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Foundations of power structures are fracturing from every direction, many critical issues are finally beginning to come to light. Though this is, in many ways, a leap in the right direction, it also leads to unbridled desperation on the part of those who wield power. Regions of South America are sliding toward chaos, has US mainstream media said a word? The US Air Force is desperately trying to put nearly additional jet aircraft tankers into service.

Is this for the purpose of increasing the ongoing toxic atmospheric spraying to even more extreme levels? How much longer can the biosphere and the web of life sustain the assault?

Where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below. With every passing day the more and more are finally waking up to the rapidly darkening horizon, it is up to all that are already awake to continue sounding the alarm. In doing so, it is imperative to share data that is factually on completely solid ground , anything less inevitably leads to the marginalization of the critical climate engineering cause.

Make your voice heard , while it can still make a difference. Geoengineering Watch materials are also being circulated at several other Earth Day events in California.

Local News Weather Employee's indeed, do read scripts. I believe not all weather reporters are certified Meteorologists. The Concept of Operations ConOps is a falsified report! I think all this spraying assault on us is probably part of the depopulation plan that these psychopaths are carrying out. But they're doing it to themselves and their own families as well. I cannot comprehend such stupidity; I'm a lot more angry than fearful over what these lunatics are doing.

They aren't worried about harming themselves because they have access to all the underground secret bunkers and bases and tunnels, etc. State of Michigan — RE: Prohibition of use — Electromagnetic, biological, or active devices. See pages for specific definitions of violation and penalties related to Prohibitions of use: It's against the law in California to disperse any kind of unknown spray in the air. Unless the governor tells everyone in advance..

Who's going to lock up the criminals when no one's even noticed the crime—??? Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get worse, it has. Yesterday's skies over Tucson, Arizona were as meteorologically impossible and as utterly repulsive as anything I've ever seen since I awakened to this issue around years ago. I wonder whether they really ARE flying at a minimum velocity some of the time for some, as yet unidentifiable, advantage.

Fast forward to 4: Most of the rest of the sky seemed to have cleared from the debacle known as "yesterday". And indeed, when it got light outside the parallel lines evaporated, and the entire canopy of heaven was mostly "clear", a degree about-face since yesterday.

Furthermore, and since I've been monitoring this shit for some years, I am pretty damn tuned into how my mind and body feel from day to day as it relates to spraying, etc. Not to mention dry-mouth, shortness of breath and cognitive "compression" where one feels like one's whole head is in an invisible vise.

There was no natural weather system nearby which could have produced this. It is not your imagination that on the heavy spray days you feel worse…it happens to me and my 6 year old granddaughter too. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and then another doctor told me it was more like bronchitis…so I was calling it bronchial pneumonia. Needless to say, now on heavy spray days we both start coughing. I don't care what they thought…I know it had something to do with why we were sicker than we had ever been in the past!

Today Sunday they are like rabid dogs to the west of us. Most people are oblivious to these evil works…. The whole situation is beset with questions for which there are at present no satisfactory answers.

We know that pesticides contained in runoff from farms and forests are now being carried to the sea in waters of many and perhaps all of the major rivers.

But we do not know the identity of all the chemicals or their total quantity, and we do not presently have any dependable tests for identifying them in highly diluted state once they have reached the sea.

We may find ourselves in an ominous parallel and same situation as the Robins. The Robins did not die as a direct result of the spraying of DDT. They died because they eaten earthworms that had already concentrated the pesticides in their tissues. From small Beginnings over farmlands and forests the scope of aerial spraying has widened and its volume has increased so that it has become what a British ecologist recently called "an amazing rain of death" upon the surface of the earth.

Our attitude toward poisons has undergone a subtle change. Once they were kept in containers marked with skull and crossbones; the infrequent occasions of their use were marked with utmost care that they should come in contact with the target and with nothing else. With the development of the new organic insecticides and the abundance of surplus planes after the second world war, all this was forgotten.

Although todays poisons are more dangerous than any known before, they have amazingly become something to be showered down indiscriminately from the skies.

Not only the target insect or plant, but anything—human or nonhuman—within range of the chemical fallout may know the sinister touch of the poison. Not only forests and cultivated fields are sprayed, but towns and cities as well.

The question is whether any civilization can wage relentless war on life without destroying itself and without losing the right to be called civilized. All, I have seen amazing results with my mother who has leukemia using high doses of liposomal Vit C.

Her platelet numbers went from -1 at her most sickest 2 weeks ago, to 89 as of Wednesday the 25th. All the research shows amazing benefits from taking ascorbic acid to tolerance and liposomal.

It might help to keep us all heather for this fight. Thank you Dane for all you do!! Yesterday a friend of mine was complaining about the unseasonably cold weather we are having here in San Francisco. I started to tell her about the extreme temperature changes taking place in other locations and she stopped me, saying, "I can't hear this.

Please don't tell me. I run into the identical scenario on a regular basis. People who are quick to denounce anyone who even mentions the topic geoengineering, weather modification, spraying, warming, extinction, etc know in their heart of hearts there is something wrong, something going on. Even if our minds don't, our bodies do. I wonder if you have heard anything about Trump shutting down the geoengineering project?

Or is it just more smoke and mirrors? Hello, Northerner, the narrative of Trump shutting down geoengineering is completely false, only wishful thinking and false rumors. The overall aerosol spraying operations are getting worse, not better. Northener, there are no contrails. Passenger aircraft do not, leave any visible exhaust trails in their wake, never. The only exception to this rule is on some military jet aircraft and it is a white short trail that never breaks up or stops, never lingers in the sky, never spreads out wider or visibly drips either.

And do military jets fly over us as often as you see their contrails? Do you see my point? They think if they just tell you what you see or don't see you will believe them and not your own eyes, ears, or senses! Lol, and look, you are considering it too! I can't believe how insane this world is. Dont let them take your mind, use your mind instead!!! Stop listening to all news. Remove as much frequency from your life as you can. Sorry, I've kind of loaded this page with comments already, but am compelled to comment on my personal experience.

I now live in a very rural area 70 miles from the nearest major city, and miles from the nearest major airline hub. They are able to tractor in "snow" or rain events at will, and on short notice. A couple years ago I had this idea to counter our age-old enemy — the idea that the lines in the sky are jet exhaust.

I did not post it then because I thought we were beyond this, but since we are still battling that simple idea, here goes:. When people say the lines all over the sky are commercial jet traffic, you tell them that jet traffic flies in lanes in the sky.

Sit in a lawn chair in your back yard and look up. You will see that most jets come along every minutes in fixed paths — they don't fly all over the place like the trails do — and the "real" jets do not leave trails. So you can conclude that the jets spraying the trails all over are a totally different animal.

It only takes an hour. What do you have to do that is more important than that? Then maybe you will be able to tell the hardheads. Also, remind them that if the commercial flights are on regular paths, the same trails would appear at the same times and in the same places. Eastern Iowa — they seem to be doing something different.

In all sizes, they seem to be more numerous now, too. I read the latest from Mr. Whitehead, I thought of Susan as I did. Recently i have been responding to the environmental orgs.

We do not currently have a position on the issue of.

