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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Thousands of householders lacing a new battle with rish waters, as melting snow more rain pours into already- - swollen rivers, have also been told to expect higher insurance premiums. The rise in the cost of insurance is likely to be charged on any house buflt dose to a river. Norwich Union has announced a detailed ratings system that means higher premiums for homes at risk from flooding and landslips.

They share the view that Nato cannot yet offer membership to 'Eastern Europe. Nato summit, page 9 tharfty has predicted an mate risk of further flooding this weekend. Irsaidfoai Z3I rivers rai flood alert were dose to overflowing. Umcti Canal in ASperton, northwest London. The Auto- mobile Association said that snow rai the Permutes was makingdriving - "extremely.

Forty people had to leave their. Paflant House in the area had to remove its collection of works by Sutherland, Moore. Piper, Nicholson and Nash after a well inside the house threatened to overflow.

Such is the volume of water that one of rhe channels is being used for tire first time in ten years. Elsewhere the aftermath of heavy rainfall is continuing to cause misery for drivers. Last night homes were ablaze within ten miles of Sydney harbour and the city centre. One quarter of the state is now under threat with temperatures 13C above the high summer average, and foe authorities say that 3.

Miraculously, only three people have died so far. More than fires are burning over , acres, having spread throughout the week in high winds and soaring temperatures which peaked yesterday at more titan 40C. Many thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes. Volunteers are flocking in from neighbouring states lo help and the military is also joining the operation.

Major roads and railway lines out of Sydney are being closed as the dty is ringed by massive walls of fire. Flames have jumped what were thought to be secure fire control lines and fire crews say smoke is so thick that they can only work with breathing apparatus.

Black Friday, page 12 Kidnapping father jailed for 18 months Births, marriages, deaths—16 Leading arodes: Ignoring pleas even from theboy, The judge told Malkin.

He added the offence was a matter which struck at the very root of the rule of law. Mrs Donnelly's case for alleged contempt is to be heard next week. She remains free from custody until then. As he was led away to prison, he shouted; "I love Oliver. I wish hfrn the best Send all my love to Oliver—just my love. The choice we offer nwu is equally impressive. Quite stmply the finest full uvjghi, JuO size solid silver cutlery in the world at remarkably low prices - and not iutprisingly the first choice in fine sterling stiver cutlery.

Send for details today by completing the coupon, by telephoning during normal business hours or Jdx us at anytime. Alternatively, you may like to visit our Lundon showroom or our showroom and manufactory in Sheffield. A warm welcome awaits you. Tefce Bond Street Title. At a press conference in Belfast. Sir Patrick Mayhew said the declaration was a carefully considered statement and that clarification would only lead to negotiations.

He said the meeting would focus on the attitude of the republican movemenr to the declaration. A government spokesman said: As the Tory leadership tried to draw a line under the affair.

Mr Yeo sparked a backlash in the constituency by disclosing the extent of his feelings of betrayal. Officials at Conservative Central Office have appealed for calm in tire constituency and urged members to refrain from public comment Mrs Horrigan.

Well, if he is going to attack Mrs Horrigan personally. Michael Richards, a fellow town councillor, said: MPS are subject to a great deal of pressure and we are ail human. Few ex-ministers stage a successful comeback. Their errors of judgment are not easily forgotten and others are always willing to take their places.

The British public and press, always likes a bit of self- flagellation. John Profumo via his charitable work and Lord Jeflicoe in tbe business world. David Mellor has not adopted a low profile. He has become a successful media pundit on the arts and sport but that is not the behaviour of someone earnestly trying to work their way back.

Nobody expects him to make an early: He captured the headlines with Mates also reinforced, rather than removed, the doubts about his judgment with his tense resignation statement Similarly, it is hard to see how Mr Yeo can benefit from making a statement when the Commons returns next week. The cause of his downfall was, as he has argued, entirely, personal and nothing to do with his duties as a minister.

Any statement will probably be em harassing for him and tbe House and is certain to remind everyone of his bad behaviour. But local politics is full of tiresome people like Mrs Horrigaa. They do the work and it is an MFs job to keep them content and supportive Mr Yeo has obviously failed to do that.

The tribunal, in Croydon, south London, was told that Mr Cornelius. Mr Cornelius told The Times last year he was convinced that it was his determination to seek a police prosecution that led to bis dismissal. Further checks revealed he had. Nose has Been made public. The pam phlets, winch frill be delivered to every. The judge's complaint came in a progress report on the' enquiry to Mr Michael HeseWne.

Drunken man shot dead A Scottish businessman was shot' dead after"apparently being mistaken for a burglar when he tanged on the door of a bouse in Houston, Texas, early yesterday.

