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Come fuck me in Porto

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After she stopped laughing, she would then teach me the right way to say things. Too bad we broke up. My advice to those who are trying to learn Portuguese, which is the way I learned, is to learn to conjugate the verbs well. Once you have the conjugation down pat, all you need to do is start to accumulate vocabulary words which I think is the easy part.

By the way Chuponalgas, I understood everything that London cab driver was saying ; lol. Thanks to all in answering my question, seems like it will be difficult to learn spanish without affecting my Porto. This combined with spending all December, January and part of Feb in Rio should get me towards Intermediate level.

Good for tuning your ear. A question for a native Portuguese speaker. When is "De" to be used in the structure of a sentence and when is it not? Hello, Anyone have any humerous pick up lines I can use in Rio? BubbaBoy I am not a native speaker but the way I understand it, think of using "de" when you would use "of" in English.

A casa da minha amiga Some verbs like gostar requires the use of "de" Gosto de voce Precisar uses de as well with a word but not with a verb Eu preciso falar com voce Eu preciso de uma garota de varies depending on what follows masculine, feminine, plural de, do, da, dos, das. A casa da minha amiga Some verbs like gostar requires the use of "de" Gosto de voce Precisar uses de as well with a word but not with a verb Eu preciso falar com voce Eu preciso de uma garota de varies depending on what follows masculine, feminine, plural de, do, da, dos, das Athos, A small correction.

Precisar uses "de" with a verb. The same goes for gostar and a bunch of other verbs. Eu preciso de comer. Eu gostaria de voltar a casa. Go up to a girl and look at the label in her shirt, and say: Or you can try this one.

Hojo, Or you can try this one. You should tell people what this means, so they understand why they will get slapped in the face: Be safe, don't say it. What is his phone number" is a bit tamer.

Good pickup lines are not easy to handle for language-impaired people. Ok guys, I think I'll skip the pick up lines until I become fluent in Portuguese. For know I'll just do what I did last time: Speak my english and speak it loud.

Seems to me that the rule goes like this: I need to talk to you. Preciso voltar para o meu pais. I need to go back to my country. Preciso pagar as minhas contas. I need to pay my bills.

You don't need to do that. I need two tickets for the New Year's party. Preciso do seu carro. Preciso da minha carteira. Preciso dos meus amigos. So basically, I think that Athos was right - without "de" if followed by a verb, with "de" if followed by a noun. At the same time, Brazilians seem rather sloppy about this rule themselves at times. I've definitely heard things like "preciso de falar com vc" or "preciso dinheiro agora mesmo".

Not that Brazilians are alone in that. Americans say things like "I shouldn't have went", too, all the time. Tenho que voltar para casa. I have to go home. Temos que falar sobre isso. We have to talk about this. Temos que pegar um taxi? Do we have to catch a cab?

Gostar definitely takes "de" all the time - and the resulting construction is very different from Spanish and, actually, more similar to English: Me gusta mucho salir a fiestas. Eu gosto muito de sair para festas. I like to go to parties a lot. Gostaria de conhecer of Rio de Janeiro uma vez na minha vida. I would like to get to know Rio de Janeiro once in my lifetime. Eso no me gusta. I don't like that.

Do you like Brazil? Wow thanks for clarification. I am pretty sure you are right about precisar followed by verb as I was taking a Portuguese class and both the book and teacher mentioned no 'de' in that case. Important note, Pimsleur CDs has a few mistakes including using de with precisar followed by verb. Also I noticed they pronounced depois djepois in CD so I had to be corrected by a carioca as it is pronounced depois.

Eu preciso de ler o jornal. Eu gosto de dormir. Anyway either precisar de and de-less precisar forms are both common in spoken Brazilian portuguese. That means that sometimes you can leave out the "de" and it will sound good. Eu preciso ler o jornal. Sometimes you will need the "de" or it will sound very strange. Ela gosta de beijar. Precisa-se trabalhar para viver. One must work to live. Need it be at once? Ele precisa cortar o cabelo. His hair needs cutting. Isto precisa ser feito.

