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Anchorage Alaska this out if youre hot 1825

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Anchorage Alaska this out if youre hot 1825

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Anchorage Alaska this out if youre hot 1825

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More than , call the biggest state in the union home, although you'd hardly know it from the checkout lines at Walmart on PFD day. We're spread out, just 1. You know you live in Alaska when You name your children after landforms, tree species or snowmachine parts. You don't get into "fender-benders"; Alaskans "roll in the ditch.

You shave with ulu knives; you wax your bikini zone with duct tape. You usually don't pay your much attention to maintaining your bikini zone -- that is, until the night before your annual trip to Hawaii. You serve every meal with bear claw salad tongs. Extra points if they're made from real bear claws. You toss fish scraps out in the yard and call it a "bird feeder. Instead of chewing tobacco, you dip a big ol' plug of smoked salmon.

Whether you drive a Subaru, a rusty Toyota, a behemoth American 4x4 or a crazy homemade Frankentruck with massive spotlights and built-in gun mounts -- the front fender's dented and the windshield's cracked. You drink a double mocha latte with extra whipped cream and sprinkles with a loaded. You're so vitamin D deficient, you've contemplated mainlining fish oil. You know of a housesitting gig somewhere — maybe no running water or electricity, but a housesitting gig nonetheless.

You construct elaborate storage systems for all your recreational outdoor gear, even though you haven't recreated in the outdoors with any of that gear since the Knowles administration. You no longer suffer from seasonal affective disorder -- indeed, you've grown so used to lacking natural UV light you've developed seasonal affective disorder disorder.

You don't tip well here's one area we might learn from our friends in the Lower You always take off your boots whenever you go inside, without necessarily removing your bloodstained fly-fishing vest. You won't admit you: You simultaneously complain about things not being like they were back in the good old days and, in the same breath, about your 4G LTE running slow lately.

You aren't afraid of a little spray-on tanning product, no matter how orange it makes you look. You complain about all the snow until it suddenly stops for a few weeks, at which point you start complaining about its absence. You grow massive patches of rhubarb in your garden, even though you know full well you'll never eat that much rhubarb.

You've patched at least one piece of outerwear with duct tape and would do the same with underwear, too, if duct tape didn't so readily adhere to body hair see "duct tape bikini waxing," above. You've become desensitized to scraping bear scat from your shoe treads. You absolutely can't conceive of living anywhere else.

Well, except maybe Hawaii for two weeks in February, but even then you'll never quite shake feeling like you're missing out on whatever's going on up here. Geoff Kirsch is a Juneau-based writer and humorist currently working on an essay collection based upon his long-running column in the Juneau Empire.

The above piece comes from that work-in-progress. Alaska Life We Alaskans. Arts and Entertainment TV Listings. Special Sections Back to school.

Events Best of Alaska. Share on Google Plus. You wear fleece, wool and down year round. You're into smoking stuff in both senses of the verb. You eat reindeer for breakfast. You stack firewood for the intellectual challenge. You treat every ailment with vitamin R.

You are proficient in the use of Visqueen. You hunt moose from your deck. You get married wearing Carhartts. You've conceived a child wearing Carhartts. You're born wearing Carhartts. You can and do check two items of luggage for free. You strap on crampons for your morning commute. You consider 60 degrees "hot. You eat cinnamon rolls. A whole lot of cinnamon rolls. You've had at least one dangerous wild animal in your garage.

You give your kids ammo for Christmas. You can't resist a sale on ice cream. You know what pilot bread is. You start preparing for winter in July.

You start preparing for the Fourth of July in January. You covet thy neighbor's arctic entry. Support independent, local journalism in Alaska.

You know you live in Alaska when - Anchorage Daily News

Investigation revealed Savanah H. Price, age 26, of Palmer assaulted a family member. Price was arrested for Assault 4th degree domestic violence and was remanded to Mat-Su Pretrial with no bail. The complainant reported having video surveillance of the suspect and provided a vehicle license plate number. The investigation is ongoing. On July 3, at approximately Robert was arrested and remanded to the Fairbanks Correctional Center on his charges. Investigation revealed Edward Jimmy Jace Schaefer, age 25 of Kenai, had assaulted a household member.

He was held with no bail pending arraignment. On July 3, at approximately hours, Alaska State Troopers received a report that a cabin on Moosehorn Road in Seward had been burglarized. An unknown suspect s cut the pad lock to the front door to gain entry.

A red Honda EU, an orange Husqvarna 16" chainsaw, and a white Singer sewing machine model C were stolen from the cabin. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, they are encouraged to contact the Alaska State Troopers at Seward AST responded and contacted both drivers and conducted an investigation. Neither driver requested medical treatment. Lukas Altamirano, age 24 of Seward, was determined to be the at fault driver. Altamirano was issued citations for driving revoked and negligent driving.