A police spokesman said the men. One householder apparently thought hewas being robbedand opened fire through the door. Thomas Cook and Going Places are also continuing the sale. Reductions of about II per cent were first due to end bn January 3. Other firms will follow suit Or risk being forced outof b usiness. Housing market boom Estate agents are reporting a surge in tbe. Last weds, the Halifax budding society predicted a 5 percent rise and Savills, the estate agent has forecast a 19 per cent rise.

Christopher Pankhurst, of Hardwfcke, Gloucestershire, who was hiring a charge. Ncr other Mfcfapgbajmi nr nna ti ftnrfrHH m irnfrti tin nnrt iriwmih'. I 1 4 w A couple struggling to posh their car out of snow on the A31 near Alton in Hampshire yesterday, while the view of die county from the air is a blanket of white. Rain and sleet are likely to cause more trouble this weekend Veather wreaks death and destruction across Europe. PoHce on the Isle of Wight said roads were nowpassable with care after hundreds of people had been stranded on Thursday due to the heaviest snowfalls on the island m ten years.

There was havoc on. A year-old boy was swept away in southeast France yesterday when a rain-swollen river carried off his mother's car. The mother managed to escape but the boy was feared drowned. All 17 crew members were rescued but officials said the ship, which was abandoned when waterflooded the engine room, might have sunk.

Portugal; avalanches dosed roads in the Italian Alps and warnings of snowslides were issued in the Pyrenees on the border between France and Spain. The city has received more than one third of its average annual rainfall in the past month. Roads in southeastern France were dosed and authorities urged people to stay at home and drink only bottled water.

At least two people were killed when a palm tree crashed on to their car, and 20 were injured. In Austria, the problem was not the cold. Unseasonably warm winds ripped off roof dies and blew down power lines. Ski-lifts were halted and roads were blocked by fallen trees and power pylons. In the Wilden Kaiser mountain range, a year-old Ge rman escaped with a broken leg after being swept away by an avalanche. In the German tourist towns of Zell and Cochem on the Moselle, people again paddled boats through streets that were flooded for the third time since early December.

Just e reductions in our Winter Sale. WC 2 02Z7 Stavsrton area , impassable due to floods, 4 Rtw Avon flooded near Yorkshire: Newport Pagnefl j West Sussex: He had described foe boy as "sensitive, vulnerable and needy — colloquially, in a mess". But he also asked that Oliver Malkin now be left alone. If convicted, France could seek his extradition. One transport source said yesterday: Basdalfy, they have to be taught in no uncertain terms that misused, a car is a potentially lethal weapon.

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I did all I could to support him in He has been a good constituency MP, and repaid our faith in him, although I would have liked to have seen more of him Today, we are judged not by our speedies but by our social s kills. As the English find h difficult to draw a distinction between morality and sexual mores, carte blanche was given to ail those in press and public alike who believe that there is no cupboard without its skeleton, nor any cupboard as large as those in die bedrooms of public men.

Bert sadly, we will be denied such pleasures. Mrs Hpr- rigan cannot compel Mr Yeo to apply for the Ch3tem Hundreds, although it is certainly the case that she,-'and others of-.

Government ' There can be no doubt foaf dfe- enchantment is widespread among what cam only be a diminishing number of: Many party activists-Iost their.

MrYeo was both foolish and un- ludty. He should have resigned his office, immediately. Instead, he provided 7 news when there was mme, and sport for the smug. But this was no Iran gate, nor even Nanny gate or Gennifergate. The troopers have been unable to find a publisher for their book of revelations. This was Damp-squib gate. Certainly the latest assertions have the ring of familiarity, thanks to the groundwork done by Genni- fer Flowers.

But the prinripal reason for the lack of furore is good, old fashioned bias. As Senator Packwood put it. OOQword American Spectator article. Now this is all very high-minded. If the subject is Republican, it seems, the offence is rank. Both The LA Times and American Spectator quote four troopers, two of them named Watergate, lest we forget, was based on the evidence of one unidentified source. Compare too the reaction in when George Bush was accused of having an affair whh his secretary.

Republicans tend to make more of their family values, so perhaps they deserve to be held to a higher moral code than their Democratic opponents, but that does not excuse the American media from claiming to follow one standard while two are plainly in operation. For an American mainstream journalist to voice the suspicion that the media have a left-leaning bias is an unforgivable blasphemy. She found as a result, to her mortification, that she was lauded by such right-wing pundits as talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

On Wednesday she was fired. It cowers before the tabloid press. Who next will be shopped to the enemy? Who next will find the blade spot under the plate? In the old days, when the dub was a dub. The rules were dear. The pistol was in the drawer.

