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Large n Carrollton Michigan still seeks a friend

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Hyde was born in Catskill, N. He was a descendant of an old Colonial family established in Newtown, Mass. He came to New York in the year , and for the next two years was employed by Messrs. In January, , he obtained a clerkship in the office of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, and was subsequently made cashier of that company. In , Henry B.

Hyde resigned from the Mutual and founded the Equitable. He married Annie Fitch, daughter of Simeon Fitch. His son, James H. Hyde, graduated from Harvard in and joined the company as a Second Vice President. Alexander, the first president of the Equitable, died in Death of Henry B. New York Times, May 3, Alexander was the last surviving son of Archibald Alexander, D. He graduated from the College of New-Jersey in He was in the New Jersey state legislature, and was a candidate for governor in He became president of the Equitable Life Assurance Society that year.

New York Times, Aug. He left six sons - Rev. Joseph Addison Alexander, Rev. New York Times, Oct. From the Trenton Gazette. Lambert became associated with Henry B. Hyde in , who in that year founded the Equitable Life Assurance Society, and was made the society's first medical director.

During the period of forty-five years since then he had remained chief of the Equitable's medical staff New York Times, July 19, He got his M. He was the father of Dr. Three of his four daughters married Yale grads as well: He married Martha, a daughter of Samuel W. Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale, , p. He was a director of the Pacific Mutual Insurance Company in New York Times, Jan. He was one of the incorporators of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company in , and was its medical examiner until , when he went to that position at the Equitable.

About eight years later he returned to Massachusetts, and in went back to the Massachusetts Mutual. There were other brothers in the family whom the rest of the family does not mention, including William Gage Lambert Jr.

Arrest warrants were issued for William G. Perley for arson of a liquor store they owned, which was insured by the Standard and American Insurance Companies and the Home Insurance Company, along with inflated claims of loss. Incendiary Fire in Broadway. New York Herald, Aug. Their mother was Sally Perley, daughter of Phineas Perley. The History and Genealogy of the Perley Family. Twombly , Harvard , was a younger half-brother of Alexander S. Twombly and Edward B.

Twombly were directors of Sterling Securities Corp. Syracuse Herald, May 23, Twombly was Henry B. Twombly's son and law partner. Who's who in Finance and Banking, Edited by John William Leonard.

Their father, William G. Lambert, was one of the original directors of the Equitable and was on its board until at least New York Times, Feb. In , he was identified with the firm of A. New York Times, Mar. He retired from A. Boston Daily Advertiser, Jul. He was a member of the executive committee of the American Home Missionary Society.

Since he has been a member, and most of the time a deacon, of the Broadway Tabernacle Church" [of Rev. Letter from New York. Amos Adams Lawrence was the head of A. Lawrence's father, Amos Lawrence, was a supporter of the notorious anti-smoker, Rev.

He was the son of Rev. His Yale relatives go back to Bulletin of Yale University. Richards Dies; New York Lawyer. New York Times, Sep. Cowdin was born in in Vermont. He was one of the founders of the Union League Club. He had crossed the Atlantic some 50 times in all, and had, curiously enough, been a personal witness of every struggle from down to the last abortive struggle of the Communists.

New York Times, Apr. His widow, Edward W. Lambert, and Joseph S. Lowrey were the executors. Peabody and Fisher A. Baker were the witnesses. New York Times, May 9, Ironically, Bacon died of blood poisoning after an operation for mastoiditis performed by Dr.

Lambert; while his brother, anti-smoker Dr. Robert Bacon Dies in Hospital. New York Times, May 30, Samuel Waldron Lambert, Yale , was professor of applied therapeutics at Columbia University from to and clinical medicine , dean of the faculty of medicine to [he was succeeded by Dr.

William Darrach , Wolf's Head ], and dean emeritus to He was on the staff of at least 21 hospitals, and a trustee of Roosevelt Hospital from to He was on the advisory council of the Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine, and the medical advisory committee of Yale-in-China.

Samuel Waldron Lambert and Dr. Rockefeller's physical condition was such that his life would be endangered by any effort, strain, or excitement. As president of the New York Academy of Medicine, he sponsored a "graduate fortnight" on aging, whose partticipants included Dr.

Dublin, statistician of the Metropolitan Life; Dr. Vincent, President of the Rockefeller Foundation; Dr. Martland, City Hospital, Newark; Dr. Collins, New York City; Dr.

