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He also wrote the comic strips Abbie an' Slats in the years —45 and Long Sam He won the National Cartoonists Society 's Reuben Award in for Cartoonist of the Year, and their Elzie Segar Award , posthumously for his "unique and outstanding contribution to the profession of cartooning. Although Capp was from Connecticut, he spent 43 years teaching the world about Dogpatch, reaching an estimated 60 million readers in over American newspapers and foreign papers in 28 countries.

Thomas Inge says Capp made a large personal fortune on the strip and "had a profound influence on the way the world viewed the American South. His brothers, Elliott and Jerome, were cartoonists, and his sister, Madeline, was a publicist. Capp's parents were both natives of Latvia whose families had migrated to New Haven in the s.

In August , at the age of nine, Capp was run down by a trolley car and had to have his left leg amputated, well above the knee. Capp's father, a failed businessman and an amateur cartoonist, introduced him to drawing as a form of therapy.

He became quite proficient, learning mostly on his own. At about this same time, Capp became a voracious reader. Capp spent five years at Bridgeport High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut , without receiving a diploma.

The cartoonist liked to joke about how he failed geometry for nine straight terms. Attending three of them in rapid succession, the impoverished Capp was thrown out of each for nonpayment of tuition—the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts , the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts , and Designers Art School in Boston—the last before launching his career.

Capp had already decided to become a cartoonist. In early , Capp hitchhiked to New York City. He eventually found work at the Associated Press when he was 23 years old.

Capp changed the focus and title to Mister Gilfeather , but soon grew to hate the feature. He left the Associated Press in September Before leaving, he met Milton Caniff , and the two became lifelong friends. Capp moved to Boston and married Catherine Wingate Cameron, whom he had met earlier in art class.

She died in at the age of Leaving his new wife with her parents in Amesbury, Massachusetts , he subsequently returned to New York in , in the midst of the Great Depression. People were sleeping in alleys then, willing to work at anything. During one of Fisher's extended vacations, Capp's Joe Palooka story arc introduced a stupid, coarse, oafish mountaineer named "Big Leviticus," a crude prototype. Leviticus was actually much closer to Capp's later villains Lem and Luke Scragg, than to the much more appealing and innocent Li'l Abner.

Also during this period, Capp was working at night on samples for the strip that would eventually become Li'l Abner. He based his cast of characters on the authentic mountain-dwellers he met while hitchhiking through rural West Virginia and the Cumberland Valley as a teenager.

This was years before the Tennessee Valley Authority Act brought basic utilities like electricity and running water to the region. The feature was launched on Monday, August 13, , in eight North American newspapers—including the New York Mirror —and was an immediate success. Caplin eventually became "Al Capp" because the syndicate felt the original would not fit in a cartoon frame.

His younger brother Elliot Caplin also became a comic strip writer, best known for co-creating the soap opera strip The Heart of Juliet Jones with artist Stan Drake and conceiving the comic strip character Broom-Hilda with cartoonist Russell Myers. Elliot also authored several off-Broadway plays, including A Nickel for Picasso , which was based on and dedicated to his mother and his famous brother. What began as a hillbilly burlesque soon evolved into one of the most imaginative, popular and well-drawn strips of the 20th century.

Featuring vividly outlandish characters, bizarre situations, and equal parts suspense , slapstick , irony , satire , black humor and biting social commentary , Li'l Abner is considered a classic of the genre. The comic strip stars Li'l Abner Yokum—the simple-minded, loutish but good-natured and eternally innocent hayseed who lives with his parents—scrawny but superhuman Mammy Yokum, and shiftless, childlike Pappy Yokum.

Turner and Michael H. But it's a godly conceit, really, playing off a godly name— Joachim means 'God's determination', something like that—that also happens to have a rustic ring to it. The Yokums live in the backwater hamlet of Dogpatch , Kentucky. Described by its creator as "an average stone-age community," Dogpatch mostly consists of hopelessly ramshackle log cabins, pine trees, "tarnip" fields and "hawg" wallows.

Whatever energy Abner had went into evading the marital goals of Daisy Mae Scragg, his sexy, well-endowed but virtuous girlfriend—until Capp finally gave in to reader pressure and allowed the couple to marry. This newsworthy event made the cover of Life on March 31, Phogbound Capp's caricature of the anti- New Deal Dixiecrats , the shudder! Most notably, certainly from a G. Perhaps Capp's most popular creations were the Shmoos , creatures whose incredible usefulness and generous nature made them a threat to civilization as we know it.

Another famous character was Joe Btfsplk , who wants to be a loving friend but is "the world's worst jinx," bringing bad luck to all those nearby. Btfsplk his name is "pronounced" by simply blowing a "raspberry" or Bronx cheer always has an iconic dark cloud over his head. Dogpatch residents regularly combat the likes of city slickers, business tycoons, government officials and intellectuals with their homespun simplicity.

The last includes El Passionato, Kigmyland, The Republic of Crumbumbo, Skunk Hollow, The Valley of the Shmoon, Planets Pincus Number 2 and 7, and a miserable frozen wasteland known as Lower Slobbovia , a pointedly political satire of backward nations and foreign diplomacy that remains a contemporary reference.

The strip's popularity grew from an original eight papers, to ultimately more than At its peak, Li'l Abner was estimated to have been read daily in the United States by 60 to 70 million people the U. Many communities, high schools and colleges staged Sadie Hawkins dances , patterned after the similar annual event in the strip.

Li'l Abner has one odd design quirk that has puzzled readers for decades: In response to the question "Which side does Abner part his hair on? Li'l Abner also features a comic strip-within-the-strip: It first appeared in , and proved so popular that it ran intermittently over the next 35 years.

