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The initial response rates were All three Danish studies are comparable with regard to the design, implementation and data collection instruments with only minor differences, primarily reflecting the different age distributions in the three surveys. Younger cohorts have been added subsequently; a sample representing those born in —47 was added in so that at that date the survey represented people born in and before, along with their spouses.

The institutional population is not initially included in the HRS sample at the time of the first interview but the longitudinal sample is followed into institutions so that the institutional population is almost fully included in the current data. Sample sizes vary because only about half the sample received the physical performance measures, e.

The HRS is collected using in-person and phone interviews, although mail-back interviews have been used where requested. The overall response rate at the baseline survey was The follow-up surveys were conducted in , , and The sample was refreshed in and for those aged 65 and The NUJLSOA sample at the baseline included community-dwellers only, but the follow surveys included also survivors followed into the institutions and, thus, cover institutionalized population. Sample sizes for each health measurement may vary due to missing values: The Human Mortality Database HMD was used to examine sex differences in all-cause death rates in the three countries by 5-year age group and sex in [ 35 ].

The year was selected as it is the closest year to the time when the selected studies were initiated or expanded to include additional cohorts.

In the LSADT grip strength was available starting from the second follow-up survey in and was measured as the maximum of 6 attempts, 3 attempts on each hand, whereas in the Cohort Study it was the maximum of 3 attempts. In the HRS, handgrip strength was measured twice on each hand using a Smedley spring-type hand dynamometer. Two measurements were taken for each hand and the score is the mean of the two tries for the dominant hand.

If both hands were equally dominant, the right hand was used [ 36 ]. In the Danish surveys physical disability score was computed as the number of 6 basic ADL with which the person had difficulty. This included ability to dress and wash oneself, walk around the house, stand up from chair or bed, eat, and go to the toilet with 3 response options: In the HRS, the physical disability score was calculated as the number of six basic ADL items with which an individual had difficulty because of a health or memory problem: There were 4 response options: The response categories were: The analysis of sex differences in ADL included also proxy respondents in all three countries.

For our analysis, the individual score was computed as the percentage of correctly recalled words. Scores range from 0 to 30 with higher score reflecting better cognitive ability [ 37 ]. The global self-rated health SRH question asked interviewees to evaluate their health in general How do you consider your health in general? In the Danish surveys the responses were: In all three studies the original mean scores were linearly transformed, so that the higher scores indicate better ratings of health in all three surveys.

Based on factor analysis of the individual items the total depression score was computed from 17 of the 21 depression items included in the surveys [ 38 ]. Several versions of depression scales have been used in the HRS.

For all depression scales higher scores reflected greater levels of depression. The age-specific death rates among women and men were the lowest in Japan and, generally, the highest in Denmark in Only Danish men aged 50—54 and 55—59 had lower all-cause mortality rates than the same-aged men in the US.

The trajectories of the sex ratio with age were country-specific. In Japan, the sex gap increased from age 45—49 to 65—69 and then rapidly declined at the older ages. The male—female absolute difference in the age-specific death rates increased steeply with advancing age until age 90 in the three countries, but afterwards its trajectories were country-specific.

In Denmark, the absolute difference continued to increase until the oldest age group when it was the largest. In total 8, Danes In all countries grip strength was substantially higher in men compared with the same-aged women Fig. The sex gap was higher in younger age groups and diminished with increasing age in the US and Denmark. In Japan, the sex difference in grip strength was almost constant across all age groups. Although grip strength declined with increasing age in all three studies, the cross-sectional trajectories suggest that the decline was steeper among men in Denmark and the US than in women within each country, but it was similar in Japanese men and women.

Cross-country comparison of grip strength suggested that Japanese men and women had the lowest grip strength at all ages, while Danes had higher than or similar to the grip strength among US men and women. However, differences in testing equipment, testing position and protocol create difficulties for within-sex comparison of grip strength across Denmark, Japan and the US and, thus, the results should be interpreted cautiously Fig. The analysis of sex differences in physical disability score in Danish surveys was based on 5, Valid measurements on physical disabilities were available 17, Disability scores were lower among Danish men than women aged 70—74, 75—79, and 80—84, but women had higher disability scores at the older ages Fig.

In the HRS, men reported fewer physical disabilities compared with women at all ages. Within-sex cross-country comparison revealed that the level of physical disabilities was lowest among Danes, although Japan-Denmark difference was not always statistically significant in men and women.