Leo Buerger , attending surgeon, Bronx Hospital; Dr. Zabriskie, attending physician, Neurological Institute; Dr. Alexis Carrel, of the Rockefeller Institute; and Dr. Doctors in a Congress to Study Ills of Age.

Lambert was the physician of George Crocker, the youngest son of California railroad magnate Charles Crocker. George Crocker and his wife both died of stomach cancer. Crocker's sister was married to Charles B. Alexander of the Equitable.

She had been the private secretary of Mrs. Knox continued to visit her in Chicago. Social Gossip of the Day. Desmond FitzGerald [2d] married Mary E. Charles Francis Adams Jr. Holmes Crimmins and Alfred C. Peabody Bride in Maine. They were divorced, and she was later known as Marietta Tree. An article in Esquire identified him as the man in charge of espionage activities abroad.

Saltonstall Denies 'Clandestine' Links of C. Ball to Help Medical Work. Eleanor married Albert Francke Jr. His best man was Archibald Douglas Jr. Her cousin, Adele Reynal, was one of the bridesmaids. Paul School, Autumn;65 3: His father, Albert Francke, was a member of the New York Stock Exchange from to , and a member of its board of governors from to He was born in London, England in Albert Francke, On Stock Exchange.

The senior Francke graduated from Yale in , and had four brothers who also graduated from Yale. Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale University, , p. The fund was "scouting for well-heeled foreign interest in the Middle East and Asia. He graduated from Yale and received his law degree from Stanford. He was an usher at his sister's marriage to Frederic G. Fete May 23 to Aid Cancer Center.

New York Times, May 12, He was educated at Phillips Academy, Andover. He was the first superintendent of the Boston water-works, and designed its reservoirs.

He was a consultant on the water systems of Washington, D. Desmond FitzGerald, Engineer, Dies at William Watts Sherman was a cousin.

Willed Heirlooms to Wealthiest Boy. New York Spectator, Mar. Americans of Royal Descent, p. Desmond FitzGerald married Elizabeth P. The Congregationalist and Boston Recorder, Jun. Salisbury was born in Boston in , and graduated from Harvard in Boston Daily Advertiser, Sep. FitzGerald's sister, Annie G. Salisbury, married Theodore S. Woolsey was professor of international law at Yale from , and professor emeritus since then. Salisbury, Yale , was an uncle. Lord Carnarvon Host in Florida. By Desmond FitzGerald, , p.

Young and Janet Fish were in their party. They made a camp on the shore of Lake Saranac for their honeymoon. A few miles away at the Saranac Inn was a group that included included Mr. New York Tribune, Sep. FitzGerald was elected a director of the Brookline Trust Company. Heard on the Street. Boston Evening Globe, Nov.

Jones was president of the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company for over forty years. He was born in Cold Spring Harbor, N. He left to be an independent adjuster for a few years, but returned as Secretary after the Arlantic was mutualized. He was elected president in His wife was a daughter of Gen. His nephew, Edward H. He married Charles B. McCook, the Lawyer, Dead. He was also a trustee of Princeton University. At the commencement of the Princeton Theological Seminary in , on behalf of the Board of Directors, he warned graduates not to criticize the Presbyterian creed, following which his his brother-in-law, Rev.

Maitland Alexander of Pittsburgh, announced the award of fellowships and prizes. Morgan, a sister of J. Miss Caroline McCook to Wed. Whitman, and Andrew R. Cambridge came from England in and founded the town of Medfield, Mass. He received his MD at Columbia in He was an assistant medical examiner at the Equitable and attending physician at the Demilt Dispensary until , when he switched to law, and then botany.

Wheelock's sister married George A. Obituary Record of Yale Graduates , p. Wheelock was a member of the governing body of N. Wheelock was a member of "a combination of capitalists and promoters of new industrial enterprises and trusts," associated with William C.

Loans of State Trust Company. Theodore Weston was the civil engineer in charge of the Croton Aqueduct and other water and sewer projects in New York City and Brooklyn. He was the architect of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Woolsey, the President of Yale. Lewis Atterbury Stimson , Yale Obituary Record of the Graduates, Yale University , p. His minor son, Theodore W. Weston, owned land in John M. Woolsey's subdivision in the original allotment in the village of Cleveland, Ohio, which he sold.

