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Hook up with rich women ohio

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Thought it might be fun to sneak out at lunchtime, meet up, make out. Tell me where we met so I know its you. Would you. I have my own place and its very cozy with a lot of things to write about. Riday ni ht un.

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Hook up with rich women ohio

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I am in a good mood today w4m IM LOOKING FOR A NICE MAN WHO MIGHT LIKE TO HANGOUT WITH ME AND SEE WHERE THINGS LEAD Worlds Best Oral m4w You have never been eaten by me so you don't know what is like fich be eaten the right way. ) if you want a response. If you are writeative, that is a plus.

Ex-marine, sleeved, GORGEOUS smile w4m What happened to you. I'm a size 1416 and 5'2 in my 30's. Just waiting for someone real that wants to get together and see how things go. Com Wanna have some fun now woman slave seeking Dominant Cross DressingFeminization Corporal Punishment SpankingCaning Only respectful men need to apply. Mwm new in town, separated seeks a lady for. I know how that feels.

Women who are looking for rich men are not necessarily gold diggers. They just want to live well and be with an educated, well mannered man. However, the most crucial part about dating the rich guys, is to know where to look for them. They are not your average guy-next-door, who you can come across at the coffee shop around the kerb or at the grocery store. Single rich men hang around only in special places when they are not shut up in their offices, working to make more millions.

Here are top 10 places to meet rich men. Millionaire matchmaking services have a section devoted to rich members. You could sign up for such services and express your desire to meet rich available men as potential partners. One of the best is MillionaireMatch.

The vast majority of rich men are not looking for rich women, what they pay much attention to is the qualities of their potential partners, like loyalty, attractive appearance, positive attitude and so on. So you'd better clarify such qualities in your profile to attractive their attention.

High class pubs near lawyers' or doctors' chambers are likely venues, since busy people rarely venture far from their workplace, when they wish to relax with a drink after a hard day. But know when to go, since you are unlikely to meet many people if you land up in such a pub during peak working hours. Late evenings, especially at the beginning of a weekend, will usually see the regular patrons getting together to have a good time.

Golf links are popular haunts of successful businessmen and executives, where contracts are negotiated and deals are struck. Memberships to such clubs are generally hugely expensive but see if you can get a day membership. Better still, try to tag along with a rich friend, as a guest, and then make the best possible use of your opportunity.

Again, timing is a big factor. Late afternoons on working days or late mornings on weekends may be the best time for powerful people to practice their power drives. Men who are rich and single have only their personal fancies to indulge. Many among them are avid collectors of artworks or antiques. So make it a point to follow what is going under the hammer at the best known auction houses in town and then visit them on the important days.

You are likely to find quite a few rich guys, bidding for their favourite piece and if you are lucky, there may even be someone single among them. However, keep in mind that the really rich and busy men will have their agents at their auction houses but then, that is a chance you will just have to take. Some of those attending the auction are likely to be older. Generally people from traditionally rich families attend auctions of antiques.

If you want to meet single men who are rich as well as famous, the best place is to hang out at events and parties related to the entertainment industry.

Movie and theatre premieres are occasions when the rich and beautiful people come together. If you can, wrangle an invitation to the hottest post-premiere parties which generally go on till the early hours of morning and thus offer a longer time to socialize. Guys who have the dough to spare and no partners to spend on, are likely to be avid sports lovers. Frequent the high-end sports bars and see if you can find someone suitable.

Other good places to meet rich and single sports fans are the exclusive galleries in stadiums at important matches or post-victory parties of famous sports teams.

But be sure to know your Mets and Giants before chatting up that rich-looking guy at the bar or you might end up making a fool of yourself. What better way for a single and successful executive to de-stress, than to take a day off at the spa? Visit a luxury resort which offers exotic massages and relaxing treatments and you may come across someone rich and available.

The main drawback of this venue is that the number of potential candidates is likely to be limited. On the plus side however, if you do come across a suitable guy, he is more likely to be relaxed and open to meeting someone interesting.

This is another popular venue where the rich and successful people gather. It is likely that you will find that all the male guests arriving with a date, but in most cases, the women will be partners only for the evening and so go ahead and chat up the guys. However, be sure to look and dress your best, since first impressions do matter when you are dealing with those who have the best of everything. If you are looking for a rich man to date, hang out in places they are most likely to frequent, like banks, convention centres or coffee shops in business districts.

Here, the rich guys may be busy with work, but wait for lunch-hours or coffee-breaks to find time to chat them up and who knows, you may land yourself a date on Saturday. If you are looking for the big fish, find a way to be seen at the millionaire clubs.

