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Fuck tonite in Little Canada

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Now Live on Amazon. I was in Buffalo, New York, over the weekend at the annual conclave of New Urbanists — a movement started in the s to rescue American towns and cities. There were zero signs of commerce there block after block, not even a place to buy potato chips. So, as it works out, the few remaining denizens of this place must spend half their waking hours journeying to a food store.

How they make that journey is hard to tell. There were almost no cars anywhere nor buses to be seen. Before long surely the people will all be gone, too, ending a chapter in American urban history. At one edge of the East Side neighborhood stood the hulking, gigantic remnants of the Larkin soap company, a haunted brick behemoth plangent with silence, ailanthus trees sprouting from the parapets and birds nesting in the gigantic, rusted ventilation fans.

The administration building of this deeply paternalistic company was famously designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, completed in , and demolished in — a blink of an eye. The site became a parking lot and now is just an empty asphalt pad with mulleins and sumacs spiking up in the pavement.

At its height of success a hundred years ago, the Larkin Company provided a stupendous bounty of social support services for its 4, employees: A hundred years ago, Buffalo was widely regarded as the city of the future.

The boon of electrification made it the Silicon Valley of its day. It was among the top ten US cities in population and wealth. Now, nobody seems to know what Buffalo might become, if anything. It will be especially interesting when the suburban matrix around it enters its own inevitable cycle of abandonment. Places like Buffalo, Cleveland, and Detroit will have a new life, but not at the scale of the twentieth century. On this bike tour the other day, I rode awhile beside a woman who spends all her spare time photographing industrial ruins.

She was serenely adamant that the world will never see anything like that era and its artifacts again. I tend to agree. We cannot grok the stupendous specialness of the past century, and certainly not the fact that it is bygone for good.

They expect complex, organized, high-powered industry to still be here, only in a new form. I doubt that we can maintain the complex supply chains of our dwindling material resources and run all those computer operations — even if we can still manage to get some electricity from Niagara Falls. In my forthcoming novel A History of the Future third installment of the World Made By Hand series , two of my characters journey to Buffalo a couple of decades from now. They find a town with its back turned to abandoned monuments of the industrial age.

All the action is on the Lake Erie waterfront where trade is conducted by sailing ships at the scale of Sixteenth century, but with an identifiable American gloss. But do you suppose that the executives of an enterprise like the Larkin Company in would have ever imagined the desolation of Buffalo a mere 99 years later? Published as an E-book for the first time! The 20th Anniversary edition With an entertaining new introduction by the author. If so, it is somehow fitting.

His depravity is a much a symptom of their sprawl-based economy and the values that spawned it as it is his own pathology. In my classes, I spend a good chunk of a lecture on the roles of Great Lakes cities.

All that was needed to make cars was imported rubber. Detroit ended up with the distinction because of its central location, skilled manufacturing work force, and money looking for something to invest in once the timber boom ended. Now that cars are winding down, the city is looking for something else to make. It also helped that all the rest of the Great Lakes cities had something else to do already.

Buffalo is a trade center between New York and the Great Lakes to the west. I suppose the Erie Canal might get revived as a functioning trade route in the post-petroleum future. Cleveland was the original oil capital and secondary manufacturing center. Toledo is the Glass City, which means its a subsidiary of Detroit. As for the cities to the west, Chicago is the ultimate trade center, where the raw materials of the west get sent to the manufacturing centers of the east and the manufactured goods get sent to the west with Chicago profiting as the middleman think Chicago Board of Trade.

Milwaukee is the place where milk and grain become beer and cheese. All of the above is a story I tell my students that helps them understand their place in the world. Now they have to help create their own story so that they can keep a place in the world. May the ruins of our civilization stand up to time so well and future cultures take as good care of them.

NV, So it then follows that there will BE no metropolitan population of four million. That may be a bit on the dark side, but we should think pragmatically when facing resource contraction.

Detroit was planned for a population of 8 million. Orr is there to facilitate that ;. The current plan calls for a preserved historical-landmark studded hub, hugged by upscale neighborhoods with belts of mid-market housing radiating outward and new greenbelts created over demolished housing detritus.

