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Circumcision is just used as an embarassing personal detail to illustrate the priest's crassness. There is of course no problem caused by rapidly increasing, um, size that necessitates circumcision. Farce, sequel to "Meet the Parents", in which the name in the title is milked for far more than it was ever worth. Over a very tense first meal Mrs Focker whips out her scrapbook of Gaylord's childhood.

The Fockers gleefully tell how the heater was broken that winter and the mohel couldn't get "the turtle to come out of its shell. His mother-in-law to be picks a little ring of something out of the scrapbook and says "Don't say you kept his umbilical cord? As with Mambo Italiano , circumcision is presented only as something embarassing and personal.

The issue is talking about it, not having done it, even badly. A baby's glans is fused to his foreskin and can not be made to come out without force. Incomplete circumcision can result in phimosis because of the scar tissue requiring further treatment. Parents do not get to keep the foreskin after a brit milah - nor would they want to. The mother of a very disguntled Australian gave him this "keepsake", which he calls "vile".

My mother is not gonna approve of this, Coach! She wants me to live to be Bar Mitzvah'd! This is your Bar Mitzvah, Goldberg. Today, you become a man. I think you've got the ceremonies mixed up. This is more like a circumcision. Strapped into position, violence about to be done to him: But at least it's not pro-cutting. A strong-willed woman Fatoumata Coulibaly from an African village battles against, and takes great pains to prevent, ritual female circumcision.

One contributor to the Internet Movie Database summarizes it as:. He is inordinately proud of his moustache but she hates it and has tried to persuade him to shave it off. In the bath she pulls out a straight razor. Seeing this, Mortdecai says, "Oh my dear, you know I'm already circumcised". Her remark is almost pointless like many remarks in the film. The idea she might use the razor to circumcise him in the bath is beneath preposterous. It is implied that the couple is Jewish, starting with the frenchified version of "Mordechai" for a name.

At a banquet, a villain poisons a shellfish buffet causing an outbreak of vomiting. The film has been panned for its pointlessness, and the circumcision reference is just another example. Tired with typical first dates, Emily challenges Donald to a game of truth or dare. She dares him to grab a man's buttocks, and he follows by daring her to blow out the birthday candles on a blind boy's cake. Circumcision has never taken off where I'm from.

It's not, you know, the vogue. Um, I tend to associate it with Jewish people and we don't have many Jewish people in Europe any more because of But if you would need me to get circumcised, I'm sure I The game rapidly escalates to extremes, in which both of them get plastic surgery and tattoos, and humiliate themselves.

Circumcision is presented as an example of extreme behaviour - when it's done to a consenting adult. The bus is attacked by Hindu estremists looking for Muslims, who they identify by making them drop their pants revealing that they are circumcised and kill. Meenakshi identifies Raja as her husband and he is spared, but it transpires that he is actually a Muslim, creating conflict with her strict Brahmin upbringing.

Expertly interweaving scenes from Mali of girls preparing for an excision ceremony and scenes from Philadelphia where those who have survived the ceremony share their stories, the film demonstrates precisely why and how Mrs Goundo fights for her daughter and her future. Who on earth are you? That's not a British name. In actual fact, my father is a lawyer in Bishopsgate, although some of his ancestors are from Holland.

Oh dear God, you're Jewish. As it happens, I'm not. But of course you are, dear; just look at yourself. But the show business is filled with Jewish people, isn't it. One must make do. To encourage the shy showgirls, all the production team including Van Damm have taken their clothes off, when Mrs Henderson bursts in on them. Seeing him, she says:. Implying that all and only Jews are circumcised, though many upper-class Englishmen of this period were too. The exchanges are intended to illustrate her rudeness and antisemitism, common in England at that time.

It is not clear how Mrs Henderson would know what a circumcised penis looks like. He poses as a Muslim and there is a suggestion that he has undergone circumcision, because a gang that only allows Muslim members will put him through a lot of tests. In India only Muslims are circumcised. In fact of course it would be very difficult to pass as Muslim without also being fluent in Arabic, knowing a lot of the Qu'ran, etc.

If he had been Muslim, he would have been circumcised too. Ten-year-old Tadek Jakub Wroblewski , a member of a Polish gang that preys on Jews, is floored when his mother admits she's a Holocaust survivor. So when she prepares the family to relocate to Israel, she tells the boy they're going to the exotic country he's always dreamed of: Tadek['s] ease at assimilating leaves him feeling both guilty and confident.

His prowess becomes crucial as the film shifts its focus to Tadek's shame at being intact. Using male genitalia as a symbol for the immigrant experience could fill volumes for Freud, but it creates useless, unsettling moments for audiences forced to watch a gaggle of Israeli children trying to catch Tadek with his pants down.

Vincent on the phone: Let's ask your brother. If he's a boy, he's circumcised. Find out if he's a boy. You'd circumcise a girl? There's only a problem if it's a boy. In a doctor's office: For a dad, nothing like a girl. Let's talk to a goy doctor. So he'll feel Jewish and inadequate?

Right, so let him decide to do it or not. At a certain age, it's hard. That'll be a measure of how Jewish he feels. Could you do it now? Why have my dick cut? To have one like your son. I want him to have one like me. Your son in your own image? On the way home from the game. What's it listed under? Yvan and Nathalie are at dinner with their parents. Nathalie answers the phone and leaves the table. In the US lots of non-Jews So a doctor can do it.