These are the places where the really rich boys hang out. Cocktail parties and weekend bashes are only some of the events regularly hosted at such venues, where the rich and single can take their pick of the attractive ladies. While it may take some hard work to get access to such exclusive venues, once there, you have opportunities galore. But be certain to look your most seductive, as super-rich men are used to having the best.

Millionaire matchmaking services Millionaire matchmaking services have a section devoted to rich members. Fashionable pubs High class pubs near lawyers' or doctors' chambers are likely venues, since busy people rarely venture far from their workplace, when they wish to relax with a drink after a hard day. First-class golf clubs Golf links are popular haunts of successful businessmen and executives, where contracts are negotiated and deals are struck. Auction houses Men who are rich and single have only their personal fancies to indulge.

Premieres and parties If you want to meet single men who are rich as well as famous, the best place is to hang out at events and parties related to the entertainment industry. Sports bars Guys who have the dough to spare and no partners to spend on, are likely to be avid sports lovers. Luxury spa resort What better way for a single and successful executive to de-stress, than to take a day off at the spa? Charity events This is another popular venue where the rich and successful people gather.

Places of business If you are looking for a rich man to date, hang out in places they are most likely to frequent, like banks, convention centres or coffee shops in business districts.

Millionaire clubs If you are looking for the big fish, find a way to be seen at the millionaire clubs.

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The original press corps building behind the home is now a museum, housing more Harding memorabilia. The home recently papered with period reproduction wallpaper in the library. The Harding Memorial is open till dusk daily.

It is located on the corner of Delaware Ave. It is the final resting place of President and Mrs. Harding and is the largest and most beautiful presidential memorial outside of Washington D. This is a must see if you are visiting Marion on a beautiful summer day where you can sit and feel the depth of the tribute meant for the local fallen.

Just a short distance around the corner and down the street from the downtown mural you can find three museums in one at Heritage Hall. Harding history, and the Wyandot Popcorn Museum. The trip is well worth the money since the museums hold many treasures.

It is the largest, most impressive collection of popcorn wagons in the United States. These priceless wagons date back as far as the turn of the century and have been restored to their original conditions. If you want to make an appointment for a group to see the three in one museum, call HALL The Marion Union Station sees more than trains pass by every day.

The museum showcases an impressive collection of memorabilia and the AC Tower which was once the main switching facility for the Erie Railroad Marion Division. The unusual nature of the station is the fact that it is located between two diamond cross-overs. Tuesday and Thursday or by making an appointment at The museum contains examples of machinery built by the Huber Manufacturing Company and the Marion Steam Shovel Company including steam engines, farm and road equipment and a steam shovel.

Saturdays, or by appointment at The biggest event of the year is The Marion Popcorn Festival. The festival has been on the Food Network and the Travel Channel. Three days of free nationally know entertainers, food, a grand parade and fun.

The family event is held in Downtown Marion and is free and open to all who love and eat popcorn. Plan now to visit over the summer with your family. There are small towns with unique architecture, town centers with gazebos, wonderful retail, outlets, and great dining. Drive by wide-open spaces including farmland, woods, rolling hills, lakes, streams, ledges, even the continental divide runs through Medina County.

Medina County is blessed with many wonderful parks that offer swimming, hiking, fishing, shelters, sports fields, an environmental center for education, and many wonderful programs for all ages to enjoy. It even has the Cleveland Metroparks jewel — the Hinckley Reservation. The rural countryside offers beautiful scenic drives all year long but especially in the fall to see the changing colors.

Past orchards, mills, garden centers, parks, farm markets, a winery and petting farms. Come out for an exciting Sunday drive, especially in the fall for the beautiful colors and the drive-it-yourself Fall Foliage Tour. If shopping is something that you take pleasure in, Medina County offers unique retail stops, outlets, farmers markets, antiques, second hand and consignment shoppes, food, art, furnishing and gifts, just to name a few.

Check out a very specialized shop, the Log Cabin Shop, for Early American merchandise and re-enactment supplies. Medina County also has many festivals and events that take place throughout the year offering fun entertainment for the whole family. Also featured in Medina County are a number of wonderful arts programs; Art-in-the-Park, Arts Week in July, free concerts by community bands, Jazz Under the Stars, Concerts Over the Valley, Rally in the Alley are throughout the summer and there are a multitude of theatre productions, Shakespeare community and school productions.

Visit Medina County at www. Even the name of the place has a paranormal ring to it. According to a recent survey 27 percent of the U. Their primary conviction being that they have seen one. Notably, there is an area in southeast Ohio bordering Hocking and Vinton counties that seems to be such a place. Perhaps it should be taken into account that it is the least populated and most heavily forested locale in the state. Zaleski in Vinton County is a good place to start—directions are easy from there.

