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The lack of a taxonomic key for identification of species, the high rate of endemism and the recent novelties published within Aechmea from this region motivated this work.

Samplings were conducted in areas of all states studied between and We identified 27 species in the study areas while two names were excluded from the species list compiled from the literature.

The subgenus Aechmea was the most representative with 20 species. Of particular importance was the Gravisia complex, represented by ten of the 14 species that form this informal taxonomic group. Pernambuco and Alagoas were the most species-rich compared to the other states. For each species found in the study area, we present identification keys, comments on the taxonomic relationships, habitat information and geographical distribution.

In the Atlantic Forest, species have been cited Martinelli et al. The relationships among lineages within Aechmea are still unclear Givnish et al. The Atlantic Forest fragments have not yet received enough attention concerning their diversity of bromeliads, especially in the Brazilian Northeast. To confirm species identification, protologs and type specimens were consulted. We registered 27 species of Aechmea in Alagoas 17 spp. Rio Grande do Norte 3 spp. Species richness decreases from south to north, reflecting on a local scale the same pattern discussed by Martinelli et al.

No specimens were found to confirm the occurrence of A. Among the 27 species recorded here, Aechmea subg. Aechmea Baker is represented by 20 species, A. Chevaliera Gaudichaud ex Beer Baker by four, and Aechmea subg. Lamprococcus Beer Baker, A. Macrochordion De Vriese Baker, and A. Pothuava Baker Baker by one species each. The Aechmea lingulata complex is represented in the area by four species.

Leaf blade margins entire Floral bracts absent; inflorescence axis wholly exposed Leaves shorter or nearly as long as the inflorescence, 20—60 cm long Inflorescences 11—15 cm long, fertile part 7. Floral bracts with margins densely serrulate Inflorescences glaucous; floral bracts 1. Inflorescences yellow; floral bracts 7—7.

Primary bracts suberect to erect; floral bracts 1. Primary bracts reflexed; floral bracts 1. Leaf blade apex attenuate, acute; primary bracts ovate-lanceolate; floral bracts much shorter than the internodes Leaf blade apex truncate, pungent; primary bracts ovate; floral bracts slightly longer than the internodes Peduncle bracts green; branches spreading; rachis partly exposed, sepals yellow Inflorescence orange; fertile part 19—25 cm long; peduncle bracts orange; primary bracts divergent with the branches Fertile part of inflorescence 8 cm long; primary bracts yellow Fertile part of inflorescence 12—16 cm long; primary bracts red Peduncle bracts divergent, imbricate; primary bracts ovate, apex pungent Terrestrial or rupicolous; leaves 33—65 cm long; leaf blade laxly serrulate; inflorescence pinkish; primary bracts red; sepals elliptical Epiphytic; leaves 70— cm long; leaf blade laxly dentate; inflorescence red; primary bracts yellow; sepals oblong Inflorescence branched only at basal portion, red; leaf blades adaxially green and abaxially vinaceous Flowering plant 20—50 cm tall, forming a tubular to narrowly funnelform rosette with 6—8 leaves; inflorescence 30—40 cm long, fertile part 5.

Flowering plant 60— cm tall, forming a tubular, crateriform or infundibuliform rosette with 8—20 leaves; inflorescence 53— cm long, fertile part 15—70 cm long; branches 5—26 cm long. Fertile part of inflorescence 50—70 cm long; with 80— branches Primary bracts as long as the branches or exceeding them, pink or red Inflorescence with 20—22 branches Terricolous, rupicolous or epiphytic plants, short- or long-caulescent, forming a tubular, narrowly funnelform, funnelform, broadly funnelform, crateriform or utriculate rosette.

Leaves much shorter than the inflorescence to much exceeding the inflorescence; sheaths broadly ovate to elliptical; blades lanceolate to ligulate, green on both surfaces, adaxially variegated or abaxially vinaceous, erect, arching or recurving, glabrous to densely lepidote, apex attenuate, rounded, truncate, obtuse or emarginate, acute to pungent, margins entire to densely serrulate, prickles antrorse, straight or retrorse.

Inflorescences simple or compound, capitate, globose, ovoid, ellipsoid, subcylindrical or paniculate, brown, whitish, pinkish, yellow, green, vinaceous, orange, red or glaucous; peduncle bracts remotely to densely imbricate, orange, red, pink, brown, glaucous, green or castaneous; primary bracts erect to divergent with the branches or reflexed, remotely to densely-imbricate, linear-lanceolate to ovate, entire to serrulate, shorter than the secondary peduncle to exceeding the branches, yellow, red, green, pink or orange; erect, spreading or curved; rachis hidden to wholly exposed; floral bracts ample to absent, much shorter than the internodes to exceeding the internodes remotely to very densely imbricate, membranaceous, chartaceous, stiff-chartaceous, coriaceous or stiff-coriaceous, glabrous to very densely lepidote, orange, white, green, red, brown, pink, glaucous or yellow.