She returns to the table. Yvan has been telling his parents that he and Charlotte are living apart. So how about me? Since your son married an actress, it's like he's Mr Perfect. I'm going to have a little boy. We argue every day about one of the world's great problems [ presumably Jewish-gentile relations in general, not just circumcision ] , and it's all him. Fuck the little people! The mouth on her! When they gas six million actresses, then we'll talk.

Vincent and Nathalie are in bed. They begin to make love. Nathalie goes down under the covers. Pretty good foreskin, huh? Vincent and Yvan are at a football game, ogling woman spectators. Do it for her. It bothers you so much?

I'm not Jewish, or religious. It's a religious thing. She goes to the Synagogue once a year. We all have to be white, uncircumcised? We are all the same. Just have your son circumcised. Predictibly, circumcision is only a token for the conflict between a husband and wife to counterpoint the conflict between the main couple.

The value of a foreskin to its owner is not touched on. In the song "Bliss of a Bris " the mohel carries a huge pair of shears and one cast member turns away to vomit as the "baby" is circumcised. A couple of wide-eyed boys witness the circumcision of the baby John the Baptist.

A little knife goes beneath the bundled boy. There is a flick of the wrist, the two boys give a startled jump and scurry off. Some reviewers call this "an amusing bit". US readers should note that the existence of Deepak's foreskin is not at issue, only its non-retractility. The film makers imply the additional risk is the only reason he should be stopped, perhaps not knowing that British fathers now almost never have their sons circumcised. Joe Charlotte Gainsbourg is recounting all the penises she slept with while she was promiscuous.

The camera shows dozens of faceless torsoes with penises of various sizes, races and hair colours - all intact. From a European point of view, cut penises are "weird".

He is obsessive-compulsive, the other Jonathan Harboe Moreira the reverse. Tellingly, the circumcised man is "dirty", the intact one "clean". Hitler and John Lennon were not circumcised. Anders Breivik, who knows? Onikola is the story of Kumbi Funmi Fiberesima , who has a firm resolve to not to be circumcised. She however develops the courage to express her feelings about a tradition which challenges her sexuality.

The Sun Nigeria , October 12, Funmi Fiberisima's first film as a producer Onikola brings to light the harmful side effects of female circumcision without flogging the viewers over the head with the message. It is a very entertaining-romantic movie as well as complete with all the elements that bring it home as a unique and entertaining movie.

The Guardian Lagos , October 3, A Jewish family struggle to come to terms with their son's gaysness, and his Italian Catholic boyfriend. When the gay couple adopts a child and it makes headline news, their families come to defend them and realize how much they love them.

In the very last scene, the infant is baptised, surrounded by relatives. The head of the Jewish family Saul Rubinek yells "He must be circumcised! The head of the Catholic family Vincent Pastore yells "No, he'll need every inch! Everyone laughs and walks away. Baby is not circumcised. She refers to one of them as "uncut" - clearly meaning it as a positive and desirable attribute.

As he enters the Jewish quarter, he says to Cole suspiciously, "These people mutilate their children. They cut off their cocks; they'll gouge my eyes out!

They don't, and they do cure his cataracts presumably by "couching" - pushing the lens to the bottom of the eye. Jewish children ask Cole if he's a Christian, and when he says Yes, they say, "Is it true you're not even circumcised?

Later, Cole circumcises himself so he can pass as a Jew to avoid getting killed in the Middle East - but then Muslim zealots seize power.

They use Cole's anatomical drawings to show how the toleration of Jews has led to religious crimes against Allah, therefore all Jews in the city should be killed. Cole yells "I am no Jew! The Jewish community does not deserve your wrath. I am a Christian. In the 11th century, only Jews and Muslims practised male genital cutting. The book of the film has completely different circumcision references from these. Clearly "cheese-dick" is an all-purpose insult - implication: They lure the Klansmen into the gym, surrounded by Indians, where a Jewish teen, Brian Scott Colomby "circumcises" them - shaves their heads with a "zimel" izmel?

Trumpet, younger partner of transsexual Bernadette Terence Stamp , dies in Sydney. At his funeral, a trumpet is on his coffin. Priscilla is their bus. In the outback, they talk:. A Monte Carlo biscuit today is 6cm x 4. In contemporary Latino Los Angeles, an Anglo gay man tells his friends about a recent sexual adventure with a young Hispanic man:.

A rare exception, perhaps because of its Latino context, to the theme that "The foreskin is disgusting. Goodwin book intends it to be a term of contempt. A cop, trying to humor his wounded partner, says: So, one boy asked the other why he's there for. So the boy says, 'A circumcision. The joke has an underlying message: Mel Brooks plays a travelling rabbi who enters on a horsedrawn wagon with a sign on the side advertising circumcisions: He pitches the idea to the Merry Men, who all say "OK, sure, I'll try it," until Mel demonstrates the procedure using a miniature gilloutine and a carrot.

Suddenly they all change their minds, making excuses like, "Oh I forgot, I already had one. In the legendary time of Robin Hood, it would have been true that only Jews circumcise, but not that they offered it to gentiles, or that rabbis did it. It's encouraging that it is presented as something people would turn down - reflecting Brooks' own ambivalence towards it? Near the end, Sweeny Jane Lynch picks up a full-size "pig in a blanket" a hotdog baked into a bun in a lascivious grip.

