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Secret affair wanted 28 Lewiston Maine 28

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Secret affair wanted 28 Lewiston Maine 28

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For more photos, see page 8. For a story on the Memorial Day ceremony, see page NY Times — As the summer concert season approaches, music fans and the concert industry that serves them have a common enemy in New York. That enemy is the bot. Long a mere nuisance to the live music industry, these cheap and widely available programs are now perhaps its most reviled foe, frustrating fans and feeding a multibillion-dollar secondary market for tickets.

According to Ticketmaster, bots have been used to buy more than 60 percent of the most desirable tickets for some shows; in a recent lawsuit, the company accused one group of scalpers of using bots to request up to , tickets a day. The result has been a game of cat and mouse between the company and the bots. Groups targeted by I. And the head of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, whose application languished with the I.

Representatives of these organizations have cried foul in recent weeks about their treatment by the I. But a close examination of these groups and others reveals an array of election activities that tax experts and former I. Britain is pressing hardest for the union to amend an embargo and allow weapons shipments to forces opposing the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, whose troops have made gains recently.

Tuesday - Friday 9am-3pm Customers welcome between by appointment. Dolan of New York has been spearheading the fight against a provision of the new health care law that requires employers, including some that are religiously affiliated, to cover birth control in employee health plans. But even as Cardinal Dolan insists that requiring some religiously affiliated employers to pay for contraception services would be an unprecedented, and intolerable, government intrusion on religious liberty, the archdiocese.

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact me today to for a free one-hour consultation to find out how my health coaching approach will lead you to success! What I will do for you: Contact me today to schedule your free one-hour health consultation! Organized by Portland Police Lt. Janine Roberts, the motorcycle ride raises funds for the children of two Portland Police Sergeants, Rob Johnsey and Rick Betters, who passed away unexpectedly five and four years ago, respectively.

All proceeds will go to the families, the press release noted. The ride is Saturday, July 27, 9: Numerous other general repair, cleaning and painting projects will also occur throughout the Post. As part of the planning for this project and other future initiatives, architectural plans have been developed to allow for a walkway and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant wheelchair ramp to be built, at a later date, which will provide access to a parking area at the rear of the Post, the press release explained.

Major funding for building materials and support for this initiative is being provided through the generosity of The Home Depot Foundation as part of their ongoing focus on Doing More For Veterans, the press release stated. Architectural design services were provided by Grant Hays Associates. Walkway and patio installation were provided by Coastal Lawn Care.

Passenger ferry service was provided by Casco Bay Lines. LePage asks federal agency to provide loans for Lewiston fire victims Maine Gov. Paul LePage on Monday asked the U. Small Business Administration to make emergency low-interest loans available to affected property owners and residents who experienced major damage from a spate of recent fires in Lewiston.

On April 29, fire destroyed three apartment buildings in downtown Lewiston. On May 3, fire destroyed four additional buildings. A fire on May 6 did not meet these thresholds, the press release added.

Volunteer groups have been active in the Lewiston area since the fires. Does not include trade equity. See salesperson for details. Before you trade your car anywhere, let us appraise it for you. More community input needed for St. Lawrence Church proposal An expanded St. The contemporary design proposal, in place of the sanctuary restoration originally planned, conflicts with Friends of St. In addition, there are fundamental economic feasibility and parking concerns.

Is the market demand there? How will this addition impact our surrounding walkable community? Imagine that over days a year. Now, imagine ————— that with snow. Transforming the present Guest seat neighborhood venue Opinion into a regional, downtownlike, three-venue, over person site, flies in the face of demonstrated limited demand.

People are more likely to attend parking-friendlier downtown venues like the reno-. Talking about democracy Working at my trade of renovation carpentry, helping another carpenter move his job box of tools from a job site, I suddenly found myself engaged in deep political philosophical dialogue.

As we struggled to get his job box loaded into his pick up truck, we debated the viability of democracy in the modern political system. Ben advocated a system that would use a primary to select electors like the founding fathers created for the presidential election. He suggested candidates that attracted support be allowed to use that support to endorse more viable candidates in the general election. We discussed at some length the history of increasing suffrage from the early days of the republic; the expansion of democratic participation has been lauded by all types of governments.

Even the most repressive authoritarian regimes have attempted to portray themselves as democracies. As we hauled tools down a flight of stairs and filled the truck, I reminded Ben of the Jeffersonian ideal of the. Ben lamented the decline of political awareness among the people; we both decried the anecdotal evidence of incumbents returned to office regardless of their poor job performance and embarrassing conduct as public figures.

It has long been a political aphorism that you get the government you deserve. If we hope to restore the role of public service, we must demand more of the individuals we elect. Olympia Snowe, a frequent candidate who never lost an election in forty years, has suggested in her new book on restoring an effective Congress that a Congress that can not pass a budget should not get paid. Warren Buffet has gone further and suggested that failure to enact a budget that keeps a deficit at 3 percent of GDP or less would disqualify incumbents from re-elec-.

Personally I favor the pledge that no laws will be enacted that treat members of Congress differently from every other citizen. I remarked to Ben that I was heartened by the apparent rejection by voters of the blatant negative advertising in the just completed election cycle of Analysis seems to confirm that voters are not convinced by deceptive advertising in politics as they are not convinced by product advertising that makes unrealistic promises.