Flowers contiguous to spreading to a right angle with the rachis, sessile to long-pedicellate; sepals obovate to ovate-lanceolate, membranaceous to coriaceous, apex rounded to pungent, glabrous to densely lepidote, pink, white, green, yellow, orange or lilac. It grows in open areas as an epiphytic or terrestrial plant, but it is also tolerant of shady habitats. It can be differentiated from other species of Aechmea in the study area by its orange inflorescences with fertile part around 20 cm long, peduncle bracts orange and primary bracts divergent with the branches.

Moreover, its leaves are as long as the inflorescence, primary bracts are reflexed and longer than the branches. Frassy UFP-isotype ; ibidem , Endemic to the state of Alagoas and known only from the type locality. It grows as an epiphyte in the lowland Atlantic Forest. It can be differentiated from other species in this study by its variegated leaves, long caulescent growth form and fasciculated inflorescence.

It is morphologically related to A. Siqueira and cited under the complex A. Barbalha, Floresta Nacional do Araripe, It grows as an epiphytic or terrestrial plant in Cerrado, Caatinga, Atlantic and Amazonian Forests and in coastal sandy soils Faria et al. It can be characterized by its leaves shorter or nearly as long as the inflorescence, which differentiates this species from A.

It belongs to A. Macrochordion Baker de Vrieese and two varieties are accepted by Faria et al. Aechmea castelnavii Baker, Handb. Aquiraz, Rio Pacoti, It has a very long pinkish inflorescence, with up to 80— branches. These characters are unique among other species in this study. Ibateguara, Engenho Coimbra, Jaqueira, Serra do Urubu, Sobral- Leite UFP. Endemic to Pernambuco and Alagoas, this species occurs in a very restricted area.

It is a terricolous or rupicolous plant, growing in open areas of rocky outcrops within the Atlantic Forest. Caruaru, Parque Municipal Prof.

Endemic to the state of Pernambuco. Among the taxa of the Gravisia complex, it has a more massive inflorescence and larger rosette. Its inflorescence is globose due to the very congested apical branches and the basal branches are patents with ascendant flowers. It also has crateriform rosettes and inflorescences shorter than the leaves. Aechmea chrysocoma Baker, Handb. It grows as an epiphytic or terrestrial plant in shaded places from the Atlantic Forest.

It has a yellow inflorescence with a 12—16 cm long fertile part, red peduncle bracts and red and erect primary bracts.

Originally, it was described by Baker , then accepted as a variety under A. However, it is clear that the Gravisia complex requires new approaches for a better taxonomic delimitation of the taxa within this informal group. Aechmea costantinii Mez L.

Siqueira Filho et al. Bezerros, Reserva de Serra Negra de Bezerros, 4. Aechmea costantinii is differentiated by the minute floral bracts and pungent primary bracts, yellow inflorescence and flowers, 4—4. Aechmea emmerichiae Leme, Bradea 4 It grows in rocky outcrops in montane areas of the Atlantic Forest. It differs by its inflorescence with 10—12 branches, primary bracts as long as or exceeding the basal branches and 1.

Aechmea eurycorymbus Harms, Notizbl. The main morphological characters to differentiate both species are the length of the floral bracts 1. Ipojuca, Engenho de Pindeirama, Endemic to northeastern Brazil, this species occurs from Pernambuco to Bahia along the Atlantic Forest. In the study area it occurs in Pernambuco and Alagoas. It grows as an epiphytic or terrestrial plant in open or shaded areas.

It often has red inflorescences but this is variable within populations. Natuba, Mata da antena da Telemar, Among the caulescent species in this study, it can be differentiated by its green or adaxially green and abaxially vinaceous leaves, branched and red inflorescence, sessile flowers and lilac sepals.

Aechmea Ruiz & Pavón from the northern portion of the Atlantic Forest

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It was elevated to village level on February 30, , and to city status on December 27, In the eighteenth century the Society of Jesus did notable work in the area. The municipality contains the hectares 1, acres Batoque Extractive Reserve , created in The Meat Market of Aquiraz dates to the 19th century and is built from local materials. A single story roof is supported by a central brick column. It was closed for renovation in but reopened in The museum collection consists of approximately pieces of sacred art.

They include carved wooden images and silver objects dating to the 18th century. The parish church is in a simple style with little adornment. The ceiling of the chancel features scenes of the life of Saint Joseph.

The structure has a large churchyard and with a low wall and cross. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Municipality in Northeast Region, Brazil.

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