It's obvious she's referring to an intact erection. Wheeler Seann William Scott stares quizzically: She does it about five more times in the outtakes shown during the credits. During sex she keeps mentioning his foreskin, so he asks a friend at work if women like circumcised penises better, and he says yes, because they all look circumcised in porno movies. He asks "Are you circumcised? Undeterred, Nick gets circumcised. While he's still in the hospital, his mother finds out, and beats him with her purse, saying "We're not even Jewish!

A worldly Welshwomen would not be surprised or put off by a foreskin. Porn movies focus on size and otherwise use what they can get. Foreskins are universally unusual Only Jews circumcise Circumcision makes sex better. A young presumably female baby says to another in the hospital nursery "They cut my cord", looking at her bellybutton.

The boy in the next bassinet looks down his diaper and says, "you should see what they cut on me". The nurse seems to be using genital cutting only as a way to further humiliate Joe though she is right about mistakes.

Frank might have been about to boast that he is intact. The movie is highly regarded among afficionadi of bad movies. Leslie Nielsen plays the U. President at a time of an alien invasion spoof of "The War of the Worlds. Upon being informed of the alien attacks, Nielsen first seems to care more about the fate of the duck, then panics the children, then suggests they move on to the book he's holding, calling it: While the sequences play foreskins and circumcision for uncomfortable laughs, it was not clearly tilted.

The speech was such a mess it will require transcription once home copies are available. Though shaky on the details, Keong is in no doubt that circumcision is harmful. Includes a scene of a sex education class including a chart on which a circumcised penis is shown as normal.

To other such absences. They spare Vickie Vanessa Ferlito because she is pregnant and deliver the baby themselves, then call seedy Dr. Later, at Dr Don's office:. Precious taking the baby: They don't want you going anywhere near his damn dick. This is apparently more a swing at the character than anything contrary to circumcision. In response to a series of mysterious murders, the police are rounding up a local Jewish family.

The police say they may be involved in the killings. That's the Mintz family. They're very lovely people. He does quality circumcisions. I've seen his work. The ostensible joke is that Kleinsmen has somehow seen men's penises. Underlying is the idea that infant male genital cutting is a handcraft. Most reviews are unfavourable.

If not, looks disgusted then I won't even get close to him. Reinforces the tedious theme that intact penises are "dirty". A doctor first gives him a cortisone cream and tells him to masturbate with it. He takes a big heap of it and slathers it on his penis, rather than just put a little on the very end of the foreskin and apply tension.

Unsurprisingly it doesn't work. He sees an Internet video of a man getting cut and says, "Lucky him, it makes it better and you can last longer. He is then "happy as a dog hangin' out a car window with the wind in his face" according to one viewer.

Reportedly filled with other misinformation. Teacher asks teenage pupils if they knew Frankenstein was circumcised.

More details needed but the movie is so uniformly panned that it would be inadvisable to watch it all just to find out. Gentiles commonly confuse Bar Mitzvah and Brit Milah , but the cake knife and penectomy are added touches.

Cake knives are especially blunt. The lines are presumably to illustrate Bernie's knowledge and urbanity, but the scriptwriters' own knowledge of Judaism is shaky: Such a young man would probably have phimosis or frenulum breve , both of which can be treated by other surgery or non-surgically. The influence of both Islam and the British Raj may prejudice Indian doctors towards cutting.

Drama about a mentally disturbed man, Karl Billy Bob Thornton, who also directs. In the opening scene, in a mental hospital, a very disturbed patient, Charles J.

Walsh says to Karl: The intonation suggests that being intact was the worst thing about the unwanted penis. In the TV trailer, after the word "Uncut", the cartoon boys can be heard in the background shouting "Eeeewwwww!

This reinforces the first myth, that only Jews and all Jews circumcise. She might as well have asked, "Are you American? One of the rowers is brought to the camp in agony. His body is hunched up, and when they force his arms and legs apart one lifts the blanket that wraps him and says "His foreskin is caught in his zipper. He is taken away to see a doctor.

Some of the youths joke about serving his foreskin at a barbecue. At the end of the film he confesses to one of the women that he had been "choking the chicken" and she slaps his face. Having a foreskin is taken for granted. There is only a comical suggestion that it, rather than the zipper, will be sacrificed. Suzie's more orthodox friend Debbie Sophie Winkleman questions her about Darren: Well it's full of surprises, it's not like with a Jewish boy, you don't just get what you see, it's like, there's an extra layer, like, a mystery you uncover.

Suzie may have been speaking about gentiles, not genitals. It is Debbie who is focused on his foreskin. When the foreskin fetish has worn off and you're sitting in your warmest cardigan in your council flat with your six snotty-nosed kids, and you're waiting for your goyische fella to come back from the pub and beat you up, I'll try very hard not to say I told you so.

You know you can do some extra repenting for your non-kosher diet? Two days fasting on Yom Kippur - and no cheese for a week. Since the film is about love finding a way, the supposed obstacle of his foreskin is soon dismissed. The makeshift troop finally reaches King Weid Thomas Heinze , who has ethnic problems of his own.

Faced with a choice between his throne and his foreskin Albania's considerable Muslim population demands he be circumcised , Weid abdicates. As someone commented, "I think I'd abdicate, too. The film is set on the eve of WW1, in , so the time of the comet is well over. Perhaps that is part of the comedy.

Comedy [How can anyone even think of making a comedy about genital cutting? Humour at its most nervous. Typically, it is taken as normal that a virgin boy is expected to part with his foreskin without ever knowing what it does.