Located between the town of Mineral and Lake Hope State Park, there are no roads that can be driven to Moonville—never were—although a present-day township two-lane gets you within walking distance. The only access residents had was the railroad that could be walked, or a ride hitched on a passing freight. That alone explains the inordinate number of deaths that occurred, worsened by liberal indulgence in Moonville moonshine.

Built by the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad in mid-nineteenth century to haul rich deposits of coal, clay, and iron ore from the region, the eight-mile stretch of tracks that detoured through Moonville was the most desolate, isolated area between Parkersburg and St. Louis, and hated by work crews for that reason. It was the heavy woods, they thought, that swallowed the sound, allowing trains to come out of nowhere, catching walkers on one of the several trestles or the now infamous Moonville Tunnel, preventing their escape.

In addition there were conductors and especially brakemen on those early trains who were vulnerable to accidental death.

Ghosts of both types of victims, it is said, have been appearing for well over a hundred years, usually taking up residence in the Moonville Tunnel. The tunnel, historically interesting due to being one of the last vestiges of a lost society, has been photographed many times revealing images digitized or burned into film that were not visible to the photographer. Of those forms detectible to the naked eye the most disturbing have been phantom trainmen waving lanterns used to signal an emergency stop.

In the railroad finally saw fit to install a signal light at the old Moonville site with instructions that it alone was to be obeyed—the result of swinging lanterns in the middle of the track forcing many trains over the years to make emergency halts—only to see the light dissolve into the darkness.

However there are several bridges and miles of roadbed to be refurbished—that is, if there continues to be enough hikers willing to whistle past the graveyard that was within spitting distance of the tracks. Departing in the direction of the Hocking County, SR skirting Lake Hope State Park would appear on the map to be the best means back to civilization. However, the desolate, isolated nature of this road gives a lot of people the willies.

The heavy pine forests on both sides of the road, under different circumstances might be considered quite beautiful, but here the woodlands seem to close in on you and take your breath away for a wholly different reason than the observation of southern Ohio splendor. If you have claustrophobic tendencies, keep the tranquilizers handy. This stretch is so lonely it is hard to believe that it once encompassed a thriving community with a general store, post office, and school.

If you dare to explore some of the semi-cleared areas you might discover, by kicking the pine needles aside, some of the old stone foundations. But there is one thing along this otherwise abandoned artery that you will not need an acute sense of observation for.

Without warning the remains of a huge stone furnace comes at you from the west berm like a sucker punch. Frequently there is a bright light, said to be the lantern of the night watchman who, on one of his inebriated rounds, fell into the furnace and was incinerated. The light dances around the chimney and over thin air where buildings once existed and approaches cars that stop to investigate.

Most people sum up their inquiry rather quickly and vamoose. You may feel more comfortable there being accompanied by professional guides, but it is also known for its apparitions.

Ash Cave has long been known for the haunting echoes of waterfalls, winding trails, and the dark depression of it recess cave. Many are convinced that it is more beautiful in winter than summer.

Often the cascading waterfall transforms into a shimmering figurine of frozen elegance and the leafless trees reveal formations not discernible in the thick foliage of summer.

Often hikers are mesmerized by the surroundings and the goose bumps rising on the backs of their necks are attributed to the awesome beauty and coolness of the forest. But inevitably when it happens a shadowy figure of a woman in s attire is seen following along on the trail. Unlike the poltergeists of Moonville tunnel, there is no history to indicate who she is. There are also night tours that are not meant to be ghost-hunting expeditions, but then ghosts have never been known to follow the rules.

Lights described as greenish-yellow often dart around in the trees—up and down, back and forth they shimmy, sometimes putting on a show for several minutes before disappearing into the forest. Usually park rangers make no attempt at explaining them. Described as a hermit—what else could he be? One cold morning he descended the wall to the stream below and found it frozen over. Foolishly—for a mountain man—he used the butt of his muzzleloader to break the ice, accidentally discharging the load into his face.

Roe is not known to make appearances. Perhaps his face would be too ghastly even for a doppelganger, but on many nights, especially under the full moon, his hunting companions can be heard baying endlessly for the return of their master. It is said the sound sends chills through the most fearless of overnight campers. This is without question a strange region in our state, and virtually unknown to a great many.

Of course the most important instruction is to bring your camera. You may be surprised at what develops. For more information, visit http: Cleveland plus its neighboring communities are rich with entertainment. The legacies of business tycoons such as John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil think richer than Bill Gates , are seen in the arts, parks, museums, architecture and business today.

