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Hot bi Constantine Michigan needing a hung man

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I'm a bit shy and I need a man who can take control. It's ok if you are married or commited, just be Constsntine about it. K w4m Gett off work at 12, meet me outside for a fast lick. Please don't waste my time if your not serious a bout dating a friend, thank you.

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Hot bi Constantine Michigan needing a hung man

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Single and Still Looking. Im looking for a regular partner that I can meet up with a couple times a month. Never been with a white girl and wanna try it. So if your waiting for a real gf.

The thread from like 8 years ago was the most entertaining thread I've ever read on the internet. I want gossip and details!! Because they both scream bottom to me. Brian Letendre's enormous ass is so incredible that it might be able to turn even someone as nelly as Andrew Keenan-Bolger into a top I don't think it would be possible for any gay person to see it and not want his penis inside it. Where's Kyle Dean Massey besides on his back with his legs up while his lovely hispanic husband fucks his brains out?

I wish you guys would stop using the word "enormous" to describe really hot, muscular butts. That word creates the word image.

My link no longer works: Cherry Jones has a certain quality that I really like. Well r7 if you read Jake's tweets he sure as heck doesn't sound straight. Is there anyone who went to U Mich that isn't gay or bicurious. Of the UofM musical theater crowd, the only straight one I can think of is Alex Brightman, and he always pinged despite the gf. And didn't Jake come out publicly? My ass is still sore from the last time Tyler Maynard fucked me.

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There's a poster on L Chat who has strongly suggested she's fucking Bernadette Peters. Details include random sadism, with Bernadette biting her hard enough to draw blood in order to keep her from coming. Or at least a little more dish. This particular poster is in Follies, and said that BP is an incorrigible flirt.

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The biting is not something that is agreed upon beforehand. Bernadette will just randomly decide to do it. Apparently the whole situation is nothing more than sex, it's not a real relationship or anything. If you want to read the exact details, go to L Chat and find the thread "Starfuckers". The Bernadette stuff is towards the end. I'm too lazy to find it, sorry. Basically the poster gave BP's exact age, mentioned she was in theatre, and that's how we all figured it out.

Given Bernadette's sugary persona I would have never guessed she liked rough sex, and a butch no less! Someone ought to have even more dish on Bernie. Was Bernadette a lesbian before or after Steve Martin? Or does he like his leading ladies to be Gay? I hear he was rather active during his time on Broadway. Sexually active that is.

Donna Murphy has been married to actor Shawn Elliott for over 20 years. She's too high maintenance to be a lesbian. Donna Murphy, Apparently someone on LChat claims Donna has been dating this young girl who she has been taking out to public functions.

Now It could be that the girls is an assistant, but the body language in the recent photos with the girl screams intimacy. That was in response to another poster who confessed that she had been having a 10 year affair with Donna, that Donna's husband knows, and that their child calls her Mommy. Apparently Donna is never going to get a divorce though, and the woman was finally realizing that the situation probably wouldn't end well.

He's also chubbier than ever - his shirt is too tight around the midsection and straining in a big way. Okay, I have a question: Didn't see that play off-Broadway but certainly remember her rave reviews.

Then she gets same in 'Born Yesterday' as well as a Tony nomination. Didn't see that either, but noticed her in 'Midnight in Paris,' and could not believe how blah and unattractive she was. Just saw 'VIF' at a preview and it's really emperor's new clothes time. The play would be an amusing deconstruction of the Sacher-Masoch novel and on the process of acting, the relationship between actors and directors, etc. At nearly two it is very 'inside' and self-indulgent.

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Does Hanke pray for forgiveness after sex? Hall started off on Broadway, did he have to fuck somebody or was he just that talented? I've said it before, at one point they looked like they wanted to fuck right there. Super-talented and nice guy, straight. I know nothing of Stockman, but a colleague who is an ex of Lea Michele from the pre-Glee days confirmed that she is crazy and is basically playing herself on the show.

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Wait, do we know she was referring to Creel and Rannells? How do we know they're the ones who were sitting across from her? That old thread was misleading. Remember all the stuff about John Benjamin Hickey chasing young guys? Turs out it was just the opposite. He has an older boyfriend. But whether or not Roger's mouth has also known the dick, JBH's has. Sebastian Lacause and his new webseries about being a rentboy?

JBH was at the Emmys with him this year, and was thanked by his bf from the stage when he won the Emmy. It must be an open relationship How often do you think Gavin Creel was chocking that meat back into his throat during the run? How much cum has been spilled on the Chicago costumes?

Through the years I can only assume there have been a few backstage blow jobs. So whats up with Wesley Taylor? He seems like he would be a freak in bed. Is that why he and Matt Doyle broke up? In the Gillian Anderson thread, it was a rumor that Bebe Neuwirth was gay, and often hooked up with beards, does anyone have any dish? In my experience Bebe always a man on her arm. Used to often see the same spify business type guy drop her off at Adams Family.

I'd only ever seen her be a bitch to colleagues before I didn't think human warmth was something she'd ever be interested in.

Muster List by Name - S.A.T.S. General Botha Old Boys Association

Growth of Grand Rapids Memorial of Fernando C. Ancient names of Rivers, Lakes, etc Early settlement of Mt. Cleihens and Vicinity-Edward Tucker History of Monroe, continued-Talcott E. Mitchell Legends of Indian History-Hon. Early occurrences about Nottawa Sepe-Wm. Pioneer Life in Mrs. Funeral Services of Hon. Death of George W. Indian Affairs around Detroit in Anecdotes of the Bar-Levi Bishop.. Incidents in the Life of Eber Ward-Mrs. Biographical Sketch of Gen.