Comedy about teenage girls wanting to experiment sexually. She asks her mother why some boys aren't circumcised and the mother replies: She goes on to explain the foreskin and how much extra sensitivity it has, and that it is a shame that we cut them off our sons at birth. A Turkish customer and his son enter a spice shop owned by a Greek in Istanbul.

The son is dressed in festive garments resembling a king's or sultans's dress. While the two men talk about politics, the boy approaches the merchant's grandson, but his father forbids him from doing so. He explains to the merchant that the son is to be circumcised shortly, but he will allow him to come another day to play with his grandson.

Later in the movie the two boys meet again as men and we realise that the promised visit - after the circumcision - never took place.

During the re-creation of a crucial point in Shandy's childhood, when he was circumcised by a plunging sash window , this painful accident is interrupted by Steve Coogan as Shandy hectoring the child actor Conal Murphy for his poor performance.

The parents of a little Jewish boy Alain Cohen decide to evacuate him at the height of the bombing of their town in He goes to stay with an elderly couple.

Jews are being rounded up and the old man Michel Simon is superficially anti-Semitic, so the boy is told to say he is Catholic, and even learns the Lord's Prayer. The drama is about the developing relationship between the boy and the man. He has a couple of near-disclosures, especially when he's told to bathe in the iron bath in the middle of the kitchen.

We see his "problem", the determined old lady Luce Fabiole who wants to wash him does not. Daisy Desiree Del Valle has inherited, from her abusive father, the role of circumcising all the young men in the village, and she bristles against the expectation that she must then marry one of them. There are several scenes of circumcisions in the first hour. I rented the movie Tuli from netflix. I expected, from the descriptions I'd read on various websites, that Tuli was an anti- circumcision film, as it is repeatedly described as the story of a young woman bucking against traditional Filipino society and her circumciser-father.

And so it seemed, throughout the entire movie, beginning with the horrible opening scene of children being circumcised; the circumciser Bembol Roco portrayed as an evil drunk; then his daughter, Daisy Desiree del Valle , specifically choosing the one intact young man in town, Nanding Carlo Aquino , to impregnate her. The movie is filled with depictions of the evils of superstition; from villagers who believe that dwarves and lesbians curse children; to Catholics who whip themselves with instruments of torture on Holy Days.

The recurring theme is that all the 'bad' men in town are circumcised, while the one kind man in town is uncut: At the movie's climax, the village people get together to violently tear Daisy and her female lover, Botchok Vanna Garcia , from their home. It is Nanding alone who comes to their defense, fighting off the attackers, and when he succeeds, Botchok shouts to the villagers: And yet, after all that, just like ALWAYS, the very last scene of the movie, after spending two hours depicting their uniqueness and independence, shows Daisy circumcising Nanding, because he, after all, is a "REAL" man - and, like the idiotic villagers shouted all along, "REAL" men are circumcised.

There are repeated Catholic images and scenes throughout the movie; even the ending credits are adorned with various Christian drawings. The current pope has even again reminded Catholics that they are "a church without circumcision. The first of three parts, we follow Tulse Luper in three distinct episodes: Packed with stylistic flourishes, it's a dense, comic study of 20th century history, revolving around the contents of one man's suitcases. During Tulse's childhood 5'40" in , he Richard Pask and his friends are playing war and explain to their friend David Joshua Light that he must be Jewish because he's "lost a piece of his willy.

Circumcision was also a class marker in the UK in the early 20th century. A comedy set in Ottawa in , about three gay men named Peter - one, Cort Matthew Ferguson , is writing a book about male circumcision; another, Koosens Michael Achtman , is transcribing that book in a typing agency and is obsessed with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to a degree that draws the attention of a police officer; the third, Peter Denham Damon D'Oliveira , seduces the first two and then betrays them both.

A Jewish man who has converted to Christianity is extolling the new-found joys of being a Christian at Christmas:. Implying only Jews are circumcised, even though the two main - gentile - characters' circumcised penises both appear in the film. Harold's is absurdly stretched when he tries to pull it from a post to which it has frozen, and is probably a stunt-cock.

Clearly the restoration involved is surgical. A romantic comedy about becoming a flight attendant. At a dinner party, a veteran flight attendant, Sally Weston Candice Bergen married to a rich Texan, is host to several new flight attendants.

The humour lies in the inappropriateness of the question, topped by the inappropriateness of the answer, with a mildly homophobic dig at Randy's supposed promiscuity though one circumcised European would be sufficient for him to be correct. On another level, it is anti-intact: Romantic comedy with a touch of sci-fi. Justine Parker Laura Fraser , 17, wants to lose her virginity. She goes to a virtual reality fair for a date with self-styled superstud Alex Thorne Kieran O'Brien , but he stands her up and she goes with her friend Chas Lovett Luke de Lacey.

In a machine intended to give her a virtual makeover, she sets the controls for her ideal man Rupert Penry-Jones instead. An explosion puts her into his body and she calls herself Jake, but has much to learn about being a man. To celebrate the town's th anniversary, an off 5 -Broadway director is mounting an historical pageant. Guffman is a Broadway theatre critic who has been invited to the opening night.

Two of the cast - a travel agent who has left town only once and the dentist - and their partners are having dinner together. Well, we've been, uh coming here for many years. I said, 'Hey circumcise it while you're at it,' you know Ron's the only man I've been with. A minor corrective surgery. It's not minor anymore. Pearl noticing Ron's embarrassment: Well maybe we should change the subject. Which there aren't many. You're gonna say, 'I've never heard of that,' because there haven't been that many cases.

