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Blytheville new party chat lines

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Blytheville new party chat lines

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Welcome to the party line, a group phone call where teens went to meet strangers in the mid s. Think of it like a precursor to the internet chat room.

Around the country, kids dialed numbers like TEEN for access to party lines, otherwise known as group bridging services. The operators of these lines charged participants on a per minute basis, for example, 95 cents for the first minute and 45 cents for each additional.

After the first party lines opened, the fad exploded. Marketers knew it, and advertised party lines during after school television programs and in teen magazines. Parents organized town meetings and protests, and wrote in to telephone companies demanding the charges be reversed. Some chat lines attempted to appease parents by adding moderators who periodically reminded teens of the price per minute.

Teens called in when they were bored, lonely, or simply wanted to experiment. What do you look like? Some teens used the service to talk about sex, and later when moderators were added, used veiled language. Others defended the chats as preventative.

Teens loved all of them. Others remember party lines as nothing more than rooms full of teens shouting to be heard. Cawl me on my home phone! And virtually anyone with a few hundred dollars lying around could buy up a local number, advertise it, and if it caught on, start raking in cash.

But that was , when thousands of similar numbers flooded the market and teens were starting to lose interest. Widawsky went bankrupt a month later. Around the same time, party lines hooked up to computer modems and people could type to each other as well as talk. One party line hosted a wedding, where the bride, groom, and officiant were at different terminals in Manhattan.

Instead of throwing rice, the 1, callers who tuned in typed apostrophes. But by then, kids were bored and onto the next big thing. Sign in Get started. Never miss a story from Timeline , when you sign up for Medium. Get updates Get updates.

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There's also a distinctly Rusby-like soft-focus air to the musical arrangements on the majority of the tracks, with light and airy textures skilfully managed, though the additional string section on If You Stay is perhaps a tad obtrusive. The best of the songs suit Heidi's approach down to the ground and need no special pleading: Less successful to my mind are Whispering Grass no contest with the celebrated Sandy Denny version!

The arty design and presentation of the digipack housing the CD are intended to be a selling-point I'm sure, but I find it less appealing simply because the typeface used is rather fussy and cramped and not at all easily readable, and the booklet reprints lyrics for only seven out of the 12 songs presumably for copyright reasons?

Record companies have had a field day releasing 'remastered' CDs of classic albums but the value provided to the listener can, sometimes, be questioned. In this first batch of Talking Heads releases, some benefits are immediately obvious as 'Talking Heads: Surround Sound for those suitably equipped as well as some added videos. I'm sure that I don't have to spell out their legendary status. They are a band without comparison because nobody sounds at all like them. Though they have influenced many others from their contemporaries such as Gang Of Four to the modern day Franz Ferdinand.

Taking each of these in turn, let's look at the detail. As a debut album, it was staggering and is found here in all its splendour. Great additions to the original record.

Here, the additions provide tastier alternatives with growling guitar being layered over versions of 'Life During Wartime', 'Cities' and 'Mind' sat alongside the intriguing, unfinished 'Dancing For Money'. These are worthy alternatives that might have been preferred at other points in their career. Unfortunately, the four additions are all unfinished outtakes with 'Fela's Riff' flagging up where their influences were coming from at this point.

So, as you'd expect, the additional tracks are variable though they all offer interest to the Talking Heads fan. If there is a disappointing element to this first batch, it is the rather dull videos that are all from live appearances. However, bleating at this is pretty churlish given that these double discs are currently available for under ten quid.

Roll on the next set of reissues from them. You can check out formats and chat of their legendary status in that Netrhythms review. Let's get down to the nitty gritty here. The first one in this second batch is 'Speaking In Tongues'. It was their last release for WEA Records and a point in their career where rumour suggested that the band started to fall out. Certainly, some of the material is fairly lightweight and hardly at the cutting edge of earlier records.

It was the dawn of the drum machine and the disco beat in their music. It sparked bemused comment from some disconcerted fans. However, it does contain the mighty 'Burning Down The House'.

There are remixes of this track on the CD and DVD as well as a video on the latter but it seems to be one for the completist. However, the album still had some filler material and the extra tracks - yes, even the Pop Staples version of Papa Legba - are pretty disposable.

The main plus is that the DVD contains the promo videos as opposed to live versions of the songs. With their next record, 'Naked', there was something of a return to form with Mr Byrne's interest in South American music seemingly introducing a funk that had been lost amongst the studio gadgets.

Unfortunately, the extras here are pretty limited with interest only added by some more music video promos. With the last release here, 'Little Creatures', that return to form was sustained and provided one of their best-known songs, 'Road To Nowhere'. If you're a big fan of the song, the DVD contains the music video, too. So, all in all, the second batch isn't as enthralling as the first batch and might suggest that the Talking Heads fan pulls down the 'Storytelling Giant' video from their shelves with all their promo videos on it - what price this available on DVD soon?

Getting a full release after being available for some time as downloads from his website, these cds are ample evidence that James Talley's talent and musical vision remain intact more than thirty years after his debut recording. His vision is to bring us tales of ordinary lives - his own and those he works among - and to mark in song the familiar trials and tribulations that most of us would recognise. All his influences are here: All of these are stamped with his warm, laid -back baritone.

Frustratingly, at times, he has a tendency to sing in stacatto phrases which is a shame because when he connects the phrases you could bathe in the warmth of his voice. On occasion here he sounds remarkably like Willie Nelson - that nasal twang - but mostly he sounds remarkably unchanged from that 34 year old debut record. As a performer, he's definitely on the mellow side which might lead you to overlook the steel core at the centre of his music.

There's sentimentality here and overt Christianity but in his own quiet way it's a radical Christian message that Jesus himself might recognise.

On 'Cold Blooded Killers' - a country blues song if there ever was one - and 'The Most Influential Teacher', which has a blunt directness of language that George Orwell would have been proud of, James makes clear his disdain for those in power who would wrap themselves in their bibles whilst pursuing the most un-Christian behaviour.

Performances of songs that cover his entire career, the first selection was released previously as 'Journey'. This second batch of songs has been added to in the studio to flesh out the sound but still retains the warm feel of a performance and features some beautiful musicianship. In fact, throughout both of these albums I'm reminded of liner notes Mike Nesmith wrote back in the 70's in which he said - to paraphrase - that his aim was to achieve the purity of intent and execution that Jimmy Rodgers and Hank Williams achieved in their time.

Making it look easy is where the art lies, and that's what James Talley and his musical pals pull off. Apparently the record made quite a splash at the time, it's simple directness contrasting hugely with most other Nashville product of the time.

Sadly, perhaps, for James Talley, it didn't lead to a lasting career as a musician; though still writing, he's had to earn his living in other ways. He takes a deep pride, though, in being a working man, working alongside ordinary folk, so maybe he's happy enough that that was how life turned out for him.

Described in contempotary reviews as country-folk, these songs straddle those fields of music as much, and as well, as any other record you might care to name. The album opens with a swinging tune motored along by Johnny Gimble's fiddle that celebrates Talley's Oklahoma childhood and the Saturday nights when they would dance to "W.

Lyrically, that about sets the tone for the rest of the album: So far, so sentimental, and the sweetness of the singing and the arrangements re-enforces that sentimental sound.

Thirty years on when we've embraced the darker moods of alt. There is, however, a rugged spine to these songs, a rootedness in real lives that means they deserve their place of honour in the line that leads from Woody Guthrie to where we are today. So, "Give him another bottle, let him ease his mind". And whilst the Nashville mainstream would have given this a slow sickly over-sweet arrangement, Talley and his fiddler turn it into a fast-chugging railroad song, a celebration of the drunk's earlier life.

Elsewhere, he gives us his take on "Red River Valley", beautifully played and with an added verse of his own in the middle; the famous tune is abandoned for a sparse dreamy sequence at that point in a songwriting experiment that reminds me of stuff Don Maclean was doing at the time, all of which makes it about as "folk" as you can get in an American context. Not content with that , "Sing Song Kitty", which I only knew from Doc Watson's version, turns up with different words - nonsense and otherwise- as "Daddy's Song", and sounds just great.

It seems there are as many versions of that song as there are households that sang it. Throughout, the playing is warm, lively and sensitive and Johnny Gimble's fiddle is a particular delight; recording back in was a protracted and informal affair and the core musicians were augmented by more than a dozen others who "happened by", including a young John Hiatt who contributes the lead acoustic guitar on one track.