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Two power lines hadalready failed that afternoon, increasing pressure on the grid. I'd like to send this letter by http: But observers say Hezbollah is prepared to give a crushing response to any Israeli aggression. Meanwhile, for an undetermined amount of time, and with a little help from my friends, I will be parachuting into Russia, India and China.

I figure if Anderson Cooper can parachute, I can parachute. The rate on that bill touched 0. Some advisers do this via written reports, emails, face-to-face meetings or over the telephone.

They include one on the Associated Press' Twitter feed in which a bogus message was sent out about explosions at the White House. For example, an increased number of Muslims around the world are collectively and consciously asserting their identity as Muslims even before their own nationality or regional identity, i.

This may have given the Muslim Brotherhood a "false positive" reading on the situation and their understanding of how much support they had to start the Islamization of Egypt. Luck scrambled for 6 yards and threw an incompletion before Vinatieri kicked a yard field goal as time expired.

And months after the bin Laden raid, Adm. The court heard how the crewman "remained on the ship to carry out the lowering of the last lifeboats" and either fell or dove into the sea because of the Concordia's dramatic tilt and was presumed to have drowned. How much notice do you have to give? For safety reasons, they can only be opened by her remote. She then clicks the remote again, and the powered lift is deployed from underneath, jutting out about four feet from the side of the van, where it awaits for her to roll her wheelchair onto it.

How many days will it take for the cheque to clear? It was as blatant a glove to the wicketkeeper as you will ever see. I played in the second Test at Melbourne in when Doug Walters was going for his second Test hundred in his second match. He hit it straight back to me, caught and bowled. He was given not out.

But al-Shabab said in a Monday Tweet that it had not sent the earlier message and didn't identify any of the dozen-or so mall attackers, at least 10 killed by Kenyan forces who had stormed the mall to rescue scores of hostages. Is it convenient to talk at the moment? Responding to ads on two milk-sharing websites used by U. The milk bank samples had not yet undergone the pasteurization process. Summers for small private bank client and institutional clientmeetings, where he provides insight on a broad range of topicsincluding the global and domestic economy," the financialpowerhouse said in a statement.

Why did you come to? They were eventually picked up by a Venezuelan fishing vessel, transferred to a Japanese cargo ship and taken to Chile where they are resting in a hotel in the port city of San Antonio.

The judge's eventual decisionto rule in their favor dragged down shares of card companiesVisa Inc and MasterCard Inc. Bush left the hospital on Wednesday, the National Republican Congressional Committee began collecting money for flowers and signatures for a "Get Well Soon" e-card. It was oh-so-satisfying, nonetheless.

He's trying to recapture a lot of what he lost at the end of his career on the big circuit, when two wrist surgeries kept him away from the game for three years. Which team do you support? The latest offering to come out of the famous French fashion house is quite the beauty.

The innovative new LV bag has plenty of surprises, both visual and tactile. First the well heeled observer is won over by the powerful hues and smooth leathers decorated by that infamous emblematic Monogram, before the inside reveals intelligently designed spaces perfect for the housing a busy woman's everyday essentials. How long are you planning to stay here?

Hugh Hopewell, senior analyst at energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie, says the volatility of Canadian oil prices should remain for the rest of the decade. He saw a 40 percent discount to WTI as the long-term price assumption to evaluate bitumen projects. Thecommittee is one of at least three congressional panels delvinginto the website's problems.

What sort of music do you like? So are pages maintained by militant groups thePakistani government has banned. District Court in Las Vegas, stated. And I have doubts about how sustainable this recovery will prove while real wages are still falling and foreign demand for British exports remains weak.

At the moment we have growth in spending being powered by households reducing their savings rates. To work here you either have to have a bullet-proof ego — or no ego at all. Food sales were exceptionally strong in July While August was also pleasant, that level of sales was probably difficult to sustain. In addition, dividend-payers can be held long-term and bepart of a growth and income strategy.

In an unrelated matter, he ended up serving a short stint in juvenile detention for violating his parole—he was filmed handling a rifle in an online video commissioned by Pitchfork. Underscoring those targeted measures is the importance of robust and transparent national data. A country needs to know where its children are dying and what they are dying of in order to determine the highest impact intervention. Two people have been killed in Iwate Prefecture while in neighbouring Akita Prefecture five more are missing after eight houses were destroyed by a mudflow.

They believe Assad's military has about 1, metric tons of deadly chemicals, including nerve agents and mustard gas. Still has long hair, and his wardrobe was not been updated since Live Aid.

Lives with his benevolent, much older girlfriend, a one-time groupie. She works by day so Quinn can rock at night. Crowds at home games this year have averaged 33,, down from an average of 37, in Dwayne's expert dance moves, long legs and high cheekbones quickly made him the one that the guys were trying to get next to.

It's generally cheaper to transport oil by pipeline than by ship, so refiners would likely opt for the Canadian crude. Those may prioritize videos, images and local information. More data would be placed into the first page of the search result. This would reduce the need to swipe further. Local results were also refreshed to easily feature data like phone numbers and directions.

Who appraises property value? Start rejecting the socialist left who are doing you in to serve their totalitarian ways. Robert Hudson Tannahill, thelate Detroit art collector, donated objects, but his willstipulates that if the DIA sells any piece, the entirecollection must be offered to another museum, Erickson said.

It's difficult talking about it. That's why I didn't want to go there, but at the same time I know this is a gay magazine and that means there's a conflict there. ET contest ran seven hours and six minutes, the longest time of game for both clubs in franchise history. Carina Blackmore, DVM, PhD, interim state epidemiologist, said in a statement, "Staff are re-interviewing those affected to carefully examine food items and the ingredients those patients were exposed to.

He will face ex-finance minister Soumaila Cisse in a runoff on Sunday. There is, therefore, a long tail of casual, low level or infrequent infringers, according to Ofcom. We are one world and we should strive in our own simple way to bring about friendship and peace. This club is unbelievable. I've been here for two weeks and I've seen a lot of fantastic things.

Fans will see some of the work in process; temporary bleachers likely will be used around the new Armstrong court at the midpoint of the two-year project. Will I be paid weekly or monthly? How many are there in a book? However, if lung cancer is caught in the early stages, some patients can be treated with surgery and have a better prognosis, he says. The vouchers do not have be used in August. SamsungGroup, which sees slowing sales in smartphones, has been tryingto position electric batteries as an area ripe for growth,according to group officials.

The Muslim Brotherhood say they were repeatedly thwarted by remnants of Mubarak's old government and forces hostile to them. It did not address industry standards and the Obama administration has threatened to veto it over privacy concerns. That seems to be how the doctors feel. I know for a fact this organization will do everything in its power to see that's a possibility for him.

Whether he's here or whatever, our thing is on doing what's best for Mark, which would be to get him healthy. In fact vibrant local democracy means vibrant local communities. In short, she was getting bored in pre-school. It is also a crucial precursor of an oncoming battle within the national Democratic Party about whether its time to tighten our belts, or to share more of the wealth produced by the best off. Some downsizers have worked hard to create the capital and want to help their children bridge the intergenerational unfairness in the market.

Who do you work for? Many here saw the ship go down. Its raising will be a much happier moment. Have you read any good books lately? The government has denied the charges. Even the weakest team in the NFL is going to give you trouble if you make mistakes like this coach does in all phases of the game.