This required damage-control and repositioning… And this is that sticky little part of the real world, where overseas reaction impacts domestic audiences. America needs to grow up. Unfortunately America as a country is heading for the old folks home. Talk about lousy timing. I for one have given up talking about the changes coming. Nobody wants to hear it. We are all Cassandras, unheeded prophets, doomed to rail against the evils of our society to empty bleachers and unwatched youtube videos.

Most Americans live in a dream world and like it that way. Well said, with a thoughtful and poignant allusion to an adolescent novel that certainly befits the current American predicament. Just they wait and see: But I do expect it is going to happen. The Big Smash Up happened in August I am with you there, seawolf77; nobody wants to hear it. That is when the SHTF.

If I had known you were going to be in Buffalo for CNU, I would have offered you a different sort of East Side tour of urban agriculture and community resiliency projects by collapse-minded folks. There is a lot going on here that flies below the radar of the primarily aesthetically-minded new urbanism acolytes. New Urbanists are as concerned with things like economics, food systems, transportation, and social justice as with aesthetics. I lived in Malone, NY, for 33 years when I taught up there on the Quebec border, and that moribund village suffered the loss of Wolverine shoe manufacturing, a dress factory and most other useful and productive industry in the past few decades.

Now I find myself in Raleigh, with the Beltline and the I serving up the last vestiges of the car culture craziness, while the economy here appears to be considerably more steady hinging always and precariously on the American delusion of constant growth and expansion.

And remember, the South should rise again. Local power is the way of the future. Go to the rural West and you will see. Actually, that vision is not too hard to imagine. But we may well be fortunate if it all does reconsolidate at 16th century levels. With the rapidly increasing erratic nature of the climate and weather patterns, and the truly scary data now coming in from that front, the great lakes might be frozen over or dried up before those sailing vessels ever get built. Many powerful and complicated converging issues facing us.

That would make a great book! Jim, I hope your tour of the east side of Buffalo included a drive-by of Central Terminal — owned by some nonprofit and in a state or near-collapse. At one time it handled perhaps over passenger trains a day and tens of thousands of passengers.

It had 26 tracks and a large coach yard for building and maintaining passenger trains. But CT was only one of several Buffalo stations. Syracuse had an Art Deco rail station, which still stands and is used by a propaganda ministry Time Warner cable news. The passenger right-of-way through the city was converted to I — much like what they did in Albany with I The CSX railroad through upstate carries mostly containerized traffic from west coast ports, going to Wal Mart and the like.

We also have a couple of Bakken oil trains per day to keep us motoring. There are also garbage trains coming from the city to upstate dumps.

The urban rot is breath taking. But at least in Syracuse we have a functioning drone base. We have economic development in upstate! What about the Erie Canal, Upstater? Is it still usable, and may it not play a role in the future?

Even after almost 2 centuries it still ranks as an engineering marvel. So follow two questions. I know this statement may seem ridiculous, but I mean this in the same way we have no discernible culture. In the sense that whatever we have it probably does not raise to the level of being sufficiently worthy of being called a culture. When we get out of our heads for a brief moment and into what is living and breathing around us, a chance to re-focus is provided.

I find it a little surprising that I actually CAN grok that! This area has incredibly rich glacial deposits of silt where food crops can be grown well beyond a subsistence level.

Hmmm, acreage cultivated in hemp for rope and sails might be a good idea.

That Was Then, This is Now - Kunstler

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Todos los Sellos de la Peseta: entrega 8 Todos los Sellos de la Peseta es una histórica recopilación de todos los sellos emitidos desde hasta su . Ottawa Citizen Classifieds. Free and paid classified ads in Ottawa, Ontario. Browse classified ads. Post free classified ads. James Howard Kunstler is the author of many books including (non-fiction) The Geography of Nowhere, The City in Mind: Notes on the Urban Condition, Home from Nowhere, The Long Emergency, and Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology and the Fate of the Nation.