In total, 10, Depression scores tended to be higher in women than in men at almost all ages in Denmark, the US and Japan Fig. However, the sex difference failed to reach statistical significance at all ages. In general, depression increased with advancing age in the Danish and Japanese study populations. In the US depression decreased until 65—69 in women and 70—74 in men and further increased until the oldest age group.

However, there was no apparent sex-specific pattern in the trajectories of depression over time in all three countries. Self-rated health was available for 10, Danes Men and women rated their general health similarly in all three countries Fig. SRH declined with advanced age and the trajectories of decline were similar in men and women in the three populations.

Within each gender self-rated health was similar in Japan and the US Fig. The analysis of sex differences in immediate recall was based on 10, participants of the Danish surveys, 16, persons The Danish data showed that women had better performance on the immediate recall test compared with men in all age groups Fig. Similarly, in the HRS, women had significantly more words recalled at every age; except the oldest old men and women had similar immediate recall scores. In the oldest ages Japanese men had more favorable performance than their female counterparts, which is probably due to the small numbers and selectivity of very old participants in the NUJLSOA.

The performance on the immediate recall test declined with advanced age in all three countries. The trajectories of immediate recall scores were similar in men and women in Denmark, the US, and Japan Fig.

The lowest immediate recall score among Danes is likely to be partially due to methodological differences across the studies. Valid MMSE score was obtained for 6, individuals Generally, US women had higher MMSE scores compared with Danish women, but statistically significant difference was indicated in the 75—59 and 80—84 age groups.

The present study revealed consistent sex differences in mortality, handgrip strength and physical disabilities across Denmark, Japan, and the US. It showed also that women are inclined to have higher depression scores than men at the same ages and that women and men have similar SRH and cognitive function in the three studies.

Consistent with previous research reports, the present study revealed the highest sex ratio in mortality in Japan. Other studies have documented that at the end of the twentieth century Japan had the highest sex differential in life expectancy compared with other G7 countries expect France [ 3 , 5 ]. Such a divergent pattern of the sex difference in life expectancy in Japan from most other industrialized countries was shown to be due to relatively small improvements in mortality from circulatory diseases and increasing mortality from cancer and external causes among Japanese men compared with their female counterparts.

Sex differences in the diffusion of cigarette use within the population may underlie widening sex differential mortality in Japan. With post-war economic growth the prevalence of tobacco use increased substantially from s to s although with lower rates and older age of initiation among women [ 42 ]. Despite the adoption of healthy lifestyles by younger generations in recent years, cigarette use remains high among Japanese men and it stays at low levels among women, Similar to other studies [ 12 , 43 ], we observed a substantial male advantage in handgrip strength across three countries.

Our study suggests that the age-related decline in grip strength may be larger among men than among women in Denmark and the US, but it is similar in Japanese men and women. Investigators studying sex differences in the rate of decline in grip strength have drawn conflicting conclusions.

While some studies found that grip strength declines at a faster pace among men than among women [ 13 ], others suggested that the rate of decline in women is greater than that in men [ 44 ]. Although differences in anthropometric characteristics, testing equipment, testing position and protocol impede cross-country comparison of grip strength in the present study, our finding of highest grip strength in Denmark is consistent with better self-reported health and a tendency toward lower physical disability levels among Danes compared with the same-sex HRS and NUJLSOA participants.

In addition, it has been previously reported that Danish nonagenarians and centenarians had higher grip strength than French and Italian elderly even in multivariate analysis [ 12 ]. Our analysis revealed only small sex differentials in ADL among young-old individuals in Denmark and Japan, but the US women tended to have more disabilities compared with men at all ages.

In Denmark signed a year non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany but Germany invaded Denmark on 9 April and the Danish government quickly surrendered. World War II in Denmark was characterised by economic co-operation with Germany until , when the Danish government refused further co-operation and its navy scuttled most of its ships and sent many of its officers to Sweden, which was neutral.

The Danish resistance performed a rescue operation that managed to evacuate several thousand Jews and their families to safety in Sweden before the Germans could send them to death camps. The Maastricht Treaty , which involved further European integration, was rejected by the Danish people in ; it was only accepted after a second referendum in , which provided for four opt-outs from policies. The Danes rejected the euro as the national currency in a referendum in Greenland gained home rule in and was awarded self-determination in Neither the Faroe Islands nor Greenland are members of the European Union, the Faroese having declined membership of the EEC in and Greenland in , in both cases because of fisheries policies.