Daily Cleveland Herald, Sep. He went broke speculating in real estate, and assigned his property to a business partner, Henry J. Boston Daily Advertiser, Dec. His sister married William F. Francis Bayard Winthrop, V, September - September, , p. Stewart, Louis Fitzgerald, John D. Marquand, Eugene Kelly, W. Bliss , Henry Day, George C. Magoun, Marcellus Hartley, William B.

Depew, William Walker, Charles G. Randolph, Robert Bliss, J. Bliss, Parker Handy, C. Phillips, of Boston; H. Wolcott, of Denver; Thomas A. Fairchild, of Manchester, England; Gustav G.

Whitewright and Walker left; Levi P. Morton and Charles S. Alexander was the attorney for Julien T. More of Ward's Rascality. New York Times, May 11, He was the attorney for the Equitable during the Tontine investigation. The Tontine System Investigation. Alexander, his brother, was best man. The ushers were Harry Tevis, E. Sheldon, Frank Carolan, Charles W. Greenaway, and Osgood Hooker. Halsted Myers was one of the physicians.

Alexander, class of , replaced his deceased father, Henry M. Alexander, as a Trustee of Princeton University. His wife gave Alexander Hall to the university.

Elected A Trustee of Princeton. His previous gifts to Columbia were put in the hands of Dr. John Hays Hammond was the executor of Crocker's will. Alexander was a guest at Thomas F. Ryan 's tobacco summit dinner in His oldest daughter, Harriet, married Winthrop W. Aldrich , a brother-in-law of John D. Miss Alexander to Wed W. McCook, who represented the U.

Government at the ceremonies. Charles Beatty Alexander was the grandson of Rev. Archibald Alexander, founder and member of the first theological faculty of the Princeton Theological Seminary. They were lifelong members of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. Alexander Dies in Paris Home. Maitland Alexander was another brother.

He married Madeleine Laughlin of Pittsburgh, "a sharer of the hugh fortune of the Joneses and Laughlins, pioneer steel manufacturers of western Pennsylvania. Her father, Alexander Laughlin, Jr. Alexander himself inherited nearly a million. San Antionio Gazette, Jan.

Her brother, Alexander Laughlin Jr. His father had been chairman of the Republican National Committee in , and he was a staunch Republican. Her cousin, Thomas McK. Laughlin was a very close friend of President Taft, who attended his funeral in Pittsburgh when he committed suicide.

Maitland Alexander conducted the ceremonies. Herron of Cincinnati was the father of both Mrs. President Attends Laughlin Funeral. Petersburg, Russia from , and counsellor at London He married a daughter of Adrian Iselin. Irwin [Boyle] Laughlin, B. Laughlin Eccentric While in Berlin.

Embassy in Paris from to General catalogue of Princeton University, , p. He married Grace Green in Elliott Roosevelt were among the guests. Marriage of Henry A.

Alexander and Miss Grace Green. Her father, Albert W. Green, died on a hunting trip in South Dakota. He was born in Ohio but came to New York while young. New York Tribune, Oct. They were divorced in , remarried in , and divorced again in He was living at Hyeres, France. Wife of Henry A. Alexander Again Seeks Her Freedom. New York Sun, Apr. When his second wife left, he lived in London, "where he has formed legal and financial connections with the house of Rothschilds.

Miss Alexander Roosevelt's Bride. Alexander and her two sisters received the income from a fortune left by their grandfather, Theron R. Butler, which was to go to his great-great-grands, of whom the Roosevelt children were the only ones.

In , after losing the gubernatorial election, Theodore Jr. Quentin Roosevelt and his cousin, 2d Lt. Textual Records from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Office of Strategic Services. Quentin was a vice president of the China National Aviation Corporation when he died in His daughter, Susan Roosevelt, graduated from Radcliffe in and studied Chinese for a year before entering law school. She married William F. Weld , Harvard [later Governor of Massachusetts]. Susan Roosevelt Is Wed on L.

New York Times, June 8, Hyde, President; James W. Wheelock, Henry Day, M. Bliss, Alanson Trask, E. Boudinot Colt, John A. Jones, John Sloane, S. Young, Robert Bliss, John J. Randolph, Eugene Kelly, George C.

Van Bergen, Gustav G. New York Sun, Feb. Low was the son of Equitable director James Low. He was a founding director of the International Banking and Trust Company in Trust Companies to Unite.