All in all, a quiet delight. For his latest release, Jeff Talmadge has gathered some of Nashville and Austin's top musicians and produced an album that is as gentle as it is deep. Texan Talmadge has a rich experience to draw on for his poetic songs and has worked as a janitor, a Capitol Hill Congressional press secretary, an associate scout for a major league baseball team and a board-certified lawyer. Country and very easy going.

Let Her Go showcases Talmadge's velvet voice and is some more easy going Country. Wrong Train sets me to thinking that it is going to be gentle sounds all the way through the album. This guy is so laid back and the idea for the song came from a time that he caught the wrong train in Groningen in the North of Holland. He says that he enjoyed the journey even though he was going in the wrong direction and sometimes in life we have to go in a different direction to reach our destination.

Austin When It Rains has an obvious drumbeat! However, it picks up only slightly from those that have gone before but does have a sense of melancholy. Talmadge says that this is one of his favourite Dylan songs and that he'd always wanted to record it.

He should be pleased with the result as the band plays as one. Because Of You gets him out of first gear - almost. Like the others, this skirts the area between folk, Americana and Country. Train From Amsterdam slows things back down again and is just so easy to listen to. This song came from his thoughts about how much his life had changed whilst on another train in The Netherlands. White Cross remains firmly in the slow lane and mixes Americana with Country.

In the US it is common practice for people to place small white crosses at the scene of road accidents and it was spooky that both Talmadge and his friend, Claudia Russell, were both working on a song on this topic at the same time. They thought it would be best if they collaborated and the result is here.

Scrapbook is an almost seamless transition from its predecessor and keeps up the gentle theme. This idea came from Talmadge thinking that every place he visits is like turning the page of a scrapbook. The slightly jazzy Chet Baker Street closes the album and Talmadge doesn't crank it up, even for the last song. This album is perfect for when you have a few friends around and don't want the music to completely drown out the conversation but still want to raise a few talking points.

Texan singer-songwriter Jeff writes strongly and powerfully, much in the tradition of Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark those especially called to mind - well at least that's on the evidence of Blissville , which would seem to be Jeff's fifth CD release.

I was very much taken with the warmth of Jeff's idiomatic, honest, intimate, sometimes half-spoken vocal style, and by his plain-speaking and simply evocative lyrics. He cloaks his stories of regret and oblique reminiscences in attractively homespun and often decidedly ironic philosophy, a fetching combination that yields as much intellectual as pure listening pleasure.

Examining the liner notes, though, Blissville would also seem to be, at least in part, an anthology of sorts, for it's stated that of the album's thirteen tracks, three had originally appeared on Jeff's album Bad Tattoo , whereas a further two are from 's Secret Anniversaries and two others from 's The Spinning Of The World the versions here differing in that they benefit from remixed vocals, it says.

That leaves just six tracks having been newly recorded in But whatever the provenance or vintage of the songs here, Jeff's output is heard to be mightily consistent and always better than likeable, with the more recent tracks in particular really characterful in a soft-edged alt-country mode that's often reminiscent as much of the rootsy mid-period Band albums as anything else. Blissville sure makes you want to hear more of Jeff's work; indeed, I can't quite fathom why he'd never appeared on my own personal radar before.

Jeff Talmadge - The Spinning World Bozart Records Singer-songwriter, acoustic guitarist Jeff Talmadge is an impressive talent from Austin, Texas who we haven't heard of this side of the pond for the usual reasons: We are privileged at NetRhythms that sometimes we get sent music that we wouldn't otherwise get to know about. Who is Jeff Talmadge?

His website gives a little background information about the man, ' Associate Baseball Scout for a major league baseball team, Capitol Hill spin doctor, award-winning poet, practicing lawyer Jeff Talmadge is a man of multiple talents and many hats. The Spinning World is an album of polished songs which I've found easy to play again and again and hard to chose a favourite from.

Care and craftsmanship are evident throughout - the lyrics are sharp and insightful, wry and witty, the musicianship with the assistance of Stephen Bruton on slide guitar, mandolin and mandola is excellent and on the twangy side of folk, and the backing vocals from Iain Matthews and Eliza Gilkyson are a joy.

Throughout the collection of eleven songs the professional production by Bradley Kopp is bright, full and warm with acoustic guitars, gentle bass and percussion, strings cello and violin and touches of accordion and harmonica.

His latest release, Bad Tattoo, which I've yet to hear, brings back several players from The Spinning World plus and she's always a ' plus ' Annie Gallup on backup vocals. Want to hear more? You may download soundclips from his website before clicking on to Amazon. We may live in a spinning world but Jeff Talmadge's albums are for those important ' time out ' moments - lay back and enjoy!

Singer-songwriters of the Saharan desert, the Touareg ex-rebels Tinariwen, birthed distinctive blues grooves - intense and enthralling - now taken up by the young seven-strong Touareg blues-rock band Tamikrest. Their name "Tamikrest" is Tamashek the Touareg language for "union" and "knot" - a symbol for the desert, language and culture which unifies and binds them.

And unified they are. A western band might be considered "tight" but Tamikrest are another thing entirely. The slow-paced caravan of bass-driven rhythms, electric guitars, tunes layered with claps and harmonies punctuated by the ululation of female backing singers and even echoes of the Eagles and a few reggae beats , become trance-like.

The words of lead vocalist of Ousmane Ag Mossa in the Tamashek language seem totally comprehensible to the Western heart, even if to the ears they aren't. It's the universal voice of pain and passion of struggle, of war, the beauty of the desert, of travelling grooves and - ultimately and hopefully - prayers for freedom. If you need an actual translation, the sleeve notes are also in English and French. John Tams - The Reckoning Topic. John Tams rocks - oh, yes he does!

You don't believe me? You think he's all songs of desolation, Napoleonic adventure and industrial turmoil? Think again, my friend. Just as it was surprising to realize that Unity , the album before this, was Tams' first solo outing, it's still a little shocking that, with more than 30 years' experience and a hand or two in at least one of folk-rock's seminal albums, Home is only the second collection to carry the Tams monicker.

And, as might be expected, he's learned a thing or two with all those years under his belt. One of those lessons is to keep your material varied, for that way is the path to holding the attention of your audience. Thus, possibly with that thought in mind, he's penned some stirring uptempo firecrackers and sprinkled them, like hundreds and thousands, across his latest home-baked offering.

The first of them, to draw the punters in, is track number one, You don't know me anymore. With telling, hurting observations, it concerns a man's realization that the relationship with his lover has lost its spark. But, though the song brims with sadness, it's sung to a strident beat pushed along by Keith Angel's drums, swollen by the lovely rich tones of Alan Dunn's Hammond organ and lifted by the first of many fine lead guitar breaks from Graeme Taylor.

In stark contrast to the superficial happiness of the album's opener, track two is like a damp, overcast afternoon stood among the ruins of a derelict northern mill. Featuring just Tams - singing and playing guitar, bass and keyboards - and Angel, it's dark and doomy, with the percussionist really coming into his own.

His marimba soaks through the melody with all the persistence of a relentless drizzle at the same time as his staccato drums seem to mimic short, sudden downpours. The song has a bleak beauty that's hard to ignore. In The ballroom , Tams slips into his pumps for the first of two songs marking the lure of the dance. Littered with characters looking for something they'll not find in this palais de danse, the song's filled with a sadness not entirely bereft of hope.

Dunn again shines, initially on piano accordion and then with a delicious Hammond organ pattern filling the latter half of the song. Red gown starts with Tams' acoustic guitar and vocals, and the organ, this time played by Barry Coope, before Taylor lets rip with a perfectly measured lead break. Unlike The ballroom , the lyric is filled with the excitement and expectation of an evening's fun: But it's historical ballads at which Tams excels and Home has a belter right at its heart.

She was an angel all in my eye, which made me from my colours to fly". He is eventually betrayed, court martialled and executed with a timely warning to all young men who fall in love.

Other top-notch tracks on a top-notch album are: Right on time - Tams solo with his acoustic guitar - The traveller and Bound east for Cardiff. It may say John Tams on the front of the package but due credit must go to his fellow players, each of whom more than earns his crust here. In addition to the already mentioned Taylor, Dunn, Angel and Coope, Andy Seward 's bass is bang on the money throughout. Home is an album that reveals new treasures with each play.