Constitutional change in led to a single-chamber parliament elected by proportional representation, female accession to the Danish throne, and Greenland becoming an integral part of Denmark.

The centre-left Social Democrats led a string of coalition governments for most of the second half of the 20th century, introducing the Nordic welfare model. In recent years the right-wing populist [45] Danish People's Party has emerged as a major party—becoming the second-largest following the general election —during which time immigration and integration have become major issues of public debate.

The island of Bornholm is located east of the rest of the country, in the Baltic Sea. Ferries or small aircraft connect to the smaller islands. The four cities with populations over , are the capital Copenhagen on Zealand; Aarhus and Aalborg in Jutland; and Odense on Funen. The size of the land area cannot be stated exactly since the ocean constantly erodes and adds material to the coastline, and because of human land reclamation projects to counter erosion.

Although once extensively forested, today Denmark largely consists of arable land. The Kingdom of Denmark includes two overseas territories, both well to the west of Denmark: These territories are self-governing and form part of the Danish Realm. Denmark has a temperate climate, characterised by mild winters, with mean temperatures in January of 1. Because of Denmark's northern location, there are large seasonal variations in daylight. There are short days during the winter with sunrise coming around 8: Denmark belongs to the Boreal Kingdom and can be subdivided into two ecoregions: Roe deer occupy the countryside in growing numbers, and large-antlered red deer can be found in the sparse woodlands of Jutland.

Denmark is also home to smaller mammals, such as polecats , hares and hedgehogs. Cod , herring and plaice are abundant fish in Danish waters and form the basis for a large fishing industry. Land and water pollution are two of Denmark's most significant environmental issues , although much of the country's household and industrial waste is now increasingly filtered and sometimes recycled. The country has historically taken a progressive stance on environmental preservation ; in Denmark established a Ministry of Environment and was the first country in the world to implement an environmental law in Denmark has an outstanding performance in the global Environmental Performance Index EPI with an overall ranking of 4 out of countries in This recent and significant increase in ranking and performance is mostly due to remarkable achievements in energy efficiency and reductions in CO2 emission levels.

A future implementation of air quality improvements are expected. The environmental areas where Denmark performs best i. The latter are due to the many protection laws and protected areas of significance within the country even though the EPI is not considering how well these laws and regulations are affecting the current biodiversity and habitats in reality; one of many weaknesses in the EPI.

The very poor ranking in the fisheries area are due to alarmingly low and continually rapidly declining fish stocks, placing Denmark among the worst performing countries of the world. The regions are further subdivided into 98 municipalities kommuner.

The easternmost land in Denmark, the Ertholmene archipelago, with an area of 39 hectares 0. The regions were created on 1 January to replace the 16 former counties.

At the same time, smaller municipalities were merged into larger units, reducing the number from Most municipalities have a population of at least 20, to give them financial and professional sustainability, although a few exceptions were made to this rule. Other regional structures use the municipal boundaries as a layout, including the police districts , the court districts and the electoral wards. The governing bodies of the regions are the regional councils , each with forty-one councillors elected for four-year terms.

The area and populations of the regions vary widely; for example, the Capital Region , which encompasses the Copenhagen metropolitan area with the exception of the subtracted province East Zealand but includes the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm , has a population three times larger than that of North Denmark Region , which covers the more sparsely populated area of northern Jutland. Under the county system certain densely populated municipalities, such as Copenhagen Municipality and Frederiksberg , had been given a status equivalent to that of counties, making them first-level administrative divisions.

These sui generis municipalities were incorporated into the new regions under the reforms. The Kingdom of Denmark is a unitary state that comprises, in addition to Denmark proper, two autonomous constituent countries in the North Atlantic Ocean: Greenland and the Faroe Islands. They have been integrated parts of the Danish Realm since the 18th century; however, due to their separate historical and cultural identities, these parts of the Realm have extensive political powers and have assumed legislative and administrative responsibility in a substantial number of fields.

Greenland and the Faroe Islands have their own home governments and parliaments and are effectively self-governing in regards to domestic affairs. Politics in Denmark operate under a framework laid out in the Constitution of Denmark.

The monarch officially retains executive power and presides over the Council of State privy council. The Monarch is not answerable for his or her actions, and their person is sacrosanct.

The Danish Parliament is unicameral and called the Folketing Danish: It is the legislature of the Kingdom of Denmark, passing acts that apply in Denmark and, variably, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The Folketing is also responsible for adopting the state's budgets , approving the state's accounts, appointing and exercising control of the Government, and taking part in international co-operation.

