosurgeon with in in Iraq. There is no in in Iraq. Also watch for David Stevens. States he is a general surgeon in Yemen. Contacted me and asked for iTunes cards.

When I told him that is what scammers ask for I haven't heard from him since. Sep 15, Rating Dr. Robert Jones, I'm thinking is the same person, Dr. Met him on Instagram as well. Sep 12, Rating Question by: Anonymous Has anyone heard of David Stevens. Contacted me on instagram. Sep 11, Rating Dr David Williams. Anonymous How do you attach pictures used by Dr David Williams on the web page? Sep 11, Rating Statement by: Anonymous He uses pictures of Brazil Dr. George Victor Scam Artist by: Anonymous First I must say that I am not computer savvy, but I knew my granddaughter was.

I shared with her the story of a man who reached out to be my friend. Told her that within 2 days he asked me to switch over to Hangouts. At the same time he was suddenly in love with me and wants to marry me. We have been texting for less than 2 weeks. She tried the reverse imaging, but found nothing and then she found this site. Let me tell you the exact same lies as with a lot of others. He's an orthopedic surgeon from Washington, D. Today he asked me to write a letter to the U.

HE composed the letter I should write to the U. I am sure it is not the man who's picture is on F. I am sure he is NO type of doctor. The whole time I kept thinking that for being a doctor he couldn't write good sentences. Every once and a while he would throw in words that were being used improperly. I called him on them last night and got no answer why he was so off. He uses the name Victor George, but in the letter that I am supposed to send to the U.

No doubt the next step would have been to send money. Sep 10, Rating For robertthree by: Anonymous Never heard of this one before so he must be a new scammer. I would still be careful and do some research on this person. Sep 09, Rating Photo and personal info of yourself will be used for another crime by: Anonymous 2 days later he suggested moving to hangouts because of security, then, wanted a picture of me, and he shared pictures of the compound at great risk.

Do not send photos of yourself to individuals whom you met on line. Digital contents can be duplicated, processed and distributed so easily. Perpetrators may abuse photos taken from victims for another crime: Sep 09, Rating Dr.

Anonymous He is using Dr. Sep 09, Rating Question by: Anonymous Has anyone been contacted on Instagram by robertthree? Sep 08, Rating Question by: Anonymous Do you have pictures? And what is his story? Sep 07, Rating Dr David Williams. But he has created a new profile with a different pic at the same time a week ago. He is a smooth operator so please watch out for him. He is very polite and never lost his temper even when you called him a scammer.

Sep 05, Rating Dr. Anonymous Your "doctor" is using Dr. I swear these slime bags are multiplying like the maggots they are. I just did a search on Instagram of the name you posted and 2 Dr. I got scammed by the same sorry but a different name.

Sep 05, Rating Name by: Anonymous There is a lot of comments on dr. Does he go by any other names? Anonymous My story is about the same. Wife and baby daughter killed in car wreck 5 years ago. Met him on Instagram, very nice profile in Scruggs and another pic with nice pullover.

Even a pic of son, some had even commented the son really growing and being 14 now. I found the same pictures on google. Couple were stock images from Getty images. Then he started pouring on the sweetness. He did send me a pic of himself at church services and his son Luis at boarding school.

Then he gave me his son's email, to write to his son, then son, emailed me telling how happy he was and that God sent me to his Dad and him so we could all have happy life. Asked if I would accept him as my child and he wanted to come stay with me before dad got back to the states next August. I got a voice call this morning.

He was at great risk for him to be calling. Then he wants to see me during holidays, but, I have to contact the UN by writing email to get vacation certificate. Why, well because that is the way the UN does it.

He gets agitated when I keep questioning him about it. I merely pointed out, he was adult, with a son in the states, and owns a home in Atlanta, he should be able to request his own vacation certificate. He got very agitated at my questions. I told him I wouldn't do it until I did more research. I want to believe in him so bad. But, I don't believe the pic of the man I have is who I am talking to.