Biographical Sketch of Charles C. Campbell Life of Mrs. The Knaggs Farm and Windmill-J. Cass and the British Flag Sketch of Executive Mansion in T. Pontiac and the siege of Detroit Biographical Sketch of Rev. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That there is hereby appropriated from the general fund for each of the years eighteen hundred and eighty-three and eighteen hundred and eighty-four, to the Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan, the sum of five hundred dollars, to be expended from time to time, whenever needed, for the purposes of said Society, in collecting, embodying, arranging, and preserving in authentic form a library of books, pamphlets, maps, charts, manuscripts, papers, paintings, statuary, and other materials, illustrative of the history of Michigan; to rescue from oblivion the memory of its early pioneers: There is hereby further appropriated from the general fund for each of the years eighteen hundred and eighty-three and eighteen hundred and eighty-four, the sum of two thousand dollars, or as much thereof as may be necessary for the publishing by the State printer, in each of the years eighteen hundred and eighty-three and eighteen hundred and eighty-four, under the direction of the Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan, one volume of matter prepared and selected by the officers of said society, said volume in each year not to exceed seven hundred and twenty pages; and to be in type, style of printing, and binding, similar to the Pioneer Collections heretofore published by said Pioneer Society; the number of copies so to be published under the direction of said Pioneer Society, not to exceed in each year three thousand volumes.

Five hundred copies of each volume to be published as heretofore in this act provided for, shall be deposited in the State library of Michigan, for exchange with the pioneer and historical societies of other States, governments, and countries. A further distribution of said volumes to be made by the officers,of said Pioneer Society, to each of the duly incorporated public libraries in the State of Michigan, when demanded by the proper officers of said libraries, and the balance to be placed in the hands of the State librarian, to be sold at a price not less than seventy-five cents per volume, the proceeds to be deposited in the State treasury to the credit of the general fund.

The money appropriated by this act may be drawn from the State Treasury from time to time, on warrant of the Auditor General, based on the requisition of the proper officers of the Society, subject to the requirements of law in regard to filing vouchers and accounts. Approved April 26, You are to be congratulated upon the increasing interest that is being taken in the transactions of the society, and we trust that interest, as it should, will continue to increase, and its usefulness thus be enlarged.

It is not ten years since this society was organized. Its object, as stated in the articles of association, was to collect and preserve historical, biographical and other information in relation to the State of Michigan. It has within this time fully shown its right to exist, by its works.

It has gathered a large amount of valuable material illustrative of the history, condition, and resources, much of which would otherwise have been hopelessly lost. It has published three volumes of collections, and a fourth will soon be issued. The contents of these volumes are of rich and varied interest. They represent a large amount of careful research, as well as the recorded recollections of a large number of early settlers, many of whom have already passed away. Some of these recollections are of romantic interest.

While these collections are from their very nature, miscellaneous and fragmentary in their character, they will fall into harmony, and furnish to the future historian rich material for a history of our state, and enable him to get a vivid picture of its early social condition.

Not having been an active member of the society, I can speak with freedom of the zeal, energy, and wisdom with which its affairs have been conducted; and while many others have been efficient and successful workers, especial credit is due to the recording secretary, Mrs. Tenney, and the chairman of the historical committee, J. Holmes, for the results achieved. While much has been done, much yet remains to be done in the line of work in collecting and preserving the material illustrative of the early history of our State, and its material and social condition during the different stages of its progress.

While Michigan is one of the newer States it has a peculiarly rich and. The history in all its details should be preserved, and the responsibility of doing this now rests largely upon this society. The Legislature has shown its confidence by making appropriations to facilitate the publication of our collections and there is no other organization engaged in the work.

The membership should be largely increased, and efforts should be made to attract attention to the grqat value and interest of our publications. No Michigan library should be considered complete without them.

Since our last meeting some of the pioneers have fallen asleep, and among them one of our oldest and most valuable members,-Charles C. It would be difficult to name a man who was at once so widely known and so beloved and revered. For more than 60 years he had been a resident of Michigan, and intimately 'connected with its history. He not only made history, but he wrote history.

Some of the most interesting papers in our collections are from his pen. I do not propose to pass any eulogy upon him, but I am glad to state that we may expect a tribute to his memory from one whose long and intimate acquaintance with Mr. Trowbridge especially fits him for that work of love-Hon. I trust that this annual gathering will be at once a pleasant and useful one. In accordance with the provisions of the constitution of the "Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan," I herewith present my ninth annual report.

The ninth annual meeting of the society was held in Representative Hall, commencing at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, June 7, The president, John C. Holmes, called the society to order. The exercises of the first session were opened with the reading of scriptures and prayer by Rev. Hickey, and the audience united in singing "My country,'tis of thee," led by Miss Addie Berridge, organist. The reports of the recording and corresponding secretaries and the treasurer.

The report of the committee of historians was made verbally by Col. Wells, not being present. The audience then sang " Blest be the tie that binds. Utley, of Detroit, read a memorial paper on the life and character of Chancellor Henry P.

Tappan, the first president of the Michigan University, and, on motion of Philo Parsons, of Detroit, the thanks of the society were voted to Mr. Utley for his valuable paper. The president appointed as a committee on the nomination of officers for , Henry Fralick, W. Taylor presented his report as chairman of the committee on Pioneer Hospital. The report was accepted and placed on file. Albert Miller requested that the same committee might be continued, and report further at the next annual meeting.