Don't trouble to write. The business requires great attention. Precisa-se de um criado. We are in want of an employee. Ora preciso de descanso. I stand in need of repose. Precisamos de um empregado. We need an employee. And all but one noun preceded by "de". Wanna see actual usage? Run a quick Google search for "preciso falar" vs. In other words, for every single page where someone uses the construction without "de", there are between 47 and 48 pages where it is used with "de".

Sounds pretty conclusive to me Source of all the Portuguese examples above: THE authoritative dictionary for Brazilian Portuguese. Don't bother to write about the lousy English translations - they aren't mine; they are from the Michaelis, too, actually. By the way, since I was curious, I checked usage for "should have gone" vs.

Nonetheless, almost 18K web hits still don't make it correct. I won't bother providing a linguistic explanation why these phenomena are occuring whether in Brazilian Portuguese or in US English unless somebody really wants to hear it Of course, this should read: Austriaco, You have missed the point.

The same goes for gostar, necessitar, folgar and many more. As I said before either precisar de and de-less precisar forms are both common in spoken Brazilian portuguese. But of course it depends on your need. I have been lucky to learn my portuguese at a brazilian university and not from a diccionario.

For those looking for PimsleurPortuguese, Go to: If you know how to use newsgroups, you are in business. I haven't seen that much Portuguese stuff go through the group, but I did snag a nice Ultralingua computerized Portuguese dictionary from it.

Russian software is fairly frequent, and Thai can occasionally be found -- both important languages for the dedicated monger. I'm still looking for Rosetta Stone Portuguese, though. Anyone wanna trade for Spanish? Sperto couldn't be more correct. Many Brazilians -- even educated Brazilians when speaking informally -- speak very poor Portuguese. Some do it because they are just being lazy, but others just aren't very well educated -- particularly the garotas de programa with whom we tend to associate.

I hear Brazilians say things all the time that they themselves will admit are very poor Portuguese. Dropping some of the required prepositions is just one example.

If a waitress were to say "we have clean tables over there" she is as likely to say "mesas limpa" as she is the correct "mesas limpas. So I guess the moral of the story is "don't trust everything that comes out of a Brazilian's mouth to be correct. For example I understand a club like Bahamas has an R "entrada" but it does not "cover" anything.

It is just the price of entrance. I am sorry to admit that I am one of the members who has only been reading and not posting for the last couple of years. Hear is my first attempt at a post and give back to what you guys have given me. Before my first trip to Brazil I had only been through two-thirds of Pimsluer I which not all that much really. The first few days were a bit rough, but you would be amazed how fast you can pick it up with just bit of studying the language.

I had only studied for a month before my first trip and the garotas were highly impressed with my speaking skills with only month of learning and never speaking with another person.

A little effort can go a long way. Here are some of the first phrases that I learned and used in Brazil. Some are for striking deals with garotas and some are just some of the first phases to know to get around. Remember that I dont really know how to spell very well yet. I speak much better than I write.

Please keep that in mind. Many words will be spelled as phonetically as possible. I have not learned to read or write in Portuguese.

Posso goza en cara? Go easy on me you spelling and grammar geeks. For newbie's, learn to count. Any higher than that, you need learn how to say get fucked or learn how to speak better because you are getting worked because you can't speak Portuguese. Libra muito bunda, Rump Humper. I have set out to make a list of words for body parts. Some I can find in my dictionary, some I find here, some I find watching Brazil porn with subtitles or figure it out in the context in magazines.

But I cant tell if Im using an inappropriate word, like a non-english speaking friend accidentally called her breasts, "udders" haha! For example Ive figured the PC way for saying "breast" or "bust" may be "busto" in Portuguese, Im starting to think "seios" is about as R-rated as saying "boobs" or "tits".

Am I wracking my brain over this too much? Can somebody try and shed a little light on what terms of intimate body parts are considered acceptable and maybe a little flattering, and others that may be a bit too crude? Thats a tough question. I have never been to a boite, I think the general consensus here is to avoid them. Too many stories Ive seen here where people get overcharged, and dont know enough portuguese to argue. It doesnt sound like you do either. I was in Waikiki, Hawaii. There is a popular club there called Rock-Za.