It also has the second largest performing arts center in the country, the third most visited national park in the U. The Flats and Warehouse District are kings of nighttime entertainment, Tower City is a shopping hub, and Gateway draws sports fanatics to see the Cavaliers and Indians play ball. Just a few miles away is University Circle featuring world-renowned cultural attractions visited by more than 2. It is no surprise that Euclid Avenue runs through it.

What makes Cleveland plus its neighboring communities and attractions such a pleasant visit is not just the plethora of things to do for nearly every age and interest, but the ease in which the urban landscape is navigated. In the mids, the Rapid Transit light rail system added the Waterfront Line, delivering gobs of people effortlessly to the new heart for family entertainment — North Coast Harbor.

North Coast Harbor is a beautiful place mixing a panoramic urban skyline with trees and green space, and sunrise-to-sunset views of a Great Lake! Lake Erie has had a tremendous renewal of its own, again attracting fishermen, boaters, divers and water-enthusiasts by the millions. But the main attraction is the number of main attractions — all within walking distance from each other.

The terminal is completely glass enclosed and has several expressions of art. The welcome mat is a foot porcelain tile rug. Now you choose where to begin the day, understanding it may take more than one to see it all. The museum has more than interactive exhibits, including computers that talk and space shuttle landing simulator. It also features an OmniMax Theater. For visitor information, visit http: It is docked between the Rock Hall and Burke. Tours are offered to the public inviting them to see what life inside a metal box deep under the sea must have been like.

It is tight inside so beware if you are claustrophobic. The foot submarine was a key weapon against the Japanese, sinking many ships and itself depth-charged, surviving major torpedo fire.

For visitor information, see usscod. Click here to play a video. This foot vessel was built in On and below deck, the public gets to tour one of the largest ships to sail the Great Lakes much like the infamous Edmond Fitzgerald. To plan a visit, click here. It is docked across the harbor from the Mather north of the Rock Hall. Daytime and evening cruises feature river and lake tours, live entertainment, dancing, full bar and meals.

They sail rain or shine and allow people to enjoy the entire ship, whether you choose the spacious top sun decks, the large semi-opened second deck or the main glass enclosed lower deck, which is air conditioned or heated. For types of cruises and schedules, sail over to goodtimeiii. The Cleveland Browns Stadium offers fans an inside look at the press box, luxury suites, locker room, and other areas fans typically would not see when attending games. For tour information, call In the coming years, aquaria, apartments, restaurants, shopping, and hotels are all expected to dot the landscape.

Piqua, Ohio Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler. Today, Piqua entertains its visitors with beautiful recreational trails, unique small town shopping, living canal era history and original events. Piqua continues to blaze new trails, literally, adding to an already large network that connects park systems.

Significant investments and resources have enabled extensive plans to take shape over recent years. New sections of trail have recently opened and more are coming soon. Rail to Trail, which is a former railroad returned to Mother Nature. Together, the network of trails provides opportunities for walking, running and bicycling. Each trail has its own unique scenery. More additions are being added, including a restaurant and other amenities.

Over several generations, once vibrant small town downtowns have been choked off all over the country due to a global economy, manufacturing leaving and the invasion of big-box stores. Quaint storefronts offering clothing, books, glassware, hardware, furniture and jewelry abound. When a break is needed from shopping at the unique merchants, many find themselves at the original family-owned restaurants and cafes.

But to get a true feel of the good ole days, one must not travel far from downtown. All aboard the General Harrison for a lazy afternoon ride on a replica foot long 19 th Century canal boat. Costumed guides direct the mule-drawn boat in an experience of a lifetime. Over at the Johnston Farm, visitors see the preserved and period furnished two-story Dutch Colonial and Georgian style farmhouse. Farm tours are led by costumed interpreters and crafters revealing life in an era long past.

Another pleasant surprise on the grounds is an Adena Indian mound dating back more than 2, years. A visit to the farm during Labor Day weekend coincides with one of the largest festivals in Ohio — the Piqua Heritage Festival. Artisans will share their techniques for woodcarving, basket weaving, quilting, rag-rug making and pottery.

Seasonal fun features horse-drawn carriage rides, an old-fashioned holiday parade and Victorian Christmas. For complete details to plan a visit to Piqua and the surrounding area any time of year, call the Miami County Visitors Bureau at or see their web site at http: Tipp City, Ohio Tippecanoe.

Ohio is littered with old canal towns selling the past but old Tippecanoe, now Tipp City, is as vibrant as ever. Whereas most canal towns were killed by the railroads, Tippecanoe City kept on rolling.