Gould was personally parodied in the series as cartoonist "Lester Gooch"—the diminutive, much-harassed and occasionally deranged "creator" of Fosdick. The style of the Fosdick sequences closely mimicks Tracy , including the urban setting, the outrageous villains, the galloping mortality rate , the crosshatched shadows, and even the lettering style. Fearless Fosdick —and Capp's other spoofs like "Little Fanny Gooney" and "Jack Jawbreaker"—were almost certainly an early inspiration for Harvey Kurtzman 's Mad Magazine , which began in as a comic book that specifically parodied other comics in the same distinctive style and subversive manner.

He always made it a point to send me champagne whenever he happened to see me in a restaurant On the other hand, Liberace was "cut to the quick" over Loverboynik, according to Capp, and even threatened legal action—as would Joan Baez later, over "Joanie Phoanie" in Capp was just as likely to parody himself; his self-caricature made frequent, tongue-in-cheek appearances in Li'l Abner.

In another, the search is on in Dogpatch for a pair of missing socks knitted by the first President of the United States.

In addition to creating Li'l Abner , Capp also co-created two other newspaper strips: Small Change , and Advice fo' Chillun. According to comics historian Coulton Waugh , a poll of newspaper readers who claimed they ignored the comics page altogether revealed that many confessed to making a single exception: Capp turned that world upside-down by routinely injecting politics and social commentary into Li'l Abner.

The strip was the first to regularly introduce characters and story lines having nothing to do with the nominal stars of the strip. The technique—as invigorating as it was unorthodox—was later adopted by cartoonists like Walt Kelly [ Pogo ] and Garry Trudeau [ Doonesbury ]," wrote comic strip historian Rick Marschall.

According to Marschall, Li'l Abner gradually evolved into a broad satire of human nature. In his book America's Great Comic Strip Artists , Marschall's analysis revealed a decidedly misanthropic subtext. Over the years, Li'l Abner has been adapted to radio, animated cartoons , stage production, motion pictures and television.

Li'l Abner was also the subject of the first book-length, scholarly assessment of an American comic strip ever published. A Study in American Satire by Arthur Asa Berger Twayne, contained serious analyses of Capp's narrative technique, his use of dialogue, self-caricature and grotesquerie, the place of Li'l Abner in American satire, and the significance of social criticism and the graphic image.

During World War II and for many years afterward, Capp worked tirelessly going to hospitals to entertain patients, especially to cheer recent amputees and explain to them that the loss of a limb did not mean an end to a happy and productive life. Making no secret of his own disability, Capp openly joked about his prosthetic leg his whole life. In Capp created a special full-color comic book, Al Capp by Li'l Abner , to be distributed by the Red Cross to encourage the thousands of amputee veterans returning from the war.

Capp was also involved with the Sister Kenny Foundation , which pioneered new treatments for polio in the s. Serving in his capacity as honorary chairman, Capp made public appearances on its behalf for years, contributed free artwork for its annual fund-raising appeals, and entertained crippled and paraplegic children in children's hospitals with inspirational pep talks, humorous stories and sketches.

A successful musical comedy adaptation of the strip opened on Broadway at the St. James Theater on November 15, , and had a long run of performances, followed by a nationwide tour. The stage musical , with music and lyrics by Gene de Paul and Johnny Mercer , was adapted into a Technicolor motion picture at Paramount in by producer Norman Panama and director Melvin Frank , with a score by Nelson Riddle.

Squeezeblood, head of the abusive and corrupt Squeezeblood Comic Strip Syndicate. The resulting sequence, "Jack Jawbreaker Fights Crime! It was later reprinted in The World of Li'l Abner Siegel and Shuster had earlier poked fun at Capp in a Superman story in Action Comics 55 , December , in which a cartoonist named "Al Hatt" invents a comic strip featuring the hillbilly "Tiny Rufe. In , Capp earned a Newsweek cover story. That same year the New Yorker's profile on him was so long that it ran in consecutive issues.

In , Capp reached a creative peak with the introduction of the Shmoos, lovable and innocent fantasy creatures who reproduced at amazing speed and brought so many benefits that, ironically, the world economy was endangered.

The much-copied storyline was a parable that was metaphorically interpreted in many different ways at the outset of the Cold War. Following his close friend Milton Caniff's lead with Steve Canyon , Capp had recently fought a successful battle with the syndicate to gain complete ownership of his feature when the Shmoos debuted. As a result, he reaped enormous financial rewards from the unexpected and almost unprecedented merchandising phenomenon that followed.

As in the strip, Shmoos suddenly appeared to be everywhere in and —including a Time cover story. Shmoo dolls, clocks, watches, jewelry, earmuffs, wallpaper, fishing lures, air fresheners, soap, ice cream, balloons, ashtrays, comic books, records, sheet music, toys, games, Halloween masks, salt and pepper shakers, decals, pinbacks, tumblers, coin banks, greeting cards, planters, neckties, suspenders, belts, curtains, fountain pens, and other shmoo paraphernalia were produced.

A garment factory in Baltimore turned out a whole line of shmoo apparel, including "Shmooveralls. The Shmoos would later have their own animated TV series. Capp followed this success with other allegorical fantasy critters, including the aboriginal and masochistic "Kigmies", who craved abuse a story that began as a veiled comment on racial and religious oppression , the dreaded "Nogoodniks" or bad shmoos , and the irresistible "Bald Iggle", a guileless creature whose sad-eyed countenance compelled involuntary truthfulness—with predictably disastrous results.

Li'l Abner was censored for the first, but not the last time in September , and was pulled from papers by Scripps-Howard. Said Edward Leech of Scripps, "We don't think it is good editing or sound citizenship to picture the Senate as an assemblage of freaks and crooks When the award name was changed in , Capp also retroactively received a Reuben statuette.

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