I bought a couple ladies drinks and a few beers for myself. I got hit with the bill. I went to straighten out things with the bartender, and two Samoan bouncers were immediately breathing down my neck.

I'm thinking if this can happen in the US, where I speak the language, I have no doubt it will happen in Brasil. It is said, that US Citizens are known for knowing only one language, and most can't even speak let alone write that one single tongue!

It is a fact that "norwegian" or any other such "rare" languages will push people into mastering at least another language. Of course, if you refer to "Tennessian" or some other regional language as a standard, and say that this kind of English is still inteligible, then you should allow for the same "standard" to be applied to the regional variations within Brazilian Portuguese.

The lecture on prepositions and genders was impressive. It reminds me of things I heard when I was in some respectable premises in Atlanta, as "bestest", "It don't matter", and that came from a perfectly WASP person. Now, here's a word from someone who knows his grounds. No matter what you do, a Brazilian girl will know you by your accent. Even us, "locals", are caught in this trap sometimes.

I think this is what you know as "free market" and stands true wherever you go in the world, exception made for some places where managers try to hold a "fixed rate" - but this is something you will find here in Brazil too. Most local guys - like me - will be all too happy to give free and safe advice on the "hows and whens" to have a nice time with the local prostitutes, provided that you, who come from abroad, show some respect for the cultural differences.

I would have to say that you'll find that correct grammar is not in common use anywhere in the world in any language. For a shocking eye-openner, I would suggest you take a trip to the UK and visit somewhere "off the beaten path" not normally frequented by tourists Hull is an excellent example - the language used by the locals is hardly recognizeable as English. I learned to speak Portuguese on the street - never had any formal lessons, never really learned to write it, though years ago, I was able to get the general idea when reading the news paper.

My tutors were GDP's long haired dictionaries and the illiterate fishermen that I worked with. After living in Brazil for six months or so I was feeling very confident in my ability to converse in Portuguese - hey, everybody I met with on a regular basis seemed to understand me without any difficulty, so I figured I was pretty close to "fluent".

One day, I had lunch with the mother of an old family friend - she spoke no English and is from a very wealthy family extremely well mannered - we conversed all through lunch, seemingly without any difficulty. The following day, her son phoned me - he said "My mom told me you had lunch yesterday - she said you speak very bad Portuguese" I was shocked!

I thought my ability to speak the language was quite good. Then he clarified "She said you're ability to speak Portuguese is very good, but the language you use is very bad! So, for the last 20 years I've been thinking about taking some proper lessons. Maybe, one of these days. Cashworks had it right! I was already prepared to defend some of the points, by stating that even all-american reviewers have aired the same ideas and points, there's nothing really new in my comments as there aren't in Fartknockers'.

In any case, this link is worth a visit: It is known that a girl will promise you backdoor pleasure when dealing with you on the phone. Now, the intriguing thing is that MANY girls will refuse annal sex on grounds of "your prick being too big". It is a nice thing to hear. But, it means you have been taken for a lil' ride. The girl's arese is hers, she may let you stick your big or lil' friend in it, she has the call. If you paid in advance, then you are in trouble.

If not, then you can still negotiate. My personal opinion, in one word When it gets to real life situation, some of the girls may refuse to do anything without condom, on grounds that given her subjective appraisal of your person, she thought it better to have it wrapped up in a condom. Or, it may well be that she just said that she would do to better hook you up after all, this is why they are caller hookers in the first place.

Prostitution is not "Illegal", but you can't simply go down to the local Police Station and denounce a girl because she did not want to perform the transaction without a condom. You have all the right not to pay what was formerly "agreed". That's pretty much all the "right" you have when dealin' with the girls in Brazil. I think this stands true in several countries, exception made, perhaps, for Holland, and some districts in Hamburg?

So, it is useless to try any "language rules" approach on a subject which, at the end of the day, is ruled by the girls. Now, there is ONE instance where a better command of the local language will give you some advantage over the girls.