I am continually hopeful that education will help us realize the democratic goals of a just society. Like my workplace conversation with Ben Pollard, I frequently find citizens in every activity of common life who are eager to consider government and how it might be improved to create a more equitable society.

The goals of justice and equal opportunity to thrive while respecting the contributions of older generations must be advanced if the promise of our great experiment is to endure and provide a model for all the nations of the world.

A design for a downtown or regional environment — not Munjoy Hill the viability of the historic St. But that requires Merrill Auditorium. Many on Hill neighborhood and the Munjoy Hill are unaware people of Portland will be left that behind the initial behind on these core quesdesign proposal was citytions. Our goal is to ary on the promise of restorresearch and reach out to the ing it. Lawrence Arts and Community Center in this scene from This towering building is in ily in terms of scale, mass, visibility contemporary expanded addition to public interest, we hope you join us.

A design that overwhelms CCMH can be reached at Or at least be mature enough to keep the nasty comments to herself. Ladd has worked in the restaurant industry for over 30 years. Her complaints are typical of the Eric Tinz food service industry. The same complaints can and often do apply to Mainers.

Some of her comments are just hateful and have nothing to do with food service at all. Maine businesses, providWe welcome your ideas and opinions on all topics and consider every signed letter for ing a significant boon to publication.

Limit letters to words and the Maine economy. Anonymous letters, she comes across sounding letters without full names and generic letters petulant and unappreciawill not be published. Please send your letters tive. Maybe after 30 years to: Sunday, May 19 1 a. Pete Findlay General Manager. Marginal Way by Officer Andjelko Napijalo.

John Street by Officer David Schertz. Tuesday, May 21 12 a. Check Engine Light on? Wednesday, May 22 9 a. Thursday, May 23 2 a. Friday, May 24 1 a. Saturday, May 25 12 a. Information furnished by the Portland Police Department. For a story on the ceremony, see page Rockabilly singer-musician Sonny Burgess is

66 Photos From The s, The Decade That Rocked The World

They stopped further down at a desert place, when six or eight more died, whose bones still lie on the shore uncovered; and all who remained, when they arrived at Helana, were objects of terror and compassion. The hospitable inhabitants furnished them a plentiful supply of milk and more nourishing gruel, for taking which every one was provided with a piece of reed cane. Their boat next struck upon a sand-bar near the mouth of the Arkansas. The prophet, his brother, and other leaders being dead, the remnant dispersed into the settlements, and down the river in the passing boards.

From the time the party entered the Mississippi, their numbers decreased daily by death or desertion. And when they made their final landing, only about 15 remained. One disciple eloped at the Little Prairie, with all the cash belonging to the company. One child was rescued and here raised. Several individuals who were dispersed in various directions, are now comfortably settled, but it is supposed that more than half their number died on the pilgrimage.

This fete of folly and delusion, is perhaps worthy of notice, as furnishing a striking instance of the blindness of credulity -- the wilderness of fanaticism, and the miserable propensity of the mind, to believe itself possessed of powers which do not belong to humanity.

None of these reports came late enough to relate Bullard's purported murder of the Pilgrims' children on the shore at Little Prairie now Caruthersville, Pemiscot Co.

The story of Bullard and his followers' stop-over at Woodstock, Vermont is summarized in David M. Ludlum's book, Social Ferment in Vermont, pp. Although the Joseph Smith, Sr. It is not unlikely that members of the Cowdery family had some first-hand knowledge of Bullard's cult. In a article entitled "Joseph Smith's Testimony: He wore nothing but a bearskin girdle and a beard.

He gathered his "pilgrims" into a community near the Smith's old home in Vermont. When the community moved west, they likely followed the same road the Smith family used when moving to New York.

Isaac Bullard taught free love, but I wonder how many members were women willing to practice free love with their leader, a man who regarded washing as a sin and bragged that he had not changed clothes in seven years? The masonic fraternity and others, are cautioned in the Ontario Messenger, against a man calling himself "Capt. William Morgan, as he is a swindler and a dangerous man," Notes: Miller says violence is threatened against him] and while we are thus compelled to an act of justice to ourselves and to the public, we shall be sorry if we wound the feelings of any honorable men who may have been unfortunate in any of their associations The strongest evidence of rottenness in any association is the desire of its worthy men that its secrets may be unfolded, thereby curtailing the practice of frauds and oppressions.

Some are so excessively foolish as not to hesitate to express this unprincipled and abusive sentiment, that were the lives of any of those who are engaged in a certain work taken by violence the Governor would pardon the murderers!

Rest assured, kind sirs, if there were no other hangman found in the state for such a criminal, the Governor himself would perform the duty! A Pickle for the Book Venders. The book has recently been presented to subscribers, but many of them have refused to receive it, on the ground that it is a failure of performance of the contract on the part of the bookseller, being nothing else, as they allege, but a compilation of unauthenticated narrations of incredible events, and extravagant absurdities.

The questions presented by these refractory refusals, being, as they say at the bar, matter in puis, the vender of these commodities, has of course, resorted for their decision to juries of the vivinage, and he is doubtless sorry that we are obliged to say, that every on of these appeals to his country, and we believe there have been in this county, not less than two or three score, has resulted in his total defeat.