He married a daughter of Henry A. Mott, who was the son of Dr. Valentine Mott and a brother of Dr. Jay Gould's Will Filed. Boudinot Colt, John Sloane, S.

Williamson, Eugene Kelly, John A. McCall Comptroller , Charles S. Van Cise were Actuaries. McCall and Pohl left; M. Jordan was the new Comptroller. Daniel Rogers Noyes was senior partner of the wholesale drug firm of Noyes Bros. He was born in in Lyme, Conn. From to , he was associated with the wholesale drug house of Schieffelin Bros. In , he moved to St. The Pharmaceutical Era July 1, Noyes, and Edward H. Cutler were the partners of Noyes Bros. Paul Daily News, May 18, Their daughter marrried Henry W.

Noyes was also a regent of the University of Minnesota and a trustee of Carleton College. Their sister was married to Thatcher M. Brown , [Wolf's Head] His sister was Mrs.

Bliss, August Belmont, Charles S. Smith, John Sloane, Horace J. Boudinot Colt, Gage E. Tarbell, Marvin Hughitt , William B. Kendall, Frank Thomson, G. Phillips, Alanson Trask, John A. Fitz, Daniel Lord, Henry R. Ingalls, Brayton Ives, Thomas D.

Gould was the son of Jay Gould. He was president of the Missouri Pacific and a director of numerous other railroads. The International Who's Who, Although his name was connected with several important undertakings, Mr. Ripley held largely aloof from business as well as from public affairs. Sidney Dillon Ripley Dead. Wedded in the Country. She remarried to Charles R.

Scott, a representative of the International Banking Corporation in the Orient. Ripley Bar Harbor Bride. His first wife was Marguerite Doubleday, a daughter of George Doubleday.

New York Times, May 5, She died in , and he was engaged to a daughter of John W. He graduated from Harvard in Gladys Livermore Engaged to Marry. George Doubleday was the chairman of Ingersoll-Rand. Doubleday Dies; Industrialist, Wheelock, Marcellus Hartley, H. Van Horne, Charles B. Hyde, Horace Porter, John A. Van Santvoord, Melville E.

Van Bergen, John E. De Witt Cuyler, Joseph T. Low, Daniel Lord, Henry R. Wolcott, August Belmont, William B. Carleton, Samuel Borrowe, E. Boudinot Colt, Daniel R. Hyde, Louis Fitzgerald, Chauncey M. Smith, John Sloane, Thomas D. Fairchild, John Jacob Astor, T. Van Horne, Gage E. De Witt Cuyler, Thomas S. Alexander, August Belmont, Thomas T.

Terbell, Brayton Ives, E. Boudinot Colt, Alanson Trask, J. Phillips and Terbell left; D. Mills , and George H. Hyde, Lord, and Thomson left; James W. Alexander became president, and C. Phillips, the first Actuary, died in , and Mr. Van Cise, who had been Assistant Actuary since , was appointed to his place, R. Hann receiving the appointment of Assistant Actuary. The Officers of the Society. He died in the sinking of the ocean liner Titanic.

He was also a director of the Morton Trust Company. Americans of Royal Descent. By Charles Henry Browning, , p. Her sister, Susan R. Willing, was the second wife of Francis Cooper Lawrance Jr. Most of his real estate holdings were left in the trusteeship of James Roosevelt Roosevelt, Nicholas Biddle, and Douglas Robinson, who were also the executors. His second wife, Mrs. His first wife, Mrs.

Each generation has a family head. This family head holds property of two classes, property held in trust and property which is held outright, because the law forbids entailments. The family head makes a will leaving the property held in trust outright to his son and the property held outright in trust. Each alternate block of property is held in trust, the rest held outright, as the property changes hands.

Astor Fortune Goes to Vincent. New York Times, May 7, Roosevelt, Biddle, and Robinson had also been trustees of William B. Vincent Astor in Full Control. The descendants of John Jacob Astor. Robert Maitland was best man at their wedding. The ushers were Mr. Gracie, Frederick Newbold, and Mr. William Astor and her cousin, Mrs. A High Toned Wedding.

Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, Nov. Thomas Jefferson Coolidge was born in Boston in He was educated abroad, then graduated from Harvard in He started in the store of William Perkins. In , he formed a partnership with Joseph P. Gardner in the East India trade. In , he took charge of the Boott mills in Lowell, and rebuilt them. From , he lived in France for three or four years. In , he resigned from the Boott mills and joined the Lawrence Manufacturing Company.

In , he became treasurer of the Amoskeag corporation of Manchester, N. In , he was appointed minister to France by President Harrison. He was recommended by the former minister, Whitelaw Reid. He resigned from the Equitable in , and declined to serve on the committee to select a chairman. He married Hetty S. Appleton, daughter of William Appleton, in News of the Railroads. Coolidge and James H. Hyde were directors of Charles T.

Yerkes's railroads in London, England. New York Times, May 1, Boston Daily Advertiser, Jun. Lawrence was a sister-in-law. By Charles Henry Browning, , pp. Daily National Intelligencer, Jun. We must first ask how far, either in law or equity, a citizen of the United States or any other foreigner, can be admitted to claim under an indemnification wrung from the Chinese by the British arms, while they have a consul or vice consul in China?

Guttierris, who was Mr. Coolidge, besides his well-known confidential intercourse with Captain Elliot, was particularly warned by that officer in person not to remain in Canton that night, the 21st of May. New York Herald, Dec. Thomas Jefferson Coolidge Jr. He was secretary and treasurer of the United Fruit Company. New Orleans Daily Picayune, Apr. Hyde, Louis Fitsgerald, Chauncey M.

Tarbell, Marvin Hughitt, William H. Frick , William Alexander, John J. Ripley, John Sloane, E. Harriman , Alfred G. Van Horne, Thomas T. Ledyard Blair, William H. William Henry Baldwin Jr. In , he was chosen to be the president of the Long Island Railroad. Baldwin At Last Succombs to Malady. Baldwin graduated from Smith College in , and was secretary to its president until their marriage in She was on its board of trustees for 25 years.

She was the first chairman of the National League on Urban Conditions Among Negroes, which was organized in their home in Ruth Baldwin Dies in 70th Year. Baldwin 3d graduated from Harvard in New York Times, May 20, His second marriage was to Mrs. He died when the Lusitania sank. His brother Cornelius was cut out, and he gave money from his own share to his brother. The executors were Alice G. Vanderbilt, the widow; and Alfred G.

Depew, and Edward V. Rossiter, with Reginald C. Vanderbilt to qualify when he came of age. The United States Trust Company was trustee. It was witnessed by the late Henry H. Anderson, who was Cornelius Vanderbilt's legal advisor, J.

The first codicil was witnessed by Anderson's son, Henry B. Prince, and Warren S. Crane; the second codicil by Edward L. Anderson and Henry B. Vanderbilt Will Changed By Heir. He was a director of the International Banking Corporation. New York - , p. McIntyre, and John J. McCook - were prominently involved in the formation of the International Banking Corporation in Hyde became a director of the First National Bank of Chicago in Frick, William Alexander, John J.

Forgan , Joseph T. Alexander, President; James H. Hyde, Vice President; Gage E. Jordan, Comptroller; Sidney D. Bolling, Superintendent of Agencies; Edward W. They were also cousins of the Shipman family, including Arthur L. Bradish Johnson was born in New York City, circa His wife was Aimee Gaillard, daughter of Joseph Gaillard.

Johnson and Aymar Johnson. Bradish Johnson, Financier, Dies. He settled in France in and returned to New York in He married Emma M. His son, Bradish G. His daughter, Adelaide, was a food transport driver for the French Army during the early part of the war. Johnson, An Estate Manager.

He was a captain in the French Army, and was liaison officer with the U. He was a first lieutenant in the Office of Strategic Services.

He was to marry Francine Buffet of Versailles. Alfred Johnson to Wed. Johnson's brother, Aymar Johnson, graduated from Harvard in He was a member of Johnson and Wood, stock brokers. He was a Lieutenant Commander in the U. Naval Intelligence Office, and was on his way to Bermuda when he was stricken.

He married Marion Hoffman in Aymar Johnson, 58, Stock Broker Here. Bradish Johnson's father, Bradish Johnson , was from Louisiana, where his grandfather was a partner of pirate Jean Lafitte. Two sisters, Margaret and Louisa, married Stephen Whitney in succession. New Orleans Daily Picayune, Nov. Buchanan Winthrop's law practice was almost entirely management of estates. He was a Fellow of Yale University since Gift Increased to Theological Seminary.