There ARE local foruns, where prices, places, girls and the "tricks of the trade" are thoroughly discussed, for the benefit of the "community". The language is Portuguese only, and it takes a lot of slang to understand it, the same kind of slang the girls are used to and many girls who have access to internet, do frequent such forums. You also know if you are well endowed or not. If she refuses you the back door, then tell her to leave. Don't pay her what you agreed on.

Next thing you know they are going to ask us to pre-pay at the gas pumps. If a woman asks for the money up front, move on, period end of discussion. As for anal sex, imagine if you will someone raming something hard I hope it is hard up your butt.

It really helps to know what you are doing and doing it in a way that is pleasurable to the girl, not painful. You might find that the next time the girl sees you she actually asks you to do it.

Subtle difference I know but important enough to the taxista that he would give you the gringo price for one or the normal price for the other. PARA in other words. It means youre uptight or critical. It also means you dont have to speak perfect Portugues, as long as you get your point across. Truant I am not sure where exactly you were traveling in Brazil, but since you mention Help, I suppose you refer to Rio. You can safely bet that if a cabbie suggests a fixed price, it's definitely the gringo ripoff price whether at the airport or anywhere else.

As far as I know, it's illegal not to use the taximeter in Rio de Janeiro, and the cabbies outside of Help are have a notoriously bad reputation for not using the taximetro. And if the cabbie doesn't, just hail another one. Usually, they materialize in seconds. Most of the time, once they see they can't rip you off, the cab drivers that tried to cheat you in the first place even help you find a cab that uses the meter.

Have seen it a hundred times or more. Once a cabbie uses the meter, the only way to really rip you off is use a higher meter setting bandeira 2 instead of the lower one bandeira 1. That's the 1 and 2 settings you see on the meter. Usually, bandeira 2 is only used in the evenings and at night, possibly even on the weekend. The difference is not that great, though. Don't get into a cab without confirming first that the meter will be used.

Once you're in the cab, you're in a much worse bargaining position especially with limited Portuguese skills. IMHO, they are both wrong. If anything, you would say: VC me pode levar para o aeroporto internacional por 40 Reais? Can you take me to the international airport for 40 Reais? Neither para nor com. I can confirm this. On my first day in Sampa I realized that some drivers were trying to rip me off using the higher meter setting 2.

On the other hand, I met also very friendly taxi drivers that were also corteous. This event happened to we twice: Just my two cents. Remember there are taxistas who will take you where you want to go but on a circuitous routing--thereby charging you more than if you went direct.

There is more than one way to rip you off. He'll get you there faster than shit as well. Based on my experience, however, any taxi driver that ever suggested a fixed rate was trying to rip me off. I said, no, taximetro, shouldn't be more than ten.

And ten it was. Regarding giving you the roundabout, yeah, that's possible - like anywhere else. Especially if you seem unexperienced, not know your whereabouts, and not speak the language really well. In Rio, however, based on the routes are definitely pretty direct due to the geographic conditions of the city, I don't think it's very common, certainly not more so than other places I know.

Getting to and from the AP is pretty straightforward, going to Centro and back from Rio is pretty straightforward, so any attempt a giving you the tour should be relatively obvious. And if a cabbie does it, he might just be unexperienced. Believe it or not, I've had cabbies ask me for directions on how to get somewhere several times. So overall, I still think you're better off with the taximetro. Dear Traunt, Please give your best advises to me and also other possible first timer in rio, 1 I am booking at Hotel Marina Palance, is this a girlfreindly hotel?

From the international the fare now is definitely in the R40 range on the meter. Truant may have caught a cab at the start of the year when a ride was indeed possible for R30ish. There has been 2 fare increases since there.

A ride from the domestic airport will now run about R25 on the meter to Ipanema. Just go outside where the cabs are arriving and grab one of them, ignore the touts. I took cabs from the international airport to Ipanema twice last month, one was R45 and the other was R40 flat rate from the upstairs dropoff point. When I was leaving I took a cab to the airport from Ipanema on the meter and it was R I prefaced anything I said with "Desculapme - no falo portugues pero hablo castillano.