Then I opened up the pages, and my doctor is all three at some point, his pictures were as profile pic at some point. There was another profile and all pics were the ones I have of my doctor, but are deleted a day after I asked him about the different profiles and said he had been hacked. Profile on Instagram has also been deleted.

Yes, I not believe it a scam, but I sure don't want it do be. Last thing, he said he didn't get a monthly salary, but received an allowance and all his monies from his contracts as being in United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and was in securities and couldn't get it until his 3 years contract was up next August, and also have 20 years with UNHHC, as doctors without borders and retire with them.

He is also having hard communication with his son because his son's phone broke and he is having a hard time getting him new one because he just gets an allowance, and right now he has to use his guardian's computer at boarding school. Wish I confirm who man in picture really is? Sep 05, Rating RE: Anonymous I was contacted by Dr. Robert Jones on Instagram. States he is a neurologist working with the UN in peacekeeping in Iraq.

Has anyone been contacted by this person or heard of him? Sep 04, Rating Question by: Sep 04, Rating Clever scammer by: Anonymous Mar 31, Rating starstarstarstarstar correct gmail address by: Anonymous Dr David Williams gmail address should be davidwilliams gmail. He is definitely not on the UN lists of doctors working in Syria. As UN had pulled all humanitarian doctors in Syria since Dec due to continuous bombing as UN could not guarantee the safety of the medical personnel.

He claimed he is a neurosurgeon and this is untrue as when he was asked what types of clips he does and did he clip a brain aneurysm but he didn't know the answer by ignoring or side tracking you. Any qualified neurosurgeons will definitely give you the answer.

He has a team of different recipients for you to make payments into his account before you can claim on his contract money. AE09 Bank address: Anonymous This Dr David Williams is still on Skype with seven profiles with the same picture but different date of birth. He is the one in the operating theatre - blue with a strap on his shoulder. Mar 28, Rating starstarstarstarstar I have been scammed by: Anonymous This is the same Dr David Williams who had scammed me for an undisclosed sum of money as I been a fool desperate for love.

I wish I had read this article before as I have been talking with him for about 8 to 9 months. Same story, a UN neurosurgeon working in Syria refugee camps with a three years contract and he been there for a year which is worth The fund is for the family only. So you can apply for his vacation. To do that you have to apply to United Nations.

He said he is from the State, New Heaven in Connecticut a 59 year old widower, wife died in second childbirth 5 years ago with a 12 year old son called Jerry who lives with a guardian while he works in Syria. He is very polite and loving, every sentence is my love, my dear and starts off with how was your night when he contacted me every morning. We spoke three time a day. His spelling and English gave me the impression that English is not his first language.

He contacted me on skype and we started to chat for a while and he asked to change it to Hangouts later although he consistently refused to give me his mobile number and said he is not allowed cameras or mobile phones as they were confiscated by the authority.

I don't know what he looks like as he won't give me a picture of him. Same thing I have asked to pay money into different bank accounts in Dubai to pay for his leave. Once you made one payment, there is another one to make. It will be either his flight to come to meet you, the marriage certificate or his 8 body guards, four on the plane and 4 in the airport before his arrival on the ground. He will pester you to make this payment because he is desperate to get out of Syria.

You feel sorry for him. He is very manipulative and persuasive and he will talk you into making this payment. The recipient is in Dubai to receive the payment are either Kenneth or Mohammed or someone's name I can't remember called UMBz something. I realized something was not quite right when the marriage certificate issued by United Nation with 8 mistakes on it.

They don't made mistakes. Like a silly fool I have to make the collections and sent it back to the United Nations and they reissued me with a new one. The United Nations don't do weddings or they don't ask you to make payments to them. Please be careful with this Dr David Williams. You can ask for his doctor registration number and I beg you, you will never hear from him again.