Altamirano and the other driver both made plans to remove their vehicles from the scene. Both occupants reported wearing their seatbelts. Impairment was not a factor. When Law enforcement arrived on scene they found that multiple people had walked under a hollowed out compressed snow mass which resembled a snow cave. Brittany Katherine Boegel, age 32 of Minnesota, walked inside and under the mass, the snow ceiling fell, and mortally hurt her.

Two other people, a six year old boy, and an adult male received minor injuries. Bystanders and Family members were able to free Boegel from the ice and began CPR and life-saving efforts. Law enforcement brought medical supplies and an AED which were utilized, and requested a LifeMed Helicopter to the scene.

The LifeMed Helicopter and crew, along with the Girdwood Fire Department arrived on scene and took over with lifesaving efforts. Next of kin has been notified of her death. On July 3, Blake V. On July 3, Savannah B. Powers 24 years old and Brandon P. An optional court appearance is scheduled in the Dillingham District Court.

Breeden was Sport fishing for king salmon using bait and had retained 2 king salmon. Breeden was cited for retaining two king salmon over 20" in closed waters, and for using bait. On June 30, John K. On January 30, the number of cases in Nome had reached 27 and the antitoxin was depleted. According to a reporter living in Nome, "All hope is in the dogs and their heroic drivers Nome appears to be a deserted city. They took the shortcut across the Norton Sound, and headed toward Shaktoolik.

Togo ran miles for his part of the run. Henry Ivanoff's team ran into a reindeer and got tangled up just outside Shaktoolik. He was passing the team when Ivanoff shouted, "The serum! I have it here! With the news of the worsening epidemic, Seppala decided to brave the storm and once again set out across the exposed open ice of the Norton Sound when he reached Ungalik, after dark.

Togo led the team in a straight line through the dark, and they arrived at the roadhouse in Isaac's Point on the other side at 8 PM. The team rested, and departed at 2 AM into the full power of the storm.

The team ran across the ice while following the shoreline. On February 1, the number of cases in Nome rose to The serum en route was sufficient to treat 30 people. Messages were left at Solomon and Point Safety before the lines went dead. Olsen was blown off the trail, and suffered severe frostbite in his hands while putting blankets on his dogs.

He arrived at Bluff on February 1 at 7 PM in poor shape. Gunnar Kaasen waited until 10 PM for the storm to break, but it only got worse and the drifts would soon block the trail so he departed into a headwind. Balto led the team through visibility so poor that Kaasen could not always see the dogs harnessed closest to the sled. The winds after Solomon were so severe that his sled flipped over and he almost lost the cylinder containing the serum when it fell off and became buried in the snow.

He also suffered frostbite when he had to use his bare hands to feel for the cylinder. Ed Rohn believed that Kaasen and the relay was halted at Solomon, so he was sleeping. Not a single ampule was broken, and the antitoxin was thawed and ready by noon. A number of dogs died during the trip. Margaret Curran from the Solomon roadhouse was infected, which raised fears that the disease might spread from patrons of the roadhouse to other communities.

Welch asked for half the serum to be delivered by aircraft from Fairbanks. He contacted Thompson and Sutherland, and Darling made a test flight the next morning. With his health advisor, Governor Bone concluded the cases in Nome were actually going down, and withheld permission, but preparations went ahead. Navy moved a minesweeper north from Seattle, and the Signal Corps were ordered to light fires to guide the planes.

By February 3, the original , units had proved to be still effective, and the epidemic was under control. A sixth death, probably unrelated to diphtheria, was widely reported as a new outbreak of the disease.

The batch from Seattle arrived on board the Admiral Watson on February 7. Acceding to pressure, Governor Bone authorized half to be delivered by plane. On February 8 the first half of the second shipment began its trip by dog sled, while the plane failed to start when a broken radiator shutter caused the engine to overheat. The plane failed the next day as well, and the mission was scrapped. Thompson was gracious in his editorials.

The second relay included many of the same drivers, and also faced harsh conditions. The serum arrived on February The death toll from diphtheria in Nome is officially listed as either 5, 6, or 7, [14] but Welch later estimated there were probably at least additional cases among "the Eskimo camps outside the city.

The Natives have a habit of burying their children without reporting the death. All participants in the dogsleds received letters of commendation from President Calvin Coolidge , [10] and the Senate stopped work to recognize the event.

Each musher during the first relay received a gold medal from the H. The mayor of Los Angeles presented a bone-shaped key to the city to Balto in front of City Hall; [10] silent-film actress Mary Pickford put a wreath around the canine's neck. Gunnar Kaasen and his team became celebrities and toured the West Coast from February to February , and even starred in a minute film entitled Balto's Race to Nome.

Balto and the other dogs later became part of a sideshow and lived in horrible conditions until they were rescued by George Kimble, who organized a fundraising campaign by the children of Cleveland, Ohio. On March 19, , the dogs received a hero's welcome as they arrived at their permanent home at the Cleveland Zoo.