Whatever technical grounds there might have been, in that they conformed to the printed conditions, there can be no doubt, that upon the whole, our juries have found the law and the fact correctly, and that in their decided discountenance of this speculating hoax, they have rendered an essential service to the community. The modern reader can only wonder whether the local attorney and sometimes justice of the peace, Lyman Cowdery, was in any way involved in bringing, arguing, or deciding these petty lawsuits, growing out of the overblown promises of pedestrian peddlers of printed matter.

No doubt the good people of the Lyons-Palmyra area felt imposed upon by a book that was advertised to elucidate the mysteries of Divine Providence, but which could barely present a convincing argument that the American Indians were the descendants of lost tribes of Israel -- and that, too, appropriated from the admittedly speculative writings of the Rev.

If it was the matter of "authentication" that troubled the western New Yorkers, dissatisfied with Josiah Priest's book, they had only to wait until to be approached again by different? For the first known published mention of Oliver Cowdery in the "neighborhood" of Lyons, see the letter lists printed in the Lyons Advertiser for Oct. To give a vivid delineation of the character and tendency of secret associations, we have made the following extract from the writings of Baron Knigge, who bore a conspicuous part in those societies existing during his day.

That he speaks from experience, the reader may judge both from the Baron's reasoning, and his own observation. Take care not to become a tool of disguised rogues. Among the great variety of dangerous and harmless amusements with which our philosophical age abounds, none is more prevailing than the rage for Secret Societies. It is high time these secret societies, which are so extremely dangerous to social happiness, as well as being useless and foolish, should at length be seen in their proper light.

I have been held long enough in their mysterious bondage to be capable of speaking from experience, and of exhorting every young man who values his time properly, never to enter into any secret association, by what name soever it be called. They are not indeed all equally dangerous, but there is not one of them that can be said to be entirely harmless, or useful in any respect.

They are useless, because at the present no important instruction needs to be enveloped in mysteries. The christian religion is so clear and so satisfactory as not to require, like the popular religions of the ancient heathens, a secret interpretation and a twofold method of instruction; and as for the arts and sciences, the newest discoveries which are made are publicly promulgated for the benefit of mankind, and ought to be made as public as possible, to enable every competent judge to examine and confirm them as really useful.

They are dangerous inasmuch as they question the authority of the rulers of civil society having an undoubted right to demand information relative to every object of activity, for which a less or greater number of citizens have united themselves; and because the veil of mystery as completely conceals dangerous plans and principles as noble views and valuable knowledge; besides it often occurs, that all the members are not apprized of the nefarious views which frequently are disguised by the most imposing appearance; while moderate geniuses only will suffer themselves to be confined in those trammels by which the superiours of such societies are used to entangle the subordinate members; and the better part either throws off the yoke in a short time, or becomes tainted and degenerate from receiving a false turn, or rule arbitrarily at the expense of others.

They are dangerous because unknown superiors are generally concealed behind the scene; and it is unbecoming a rational man to act upon a plan which he cannot overlook I thereby advise my readers to take no share in these fashionable follies; to concern themselves as little as possible about the system and the steps of such societies; not to throw away their time upon reading their polemic writings; to be circumspect in their conversations upon this subject, in order to avoid all useless vexations and to risk neither a favorable nor an unfavorable judgment upon such systems If we consider that Baron Knigge, whose confession this is, was a superior of a Lodge of Freemasons, and one of the principal chiefs of the illuminati; this declaration must have additional weight, as he certainly could speak from experience.

Abduction of William Morgan under construction Notes: Never during our humble labors, were we called to make such a statement as at the present time to our friends and Patrons. Glorying in the privileges we enjoyed as American citizens, we basked under the sunshine of liberty, proud in our independence, and thankful for its blessings; acting under the protection of the laws of our country, we felt we stood as a strong wall, invulnerable to the attack of any enemy that dare attempt our repose.

Whilst, as citizens of a free country, we give due honor to the Press, the mighty engine, in the moral machinery, and would cling to it as one of the last stays on which our hopes, as freemen, could be placed, we must raise our voice with every honorable mind against those through whose instrumentality these privileges are sacrificed.

To destroy our usefulness, and undermine our reputation, we have been assailed with every missile, in the shape of calumny and abuse, by a paper in this village, conducted by a crew of as lying and dastardly cowards as ever ministered to the corruption of the public. There was no slander too base, no tale too villainous, to find admission into the columns of the common vehicle of defamation.

For some past time it has been a reservoir into which the accumulated filth and pollution of the whole neighborhood rolled in various offensive streams -- Limping verse, and uncouth prose -- profane parodies and descriptions of drunken orgies, in turgid bombast were held out as diversified specimens of this motley tribe!

Cast-off Judges, turncoat politicians, dishonored pettifoggers, and menial quill drivers found this paper the recipient of all the billious matter which they could eject. So long as these men merely threw out their squibs and puffs, and vain boasting, conscious of the superiority of our intellect, and the rectitude of our intentions, clad, as it were, with a panoply of steel, we let their venom go out in froth, to fall harmless at our feet -- We have whipped them before, and so can we yet. The essence of the journal to which we allude is prejudice; and dreading the poison and stings it carried, so long as we kept our front to its conductors, we cared not for its slang and abuse.

In open day-light and before the gaze of the world, we are prepared for the murderer and assassin, but in the clouds of night or forgetfulness of sleep, as may be pushed out of existence.