New York Times, May 31, The Winthrops owned Fisher's Island. Duke of Roxburghe Marries Miss Goelet. Frederic Kernochan was his best man. The ushers were Samuel D. Babcock, her brother; Ashbel H. Henry Winthrop, Banker Here, He was a director of Loew's Inc. Rowland Collins was elected to succeed him. School Named Loew's Director. Schaack, Chicago; George R. Thornton, Oak Park, Ill. Hall, New York; Henry P. Illian, New York; James J.

Bull, New York; Perry K. Cunningham, Brooklyn; George F. Brennan, Jersey City; and Malcolm S. Babcock and Henry D. Hold-over directors following reorganization: Krech, President of the Equitable Trust Co. Van Horne; Henry R. De Witt Cuyler; Levi P. Grover Cleveland, Morgan J. They nominated for one-year terms E. Louis; and William Whitman of Boston. Littlefield of Rockland, Me. Robertson of Columbia, S. Schmidlapp of Cincinnati; Daniel A.

Tompkins of Charlotte, N. Witherbee of Port Henry, N. Beach of New York; James B. Forgan of Chicago; A. Humphreys of New York; John T. Manson of New Haven; William C. Redfield of Brooklyn; F. Roebling of Trenton, N. Vietor of New York. Gillespie of New York; Willis F. McCook of Pittsburgh; Eugenius H.

Outerbridge of New York; Wallace L. Edward Swanstrom of Brooklyn; and Eben E. Thomas of Easton, Pa. In the "administration ticket" to fill vacancies: Paine, a lumber merchant; Thomas A. Outerbridge, President of the Davies Textile Co.

Stanton during the Civil War. He was personal counsel of Henry C. Carnegie; one of the organizers of the H. Frick Coke Company in ; and a founder and director of the Pittsburgh Steel Company in , and its president since He was counsel to the Equitable Life as well as a director, and a director of numerous steel related companies.

Obituary Record of Yale Graduates , page His grandson, Allison Maxwell, was president of the company in Pittsburgh Steel Enters New Phase. Monessen Valley Independent, Jun. The Historical Register, Edwin C. Schmidlapp, the head of the financial interests of that city.

Like Judge Hollister, Mr. Schmidlapp is not a political power, but socially he is the leader of his city's upper "40" or "," whichever way one wishes to put it. New York Times, May 29, He was also a director of the Cubitas Iron Ore Co.

Frank Spencer Witherbee, B. Witherbee was a guest at Thomas F. He was a member of the campaign committee to raise money for the United Hospital Fund in Edwin Wales Robertson was the son of U. Petersburg, Russia, in Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale University , pp. Bloomingdale, Abraham Brittin, T. DeWitt Cuyler, James B. Humphreys, Edward de V. Morrell, Bradish Johnson, John D. Pierce, Tom Randolph, William C. Snyder, Thomas Spratt, J.

Edward Swanstrom, Gage E. Tompkins, Sir William C. Van Horne, George F. Vietor, William Whitman, George T. Thomas Andrew Gillespie was born in Pittsburgh and graduated from high school there in He began as a clerk for the Pittsburgh Gas Company, then went to an iron manufacturing firm for eight years, then manufactured iron bolts on his own. He joined George Westinghouse in , then founded T. Gillespie with his brother in In it was incorporated as the T.

It constructed locks and dams for the U. It was said to have a contract with the British War Office to furnish powder, and the Union Powder Corporation was affiliated with it. Gillespie to Make Powder. Gillespie, vice president F. Joukowski, were involved in a car crash.

Gillespie shell-loading plant at Morgan, N. It had been hastily constructed in three months, using wood frame and corrugated iron, and buildings were too closely spaced, although this was according to government specifications. On the night of Oct. The week before, three women and a man had been killed when a partly-loaded shell rolled off a table and blew up. Yates, told the Senate investigating committee that on the day of the explosion there was between 25 and 30 million pounds of TNT, nitrate, ammonia, loaded shells, and smokeless powder at the plant, of which slightly less than , pounds of TNT had exploded.

Hawley of the Fire Prevention Bureau of the War Industries Board said that the company had been advised to install a sprinkler system in June. The Senate Military Affairs sub-committee estimated that 12,, pounds of explosives were destroyed, and blamed Army policy for storing too much ammunition at the site.