On motion of Dr. Shank, the report was made the subject of special order for Thursday afternoon, immediately after the election of officers. The society then adjourned to meet again at 7 o'clock in the evening. The society met according to adjournment, the president in the chair.

The exercises of the evening were opened with reading of scriptures and prayer by President T. Abbot of the Agricultural College.

Baker, and Mesdames R. Woodcock, with Miss Addie Berridge as organist. Holmes, the president, then delivered his address, which was followed by a solo and chorus, " The harvest time is passing," sung by the quartette. The quartette followed with that beautiful song, "Lead me gently home, Father. Turner, was read by T. The society met according to adjournment, and was called to order by the president. Reading of scriptures and prayer were offered by Rev.

Taylor, and the audience joined in singing "Nearer, my God to Thee. Clemens, was read by Scott Cannon. A song in the Indian language, with translation, was sung by Rev. Shoemaker read a memorial of Levi Bishop, prepared by J. Comstock, chairman of the committee on invitations, read a letter of regrets received from Dr. Baxter read a paper on "The rise and progress of Michigan," prepared by Hon.

President Holmes observing that "Father Little," an aged colored man, was present, moved that he be made a member of the society. The resolution was adopted. A sketch of Mr. Little's life was given verbally by Dr. It was thought that he was about 90 years of age. Little being called upon, made a few appropriate remarks and placed his name on the membership book. He stated that Mrs.

Berry, of North Lansing, taught him his letters. Berry's grandfather owned him as a slave in Wayne county, State of New York. Hickey sang "He died at his post. The exercises of the afternoon were opened with prayer, offered by Rev.

George Taylor, and "Rock of Ages" was sung by the audience. Manasseh Hickey read a continuation of his paper of one year ago, entitled "Reminiscences as minister and missionary of the Methodist Episcopal church in Michigan in Withey, of Grand Rapids.

Smith, and by request, Mr. Smith also sang " In a hundred fathoms deep. WHEREAS, The Historical Society of Michigan is not now continuing its labors, and has no longer an active existence; and WHEREAS, That society did, during the time when it was in working order, collect many valuable books, papers, and other articles which are of great historic value, and which are still in the possession of members of that society; and WHEREAS, It is important that all these collections should be placed where their preservation will be ensured, and where they will be accessible to the reader and historian.

Therefore, Resolved, By the Michigan State Pioneer Society, that the members of the Historical Society of Michigan be, and they are hereby, requested to place the valuable collection of books, papers, and articles belonging to it in charge of the State Pioneer Society, to be by them placed in the section of the State Library assigned to the society, where the collection will be held as a State charge, and from which no part of the same can be removed without the consent of the Legislature of the State, or used for any purpose except for reference under the rules of the State Pioneer Society.

Resolved, That the corresponding secretary send a copy of this preamble and resolution to Judge James V. Campbell and Hon C. L Walker, with the request that they will give their aid and influence in the procuring favorable action by the Historical Society of Michigan. Palmer for not being able to attend this meeting was read by the president. Peck gave a recitation, "Whistling in Heaven. Wing presented a continuation of his history of Monroe county, and A.

Copley followed with a paper on the "Early settlement of southwestern Michigan. Begole read a paper, being "Recollections of our homes, manners, customs, and the way we lived fifty years ago. Shearer, "Brightest and best of the sons of-the morning," was sung by the audience.

Fralick presented his report as chairman of the committee on the nomination of officers for The report was accepted, and the nominees were unanimously elected. The audience joined in singing "Tell me the old, old story," and the society adjourned to meet again at 7: The society was called to order by the President, and the exercises of the evening were opened with prayer by Rev. Taylor, and the audience joined in singing ','All hail the power of Jesus' name.

Stebbins read "The story of another pioneer," and Judge C. Stacy presented a paper on " The early members of the Lenawee county bar. Pierce was read by Dr. Miss Jessie Baker sang a solo, "By the sad sea waves. Roberts of Detroit, was read by Philo Parsons. Smith followed with a solo, "The watcher. Comstock offered the following resolution, which was adopted: Smith for the charming and artistic music with which they have enlivened our sessions, to Miss Peck for her eloquent and effective recitations, the thanks of the Pioneer Society are due, and are hereby most cordially tendered.

Comstock also offered the following resolution, which was adopted: Resolved, That the thanks of this society are due, and are hereby tendered to retiring president, Prof. Holmes, for the able, efficient, and impartial manner in which he has discharged the duties of his position, and that his efficiency as an officer assures his continued interest and efficient services as a private while his health and strength remains; and of the long continuance of these his fresh and youthful appearance gives cheering promise.

Philo Parsons gave some account of Michigan at the Yorktown centennial, and in connection therewith made a most noble arid manly defense of the character and acts of Governor David H. Baxter also denounced the statements made in certain quarters against the Governor as pure fabrications, from his personal knowledge of facts. Many anecdotes were told and remarks made by the old pioneers during the 2. The benediction was pronounced by Rev.

The donations made to the society since the last report are not large in numbers, but are of great historical value. They are recorded in detail on the record books of the society, and are in numbers as follows: Historical manuscripts 30 Bound volumes of books The increase in the membership of the society is not as large as usuaL The names are as follows: Cannon, James Little, Mrs.