Bills may be initiated by the Government or by members of parliament. All bills passed must be presented before the Council of State to receive Royal Assent within thirty days in order to become law. Denmark is a representative democracy with universal suffrage.

Danes elect members to the Folketing, with Greenland and the Faroe Islands electing an additional two members each— members in total. On a vote of no confidence , the Folketing may force a single minister or an entire government to resign. The Government of Denmark operates as a cabinet government , where executive authority is exercised—formally, on behalf of the Monarch—by Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers , who head ministries. As the executive branch, the Cabinet is responsible for proposing bills and a budget, executing the laws, and guiding the foreign and internal policies of Denmark.

The position of prime minister belongs to the person most likely to command the confidence of a majority in the Folketing; this is usually the current leader of the largest political party or, more effectively, through a coalition of parties.

A single party generally does not have sufficient political power in terms of the number of seats to form a cabinet on its own; Denmark has often been ruled by coalition governments , themselves sometimes minority governments dependent on non-government parties.

Rasmussen became the leader of a cabinet that, unusually, consisted entirely of ministers from his own party. In the next cabinet , created November , there are several political parties represented. Denmark has a civil law system with some references to Germanic law. Denmark resembles Norway and Sweden in never having developed a case-law like that of England and the United States nor comprehensive codes like those of France and Germany.

Much of its law is customary. The judicial system of Denmark is divided between courts with regular civil and criminal jurisdiction and administrative courts with jurisdiction over litigation between individuals and the public administration.

Articles sixty-two and sixty-four of the Constitution ensure judicial independence from government and Parliament by providing that judges shall only be guided by the law, including acts, statutes and practice. The Danish Supreme Court is the highest civil and criminal court responsible for the administration of justice in the Kingdom. Denmark wields considerable influence in Northern Europe and is a middle power in international affairs. As a member of Development Assistance Committee DAC , Denmark has for a long time been among the countries of the world contributing the largest percentage of gross national income to development aid.

In , Denmark contributed 0. Denmark's armed forces are known as the Danish Defence Danish: The Minister of Defence is commander-in-chief of the Danish Defence, and serves as chief diplomatic official abroad. During peacetime, the Ministry of Defence employs around 33, in total.

The main military branches employ almost 27, Furthermore, around 55, serve as volunteers in the Danish Home Guard. Denmark is a long-time supporter of international peacekeeping , but since the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in and the War in Afghanistan in , Denmark has also found a new role as a warring nation, participating actively in several wars and invasions. This relatively new situation has stirred some internal critique, but the Danish population has generally been very supportive, in particular of the War in Afghanistan.

Denmark has a developed mixed economy that is classed as a high-income economy by the World Bank. Denmark has the fourth highest ratio of tertiary degree holders in the world. The country has a market income inequality close to the OECD average, [] [] but after public cash transfers the income inequality is very low. According to the International Monetary Fund , Denmark has the world's highest minimum wage. A liberalisation of import tariffs in marked the end of mercantilism and further liberalisation in the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century established the Danish liberal tradition in international trade that was only to be broken by the s.

Several domestic commercial policies are determined by agreements among European Union EU members and by EU legislation. Denmark's currency, the krone DKK , is pegged at approximately 7. Although a September referendum rejected adopting the euro , [] the country follows the policies set forth in the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union and meets the economic convergence criteria needed to adopt the euro.

The majority of the political parties in the Folketing support adopting the euro, but as yet a new referendum has not been held, despite plans; [] scepticism of the EU among Danish voters has historically been strong. Denmark is home to many multinational companies, among them: Denmark has a long tradition of scientific and technological invention and engagement, and has been involved internationally from the very start of the scientific revolution.

In the 20th century, Danes have also been innovative in several fields of the technology sector. Danish companies have been influential in the shipping industry with the design of the largest and most energy efficient container ships in the world, the Maersk Triple E class , and Danish engineers have contributed to the design of MAN Diesel engines.

In the software and electronic field, Denmark contributed to design and manufacturing of Nordic Mobile Telephones , and the now-defunct Danish company DanCall was among the first to develop GSM mobile phones. Life science is a key sector with extensive research and development activities. Danish engineers are world-leading in providing diabetes care equipment and medication products from Novo Nordisk and, since , the Danish biotech company Novozymes , the world market leader in enzymes for first generation starch based bioethanol , has pioneered development of enzymes for converting waste to cellulosic ethanol.