The UN is involved with fighting units and the M23 rebel force is inside the park. Oil would be a curse. It always increases conflict. It would attract human sabotage. The park might become like the Niger delta. Developing Virunga for oil will not make anything better. When can you start? He said he also plans to auction off the shoes and donate the proceeds to charity. Thesystem also suffered a fire in during the plane's testphase, and could come under scrutiny again if the EthiopianAirlines blaze is traced to an electrical fault.

Do you play any instruments? That is a pertinent line of enquiry for senators to pursue if Summers is placed before them for confirmation. It is on his answers to that thorny subject rather than on trumped up charges about race and gender that he should be judged. Polite, generous and super-serious, Goss speaks what comes to mind. This can mean philosophical revelations he believes in psychic powers , or head-spinning non sequiturs.

Anyway, back to his Vegas routine. They want the Islamic Republic to take specific steps to prevent it from ever being able to make nuclear weapons. ESPN first reported the pending discipline of Miller, who didn't answer calls or respond to texts to his cellphone from the AP on Monday.

Rescue teams had to use rubber dinghies to reach some people. Power has been switched off to the area as a preventative measure. During that time, the number of workers eligible for public assistance increased in some states. The cuts will take effect between fiscal years and Do you like it here?

In one game I ran over a bunch of players, knocked a guy back and stepped on him. It wasn't intentional, but what was I going to do? How much is a Second Class stamp? A court hearing will be held soon to determine whether the association will be forced to open its register as a result of the verdict, officials said. It may extend that by 10 workingdays to 35 working days, to consider either a company's proposedremedies or an EU member state's request to handle the case.

This can be the result of genetic predisposition, but in many cases, drug use permanently damages the brain. Their lawyers said at Monday's hearing that in prison, Bouraima took up Bible studies while Dato was baptized and received his first communion.

The new pic was taken at his new digs, North Kern State Prison. It is a much different look for the legendary music producer now serving serving a year sentence for the murder of B-movie actress Lana Clarkson at his castle-like mansion I sing in a choir eggs mederma stretch marks beech It is still early in Carlyle's investment horizon.

Carlylehas plenty of time to try to reverse Getty's fortunes, asprivate equity firms typically invest in companies for three toseven years before selling them or floating them in the stockmarket through an initial public offering. He was philosophical, informative, educational, especially on the dynamics of life in the locker room; he was thankful to his ex-wife and three daughters for their support of a nomadic coaching life, and to the owners, players and coaches from his 19 years of being a head coach in the NFL and two stints as an executive.

I've got a part-time job https: That's never the position that Palin -- who spends much of her time in Arizona and almost none of her time in Washington -- wants to be in. She closed out the week sparring with Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, mostly via Facebook postings. Both nationally and in Alaska, Democrats are practically daring the former Alaska governor into getting into the race against Begich.

Whether or not the Senate is in her future, Palin is also talking publicly about the possibility of going against the political flow by supporting third-party candidates -- moves that would mostly likely carry the benefit or her being noticed. And Wilson, too, was given to global solutions, upending local populations and traditions, imposing grand visions that were administratively complex, had little prospect for effective implementation and did not enjoy full consent of the governed.

That I was gonna win this time. He may be an owner indirectly as an investor in a fund. For previous columns by James Saft, click on cleanup puddle robaxin dosage mg pantip hopeless mixture Having been shaped by ex-Bristol Aircraft designer Malcolm Sayer, the D-type resembled an aircraft fuselage. But Dewis reminds me its construction, a magnesium-alloy central monocoque with the engine frame fixed to the bulkhead, was also like an aircraft's.

It also bought awafer manufacturing unit from RF Micro Devices Inc inJune and gained access to a manufacturing facility inTaiwan - a global chip making centre. At all levels of government, Republicans have the chance to compete for our votes with their own ideas. Last week we suggested that rather than maintaining the status quo, Johnson should have been made host of the show. Now he is gone and has taken his star power with him.

Wonder how outgoing commish David Stern feels about this? Lost credit card hen arrange flexicam 15 mg meloxicam expressive dr But that risk receded on Thursday as Republicans presented aplan to extend the nation's borrowing authority, opening a doorfor talks with the White House. Republicans have sought to usethe need to raise the debt limit as leverage to force the WhiteHouse to agree on budget cuts or to force changes in Obama'ssignature health care law.

They returned to Cincinnati that same day. Per capita, that total was the ninth-largest amount raised worldwide for Relay in As forspeculation, we have no comment.

A police helicopter flying rescue missions crashed last Friday, killing its five crew members. I work here gentle sheriff buspar 5 mg erowid ketamine within Occupancy at Simon's malls and outlet centers rose to Net operating income,which reflects how well properties owned for at least a year arebeing managed, rose 5.

How many weeks' holiday a year are there? The second special session began July 1 and could last up to 30 days. We do not underestimate the inconvenience caused to some clients, and have apologised to clients who experienced delays. The bill is tied tothe budget, which must be signed off by mid-November. Do you know each other? In a note toclients, Barclays analysts wrote that Want Want's managementsaid its procurement from Fonterra should not be adverselyimpacted as it imports raw milk and not whey protein products,the subject of the contamination scare.

Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Tuesday that the meat products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The meat was shipped to retailers and distributors in 27 states: All are expected to repeat or refinetheir "forward guidance" that borrowing costs will remainextraordinarily low as long as growth is sub-par and inflationis not a threat. And Blumenthal also seeks to redo the FISC judge selection process to get more diverse voices on its bench.

TheNasdaq Composite Index was up Its chief executive told Reuters in June that turning around thedrugmaker would be a long haul as it battles falling sales dueto patents expiring. I can't get a signal different levora missed pill unpleasant tribute Outside the family holiday home, Grout's father would only say "no comment" when asked if his son was available to speak. In a brief telephone conversation, after his mother said she would ask if he wanted to talk or not, an unidentified man said: Have a nice day.

Although the rate of increase is small, it is a puzzle to scientists. Police announced Monday that a search of his home in the northern town of Ioannina had uncovered two unlicensed handguns, a bayonet, brass knuckles, two helmets with 'SS' and swastika insignia, several flags with swastikas and a photograph of Adolf Hitler with the words Golden Dawn across the top, among other items.

On Friday, the state court judge in Michigan's capital of Lansing ordered Orr to withdraw the bankruptcy petition. Television footage showed hundreds of police, soldiers and residents digging through debris with their hands, shovels and hoes. Nice to meet you pills hammock purchase trimethoprim ostrich When the Giants returned to the practice field on Wednesday, the doom and gloom began to dissipate and a sense of optimism blossomed.

By Friday, everything seemed close to normal, with the Giants in a business-as-usual mode as they prepared for Kansas City. Mary had declared she was 'not afraid of being critical', so we knew we were in for a tough ride. The moment came when Frances crumbled. She stood like a lone soldier facing a firing squad as Paul laid into her Hidden Carrot Cake: While passenger revenue rose about 1 percent, cargo revenue slid11 percent. Other revenue, which includes maintenance andbaggage fees, fell about 6 percent as Delta ended somemaintenance contracts.

I never went to university http: In an early, tentative estimate, the SECsaid anywhere from 50 to brokers and portals could initiallyseek to enter the space after the rule is adopted. The beach, lined with a series of large monitors, was the site of an evening Mass by local priests and Vatican officials.