Florence Bagley Sherman, George H. Hopkins, Goodnough Townsend, Martin V. Parks, Eaton Branch, John L. Goodman, Joshua Manwaring, Alexander B. These make an addition of twenty members during the past year, and the total number of names now enrolled upon our membership book is five hundred and sixty. In conformity to custom I hereiith submit the file of letters and communications received during the year, all of which have been promptly answered or acknowledged.

No correspondence of a special character has occured since my last annual report. Immediately after the close of our last annual meeting I sent notices to all the vice presidents elect, informing them of their election and instructing them in their duties; the principal of which is to procure biographical sketchei and obituary notices of all pioneers of their county who have died during the year, and report the same either in person or by letter, at the annual meeting.

On the 14th of May I again sent them notices reminding them of the approaching meeting and of their duties, requesting them if possible, to be present with their report; or if they could not come, to forward it in time to be presented at this meeting.

I have received several of these reports, which will bo presented at the proper time. Since our last meeting, as far as I have been able to ascertain, nine mem.

Lee of Ypsilanti, died June 8, ; Mrs. Abigail Rogers Pratt of Lansing, Sept. Webster Childs of Augusta, Washtenaw Co. Wade of Corunna, vice president for Shiawassee county, Nov.

Drury of Olivet, Feb. Horton of Vevay, June 12, All of which is respectfully submitted. Your treasurer submits the following report: To amount on hand at last report. The committee of historians beg leave to report that the manuscript for volume 4, "Pioneer Collections," was arranged and made ready for the printers early in December, , but the State printers, by whom the volume is to be printed, were very busy at that time printing the annual reports of the State officers, and from the time the Legislature convened in January until.

It being the expressed wish of many members of the society that the portraits of the ex-presidents, the present president, and the recording secretary, with a short biography of each, 'should be published in the " Pioneer Collections," the executive committee and the committee of historians, at a joint meeting, had the matter under discussion, and decided to comply with the request; consequently, the ex-presidents, the present president, and the recording secretary, furnished photographic negatives that alberttype might be made from them to be published in volume 4.

Your committee opened correspondence with several of the leading artists upon the subject of furnishing alberttypes, and finally they made a contract with the Forbes Company of Boston to print alberttypes of six ex-presidents, the present president, and the recording secretary.

Two of the ex-presidents having steel plate engravings of their portraits, they were used instead of alberttypes, so that in vol. Your committee were in hopes to have the alberttypes here by the time of this meeting, but they have not yet arrived. A short biography of each of the persons represented will accompany the alberttypes.

It is the intention of the society to have a portrait of each of the succeeding presidents, with other illustrations, appear in the future volumes of the pioneer collections. Volume 4 will be published as soon as the printers and book-binders can get it out. Persons wishing for copies of volume 4 can leave their orders with the recording secretary, who will forward them as directed.

Volumes 5 and 6 will be printed by the State printers. Volume 5 will contain the proceedings of the annual meeting of June, , and other pioneer matter. Read at the annual meeting, June 13, Muster, great city of the straits, And those encircled by the lakes; From where St. Joseph's waters flow, To the vines and wines of rich Monroe. From the fields and forests of Washtenaw, Through the towering pines to Mackinaw. Welcome, like days in lovely June, When forests wave and orchards bloom, Ye Hillsdale farmers, brave and true, And noble men from Kalamazoo; Welcome old friends so leal and kind, To sing the days of "Auld lang syne;" The days of wolves and Yankee doodle, Mrs.

Rich Pontiac records her struggles, In early days of Parson Ruggles. Finley tells of Washtenaw, Since Geddes first began to saw, When the only shelter from a shower, Was a log house in a lady's bower. Then Port Huron's judge dined on a bear, And wrote the legends of St. Welcome to all the silver grays, To talk of happy, early days, When in the woods we worked and sung, When hope was high and life was young.

Some dear, delightful friends have gone, Leaving our hearts so sad and lone. While love does warm these hearts of ours, In thoughts we strew their graves with flowers. Dear, good, old friends so tried and true, We bid you all a kind adieu. The tryst is on the golden shore, Where love and life will fade no more.

I herewith donate in the interest of science, this accompanying copper nugget purchased by me June llth instant, from Isaac N. Moss the finder, and I am fully persuaded and believe that it belongs to the drift period, and when discovered showed no signs of having before been in human hands. Two other specimens of copper have been found in the same vicinity, one enclosed in a large boulder found by myself in , upon spliting open a rock; another in an excavation in the earth.

These discoveries may aid in showing the direction of the drift from the mines of Lake Superior. This copper nugget weighing about 6 Ilbs. Moss, upon my farm in the township of Caledonia, Shiawassee county in May, , on section 30; being 1j mile southeast of the city of Owosso, upon the ridge of sand south of the river. When found it had no appearance of ever having been cut or pounded by artificial means. The cutting and pounding as now shown was done by me. I have disposed of it to Mr.

Owosso, June 11, My experience in mining of the precious metals, as well as of the baser, has fully convinced me that all masses of native metals, such as gold, silver, copper and galena, are the results of electric and galvanic actions whenever and wherever found in true veins, without regard to the size, density, or purity of the nuggets or masses, and that the pressure of water in such veins is, or was, during the process of decomposition, necessary as a conducting agent, combining with the forces of attraction and cohesion, and it is no doubt true that the Ash Beds, amygdaloidal and conglomerate copper d6posits, were the result of heat, as volcanic action combined with the aquatic and possibly electrical agencies.

Owosso, June 12, Read at the annual meeting of the State Pioneer Society, June 13, It was on Monday morning, early in the month of July, , in company with Hon. Joseph Sibley and others, of Rochester, Monroe county, N. By a severe storm on Lake Erie, we were here detained one whole day. On Tuesday evening, the storm having somewhat abated, we left Buffalo on board the steamboat New York, bound for e Detroit, Michigan.