Danish-born computer scientists and software engineers have taken leading roles in some of the world's programming languages: Physicist Lene Vestergaard Hau is the first person to stop light, leading to advances in quantum computing , nanoscale engineering and linear optics.

Danes enjoy a high standard of living and the Danish economy is characterised by extensive government welfare provisions. Like other Nordic countries, Denmark has adopted the Nordic Model , which combines free market capitalism with a comprehensive welfare state and strong worker protection. Employers can hire and fire whenever they want flexibility , and between jobs, unemployment compensation is very high security.

Denmark has the 2nd lowest relative poverty rate in the OECD , below the However, the largest share of the financing is still carried by the central government and is financed by general taxation, and only to a minor degree from earmarked contributions. Denmark has considerably large deposits of oil and natural gas in the North Sea and ranks as number 32 in the world among net exporters of crude oil [] and was producing , barrels of crude oil a day in In wind turbines provided On 6 September , Denmark launched the biggest wind turbine in the world, and will add four more over the next four years.

Denmark's electricity sector has integrated energy sources such as wind power into the national grid. Denmark now aims to focus on intelligent battery systems V2G and plug-in vehicles in the transport sector. Significant investment has been made in building road and rail links between regions in Denmark, most notably the Great Belt Fixed Link , which connects Zealand and Funen.

It is now possible to drive from Frederikshavn in northern Jutland to Copenhagen on eastern Zealand without leaving the motorway. The railway tracks are maintained by Banedanmark. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea are intertwined by various, international ferry links. In the four largest cities — Copenhagen , Aarhus , Odense , Aalborg — light rail systems are planned to be in operation around Cycling in Denmark is a very common form of transport, particularly for the young and for city dwellers.

Private vehicles are increasingly used as a means of transport. The purpose of the tax is to discourage car ownership. In , an attempt was made by the government to favour environmentally friendly cars by slightly reducing taxes on high mileage vehicles. However, this has had little effect, and in Denmark experienced an increase in the import of fuel inefficient old cars, [] as the cost for older cars—including taxes—keeps them within the budget of many Danes.

As of [update] , the average car age is 9. Copenhagen Airport is Scandinavia's busiest passenger airport, handling over 25 million passengers in Population by ancestry Q1 [4].

The population of Denmark, as defined by Statistics Denmark , was estimated in January [update] to be 5,, The total fertility rate is 1. Denmark is a historically homogeneous nation. Today, immigration to Denmark consists particularly of asylum seekers and persons who arrive as family dependants. Recently, substantial numbers of workers—several tens of thousands—from the new EU accession countries , especially Poland and the Baltic nations, have arrived to perform menial labour in construction, agriculture, consumer industries, and cleaning.

There are no official statistics on ethnic groups , but according to figures from Statistics Denmark, approximately Danish is the de facto national language of Denmark. Danish is more distantly related to German, which is a West Germanic language.

Greenlandic or "Kalaallisut" belongs to the Eskimo—Aleut languages ; it is closely related to the Inuit languages in Canada, such as Inuktitut , and entirely unrelated to Danish. Christianity is the dominant religion in Denmark. In January , The Constitution states that a member of the Royal Family must be a member of the Church of Denmark, though the rest of the population is free to adhere to other faiths.

Roman Catholicism , the Reformed Church and Judaism , [] although conversion to these groups from the Church of Denmark remained illegal initially. Until the s, the state formally recognised "religious societies" by royal decree.

Today, religious groups do not need official government recognition, they can be granted the right to perform weddings and other ceremonies without this recognition. All educational programmes in Denmark are regulated by the Ministry of Education and administered by local municipalities. Folkeskole covers the entire period of compulsory education, encompassing primary and lower secondary education.

There are no final examinations, but pupils can choose to go to a test when finishing ninth grade 14—15 years old.

The test is obligatory if further education is to be attended. Pupils can alternatively attend an independent school friskole , or a private school privatskole , such as Christian schools or Waldorf schools. Following graduation from compulsory education, there are several continuing educational opportunities; the Gymnasium STX attaches importance in teaching a mix of humanities and science, Higher Technical Examination Programme HTX focuses on scientific subjects and the Higher Commercial Examination Programme emphasises on subjects in economics.

For specific professions, there is vocational education , training young people for work in specific trades by a combination of teaching and apprenticeship. Many programmes may be taught in the English language , the academic lingua franca , in bachelor's degrees , master's degrees , doctorates and student exchange programmes.