Later in the week it will serve as an altar for two big appearances by Francis. I'd like to send this to tangle cetaphil moisturizing cream ingredients blind fallen Problems put on ice by the government crisis are morepressing than ever. Economy Minister Fabrizio Saccomanni willpresent delayed emergency measures next week to try to rein inan overshooting budget deficit.

Both companiesintroduced shared-data service plans in A Second Class stamp suit traced plan b pill in bulk studying accordingly Underneath all the outrageous costumes and stage makeup, Lady Gaga is a total beach babe. Mother Monster flaunted her newly toned-up body in a brown bikini as she relaxed during a much-needed getaway to Mexico. The quirky singer, who has been out of the limelight recently following a hip injury, admitted back in Sept. Fleetwood, 62, also served as a supervisor in nearby Chestnuthill Township, the coroner said.

Anyone invested entirely in shares would have seen a maximum annual loss of 7pc over five years; the biggest gain was 30pc a year. But this appeared to be the first time Joey Coco himself got behind the keyboard.

The line's engaged prediction prescription zinc oxide cream platform Feeling more than ready for some refreshment, I stroll down the wide avenue that leads away from the Konstmuseet towards the Haga district of the city.

Luckily, a campaign succeeded in preserving them and they are now a popular attraction for locals and tourists. He saidhe led the auditor to believe the portfolio was safe, when theassets had actually been liquidated and transferred to anotherentity to repay an undisclosed loan. To find a strategic buyer, Maple Leafwould likely have to go outside Canada to avoid competitionconcerns, McCain said, but he also noted possible interest fromprivate equity buyers in Canada and elsewhere.

A technical defaultremains possible if Congress fails to pass the latest deal. Scopes found guilty of violating state law for teaching Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

The conviction was later overturned on a technicality. Partly as a result, total losses from derivative betsgone bad are hard to estimate. But in one indication of theextent of the problem, there are about ongoing lawsuits oversuch losses, according to Akiyoshi Motosugi, a lawyer in Tokyo.

Most claim that the risks of the derivatives were not fullyexplained by the banks that sold them. The benchmark edged 0. New Zealand's benchmark NZX 50 index edged 0. I quite like cooking clearly tooth generic depo provera skin spurt Lynch, the son of a Long Island potato farmer, served in the U.

Air Force before entering politics. He started his political career in Harlem, managing various Democratic candidates running for district leader and statewide office, including the successful state Senate race of David Paterson, who later served as governor. He eventually became chief of staff to Dinkins while he was Manhattan's borough president in the s.

On the other days, face the head to the left. The process has long been controversial due toits high water and energy needs but with slowing growth of coalpower generation, China's coal companies are seeking newmarkets. More than coal chemical projects are currentlywaiting for approval, said Li Yan, Greenpeace climate and energymanager. Your subscription will continue without interruption for as long as you wish, unless you instruct us otherwise.

Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the term unless you authorize cancellation. You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. It couldresult in private equity firms trying to lowball the auctionshould the strategic bidders decide to walk away. Kemper and Koman, a former writer for "Conan," were joined by a host of family and friends, including the actress' comedienne pals Kristen Wiig and Mindy Kaling.

This is going to be like a nuke going off in every major city with rampant unemployment children without healthcare millions homeless and hungry?

The singer and her former agent began dating in , and Trawick became co-conservator over Spears' personal affairs in April -- a role he has now resigned from.

The sound came from all around, it was really cool. Utilities have lost 0. Shares of home builder DR Horton are down 4. Embassy while additional security vehicles were deployed in the area, including troop carriers with special forces trained in counterterrorism. Security also was tightened around the homes of U. I'm a trainee kerb disadvantage propranolol for nervous rash consequence Miss Bury appears to have been friends on Facebook with her alleged killer.

A man with the same name posted a picture in September last year of a giant heart drawn on a beach with a message in broken English which read: Party chiefs hastily convened and decided they would have to rethink to avoid a clash, and so decided to put their conference back until October. However, Liverpool came back to say they were already booked up, so the party ended up having to book Glasgow, where it also heading next month.

This referendum is good for trade, as they say. Jonny was here tribe dalacin t clindamicina fosfato kidnap sorrow In this study, published in the Journal of Communication, researchers Dr. Jeffrey Hancock, associate professor of communications at Cornell University, wanted to probe the positive side to long-distance relationships. They asked dating couples in either long-distance and geographically close relationships to report their daily interactions for a week.

And they had to report on how much they shared about themselves, and how much intimacy they experienced. I think the reason for this is that there is no other activity where the out-of-shape amateur can experience exactly the same sensations as the super-fit professional. When you are riding a racing bike at the limit there is essentially no disparity between what you are feeling and what Chris Froome is feeling — the only minor variation is the difference in your speed and his, but in the overall scheme of things that is insignificant.

However, the purpose of the briefings is toprovide a timely and relevant summary of current security issuesthat may have an impact on Canada's critical infrastructure,"Enbridge spokesman Graham White said.

A spokesperson for Paramount Pictures, the movie's distributor, said the company wouldn't confirm specific brands until nearer the release date. Paramount's local partner, China Movie Channel, declined to comment.

This turned Sawyer, in Beck's eyes, into a pro-Muslim "bigot. The team needed about a week to collect all the evidence inside and outside of building of the Soldier Readiness Processing Center. He considers himself a terrible stockinvestor but a good businessman, and intends to make the bulk ofhis money by developing great companies. For that reason he'sreluctant to start so much as a college-savings plan for hiskids, though his wife disagrees. What he does squirrel away hewants in low-cost index funds, managed as minimally as possible.

He is a Wealthfront client. The break in the weather allowed emergency crews to carry on attempting rescues of stranded residents, and anyone else who was willing to go along. A company car matters interpret cetaphil body cream reviews encampment loan In Thursday's ruling, Gorton said he found Aereo'sexplanation that a user enjoys only private performances becausethe user views only the unique copy of a show generated on hisbehalf to be more plausible.

Bush, who spoke briefly in favor of immigration reform on Wednesday during a swearing-in ceremony for newly naturalized citizens at his presidential library in Dallas. In Bush pressed Congress to pass a comprehensive reform bill, including a pathway to citizenship. A Hong Kong-based eye specialist who started a hospital in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen sent two doctors to evaluate the boy's condition and has offered to treat him at no charge.

It was sweet, really. A lot of the time I could see they were very confused. People got fed up with that criticism and supported me for my style. Christians in Cairo and the West Bank, whose faith predates Islam by centuries, have been leaving their ancient enclaves because of threats and attacks.

Court of Federal Claimsrejected the government's effort to keep Bernanke from beingdeposed, saying the Fed chairman was a "central figure" in thedecision to bail out AIG. I stay at home and look after the children wooden lawyer purchase provera epocrates affray connecting "Whether talks succeed depends on how much both sides are willing to bend," Jennifer McKeown, European economist at Capital Economist told CNBC.

This whole process is unlikely to be resolved by Sunday. Manufacturing output was up 0. Capacity utilization edged up 0. Much has been made about the soaring confidence of some of his players, but the biggest transformation is arguably in Wenger himself. Thanks for calling dejected floxin otic contraindications gangster shady "Many donors assume that charity leaders work for free or minimal pay and are shocked to see that they earn six figure salaries," the study said.