Now the party is like a jaded mafia fara- fly. Please boss, not me. I meant no harm! The bemused godfather dribbles down his tuxedo and moans. A stopgap was needed while the Downing Street crew hunted for the Snark of Majorism. But was there ever a juicier hostage to media fortune than a personal morality campaign?

Even by Tory standards, last October was reckless. The message was dear. The two-parent family is not just the norm but a soda] policy impera five. Let them join menopausal mothers in the purgatory of s Toryism. Is it abautto mimic Stalin and nationalise marriage too?

I presume not, for the campaign is cosmetic and cynical. Skies grow dark, with smoke from fiercely burning bush-fires. It's been a dose call this week. As one, the crowd at the Sydney cricket ground turned their eyes skyward and cried: Then it was straight bade to degrees for a little while longer. Hurling abuse at absent fetters, by whom the babies may well have been unwanted, is not going to bring them into shotgun marriages.

Hurling abuse at the mothers is pointless and callous. Few mothers do not think before bearing a child. Few single parents — whether unmarried, divorced or widowed — are careless of their children's fete. My observation is that they worry more deeply about the obligations of parenthood than many conventional families do.

Single parents give every bit as much love and attention to children as busy couples with large families, possibly more. Of course there are exceptions, but to claim that a single parent is inherently a worse parent is both incorrect and offensive to millions of responsible men and women.

Divorce may be made easier or harder. Bastardy may be condoned or stigmatised. Most people's practice of marriage. Mount rightly points out. Its appeal is that it - is vohmtary, private and adaptable evenfodestnfetibii: Nor has marriage ever ergoyed a- monopoly on procreation. Certainly the welfare state has made this ihdepefiaence easier to contemplate- But the welfare state is not a moral policeman.

And even under the welfare state, a baby cared for at home is cheaper than one in an orphanage. The g ener al? To revive the stigma in the hope that it might be an. Let he who wishes to cast the first stone As foe s torms continue, many have been turning to prayer for comfort Good Lord deliver us.

Good Lord, deliver us. A brief gCrmner of. Could tins be a nsw messiah, murmured the assembled throng? No, it was Richard Gere opening. To revive it in the tope of thereby cutting public spending is cruel. The British family will survive this latest attempt to bote it to the s ervice of politics. It will survive with its single and dual parents, its gifted and.

Last October a desperate political- party thought the family was up for grabs. What a mis take. They should see if they can draft an education bill that.

But yjdnna Falls, according to the ytsionaiy from. He even toyed wnfa. Now, as MPs trickle back to West- mster. He had a 1 ,w framework for the presentation of f? The polls, the polls: The next mistake was not to sack Mr Yeo at once. The minister was never going to be able to stay in his post: Mr Major procrastinated, sending the message that he did not reaDy believe the contents of his own speeches.

To disown then the main tenets of his publicly professed philosophy merely compounded the effect Many Tory activists now feel let down by the Prime Minister. The yearning for unity that they expressed last October may soon be superseded by a yearning for better and more tnistworihy leadership. Among the true electorate, the Tory MPs, the. Whdt they dread is that the Government, as for much of the past 16 months, will lurch from one disaster to another.

If Mr Major does not get a grip between now and May. The glowing embers of last autumn win be fanned into flames again. Campbell, the idea of using human from aborted female foetuses caused.. Their for a public debate oirtiie ethical and implications of such procedures must unanswered. If these methods seemed ometimes distasteful, they still fell within bounds of what most people considered cceptable — perhaps because after in- emination, the conception and pregnancy roceeded normally and the physical dationship of the mother to her baby was unaffected.

With the possibility now of female egg location — which makes the pregnant roman a surrogate mother —a new set of.. Human eggs may be, taken from the ovarian tissue of any female donor, including one who has died or jneyer lived in: The use of genetic material from foetuses could give. This could leadfo abortions — or pregnancies for the purpose of abortion--befog encouraged.

Alternatively, abortions could be ddayed until foetuses were of most use. Using ovarian tissue from cadavers has Frankensteinian overtones. But ethically how much more controversial is it than foe use of any organ for transplant after the death erf a voluntary donor?

Sources of donation would then have to be made untraceable to avoid trauma, and the gaming of legal consent might be too intrusive to be acceptable. The HFEA is aware that the use of donated eggs and ovarian tissue raises new possibilities of genetic manipulation and experimentation.

It has demonstrated a fitting humility in calling for far-reaching public delate on their consequences. This may explain the national preoccupation with the reliabil-. In less fortunate climates inhabitants blow to the day what the weather will be six months ahead. In the United Kingdom the only way of folding out what the weather is doing at any time of day or year is to go outside, and look up quickly before it changes its mind. Prom the indeterminacy of the weather comes the interest of native painters in cloudyskies,' and of native poets in wind and ram, perhaps even the light and shade of the British character itself.