It's a natural progression, and a more than worthy follow-up, to Unity and it's stating the obvious to say that any who enjoyed Tams' first album will love this. JT call Home sorry! Music Of The Good Hope T2 The recent National Theatre production of the play The Good Hope , relocating the tale in Whitby, provided the vehicle for a new musical collaboration between Messrs Tams and Taylor reunited in an echo of former Home Service and Albion Band glories , providing a telling 17 minutes' worth of soundtrack that's recorded here.

They've roped in the talents of Chris Coe, Alan Dunn, Charlie Hart and Clare Taylor; Chris Coe's is certainly the dominant presence, contributing some extraordinary vocals, hammer dulcimer and even some clogging!

Personally, I could easily have done with three times as much music, but the absorbing and riveting nature of what there is proves a sufficiently poignant and effective tribute to the fishing communities around the tragedies of which the play is based. Named for a favourite hiking spot in the Adirondacks region of northern New York state, this is the new project by Mike Ferrio, the former frontman of Tandy which came to an end with the death of multi-instrumentalist fellow member Drew Glackin.

Deciding to start over rather than continue without Glackin's integral input, Ferrio assembled a collective of musicians who played with names such as The Silos, Ron Sexsmith and the Guthries plus violinist Eleanor Whitmore to put together what he describes as 'an artistic project for a lost friend. Recorded live on vintage analogue equipment, the songs inevitably deal with the big issues of death, friendship, life and love, the music embracing elements of soul, rock, folk, gospel, and Americana with instrumentation that includes organ, horns, harp, strings and, notably on the wide open prairie skies ambience of More Than A Feeling no, not that one , harmonica.

With tracks clocking in between two and a half and six and a half minutes, it's clearly a work born of great personal emotion, Ferrio's dusty timbre leaking wistful reminiscence and sadness but also, as with the uptempo The Seven Sisters, alight with hope. Lyrically there's much religious imagery alongside that of mortality and transience with, as on the sparsely arranged The Perfect Circle with its otherwordly background ambience, calls to make the most of the 'diamond days', before 'your deal goes down.

One to let wash over you as things like Requiem For Andrew, On Faith and Heaven In The Haze with its gospel choir seep into the soul, it's both a poignant, reflective elegy and the birth of a new future. You know you're good when such an august figure as Steve Earle is in your corner. Just how good is demonstrated by the fact that yours is the first music he featured on his radio show. Rarely has a set of songs contained such an impact and achieved it so deftly.

Tandy draws you into an intimate and personal world until you're not so much a listener as a welcome confidant. Ferrio's voice sits squarely in the middle of some gossamer delicate melodies and, throughout both albums, tracks build thoughtful layer upon thoughtful layer until they become utterly irresistible. Ferrio is joined on his endeavours by kindred spirits Ana Ege and Malcolm Holcombe. While both Ege and Holcombe are talented musicians, it's the combined spirit and determination of the three to cosset and comfort the music that provide the albums true delights.

Tandy may not shout from the rooftops but its music is deafening in what it has to say. Ferrio and co display an unerring accuracy in getting to the root of every note and word, there is not a wasted second on either album.

Musicians like Ferrio, Ege and Holcombe don't deserve labeling, leave that cheap trick for lesser talents. Two for the price of one - with a bonus track on each!

There's two ways of looking at this. Either Tandy's publicist is pursuing the 'less is more' line of thinking or the band prefers to let its music do the talking because biographical details are scarce. The other members of the band are: Whether they are roots rockers, rock n rollers or something completely different, I'm A Werewolf hits with the force of an express train.

A malevolent harmonica stalks it, like some unseen predator in the night, you can almost taste the fear. If you have a gravelly singing voice and write the kind of deep, dark songs that fit that voice perfectly, then there are certain people you must expect to be compared to.

Tom Waits is one, Tom Ovans and Warren Zevon are a couple of others and Ferrio slots right in with them, however this is an album that has as much light as shade. Without cooling the white-hot intensity of the rock 'n' roll, the album moves into Bait. To describe it as 'lighter' would be wrong but it's certainly airier than its predecessor.

Listening to Tandy is akin to being caught in a vice-like grip, even if you wanted to escape there's no chance. All you can do is sit tight and listen intently, the effort is rewarded by the tender Evensong.

After the maelstrom to hear a heart being poured out is a startling moment. It's brought into even starker relief by the almost operatic feel to Misery Boys, a song of distinct parts - neither the lyrics nor the melody are there merely to support each other - which come together to produce a much grander whole.

Singer-songwriter Mike Ferrio is occasionally joined by Ana Egge, their duets creating the sense that he's Gram, and she's you-know-who! Incidentally, in terms of packaging this CD ought to be regarded as the benchmark against which all self-released albums are judged. The package includes a lyric booklet, sticker, personally signed band photograph and the video for Girls Like Us - all mightily impressive for a release limited to a mere five hundred copies.

This would, of course, matter not a jot were the music not so captivating. To A Friend is an album as intimate as it's title suggests, a mature, crafted meditation on the past, which is destined for 'buried treasure' status in the future. Tandy - The Lowdown Gammon Fronted by gifted songwriter Mike Ferrio who has a voice somewhere between John Prine and Steve Earle, the New York quartet have been making the rounds now for some six years, totting up three self released albums along the way.

With a rising awareness of their brand of Americana and now signed to a proper label, they've taken the opportunity of gathering together the best of the old tracks with a couple of new numbers for good measure. The presence of tabla on Becky California is indication that they're prepared to explore beyond the usual roots rock fence without sacrificing their distinctive rural mood, and if more recent numbers such as The Truth Is Better Than A Lie or the Byrdsian pedal steel driven Sister Golden Hair are stripped down, the more musically fleshed out likes of The District Doctor, Shine and Ted are no less convincing testimony to the band's keening charms.

Their Lichtenstein's Oriole album pricked up ears when they played the UK a few years back, and it's good to revisit their lollopping bluesy collaboration with the late Dave Von Ronk on Lorna and be reminded of the Steve Earley I Signed A Circle and the simple but complex storytelling childhood reminiscences of Pictures of China.

Tandy's latest album ' Lichtenstein's Oriole ' is an ornithologist's delight: Artwork out of the way, the music is pure joy: The album drives along with acoustic and electric guitars from Ferrio and Jay Sherman-Godfrey, aided by Dobro and lap steel from session man David Hamburger, fiddle from Miss Darlene, Sibel Firat's cello, cajun accordion from Charlie Giardano and Ferrio's harmonica.

It's a fine, fine album with hidden depths and secrets beneath the instant pop appeal. At the Bar Club and a pub gig, Rosie O'Grady's in Camden, in May, they produced as perfect a sound as a band can make, even with a slightly changed line-up, without losing any of the vitality or magic of the album. Maybe it's the other way round - the album perfectly captures the ' live ' Tandy. Well, the album was mostly recorded ' live ' in the studio and they have at least three elements working perfectly together in both album and ' live ': Tom McCrum's acoustic sticks drumming on tour he used just brushes and acoustic sticks on snare and never missed a beat.

Virginian Miss Darlene's fiddle was a smoothly mellifluous constant. Mike Ferrio controlled the whole with his songs: Language can be percussive in its own right; here the words roll rhythmically along, as much an instrument as his harmonica.

And there were no jokes or wisecracks between songs - just straight into one great song after another. An album to hug to death and buy for special friends. I hope they come back to the UK soon. Rochdale's Will Tang hasn't exactly taken the conventional route to gaining UK recognition. He made his name in Hong Kong by starting off in the burgeoning blues and jazz scene before going on to be a highly rated session harmonica player playing for, amongst others, Jackie Chan.

From there he went on to his first record deal and paling 10, seater stadiums. After a further four albums he decided to come home to the UK, settle in Manchester and release his debut UK album. Opening with the eponymous title track, Will sets about realising the boast of the album's title. There is certainly a big change from his last album, The Other Side although eight of the thirteen tracks on offer are from that very same album.