Today, downtown Tipp City is bustling with foot traffic around shops of all sorts. In between tells the story, past and present, from Tippecanoe to Tipp City. He required its original buildings be erected in brick, not log, which was the trend for upstarts in Since its founding in , there are 89 buildings listed on the National Registry of Historic Places today. An exception to the brick rule was the Tipp Roller Mill built in out of red stained wood but it too survived and remains at the foot of the original Tipp Canal Lock.

The architectural legacy is diligently preserved by restoration and regulation to maintain the integrity of the charming small town where visitors today outnumber its 6, residents.

As the community evolved, so too did its architectural styles. The old hotel has a Late Federal influence. The Opera House features Romanesque architecture. The attention to architectural details around town make it no surprise that Free Masons had a prominent hand in this communities rise.

Tipp City is a foodie haven! Whether you seek an old-fashioned mom and pop diner or uptown cuisine, Tipp City is home no matter what your taste buds. You can dine on sidewalks or inside the gigantic vault of an old bank turned restaurant. If you want an after dinner drink or cup of coffee, Tipp City has that covered too. The ambience of old brick buildings, inside and out, coupled with ornate woodwork offer that quaint nook with just the right lighting.

But eating is just what you do between strolling from one charming old building to another for eclectic shopping pursuits. A two-story fabric store, toy store, bookstore and cyclery illustrate the breadth of offerings. But the art and antique shops are top-notch. You walk their floors like you would a museum.

Their design accentuates the historic character of worn and polished woodwork, masonry and more. When you have come to the end of the better part of a day, shopping and dining, you come to the edge of town where recreation begins. Once you turn the corner of the weathered Tipp Roller Mill, last in the line of bygone buildings, you see the reason this town came to be — the historic Miami and Erie Canal Lock Besides, an afternoon can be lost on walking, bicycling or jogging along miles of the paved Great Miami River Recreational Trail.

There are even seven golf courses within 10 minutes of downtown. Dating back to the rough and tumble entertainment of its canal port town roots; Tipp City still knows how to throw a party and entertain with special events.

Music in the park, dinner theatre and other productions are offered throughout the year by Tipp City Players Community Theatre. September is when the town puts on one of its biggest productions — The Mum Festival. Still, that secret got out more than 30 years ago. The event features all your Americana fest favorites from a parade that is often televised to bands, antique car show and 10K Run for the Mums. This vintage baseball team hosts games in Tipp City and also travels to play other teams reflecting everything 19 th Century down to the circa uniforms.

Lake Erie shores and islands region is known for roller coasters and waterslides but within this oyster of fun are the four pearls of greater Sandusky. If you want to spend a day away from lines and ruckus at the major attractions, slip away and experience some little treasures. Get a fix for that sweet tooth with a treat at Tre Sorelle Cioccolato. Go Back to the Wild and learn how injured animals are being rehabilitated. Walk inside and there are giant postage stamp replicas on the wall picturing carousel animals.

Below them are the identical and original carousel animals depicted in the actual stamps circulated in This year marks the 20 th anniversary of the museum, so to commemorate it is featuring a rare menagerie of scarcely seen carousel animals from several nationally known private collections. At the heart of the museum is a historic carousel still offering guests rides. The real treat at this unusual museum is watching the woodcarvers at work crafting new pieces or breathing new life into antiques.

Each piece has a fascinating history which is precisely why this pearl of Sandusky is also known as the Museum of Carousel Art and History.

Carousels and candy go hand in hand, so once the Merry-Go-Round comes to a complete stop, let your mouth water at a chocolate shop. It is here that chocolate anything is handmade in a kitchen in the back of an old house and brought out front to the chocolate shop as fresh as fresh can be. The front parlor is a place you just want to cozy up and stay for a while. Admire the interior design, artwork, quaint atmosphere and friendly personalities.

Cocoas, coffees, teas and even wine-filled chocolates are displayed out on tables, shelves and under cover of the front glass-covered counter. Well, sign up to let these retired teachers take you into their learning kitchen to teach you a secret or two. Classes are designed for any age from children to adult and especially for those looking to make a party or event around chocolate making.

Between the kitchen and parlor room is a room with a gigantic table for preparing gift baskets, party trays and boxes of assortments. This includes filled chocolates, dipped pretzels, dipped potato chips, nutcups and clusters, fruit and nut bark, candy bars and assorted sugar-free goodies.

You can even have chocolate business cards, greeting cards and photographs made to order. Okay, a morning filled with learning about carrousel animals and making chocolate bunnies leads to an afternoon of learning to make real animals better.

This is not an animal attraction. Her name is Mona Rutger. What started in a barn is now a world-class mission that has returned more than 24, injured or abandoned animals back to the wild. Unfortunately, every animal is not able to go back to the wild, so Mona and her volunteers partner with these creatures to bring awareness, appreciation and respect for our natural world to more than 70, people every year.