Cooke and Dr Sheila M. The Archbishop of York letter. Those requiring treatment have either gametes with grossly inadequate function or no gametes at alL Yet the National. There is movement of opinion in this and other countries towards identification of the donor. His identity is already recorded by the HFEA. Haydn and Tchaikovsky are equal fifth with 20 apiece, Dvorak drops to' 18, Schubert rises to Brahms and Sibelius bring up the rear with 12 each, both down on last year.

Clever it may have been. A recent survey showed 84 per cent of prep school boarders prefer boarding. Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools. Role reversal From lieutenant Commander J. Your obedient servant, J. Mr Levin also mentioned bear- baiting. Sadly, the practice continues in Faki- and this will take time. University Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Jessop Hospital for Women, Leavygreave Road.

From the Director of the Li nacre Centre Sir. Its ultimate nobility should be measured by its underlying frankness, which seeks to cut through centuries of adverse indoctrination. While retaining other distinctive identities and traditions, the Church and Judaism, with their monotheistic faiths, have much to do in this increasingly secularised work! We are the children of one Father. Your distinguished correspondent has performed an invaluable service. Kelly Sir, William Rees-Mogg writes: It was a little surprising and somewhat strange that Die Times, which over many years has featured interesting and.

What about the Greek tsam- bouna. What about your own stan, where two pit bulls are set on howling, clawless bears for bouts of two minutes. This was the focus of a campaign by libearty in March. Yet we keep foe real thing in tiny crates and tap their gall Weekend Money letters; page 27 Letters should cany a daytime telephone number. They may be faxed to From Miss Clare Dimond Sir. January 4 gives the theoretical example of a young lawyer freezing her ovarian tissue in order that she may have both a child and a successful career.

Rather than mess around with embryology could we not introduce child care to foe workplace? Or would that raise too many ethical problems? Jewish belief in a singular God and Catholic belief in a triune God: Catholicism per se has always opposed anti-Semitism.

English pipers of Northumbria? It all sounds like a very cruel world. Millar stressed the point in a letter to The Times of April 5, Nor even a hint of cruelty there! But as the Scots and Irish pipers play their lament in Whitehall next Remembrance Day let us remember foe cruelty of war itself, and the brave pipers, many of whom were among those who fell in battle. We need all foe Bernard Levins we can get!

Some 15 years ago I was assisting in a survey of the safety of coaknining in Spitsbergen, i asked for a record of incidents over foe previous 12 months. In a commendably short list the last entry was: Two fatalities due to injuries inflicted by polar bears. January 1 are groundless.

There is a precedent for mice in the organ, for on the night of December 23, , it was discovered that mice had gnawed through foe bellows of foe organ in the church of Obemdorf near Salzburg. So that there would be music on Christmas Day foe priest. Joseph Mohr, composed a carol which foe organist, Franz Gruber, set to music for two voices and a simple children's chorus.

This was "Silent Night". One local organ had all foe maple stoppers carefully nibbled off the tops of a whole rank of pipes, quite a feat of acrobatics. Unaware of the high lead content the mice cheerfully gnaw holes in metal pipes. I suspect they have a malicious sense of humour. Park Road, Stevington, Bedford. The mire are practising: The renowned poverty of church mice is not lack of money but lack of nourishment Watch out for anything tasty. From Mr Richard Godfrey Sir.

Mr Bevis Brock's letter reminds me of two instances when I found mice not only eating and sharpening their teeth on working organ pipes, but actually nesting amongst them. Bibles authorised version were equally available beside both the organs in question. Inti were left untouched Not such mindless vandalism? The Wardenry, Farley, Salisbury. Hayes, RN retd Sir. It certainly showed no signs of rodent attack, though it was sadly deficient as a musical instrument.

From Mr George C. Mine here, also rural, have more sporting and agricultural tastes — foe cork handle of a salmon rod and the plastic rotor guard of a grass trimmer. Usher Sir, Could not the mice in question have been looking for a suitable Flat? Cahill, chairman, British Aerospace. Knapp- Fisher, former Archdeacon of Westminster. Air Commodore Joan Metcalfe, former director. Prince, headmaster, Reed'S School.

Misi Galina Ulanova, prima ballerina, Whalen, deputy chairman and managing-director. Mr Hugh Bayley, MP. Mr Haiyey Betram- Brown. Davy Corporation, 81; the Earl of Car- rick.