Because of his age, Balto was euthanised on March 14, , at the age of He was mounted and placed on display in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Despite the attention lavished on Kaasen and Balto, many mushers [ who? After Kaasen's return, he was accused of being a glory hog.

Seppala became upset when the media attributed Togo's achievements to Balto, and commented, "it was almost more than I could bear when the 'newspaper dog' Balto received a statue for his 'glorious achievements. In October , Seppala took Togo and his team on a tour from Seattle to California , and then across the Midwest to New England , and consistently drew huge crowds. In New England Seppala's team of Siberian huskies ran in many races, easily defeating the local Chinooks.

Seppala sold most of his team to a kennel in Poland Spring , Maine, and most huskies in the U. Seppala visited Togo, until he was euthanised on December 5, After his death, Seppala had Togo preserved and mounted, and today the dog is on display in a glass case at the Iditarod museum in Wasilla, Alaska.

None of the other mushers received the same degree of attention, though Wild Bill Shannon briefly toured with Blackie. The media largely ignored the Athabaskan and Alaska Native mushers, who covered two-thirds of the distance to Nome. According to Edgard Kalland, "it was just an everyday occurrence as far as we were concerned. The serum race helped spur the Kelly Act , which was signed into law on February 2. The bill allowed private aviation companies to bid on mail delivery contracts.

Technology improved and within a decade, air mail routes were established in Alaska. The last mail delivery by private dog sled under contract took place in , and the last U. Post Office dog sled route closed in Dog sledding remained popular in the rural interior but became nearly extinct when snowmobiles spread in the s. Mushing was revitalized as a recreational sport in the s with the immense popularity of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

The honorary musher for the first seven races was Leonhard Seppala. The Iditarod honored Jirdes Winther Baxter, the last known survivor of the epidemic. The position is now known as Leonhard Seppala's Honorary Musher, the Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award is given to the musher who provides the best dog care while still remaining competitive, and the Leonhard Seppala Heritage Grant is an Iditarod scholarship.

The two races follow the same route from Ruby to Nome. A reenactment of the serum run was held in , which took 6 days longer than the serum run, or more than twice the total time. Many of the participants were descendants of the original Nollner was the last to die, on January 18, , of a heart attack. The relay has been immortalized in various media. In , the story was retold in Race against Death: The title character in the animated film Balto was loosely based on the lead dog from the final leg of the serum run, although all of the other characters and subplots are fictional.

A detailed recounting of the people and events involved in the serum run, including the story of the native mushers and the local nurses who attended to the sick and dying, is given in the book, The Cruelest Miles: There is much controversy surrounding Balto's role in this race and the statue in Central Park.

He then handed the serum off to Charlie Olson. Kaasen was supposed to hand off the serum to Rohn at Port Safety, but Rohn had gone to sleep and Kaasen decided to keep going to Nome.

Kaasen maintained that he decided to continue since there were no lights on in the cabin where Rohn was sleeping and he didn't want to waste time, [14] but many [ who? According to Leonhard Seppala , [19] Togo's musher, Balto was a scrub freight dog that he left behind when he set out on the trip. The inscription reads, "Dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the sled dogs that relayed antitoxin miles over rough ice, across treacherous waters, through arctic blizzards, from Nenana to the relief of stricken Nome.

According to the historian Earl Aversano, in , in his old age, Seppala recalled "I never had a better dog than Togo. His stamina, loyalty and intelligence could not be improved upon. Togo was the best dog that ever traveled the Alaska trail.

Writing in Time magazine, Katy Steinmetz also thought that Togo was the greatest sled dog of all time. In the serum run, she wrote, Togo was the real hero: The sled dog who did the lion's share of the work was Togo. His journey, fraught with white-out storms, was the longest by miles and included a traverse across perilous Norton Sound — where he saved his team and driver in a courageous swim through ice floes.

Mushers in order and the distances they covered. Musher Ed Rohn, who was supposed to take the Serum the final leg into Nome, was asleep expecting Kaasen to be held up waiting out the blizzard.

Kaasen, deciding not to wake Rohn, began the final 21 mile leg, arriving in Nome around 5: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's Criticism or Controversy section may compromise the article's neutral point of view of the subject. Please integrate the section's contents into the article as a whole, or rewrite the material. This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 3 October , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Later, these three dogs ended up dying from lung injuries.

Shannon suffered severe facial frostbite. Folger was an Athabascan Native.

These nostalgic Anchorage Alaska Videos will transport you back to earlier days in Anchor town and bring back a flood of your own memories. The Power of Nostalgic Film and Video Because of today's collections of film and video, you can see what Alaska was like back in the day, and you can see what Anchorage looks like today. Get Anchorage, AK health weather forecasts including the 3 day common cold forecast and respiratory health articles and videos from Get Anchorage, AK typical August Weather including average and record temperatures from