The title track is acoustic rock that has him in the same class as Paulo Nutini and David Gray. Troubles Down, one of the new songs, is sedate country rock with well executed slide guitar. On My Way, another of the new tracks, stays in the acoustic vein and sees him straying away from the blues. This shows a level of sensitivity and vulnerability. He beefs it up a bit for The Other Side, which heralds the return of the electric guitar and, more importantly, the harmonica. This gritty, blues influenced rocker is a welcome addition.

Red City Blues returns to an acoustic setting and is not a blues, as such, but rather a slinky rocker. Something Special is a new one and although it is upbeat, it is unmemorable.

Stories is more soft acoustic rock but Love Bites is a bit harder and his voice suits this. He gives the harp another airing on Time Of Day and the fuzzed vocal adds to the overall stormy effect. Drifting is not the blues classic as you may have expected but another acoustic rocker, this time much in the style of the aforementioned Mr Nutini.

The last official track is Sun Down, which is a harmonica blues which is short, sweet and cuts the soul.

There are two bonus tracks, remixes of Travellin' Man the normal mix of which is not on the album and Love Bites. The former is a contemporary acoustic blues and the latter adds snappy drums from Geoff Holroyde to give another gritty modern blues.

They say that a change is as good as a rest so Will Tang must be completely rested for his next charge for widespread recognition. A Hong Kong harp player, you've got to be kidding? Well, I'm not and William Tang has as much right as anyone to express his love of the blues.

The opener, Walkin' Round is excellent and a song that any U. It is a very good introduction to the playing of William and he has surrounded himself with good musicians. This is a 'live' studio album and gives us a feeling of how the band would sound in an intimate club - fantastic.

It's Alrite rocks - it's another Tang song and guitarist Murdoch produces some good slide guitar before William goes almost apoplectic at the end. Sweet Little Angel is a B. King song and he has done the right thing by not trying to sound like the great man and there is some more strong guitar work from Murdoch. The Thrill Is Gone is the song made famous by B. King but William's voice is not really suited to this but the interesting use of harmonica redeems it. It is an instrumental finish to a good album and, like the other tracks, is held together by the tight drumming of Mark Menezes.

Canada's Tanglefoot have become one of that country's most popular exports, with a loyal following in the UK largely due to their storming, swashbuckling appearances at festivals. In the flesh they've an almost overwhelming, distinctly larger-than-life presence which draws you into their stirring and passionate music: One special thing about Tanglefoot is that even though the band's always had a strong "corporate identity" as a performing unit, each of its members is a more than capable front-person when taking the lead role on a song.

There's a wide gamut of emotions on display, from Al's deliciously menacing theatrical portrait of the Bishop on Boot Soup and guitarist Steve Ritchie's charming swing-idiom retelling of When Dad And Uncle Archie Lost The Farm, both of which contrast nicely with Tanglefoot's tremendous, lively take on the traditional Paddle Like Hell done in authentic French-Canadian dialect, naturally! The band's newest recruit, flamboyant fiddle player Sandra Swannell, contributes loads more than just a pretty face and some spirited musicianship, and not just in the vocal-harmony department but in the shape of a fine song, the story of Maggie, which fits in really well with the rest of the group compositions.

Steve's anthem For The Day another well-harmonised acappella item forms an ideal closer. Maybe you'll feel that the brief sequence of slightly silly extraneous outtakes tacked on at the end should have been left on the cutting-room floor, but at least you can exit before they start. Any mild sense of underplay at moments during the set is only apparent while memories of the band's massive live presence remain in your mind; what's important is that Tanglefoot still make a suitably big sound even on disc and they're on splendid form both vocally and instrumentally here.

After five studio albums and even more UK tours, the big hairy ones have finally got round to releasing a live CD.

Captured Alive brings right into your living-room or bedroom, car or privy! Recorded in Toronto over three nights in May last year, and following hard on the heels of the release of their successful Agnes On The Cowcatcher CD, this minute selection of definitively passionate, full-frontal Tanglefoot performances marks a watershed in the band's development.

It acts as both a swansong for the retirement of original member Joe Grant from performing with the band although he continues to write for them and as an introduction to new recruit, fiddler Terry Snider they appear together on the set's finale La V'la M'Amie.. If you don't already know Tanglefoot from their many riotous UK festival appearances thus far, take heart: I need to come clean myself, for during the early years of their career I was wondering what all the fuss was about.

I couldn't deny their energy, passion, musicianship and artistry, but somehow their larger-than-life presence, at least on CD, seemed overly concerned with maximising the impact with over-the-top delivery and a certain amount of posturing, which, although designed to impress, left me somewhat cold in the end. But more recently I've been a bit of a convert even though it's still the case that not all of their material totally convinces me , and not only because experiencing the band live is a whole different kettle of fish.

Quite simply, Tanglefoot are a top-flight live act, working hard, giving value aplenty with their supercharged, upfront performances of folk-tales that veer credibly from the good-natured and cheekily witty to the tragic and highly poignant, counterpointed by a true instrumental versatility and a hell of a stage presence.

Tanglefoot are true showmen, who know how best to present their uniformly strong material and how to please an audience and keep their interest throughout a set. There are no longueurs, and every song's a winner, whether rollicking or thoughtful. With 14 songs ranging far and wide through the band's healthy back-catalogue, together with five intros, and all encased in a handsome, heavy-duty digipack with photos, lyrics and notes, Captured Alive is as essential for the Fan as for those who still need convincing of Tanglefoot's already legendary status.

A sure-fire chart hit? That's the way it's always been for those of us who have found our music in the margins; the ' word ' passed by a friend, a great review in an American magazine, a link on the internet. We find our music under the radar. Michael Tarbox's unpretentious foursome, with himself on guitars and vocals, Jon Cohan on drums and percussion, Daniel Keller on violin and vocals and Johnny Sciascia on bass fiddle and vocals, strut their raw, rootsy rockers with a genuine feel for the soul of the South.

It's unpasteurised and so real you can taste it. Fresh arrangements guarantee you're not left with that ' jeez, there goes another blues standard again ' feeling. The core of the band started with Joss Clapp acoustic bass and Rob Armstrong cittern. Having worked together intermittently as a duo, they were soon joined by Ben Murray accordion and Jon Redfern drums and ultimately Emma Hancock fiddle. This is their second album, and although it does not feature Emma, still gives a good impression of the band as they are today.

Not folkrock red in tooth and claw, but a much more subtle variation. There are tinges of Bert Jansch, celtic, cajun, jazz, and other influences even Pink Floyd on a pot puree of memorable tunes and songs.

The rather down beat title track kicks off the album - actually it's a bit of a grower - followed by a splendid instrumental, Russian in feel with Celtic overlays. Next up is the sprightly song ' Fires ', featuring some nice accordion and acoustic guitar.

Next up is a real gem - ' Dark Eyed Sailor '. The well known trad song given a drop dead gorgeous acoustic arrangement. The CD is worth buying for this track alone.

Finally, is ' Bagels ', another well played and enjoyable tune set. All in all, a real gem of an album, and one to add to anyone's CD pile. From the name alone, Tattie Jam might be deduced to be either frivolous or fusionist, but although this Scottish duo incorporate elements of those traits they're embraced as entirely positive qualities that don't overstay their welcome. Here we have two very accomplished instrumentalist-singers: Each of them is intensely but wholly naturally capable of switching between lead and supporting roles during the course of a song or instrumental set, as the music demands, and their open-minded versatility enables them to maintain a constant freshness of approach that, though employing a necessary measure of thoughtful pre-arrangement, also retains both a healthy degree of spontaneity and the all-important element of surprise for the listener within the unusual flavourings and often strange twists and turns of text and texture.

In this way, Tattie Jam always manage to tread the fine line, and maintain the all-important balance, between the contrasting elements of their musical personalities, allowing each of these to percolate to the surface at the appropriate moments. Their respectful attitude to tradition is given due weight, while the slightly more facetious side of life is not neglected, being cheekily conveyed in a lively Scottish fashion.

Entertainment value is high throughout the disc in fact, as is the level of invention in the musical arrangements. In the duo's takes on traditional ballads Earl Richard and The Birken Tree , no stone is left unturned in their enthusiastic communication of the narratives, yet their responses are finely tuned and sensitive with it, and you never feel that they're selling their material short.