I said, 'Ron do something' and he said, 'Why don't you get one of those vagina enlargements? The scene continues without further reference to circumcision. They are showering after swimming in the Dead Sea. Axel as they get dressed: In Germany, hardly nobody's circumcised - except for the Turks.

In other countries of Europe? Also the English and the French. Actually, only the Muslims are circumcised in Europe.

And the Jews, of course. I think it looks better circumcised. Circumcision is a plot device to develop the relationship between the men. Axel is giving away that he is gay, but Eyon doesn't notice. Not many gay Germans would think a circumcised penis looks better than their own - perhaps he is flirting.

Musical about a would-be Broadway actor whose CV is switched with a stripper's. Jonathan Jonathan Velasquez and a young woman have been pulling their clothes off as they go upstairs. When they reach the bedroom, Jonathan takes off his trousers. Why, it looks different? They begin to have sex. You know they haven't spoken in over a year? Just make sure it goes all the way in the back.

I mean, our only grandson not circumcised, yet. It's a shanda [disgrace, scandal]. And, and, and they spoke to the moyel in Beverly Hills about the bris and everything. Rachel who is pregnant by artificial insemination, unknown to her mother: But it's up to his parents! As usual, circumcision is not treated seriously in its own right, this time merely as a prop to illustrate the generation gap, and the grandson's rights or wishes do not get a look in.

Comedy about pregnancy and parenthood. Stars Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison joke nervously pre-release about the decision how much detail to include about circumcision.

Christopher Hitchens said, "Genital mutilation is no joke. The preview is not encouraging and Matthew Morrison seems to agree with his character, Evan: A woman listening to their conversation says uncut guys are better and she had a blast in Europe. In the happy event, the baby is a girl, so the question never needs an answer - and the moviemakers are off the hook.

They discuss the issue a few more times — MM tries to trivialize the idea of circ. Cameron Diaz told Jimmy Fallon she thinks it's strange that men want their sons to be circumcised and aren't comfortable with [a child having] a foreskin. Gags about how awful dads are? For circumcision critics, it is a slam-dunk in terms of pop-culture attention to this issue. The circumcision issue is not merely addressed in passing. It is a major plot point in the film. A drama-comedy directed by Emir Kusturica and set in s Yugoslavia.

The adults throw a little party in the house. The boys are presented and circumcised by their uncle who is a butcher. Their father tells the butcher to "go easy" with the skin and is told that there is "enough skin left for a good fuck". Later on, Mesa shares a bathtub with a little girl.

He resents being circumcised since a friend of his "can stick a stone in, while he can't". The girl tells him that her father, who is a doctor, performs such operations and that it is better to be cut by a doctor. The foreskins appear to be from adults. Lennox leads the way into the shop. Howie's attention is taken by a large bottle marked "foreskins". If ritually burnt they bring the rain. But, of course, up here there's very little call for them.

Now, how can I help you? A character is credited as "Doctor Ewan". It is most unlikely that he would ever need to cut off as many foreskins as appear in the jar, suggesting he did it without medical need. A slow-burning drama set at a Xhosa initiation.

The initiates are all cut early on in the film; nothing is shown but there is mention of painful herbs being applied, and infections. The foreskin is mentioned only once, near the end. It is clear that it is not genital cutting that turns boys into men. The film was first given a 16LS classification n South Africa, then after demonstrations, X18 for "classifiable elements of sex, language, nudity, violence and prejudice" meaning it can only be shown in "designated adult premises".

Two best friends, 17 years old, spend most of their time horsing around, swearing, smoking dope and having sex with their girlfriends. One, Tenoch Diego Luna , is the son of a leading politician and a psychotherapist very well off. In an early scene, the boys are showering together alone at a country club.

As Julio dries off, Tenoch comments on his "ugly dick. Plus, Julio has a really ugly cock. Why do you say that? It looks like a deflated balloon. It has a hood on it; it's really gross. Well, I think a hood is just gross. Ah, you're just jealous 'cause I'm bigger. As the film goes on, they express the sexual tension between them in class terms.

Tenoch calls Julio "white trash" and "a peasant", while Julio calls Tenoch a "spoiled preppie" and the beneficiary of a corrupt politician father.

A voice-over mentions that Tenoch uses his foot to lift the toilet seat in Julio's home. Circumcision is just one clear line in the sand. The message is that boys in upper- and middle-class Mexican families are routinely circumcised, like the Americans they envy, while intactness is a mark of social inferiority in sophisticated Mexico City, where both boys live.

Julio is unfussed about being intact, but Tenoch has a hangup about foreskins - not that they're dirty, but rather that they label social class. His best friend's intactness is a daily reminder that they're from different sides of the tracks. The connection is made very deliberately. Diego Luna is actually intact, but was made to wear a circumcised stunt penis in the nude scenes. Don't worry, the bearded one says. Chicago Tribune , June 19, Many a true word is spoken in jest!

This could be the first time "genital mutilation" has been used to describe male circumcision in a mainstream movie. Actually, Oh didn't ask that until a eunuch in Sodom offered to show Oh his testicles. With its exposed corona and sulcus , and dried surface, a circumcised penis is far from "sleek". The most hilarious character of the whole lot is undoubtedly the wonderful Hank Azaria as Abraham - a man who tries to convince Zed and Oh that circumcision "is going to catch on".