Sep 02, Rating Question about scammers by: Anonymous Has anyone been contacted by Dr. Says he is a neurologist working Iraq in peacekeeping. Sep 01, Rating For Dr. Anonymous Report him to the FBI and the police and stop all contact with this man and report him to the site you met him on and never send anything to these scammers. There's a lot of information on this site as well so hope this helps and keep the information you have on him so you can Report it.

Stay safe and away from these scammers. Sep 01, Rating Response to Question by: Aug 22, Rating Dr David Williams by: Anonymous I have been scammed by a person claiming to be Dr David Williams and working for the United Nations in Syria on a three year contract. How do I report his activity to the authorities. He is still chatting with me online and only discovered your website too late.

I have been scammed out of a lot of money and he is still demanding more. Every time you paid there is more he is demanding. Aug 20, Rating Aug Blain insisted that I will not pay and he Dr. Mark Phillip with a photo of George Osborn completely lost it, said he was going to sue me.

This is a case of kind of a commission fee fraud. Aug 19, Rating Donald Frank from Turkey by: Anonymous Had this guy add me on words with friends game. Got chatting and he said he was an orthopaedic surgeon with the UN troops in Ukraine. His wife was killed in a plane crash 3 years ago and his 15 year old son called Harry was living in Cyprus with hired help as he had no family. Gave me the sad story of how lonely he is and worries about his son and wants a mother for him.

Got me to start messaging on Hangouts instead. Told me he was 52 and planning to retire in January to set up his own hospital. Sent me photos of him posing with a Mercedes and a Ferrari and described a big house in Cyprus - not short of money I thought. Very quick to say he loved me and would relocate to be with me and asked me to partner him in the hospital. Have to say I did get quite hopeful about a new life with him.

Kept talking about his son that it was his birthday in a couple of days. I asked him what and reply came back money so he could get a computer. Knew straight away I was being scammed, so logged out of hangouts and resigned the words game. He then started a new game and messaged about chatting on hangouts and where are you honey. I replied no way! I know what you are now f off! Blocked him and reported abuse. I probably was chatting to more than one person as he started off calling me dear then honey.

He sent several photos and videos of himself but avoiding to talk and video call. We talked once and he sounded like a Nigerian. As usual widowed, mother is in hospital, daughter got maried with Turkish guy. He is a Jordanian living in the UK and has a project in Indonesia and needs some money to push his contract signing. He wants me to pay his airfare from Indonesia to my Country and when he arrives he will pay me.

When I refused he got mad and he said I dont trust him fully. I told him I dont have that amount but I can help you. Aug 17, Rating Orthopedic surgeon Philip Mark by: Anonymous Phillip Mark in Syria originally from Miami. Louise Johnson from the United Nation. Did you check out the IP address from the Email header?

Unfortunately more fraudsters use gmail as emails via gmail as cannot be traced using the IP address, and the location in which the email was initially sent. Anonymous I accepted a friend request from Dr. He said he was a doctor with the UN based in Syria.

Claimed his wife and son were killed in a car wreck. Had a 15 yr old daughter he left in New Orleans with a nanny. Within 2 weeks, he was in love with me and talking marriage. Those were just two of the many red flags. I wouldn't get it so he got mad, and we said our goodbyes. Just want to warn people of this scam. Aug 16, Rating Orthopedic Surgeon in Syria by: Widow, 54, with a son of 14 David.

He is using the picture of George Osborn London After 2 conversations he said I was the one he was searchig for and said he was finishing in Syria in a month and that he will mary me. To have him talk, I said I needed money so he said that his wife must always be happy, so he was sending me 10, cash through his agent.

Next day the dear Doctor asked me if a received the e-mail, and I told him yes. I know he was scamming me from the start. I confront my "future husband" with 1 the pictures of George Osborne as him and that I will not pay for the document.

Doctor Philip Mark in Syria, from Miami. Aug 16, Rating Scam? Anonymous Has anyone heard of the name Johnson Glen Chandler? Says he's a staff Sargent in the army in Syria. Aug 13, Rating stevenchance by: Anonymous Stay clear of this scammer! He has stolen the image and identity of Dr. Jones a world renowned hypnotist!