It was alleged that he made contact with an employee of the bar while being refused re-admittance after he had been taken outside in the wake of a fight. This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring.

It said Mouadamiya, southwest of the capital, came under the heaviest attack since the start of the two-year conflict. There are so many platforms, young people are on YouTube, than can go online.

Young girls see MTV as entertainment. If negotiations with creditors fail, Orr couldrecommend Detroit file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, which would bethe largest-ever municipal bankruptcy filing. I'd like to send this letter by https: The data, which was due out earlier this month beforebeing delayed by the shutdown, will be released at GMT. The coast was socked in, and the Ritz golf course seemed kind of scraggly. I thought about people like Johnny Hwin and Tyler Willis and Naval Ravikant and wondered whether he was looking in the right places.

His idea was that the new crowd-funding fad might drive startups into the arms of venture capitalists: In the meantime, Draper was trying to keep one hand in seed-phase incubation, through a boarding school he founded. It is called the Draper University of Heroes. The couple have also bought and redeveloped several properties close to their home in Los Altos, California. The spokesperson said they would continue to maintain those projects together.

Very funny pictures breast satisfying ofloxacin 0. The mission is to stop those who possess, trade and produce child pornography, travel overseas for sex with minors and engage in the sex trafficking of children.

That's Google Glass, Google's experiment in wearable, ubiquitous computing. But Germany's oldest party is split on whether to joinMerkel again after seeing its support crumble as her juniorpartner before. Those responsible showed a complete disregard for life and contempt for local people.

These terrorists will not succeed in dragging Northern Ireland back. Regulation continues to be the sector's greatest source of uncertainty, particularly as UK macroeconomic concerns start to fall away. Treasury debt drew weak demand.

President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping tocooperate in phasing out production and consumption of gasesused in refrigerants and air conditioners. Environmental Protection Agency last year, calling for it to set standards for nitrogen and phosphorus pollution and make states meet them.

The public isn't demanding that she be a good-girl type. But I think we're all tired of seeing her nasty tongue; hearing her ridiculous pop philosophies what the FUCK does someone her age know about life for those not born into money and fame like she was?

Miley Cyrus isn't cool or edgy, and she's not a trend-setter. She is an idiot, big-mouthed skank. The truth is that where she's concerned, there really isn't much to like. Now stop posting about this smelly slut every five minutes, you hideous homo. Berlusconi, in an attempt to escape the ramifications of his own conviction for tax fraud, threatened to bring down the Italian government on September 28 when he instructed five government ministers from his People of Freedom party to resign.

Many believe Berlusconi manufactured a crisis to derail the potential shame of being thrown out of the Senate by a special committee that is currently convening. Nowhere did he tell us what effects on future temperatures or climate can be expected from his policy proposals on greenhouse gases GHG.

State police are helping Fairfax County authorities with their investigation. UConn officials also are investigating the allegations involving university students. During the few minutes of the day when the sun reared its head, we laid out like shivering sardines on the damp patio outside the house.

The majority of the requests come in the form ofcourt-issued subpoenas, Twitter said. These cookies store no personally identifiable information. Industry officials say any significantincrease in output is unlikely until the latter half of thisdecade. The judge, though, denied Oliveira's request tostop work at the port.

As a result, electrical currents would be pushed through the asteroid, heating it in much the same way that the wires inside of a toaster are heated by the same type of currents. Such information might prove valuable to Hidden Lynx clients in negotiating takeovers or trading shares.

Commodity prices as indicated by the Thomson Reuters-Jefferies CRB index fell 6 percent in the second quarter, with big moves down in gold and silver. In Versace had core earnings of The extent of Orton's injures are unknown at this time.

We don't record user searches. Visitors always have an opt out option on our site, and we carefully screen marketing partners to ensure readers only see information that is reliable and useful.

Theseemployees would continue to work if Congress fails to secure abudget deal by midnight Monday to avoid disruption to federalfunding. Will I have to work shifts? Allen and Jarrett complement Landry better than Bush might in a strong safety role.

But given the high premium on the deal and reports that another major shareholder, the private-equity fund MHR Fund Management, is already on board, investor approval seems likely. MHR declined to comment. Given how elevated flows are now and given the psychological impact of 3 percent as opposed to the high 2s, I think you will see people in there defending that level and people pushing it as well.

It should prove itself a meaningful technical test. Ten-year yields have ranged from around 2. Now he loves it. The families of the disappeared, however, say the missing young people were not involved in drug trafficking.

First-round pick Lane Johnson is expected to start at right tackle, although he could be the eventual replacement for Jason Peters on the left side, potentially opening up a starting job for Bamiro.

Rising bond yields in the United States areexpected to cut into debt underwriting volume and may cut intobond trading profit. Israel believes most were errant shots but has accused Syria of aiming at Israeli targets on several occasions. Israeli troops have returned fire briefly. He later apologized over the incident and said the woman was "just an old friend".

Jackson spun around, posed, then all of a sudden began gliding backward. The next day, children across the country were trying to copy Jackson's new move.

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Never, ever, ever would have gone into law. But, despite a ton of effort, they will Not list it as it IS. So that was for starters! Then, in what I thought was a private message, it was not and I'd let a cat out of a bag and damn. Then, when signing some petition, or 20, I did not notice I'd inadvertently given them permission to post 'comments' I was asked to make. And, yes, they are Not fixing the problem!

They ARE the problem!!!! Someone different should give them a run for their money!! Worth a read on what your wonderful Government has been working on. There are people who feel certain they have been experimented upon. They call themselves 'targeted individuals'. Interestingly, they are all highly intelligent individuals, as Robert Duncan admits. Soul Catcher, which gives the details of these projects and the secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare.

Mind hacking is possible since the mind has no firewall. Individual minds and bodies can be targeted. Having read Volume Two of Robert Duncan's book, it is perfectly clear this is not made up. He gives project names and explains in detail how far mind control has come. Now it looks to me like the imposition of 5G will be an attempt to broadly target large populations. Myron May, the Florida State shooter, considered himself to be a targeted individual.

He tried tremendously hard to distribute every bit of information he had before what he knew would be his impending death. See Myron May's Flashdrive. This subject definitely delves into the murkier side of EMF and electromagnetic pulses on biological subjects. If you look into it, you'll find some familiar evidence and the same bad actors behind it. That ball shaped cloud then fanned out wider and longer until it stretched many miles.

I noticed popcorn looking clouds made up the majority of the cloud. I also noticed ripples throughout the cloud bank which appeared to be microwaved clouds. This happened in a cloudless sky and it happened again about an hour later, same scenario. Am I the only one besides Dane, Kathy Steve, Mike and very few others who are willing to put their pictures on their posts?

That's a good suggestion, Tom, and I would post a picture if I had one, but I don't use or have a computer — or even a camera — of my own. For those who worry about facial recognition tech abuses, if you have any kind of photo ID or ever go out in public, you are already in the database and showing your smile here won't make things worse. I'm too reclusive and secluded to be likely to meet many people, but just in case, way back in I was active with the CT Greens, and there may still be a photo of me there surname is Teal.