Ruaridh himself has had a direct involvement in the composition of seven of the disc's 13 tracks: Forty and the sprightly Summer Shower jig and three of the vocal items. But in all honesty I'd have to go as far as to say that every single one of the disc's tracks has distinctive and commendable qualities all its own, right from the attention-grabbing nay, arresting , spectrally bluesy album opening, the prelude to the duo's driving rendition of Robert Tannahill's Are Ye Sleepin', Maggie?

Later I got an email I have to resolve this myself and call the general electric, oh I thought I was talking to customer service and today as I write this October 19, this is still not resolved.

Today I get an email they never got my message, ,wow I am speechless. I guess I need to seek a lawyer, such bad customer service and sad to say this was not the first time!!!!!!!!

It was sent up to the Escalation team with a copy of the receipts and a picture of the back of the gift cards as requested from Amazon. When I talk to Amazon on 11th they told me that they had found what account they went to and placed there account on hold and stopped all activity. I physically have the cards and the receipts, I do not understand why I am getting a hard time about getting my money back.

I did nothing wrong and I need this money for my daughters wedding. If someone else scanned these cards that is not my fault or responsibility, its Amazons. On Oct 1, my order was to be delivered. Since I am not at home on that day I requested for them to deliver it on Saturday, so that I can be have when it is delivered. Just this week alone, has been a trying week.

I live in an apartment. Leaving at the door is not an option. Too many people live near me. Anyone can walk by and take the merchandise. It happened, merchandise stolen, because FED-X left the package at the door after being told numerous time not to do so. Please contact Amazon for the next steps.

She transferred me to Likco Logistic Rep who told me again,merchandise was lost by the Carrier. Total amount returned, including shipping and handling and taxes. That I should receive it. Even thou, I was told on my phone it was on the way, and on the the Amazon app. For tracking no TBA She stated that the 2nd order will be delivered tomorrow. That she cannot give me an extract time, but that it will be delivered.

Asked to speak with his Logistic Supv. I asked her what is she going to do about the total incompetent of her employers. She stated that she was going to check into it.

This is the worse Customer Service I have ever experience. Melinda, advise me to speak to someone in Leadership the next time I order anything to be shipped from Amazon. So that they will keep an eye on it, so that they can make sure it is delivered to me. Why should I have to contract a Supvisor every time.

What are the other Reps are there for. You have good products. Your Company is growing and getting bigger, but is it better? You must ask yourself that question. Now that your company is growing , you cannot meet the demand of the products we are ordering. If this is the case, you need to hire more and better people. Companies that do this. Eventually another Company will take it place. Look at Sears and Bell South. They are not big like they once was.

This just to name a few. The people you hirer, can either make you great or break you. Listen to our complaints. We are not happy with your service. I should not have to receive numerous posting on my app that the merchandise is on the way. I want good quality service. Is this too much to ask of you????? I have been ordering from you since If you would check, I have spent a lot of money for purchases with your company, to be treated in such a manner.

No one should be treated like this. I appreciate the gift cards, for services not rendered but I prefer to having my order, when you state a particular date and time I should receive it. Believe it or not. I still have confidence that Corporate will see this email and will review what is going on, and will fix this situation immediately.

You can do it. I believe that you will. This was for my grandsons birthday, he is really into knowing everything about the Civil War. Who is Amazon to dictate what is right for everyone? If the company feels this strongly, then they should not be selling this item at all. Whether we like it or not, the Confederate flag was a part of history. My grandson had intended to take this item to school for a project but after knowing Amazon had altered it, meaning, a red flag instead of the appropriate one, he chose to do something else.

He suffers from anxiety and PTSD. Can you imagine what the other children would have said about this if he had taken it in as his project? Smart remarks and some bullying? Just wanted to let you know how disappointed I was by all of this. In the future, if I order anything from Amazon, I will be more careful to read all the fine print. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been a customer of Amazon for many years.

During this time I have only 2 issues and both within the last year and both times it has driven to contact your corporate office. Neither time should this have been the case. Both times the issues could have and should have been resolved on the customer service side or at the very most with the assistance of a supervisor. This tells me your training team is very poor staffed. I myself have actually worked from home for major brands and the training makes or breaks a customer experience.

In this particular case the issue is your worthless review team. In the time I have been an Amazon customer I have reviewed only a few books. But in the beginning of June I purchase a book listed under Romance and generally the type I like to read. This book had no trigger warnings, which does not normally bother me one way or another because as I said it was a romance. Now this particular book centered around a Motorcycle Club which as you can imagine would have some violence involved.

I have read numerous ones. But this one book was over the top brutal. I stopped reading it a few chapters in and did scan it for what I was hoping was just a one time issue and the rest of the book would smooth out. That did not happen and when I flipped to the end the physical abuse the hero suffered left him permanently disabled.

Definetely not what should have been categorized as a Romance and absolutely should have had triggers. I was so disgusted by the book I decided to write a review and let others know that if they had any issues with that kind of physical abuse inflicted they should stay clear. Now having said that I know your ratings on reviews run from stars and I have seen MANY reviews for all kinds of products of people that were not happy for one reason or the other. This review did not contain curses or threats.

There was nothing in the review except my honest opinion of the book itself. I did not realize it at the time but I ended up being blocked from future reviews. I found out accidently when a product I purchased by a third party texted me and asked me if I would submit a review. I had to wait over a week to finally get someone to reply to several phone calls and finally today your review team emailed me. I was bad, they will not discuss it and it is permanent.

So you can take my money when I buy on your service and then treat a customer like this because you have 1 author of all the plus books I have read in the last 6 months alone complain about a review??? It is about the principle. It is about Amazon having a review page and then controlling customers opinion of products.

Check that author in the beginning of June a book called Devil. Then I believe you owe your customers a response on how that goes against your supposed Guidelines. Because quite honestly I believe one of your undertrained got the complaint and took it among themselves to play hero remove the review and block me.

There are plenty of book services and a couple of dozen author pages I am friendly with on FB and I will be posting this issue. I called your customer service last night and got a rep from Jamaica, I have no problem with Jamaica but i do have a severe problem when I get an Email at The rep asked my name and I gave him the info he then said my name back to me and started busting out laughing, I asked the male rep are you laughing at my name and he still did not stop.

In turn for a company so big I would at least invest in noise reduction head phones for your reps so as a customer I do not have to hear the whole office having a party and not doing their jobs, or smoking pot and all laughing at the expense of my last name, i really did not care at that point I was wanting to know why and when and how it was added to a cc I have not used since Sept. If any of our reps even put a customer on hold and laughed or said anything about a customer to another rep we would of been fired.

I then called the same number again and got the Philippines again and that rep stopped the Prime but from reading all these articles, it sounds like I am just 1 of millions who get treated like this. And that brings me to why I was even on Amazon in the first place, I had a home warranty plan thru a home warranty program and my original card was compromised after buying items from your site, their were charges for a hotel in the Philippines which I did not put that together till tonight, but since my credit card was used it had to be stopped and new card issued so that month my home warranty plan was not paid thru my bank, and 3 days before christmas i smell gas on my stove top so I turn the gas off, then I here a big bang in my garage, ya water heater blew up.

So water is covering a 3 car garage with artist equipment that is over boxes all wet, so I spend half the night trying to salvage what i can come back in house freezing, and the heater is not working! She had to move 3 hours away to be buy the right hospital so this was very important for me, also her therapy dog. And then I also have 4 french bulldogs. So I call and rep says the company moved their location and send it to a different add I said I am not paying shipping again, then for the next 3 months back and forth with your great reps asking for a shipping label finally the last rep said oh he sent you one really I said where is it?

The picture quality was very poor and after a month of trying to deal with it I asked to return the camera. They said I could and even sent me a free return label. I was not informed that there would be a restocking fee but in reality that would have been fair.

I can handle the restocking fee but if the camera was damaged, it was defective when it came to me. Maybe that was the reason the picture quality was so poor- who knows. On my last call to customer service Daniel Dan D.

I know that our purchases are nothing more than a drop in the bucket for you folks, but trust me, if this discrimination keeps up in your business we are GONE!! God and things Christian have as much right in the public square as anybody else, and if viewed from the proper perspective God owns all of you, all you possess, all of your life, all of your rights, etc.

I have become aware through social media that you currently carry Trump brand product lines. I will not shop on Amazon or at Whole Foods until I hear from you that you have cut ties with the Trump organization. I have shared the link I received on social media as well as your contact information.

