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Finding bored housewives Greece

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Finding bored housewives Greece

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Finding bored housewives Greece

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Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! I just recommended this movie to a friend who's having her mid-life crisis. Just like Shirley, she can't stop taking care of other people at her own expense. Everyone who reviews this film focuses on its heart-warming qualities, making it sound like Pollyanna.

The reality of Shirley Valentine is that it's very grounded in reality. Every moment of the film is fraught with ambiguity, moral and emotional. Shirley's trip to Greece and subsequent adventures are not Hallmark moments.

She realizes quite clearly that her fantasies are superimposed on the necessities of reality. She doesn't marry a tycoon: She realizes from the get-go that her relationship with Costas is a good-natured fraud. The ending of the movie doesn't answer any questions except "How does Shirley feel right at this moment in time? It's about finding a reality that works for who you really are.

Every human being on earth who's dissatisfied with their life should watch this film. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Enrique-Sanchez 25 March Pauline Collins is my hero. So is Shirley Valentine. I'm not kidding you. And I am man. This movie speaks to me, even so. We all have dreams that have not been realized.

We all need Shirley's courage to do as much as we can to live these dreams before we go off to the other place. This movie taught me about life. It's not too late to be happy, to be in love, to smile every day and mean it. No matter what age you are. Conti is charming and it is a shame we don't see him much anymore.

He offers us a type of romantic hero we will never find in a Tom, Hanks or Cruise Joanna Lumley brings a special charm to her meeting with Shirley. Julia Mackenzie is especially good as her annoying friend. Willy Russell cooked up a wonderful script from the wonderful play. Lewis Gilbert put it all together and worked hard to make us smile. If you don't fall in love with this movie, you'll need a swift kick. Don't look at me.

You'll have to give it to yourself. That's the magic and wonder of Shirley Valentine. She taught me how to kick myself into living! Thank you, Pauline, Bill, Willy and Lewis. It's been my dream since childhood, since I read for the first time the immortal ancient myths and legends; Greece where the sea is so blue that Aphrodite could be born only from its foam and the sun so gold that it makes the whole country glow with the eternal forever young smile, Greece that the Gods chose as their residence.

I always wanted to go but the film "Shirley Valentine" directed by Lewis Gilbert and written by Willy Russell also play with Pauline Collins has added to my desire to see the magic country. When I became a parent, they told me to do what my kids wanted.

When do I get to do what I want? When a friend wins the paid trip to Greece for two, Shirley joins her and finds that Greece is her dream because she always wanted to see the sunset over a blue sea. She says yes to the romance with a handsome Costas Caldes Tom Conti who likes her in spite her extra weight, saggy boobs and the stretch marks.

She began to like herself, too. Sounds like your typical sloppy romantic comedy, ah? Wait until you see it. This is a wonderful and delightful film - clever, witty, funny, and thought-provoking. And to Roger Ebert goes my question "what is wrong with you, man?!

I certainly had no trouble relating to Shirley Valentine. In fact, in a lot of this movie, I thought she was talking straight from my head. She sees the humour in all the humdrum b.

Excellent job by director Lewis Gilbert in adapting one-woman show into a movie that did not feel the least bit claustrophobic. I've seen it 3 times now, and will watch again the next time it's on: This is a sweet yet hilariously funny film about a housewife from the north of England, who takes a trip to Greece and finds that there is more to life than the kitchen sink.

It's one of those films that should be seen by anyone that has at any point felt that there's something missing in their life or that they've had missed opportunities as you will have great empathy with the main character Shirley.

Having said that, it's generally just a great film. Not only does it do a very good job at putting one in Shirley's shoes but it's also a great social comment about an average English persons life. Having said all this, it's one of the funniest films I have ever seen. The humor is ever present throughout the film yet never takes away from the seriousness of Shirley's situation. I found I was smiling to myself all the way through. I particularly liked the way that it pokes fun at the common Englisman's appreciation of foreign hospitality.

Each character brings great life to the film particularly Pauline Collins and Tom Conti. Pauline's regular off-the-cuff comments add character to the film while Tom's smarmy approach entwined with his overall role in the story without wanting to spoil it make for an excellent watch. Great appearances by Julia McKenzie, Alison Steadman and Joanna Lumley add great depth to Pauline's character whilst adding great comedy and life to the film.