The Sun June 27, Most reviews have panned the movie. Zohan has been staying with Gail Lainie Kazan and her son Michael Nick Swardson for several weeks, and had sex with Gail several times. He reveals to them that he's an Israeli counter-terrorist:. Hollywood Confronts the Last Taboo Why are so many actors dropping their pants?

How large should the dimensions be? Or rather, they did the Amurrican thang and they circumcised him. In Pokot, a remote village in the hills of Northern Kenya, two teenage girls start a revolution by refusing to be the victims of female genital mutilation. The film tells the story of how Nancy and Gertrude stood up to their parents and their traditions and emerged as leaders and role models for future generations of girls in their village and their wider community.

VOA News November 18, A new film focuses on the fight by African activists. There was a lot of peer pressure on me that forced me to prove to them that I was not a coward. But I hated it. So, I grew up hating it and made sure that not my daughter, not anybody who can listen to me, will undergo FGM.

The village-by-village effort of education and persuasion that Pareyio and others like her in Somalia, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Mali have taken on is the subject of "Africa Rising: The film opens with year-old Mary Solio remembering the day she was cut.

They removed all my clothes and they beat me nakedly. I ran, but they got me on the way. I cry, but nobody was there in the forest. I cried but I don't have anybody to turn to. They beat me the same day and they took me to the husband's home. At least million African women and girls have undergone FGM, which involves the removal of all or part of the female genitalia. Sometimes the remaining flesh is stitched closed, a practice called infibulation, leaving only a tiny opening for urination and menstruation, and making intercourse and childbirth painful and hazardous.

FGM can cause immediate hemorrhaging and death or a lifetime of pain, disability and severe emotional problems, doctors say. Activists fight FGM by pointing out it is not practiced in most Islamic countries, and is not mentioned in the Koran. She tells the schoolgirls that God created female organs for a purpose, and so removing them cannot be right. She described how she was considered crazy when she began speaking out against FGM seven years ago.

Her husband left her after others said she was trying to spoil their culture, and she raised her four children alone. People believed in it and had never looked at it or even known the dangers, or wanted to talk about it. So, it was like I was crazy, because I was talking about the private part of a woman, which was a taboo in Africa. Nobody can even mention the part that I used to mention when teaching them.

Now the subject is no longer taboo. The subject is as deadly serious as political divisions brought about by gun laws, abortion, and transgender rights. After all, when million American men have circumcised penises, they are likely to be disturbed, even enraged, by a film that challenges their judgment or the judgment of their parents. In fact America, often considered the exception in our world, is the only country in the developed world to indulge in a procedure whose opponents consider it barbaric, unnecessary, a ignoring of choice, yet in the same respect a twenty-minute operation that promotes hygiene, cosmetic concerns, even, ironically, an opening to greater sexual pleasures than should be expected by an uncircumcised male.

Marotta considers himself on the side of angels, capturing dynamic footage of demonstrations in front of the U. Capitol and the White House, even an attempt in California to provide a law by referendum that would outlaw the practice just as sure as female genital mutilation has been illegal here since Talking heads expressed similar views, some of these heads breaking down in tears, when they expressed anger at both the society and their parents for allowing the surgery when they were infants.

This is a splendid documentary which may be criticized by a boatload of people who have already crossed the Rubicon, cut the Gordian knot, or whatever metaphor you prefer, and who feel the obligation to defend what was already done.

Even there, thankfully, there is a procedure to emulate the foreskin, but the length of time needed to do so and the painful process required would make that a choice of only a determined few. In Paris, his family threatened to disown him if he didn't have his sons, years old, circumcised.

His French wife was opposed. They ultimately didn't, and he was ostracized from his family of origin. The film honored the depth of people's emotions and conflicts, while leaving no doubt that circumcision was a violent and sexually and emotionally disruptive thing. From the film's own website: Is it better or not for men to be circumcised? In the film Circumcised Sudan, , 20 min , Gubara makes a strong statement against the practices of circumcision as performed in Africa, particularly in Sudan.

After its theatrical premiere in Chicago on September 9, , the director answered questions from the audience. I approached the film with a complex set of preconceptions and, to the filmmaker's great credit, after it was over my certainties were utterly shaken.

Slicing Through the Myths of Circumcision. And at the beginning of his film, one expects from its tone that Ungar-Sargon may be planning to do the same. The filmmaker interviews a profusion of doctors, activists and rabbis, returning periodically to a non-observant Jewish couple who are preparing for the brit milah of their second son, which we see towards the end of the film.

Despite his own misgivings about circumcision, Ungar-Sargon is admirably even-handed in his choice of witnesses and the use of their statements. Would you argue that Jews should discontinue the practice of circumcision? No, I don't - I don't prescribe for Jews at all. This is an absolute loser, I'm not Jewish.

One of the other things about it is that I would maintain that a Jewish baby feels pain just as a non-Jewish baby feels pain, and there are Jewish men, just like non-Jewish men, who are real angry that this was done to them so at that point I withdraw from this field because it generates lots of heat, very little light, and I understand a lot of people have used arguments against circumcision - hundreds of years ago - to convert Jews from Judaism, and Jews know that.

As I studied the history of American circumcision, the names that came up repeatedly with most prominence - Wolbarst, Ravich, [Fink], Weiss, Schoen still active today - the names - with the single exception of Thomas Wiswell who's the main proponent for [circumcision to prevent] Urinary Tract Infections - but with that single exception, really in recent times, I think it's accurate and reasonable and fair to say that the names of Jewish physicians are inordinately prominent.