I sincerely hope you will sever your ties with the Trump organization. Please call TeleCheck at , so they can complete the reprocessing of this transaction. The call should take no longer than a few minutes provided you have your banking information available when you call. TeleCheck will also be able to provide you with additional information regarding this transaction, including when check-writing privileges will be restored.

Payment may be denied for a number of reasons, such as: I reached out to Amazon over this issue a total of 3 times, first 2 attempts was through phone calls and the 3rd was through online chat. The first 2 calls no one at amazon or TRS, Telecheck could help me and had no records of any payments that were not successful transactions. I had even got Amazon to call TRS on 3rd party line with all 3 of us talking and still no one had records of a failed transaction.

The 3rd time I tried chat and was able to finally get someone that found the issue Claudine and gave the information to get this issue resolved. I was able to go to TRS recovery online and pay the failed transaction and resolve the non payment or fail payment issue.

Thank you, Claudine for you help and resolution on this matter. My patient is running thin, I have a sent so may messages and chats with out any proper response. You are now connected to Akshay from Amazon. Hello, my name is Akshay. Can you verify my account or the history of how many times I have comunicated to your services? We are extremely Sorry for the delay in the process Javier.

I see that you have contacted us many times for the same issue. You will forward this situation? There are many legal services showing on TV!!! I see that the we are currently working on your issue with priority. Where is the priority? To whom is the priority? We have forwarded your issue to our account specialist team as the order that was charged was suppressed due to unauthorized activity on your account it is for the safety of your account Javier Me: The bank is Banco Popular de PR, the account ending: Please do not worry we are solving your issue Javier.

Is this a real person responding or a machine that gives me the same respond over and over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charged on January 29, , today is March 13, Akshay: If I relate it to myself, I can completely understand how frustrating and annoying the situation can be when something like this happens but believe us it was never our intention.

How many more days are YOU going to tell me to wait now? How many times does this message needs to be forward? Should I get out of your communication system and try a different approach?

No Javier trust us we are currently working on your problem and I am also escalating this issue. Is that a normal amount of messages for a problem already identified by your sections?

No Javier I can totally understand that you have contacted us multiple times for the same issue. I can understand how such repeated inconvenience can color your expectation. Just need to keep my self frustrated and keep waiting right? No Javier we do not want to disappoint you we are solving your issue I have also escalated your issue.

Are you going to write again that everything is been forward and escalated. Hello Javier, I relayed your information to the team trained to handle this scenario. You should hear back from them in the next business days. We hope to see you again soon. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today. Best regards, Shantoya B Amazon. I have escalated the issue our account specialist team will get back to you in next 24 hours for sure.

Jajajajajaja Like I never read before Hello Javier, I relayed your information to the team trained to handle this scenario. To protect your information, the credit card details in your account cannot be accessed via our website.

We also do not display full credit card numbers in your account. We recently processed these charges on your visa ending in We have taken these steps to restore your account: Please allow 5 hours for these actions to take effect.

After 5 hours, you will be able to reset your password and regain access to your account. After you enter your email or mobile phone number, you will receive an email or SMS message containing a personalized link. Click the link and enter your new password. If you have any trouble resetting your password, call Customer Service at: Customers in the U. You may need to update them. We do not know how this person got your sign-in information because that happened away from our websites.

Sincerely, Account Specialist Amazon. How many times do I need to request prompt assistance? Do I need to call every couple of hours? Do I need to keep sending e-mails? Should I get another e-mail in corporate? Sent from my iPhone —- Javier Aponte Feb 13 to account-alert I have talked several times with customer service and am still waiting for my refund. I can realize your frustration and its apt to the situation. I would request you to wait for 24 hours for the account specialist team to come up with a resolution.

Customer I found my account was being hacked. Someone was accessing my account and requesting refunds on big item purchases I made 1 to 2 years ago. Amazon offered to reimburse them, the hacker asked that the money be applied to a gift card. I called Amazon for weeks reporting this spoke to 4 or more Leaders in Service, when I finally got Kim J who was nice enough to tell me this is a common practice that goes on. Well thank you Kim J I will take advantage of all the different opportunities to scam Amazon that you were so kind to share with me.

You are a true Leader in Service. It will be a wonderful Christmas in our household thank to the lack of a fraud department and no monitoring that set off warnings.

Thank you jeff amazon. Single people who need to protect themselves against simultaneous, multiple intruders would be ONE simple, no-brainer example. Do they holler to curb prescription drug dosages or distribution? Do they ever consider how many lives are SAVED, and personal safety protected by guns, including semi-automatics? They just emotionally react to their TVs. I am disappointed you offer the discount to NRA members. I live in Florida and once lived 3 miles from Stoneman-Douglas.

I know 17 people, 14 teens felt the same way. Before you decide, imagine the survivors, imagine them having to see their dead teachers and class mates, having to walk through their blood.

Just think about it, ask you kids how they would feel, friends, neighbors. That image will live with them forever. AR rifles are weapons of war and meant to kill. If the NRA feels otherwise tell them most Americans disagree with them. After the threat to Delta over the NRA, hopefully you will scratch Atlanta off your headquarters search list. Our purchases are funding this. No one helps our kids! Not that most of these are kids anymore.

I understand wanting to help people but this has gone to far. There are other places to get the items. Even if I have to pay a little more, so be it!

My daughter and I have been trying to reach my husband who is an Amazon employee for over an hour for a family emergency. Tried calling Seattle for assistance go transferred into a menu about W-2s, employment, etc.

I was then given a sermon on how things work at Amazon and just hang up on Simone! This is ridiculous and outrageous! I still have not heard from my husband. We have tried calling every Amazon in Pennsylvania to try to get assistance. No answers the phone at any location!!! How is this not theft? Immediately Amazon found them!! Both loaded in separate customer accounts!! Amazon apologized for my lose….

Said the whole amount in both accounts were spent while being under investigation!!!!!!! I made an order for vitamins on Nov 8th Ups lost it order I spoke with a rep at pm today, I was told i would get a refund in the form of a gift card on my account.

I told the second rep to have a supervisor call text or email me. So far no return response. I recently ordered the [Liberator] Throw for my daughter-in-law who is having her first child.

Unfortunately, the page on Amazon does not provide an accurate description of the throw or its intended use. Waterproof…Water-Resistant…my thought…what a perfect gift for her and my newest grandchild.

Fortunately, I did not send it directly to her and received the package a couple days ago. Upon opening the box, I found a package covered in half-naked bodies and a description of the actual use for the Liberator Throw…which is to catch all those nasty body fluids while screwing with your mate around the house…or wherever. How embarrassed I would have been to have her receive such a gift.

Today, I sent it back after Liberator who represents Amazon so generously approved the return…and my paying the return postage. Pretty well disgusted at this point. I worked for amazon passed background check everything decided that I wanted to deliver for amazon my felony is ten yrs ols I got two suspended licsenes for not paying fines.

I was told to put in a 2 week notice which I did. I waited almost a month I called both amazon fex and the ERC number they said they had no recored of job app yet I was on the system for onboarding background kept saying pending today ti said un approved.

I hurt emotionally finaically it was a bad exp that I will never forget. The rest is history. FedEx is major industry in the Mid-South and has expanded and built facilities around the world. This is a prime location for large distribution operations. Located near the Mississippi river, equipped with its own long runways, and with access to manpower from St.

Labor is cheaper in the South and Blytheville is within driving distance several major metropolitan populations. Much easier to deal with contractors, unions, and government officials in the State of Arkansas. I am writing as kind of a grass roots effort to attract your business warehouse or corporate site to our area in Ohio. I live in Port Clinton Ohio.

We have a great industrial park that would be a great site for another location for you. We are right on the lake, have direct access to Rte 2 and close access to Ohio turnpike for shipping, traveling, etc.

We also have an international airport in our area. Take a look at our area and consider joining us here in Port Clinton Ohio. We have a great school system also. I have callled the US postal system without any help.

I purchased a gift in April for my daughter, which I gave in late May or June, guess what it was defective. Nor could Amazon get a response, but still denied my a refund because of time passage in August. Well I am buying Christmas presents early, care to guess where I will not be buying?