The New York was a very old boat, had two high-pressure engines, which in every revolution made the vessel tremble from. As the result of her worn machinery, she became disabled before we had reached Erie, and it was with great difficulty that we made that port, where we were detained twenty-four hours for repairs. Twice after this her machinery gave out; and once, under signal of distress, we were picked up near the Canadian shore, and towed across the lake to Cleveland, where, after more repairs, we went on, but were soon again disabled, and towed into Sandusky, helpless.

After more substantial repairs, the rickety old craft ventured out to sea once more, making a successful trip to Detroit reaching that city about ten o'clock on Sunday morning; thus accomplishing our voyage from Rochester, N. Hearing the sound of the church-going bell, with others I hastened ashore; and for the first and only time in my life, visited the barber's shop for a shave on the Lord's day; and then hurried away to the sanctuary, with a heart full of gratitude for deliverance from this tedious and dangerous voyage.

If my recollections are not at fault, Detroit at that time had no paved streets, few sidewalks, but an abundance of deep, black mud, through which it was difficult to wade. Leaving Detroit on Monday morning at eight o'clock, in a four-horse stage, and the first coach sent out that season, we succeeded in reaching Ypsilanti by two o'clock after midnight, a distance of only thirty miles; nearly onethird of which some of us walked, and helped the stage along.

Two of our fellow passengers were called Judge O'Keife and Mr. Vandyke, attorneys en route to the village of Wayne, on law business.

We found them very. The Judge had made himself very proficient in the vulgar tongue, and as of ten as the stage would take a lurch into a mud hole, his Honor would pour out a volley of epithets not found in ordinary vocabularies. We also had a passenger on board who doubtless counted himself a professional wag, and who rendered us some good service by diverting our minds from the tediousness of the journey.

He seemed to know, or at least he could tell more about Michigan than any man I had ever met with. Some of his communications were so wonderful that I doubt not but you will agree with me that they are worthy of a place among the archives of this State Pioneer Society.

Many remarkable things have been told about the impassable condition of the roads in the State; of the swamps and mire through which travelers had to wade while looking land, or migrating from one settlement to another.

His description of the road through what he called the "Big Swamp," leading from Detroit to Pontiac, surpassed all I have ever heard before or since. His account of it ran thus: One of these men, a little in advance of the rest of them, discovered, as he thought, a good beaver hat lying in the center of the road, and called his companions to a halt while he ventured to secure it.

At the risk of his life, he waded out, more than knee deep to the spot, and seizing the hat, to his surprise he found a live man's head under it, but on lustily raising a cry for help, the stranger in the mire declined all assistance, saying: Another incident related by this loquacious friend had reference to the ancient river Rouge, which in its progress to the great lakes passes through the town of Dearborn, at that time the location of a United States arsenal.

This river has ever borne the reputation of a sluggish stream. He informed us that after one of the settlers had left home for the fields one morning his wife discovered a stranger on its banks whose actions excited her fears that he might be insane, or was contemplating suicide.

Now stooping down as if touching the water with his hand, then walking up and down the stream, and again falling back a distance as if preparing to run, and by a fatal leap end a wretched existence in its fearful, muddy depths. In this state of excitement she watched him for more than three long hours. Immediately on the return of her husband, being informed of the facts, he hastened to the river and inquired of the mysterious stranger if he could render him any assistance, when the following dialogue ensued: You see, stranger, I am a traveler from the east, and passing through the country am taking notes of climate, soil, and production; of the rise and course of rivers and streams, etc.

You see that feather out yonder? Well, some four hours ago I threw that into the water to ascertain its course;. My parents, William and Sarah Taylor, of Mereworth, Kent, England, settled in Pittsfield, Washtenaw county, Michigan, in the year ; but although often visiting them I did not take up my permanent residence in the State until the fall of In as a minister of the Michigan conference of the Methodist Episcopal church, being stationed in Detroit, I found among my parishioners a Mr.

Robert Abbott, who was the first AngloAmerican child born in Detroit, and the first individual that bowed as a penitent, and professed conversion to the Christian religion under Protestant preaching in the Territory of Michigan.

His conversion took place in the year of my birth, 18 LO, under the labors of Rev. William Case, a missionary to the Indians in Canada. He also was one of those who helped form the first Protestant Christian church in Detroit, and took an active part in the erection of the first Protestant meeting-house built in the state.

This first Protestant church was built of hewed logs, and stood about five or six miles from Detroit, on the river road to Dearborn. It was dedicated in , and its first pastor was Rev. Gideon Lanning, who was appointed to that work by the Genesee conference, Detroit circuit then being recognized within its bounds. Learning the fact from Mr. Abbott that this first Protestant church, built by the first protestant penitent and convert, and being the first Methodist Episcopal church of Michigan, had been destroyed by the hand of the incendiary, I resolved to obtain a relic for preservation if it was possible to procure it, and, taking with me Revs.

Price, visited the spot and were rewarded by the discovery of a partially burned foundation log in a state of rapid decay, and taking it to the city had the soundest portions of it turned into walking canes, one of which is now present for examination. One of these canes has been thus ordained to perpetuate the historic facts related, and may become an object of great interest to yet unborn great-greatgrandchildren of Michigan pioneers.