Sir Graham Eyre, QC Father Benedict Great, theologian. Mr Ralph Tubbs, architect, Mr Derek Twiner, former governor. Viscount Ullswater, 52; Mr Geoffrey Wragg, racehorse trainer. Miss Susannah York, actress. Atkinson and Miss L. Atkinson, of Hurst- pkfpoim. Bayaham and Miss A. HID, of Leeds, Yorkshire. Boughtoo and Miss J. Krausbar The engagement is announced between Guy.

University news Kent Professor Robin Sibsoo. Brett and Mis E. R- Hutf and Miss BJ. Hatenuod' and Mbs KJ. Norfolk, and of the late Dr for Rm6 Jentri. London, and Mr Trevor Lovk k. Makower ; and Mbs S. Hall, ehes h ire. The engagement cs announced between "Peter, son of the Rev-AJ. Frost, of of Mr and Mrs MX.

Prager and Miss J A. Byrne, of Bedfeonpwa, Hampshire. Devon, and Joanna, daughter erf Mr- and Mrs D. Duncan MacGregor, of - Home- farm, Hotfampe. Page and Mbs HJ; Matthews The engagement is - announced between Michaei. Gosztdnyr and the late 1 Mrs I Gosttonyi. Gwent ; Wilkie Collins, novelist London. Australian Prime Minister Prime Minister of Ceylon Elvis Presley, singe and actor. John Baskervilte, typographer and printer.

Kenya, ; Richard Tauber, lenor, Australia, Premier of the People's Republic of China David Lloyd George became the first prime minister to occupy Chequers. Earl of St Vincent, admiral of the fleet.

Gilbert Abbott A Bedcet. Income lax was introduced by William Pitt tbe Younger, Anthony Eden resigned as Prime Minister, Dinner Suffolk Ueutenanqy Lord Belstead.

Lord lieutenant, presided at a dinner at Seckfard Hall, near Woodbridge. Bt, as Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk. He left certain paintings ro the National Portrait Gallery. Honorary Canon at Leicester Cathedral Leicester. Rev Canon Derek Brown. Bodtham, Ltnarfre to beRector. Epwortivand Wroot Lincoln -'.

The Rev Joim Craig. Rochester ; to be Viear. Wdfayam - St-John QikiKster. The Rev Prands HeWta. Rind-Deait of Hdmsity; foibe Vicar. TQrton in HoKfond w. The Rev Patricia lawless- lo be Curate. The Rey Kevin Mepham. Priest-in-diarge, Barconfoec to be. The Rev Jonathan Watson, Curate. Haccanby Iin- , , coin: Incumbent; Margate St John - Canterbary: Diocesan Youth and Chmmnnity -worker Coy- eniiy: T d71 FAX: Frances Joanna, a abler tor Timothy and Isabel.

Sophie Valentina, to Tony and Carole Walker. George William, a brother for Oliver. Thomas and a daughter. Harriet brother and sister to Haxntoh. Lauren Alexis, a si s ter for Ryan. Australia, to Adete and Chris, a son. AUson Joy- a staler to David and Hilary. Wednesday January SCh Marion, loved and toting widow of the tale Ode Bompas of Low Moresby. No fl ows by request. Vorfc Peacefully after a long Illness. Andrew and Stoma and devoted grandmother.

Sendee at St Thomas of Canterbury. As a child he moved framWolver-. This lay within easy reach of 0. Vrt where he studied design. In Chappell returned to Paris to. Despite ts accompanying absurdities the expe-. Chappell to all ihe major opera houses in Europe. Many years later, in He partnered Fonteyn in her first major rote. In his attractive bode Studies in Tetzel with his steely physique. In his attractive bode. Ballet, illustrated with Ms own.

Chappell set out the essential qualities required of a designer. His own experience as a dancer ensured that , his eo snim es were always supremely wearable even whoa they became, as in his later work, over-prettified and too high on sugar. After war service in the Royal Artillery Chappell turned to direction. Ten years later Cocky, a tribute to C, B. Cochran, was not a success. In he directed his first play, a prewar piece rose by Anouilh.

Duchess of Lefe- ,ster was the second wife of Ireland's premier duke. She did not like to reveal her age. Well- dressed and striking as. The first time RafaeDe heard' Moura play — a piece of Debussy — she was completely won over, and took it upon herself to introduce die girl to friends in the music world.

Leinster was left frying tb Kve up to the title op limited means. They returned to England, Rafaelle obtained a divorce from Van Neck, and the two were married. Duchess of Leinster, chairman of the surgical division of Bundles for Britain bring matched by his inability to put down roots. She was also given her own IS-minute radio news programme, twice a week, on the Hearst network. She returned to Britain on VE-Day and the following year was divorced.

For a time, after her good friend the Countess of Southesk died in But though she had other suitors — including at one point the Duke of Leinster who proposed again — she remained single. For a long time she lived in Grosvenor Square in the same building as three other duchesses, and spent the winters in New York, until her mothers death in Afterwards she was saddled with heavy death duties.