Comes with the same stories as the rest of them. Aug 12, Rating For the Post Aug 11th by: Anonymous You are so right. I wanted to also include his email Princehamdan gmail. Aug 11, Rating Money for good, not for himself by: Anonymous I was contacted by this man claiming to be Prince Hamdan of Dubai wanting me to send money for his Charity. This reminds me of the Irish pilot John Power astl78 is handle name, shamrock hotmail. John Power said that a small company run by his parent and a sibling was in financial problem due to the recession in the US that leads to no orders from clients there.

So, all staff who had worked for his family company should had been so sorry. John Power's another story that implies request for money is; after his retirement from the airline, he is interested in having an animal sanctuary and plans to travel to visit some sanctuaries in the US. Some fraudsters stimulate goodwill from their prey by means of charities, stories about people or animals in need, disguising it as money not for themselves. Aug 10, Rating New Scammer by: Anonymous I was contacted by this man claiming to be Prince Hamdan of Dubai wanting me to send money for his Charity and he sent all the information where to send it to and low and behold it was to Lagos Nigeria.

I did some checking and found out he was fake and the charity I had ask him a lot of questions which he couldn't answer so I told him since you are the prince of Dubai you shouldn't need donations because I know the real prince won't be on social media contacting women for money So I blocked him and reported him so Ladies if you get a request from this man please block and report as he's a nigeria scammer.

Aug 08, Rating More than one by: Anonymous Sometimes the scammer your talking to has a double or more.

After talking for some time you know a little about them and when a double comes on you can tell because they use different expressions and call you entirely different names. Also if you talk to them they all have the same accent. Met them on dating sites, instagram and Facebook. All with the same story. Wife died, child in boarding school or somewhere else and they want to meet someone to start a new life. Eventually they all want money. Don't lead them on. Report them as soon as you get a feeling it isn't right.

Steal your money, identity and heart. Aug 08, Rating Anthoni Mathias on Twitter by: Currently operating on Twitter follows over women. Ladies warn your friends he very good and charming. He has stolen the image of Dr. I outed him on his IG page and reported him to IG as spam and he was blocked and taken down.

Aug 04, Rating Dr Williams Richard by: Anonymous Dr Williams Richard claims to be an orthopaedic surgeon in Afghanistan. Did forget and told me Syria in a next sentence then said the UN put him in Afghanistan but made him use Syria time zones?.

Asked for Amazon cards? Operating on Twitter at the moment. Block and steer clear. Aug 01, Rating Re: Anonymous Dear One, you are being scammed, no doubt about it! First of all, if someone had that much money in the bank, why would they need your money to help them?

Using iTunes cards is a dead giveaway, and a major sign of a scam. I hope you've read some of the other letters here about experiences other women and some men have had and don't you think it's strange that almost ALL of them are surgeons, etc. I, too, almost fell for one of them, and things just didn't seem right.

I was so glad to come upon this page and see that the red flags and my gut instincts were right, as are yours! Why would your guy be for real when all the signs point to him being a scammer?

Please drop him fast, report him, do what you can to warn others about him! Many of us feel the shame of having been taken in, but we will get over it and become smarter about this and not let it happen again! There are very real men out there at your local art gallery, museums, classes, even your supermarket, whom you can meet face-to-face.

A man who truly respects you isn't going to be asking for iTune cards and lying like a rug to get your every penny. Stand up to these scammers, no matter how sorry you feel for them. Their stories are lies meant to make you want to help them but these guys will disappear the minute your money disappears! Do wake up and not let yourself be deceived a moment longer. Aug 01, Rating Doctor scamming by: Anonymous He scammed me for with the same story.