In the past 20 years, they have provided approximately 7, educational programs to nearly one million people. But her mission is not easy. Animals nursed back to health include hawks, eagles, owls, raccoons, squirrels, fox, deer, songbirds, snakes, turtles, frogs, salamanders and a variety of herons just to name a sampling.

Perhaps more amazing than the miracles seen at Back to the Wild is the fact that this impressive undertaking is made possible through funding by donations only. There is no other assistance of any kind. The expanse of the grounds includes a spacious song bird aviary, several raptor flight cages, mammal rehabilitation enclosures, insulated winter quarters, wetland facility, clinic, barn storage and workshop, indoor viewing room and a whole lot more.

Important features that should not be without mention are the handicap-friendly woodland walkways to the wildflowers, amphitheater, wetlands, eagle and songbird exhibits.

To plan a visit, call Mona at The museum is chock-full-of interactivity featuring video shorts and computer simulations at every turn. The main museum allows for more audio-visual as well as hands-on experiences throughout. Boats are actively being refurbished as seen in the indoor restoration area. An outdoor display features a fireboat and in The Garage features a historic collection of outboard motors. The museum offers many programs on and off-site. Learn about the boats used by abolitionists and how they were used to transport escaped slaves to Canada.

Some special events planned in the coming months include Pirates on Lake Erie. There, you may also discover discounts, gain free Internet access, gather maps and brochures, watch videos, talk to the tourism professionals, access the lodging locator, use rest rooms and more. This high-tech, interactive welcome center even has snacks available as well as play area for kids to occupy their time and have fun.

While they are working the oars on a real rowboat, you can put together your itinerary. For more information, including current hours of operation for the four pearls of greater Sandusky, call or log onto www.

Meeting in the Middle is Not a Compromise. In a shrinking world filled with gadgets like GPS devices, destinations are found after satellites triangulate the position. So if you are looking for the ideal place to meet in Southwest Ohio, your position may triangulate from Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus resulting in Wilmington.

Not only is it a retreat from the big cities, it is close enough to take advantage of their hot-spots too. You need six things when selecting the perfect meeting site. Location, location, location are the first three followed by quality, variety and quantity of meeting facilities, restaurants and entertainment. Bookings are frequented by conventions, road shows and executive retreats to weddings, reunions and clubs.

Special events feature scrapbooking, antiques, fashion, pottery and dog shows to name several. The bottom line is that you still have access to the big cities but your meetings are more affordable without sacrificing service or quality. This includes site inspections of hotels and attractions, assistance in securing the accommodations needed, pre-event mailings, welcome packets for guests, and itineraries for group or spousal programs. It features large, sweeping exhibition space, a grand ballroom, an executive boardroom, and numerous breakouts perfect for board retreats, strategy meetings, or workshop sessions.

Other choices for locating meetings that need high tech assistance and modern ambience are the state-of-the-art teleconferencing center at Wilmington College and The Hampton Inn.

The teleconferencing center is ideal for smaller groups that require a high tech advantage while the Hampton offers a convenient and resourceful meeting room for up to people, as well as a private board room. Laurel Oaks, another high tech choice, is the perfect location for bringing people together regionally or nationally through video conferencing. Aside from the traditional meeting facilities, Clinton County also offers a wide variety of non-traditional meeting space.

The historic and ornate Murphy Theatre is a seat venue available for meetings when not in use for theatrical productions. Another unique place is The Loft. It provides an intimate setting in a 9, square-foot ballroom that has two access doors to an elevated outdoor terrace, plus there are private meeting rooms. It is a favorite in historic downtown Wilmington for wedding ceremonies, receptions and rehearsal dinners, plus private and corporate parties, fundraising events, and more.

Across the street is The General Denver Hotel known as the epitome of grace and service. Their private meeting space is perfect for groups who want to be treated extra special.

But what really sets Clinton County apart is their world-class hospitality. While the three nearby, large metro areas are often an attractive destination point for travelers based on their ability to offer many attractions in a concentrated geographical area, what is often overlooked is an alternative destination. Clinton County is primarily a rural community slightly off the beaten path that has treasures of its own to offer.

The ambiance of rural America is not a myth, it is as real as the people who reside there, who cherish old fashioned values, who are neighborly, and who know what it is to be hospitable. Those who travel rural America are looking for something special. The sight of a sign advertising merchandise that is homegrown and homemade excites them. They know that heritage shapes a community and that if a community preserves its heritage, it has integrity. They find worth in historic relics, architecture, and art.