As of [update] , Denmark has a life expectancy of The National Institute of Public Health of the University of Southern Denmark has calculated 19 major risk factors among Danes that contribute to a lowering of the life expectancy; this includes smoking, alcohol, drug abuse and physical inactivity. Denmark has a universal health care system , characterised by being publicly financed through taxes and, for most of the services, run directly by the regional authorities. One of the sources of income is a national health care contribution sundhedsbidrag — This means that most health care provision is free at the point of delivery for all residents.

Additionally, roughly two in five have complementary private insurance to cover services not fully covered by the state, such as physiotherapy. Denmark is the only country to officially use the word 'ghetto' in the 21st century to denote certain residential areas. The population proportion of 'ghetto residents' with non-Western background was Denmark shares strong cultural and historic ties with its Scandinavian neighbours Sweden and Norway. It has historically been one of the most socially progressive cultures in the world.

In , Denmark was the first country to legalise pornography , [] and in , Denmark replaced its " registered partnership " laws, which it had been the first country to introduce in , [] [] with gender-neutral marriage.

The astronomical discoveries of Tycho Brahe — , Ludwig A. Colding 's —88 neglected articulation of the principle of conservation of energy , and the contributions to atomic physics of Niels Bohr — indicate the range of Danish scientific achievement.

From the mids, Danish films have attracted international attention, especially those associated with Dogme 95 like those of Lars von Trier. A major feature of Danish culture is Jul Danish Christmas. The holiday is celebrated throughout December, starting either at the beginning of Advent or on 1 December with a variety of traditions, culminating with the Christmas Eve meal.

Danish mass media date back to the s, when handwritten fly sheets reported on the news. In , Anders Bording , the father of Danish journalism, began a state paper. In , the first liberal, factual newspaper appeared, and the Constitution established lasting freedom of the press in Denmark. Newspapers flourished in the second half of the 19th century, usually tied to one or another political party or trade union.

Modernisation, bringing in new features and mechanical techniques, appeared after The total circulation was , daily in , more than doubling to 1. During the war, the underground produced newspapers—small, surreptitiously printed sheets that encouraged sabotage and resistance. Danish cinema dates back to and since the s has maintained a steady stream of product due largely to funding by the state-supported Danish Film Institute.

There have been three big internationally important waves of Danish cinema: Danish films have been noted for their realism, religious and moral themes, sexual frankness and technical innovation. The Danish filmmaker Carl Th. Dreyer — is considered one of the greatest directors of early cinema. In the modern era, notable filmmakers in Denmark include Lars von Trier , who co-created the Dogme movement, and multiple award-winners Susanne Bier and Nicolas Winding Refn.

Danish mass media and news programming are dominated by a few large corporations. In television , publicly owned stations DR and TV 2 have large shares of the viewers.

In radio, DR has a near monopoly, currently broadcasting on all four nationally available FM channels, competing only with local stations. Copenhagen and its multiple outlying islands have a wide range of folk traditions. The Royal Danish Orchestra is among the world's oldest orchestras. Danes have distinguished themselves as jazz musicians, and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival has acquired an international reputation. Lars Ulrich , the drummer of the band Metallica , has become the first Danish musician to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Denmark has been a part of the Eurovision Song Contest since Denmark has won the contest three times, in , and Denmark's architecture became firmly established in the Middle Ages when first Romanesque , then Gothic churches and cathedrals sprang up throughout the country. From the 16th century, Dutch and Flemish designers were brought to Denmark, initially to improve the country's fortifications, but increasingly to build magnificent royal castles and palaces in the Renaissance style.

During the 17th century, many impressive buildings were built in the Baroque style, both in the capital and the provinces. Neoclassicism from France was slowly adopted by native Danish architects who increasingly participated in defining architectural style.

Ploumen added that such funds put trust in local groups to know what works in their countries and communities. Crucially, she added, the Amplify Change fund needed to allow organisations to fail, a concept that sits awkwardly with traditional donors. That does not mean there is not some learning to come out of it.

We have to try new things in order to move the agenda forward. John Worley, director of Amplify Change, said the application process would open soon, and he hoped the first set of grants would be handed out early next year. Applications can be made online or offline, and application forms would, he said, be simple to fill in and available in French and English initially. The fund is focusing on groups in south Asia and sub-Saharan African, but could expand.

Worley hopes more donor governments will support the fund.

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