When the nauseating calumnies of the People's Press, springing from the most odious origin, and disfigured by the vilest accompaniments, founded on a malice at which hell rejoices, and deformed by falsehoods at which perjury would shudder, had failed, and were flung back with indignation to its polluted source, other means, however, more villainous and more effectual, have been used to accomplish our destruction.

Before the sirocco of their breath, we withered not nor died, -- nor even shuddered, till the incendiary's torch was applied to the combustible materials placed under our buildings, and which, but for the overruling of an inscrutible Providence, would have accomplished the intended ruin. Although Johns has been overheard to say, "we did not intend eventually to burn, and were prepared, at the proper time, to get the fire under;" yet, had it not been that two men were living in Barre, were in the street, at the fatal hour, no alarm could or would have been given in season to save these buildings; and probably a considerable portion of the village must also have fallen a sacrifice.

They saw the incendiary who applied the torch; he made a hasty retreat, and dropped his dark lanthorn containing the fatal torch. Yet, under all these damning circumstances, does the polluted Press attempt to quibble and prevaricate.

From the scandalous publications in a neighboring print, the public must have formed a tolerably correct idea that I was engaged in the publication of a work, that many felt an interest in having suppressed, or of crushing before it should be prepared to be presented to the world: I had to compete with the engines of the law, with perjury and with scandal.

Waxing warm, the storm raged finally in fire communicated to my establishment by the hand of an incendiary, and lastly in personal violence, committed by a lawless band collected by a Canadian, aided by individuals who had forgotten themselves, their country, and its laws. The People's Press was the grand pioneer to these outrages, for which I shall hold Messrs. Chandler, Scott and Coates responsible, agreeable to a statement made in that paper sometime since in which they assumed this responsibility.

It was through this medium that the life or liberty of another citizen was assailed. Its is to this torch that Capt. Morgan owes the loss of one or the other, or both; and in whom if living, or to his country if dead, they must owe a sad accountability. The People are aroused, and well they may be. William Morgan or his remains have been discovered.

The question is not who or what is [he]? Where from, what his business or standing? But the alarm is circulated! A notice will be seen in this paper calling a meeting on this subject on Monday next: Some, who are deeply implicated in late criminal transactions, attempt a flimsey cover to their misdeeds: Morgan's life if she did not deliver, to us certain papers; 2d.

Morgan had been taken away at his own request -- that he had written letters to that effect to his friends in Canandaigua, who came on accordingly, and took him off. No enquiry that has yet been made, has resulted in a knowledge of the final disposition of Capt. Chandler, who evidently went to Canandaigua on Wednesday last on this business, has returned; and to enquiries made, merely answered what he learned while there, that he Morgan had been disposed of as follows: Is this the way that Daniel H.

Chandler calculates to appease an alarmed community? Is this the manner he contemplates to satisfy an enquiring world of the manner a kidnapped citizen has been disposed of?

If he is thus incarcerated, by whom and what violence was he taken there? Who caused him to be a prisoner in a foreign, if not an enemy's country? The following is an extract of a letter from a gentleman at Canandaigua, to his correspondent in this place: I observe the Freemasons are alive to something. I do not belong to that society; but as a friend I advise you to be on your guard, as well as a man by the name of Babcock.

Last night they took Morgan by force and carried him the Lord knows where. Captain Morgan was taken by violence from Batavia on Monday morning 11th. I feel that it has almost amounted to a criminal delinquency in not apprising the Public before this that a free born citizen of the United States, and a peaceable resident of the town of Batavia in Genesee co. The manner of this, in connection with the persons who were engaged in so singular a transaction, created at the time considerable sensation among our citizens; but pains were taken to allay the feeling, which was growing rather too intense to suit the views of some.

These assurances, if they did not fully convince, at least soothed for the time: But to Tuesday was reserved the grand finale of breaking asunder and scattering all doubts upon this head! This was effected through the agency of Messrs. They pledged themselves to Mrs. Morgan that on condition she would deliver up certain papers, her husband should be restored to her; she did so; and was immediately conveyed, by the man from Rochester, on her way to Canandaigua.

On her arrival in that village Mr. Morgan was not to be found; but in his place she received the following appalling relation: This reaction she obtained from the wife of the Innkeeper, who is a Royal Arch Mason -- and who also further informed her that however unpleasant the task, yet she considered it her duty to inform her of what she had too much reason to fear was the case, that she would never see Mr.

Morgan again, and the only consolation she could give her on so heart-rending a subject was to assure her that the Masons would see that she and her family would be provided for. Danold's; the expenses of which would be defrayed as before stated.

During her stay at Canandaigua her chief if not her only intercourse was with Masons: Morgan's fate, with the exception of Mr. Ketchum who told her with some feeling, on parting with her, "that he considered it his duty to inform her that she must never, he feared, expect to see her husband again.

And it was repeatedly mentioned in her presence by Masons at that place, that not only the writer of this but others that least expected it, would share the fate of Morgan; they had the names of all who had any agency in exposing Masonry, and had the power as well as the will to punish.

A striking evidence of this POWER and this WILL was exhibited in this village on Tuesday afternoon, in the shape of a numerous and powerful mob, armed with bludgeons collected from various parts of the country, by a Canadian Spy of the name of Daniel Johns and headed by a citizen of Le Roy, who must ever bid adieu to the character of a Legislator after having headed such a lawless assemblage, who openly avowed their intention of destroying my printing establishment; and which would have been done, is admitted by Masons in this village, but for Mrs.