Shirley Valentine is a gem of a film and a must see. The style is certainly not "Hollywood" and it appeals to the same tastes as other English greats such as -The Full Monty-. I give it a strong 10 out of For me, this movie Shirley Valentine is about changes!

You CAN all ways make your self better person and develop. There are no age groups, or other obstacles but only ourselves. Like in movie Sostiene Pereira, when Pereira in his late 50 or 60 made tremendous change in his life, shocked by death of a young man.

But he only made change when he will stop to live in the past. Also when Shirley meets her high school friend decides that she has to move one. Partners should push each other ahead, so as they are getting better, the relationship will be better. Like Shirley I am only sorry that I don't have copy of a movie. A rare gem that is simultaneously interesting, hilarious AND potentially life-changing!

Plus a true feminist statement that is never obnoxious. I wonder how many marriages have been rescued by this film - although some may have been ended by it too. Beats the heck out of most books on the subject. Shirley had lost herself in the humdrum lifestyle of a housewife with kids grown and an indifferent husband stuck in his own boring routine. She strikes out on a vacation to Greece to get in touch with the girl she once was. The show worked better as a theatre piece - as a one woman show.

Here it gets cluttered up with a lot of characters and Shirley's asides to the camera do not always work. Pauline Collins is as great in the role as she was on stage. Greek men seeing this must cringe at the Tom Conte caricature of a Greek lover. I rated it an 8 for Pauline's performance and the music. I've often used this film to cheer me up when I feel down.

As I pass through middle age myself, it reminds me that, with the right attitude toward life, the years alone need not make us feel old. Shirley discovers what we all need to learn: For all of you middle-aged men and women who wonder just who you are, and where you're going; this is the movie for you!! What an insight to the real human spirit!! I've watched this several times and never fail to shed a tear over how I spent my life. Bring a hankie This is for men also!!

The director has touched on the basic human emotion; who are we, why are we here, and most of all; what happened to "ME"? This movie has addressed so many questions that we all have, being caught up in the every day life, but always wondering"what if"?

What a release for us to see that some times a person will follow their dreams! The message here isBe true to yourself!!

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Set during WWII, Mediterraneo is about a group of Italian soldiers stranded on what they think is an abandoned Greek island, their mission to spot enemy ships, but there is not an enemy in sight. A lot of quirky characters! Happy go lucky Captain Antonio Correlli, makes the best of a bad job, integrates with the locals, entertaining them with his mandolin, his passion in life.

In , Italy surrenders to the allies, what will be stronger, the couples love for each other, or the love for their respective countries? In the film, Fanis reminisces about growing up in Istanbul, where his grandfather Vassillis, owned a grocery store, specializing in spices. Due to political unrest, in , Fanis and his family are deported from Istanbul by the Turks, and begin a new life in Athens, Greece, Vassillis, his grandfather, stays behind in Turkey.

Vassillis has promised to visit Fanis in Athens, but that promise is never kept, and, after thirty years, when Vassillis is ill, and near death, Fanis returns to Istanbul, where he meets up with his old friend Saime. Language; Greek, Russian, Italian, Turkish. After corresponding with immigrants, women board the SS King Alexander, clutching only a photograph, with a name; they head for a new life, with an unknown husband in America.

The ultimate "Mail order bride"! Stairs in Pagrati neighborhood, Athens. The second film from Greek director, Yorgos Lanthimos: The third and final so far! Now, living in Paris, they have taken a trip to Greece, can they save their marriage? Their house is divided into two. Down stairs lives Orsa and Nikos, up stairs lives Moscha and Spyros, not a good recipe for their happiness!

The Two Faces of January: While sightseeing on the Acropolis, Chester and Colette meet the Greek-speaking tour guide, Rydal, who is scamming tourists, and Rydal accepts their invitation to dinner. German officers, Greek collaborators, black marketers, and undercover resistance fighters, mingle together in this story of betrayal, love and treachery.