Stay away and Block him. The More contact you had with him the more information they can get so trust me they will. He is part of a human trafficking ring that came from the FBI and also drug trafficking and fraud charges and credit card fraud. Please all of you smart beautiful woman get off these sites. There was a beautiful girl murdered from a guy she met on tinder and she is just one of thousands. Aug 01, Rating "Dr. Anonymous I've been texting with a man claiming to be a general surgeon working in Syria.

He's sent me photos, even one of his US passport. He seems nice enough, but I keep feeling red flags. He's sent me money and asked me to send it to his UN contact, but I haven't done that, for fear that I'm getting scammed.

He had to go to London to do some kind of bank thing, and he gave me his bank login details. His account had almost 3 quarters of a million dollars in it. While he was "in London," he apparently got kicked out of his hotel, but was helped out by a good Samaritan who he wants me to send him money to pay back. The weird thing is that I can't find him on the UN list of doctors.

I can never send him money directly not that I would and every time I ask him about something, he avoids the issue. I don't know what to do. Jul 31, Rating From begger to blackmailer? Well I know he is just a scammer! He also asked me to leave my phone number and my address for him so once he gets his new cellphone he can contact me. When a scammer is refused money from his target, he is likely to switch the strategy; turn to be blackmailer with the personal information he has gotten from the target.

Besides, that private information can be misused by that scammer and transferred to organized crime. Jul 30, Rating UN shortage of cash by: Anonymous Request for money to get out from a war zone is a typical scam and people are more aware of it.

However the UN's budget is running out, and this news may successfully cause sympathy from the public for the soldiers sent to the Middle East and Africa. Be careful for the soldiers and doctors claiming working for the UN. Jul 30, Rating Stupid escape by: Anonymous The man called Danny is now telling me that a man who is the head of the UN charge office wants to help him escape from Yemen. And because this is an escape it will need some fee for this escape.

He said this is very risky but he will be fine because the man will ask two soldiers with him. He told me not to worry.

I will keep updating you all here and see what he will say to me when I refuse him again! Jul 29, Rating Reaons you should keep correspondence records by: Taking money directly from the target is not the initial purpose but misuse of personal information is the real benefits for this scammer. Preys women the fraudster contact who got similar outlook and attributes are ideal for the fraudster to make fake IDs of model person.

In the article above, resemblance of appearances is mentioned. Also, this case shows it is not easy to prove you are innocent. That is why if you have contacts from unknown individuals, you should keep all communication records in case you are accused while you should cut off further communication with that suspicious person.

Jul 29, Rating Looking at scammer by: Jul 29, Rating Anthony Scott by: Claims to be a geologist who oversees mining projects for large gem companies.

He continues to beg for money. Ladies beware as he is very good. He has a fake passport and drivers license and a fake bank statement all to prove he is telling the truth. Hard lesson to learn but if anyone asks for money they are a scammer! Jul 28, Rating Victor Morrison by: He is a middle age man with a grey beard, bald, glasses, usually wearing elegant clothes with good English but an American accent.

His targets now are latin middle age woman. Not sure for the ethnicity and nationality of this con artist, but Kings English sounds smart and attract more women but a bit difficult for an American to imitate British vocalization. The reasons why to target specific age range and race could be because: Jul 28, Rating Jonathan E Marsh by: Anonymous This man Jonathan E Marsh has a number of profiles on twitter.

It could be the same man or multiple. Very handsome, and Jonathan Marsh is a real person who is aware this scam goes on. He is asking for iTunes cards, while on a mission? Like I said the photos are stolen from the real Jonathan Marsh. Jul 26, Rating John Richard Power married man posing as a single by: John Richard Power, the Irish airman on Veggieconnection was the same.

Veggieconnection is a matching service basically a dating site but it is open to anybody to build a network for vegetarian people around the globe, and not limited to members searching for lovers. Jul 26, Rating Victor Morrison. Scammer of latin ladies by: Anonymous Hello, I met Victor Morrison in a web dating site. He was an English gentleman and he talked fluently, but he fell in love with me 3 days after we meet.