Morgan's having delivered up certain papers on that day. Every legal effort is making by the citizens of this place to arrest these lawless and alarming transactions, and to punish the daring delinquents. The public spirit on this occasion has risen to blood-heat -- an alarm has gone abroad among the people; and wo, wo is pronounced.

Has it come to this that a Canadian, a stranger to our land and our institutions, can carry fire and sword into the heart of our country, and that too by the aid and consent of its citizens?

Shame, shame on that association, by whatever name it may be called, however ancient and honorable may have been its order when its members so far forget themselves, individual and public rights, as to be induced, by whatever motive, or headed by whatever chief, to engage in scenes that scandalize our well balanced institutions -- but shame puts on a double suffusion when these outrages are committed at the beck of a foreign renegade. Fellow-Citizens -- When I conjure you to protect me and others who are not only threatened but assailed with lawless violence, I appeal to a principle intimately connected with your own preservation.

Suffer one; even one citizen to be thus dealt with impunity and you thereby invite, and assuredly will be rewarded by similar outrages -- Suffer even the members of a society, however imposing in members, and however powerful by combination, to arrest from the laws what belongs to the laws and you inevitably seal the destruction of your liberty -- your social compact becomes barbarised, and you re led to toil and slaughter at the will of merciless task-masters and tyrants.

What can be more alarming to the well-being of social order, than to have the bonds which are destined to restrain the thoughtless and the ignorant rended asunder by the more knowing ones, stating "that whatever may be your violence in a particular case, you will be protected -- that the constituted authorities will protect you -- that the Governor of the state has written on, in any and every event, cost what it may, even to bloodshed, to suppress a certain thing -- by no means to suffer it to come to the world!

Chandler, as a magistrate of the land, instead of quibbling about the character or qualities of a certain book, or of those engaged in it, or who are or who are not incendiaries, to lend a vigorous hand to the suppression of insubordination and bloodshed. I also call upon William R. Thompson, Sheriff of Genesee, possessing, as he does, the civil and military power of the county, to keep the public peace -- to suppress all riots or attempts at riots.

He is one of the conservators of the laws, and he will have to answer for a fearful responsibility in any neglect of duty; which it is hoped and trusted no occasion may bring to his charge.

I call upon the constituted authorities generally for aid and protection -- to suppress all efforts at violence, in their incipient state, and to punish outrages already committed, or those which may hereafter be attempted. His fate he anticipated. Man I have loved and do love, and I wish him unenthralled. My life is the property of my country, and my countrymen have a claim upon my utmost faculties for the preservation of all that is dear to intelligent freemen.

The bane of our evil institutions is to be found in an order powerful and numerous, and becoming daily more so. It cankers and corrodes to the core the foundation on which Justice is based; and is destined, unless timely checked, to become the leveler, not of proud distinctions, but of social order.

That, which, in its origin, it promoted, bringing form from uncomliness, is sadly reversed; -- and thieves and motley changers have entered the sacred Temple. This is no ideal picture, or the suggestion of a disordered fancy -- look about you -- within the precincts of your daily walks and daily avocations you will see injustice sanctioned, and crime sainted by the myrmidons of an absurd institution.

With its power and corruptions, individuals not only may be sacrificed, but, in time, the State. If my life must be forfeit, I owe to my country an exposure of its dangers; not that there are not good men in the society, but that there are many evil ones.

If ever man had honest views, I venture to aver that such were his; yet it is to be feared that he has fallen a martyr to truth and to the good of his fellow men. At the elbow of the immortal Jackson, braving death on the plains of Orleans, and successfully defending "Beauty and Booty" from the ravishment of unrestrained lust and love of plunder, he may have been destined to die by the hands of the worthless and the useless.

The late outrageous acts committed by some of the fraternity, conclusively prove that the institution is dangerous; because there is not a sufficient influencing or restraining power exerted to preserve subordination; because it is not in the power of those who would do justly and act uprightly to all men, so enforce this salutary principal; because many of its real moral orniments have ceased, and are daily ceasing to hold a communion with its more active and interested members; because they can associate at divers places, at the secret hour of midnight, concert their plans, meet and execute them at any given point or time; and because the society is claiming and attempting to enforce exclusive privileges, and are becoming as dangerous to individual rights and social liberty as the Spanish Inquisition ever was in the zenith of its baleful power.

Since writing the above I have been credibly informed that Johns, despairing of a desperate force in this quarter to "storm the castle," has repaired to Canada, to enlist a myrmidos corps; which may be expected on every hour.

This may prove not to be the fact, but every information we have as yet received. The inhabitants of the County of Genesee, who do not approve of the [vile? Batavia, September 21, To my personal friends, and to the friends of civil and social liberty, and to the Rights of man, I owe an acknowledgment of grateful thanks, which I tender warm from the heart; assuring them, at the same time, that every avenue is guarded -- that every nook and corner from which a lawless corps might issue by day or night, is watched by vigilant sentinels.

In return for this kindness, my life and my best exertions are at the command of civil, religious and political philanthropists. Pursuant to notice given, the inhabitants of the County held a general Meeting at the Court House on Monday the 25th inst. Morgan was treated; and a full statement made by persons who were present, of the arrest and detention of David C.