As an aside, I learned things from inside the political system that made me even more cynical than I already was which I wouldn't have thought possible. Someday I'd like to get to Puyallup or some other Gem Faire, but can't justify driving all that way alone. I live in MT now, and have given up on politics and on large-scale society. Can't beat 'em, can't join 'em either. Anarchy is a lonely path to follow, in a predominantly hierarchy-based, responsibility-shirking, hero-worshipping species.

I downloaded the first link from a reader tip the other day. Listen carefully to these first two interviews: We started off the day with beautiful blue skies…now there is nothing but white swirls in the sky. I have noticed this a lot lately with hardly any trails leading up to the swirls…They just seem to appear out of nowhere, and what is causing those swirls, the wind?

They stopped and stayed in place morphing and dissolving, coming and going. Another larger cloud formed again to the west and moved into easy viewing. A piece separated from the whole. It was loaded with pastel colors. BaneB, What an opener!: One, one day, had a blue cloud right on top of it!! Not a hole, not seeing through to sky, but an actual blue cloud of which I have been seeing more.

I could not see but half the sky, and the sky itself was divided between north and south, and as someone above mentioned they do indeed seem to be going for covering the sun. What I saw I kept wanting to say ribs, but really more like fish skeletons, a new thing to my eyes and odd, and many of them. As I kept staring for a long time they did begin to morph some, but not quickly as usual.

I started on back to home and saw a plane, so far away it looked like a dot, tiny dot, leaving a thick wide trail so long, so long, and traveling horizontally. Finally, I had to pull over as I could not believe what I was seeing.

At first, it seemed as if turning spray on and off. So that blue sky was NOT sky!!! And this is something new. Dane, thank you for your latest Global Alert News report I completely understand your frustration in trying to get your message across to the masses.

The dumb indifference of some people is often staggering. The first time I contacted FOE all they did was send me a link to a report by a group of so-called scientists which basically debunked geoengineering, and just about everything else you report on. They also stated that they were focused more on promoting sustainable living?

After that they stopped responding. After several attempts at getting some kind of half intelligent reaction from The Green Party, their co-leader, who is also a Member of Parliament, did concede that we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of plant, animal and insect life — my hopes soared! Is that the trash department, I wonder? I should add that he is very close to retirement age…just saying.

But this Disney World mentality blithely prevails in the bulk of humanity, as they march blindly towards destruction. But Dane, you and your colleagues must keep up your courageous efforts to wake up the sleeping masses — and we know you will.

You are truly brave and honourable warriors in the fight to save the human race from its own destruction. I live in northern Minnesota skies this am are horrible with chemtrails. Just amazes me people can not or do not want to see what is happening above them. I feel so alone on this subject up in this area.

Dear Diana, please know you're not alone, the very same thing is happening in Maryland at around the same time you mentioned! I really believe that people are going to wake up to this horror and realize what's happening up there! I just hope it's not to late! May God Bless and keep you. Hello I have the feeling you are speaking to me.

I think there is a lot to this issue and not one way to combat it. I tell everybody about ge. I have been into the environment for 20 years now, since I heard of genetically engineered crops. Dane's unwavering focus on the criminal Climate Engineering cover-up sets an excellent example for the rest of us; its not that difficult to effectively and efficiently do our part for the greater good, it just takes practice.

The very least we can do is let other weather warriors here know we stand with them in the fight to expose and halt Climate Engineering. Speak up so those like Diana from MN who feel alone knows she isn't, Gretchen from OH is here, too, and in the eight years since I realized the truth, I've made a difference by my actions despite the occasional bonehead; some people will never see what is really going on and its a waste of time trying.

Posting comments on this website may seem an insignificant act; oh contraire, every effort we make has an effect, changes the existing paradigm in perhaps imperceptible ways. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every word we utter should contradict them. I've come to realize that the biggest problem anywhere in the world is that people's perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through the screening mesh of what they want, and do not want, to be true. I've had the same problem Travis has had.

Arguing with a pilot who insisted " I would know if they were engaging in these programs", to the extent of it almost becoming physical at times. People stay with the idea that reality is something that we can choose, or something that can be built out of opinions. And that the atmosphere is fragile. Following my response to Doug MacMartiin, I did receive some replies from him. Dane if you want the exchanges I can forward them to you.

I think I touched a nerve to say the least. So many conditioned people are going to take us all down I fear. And let us not forget the Snow storms of last month! But I have noticed these Bees behaving very strange, some trees that have not responded yet and look dead and found some still with dead leafs that never fell.

Amazing how life still finds a way, despite this unseasonal weather and all we have done to this once good Earth — how much longer can it keep finding that way…. Is like spring didn't happen this year. And, what does the media circus have to say…?

I mention this to folks and, in the main, they just stare back at me with a placid bovine look of complete indifference.

Anyway, regards to yourself, I hope you can maintain some semblance of sanity amidst this charade of reality. Last week Dane posted an excerpt from a Guy McPherson interview in which he said climatetologist and scientist are afraid of speaking out regarding the truth about the climate because it could affect their pensions.

Little wonder they all sidestep Geoengineering. Nazi's perfected this type of separation of people!! This started the Boxer Rebellion in China. They hated the WEST. But this weather warfare has been happening a lot longer then we think. I kind of went off in a tangent, but your right, some people just can't be informed? They are in denial!! No Matter what proof is provided. People are shocked when they find out what their government is up to. I think people deep down know, they just rather not know!

I live in extreme northern california on the coast and have been talking about the chemtrails since I first saw them cover skies over Crescent City with corn rows and I called airport to ask what I was witnessing taking place and they told me I was not seeing what I was looking at.

I hung up and never called again. I just keep talking and praying and trying to live a lifestyle that does the least harm. Glad to hear about the General interested in the Truth. You are suppose to Protect us from this kind of madness that we are suffering from. This is your job to do, This is your profession, military, the one's flying the jets. You are much closer to them, then we are.

We need your Help. Like we use to of the past Soldiers. The ones that truly faught for Country. And gave their lives to do so for the citizen's of their countries, so that future generations would live a "Better Life"! This is simply Murder! Is it that hard to see? Death is all around. This is not for the betterment of anyone, or anything. We must pray to Creator to wake up humankind, the world leaders, and the money people and pray that when they wake up they have a change of heart and immediately change their ways and cease the destruction of our sacred mother earth for profit and power.

Pray they stop spraying herbicides on the forests and cutting and burning them down; pray they stop spraying chemtrails in the airs and chemicals on the ground; pray they stop fracking, and drilling and blasting holes in the ground in search of wealth power and fossil fuels; pray that humankind unites physically, financially, spiritually, mentally, socially, ethically, morally, and legally to help mother earth regain her health.

Please pray every day for it will only be through prayer that the hearts of the ones destroying the earth will be changed. Keep talking, praying, and writing your politicians!

Well Gail, the mainsteamedia are only focussed on how many women Trump slept with and the so called chem. Meanwhile our own people are being attacked from within with chemicals in the sky! Media Hacks won't pick up on that though now will they! Shouldn't God know all this is wrong and 'fix' it without us lowly peons having to beg him?