Language; Greek, English, Turkish. Roza and Ismael have a secret, a secret they have kept for decades. While on a trip to Izmir, with the curator of a renowned Athens museum, Dimitris is looking for objects for his exhibition about the Culture of Nationalities who lived together in Izmir before the genocide.

In an antique shop in Izmir, Dimitris comes across an old photograph, a wedding dress soiled with blood and a letter. How many have you seen? Have I missed any? More Greek lists below! The Food of Love. Newer Post Older Post Home. Greek Word of the day; Doing it with love, passion and a lot of soul; Meraki: Take a peek at my most popular posts. Celebrating 40 Years of Living in Greece. Greek Word of the day; Doing it with love, passion and a lot of soul;.

Lucky Bat Bones All countries and cultures have their own customs, traditions and superstitions, some happen to have more than other Filmed in Greece Saronico Photo: Greek Street, its origins and Greeks in the UK. If I searched long and hard enough, I would find He is my Greek Knight and i was waiting for him all my life.

We have been together for 3 years and it has been a gift from God. This is the first time in my life that i have been in love,not to say crazy in love. I beleive as long as you understand the cultural differences and know that it will take work and compromising at times then enjoy what you have and stop looking at all the bad. Every relationship takes work, every person is different.

In my experience I am from the U. California and my Greek boyfriend is born and raised in Greece we have gone through tough times but also some of the best times i can remember. Yes he can be a bit dramatic but i drive him nuts when i am not emotional enough I now without each other we are lost As for friends in Greece, i have had no problem Hi there, I read your comments on this blog with much interest.

Alex Roumbas, a writer at Bitch Buzz just recently reviewed my upcoming book on this subject and in it, she linked to your blog. I have to say, though my marriage to my Greek husband did not work out, many do. And I loved living in Greece. It sounds like your Greek man has a lot of redeeming qualities and that mother-in-law is rare in any culture.

Maybe he's worth the extra trouble? Anyway, good luck and keep writing about Greece. I miss it so. I am 24 and with a Greek man who is We have lived together since day one! And in his parents house!!!! We have had some dramas as you will all know! Im allowed to tell him off for being lazy and i make him clean our house too! I am an Australian and if you know any aussies, were tough cookies and are not to be pissed off! Maybe my man is so amazing to because he is great enough to handle me!!

With all this said But u get my point. We have been through so many hard times together and his father has caused many fights, but not with us! His fathers hatrid of me has only brought Pandelis and i closer together! The first blog about what her husband is like it pretty much what he is like too! I guess im doomed to live a life with a typical Greek man! Ive been training him and so far so good!

I found this blog after doing a search about Greek Men. I recently went on 2 dates with a very good looking guy from Athens we both live as ex-pats in Prague, I am American.

He seems quite charming and his English is fantastic as he studied in the UK for many years. He is very inteligent, and always pays for me. After our first date he wanted to see me right away. It was too much for me, I had other plans anyway. He was so ataken back by this, he wrote me a very overly analytical email about his feelings for me and blah blah blah. I was shocked, I thought only women did weird emotional stuff like this. We went out a second time, and I started to really like him.

Then I asked him to go out again, at which he went began to throw in my face that I wouldn't see him immediatly after our first date.

Well, I was again shocked I thought this man is an idiot he is sabotoging a potentially good thing. He did not follow through and make a date to meet me the next day. I wrote to him and said lets not play games, better to end it if you're not interested. He wrote me the longest, most analytical, most emotional email I have gotten from a man, let alone a man I went on 2 dates with!!

I was so shocked, I was speechless. I've been trying to figure out why he is doing this Making a big deal out of nothing or small things is not my idea of fun, and definatly doesn't put me in a sexy mood. Well, I'll marrying greek this december I admit now I'm pregnant with twin, and he's so stubborn about giving the names while he said his ears is not really friendly with a non greek name: I am African American and currently engaged to be married to a Greek born and raised in Athens.

He has been in America for twenty years and it is like he has never left Greece as far as culture goes. I have not met his mother in person but have conversed with her and other family members over the telephone through her son.

She always ends the conversastion with "I love you" My man is very loving, forgiving, kind and would do anything for me.