Procuring an agate, some native silver and copper from the upper peninsula, sending them to New York, where they were properly prepared and the cane suitably engraved and beautifully ornamented, it was presented to Rev. Glezer Fillmore, of the Genesee conference of the Methodist Episcopal church, the writer's beloved father in the ministry, and at his decease is to be held by the oldest member of that body through all coming time.

In conclusion, permit me to present the following brief statistical facts, which I think cannot fail to deeply interest you. Seventy-five years ago there was no resident Protestant minister of the gospel, and no Protestant religious society existing in this territory. At that time the cause of the Redeemer could claim but one lone convert. But this lone convert, Mr. Robert Abbott, became the nucleus of Methodism, which then was without church, without ministers, and without members; but to-day the Methodist Episcopal church alone can count 1, ministers, traveling and local, a membership of 60,, and from one house of worship in , in Other denominations will more than make these figures double, giving us more than 2, Protestant ministers, nearly , church members, and probably 1, church buildings.

What hath God wrought? Surely the desert is made to "blossom as the rose," and "the wilderness has become a fruitful field.

McReynolds, Grand Rapids; Col. WHEREAS, it is proper to perpetuate the memory of the achievements of our Spartan band in the war with Mexico, the results of which have been so important to the glory and the material prosperity of our country, and to keep alive the fraternal sympathies engendered by the mutual hardships and successes; we therefore, in the name of the Michigan Association of the Veterans of the War with Mexico, adopt the following Constitution: Any soldier, sailor, or marine of the War with NMexico, and honorably discharged, may become a member of this association.

The officers of this association shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Committee, to consist of the officers and two persons to be appointed according to the wish of the association.

An annual fee of one dollar shall be required of all members who are able to pay the same. Those who are unable to pay may so report to any member of the Executive Committee. Veterans of the War with Mexico, residing in other States, and honorably discharged, will be enrolled as honorary members of this association. At the sound of the bugle by James D. Elderkin, the association met and was called to order by the President, Andrew T.

The Secretary then called the roll, and the following members answered to their names: Allen, Freeman Norvell, E. Pittman, Isaac Regal, - - Bassett. Rowley, Henry Starkey, Philetus P. Sandborn, Alanson Cane, Charles R. Farran, Joseph Salkeld, Albert S. Church, Nicholas Guesel, Reuben R. Davis, James Gleason, Isaac D. McReynolds, Richard Graffe, W. White, Edward McIntosh, R. Newell, Charmes Hobbs, After roll call, the veterans were welcomed to Detroit, through the chairman of the committee of arrangements, Col.

Norvell, who delivered the following address of welcome. COMRADES-Upon me has been devolved the most agreeable duty of tendering to you on the part of your old associates and your friends in Detroit, a hearty, hospitable, and honest welcome to our beautiful city.

Nearly thirty-two years ago you started from this same city on a mission of patriotic duty for a far distant, foreign country. At the call of your government you gave up home, family, comfort, and independence for camp privations, and the restrictions of military discipline. Health and safety were imperiled, and sickness and danger braved. You departed in the flush of early manhood, full of enthusiasm and hope; and you offered your best services, and your blood and lives, to sustain the just demand of your country in defending the rights and territory of a State, which having conquered its independence from Mexico, sought in annexation and affiliation with the great republic, which could alone insure it that peace and prosperity which its counterfeit had sought to destroy.

That this war of defense merged into one of aggression and conquest; that indemnity for the past and security for the future required large accessions of territory not originally contemplated; that this policy prolonged your service and increased your hardships, only adds to the debt due you from your country for your efforts and the general results.

A few of us again meet, after a generation has passed, in this same city, our numbers diminished and infirmities increasing. But our spirit is unimpaired, and the bond that unites us is only tightened.

Comrades, you are welcome to Detroit. Norvell's remarks were heartily applauded. The address of welcome was responded to on behalf of the Association, by Col. McReynolds, President, as follows: I came here young, inexperienced, and a stranger, nearly half a century ago.

I made this city my home, and recur to it not only as my early home, but as my most cherished home, where I have always been received with kindness and warm words of welcome. I am also pleased that the words of welcome just given to us are from the lips of one whose father was honored as the first Senator from Michigan to the Congress of the United States, and a warm and dear personal friend of my own.

Thirty-one years ago, on April 26, I marched through this noble thoroughfare-Jefferson avenue-to Woodward avenue, and thence to the river, at the head of as brave and stalwart men as ever marched to the battlefield, and we took passage on the boat on our way to Mexico, to defend the rights and principles of our country-those men, sir, whom that noble and true patriot, Gen Brady, who in his day and generation was worshiped by the people of Detroit, said that he "had seen most of the soldiers of the British army, and all the soldiers of the war of , and as fine a looking body of men organized as our company he had never before seen.

The trial was made, the issue came, and the men marched from Vera Cruz, under that mighty captain, Gen. Scott, until they reached the gates of the Mexican capital, and in triumph unfurled and planted in victory the stars and stripes. Of the brave men of Company K, Third United States Dragoons, of which company I had the honor to be the captain, but seventeen returned to tell the story, and but five are here with us to-day.

I remember, too, with kindness, the feeling and affectionate words of adieu that were showered upon us as we walked to the river on our way to Mexico, only to be repeated as words of welcome double fold as we returned to meet the thousands of citizens of Detroit and Michigan, who assembled to receive us when the battles had been fought and won. I do not wonder that we are equally pleasantly received now, that other courtesies await us; and I can only say in behalf of my comrades, that we gratefully appreciate these kindnesses of the citizens of Detroit.