Today I placed an order that said it was guaranteed same day delivery. As an Amazon Prime member I have placed several orders and have been satisfied. The order never came and when I called what Amazon feels good to call Customer Service it was the worst experience ever. For that and more time on the equally inept text transaction. For all this mess of representation and no answers I was lied to in writing that it was my fault because I did not order on time for a same day delivery.

The person had no idea what they were doing. When they finally connected to where the shipping company they disappeared leaving the kind shipping lady very confused to why they disappeared. After this I was offered a 5. Then no explanation, no answers, just an offer of one month extension to Prime…. The only Amazon customer service center in Jamaica. Seriously, this is their logic. I am extremely disappointed. All I wanted was answers and appropriate compensation for waisting my day expecting my package and then waisting over an hour of my time where I come away with not one answer to where the package is or when it will be here.

I am disgusted and find this completely unacceptable. I was told straight out that none from Amazon corporate would contact me for any reason. You may be a giant corporation but you certainly just destroyed any confidence or respect I may have had for this company. I will continue to make sure everyone is aware of the horrible experience I had. Not that it will make a dent in Amazon, but any place worth anything should care about treating their customers right and respecting them and their time.

Until the day Amazon contacts me from corporate with respect and decency I will be sure to share my negative experience every chance I get. Surely at this point, you can cut your long-term customers a break in the prime fee? Other companies find ways to acknowledge loyal customers.

It seems a bit greedy of Amazon not to do the same. Just something to think about! A complaint was built based on seven 7 team members against me and I had only seen two 2 of them. Moving on, people make mistakes I definitely regret it and I have been employed there since March 16th and a hard worker at that, too. Hoping my hard work with a high track record to show will save me and get me back to work.

An attempt to try and get a hold of HR through phone an e-mail, no response until last night around 6;30pm. Brenda replied I will contact you tonight. Once again — never happened!! No answer and today August 17th I have e-mailed ONT6 twice today once before 9am and in the afternoon at 1: Love Amazon, the hard work, the challenge and the employees but most HR are slow or I have never before this new crew been ignored or at least been given a response. Still out of work and I would like to resume normal work duty A.

Ordered a kayak at the beginning of July… through the tracking notice on the order, it appeared to have shipped from the warehouse to the shipper 2 days after the order- perfect! After 3 weeks I emailed asking when I was going to receive the kayak — I had made plans for that thing. I purchased it because 1 — it fit my delivery window or so I thought!

He tried giving me excuses. I told him that I HAD notice past tense plans that I now was cancelling — that I was very unhappy — and they were not offering a solution. Higher price, delayed delivery is not the way to make me happy. I am a prime member — I buy a lot of stuff…. Order Dear Amazon, I am tremendously disappointed and very angry. Last Tuesday I ordered a large piece of bedroom furniture with the above order number to assist in accommodating guests who were arriving on Sunday today.

I selected to have expedited delivery with an arrival day of Thursday. Issue number 1 — On completion of my order I saw that the delivery date was now Thursday — Saturday. There was a little clickable link stating that the delivery period was extended due to the item being delivered by a third party vender. Also why are you using a supplier or vendor that cannot meet your standards of tracking and delivery, that should be a very basic requirement for them to get the contract, otherwise there may be situations where they totally mess up, like this one.

How can A vendor not inform the buyer of a time for delivery? I have ordered items from China and the deliverer has provided a few hours as delivery window.

This is concerning that Amazon has no way to contact a vendor during the hours that they are still delivering, this is a very bad practice, which will be a problem if there is ever an emergency.

I am requesting that someone from the management team contact me. Who is managing your vendor operation, it sounds like it needs a shake up and some direction. I previously managed vendors for major international IT company, and such a shambles and lack of communication and no sense of urgency that I have witnessed with Amazon, would never have occurred.

I trust that someone is focused on getting the item to me ASAP. I also look forward to hearing from a member of the management team. Well, I have been a huge amazon shopper for years. I have gotten several friends and family to sign up too. I have a prime membership, and the doctor I work for has a prime membership.

On prime day, I ordered a Roomba for myself on my account and then ordered my boss one on her account at her request. I got a message that they cancelled my Roomba because I fraudulantly ordered too many. I talked to customer service twice trying to make them understand she ordered one for herself after I told her what a good deal it was.

We each have our own account with our own credit cards. They would not budge and would not tell me how they could prove I personally ordered them for myself. I am going to try Walmart for more items — I have been using them since this happened and I like their service. Instead, Amazon makes their loyal Prime members go through the hassle of returning and rebuying items that are in fine condition and they are perfectly happy with.

It makes absolutely no sense. Horrible policy that makes me doubt my entire Prime membership. Disappointed to learn that Amazon is still enabling that mouthpiece of hate and vitriol — Breitbart News.

Please do the world a favor and sever your relationship. Use your absurdly large footprint to stomp out suspicion, bigotry, and irrationality, not spread it. One of my responsibilities is to outreach to employers on behalf of veterans with an effort to get veterans employed. I would like to invite you to post your job opportunities on our website at no charge.

We have over veterans registered on our website and we match their skills with all the jobs posted. We have interviewers that work with our veterans every day and help them in job placements.

I think it will be very helpful for both of us to work together on behalf of the veterans. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you, Angelica Lindo. Hello, I have a courier business in Jacksonville Florida and have been in business for eighteen years.

I would like to know if you could put me in touch with someone who is heading up the logistics department in Jacksonville. I would like to handle some of your local deliveries in surrounding areas. Thank you, Terry Kelly. We are in Supermarkets in a small way currently and I see a huge opportunity for high quality pizza being offered in your stores.

It can be marketed by the slice in the deli, take and bake in the case, take and bake made to order, and fresh baked to order. Please contact me so we can discuss the possibilities.

I bought a phone from amazon prime which does not working. I go in service centre and see that processor is burn. I contacted amazon chat for a long time but they said that I must return this phone I told that I cannot because I do not live in america and in my country is it very hurd and also expencive but they do not understand me.

This has totally gone too far! I sent it back in its entire package, two days after having it because of it malfunctioning. I have communicated with Wblue and Amazon. I have opened an A-Z claim that was closed without my permission. At this point, and as of today the 23rd of May But after talking with a lady from the Leadership team today at 2: I felt totally belittled as a customer!

I even felt a vibe of prejudice in the air! This I cannot tolerate! I would rather be less happy shopping on Walmart. These companies will revolutionize your 3D shopping experience. No reply from front door emails. Does anyone think Amazon, actually, reads these??? I have been lied to by two business representatives about a gift I returned that was purchased on Amazon, but through a third party. I would think Amazon would vet these third party sellers, or stand behind them.

All Amazon does is push me along to another Amazon rep. It, now, seems the seller credited the buyer, not the receiver. I have been a member of Amazon since Maybe Amazon got to big to care about us little people, anymore.

I must beg the difference with you. I have been dealing with Amazon for a long time. Some time things go wrong at no fault of anybody. Every time there has been a problem Amazon could not have fixed it any better or faster. I know they are the best I have ever dealt with. I purchase 12 bottles of bug killer.

Due to the third party doing the shipping half of them leak. I contacted Amazon and told them the story. I only requested they refund me the money for the ones that leaked.

I was told by Amazon the shipper would contact me in a few days if not call them back. I call and inform the rep that I did not hear from them. To my surprise I was offered a full refund for the entire order. I sent back a gift and they refunded the purchaser and telling me I have to contact the purchaser to get it fix! Still I have not received the article till now. I has been discussing the issue regularly with customer care executive of Amazon for last 4 days each time they ask me to wait for next 24 hours.

I am facing a lot of inconvenience in all this mess. This May be my last attemptd to resolve the issue. Hope to will do need ful ….. This is my second time signing up for prime. Almost half way thru the first year they locked me out of my account and told me I had to cancel my subscription but failed to inform me my refund would be pro rated. Later I signed up again at at my sixth month mark they changed my password and my free 2 day prime shipping turned into 3.

Eight month in they changed my user name and hacked my cell phone and rerouted all calls to them. I began receiving text messages, emails and harrassing phone calls all with numbers connected to Amazon headquarters. I believe this is a tactic against those of us who order frequently so they get us so frustrated we cancel the account and they keep our money and no longer have to pay free shipping.