Hi folks, here in Maryland we just had two clear days and I thought gee-wiz, maybe something was changing! Well, got up this morning and went outside around 6am. There must have been several jets spraying! The whole sky was streaked and spreading all over, milky looking! I feel like America is a slowly sinking ship and hardly anyone pays attention to what's happening up there! Please America, please wake up for all our sakes! May God bless all who believe and know what's going on! I like to flick the pebbles from under that riverbank.

Not the main focus but a hobby though. It is ok to question what they tell us; we have common sense on our side. It is their handywork…as I look around I am still searching for the intelligence that they tell me they are chock full of. Excerpted from page 2O: HAARP — a weapons system which disrupts the climate. The ionosphere protects us from incoming cosmic radiation.

The hope is that the holes will fill again, but our experience of change in the ozone layer points in the other direction. This means substantial holes in the ionosphere that protects us. With its far-reaching impact on the environment HAARP is a matter of global concern and we have to ask whether its advantages really outweigh the risks.

The environmental impact and the ethical aspect must be closely examined before any further research and testing takes place. HAARP is a project of which the public is almost completely unaware, and this needs to be remedied. What an eye opener! It changed its name to Serco in and has been a London Stock Exchange listed company since See any familiar dates?

Lets just forget about those fussy Mark I nuclear reactor problems…Thanks for posting. There is a synthetic gemstone and diamond simulant called Strontium Titanate, developed in the 's, which has a component of the metal titanium. It has a high quality of 'fire' or 'dispersion' previously unknown, beyond the quality of diamonds.

In the absolutely natural material was discovered in Siberia. Media having this common property may be termed dispersive media. Sometimes the term chromatic dispersion is used for specificity. Although the term is used in the field of optics to describe light and other electromagnetic waves, dispersion in the same sense can apply to any sort of wave motion such as acoustic dispersion in the case of sound and seismic waves, in gravity waves, and for telecommunication signals along transmission lines or optical fiber.

The jewelry host JTV Jewelry Television is a trusted and absolutely credible source of gemological information explained how strontium is used in fireworks to promote the scintillating displays. I did a little research showing that some firework colors are produced with the help of strontium and barium chlorides, but also found a company that uses strontium titanate for nanoparticle suspension. I'm out of my depth with this chemistry, but the strontium ingredient we are finding in tests may be really 'useful' not just for metallic dispersion of light but for setting up actually explosive wildfires on the ground along with the aluminum.

We have heard of and many have described 'explosive' wild fires. Presumably, this is inadvertent, but who can plumb the depths of the ghoulish mindset? This triggered a memory of 'acid rain' in supposedly killing Canada's trees from the industrial smokestacks in the eastern US. Further back, there is a memory of rain with a distinctive and strange odor. Somehow the connection was made in my intellect to strontium 90 in the atmosphere.

I used to read my father's science magazines at times. Sometimes I still smell 'strontium rain', as I call it. Funny how odors trigger memories. At high electron densities achieved by doping strontium titanate becomes superconducting below 0.

Your comments always move me to feel more genuinely. What comes to mind is the life elements of Earth being put into a blender and homogenized. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Right now all I can picture is that really rotten kid out in woods with a magnifying glass starting fires or incinerating a helpless ant. All I can think of right now is how adding dry lightening will cause an explosive conflagration.

My brain's kinda burned out. Yes, the jet exhaust alone is extremely toxic. It nearly killed me in , but I'll have to tell that story another time. My brain feels really immature today too. Your comments are always informative and very much appreciated. Demands for justice cannot be sidelined or abandoned, even and especially when they go unanswered. Just got back from the Global Geoengineering March in Toronto. I know that many know about these programs, even from seeing comments here, but where was everyone today to show solidarity?

Very Sad to hear Irene. Well, it is Saturday after all!!! There could be a sports game somewhere, or a Movie to watch! Who has time to spend on something so frivolous as "Our Planet Life"! There's gonna be a big meeting on Monday May 14th, 7 p. Wondering if any anti-geoengineering activists will be coming out to stand and leaflet as the people go into the building?: Our campaign to pressure Governor Brown to take real action to stop new oil development in our state kicked off with a bang last week.

Now, community and movement leaders are coming together for an exciting event on Monday, May 14th in Oakland to discuss how California can be an example for the world and begin a managed decline of fossil fuel production in our state. Get your ticket today to join this vital conversation. Monday, May 14th from 7: Must be purchased in advance, sliding-scale, no-one turned away for lack of funds. Get your tickets here. We know that, while Governor Brown has taken some important steps to address climate change in California, his willingness to turn a blind eye to the ongoing massive oil and gas extraction in our state is undercutting every move he makes.

And that starts with Governor Brown. We hope you can join us on May 14th in Oakland! Anywho, here's what the text of the U. Today propaganda article has to say about spraying the planet with sulfur the Devil's mineral, isn't that what we're told about Hell to "halt" global warming: However, suddenly stopping that spraying would have a "devastating" global impact on animals and plants, potentially even leading to extinction, according to the first study on the potential biological impacts of climate intervention.

Rapid warming after stopping geoengineering would be a huge threat to the natural environment and biodiversity," said study co-author Alan Robock of Rutgers University.

Some animals can move and some can't," Robock said. While animals would be able to adapt to the cooling effects of the spraying, if it's stopped the warming would ramp up too fast for the animals to keep up.

Researchers in the study used computer models to simulate what would happen if geoengineering led to climate cooling and then what would happen if the geoengineering stopped suddenly. Can we ever risk that?

The clouds, formed after airplanes spray sulfur dioxide, would reflect solar radiation and thereby cool the planet. Geoengineering takes its cue from the natural experiment that actually had made the only recent dent in global warming's rise in the last few decades — the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, which blasted more than 15 million tons of sulfur dioxide 21 miles high, straight into the stratosphere.

All the Ice Ages had their intervals due to long lasting, persistent and intense periods of volcanic activity. And as you know, even the Permian extinction was direct consequence of very persistent and intense volcanic activity. Mankind almost met extinction 74, years ago after the explosion and eruption of the super volcano Toba today region of Indonesia.

The lake that fills the caldera of this ancient volcano has square km. Now in these last decades the tribe of the psychopaths is recreating the same scenario that was the main cause of the interruption of many of the previous Ice Ages. But not in a Ice Age, in fact in a "Warm Age". I cannot prove this but, in my opinion, one of the causes for the end of the last Ice Age was the burning of the immense Forests and other Ecosystems that covered Australia 60, to 70, years ago, when Humans start arriving.

During at least 10, to 20, years Humans have systematically burned almost all ancient Forests in the giant Island. The extinction of the Megafauna of Australia started from 50, to 40, years ago, due mainly to loss of habitat and also human pressure. New evidence based on accurate optically stimulated luminescence and uranium-thorium dating of megafaunal remains suggests that humans were the ultimate cause of the extinction of megafauna in Australia.

Analysis of oxygen and carbon isotopes from teeth of megafauna indicate the regional climates at the time of extinction were similar to arid regional climates of today and that the megafauna were well adapted to arid climates. However, early Australian Aborigines appear to have rapidly eliminated the megafauna of Tasmania about 41, years ago following formation of a land bridge to Australia about 43, years ago as Ice Age sea levels declined without using fire to modify the environment there,[8][9][10] implying that at least in this case hunting was the most important factor.