Blame For Morgan Blast. Directors re-elected "as representatives of the policy holders: Edward Swanstrom, Wallace L. Outerbridge, and Willis McCook. Directors re-elected by the stockholders were Gage E. De Navarro, Paul Morton, T. Iran made use of the Phoenix system, claiming dozens of kills with it during the — Iran—Iraq War. Due to shortage of air-to-air missiles, Iran tried to use other missiles on the Tomcat. The modified missiles were successfully tested in and one or two were used in combat, but the project was abandoned due to guidance problems.

The F had its first kills in U. Navy service on 19 August over the Gulf of Sidra in what is known as the Gulf of Sidra incident. The Fs evaded the short range heat seeking AA-2 "Atoll" missile and returned fire, downing both Libyan aircraft. Its first sustained combat use was as a photo reconnaissance platform. Navy's primary tactical reconnaissance system. While the Tomcat was being used by Iran in combat against Iraq in its intended air superiority mission in the early s, the U.

Navy found itself flying regular daily combat missions over Lebanon to photograph activity in the Bekaa Valley. At the time, the Tomcat had been thought too large and vulnerable to be used over land, but the need for imagery was so great that Tomcat aircrews developed high-speed medium altitude tactics to deal with considerable AAA and SA-7 SAM threat in the Bekaa area.

The first exposure of a Navy Tomcat to an SA-2 missile was over Somalia in April when a local battery was unaware of two Tomcats scheduled for a TARPS mission in a prelude to an upcoming international exercise in the vicinity of Berbera.

An SA-2 was fired at the second Tomcat while conducting 10,ft mapping profile at max conserve setting. The Tomcat aircrews spotted the missile launch and dove for the deck thereby evading it without damage. Commercial "Fuzz buster" type radar detectors were also procured and mounted in pairs in the forward cockpit as a stop gap solution to detect SAM radars such as the SA This hampered the Tomcat from using its most powerful weapon.

Furthermore, the powerful emissions from the AWG-9 radar are detectable at great range with a radar warning receiver. Iraqi fighters routinely retreated as soon as the Tomcats "lit them up" with the AWG Blake Coleman and Lt. The official final flight retirement ceremony was on 22 September at Naval Air Station Oceana and was flown by Lt. Chris Richard and Lt. Navy announced plans to shred the remaining Fs to prevent any components from being acquired by Iran. At that time only 11 Fs remained in desert storage.

After a visit of U. A few months later, this order was increased to a total of 80 Tomcats and Phoenix missiles as well as spare parts and replacement engines for 10 years, complete armament package, and support infrastructure including construction of the Khatami Air Base near Isfahan.

The first F arrived in January , modified only by the removal of classified avionics components, but fitted with the TF engines.

The following year 12 more were delivered. Meanwhile, training of the first groups of Iranian crews by the U. During the same period, only one Iranian F suffered damage after being hit by a nearby MiG when it exploded. Iranian Tomcats were originally used as an early-warning platform assisting other less-sophisticated aircraft with targeting and defense. They were also crucial to the defense of areas deemed vital by the Iranian government, such as oil terminals on Kharg Island and industrial infrastructure in the capital Tehran.

Many of these patrols had the support of Boeing J9C in-flight refueling tankers. As fighting escalated between and , the Fs gradually became more involved in the battle. They performed well, but their primary role was to intimidate the Iraqi Air Force and avoid heavy engagement to protect the fleet's numbers. Their presence was often enough to drive away opposing Iraqi fighters.

By , the Iraqis had suffered heavy losses and were forced to find a solution to level the battlefield. They obtained Mirage F. The IRIAF attempted to keep 60 Fs operational throughout the war, but reports indicate this number was reduced to 30 by with only half fully mission-capable. It achieved this in the midst of a confrontation with an enemy that was constantly upgrading its capabilities and receiving support from three major countries — France, the US, and the USSR.

Two Tomcats were lost in unknown circumstances during the battle, and seven crashed due to technical failure or accidents. There are also unconfirmed reports of the downing of 10 more Tomcats. In addition, one or more of Iran's FA was delivered to the Soviet Union in exchange for technical assistance; at least one of its crew defected to the Soviet Union.