If thcre is any one thing dear to a true soldier beyond his own home and family circle, it is the remembrance of his service on the battle field; and the feeling that such service is appreciated and recognized as such.

Thus we receive the favors of the citizens of Detroit as evidences of appreciation, with warm thanks to all. I hope we may all meet, soldiers and citizens, in the future, and that we shall sit together, grateful to Almighty God that our country is blessed with peace, and I hope a lasting peace.

McReynolds was repeatedly interrupted with rounds of applause from both veterans and citizens present. At the close of Col. What booming sound is this salutes the ear, As if old Ocean, tossed with maddening roar, Flung his wild billows o'er the ramparts sheer Of Heaven's battlements.

Upon the shore Of Mexico's gulf see Ringgold's batteries pour The deadly cannonade! But other fields are to be won. The slaves Of despots never won such fight as theySons of the Starry banner: See, it waves, O glorious spectacle! Above the dizzy heights of hard fought Monterey.

What joy pulsates the Nation's swelling heart, As the glad news is messaged through the land; Not in a flash to earth's remotest partThe lightning's wing unsubject to our hand: Our gallant chief is called from his command, The undying laurel twined around his browWhich shall grow greener as the years expand, To fill what Washington did first endow With dignity: Where frowns the castle o'er Ulloa's walls, Where erst the Spaniard vexed the treacherous coast, In search of gold: With this short summons spake that grand array, "L Surrender!

The pride of old Castile was up that day. Gun answering gun lit up the lurid sky, And neighboring headlands uttered their defle; And screeching shells, the meteors of hell, Quenched in the churches woman's piteous cry. Oh, who the short-shrived agony can tell, Of those who stained the altars where they knelt and fell.

The mountain charge, the howitzers full play, The rifles whiz, the rattling sabres clan: Whose wounds yet gape, and who on latest fields Struck for that liberty which only union yields. O comrades-would that I might call you such!

Your ranks are thinning faster now than when Ye felt the Tierries Calienties touch With parching breath the flowery plain or glen, Where Flora's treasures trance the souls of men; But as you cheerful march life's down hill way, Trusting that future which no man may ken, Let us with hands unclasp our country pray One undivided recompense for blue and gray. The poem was received with marked approbation, every sentiment it expressed receiving cheering applause, showing that the poet was appreciated and his effort a success.

Toll, the orator of the day, then delivered the annual address. The Secretary of the association took the liberty to add that the orator's company, "carrying" the Regimental Flag, was therefore, in the very hottest of the battle, and his voice was constantly heard, as the ranks were thinned, shouting "'Michigan Boys, Rally to the Flag!

Toll, of Fawn River. Its title was "1Michigan's Record in the War with Mexico," but as the author modestly omitted all allusion to his own share in that service, we will add ourselves that Col. Toll commanded Company E, Fifteenth U. Infantry, to which was entrusted the regimental colors, that he led his men with true gallantry, and that at Churubusco le was especially conspicious in the hottest of the fight.

With this preface we give the oration of the day in full. Norvell, reported in favor of the re-election of the present officers, which report was accepted and unanimously adopted. Wilkins, chairman of the committee on resolutions, reported as follows: Toll will be found in Vol.

Rowley and the members of the Executive Committee, for the distinguished ability which has marked their efforts in making our re-union and welcome extended, successful and satisfactory to the veterans.

The following resolutions were then unanimously adopted: The thanks of this Association are hereby tendered to E. The Secretary then read the correspondence between himself and the following members of Congress, of this State, viz.: Brewer, who each oppose the pension bill for political party reasons.

The Secretary also read a letter from the Hon. Hewitt, of Alabama, warmly supporting the bill as a matter of simple justice, and assuring the veterans of his untiring efforts to pass the bill. A letter to the Secretary from Hon. Voorhees, United States Senator from Indiana, setting forth that he had charge of the bill in the Senate, and it should have his best services in getting it through that body. Letters were read from General Gideon J. Pillow and General James Shields, to President McReynolds, and Secretary Gibson, thanking the association for the honor conferred by electing them honorary members of the society; also a letter from ex-Secretary Chas.

Bostick, regretting his inability to attend the meeting. The Secretary also presented a letter from Hon. Webber, returning his thanks for the invitation to attend the re-union, and his regrets that business prevented him from such pleasure, wishing the veterans a pleasant time and health to enjoy many such meetings.

All the railroad companies in the State generously gave reduced rates of fare, and furnished excursion tickets to the veterans-for which the thanks of the association were tendered. A resolution was adopted changing the time of holding the annual meetings until the first Wednesday of October.

Whereupon, the business proceedings being completed, it was resolved that when the Association adjourn, it adjourn to meet at Lansing, on the first "Wednesday in October, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine, The Association then adjourned until 9 o'clock P. At 9 o'clock P. After the supper, the Veterans indulged in a series of toasts and responses, with Col. Freedman Norvell as master of ceremonies. The regular toasts were as follows: Since their service many have acquired forms that are bent, and sight that is dimmed, but there is still left intact their patriotism, devotion, and old-time enthusiasm.

Toll dwelt with great force and eloquence upon the necessity of a well-drilled militia, the nation's chief defense, and to be relied upon in all emergencies. That our best youth should come forward, and our foremost citizens should aid in stimulating volunteer companies. The spirit of our institutions is opposed to large standing armies; that a bitter experience had demonstrated that a sleepless vigilance to preserve what our ancestors had suffered for, alone would be effectual; and that legislation as well, was necessary to provide a military chest.