He is very dramatic and sometimes I find it hard to deal with, especially when we are having a difference in opinion. But I love him and am learning to diffuse these times. Another interesting part of our relationship is our difference in religion. I would be interested in seeing how many other African Americans are currently involved with Greeks.

I married a Greek woman and tried my best to make it work. I didn't like the constant family obligations. The negative view of anyone outside the Greek culture.

I soon found that I was the only one compromising. Our child would be named after Greeks. We were married in the Orthodox church. As the small family, Canadian, my way of living was second to theirs in every respect. So yes, it can work. But in my case, it didn't, because I'm not Greek, and never will be. I am an Italian-American married to a Greek. A lot of this stuff is true, but its also about how you deal with things. I wasn't accepted by his family at first, and it was very hard.

I actually sat them down at the table and told them I would let go of their son for the sake of the family if that's what they wanted as a family-and boy-did that change things.

They felt terrible and suddenly I was an instant member of the family. We still have our issues but I just have to speak up which I am very good at. It shuts them down immediately. If I am wrong, I admit it though. We have terrible fights and my husband says I am the dramatic one, but in the end it always works out. I did not convert to Greek Orthodox-I absolutely refused to be baptised, since I already was as a baby.

I did my research and presented the argument to their priest and there was nothing they could say. I was married in the Greek Orthodox church and we are raising our family GO.

As for the gambling, I put my foot down - hard - and he stopped. I had to make threats and it worked. I have 3 boys now, and I am trying not to raise them to be mammoni, but unfortunately, it seems to be innate in their blood. My brother and all my uncles were mammoni too, so I know what this is all about. I guess we have been able to make our marriage work because we BOTH make compromises when necessary even if we have to have a huge argument to humble ourselves to come to that conclusion and I always voice my opinions and don't hold back or bottle them up inside.

He is Greek I am foreign Mother-in-laws: They dont understand the word privacy, its hillarious.. A wise greek woman once told me: The mother will not realize it but you will boil over?

Discuss and come to an aggreement afterwards when you are alone. Show them that you are family oriented. Be flexible, dont analize them too much. Visit the ill relatives,go out of your way, show genuine interest.. After the wedding they will throw their hands in the air and say "ti na kanoume" and will begin to love you and you will win their hearts.

You will weep when she dies. My friend is a Greek woman who married a non-Greek man. Her family, especially the father, were totally against it and war ensued in that house for a year or so So my advice to you is be strong and just go for what your heart wants In all other ways they are exactly the same.

You would be surprised how many Jews actually marry Greeks. The ones who are Greek purely based on genetics but who have free minds are the safest bet for a happy marriage. Too many Greek men make their Greekness an issue because it grants them privileges. Alternatively, a lot of Greek women seek to escape their Greekness for the opposite reason. Hi, My son had a relationship with a lovely Greek girl, but her maternal grandmother dissapproves of her seeing my son who is not Greek.

He is mixed Anglo Saxon and Chinese. He is a handsome engineer and has a good job. They really want to be together but she has decided to choose her family understandably so. My son is so heart broken because he knows that deep down she wants to be with him.

I believe she is also heart broken. What is the best advice for them? Should my son do his best to win her grandmother over he's never even met her or just give up on her. They are in their early twenties. I am married to a Greek man and believe me it is very difficult. He is attached to his mother and sister as if he were still breastfeeding. His sister is never expected to contribute anything to help the family out but I am since I am married to the "leader" of the family.

His family could be overbearing in their concerns about everything and yes the drama I wish there was more time of less drama and more getting along. Should I voice my opinion about his family I am the bad guy. When we get along we are great but those spats in between seem to more or less revolve around his mother and sister. I sometimes think I should have not married a Greek man but someone more independent and not still suckling on his mothers breast. Where do I begin? I am from NY and my long term boyfriend is Greek American.

I am fully aare that many multi cultural couples deal with issues but this is beyond ridiculous. His parents have lived in NY for 30 years but were born in Greece. They are completely not accepting our relationship.

I have only met them one time in 3 years and it was for them to tell me for and hour why I am no good and we should not be together. He has 2 sisters who are worse than his mother and countless cousins. I have yet to be invited to a family function or holiday and do not think our relationship will last. The thought of being hated by so many when they don't even know you is mentally exausting.