I am a school teacher from India who own a scholarship to study in USA two years back. Regards Babu Louis India. In future I definaately purchange a old new car for me. And some time my family. Hi Danny Love the show and the cars you create. The show has only started screening in the UK so didnt get to visit your shop when in Vegas last year which is a big disappointment!

You dont get cats like your in Ireland lol Anyway just wanted to say that one of the main reasons for watching was your sincereity is a welcome addition to the world of reality television and you have just went way up in my estimation on reading of your help for animals. They cannot thank you but i can! Hi danny I am big fan of your from India. We ca dream about owning our own classic car like this! Very knowledgeable about cars which is not only entertaining but educational.

I stil have my shop abandoned in Mc. His photo, along with is late father, is on the History Channel U. Not in the photo I saw. Love the Count and his Really friendly De meaner. His show is really good and Love the way he lives his life. Met him in Vegas and you can tell he is mostly the same person we see on TV. You Rock and hope you continue Success.

Your Fan Patty and Scott. Hi danny I was wondering if you were interested in a four door ford coupe ment Condition. If you are please email me or call me at Thank you I love ur shows.

I love your show…it the best car show that I ever seen. But what kill d me is noin u hav a old monte Carlo the last year for that body style.

Not 1 time bcuz u got it back…but u sold it for the 2 nd time I hav a monte big block At lease I hav mine its not as good as yours is…but some day ill get there.. I just discovered you and the show and I am hooked. I want to marry you. Just kidding keep up the great work you do your a cool guy. Hi, I just love the show and what you guys can do with a car is just brilliant. I love your show, just purchased my first bike and some day I would like for your team to fix it up for me.

Hey danny i m big big big fane of you. You are rock man. Thanks for the great reporting. Glad you managed to follow our train of thoughts there. I will give you an example: Get over here and fix it!

It was a really hard fix well, I guess if you are a phony it was — the car was out of gas. The reason I know this is because I am a neighbor and know his employees. His Daddy and Mommy gave him every bit of money he is doing this with.

He has never had to earn anything. He tried being a record producer and failed. He tried building custom bikes and failed again. I was dumb enough to buy one. He kept claiming he was fine tuning the motor and working on the paperwork.

Every time I came to his shop to pick it up he claimed it was being inspected by the DMV. I found out later that he was letting his employee ride it everyday because his own bike had broken down. When I finally got it, it had no paperwork, it had never been inspected by the DMV, no title, and it has never run right.

I know, my fault. Now he is a small restaurant owner with a bar. It is failing and he has lawsuits pending against him from Vince Neil who used to be co-owner. If he can scam you, he will. You are only good to him when he wants your money. This lispy, overbite idiot wants to be famous so bad, he will try anything. Same with that big, fat idiot with the big mouth that works for him. Stop wearing the bandana. The only thing he has in common with Hulk Hogan is the receding hairline.

One last thing, he threw his back out once moving lawn furniture because it was the only work he had ever done by himself. If he ever gets a callous, he would probably go to the emergency room. Hi dear Danny I like your show because you guys are awesome. Hey Danny you are a blast. I enjoy the show so much I watch reruns all the time.

Love your passion you share with others over vehicles, music, tattoos, and our nations troops. You are a genuine great guy. I would love to have a vehicle done buy counts kustoms. Love the show and your crew. I am also a car lover. I own a camaro rs ss. We are almost finished with my nova ss. We live close to Nashville Tn. I was wondering if you ever get down this way?

Since you are so into music. Keep up the awesome work and tell the crew Nashville loves you guys. Dan the man I got a cadillac hearse all original miles I want to hook her up need too talk I can send you some pics bro thanks cadillac steve. Danny, My mom watches you all the time loves your show and you. Her dream is someday to meet you. She has had a hard life at 15 was married with her daughter. She is now 54 loved riding motorcycles which she done since age of 5. She has had to give that up do to spinal stenosis, degenerative disk, fibromyalgia.

Just to meet you would be one of her dreams come true her only other one is going to Hawaiian. She has never been any where but from PA to SC and thats it. My name is Donnie. Still have my Holmes boom and everything to make the wrecker back but no truck now cause frame broke and junked the chassis.

I love your show. Your team does amazing art on cars. Danny you have a great heart, energy and attitude. I think you should go out on a date with me. Growing up in Indiana, with many relatives that worked for the big 3, I was 13 yrs old when my uncle, who was a foreman for Delco-Remy in Anderson Indiana, drove up in his new SS Chevelle, the windows was shaking in the house.