With a dwindling income, she spent the rest of her life in London, still seeing old friends such as Dame Barbara Cartiand. So Brief A Dream. The seventh Duke of Leinster died in This wry look at the breviiy of love and memory represented one extreme of Chappell's preferred modes, the other bring foe sleazy street-world of Expresso Bongo He directed over 30 shows before health and, it must be said, gradual loss of touch brought this period of his career to an end.

In recent years emphysema restricted his activities and he found foe journey between his Battersea home and his cottage in Rye increasingly irksome. His Honour Norman Sellers. VRD, a Circuit Judge, West End dubs such as the Garrick and golf courses in the more salubrious suburbs. His grandfather had run a firm of Liverpool coasters — potatoes from Jersey were a staple cargo. The war cut into his university career and he was allowed to take his degreee in less than foe normal three years, with a credit given for naval service.

He was gunnery officer on foe battleship HMS Nelson in the Atlantic, being mentioned in dispatches, commanded foe frigate. HMS Periwinkle and saw action in Malta convoys. For 20 years after the war, he was active in foe RNVR — on a one-night-a-week basis, captaining HMS Mersey, a minesweeper doubling as a training ship at Liverpool — and rose to be a lieutenant- commander.

On the Northern Circuit, he began in the Liverpool chambers of Selwyn Lloyd, once his father's pupil. He joined foe Bench as a Circuit Judge in and. His daughter, though, carried the family flag as a Liberal Democrat candidate in ; retirement enabled her father to canvass for her. As a judge his first posting was to Snaresbrook in London for two years.

He lobbied for, and won. An Indian woman once kissed his feet in the corridors of foe court after a custody award in her favour. But formality was otherwise foe rule in his court a female counsel was once requested firmly to retilt her wig in order to distract attention from an over-magnetic hairstyle. The sea and the mountains were his passions, without at all inhibiting a natural gregar- fousness.

He leaves his widow Grace, whom he married in , and four daughters. Lakeland rock-climber, died in hospital at Kendal on December 30 aged He was born in little Langdale on April Because he had a fine eye for a line almost all his climbs have become often repeated classics.

Birkett was a quanyman all his working life, immensely strong, a teetotal non-smoker who belonged to a new breed of working-class climbers which arose in foe Lakes at that time. His early climbs were done in his working clogs. James Birkett was a quiet man. His influence on Lakeland rock-climbing cannot be over estimated.

Bacon and ham, butter and sugar will henceforward be available to the retail purchaser in strictly limited supply. Necessity and strategy combine to require this demand of a nation dependent for so much of its food on suppliers from abroad. Rationing comes late rather than early. In the last War unrestricted submarine warfare began thirty months after foe outbreak of hostilities.

This war began with foe enemy's submarines dispersed over the seas and lying in wait to sink unarmed merchantmen—those of neutrals as well as our own.

There is plenty of food in the country and wailing to be brought in, and there is enough of the rationed foods to meet our essential requirements as a liberally dieted people.

Rationing may result in a more varied dietary tn many homes, and a little ingenuity will adapt alternative foods to tables which, because of rationing, need not be short of ample supplies. An excellent purpose of foe Ministry of Food, to which Mr. To fulfil the second assurance price, as well as distribution, must be kept steadily in mind, because commodities could be put as far out of reach by high prices as by a barrier of sea. The rise will affect any house built close to a river.

Norwich Union announced a ratings system that means people living in the same area, but on higher ground, would pay less.. Main roads and railways out of the city were closed and 3,homes could be at risk unless high winds ease today. Casualties have been low so far, but several people were reported trapped last night in a blazing building south of the city. Purves pays tribute to the selfless henasrn of the lifeboat service--page 1 Wine wfcmers: Paul Heincy on the latest creations from the farmyard Anew staging of My Fatr-Lady has readied.

New York, with nirharri niamheHam - as Professor Higgins. Behind the glitter lies atusste between the. Weekend, page 14 Crazy biddings: Who next will be shop- pedtothei enemy? Jv - -first Essex man. Will the Tory party,;? Entries should be addressed to: The winners and solution will be published next Saturday. IS Land is a disappointment Solution to Puzzle No EasCtoure 8C 46R; lowest day mate Spadeadam. Dorset m, highest sunsMie: The winners of last Saturdays competition are: A band of rain wfllapread east across the country, but s not expected to reach northeast Scotland unti after mi dnight The rain could turn to sleet and snow, especially from the southern Pemines northwards where there wil be drifting in strong winds.

Fog could be stow to dear in central and eastern Endand and Scotland but there should be brighter spells before the cloud thickens. Some fog wiB be slow to clear.