He plays both sides of the fence. I do not reccommend this to anyone I wish you luck if this is the path you choose. I have been married to a Greek American for 12 yrs now.

I have found him to be very Metro Sexual,dramatic,stuck to his mom's Nips,a bit feminine. He has to have everything in it's place including me which usually doen't work out to well for him. We are both clean fanatics by most peoples accounts,so we do have something in common.

I know they say opposites attract,but those very opposites can pull you apart! I have never met a man who is so unromantic in all my life. I am 47 yrs old and I have been around the block a few times.

Don't do this,why do you drink a beer from a bottle,ladies don't do that,do it this way. It is nothing more than a big show and a put on of the greatest fanily filled with love. In reality,they have unkind words about eachother yet get two-faced at gatherings.

They turn their boys into what they want them to be and not let young boys in puberty be well They teach them to "sit down to pee",which I find too feminine. The Greeks are loud people and love to over talk other's. You are always wrong no matter what! Thank God I never had any children by my husband. To my husband I am "beneath" him. It is true that Greek men want companionship but not an equal partner!

I been married three times with a greek man and I was very happy with every one. I adore greek culture and greek love. They are number one for me. It's my best relationship so far,although I ve been engaged twice to Romanian men,I'd never get back to dating Romanians even if they would be the last men on this planet.. My bf is 2 years younger than me, he's a medical student,final year,doesn't work,studies like crazy, we met online,as stupid as it sounds,and since day one of exchanging emails without meeting in person i felt he could be my One..

I wanna learn Greek too,we already hinted at a common future together, he's been here,I'be been to Athens, I'm going there again for New Year's.. I still haven't met the parents, he really wants me to meet them,and from all he said and what they did for me, it seems they're over all the negative things and the initial shock of me not being Greek,etc Your opinions have been a great help,so I wanted to post mine too,maybe someone who has found such an amazing Greek man too will find them useful..

He really knows how to treat me,he's a man in all ways and makes me feel like the most gorgeous woman on Earth.. I have fallen in love with him and he has too with me..

I hope we'll stay together.. I am Irish and met my Greek God 2 yrs agoe. He liked his Ouzo. He was very direct with his comments which at times embarrassed me but over time Ive learned that his directness is not meant to offend, he just doesnt know a better way of saying things. His Ouzo intake has dramatically reduced, he works very hard and he loves to cook.

The downside, he makes a lot of mess which I have to clean up. His Hard outer shell hides a soft interior and I love him to bits. His parents passed away long agoe but the rest of his family are lovely. The one and only thing that we argue over is the fact I dont speak Greek I am learning but it is difficult. We both have our cultural differences but accept them. I consider myself very lucky that I met him, he has made my life very interesting and Ive learned a lot over the past two years.

I think my case is somewhat different. Being Greek i thought i would never say this but i never liked Greek men. In all, they are NOT charming, NOT interesting, NOT faithful to any promises they make and they are so brain washed about their "role" in the society that makes me sick. They all had something in common: Somehow i had to agree with whatever they said as correct, i had to suffer verbal abuse for no reason, i had to follow them everywhere and when they wanted to be alone i had to leave them alone.

I had to cook for them, i had to care for them unconditionally even when they were verbally abusive!!! I had dated many different kinds of Greek men to see if something affects their behaviour my own social experiment and they all were the same.

I dated men from the big city, men from the country side, men who had lived in a foreign country, men who were independent from parents since young age, men who were dependent on their parents for money. I can tell you that they all were the same And i happen NOT to like that attitude nor the way they think.

Am not raised by my mom to be someones maid and i would like very much to have my opinion on matters, even if that means disagreeing. Its not the end of the world when things go wrong I have nothing to relate to with greek men, although i was born and raised in Greece. Honestly before i met my american husband, i was on the verge of depression. I thought i would end up alone in life because of how greek men thought.

My husband has said more than once that he loves my "greekness". All the little quirks that make me greek. But am not giving him a hard with greek way of life. In fact he was insisting on marrying at a greek church the orthodox way, when i was the one begging for a civil wedding.