Wilkins and others replied in most eloquent terms to volunteer toasts, receiving hearty applause. Robertson's speech to " The Regular Army," was interesting, and was interrupted with applause. Major Gibson spoke in the warmest terms of the untiring efforts of Capt. Rowley in getting up the banquet; alluding to every detail involving the pleasure of the guests that his brother veterans were honored by his kind attentions.

All united in acknowledging the kind and courteous treatment received at the hands of their respected comrade, Capt. The above exercises, with music by a vocal quartette, and social intercourse, served to pass the time pleasantly to a late hour, and furnish a fitting finale to the meeting of the veterans. Whereupon the association adjourned. Affectionate memories of their venerated President, the lamented Dr. Tappan, are still cherished, fresh and unsullied by time and death; and will so remain until the end shall come for all that far scattered band.

At the quarter centennial reunion the loving veneration of the class for the Doctor took tangible form in the way of a class album containing the autographs of all the members then present. This souvenir -accompanied by an appropriate inscription was forwarded to Mrs. Tappan at her widowed home in Vevey, Switzerland, and its receipt is now acknowledged by her in a letter to Mr. Accompanying her letter were photographic views of Dr. Tappan's grave and surroundings; intended, as her letter says, for "the gentlemen of the class of '58, who so kindly sent me their autographs in the precious album which I so much prize.

Tappan's peaceful rest, is perhaps the most beautiful spot in Europe. At least it disputes that distinction with Edinburgh and Constantinople. The grave is situated on the slope of a hill that overlooks Lake Geneva, and commands a prospect of the Castle of Chillon, and a noble view of the Jura Mountains, so often celebrated in song and story,-notably by Lord Byron.

All around it flourishes "the purple grape," whose vines rise tier on tier, giving the scene a charm like unto that which springs from no other beneficence in nature. The grave itself is marked by a plain marble shaft that fitly commemorates the solid- and noble simplicity which was the foundation of Dr.

Tappan's character, and the sure index of his greatness. Happy, let us believe,. At a meeting of the University Senate, held September 5, , the following memorandum relative to the death of Professor George P. Williams, was ordered to be placed in the minutes: With profound emotions the senate of the university has received intelligence of the death of its oldest member, Professor George Palmer Williams. Yesterday at sunrise he expired without a struggle, at the ripe age of seventy-nine years and four months.

By this death is severed the last of those living links that connect the present condition of the university with its earliest history. Appointed to a professor's chair in , Dr. Williams welcomed the first student that came to Ann Arbor for instruction; as president of the faculty he gave diplomas to the first class that graduated; and from the day of his appointment to the hour of his death his official connection with the university was never broken.

During the whole of this long term of educational service many qualities of a high order shone out with peculiar luster in the life of Dr. His loyalty and devotion to the university were without reserve; his faith in the principles on which the institution is founded was unflagging; and the interest with which he watched the various phases of its development ended only with the approach of death.

On the last day of his life his conversation frequently turned upon its condition and its interests. In his intercourse with his colleagues he was remarkable for the dignified courtesy of his bearing, the hearty warmth of his greetings, and the radiant humor of his conversation.

His wit was proverbial; but it was so free from the bitterness of malice and the stings of sarcasm that it was always a source of pleasure, never a source of pain. To meet him was always a pleasure; to take his hand always a satisfaction.

But it was in his relations with his pupils that the peculiar qualities of his nature were most marked. In extraordinary measure lie impressed upon them his own character. Of the hundreds that sat under his instruction many, perhaps, have forgotten the science he taught; but there is probably not one that does not feel that he was made better by his friendly admonition or his fatherly advice. His bearing was felt to be a rebuke of every mean act. His interest in all his pupils had the gentle qualities of a personal and almost a paternal fondness; and hence it was but the natural and spontaneous expression of his heart that even to the end of his life he spoke of them all as " his boys.

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However, I find him so unattractive. Matt Doyle and Ryan Steele. John Jeffrey Martin from Kinky Boots. Of course he has. Theater queens are easy sycophants. Any photos of Andy Mientus shirtless? I'd rather see him pantsless. R take the fucking period out of your reference to replies. How hard is that? Hall monitor, is that better?

Jeez, what a fucking creep. Hall monitor's don't try to aid communication. Hall monitors don't need apostrophes either, loser. Stop infighting and get back to the gossip. Anyone ever been with Billy Porter or Darren Lee? R You really are senile. That's why it matters.

Again, stop whining and say thank you. Is it true that Ryan Steele is the big dick top in that relationship with Matt Doyle? I'm picturing more of a double-headed-dildo situation. At times his dick looks pretty big in these undies Oops forgot the link.

I loved Matt in Private Romeo, that must have been a fun set. My god, I lusted after that man in Chicago. Since we both saw them in their skivvies, it looks like neither is packing. Did they sing to each other and fall for each other's voices? Otherwise, I don't get it. Yeah, he should have give the lead to Chanler Berat.

So Matt Doyle and Ryan Steele: Matt and Wes were boyfriends, that's what we were referring to. But thanks for playing. Do we think Charl Brown and Stark Sand ever had a drunk, horny, college boy encounter? Stark Sands filled out his underwear nicely in American Idiot. R, you should have clarified. You sounded like an out-of-touch idiot. How about some more AKB love? Stop reading things into people's posts and you won't need clarifications.

I wish that there was a Kyle Dean Massey thread. He's beautiful and a talented actor, as well. Maybe you could start a Kyle Dean Massey thread.

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