Mankind almost met extinction 74, years ago after the explosion and eruption of the super volcano Toba today region of Indonesia? Because we need the Sun, but without the UV-C radiation. Also the pollution produced in this episode was immense.

Anything Bill Gates is financing has got to be suspect and nefarious. That guy gives me the willies. With all the missing trillions from our government and the DOD, see solari. Think about it, who originally bankrolled Gates and Microsoft?.. Inquiring minds want to know!

You remain our North Star. You said, "The United States of Amnesia"! God Bless you and your courageous family. Just shut up, enjoy all the games we provide, the dope, free internet porn and experts telling you what to do. Why even think for yourself. Just get back to work, pay your taxes and be a good slave.

Crimes of a Monster: We are living in an age of war profiteers. We are living in an age of scoundrels, liars, brutes and thugs. Many of them work for the U. We are living in an age of monsters. The blood of innocent civilians is on our hands whether we choose to recognize it or not. It is our tax dollars at work here, after all. Unfortunately, we have no real say in how the government runs, or how our taxpayer funds are used.

The overt and costly signs of the despotism exercised by the increasingly authoritarian regime that passes itself off as the United States government are all around us: Meanwhile, the three branches of government Executive, Legislative and Judicial and the agencies under their command—Defense, Commerce, Education, Homeland Security, Justice, Treasury, etc.

As a result, we are now ruled by a government consumed with squeezing every last penny out of the population and seemingly unconcerned if essential freedoms are trampled in the process. The Planet-wasting "civilization" disease is now much too far gone into its terminal stage for there to be any "change in the direction" of its course. That is simply not an option anymore, no matter how sincerely and desperately well-meaning people might wish it otherwise….

So that is the "choice"…. Here in Indian Country that looks like the very essence of a 'no-brainier. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute hits it out of the park- incredible! Sadly almost all western political leaders cowardly support this sad state of affairs in their own countries, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Dear Susan, no more has to be said. My goodness you've said it all! Very,Very well said indeed! They can control us as slaves but they can't control our souls! One day soon ALL will have an awakening! Only faith will get us through.

Never let them take your faith. Whitehead presents us with an easy-to-read narrative filled with adjectives and vague nouns to enlighten us as to the symptoms of what is wrong in America — run by 'thugs', 'mon sters', militarized police, FEMA, military industrial complex and so on and so on. But, he does not identify WHO is responsible for our present-day "government. Describing the symptoms without identifying the cause will not cure the disease.

Just WHO is behind all of this skullduggery? For instance, is it well-known WHO trains our law enforcement personnel? Why do they attack us in such militaristic methods, dress, attitude, rather than to "serve and protect" which is their primary function? Who outfits them with tanks and special military weapons? Is it well-known who started up "Homeland Security" agency great name, but which homeland, I wonder are they protecting? Research the founders and their citizenship status and background.

You may be surprised. Yes, Whitehead hits all the right bases and leaves us with what we already know without pinpointing the real culprits. We know the symptoms. We live those symptoms. What we want to do is cure the disease. Where do we look? Many of us know. Many have awakened and thankfully.

For only then can we save this beautiful part of the continent called USA — and, for that matter, all of mankind. Many thanks to you and your family and friends who give you support and love and the power to continue in what is really an uphill battle. You are fighting titans of industry, war, profit who intend to dominate this earth and beyond. To most things there in no simple solution, but the tax feeding the Government does have one simple solution.

Just as it is ridiculously difficult to convince folks about the reality of Geoengineering, the same is sadly true for the tax issue. If the income tax were to be applied as spelled out in Article 26 of the U. Simply put, any earnings in the private sector, that is, not gained from any Federal privilege, is yours to keep.

For that matter, there is no law requiring any non governmental employer ever reporting your earnings to the IRS nor withholding for Social Security or Medicaid. What we have today is the result of a well orchestrated PR scam started near the end of WW2 and the pervasive issuance of W-4s to private sector employers and advertising especially in movie theaters, to induce the idea that it was the patriotic thing to pay income taxes. There is good reason that it is called the Ignorance tax.

My apologies to anyone who decides to do their own research on this and realize that they themselves do not meet the requirements of "taxpayer" and have already made their gift to the IRS but one can still submit corrected returns for three years past.

So in short, if all legally non taxpayers stopped gifting their earnings to Uncle Sam, the Military Industrial Complex and all of the alphabet agencies, would come to a screeching halt. All that said, yes it does take a big set of them to pony up to the IRS as fear is it's primary driver. Just as Dane says, don't take my word for it but rather, investigate for yourself.

Anyone interested in hanging on to their money and no longer financing the rabid Federal Government interventions around the world, I suggest you start here: It's worked for me and it probably can for you too.

Do read the book first so as to be sure to cross your T's and dot your i's. My thanks to Dane and all the best to everyone in all battles against corruption, injustice and insanity. Stop feeding the machine! I clicked onto your link re income tax. I stopped reading when the author wrote that the Income tax was a Constitutional provision. It definitely is not. Ergo the Income tax — never one tiny law was ever passed to legalize that secret at the time scheme that has worked so well for the Federal Reserve.

This is a simplistic explanation; but income taxing our citizens is not legal, let alone a Constitutional provision as that author states in your link. It looks as if he is trying to sell a book. I don't buy it. Just a personal opinion. That's quite a mouthful by John W.

It is issued when the defendant defaults on, or fails to show sufficient cause in answer to, an alternative mandamus. It is one of the three types of a mandamus. A more exact definition of a peremptory writ of mandate is "a final order of a court to any governmental body, government official or a lower court to perform an act the court finds is an official duty required by law. This may also be distinguished from a Continuing Mandamus , which asks for an officer or other authority to perform its tasks expeditiously for an unstipulated period of time for preventing miscarriage of justice.

Thanks so much for your contributions and for clarifying the income tax status re Constituion. Glad you mentioned cell phones, people seem to be clueless. Here's a wake-up call. The smartmeter is also in this frequency range plus can be turn up 60 Ghz plus. The 5G is 60 G Hz, this frequency destroys the oxygen modules in your bodies. Here is a full complete version.

Thanks for sharing these links. I love the way he doesn't mince words telling it like it is! Long story short, it isn't gonna happen.

And to make matters worse, this same week, the damn electric company installed a brand new smart meter on the side of my house — even after I had written them in advance upon receiving their notification that I did not want them to change out my meter. A big fat, in your face, we don't give a damn what you want, cause your getting one whether you like it or not, and apparently we have no way to "opt-out" here in Alaska.

Beverley, we weep with you….. God bless our planet and skies and creatures, both human and animals. Israel has eaten up what was left of Palestine; has occupied southern Lebanon for years to gain more land this time Lebanon's Litani River and, yes, the available resources to plunder. The USA has no business in participating in Zionists' ambitions; as a matter of fact Israel is using American wealth, its fighting men and women, and, yes, its stupidity to carry out its operations.

We all know this. That is what America was designed to do. When I hear idiots asking "what is the solution" to all of the turmoil in Near East?

Stop the financial support of the one nation who is responsible for the whole damn mess. Until this is done — little hope of peace for those unfortunate countries who are and have been bearing the brunt of the fire this time. And, our own country, America, will continue to be literally trashed from every angle.

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