The following are the depositions in the order in which they were read at the meeting. Lucinda Morgan , aged twenty-three, the wife of William Morgan, of Batavia, in said County, being duly sworn, deposeth and saith: That during the whole of Monday she remained in ignorance of which way he had been taken, or who had taken him, excepting by loose information, that an officer from Canandaigua had taken him.

That on Tuesday morning, soon after breakfast, she sent for William R. Thompson, the Sheriff, and requested to know of him if he knew on what pretext her husband had been taken away. Morgan could be got back, or brought back, if she gave up to the Masons the papers she had in possession. Said Thompson answered that he thought it was very likely that Mr. Morgan would be brought back if she would give them up, but he would not obligate himself or undertake to say that he should be brought back.

That thereupon said Thompson proposed that this deponent should go to Canandaigua, and take the papers, and give them to Morgan, or to them, or give them up; and deponent agreed to go and take the papers accordingly. Thompson then asked this deponent if there was any person or friend whom she would like to have go with her. Gibbs meaning Horace Gibbs, and asked if it would do for him to go. Said Thompson said it would not do for him to go, as he was not a mason, and added it would not do for any person to carry her there but a mason.

She asked him twice if Mr. Gibbs was not a mason, and he said he was not, and then asked deponent if she was acquainted with Mr.

Thompson said he was a nice man, and a gentleman with whom she could safely trust herself. Said Thompson departed and soon returned, and told deponent that Mr. Follett was not willing to go unless she would let him Follett, and Mr. Ketchum see the papers: This deponent then objected to these papers being seen by them; Thompson then said it was useless, he should do no more and he could not send her out there unless they could see the papers.

Deponent then with great reluctance, finally consented to let them see the papers, if they would take her to see her husband. Deponent told him she was afraid they would take the papers away from her, if she let them see them. Thompson said they would not.

Thompson see the papers; he said that would not answer; they would not take his word. Thompson then told her he would go to Humphrey's and stay until she had got the papers, and she must then make a sign to him when she was ready. Accordingly a short time afterwards she made a sign to Mr. Thompson, then standing on Humphrey's stoop, and immediately after, he, with Mr.

Ketchum came to her apartment, when Thompson introduced Follett and Ketchum, and said they had come to see the papers, which this deponent then handed to them. Follett was ready to take her. Follett then said he would go home with the papers and look them over, and told Ketchum to stop for him at his gate. Accordingly, about four o'clock in the afternoon of Tuesday, deponent started with said Follett and Ketchum, in a small wagon, and proceeded to Stafford.

Ganson appeared to speak the most. One of them asked Johns if those were the papers that were in the office when he was there. Johns answered there was one degree back, and then took a piece of paper, and folding it up, said the papers that were back were folded so.

They then held considerable more conversation in voices too low to be heard. Follett then turned to deponent and said; he did not see that he could go with her; that Mr.

Ketchum was going to Rochester, and would be willing to take her to Canandaigua to see Mr. Morgan; said he was not much acquainted with him Ketchum but took him to be a Gentleman; and Ketchum then said he called himself a gentleman, and she need not be afraid to trust herself with him.

Ketchum then took the papers and tied them up in his pocket handkerchief, and took them with him into the wagon in which they rode. Johns then got into the wagon and rode to Le Roy, when he got out, and bid Ketchum good bye, saying, I hope I shall see you day after to-morrow.

They then proceeded to Avon, and staid all night. The next day they again started for Canandaigua, when Ketchum put the papers into this deponent's trunk.

They arrived at Canandaigua about twelve at Noon, and stopped at a tavern at the corner of the main street. After being there some time, this deponent asked Ketchum if he had heard of Mr. Morgan, and was afraid he had come to get him away from that place. Then he asked her where the papers were.

He took them and said he would go and make further inquiries for Mr. Morgan; and if he could find him, or where he was, or where they had taken him, he would let her know all he could find out.

This was about dinner time. He returned again a short time before night, and told her he had heard Mr. Morgan had been there; had been tried for stealing a shirt, and cleared, had been then put in jail for a debt of two dollars -- and that Tuesday night a man had come from Pennsylvania, who said he had a warrant against him for a debt he owed there; that he, the man, had paid the two dollars and had taken him away in a private carriage on Tuesday night, and that he had no doubt he was gone; and asked this deponent when she would go home again.

The deponent then expressed her anxiety to return speedily on account of having left her child of two years old, and having with her a baby of two months old. This deponent was then walking the room in great distress, and in tears.

He then seemed to pity deponent, and told her not to be uneasy, and after looking at her a short time, told her to come and sit down by him, and asked her if she would feel any better if he told her all he knew. Being answered yes, he then said that Mr. Morgan would not be killed -- that he would be kept concealed until they could get the rest of the papers. She asked him what papers were back. He said there was some sheets of the Mark Masters Degree back, and they wanted also to get the printed sheets that Miller had printed on the three Degrees.

He then said he wanted to take the papers which he had received from this deponent, to Rochester, and he thought through the means of them he could find out where Mr.

Iit was a secret where he was. Said he had paid her passage and gave her two dollars to bear her expenses home.

He then wrote his name with a pencil on a scrap of paper hereto annexed, as follows: Deponent told him she would not try to get the papers, that Miller had, and would take no money and would not let him have the papers she had delivered to him, but on condition he would try and find out where Mr.