He had already installed headers, and left them open for a test ride. Your compassion for what you do is so real, and I plan my Tuesdays around watching, never missing an episode!!.. Ryan can lay paint like no one I have ever seen, and painting was my field. Keep filming, and I will find a Chevelle for you to do, with a hefty budget!!.. I have met you a couple of times at your bar Vamps and listened to your band.

It is obvious you are a man of gr8 taste and respect for others and animals. I know you are fanatic about drive by buys and I happen to know of one that is definitely worth taking off the sun glasses and looking at.

It is a Chev Malibu that has some upgrades to make it a race car. I wont go into specifics but I believe you would be impressed. It belongs to a good friend of mine that has fallen into some rather very hard life screws. If you would like to see it send me an email and I will get you in.

Thank you for your tme. Danny, love your show, and watch it all the time…I was wondering, have you ever thought of getting necklaces made of the cross you have everywhere? That would be cool.. I would buy one.

Think about it, and maybe do it.. Let me know if you do.. Love your show—Sharon Hecke. I have worked my little fingers to the bone with hard, crappy jobs all my life… I would baby that baby..! Danny is a no talent assclown that is way too full of himself. The only guy worse than Danny is that oxygen thief that is always by his side telling him he has too many cars. Cant get it off the air soon enough. We just came back from an 8 day vacation in Vegas. We visited Count Kustoms 3 times, also went to the Restaurant and ate and met Ryan.

Also met Roli at Count Customs. Everyone was great, brought back T-shirts and memories. Sure was hoping to see the Count but he was not there. I watch the show on a regular basis. It was the highlight of the vacation to see the place first hand. Guys keep up the great work and show…….

I have always loved your show Count. It is a very rare trait to have, and sincerely mean it, for most people in business today. I love animals and your donations to their charities only reinforces your caring qualities. I have been watching your show from time it first air, Your show is the best of all vehicle restoration shows running.

You and your crew do outstanding work. So with that being said, i would like to donate this truck too you and if you deside to restore it,i would injoy wacthing it on your show. Thank you and crew for a great show Gary. Danny love your show I have a truck and car u might be interested in Chevy 4 door suicide doors and an1 ford pick up truck I live in Maryland if interested and a ford f and a ford f stake body dump my lets make a deal Danny as Clint Eastwood would say make my day????

What kind of money are we looking at? I realize your busy …. He is great man in the world. My husband and l enjoy watching your show. If we had won the lottery we would have brought our Dodge D 50 pick up and have you make it look like it came off the show room floor. Bought a Chevrolet convertible in and tried to trade it in on a new pick-up. So I kept the car and bought a used truck. I have owned my red Chevrolet Impala Supersport convertible since In it was completely restored to better than new condition.

Best time of my life is spent in the left lane passing all the Hondas and Toyatos with the dual exhaust deep rumble. Car will still pass everything except a gas station. You have to pay the price! Hi danie this blesson from india in chennai. That we seen u In tv shows and my family loves you program. If I need bike how I need to contact you my bro. My husband and I love your show we watch it all the time thank you so very much for donating money and finding the time to help find homes for abandoned animals you are one very caring awesome guy and I know that all the animals that were helped said thank you for helping me.

Danny, I love your show Counting Cars because you and your crew have much respect for your customers and fans as a old school biker and car guy myself I have been around the block a few times but know the real deal between good, bad and evil and you and your crew Horney Mike, Rolie, Shannon, Richard are the best ever on TV, I hope to meet you guys some day in person as we have a lot in common.

Wally Wolfman Pearson wolfmann4u aol. I love this show and now that I have read this I really love Danny. Thank you for donating money for abandoned pets. There is nothing worse in this world to me then to see someone dump a pet or just leave them behind. Keep up the good work. Its to bad your so far away I have a 95 Z28 convertible that could use your touch. In my Holly land I watching your show constantly I must say wel dan to you and your teame On 1 november. If you not refuse.

Ciao danny sono un italiano napoli vorrei sapere se potresti modificare la mia auto mini countryman 1. Mi chiamo enzo attendo risposta, scusami per la lingua ma non parlo u. Hi Danny, do you answer e-mails? Answer some Questions please. All of this wonderful comments about the show and Danny and then his crybaby comments.

There is always one! Danny aka count you are awesome ……I love your cars…. Hope i see you as soon as possible…in las vegas…. Love the show and your smile! Then I would jump your bones. You and your team are owesome. I always watching your show every week. I really love this show. Becouse the only reason this show.

Danny sir is my teacher to teach me that what is the value for bikes and cars. Now I really thought why I start customs ride in India. If I really will start, I m sure definitely it not equal to counts kustoms. Danny was in Las Vegas at counts kustoms on June 18 and very impressed with your cars.

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