Were these men being insincere in some sense? Did they have "ulterior motives"? I really don't think so.

I think in their own conscious minds, what they were doing was recommending a Jewish practice that had turned out to be a very good medical practice, one that everyone should adopt. Were they at all influenced by the fact that they were Jewish? I think it's pretty hard to conclude that they probably were not. I would say that, whether consciously or unconsciously, they would have been pleased or satisfied to know that a Jewish practice that had been vilified for centuries was now being accepted by their fellow physicians - non-Jewish physicians - as something worth doing.

Glick spells this out in more detail on page ff of his book. The question remains, of course, whether that is best done by circumcising the male infants or eschewing that practice. In a sense, the entire film is leading up to the final scene between the director and his father, who has been a highly articulate but intransigent defender of Orthodox ritual. The questions surrounding male circumcision do not admit of any easy answers but, to his credit, Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon has resisted the easy laugh and the pat response to convey something of the thorniness of the issue.

He has confronted in a specifically and intensely Jewish way, and that is all you could possibly ask of a filmmaker under these circumstances. Cut is a sound piece of documentary filmmaking on a difficult issue. George Robinson in Cine-Journal Blogspot. The film tells the story of a small contemporary North African family having to deal with the traditional practice of female genital mutilation FGM.

The main focus of the film falls on a young mute woman, Haadiya, who has lived with the effects of FGM all her life. Now that the time has come for her own daughter, Karida, to be circumcised, lost memories about her own experience start to return and fill her mind with doubt.

However, a culture that demands the infabulation for social acceptance makes her situation more complex. When Tawvah, bearing the scars of her own infabulation, shows up to do the circumcision on Karida, Haadiya is forced to make a quick and drastic decision. The film investigates the cultural reasons for the continuation of this practice in North African societies. During this short period, actual experiences and scientific facts are condensed into the lives of the five fictional characters, predominantly on the four female characters, who are forced to evaluate their roles as women bound by tradition as well as the life-long damage this cultural practice inflicts on their minds and bodies.

The film thus examines through the genre of docudrama the cultural and personal reasons why such a practice still exists in Africa today.

Official Summary includes the complete film when logged in:. In Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, female circumcision remains a firmly rooted tradition. Starting very young, little girls must undergo genital mutilation. In some Indonesian provinces, the vast majority of young girls are circumcised. Today, many ulema [Muslim community] members fervently argue in favor of the necessity of female circumcision.

Their influence is strong, and they are forcing the government to back down on its plans to ban female genital cutting. Her mother drives her to Bandung in Southeast Jakarta where a circumcision ceremony is orchestrated by an Islamic group.

Who is responsible for perpetuating this religious tradition? Why is the Indonesian government allowing medical staff to continue to perform female circumcision? And who will help the country break free of this ancestral tradition?

To include a section on circumcision. Produced by Henry Astor. Trailer at the website. Through conversations with his wife, Signe, we learn that Ulrik, who is Jewish, and Signe, who is Christian, do not share the same opinion about the need for circumcision. Ulrik, a 4th generation Danish Jew, feels strongly that their son should be circumcised.

Signe, however, sees circumcision as a "medieval" act of mutilation and cruelty. The film covers four years of the couple's life, spanning from the last weeks of Signe's pregnancy, through the first few years of their son Felix's life. Interwoven with Ulrik and Signe's ongoing debate, we learn about Ulrik's Jewish history, his attachment to his religion and culture.

In addition to questioning the physical purpose of circumcision, Signe wonders why it's important to Ulrik to become more Jewish, [and] make a film about this Jewish topic, when Judaism wasn't a big part of Ulrik's life prior to having kids. Ulrik struggles to articulate why he feels strongly in favor of circumcising their son. As it becomes clear to him that their son won't be circumcised, he looks for other ways to impart Judaism on Felix, though he and Signe again feel differently about those efforts.

First-hand account of a young Egyptian woman coming to terms with the fact she was circumcised as a child. Program Notes No decision made about a newborn son is as consequential and irreversible as one made by parents around the world, often without a second thought: What to do about that pesky foreskin? So what else does a documentary filmmaker do but explore the issue on the big screen? Intimately opening her own personal experience to the world, Elon Another Road Home, TFF '04, takes a witty approach to a complicated and serious subject, turning Partly Private into a fun and entertaining movie that is as much about family as the subject of circumcision.

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In addition, Comic Book Guy refers to comic books as if they were actuality for example when Stan Lee entered the Android's Dungeon, he proclaims "my heart is pounding like Thor's hammer against Doctor Doom's titanium breastplate". He has shown to be one of the few characters whom non-directly break the fourth wall in his canon appearances.

Comic Book Guy treats most of his patrons cruelly and usually exonerates his customers out of expensive collectives or tricks them altogether into buying something. For example claiming to Milhouse, who desperately needed, that the bathroom was only for paying customers tricks him into buying a comic before allowing him to be taken away by his father, paying five dollars for priceless unseen Star Wars memorabilia and selling Fantastic Floors under Fantastic Four.

Comic Book Guy is quite bitter, keeping a banned list of Milhouse, Bart with those two being banned solely because they stopped Martha Price from unknowingly selling the aforementioned priceless unseen Star Wars memorabilia , Sideshow Bob, Nelson and Matt Groening in his store although the first two he lifted the ban after they saved his life upon having a heart attack , and after being made a fool of by Tom Savini during the latter's comic act, just prior to his heart attack, he angrily declared all the audience to be banned from his store for laughing at him.