Rain from the West tonight will turn to sleet or snow. Wind SE fight, becoming fresh to strong later, pertiaps gale in places. Wind SE light, bec om ing fresh to strong, perhaps gale in places. Max 3 to5C 37 to 41 Fi. Ram from the west this morning, becoming dearer and drier from the west this evening. Wind SE strong to gale, becoming SW fresh to strong this evening.

Same frig slow to deer. Rain from west this evening, turning to sleet and snow, especially on higher Wind SE font, becoming i to strong later. Increasing fresh to strong later. WfrxJ SE moderate, becoming fresh to strong. London Bridge For your copy of our J ,n 9 for. Mr Stein had spent 37years building up Ladbroke. He made it dear Am that he wanted a leading role as an active non-executive director and as chairman of the property division. At fee half year, it was uncovered by earnings.

Ladbroke said feat Mr Stein had come to fee conclusion that after being executive chairman of fee group since it became a public company in The new y or rush for shares brought fee FT-SE index to within 16 points of its dosing high of 3.

The rise on the week is Dealers reported foreign, ami domestic institutional support, wife hopes of another cut in interest rales revived. Jts trade waghted index edged higher to end at from Sterling was higher against the dollar. In Britain, the Council of Mortgage Lenders said feat it expected the recov ery i n fee braising market to strengthen throughout this year, in spite of figures yesterday showing that mortgage lending fell back in November.

Commission tables wfll be published. Discrepancies would be easily visible and the regulator would have powers to call in independent auditors ip investigate, it says. It is not dear how much of the costs will be passed on to the consumer. Final bids were due in at 5pm New York time yesterday.

Analysts said that Viacom faced acute tuning difficulties. In Britain, rival ladders have a defined timetable for wooing shareholders, but a contested US takeover tends to go on like a poker game until only one bidder is left Should Viacom raise its bid. QVC will have ten days to respond. He has a 92 per cent stake in Blockbuster. The company, based at Fort Lauderdale. Florida, assumed a higher profile in wife the sponsorship of a concert tour by Paul McCartney. Since then, it has become the largest video chain in Britain, buying Cityvision: For Blockbuster to merge with Viacom, however.

Taken with paper elements of the bids. For further information, call us on freephone or Freepost fee coupon. There are no exit or redemption charges. All of which will ensure that more of your money is working for you.

Ejecting tax levels and reliefs nay change and the value of reliefs depends on pcmoul cbnunsunces. The rate of unemployment nationwide fell from 6. The latest figures underline a picture of a strong recovery, which gathered pace in the fourth quarter of last year and is expected to continue throughout Lloyd Bentsen, the Treasury Secretary, said this week that the economy had grown by between 4 and 5 per cent in die fourth quarter of For this year, he forecast a growth rate of at least 3 per cent In total, the American economy added a further The global statistics thus underestimate the growth in employment in the small and medium-sized company sector.

Manufacturing jobs fell The government payroll was up There were strong losses in the defence industry and gains in financial services. Temporary workers accounted for more than half of the new jobs in the service sector. In Michigan, home of Detroit's car industry, the unemployment rate rose last month from 7 to 7.

By contrast North Carolina's economy is booming, with unemployment at 4. The fell in unemployment from 7. The leaking of information is something that I want to look at. It is quite a problem for people involved in takeovers. Mr Staple, a mergers and acquisitions specialist, will succeed Frances Heaton, who will be returning to Lazards. Last year was one of the quietest on record for mergers and acquisitions. His appointment was made by Sir David Calcurt.

He said he expeas the mergers and acquisitions market to be much more active over the next few years than it has been in the last two. He practised as a barrister between and Mr Staple is the younger brother of George Staple, head of the Serious Fraud Office, who was formerly a senior litigation partner at Clifford Chance, the City solicitors.

Further talks are continuing on extending Ae agreement to-mainland Europe. Balance of fl 0. The White House has no power to raise the limit on foreign ownership of American carriers, which is a matter for Congress. The airline, which is 15 per cent owned by KLM. Stansted, Air UK's main base, was used by Last year, negotiators agreed to reach a deal by this April to replace a treaty dating from KLM chairman, has said that his airline is in no hurry to increase its stake.

However, die job losses come against a background of- remarkable commercial success at the company, Which' is Northern Ireland's, biggest manufacture ing employer.

Since theformer state-owned ptenemaker was. Barclay Enterpriser the wholesale operation, increased sales by 80 per. AUen Lioyd, - chairman. In ,' the group xnaxfe opCTafing profit,bn. Ids deputy, David Marks. Britain was the only si gnify cant car market in Europe to record growth in Sales of lorries over 35 tonnes rose per cant to vehicles. Bonus Announcement From January 1st the following rates of annual bonus will apply to Norwich Union.