He was in Yemen working for the UN, he has a family tragedy with his family dead on , second wife cheated on him. His service was about to finish in and he hadn't any vacations in 6 years! He cannot show his cam because he is in the middle of the war, and can call sometimes using hangouts. He wanted to know me immediately and needed to ask for his vacations, but he needed my help.

First he said I must send a letter to a colonel in United Nations and then he suggested I should pay for his legal costs to be together, because he will pay back all when we met. All that sounded very weird, but I was curious and sent the letter from an old email, and they replied asking me for my pic, my address, telephone and other data. That day I started to research for more information and I saw his pic on other web sites with another name and age, and I found a profile on FB with only women as friends and I contacted one of them.

She has a similar story and the same pics I have, but she had not yet been asked for a letter and personal data. Be careful, as he is a middle age man with a grey beard, bald, glasses, usually wearing elegant clothes with good English but american accent. He has pics in different parts of world. I tracked some of them and the place is not the same that he said. Jul 24, Rating Extortion by: Anonymous It is not uncommon that fraudsters take out extortion on prey when targets refuse or ignore requests for money.

It is not sure whether those emails have been written by his Guatemalan wife herself, being from infamous national of MS and Northern Triangle, or John Power impersonating or writing instead of Liza who is not fluent in English.

Liza blames the target whom her husband had hooked while he's still searching women on the dating sites and posing as a single man looking for romance and marriage almost every day. The couple threatened when they were accused of their wrongdoings well, misuse of SNS and matching service may violate some laws , then they went mad and said they would sue me for libel etc both civil and the criminal arena. However, who will be in real trouble when law enforcement and authorities get involve in the case?

John and Liza Power. The airline in which John Power works for produced three arrests in , in just a single year. One was arrested in Florida for sexual assault and two were arrested for involvement in human smuggling from Spain to Ireland by means of their workplace resources over a decade.

The arrested staff also engaged in money laundering. Keeping correspondence records and evidence are important to protect yourself from malicious perpetrators, misuse of your personal information for fake ID, and defraud from financial institutes etc. Jul 23, Rating Dr. Anonymous I met Tony on Tinder. He wrote me that he is a Canadian from Montreal and works at the moment for the UN as an orthopedic surgeon in Aleppo, Syria.

He is a widower for a few years. His parents died both by a car accident, when he was 14 years old. He has a 12 years old, Stanley. The son is in a boarding school in Milan. Tony touched my heart. He was so sweet and promised me to care abaout me, when he's done in Syria.

Two days ago, I became suspicous because his story wasn't always logical. I searched his very nice Photos in Google and found out that all his used Photos were stolen. So I blocked Anthony. Jul 23, Rating Ortho by: Block him and report Him to the FBI and do not talk to him as he has a way of getting your information.

Jul 23, Rating The way con artists ask you for financial aid by: Sophisticated con artists may say "get the real estate for our future residence and need a deposit until you come over to see it".

John Power, the Irish perpetrator said "the company he had told about the family owned company months before, in that day the business had been fine has to fire employees due to the recession. It is sad to tell staff who have worked for his parents for many years not to come from tomorrow. He talks about animal sanctuaries for rescued animals. He recommends you books about the owner of sanctuary, sends websites of animal sanctuaries around the globe especially in North America that is open to visitors to enjoy a day.

John Power takes time till you learn about the new tide of animal welfare and when he finds that you are interested in it, he will tell you a dream of having a farm for animals. He often counts the years left to retirement as well. Remember, some fraudsters take years to build solid relationships with their prey. It is time consuming but they will have more chance to get a larger amount of money from a single victim. Jul 22, Rating Felipe Isreal by: Anonymous Here is another scammer who goes by the name of Felipe Israel.

Claims he is an orthopedic surgeon working for the UN in Syria. Claims he's a widower, his parents died when he was very young, and he says his young son is in a boarding school in Texas. He wanted me to text him using hangouts which I did.