Iran had an estimated 44 Fs in according to Combat Aircraft. Following the US Navy's retirement of its Tomcats in , Iran sought to purchase spare parts for its aircraft. Department of Defense announced that sales of spare F parts would be suspended over concerns of the parts ending up in Iran.

An alternative was the use of modified MIM Hawk missiles to replace the Tomcat's Phoenixes and Sparrows, but as the Tomcat could only carry two Hawks, this project was also abandoned, and the Fakour missile, which used the guidance system of the Hawk packaged into the airframe of the Phoenix, launched.

On 26 January , an Iranian F crashed three minutes after takeoff. Both crew members were killed. A total of Fs were built [86] from to Grumman facility at nearby Bethpage, New York was directly involved in F manufacturing and was home to its engineers. The airframes were partially assembled in Bethpage and then shipped to Calverton for final assembly.

Various tests were also performed at the Bethpage Plant. Over of the U. The FA was the initial two-seat, twin-engine, all-weather interceptor fighter variant for the U. It first flew on 21 December Modifications late in its service life added precision strike munitions to its armament. Navy received FA aircraft and 79 were received by Iran. Much of the avionics suite, as well as the AWG-9 radar, were retained.

A total of 38 new aircraft were manufactured and 48 FA were upgraded into B variants. The basic engine thrust without afterburner was powerful enough for carrier launches, further increasing safety. The FB arrived in time to participate in Desert Storm. In the late s, 67 FBs were upgraded to extend airframe life and improve offensive and defensive avionics systems.

The modified aircraft became known as FB Upgrade. The FD variant was first delivered in The GE F engine provided increased thrust and additional endurance to extend range or to stay on station much longer. In the overland attack role this gave the FD 60 percent more striking range or one-third more time on station. The rate of climb was increased by 61 percent. The F's increased thrust allowed almost all carrier launches to be made in military dry power.

While this did result in fuel savings, the main reason not to use afterburner during carrier launches was that if an engine failed the F's thrust in full afterburner would produce a yawing moment too abruptly for the pilot to correct. Thus the launch of an FD with afterburner was rare, while the FA required full afterburner unless very lightly loaded. Although the FD was to be the definitive version of the Tomcat, not all fleet units received the D variant.

Congress decided not to shut production down and funded 55 aircraft as part of a compromise. A total of 37 new aircraft were completed, and 18 FA models were upgraded to D-models, designated FD R for a rebuild. While upgrades had kept the F competitive with modern fighter aircraft technology, Cheney called the F s technology. Despite an appeal from the Secretary of the Navy for at least FDs and some aggressive proposals from Grumman for a replacement, [94] Cheney planned to replace the F with a fighter that was not manufactured by Grumman.

Cheney called the F a "jobs program", and when the F was canceled, an estimated 80, jobs of Grumman employees, subcontractors, or support personnel were affected. The FC was a projected variant of this initial FB with advanced multi-mission avionics. The FB program was terminated in April Grumman proposed a few improved Super Tomcat versions. The first was the Quickstrike , which was an FD with navigational and targeting pods, additional attach points for weapons, and added ground attack capabilities to its radar.

The Quickstrike was to fill the role of the A-6 Intruder after it was retired. This was not considered enough of an improvement by Congress, so the company shifted to the Super Tomcat 21 proposed design. New GE F engines were to provide a supercruise speed of Mach 1. The version would have increased fuel capacity and modified control surfaces for improved takeoffs and lower landing approach speed.

It added even more fuel capacity, more improvements to control surfaces, and possibly an active electronically scanned array AESA radar from the canceled A attack aircraft. By all accounts, it would not be even remotely related to the previous Tomcats save in appearance, incorporating the new technology and design know-how from the Advanced Tactical Fighter ATF and Advanced Tactical Aircraft ATA programs. The ASF would have been a new-build aircraft; however, its projected capabilities were not that much better than that of the A ST variants.

Navy file, [2] Spick, [41] M. The logo has gone through many variations, including one for the then— Imperial Iranian Air Force F, called "Ali-cat". The accompanying slogan "Anytime Baby! The F Tomcat most notably appeared in the action film Top Gun.

It also featured prominently in the film The Final Countdown. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see F disambiguation. F Tomcat operational history.

United States Navy portal Aviation portal. Points between nacelles can only carry a maximum of four missiles at one time. Each wing glove can carry one large pylon for larger missiles, with one rail on the outboard side of the pylon for a Sidewinder.

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