Morgan was, and let her see him. He then repeated his promise to try and find out, and said he would write to her as soon as he got to Rochester; and urged her to write to him immediately on her return, and let him know about the papers, and what the people were doing generally in Batavia, and whether they were making a great rumpus about Mr. Deponent then expressed her fears that if she did give him any information about the papers, he would not keep his promise about letting her see him, but would keep him concealed until they had got all the papers, and finally kill him.

Ketchum then said, "I promise before my God that I will not deceive you, but will do all I can to find out where he is, and let you see him. I have no doubt when I get back to Rochester I can find out more, and I think I can find out where he is. In the course of his conversation he said, that if Mr. Morgan had managed rightly he could have made a million of dollars, if the work had been published.

Ketchum then departed for Rochester, leaving this deponent at the tavern -- she, the same day, started for Batavia. The deponent further says, she has no knowledge of the place where her husband now is, or what is his situation, and feels the most anxious fears for his life; that she was born in virginia, and is a stranger, without intimate friends or relations in this county, and is left with two infant children, without any money, except what is left of that given to her by said Ketchum, and has no property, nor any means of supporting herself and her children, her constitution being very feeble, and her health very bad most of the time.

Sworn the 22d, day of September, , before me. Oren Dana aged twenty-one being sworn, deposeth and saith: Between the hours of six and seven of the clock in the morning, William Morgan of Batavia village came into the store, and a few minutes afterwards a stranger came into the store and told Morgan he wished to speak to him, and walked out with him.

He was a stout well made man, aged he thinks, between twenty-eight and thirty-five, wore a light colored hat considerably worn or used. He is well acquainted with the inhabitants of the village and its vicinity, but does not recollect that he ever saw the said stranger before.

Sworn the 18th day of September, , before me. There appears to be some grounds for believing that Oliver Cowdery knew the William Morgan family at Batavia prior to Morgan's abduction. See notes attached to the Oct. Appeal to the Governor under construction Notes: By order of Charles H.

Notice is hereby given to all the creditors of Stephen F. Cowdery of Avon, in said county, an insolvent debtor, to shew cause, if any they have, before the said judge at his office in the town of Groveland, in the county of Livingston, on the 1st day of November next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, why an assignment of the said insovent's estate should not be made, and his person be exempt from imprisonment pursuant to the act entitled "An act to abolish imprisonment for debt in certain cases," passed April 7, Dated this 12th day of September, Warren set up a medical practice in the town of Le Roy , and then moved to Freedom, where he served as the postmaster -- Dyer lived in the same area as Warren -- Erastus moved to Ohio.

On page of The Spalding Enigma, the authors mistakenly credit the published insolvency notice to the "Livingston Recorder ," rather than the Register. Stephen Cowdery and his second wife later moved to Buffalo and from there evidently to northern Ohio, where he reportedly died in The Batavia newspapers had for some time teemed with articles, personal and acrimonious; and soon after the violence alluded to, was committed, the editor of the Republican Advocate, one of the obnoxious individuals, in handbills and in his paper, gave such an account of the transactions as might be expected under such circumstances, but which the public should be slow to believe.

The affair, however, was considered by a respectable portion of the people, as a violation of good order and the laws of the land, which protect every person "of what state or condition soever," and who only "can be brought to answer by due course of law. From the proceedings of this meeting, which are in the form of resolutions and an address, with nine despositions, and which fill ten columns of the Advocate, we are able to gather the facts relating to the affair, and proceed to a brief statement of them, leaving the reader to make his own comments.

It is, that On the morning of Monday the 11th Sept. He is not indexed past Accused of abuse of youths in s and s. Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier 2. Accused of sexually abusing a year-old girl at a boarding school in Colton WA. Admitted the acts but claimed they were consensual. Mankato Free Press First assignment was at Immaculate Conception Church now St.

Pius X , Moberly, At one point in his career, there was one allegation of abuse but no further details are known. On leave of absence at Paraclete facility in Jemez Springs from Reassigned to Parish in but no assignment in Abuse occurred several times in Scott's car between when accuser was Diocese says Scott is not an active priest. Other sources report he is living in North Carolina.

Accused of abusing both a boy and a girl each about 7 or 8 between As part of Section Scott's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed Sued in by one boy alleging abuse in Took sick leave in Removed from position at counselor for sex offenders at Essex County Jail in after name appeared on list of accused abusers.

Named in 3 suits in Dale Calhoun also abused the youth. Removed from parish in Yakima diocese in and sent to treatment. At least 2 claims settled confidentially. Seattle priest came forward to say Scully had also abused him in s when he was He reported it to church in Ordained in , Sebescak was removed from assignment as assoc. Bishop Gregory found the allegations credible. Head of Catholic Schools beginning Review Board deemed allegation credible. Matter referred to Rome.

Five known credible allegations. Diocese of Ft Wayne-South Bend list Per a civil suit, Sego abused a girl when she was in elementary school 27 years before. Suit dismissed on SOL. Admitted exposing himself to one young girl and having another undress and dance for him. Lived under restrictions in priest retirement home near St. Abuse allegations involve young girls, teenagers, and pregnant girls. Lived and traveled with Bishop Higi for many years.