I met him originally on Instagram. After reading The posts on this site I realize that his story was very similar to others that have been posted here. I asked him about the similarities between these posts and his story and he quickly ended our texting and relationship. I could not find him listed as any doctor from England working for the UN in Syria.

I quickly ended my hangouts text with him. I removed it from my iPad and also removed it from my laptop. I became suspicious when reading his posts that did not grammatically sound correct of someone who was from England.

He asked me many questions about myself but did not ask for money. He did send me a photo of himself which was similar to the Instagram picture. Beware ladies of a man going by the name of Felipe Israel. He was very cautious about giving me information about himself.

Jul 22, Rating For Dr. Thomas Abraham Geisler by: Anonymous I went to this mans twitter page and he has nothing listed and one follower sounds like all the rest of the fake doctors so tell your Sister to not send this man anything please and check to see if you can pull this guy up on the UN list of Doctors.

If his name is not on there then yes he is a scammer and all scammers want to talk on Hangouts as a lot of us Ladies found. Take care of your Sister and don't let her fall victim to this. Jul 22, Rating Fraud by: Anonymous Listen ladies he scammed me for almost 2 Grand but he is just one of thousands of them. He also will start his scam by asking for a small amount for his internet than for a plan ticket than for provisions then he says that he never got the money.

All these men are evil and total fraud. Stay away and block them and report them to the FBI. Please tell your daughter to block him immediately. I am sorry she had to endure that but put an end to it today. Jul 21, Rating Latest posts by: Listen and memorize these words. If he is asking for money, he is a scammer. And yes I was scammed. Jul 20, Rating Help re scammer dr surgeon Afghanistan by: Anonymous My adult daughter who has medical issues is being scammed, no question.

They met online a few months ago. Claims to be a widow with 2 boys. Boys are in Florida and he is in Afghanistan working as an orthopedic surgeon. Constantly asking for money initially to secure a safe deposit box and other reasons. We have little money but the pressure continues. Of course she is desperate to believe. Any info, name,photo please let me know. He claims to be German. Jul 20, Rating Dr. Anonymous Do somebody heard about him an ortho dr. Based on yemen from dallas Texas. With a daughter who died in a car crash 6 years ago.

A son in boarding school in Manchester who graduated in university of manchester and army colleges in west point. Chatting to sister in hang out and asking us dollars to be sent to an attorney for the processing of his papers to leave the base. He cannot call due to all communications are connected to pentagon for their safety. We have a picture of him and later I found out pictures are taken from google and have an account in twitter as ronaldjonas8. He told my sister that you have a lot of alibis and not to send the money and im getting angry already.

Wow I think he is a scammer and I informed my sister about your site and to read. Thank you for any info. Proficiency in English is not a factor to judge so be is safe. Jul 12, Rating Ireland exports dozens of scammers by: I know they're not Nigerian because they've contacted me by phone. Dozens of Irish nationals have been arrested in the US and Australia. They could be groups or individuals that travel to North America and Australia with mostly tourist visa.

Ireland is regarded as the money laundering paradise by the US authority as well as EU. Money obtained through criminal activities are less likely to be monitored or detected in Ireland.

Irish are all liars" by Margaret Thatcher. Paddies are perfect English speakers Irish accent doesn't sound strange in North America and Australia , and great writers like Ireland is a producers of many poets and literature. Needless to say their outlook are common in Anglophone nations- more Irish descendants than British as those countries used to be penal colonies. Don't fall victim to them. Jul 11, Rating Another scam artist by: He claims to be a neurosurgeon working in a lockdown situation in a Syrian camp that is guarded with thousands of armed soldiers.

His name is not on the list of doctors published by the UN.

🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. After 12 rounds of rum, a honeymooning couple bought their hotel in Sri Lanka, and they now run a successful B&B "Crazy ideas require biased self-belief and a bit of naivete," Gina Lyons said. A large percentage of our users on Stitch are widows or widowers. We are constantly touched by their stories and think it is incredible that they are taking steps to seek companionship after such a terrible loss.