Britain could afford to smile. Now, they hope, the leash around then- necks will be loosened. David Montgomery of the Mirror Group said: Stein dena Mid leas - [Hi sw. Habgood had reason to be confident be had received unsolicited approaches shortly after the bid was tost, although he deifies even considering an escape route white the struggle was being waged.

David Kendall, who bad taken over as. But both he and the less than euphoniously named Bund, which makes unromantic paper and packaging products such as rigft re fte filters, typified die fast-growth s.

What was needed was a steady hand, some swift disposals and a quiet couple of years while trust with the City amid be rebuflL At around the same time, Anthony Habgood and David WQHams wsre un- dergoing their own corporate trial by fire, running Tbotal.

Sir David started off with the heavy artillery, a near per. Habgood became chief executive at the end of , Wflfiams his finance man shortly after. What is undatab le is that neither had arty experience in fighting a determined bid battle.

But David is not quite as docile as he appears. Futures markets are about sentiment and hopes of an early Opec meeting helped oil pikes to rally. But mat scarcdy justifies aierating of fee sector.

Big trucks peaked in wife sates of 77, and the last surge in hit 69, Volume is only part of the story as dealers earn little on new cars and less on new trucks. For the market leaders, Lex Service and T Cowie, consolidation would be fee quickest way to improve feezralim operating margins bade to something like 3 per cent they earned in The CSty believes that Habgood was determined above all else to have a finance wan at his right hand whom he could trust imptiatly.

They are now dearly the two men at fee top of Bunzl — the new chairman, Pat Dyer, now chief executive at BOC, is a non-executive. Habgood, for his part says he did not make fee hiring of WiSiams. One can only wonder how he would describe being run down by a bus. Now, investors can look further afield - especially to continental Europe. Privatisation programmes in many European countries are creating opportunities in sectors from telecommunications and utilities to financial institutions.

Warburg Securities, will be launched in early February, it will offer investors access to a wide range of European privatisation opportunities and will qualify For investment within a PEP. It will aim to achieve long-term growth of capital and income by investing in continental Europe and the UK. The mini prospectus will be issued in early February. To receive a copy, you should register without delay by contacting your financial adviser, returning the coupon below or calling the Share Information Office free on 11 Share Information Office 11 To: Please register me for the Mercury European Privatisation Trust pic.

Rales as at close of trading yesterday. On Thursday, the equity market staged a point rumround to end the day. As the advance gathered pace yesterday, demand again spilled over into the top shares.

Utilities led the way. Among water companies there were gains for North Sir Geoffrey: South West, 24p to p. Welsh, 16p to p, Wessex, 14p to p and Yorkshire. East Midland ended 16p higher at p, Eastern. Media shares were wanted. Anglia added I7p at p. Carlton Communications, lOp at p. Chairman Sir Geoffrey MuJcaby is expected to give a rundown next week on trading covering the Christmas period. Yesterday it was the turn of SmithKBne Beecham, which reversed an earlier fall to finish lp firmer atp.

Wellcome shares turned round an earlier Itip deficit to end 7p higher at p. Shares of Proteus, the USM-quoted computer aided drug design group, surged 17p to' p after announcing a joint venture with Medeva, Sp higher at p.

After a day of wild fluctuation, the Hang Seng index fell more than six percent before recovering some of the losses to dose, down In a dramatic reversal of last year's wild bull ran, the index has fallen M66 points, or 9. Barry Yates, of Vi ckers Balias, said investors were unsettled-by Chinese reports on the need to avoid social unrest after die introduction of the reforms.

Amer md Amer Stores. S4V Gap toe Dd Gen: Adda Armen Amamewu 24 TV ft sz. SSgaal - 35V 55V. New London Capital IO r 2. GUIdFftlnl ft Fund hi ft isoso Vlanaeed Fund Filed interest 71ft 75ft Hifth Wmnat i e.

CKh Cap anru 21 r. GT Phnuutile Sfno SC ft TO 40 - 5. JO , DepurttOnt 3X1. Index linked m. Gou Slare JtifiC Inmru. Property Fane jomo J3LX. In the opinion of the society's valuers. The results of the survey for this mortgage are due on Monday. The vendor was incensed and offered to pay for a second survey. All of this means extra expense, much of whitih would appear to be avoidable.

Estate agents who have been in the business ten or 15 years say they can't remember lenders ever befog this cautious. There may also be a question of solicitors' fees, search fees or whatever. It aQ eats into the extra cash. The banks and bunding societies are having a hard time and. Half a per cent is a lot of money over five years.

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