He wanted the big fat greek wedding, i wanted something small and cosy,30 people the most: He is not greek either. Not one hint of greek blood in him. German and British mostly!

I found the posts most interesting and informative. I do however wonder why most non Greek women are requiered to convert to the Orthodox religion when they want to marry a Greek man? I moved to Greece in August from London, UK to marry my Greek man but I have no intention of converting to the Orthodox religion or naming our kids after my partner's parents names? I believe that real love will not require you to give up who you are and what you believe in in order to be accepted; No wonder divorse is on the increase in Greece 1 million greeks are divorced to date not only in bi-cultural marriages but in Greek manaraged too.

I live in the U. He can be wonderful, but also stubborn and close-minded. The fights we have had always deal with his intense and sometime irrational loyalty to his mother and brother.

His mother, who is needy and lonely, recently broke her leg and he is with her constantly. I get only an ocasional phone call from him. His brother, on the other hand, gets a pass because he is always at the family liquor store, which has been losing money and close to bankruptcy for years, but which he insists on keeping open because "it's all he knows. I have been dating a greek guy for 8 months.

And we already dont get along because the culture is so differnt but im used to that because i dated a russian guys for 2 years and his parents hated me. But his parents arent that bad they just dont say much.

Its all about him, hes very selffess. And hes not afficiant person very distant, only time hes afficiant is when he wants to make love. I have recently over the past 6 months become involved with the man of my dreams And yes, he is Greek but I am an Australian I had been friends with him over a period of approximately 5 years before we became a couple so you could say, we got all the problems out of the way first before we entered our relationship. I am a woman that, how would you say, wants to be swept off her feet by the cavaleer but still wants to be my own person He has always allowed me to be the person I am and doesn't want me to change for anyone His family have welcomed me with open arms, are helping me to learn to speak Greek and prepare Greek food for which I have a genuine interest in both.

This is the man I know I want to wake up next to for the rest of my life. The only man I have ever truly loved I am british and my husband is greek american we live in greece and have been married for 1 year.

It is very true that it does not matter where a greek is born usa, australia etc when they come to greece the greek side of them rears it head. I am a croatian catholic, from a radical catholic family in the south that has never, does not and probably will never approve of my relationship with a greek orthodox. D However, I am amazed by his family and his greekness. I like it that he's more of a drama queen than i am.

We've been together for 3 years, with constant going back and forth from Croatia to greece and vice versa which is darn hard when there are no bloody direct flights and we're thinking of marriage.

I loved this post cause it's so much fun: She was kind of more into him taking care of me than me taking care of him. Dthanks for posting this i love reading these. My Greek boyfriend and I have lived together for 5 years in the UK and moved to Belgium 6 months ago.

At the beginning of our relationship he was very 'Greek 'and as things got tough for him, all he talked about was giving up and going back to Greece. I have found with friends that once they 'go back' that's it- it's very hard to stay open and objective, even for those who have lived abroad. They are surrounded by a very narrow-minded negative and even xenophobic mindset. I'm lucky because Nikos stayed in the UK and changed his attitue to take on opportunities and embrace the British culture as a part of his own.

His temper which often included sulking for days mellowed and all the positives in his character blossomed. I can definitely identify with many of the posts here- parental approval being the big one. His mother was adamant that I would not be welcome in their home as we were not married. Within hours of meeting me and for the rest of that 1st week in Greece she constantly apologised to me for being wrong! I am very very lucky with his family, they are all wonderful caring people.

To them, I could have three heads but as long as I love Nikos, that's all that matters. However it definitely makes a difference that I make an effort with Greek, patiently visit all the relatives and always offer to help round the house which is usually turned down!

As an aside Nikos is also a fantastic cook in his own right. But then I think that is what being a part of the family is all about, in any culture, not just Greece. My parents have been more difficult as they think that as soon as we marry I am going to be tied to the kitchen sink, shoeless and cast down- which is such nonsense I don't know where to begin! Nikos and my mother have great difficulty getting along but I maintain that we are very happy and they just have to get on with it.

We accept we have cultural differences and we both respect each other's heritage. Nikos wants to wear a kilt to our wedding in Corfu next year! My general advice in being a relationship with a Greek is to be yourself and don't forget your true value.

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