In some ways having a bit of Spanish makes learnin g Portuguese more difficult. I did not visit any "termas" last time. I picked girls off the street short -time late at night. Seemed a lot cheaper than reports here - I'd like to visit a "terma" but not found an exact definition of what they are! Parabeins Sui Generis, I enjoyed verifying what you've posted. I have a list of things I want to add that I'll have to worry about doing later. My favourite words for pussy: My favourite words for ass: And some for breasts: Some more useful words.

Thank you for this explication. Learning a foreign language is an ongoing activity and it is always a pleasure to discover that there is always something we don't know! Insulting is something that should absolutely be avoided in Brazil, but sometimes it can be necessary. Also it's good to know what people say if they insult you. Please, be very careful using these phrases. Some of them are VERY strong. Vai para o inferno. Vai pra puta que te pariu.

Se liga na porra da tua vida caralho. Mind your own fucking business. Go give your ass. Put it in your ass and keep rolling. Put your finger into your asshole and rip it off.

Didn't you like it? Then stick your finger up your ass and spin it. I fucked your mother. Your mom hit the meat with her tits. Go fuck yourself, you goddamn piece of shit! Your mom's ass is so big that a subway train could pass through it with no problems. You're so stupid, people pity you. You're so ugly you should shave your ass and walk backwards. Vou te estuprar com um abacaxi, sua bicha safada. I'll fuck your ass with a pineapple, you filthy faggot.

Vou cagar na sua cara. I'll shit in your face. That girl is a fucking ugly. Go to fart in water and make bubbles. Your family is motherfucker cursed. OK, I can go on forever, but I guess these are sufficient. Cheers Psst--wanna learn to swear in Portuguese - go here: Thanks Lover Boy 2, Sapatas elevadas means high heels, right? And what about the belt going up the calf?

Hello--one of the common phrases for a provided service on the Chantily website is: Obviously this is some kind of idiosyncrasy in Portuguese. Could someone please say what this actually means?

Almost all the ads state this so it can't be too exotic, thanks. Sorry boys it's supper time for me. I'll come back tomorrow with more words. Sui Generis-- Thanks, that could have been a big mistake! Leave the strap-ons at home. My worst mistake ever with a Brazilian website I was just clicking away not knowing what the words meant was when I clicked Boneca. Not for the faint of heart.

Got a short e-mail from a GDP that included a word I cannot find a translation for - socinho - anyone know what this word means? Boneca is a word with several meaning: It can mean a doll.

It can also mean a very beautiful woman. Sapatas elevadas Small detail but important: Sui Generis, Thanks for the info. This is something I didn't know.

This answer baffled me a little bit because that's a strange way I thought to answer this question Habitually she always reply: Bem good or mau bad I have to add that I know that she is planning to visit her familiy in Minas Gerais for Christmas.

I thought she was already in Minas Gerais. Any experts on the board? This is how I interpret it: When you asked "Como vai voce?

The verb "ir" is "vai" in the present, "indo" in the gerund form. Basically she's saying it's not great, but she's hanging in there. Sui Generis, 'Estou indo' means 'I am going,' not 'I am gone.

Now as to what she meant. Since she is planning a trip, she may just have been reaffirming that she is still going on the trip. It also may have been just a casual comment, just as in English when someone asks 'how's it going,' you can reply 'it's going,' which has a semi-humorous connotation.

I think her comment may have been the Brazilian equivalent. So I think your friend's reply that it means 'I feel so and so' may be right on the mark. I receive this message all the time from my "brasilian girlfriend".

She will use it the following way. I will ask where are you? What time are you coming here.? When she is just about to leave her house to come to mine she will say "Estou indo" as in she "is going" or as one would say in English "i am coming". I have found that my ability to understand Portuguese depends largely on the speaker. I have one friend who I encourage to text message me rather than call me. She sent me a message yesterday with "Estou indo" and I had no idea.

Thank you everybody for the answers to my question. It helped me a lot. I received a very illuminating answer in my PM. Call me and lets have fun! I assume that you are looking to have some fun today, or maybe, all you want is to relax However one thing is certain, you are Just outcalls in hotels. If you want to have a good time, you should call me right now.. I am college girl and speak portuguese. Please note that myfreeblack only embeds content from sites like xvideos and pornhub and does not host any image or video that is on the site.

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