The number for customer service listed on the internet is fake. Her name starts out being formiliar with the first name she gave then slowly changes to another but the annunciation isounds like the previous names. We shall now see whose sword and shield is mightier. I just confirmed that you do, in fact, advertise on breitbart. This is beyond shameful. You will not get one dime more from me until you prove to me that you have severed all ties to Breitbart.

Everything listed below has been happening since Oct. To whom this may concern: For about the last 10 years Amazon has been my supplier of choice. The main reason for this has been delivery times Amazon never used to let me down on delivery dates, and even though I have always been Prime I have always allowed and extra day and on a weekend order 2 extra days so that meant most of my orders came early.

I appreciate that Amazon takes responsibility for the delivery of all items and either re-ships or refunds any order without question either right away or allows the shipper 3 to 4 more days before doing so.

I decided to go to the store as we are walking through the common area in my condo building my wife said look someone dropped a package and she picked it up and said oh this is addressed to us!!!!!!!!! Federal Express is the only one who does there job and delivers to the address, I could understand if I was not home and they could not get in and as U.

Side note the local news had a report about people following delivery vehicles and when they saw a package left outside at the front door or on the porch they would call someone with the address and the next vehicle came up and the person would act like they were delivering flowers go to the door and take the delivered package because they knew no one was home!

I said that is not what U. I make purchases at least 2 to 3 times wkly. But if you stop selling Ivanka Trump products, you will lose me. I have been hearing that Amazon will be joining the companies out there that are banning her products and we all know that is for political reasons. Lately, I have had problem with orders whether it was communication, given the incorrect information about my prime account or shipping problems. The latest was a shipping problem.

On I went onto the Amazon website to order a gift for a baby shower. On the website it was offering Prime members 1 day free shipping, which I am. Well, because of the long hours I work, I thought this would be great. I placed my order and online it stated that my order was Guaranteed delivery date: Well, here I am on Feb. But if you look at the attachment you will see that I chose 1 day shipping which was free. I explained that I had chosen one day free shipping and had expect to receive the items today I became very frustrated as I am looking at the paper and knowing what I chose only to continue to be told that I chose 2 day shipping.

Okay, I hang up and call back after all it was just a couple of weeks ago, I called about being charge for 2 day shipping and was told that the only way I could get free shipping is if the item was shipped and sold by Amazon REALLY!!! I call back and speak with someone else. The gentlemen understood, but when he check the system he too saw two day shipping and we went back and forth.

He did however try to make good on the issue but the system would not allow him to do so. By now I am absolutely off the charts!!!!!! The system has a lot of problems lately. Now, here I am looking like a liar at a baby shower with no gift.

I am complaining on behalf of my 17 year old daughter who sent a recorded parcel to yourselves containing her new but faulty phone. You received it on 17 Jan at your Edinburgh Sorting Office.

Several weeks later and several on line chats later, my daughter has still not received word as to where her phone has gone. Each chat said wait a month for Amazon to find the parcel, yesterday we were informed by your useless inept customer services that after a month nothing more can be done.

I am seeking some form of resolution on this matter. We have stated we wish to complain and I have yet to see any form of action taken to even try and look for the parcel. I will keep this short, sweet and to the point!

Until you no longer carry any product by Ivanka Trump, I and a growing list of family and friends, will no longer do business with your company. It is an outrage that you put profits above edging the right thing and we will not help to fill the pockets of such a woman. You may think I am just one out of millions, but I can assure you that the impact will be felt and hit you where it hurts most…in your pocketbook.

I am a prime member in good standing. With the ever growing on-line purchasing options it is important to adhere to program policies and most importantly rely upon the commitment and assurances of transactions through contact of sales. When consumer choses Amazon Prime and accepts terms of use, primarily committing to pay annual membership fees, when other similar online services are offered at no cost, the consumer would expect a higher level of customer care and corporate commitment.

Additionally in regard to free shipping for Alaska addresses your policy states:. Boxes in the continental U. I was contacted immediately and the CSR assisted in completing the order. I will say every aspect of that transaction was a complete failure from that moment on. I agreed to your terms of membership which allowed for certain privileges. What constitutes a contract of sale? Is it the exchange of funds between consumer and retailer? Amazon CRS accepted and processed my funds in exchange for said item with numerous and repeated assurances of delivery of item to my address in Alaska.

This contact of sale was not fulfilled, be it not for my diligence in tracking this item, I would still be waiting for a product. I would request at this time as demonstration of your commitment to me as a paying Prime Member, that you each take the time to review the details of this transaction and review the multiple communications of this failed transaction.

Yes I am disappointed to not have my item, but I am more angry of the wasted time, and financial losses incurred by not receiving my purchased item which was intended as commercial use. Thus forcing me to locate items though other sources, loss of work time, additional shipping costs, and delay of delivery. I repeatedly asked your management team what their contractual commitment to me was as they receive payment from me for a Prime membership in exchange for promised privileges.

I would hope that you do review the recorded and emailed correspondence and take the time to reply in regard to and acknowledgement of this matter.

The contact ID is a unique number assigned to every communication that you have with Amazon. Saturday, January 7, 1: What have you if not your commitment and word — my frustration, annoyance, and disappointment by your misleading policy and failed customer service commitment is valued far above the fact that items clearly posted as fulfilled by Amazon and listed as Prime Eligible denied me as a paid prime member — considered by me a breach of your commitment to me as a prime member.

I should hope that you take the time to review the transactions and to hear from you in regard to this as CEO of Amazon you have duty to full knowledge and response. Love your products and services.

I just wish you would stay away from political comments. Where were you when Obama banned people from Iraq for 6 months. This is a 4 month ban. I would hate to go somewhere else to by products and hate to give up my kindle. Boycotting might be the only way though. I stand with America, and our president. Lately I have been placing reviews on producrs I have bought on Amazon with attached photos. I have received many email stating my review was not allowedas it contains nudity or offensive content.

Now the funny thing about this is my review photos are no different from the photos in the adds for the product but it seems all my reviews are being done by this one rviewer Kath A. Know matter wht time of the day I submit my review I never get a response till it seems Kath A does a review. I have emailed the customer service department about my reviews not being allowed to be reviewed and low and behold Kath A.

Is the one thay responding to my emails even when asking it to be moved to upper management. This reviewer seems to be very bias and discriminating becuade of her own personal beliefs or feelings. Know I had a few times after Kath A denied my reviews emailed and other reviewers agreed I was with in Amazon guid lines and published my reviews. It seems now she ha block any one other then her to be allowed to review my reviews. I truely feel pin pinted out on my reviews and being discriminated against by this person becuase no matter what review I submit if it has a photo she will not let it be published.

I have read the review guid lines and meet them in my reviews. I have asked in emails to be contacted by upper management and the same person response back and yep it is the review Kath A. That seems to get all my emeils. Amazon does not follow ther own guide lines and seems to allowe there staff to base there decision on there pesonal feeling or beliefs. I am an Amazon Prime customer and have been for a number of years.

I am also an Amazon stock holder. I order from Amazon weekly since I live in an area far from convenient shopping. I would like Amazon to consider dropping all products made by the Trump family — Donald and Ivanka. Since Amazon is based in the Pacific Northwest, the corporation knows that we represent what is good about our country, diversity and equality.

The Trump family does not represent our values. Please consider dropping their products. I would like to continue being an Amazon customer and stock holder. I place an order at least once a week. So I like to find good deals on cosmetics. I recently ordered three Maybelline eye shadows for my personal use.

When I buy this product in stores, it comes with a manufacturers seal. The manufacturers seals were broken on all 3. I purposely ordered from Amazon fulfillment and NOT a third-party to ensure they would be quality assured.

But here I am with gnarly makeup, probably crawling with herpes, conjunctivitis, fecal matter, and God knows what other viral filth. I ordered a different brand of eye shadow from amazon a year ago and it arrived with NO seal on it.

I have items sent to my po box. But the post office tracking shows the item has arrived there. Can you please look into this? Basically they keep your money until they are forced to pay it by the legal system. Refusing to honor a contract purchase of Prime membership AND a written policy about holiday deliveries?

How is this possible??? Amazon also rips off on returns. I had to ask for the rest back. They are unprofessional and pathetic. The reps are incompetent morons. Congratulations on your commercial with the priest and imam.

It is courageous and humorous. Keep up the good work in these challenging times. Today I arrived at work to find a package delivered to my office; this package was delivered by Amazon Logistics.

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