Although he lives a solitary lifestyle and his lack of social skills prevent him from ever making headway in a relationship with a woman, Comic Book Guy proclaims before his near-certain death that a life of collecting comics and other fictions was a "life well spent'.

Although onerous, he has had some positive elements to him. For one thing, he willingly allowed Marge Simpson to access his recording of Abe's breakdown at church so she could transcribe what exactly Abe said, in exchange for Homer's long pajamas, and even attempted to aid Marge in figuring out what Grampa meant by " Epa! Comic Book Guy lived in his parents basement in the s.

He had a dog named Chewbacca now deceased. He also went to a fat camp, which, judging by his current appearance was unsuccessful. Many of the comics and toys he sells are of very poor-quality, and often sell for very high prices.

His store is his sanctuary, where he holds some level of self-esteem, imperiously lording over pre-teen kids, like Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten , using a heavily sarcastic tone. When he was the target of mockery while trying to return the Ultimate Belt, he sighed, "I must get back to my comic book store, where I dispense the insults rather than absorb them".

His store contains a section full of illegal videos, which include Mr. He later was arrested and had his store shut down temporarily because of this. He once had to give up the Ultimate Belt which he won as a door prize at a Star Trek Convention because, as he pointed out, "the average Trekker has no use for a medium-sized belt". At a small point in the episode " Husbands and Knives ", due to a better comic book store opening across the street, it caused Comic Book Guy to go out of business, getting him to stoop to sell pretentious martial arts merchandise to children, but soon backfired after also having attempted to assassinate his competitor with his weapons.

After that, Comic Book Guy was forced to close down his comic book store and became unemployed which his place later turned into a females orientated gym. In North Haverbrook, there is a comic book shop named "Mylar Baggins" and the proprietor bears a striking resemblance to Comic Book Guy with the exception that his skin and hair are slightly darker. He also has a deep-rooted rivalry with a store similar to his: These shops could have had the same owner, as both rival store names refer to The Lord of the Rings character Frodo Baggins.

During the Trappuccino crisis, Comic Book Guy says that his obsessive comic book collecting is a "life well spent". He apparently created issues, including the controversial issue with the death of Marmaduke.

However, he was reluctant to self-publish them initially because he feared that he'd be mocked by the internet community for his comics. While trying to exasperate Comic Book Guy by feigning complete ignorance on the history of Spiderman, Bart and Milhouse stumbled upon a draft of an issue of Everyman that he was working on.

Comic Book Guy then learned that Bart and Milhouse actually liked the comic, and after a bit of convincing, he decided to self-publish. The comic's popularity started to soar as a result, with a movie project starting for the Summer Market.

Some movie executives requested to make Everyman into a movie. Comic Book Guy is reluctant to allow them to work with the movie, especially as the same movie company apparently ruined the Stratego movie for him. He eventually relents, but only under the condition that he picks the person who will portray Everyman. When they refused that condition, he opened the door to the store, implying that he wanted them to leave, until they agreed to that condition, commenting that being "hard-balled by Hollywood" is the closest thing to a physical sport that he could ever do.

He later explains that he wants a "complete loser" to portray Everyman. He then picks Homer Simpson for the part, after the latter accidentally walked into the store, not realizing it was closed for auditioning. He then spent his time talking to people at his new, Hollywood-style house about what it is like to be a producer, and adopting a Cambodian Orphan named Prius. However, when the movie was going over budget and Homer ended up gaining an eating disorder due to his fitness coach abandoning him for Turtle to the extent that he couldn't even get out of his trailer without it being sawed off , he tried to end production of the film, but ended up being thrown out by security into a dumpster with disgraced executives.

He later ended up sacrificing any chance at another Everyman movie being made by voicing his honest opinion that the Everyman movie was the worst movie ever. It is unknown if he still worked on his comics after this. Comic Book Guy was once married—in an online role-playing game. He and his Internet wife contemplated having children, but that would have severely drained his power crystals.

He was shown paired with Mindy Simmons, the woman who had briefly tempted Homer, during a mass-marriage that occurred when a cult took over Springfield, and presumably the two were wed in the mass ceremony.

While part of an intellectual junta that briefly ran Springfield , he proposed plans to limit breeding to once every seven years a reference to the Vulcan blood fever of mating, called Pon Farr , commenting that this would mean much less breeding for most, but for him, "much, much more". Comic Book Guy with Agnes Skinner. He was a virgin well into his forties when he became romantically involved with Principal Skinner 's mother Agnes. Chief Wiggum and Eddie were notably repulsed when he and his officers stumbled upon the couple "in the act," having sex with the former even quickly offering when arresting him for pirated videos that he'll reduce his sentence if he "puts on some pants, fast!

He later dated Edna Krabappel [8] and was shown with the Superman logo tattooed on his upper right buttock which is interesting, as in the Comic Book Guy's Book of Pop Culture, he states that he hates Superman; it's possible that considering the location he doesn't consider this to be a compliment. While at the Springfield Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con, Comic Book Guy meets a woman to whom he is attracted and asks, "How do you feel about forty-five year old virgins who still live with their parents?

In the episode " Married to the Blob ", he met Kumiko , a Japanese mangaka, and later married her. Comic Book Guy has a voice only cameo during the credits, where he, predictably, makes scathing comments about the people who worked on the game.

Comic Book Guy appears in a few missions. He first appears in the first mission of the third level, "Nerd Race Queen.