Suspended by the Archdiocese in after an allegation of abuse of a minor was determined to be credible. Louis Press Release Seidenberg would force them to sit on his lap while he masturbated and fondled them during confessions. Accuser is now an adult.

Current whereabouts are unknown. Diocese may not have filed police reports yet. Review board found his actions to be true sexual abuse of a minor. Boonville Daily News 1. Allowed to return to work prior to Assigned to a smaller parish and ordered not to be alone with children.

Post and Courier SC 3. He admitted sexually abusing boys as far back as 30 years ago. People from 2 parishes say church authorities knew about abuse allegations for many years.

Sellentin was transferred in s after allegations. Matter discussed at meeting with church pastor in s. Sellentin transferred again about after complaints. Allegations of abuse in at least 4 parishes between and From India, became U. Worked in diocese since but still assigned to diocese in India. Accused in of improperly touching an yr-old girl.

State AG expunged his record so there would be no trace of the accusation or charge. Nonetheless, Bishop Smith removed him from ministry and tried to send him back to India, saying Selvaraj had been repeatedly warned of his "overly friendly personality.

His appeal to the Vatican was denied when it ruled that Diocese had followed proper protocol and was within its rights. The Times NJ Placed on leave from Parmadale Family Services home when man came forward to allege sexual abuse at the home which offered treatment to children with emotional problems. Seminatore denied charges even after two more victims came forward. This was after a tribunal of three canonists determined the charges were not confirmed.

Senko resigned as pastor of St. He denied touching the girl "consciously or unconsciously. From he was administrator of St. One woman alleged abuse by Br.

Seoriso on multiple occasions at St. Ignatius Mission on Flathead Indian Reservation. He has denied allegations. Before allegations received, he was pastor at Maria Reina Parish in Mt.

Diocese investigation has resumed. Priest visiting from Colima diocese in Mexico. Archdiocese could not determine whether Serratos had been granted faculties to minister. Two other victims came forward. One had an audio tape from of conversation between himself and Sewall in which Sewall acknowledged the abuse.

Attorney for this man had notified the Diocese by letter in and Diocese settled. Three suits filed in Died July 11, Charged with abuse of 14 yr old boy from Allowed to plead guilty to lesser charge of attempted endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. Sentenced to 1 yr probation. Democrat and Chronicle 8. Complaint made and he underwent counseling.

Total of 3 victims known by June, Male plaintiff alleged abuse by Sexton from approx. Placed on leave but worked as part-time parochial school teacher until In massive divil suit filed Oct 1, 27 victims allege abuse by 24 priests, including Sforza.

One plaintiff says that he was sexually abused by Sforza from to He is not in or Catholic Directory. He is now deceased. No further information know at this time. Sued , when he was vicar general. Accused of sexually abusing a male minor in or Denied the charge, but wrote email to the victim in that was an "admission of serious misconduct. Claims against Diocese were settled fall, as part of large settlement. He asked to be reinstated as VG. Review board and secret Vatican court??

Served as a missioner in Central America for 52 years. Part of Central American Vice Province. Retired and returned to WI.

Joseph as deceased friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors. Shafer's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Real name was Guy Dale Shaffer.

Known as Brother Fintan. Administrator of home for mentally handicapped run by the order. In there were allegations that Shaffer and other religious had abused residents of the home. One resident died of AIDS. No criminal charges against him but civil suit filed and settled Left order in mids and died in Noted to have one victim, abuse allegedly occurring Allegations reported after his death. Noted to have multiple allegations against him of child sexual abuse.

One alleged victim said he was a year-old altar boy at St. Patrick's in Carlisle in the s when Shank began sexually abusing him, and that it went of for a year and a half. Convicted of sexually abusing a young boy in the s. Dozens of complaints; many settlements. Abuse included oral and anal rape. Reportedly abused boys, girls and adults. First complaint from parents of year-old boy.

Earliest complaint in file from priest alleging Shanley abused a year-old boy. Shanley denied abuse and was assigned to parish work, special ministries, and parish work again until Sentenced in to years in prison. Not required to wear a GPS bracelet. Ordered to register as level 3 sex offender. Moved to a Ware MA apartment. Named in civil suit as having abused an altar boy from age yrs.

Placed on sick leave Also named in RICO pleading as having abused another youth. Anthony of Padua School in Camden in s. His Order found the allegations credible.

He was placed on leave and reportedly sent to the Oblates' retirement community in Childs, MD. Named in civil suit.. Also on the Orange Diocese list of abusers. Accused in of abuse of 1 between per archdiocesan report. Complainant was a junior and Sharpe was his confessor. Excardinated from LA and incardinated in Orange Also on that Diocese's list of abusive priests.

Originally ordained for Harrisburg PA diocese. Began working in Boston AD in Per Garabedian, at least one claim settled with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. One of 3 previously unnamed priests listed in confidential settlement of a lawsuit against Thomas A. Placed on leave "so he could work" at local college when he was accused in suit of abuse of 2 boys in mids at St.

Bernard's Catholic High School in Fitchburg. Found working as church organist at First Congregational Church of Leicester in Believed to be living in Worcester. Catholic Free Press 3. Francis of Assisi in Rochester now closed. Diocese saysallegations are "credible.

Matter sent to the Vatican. Accused of sexually abusing a girl, beginning in at age 15 and continuing until Order provided therapy and some financial assistance. Removed as principal of elementary school in In she was working as administrator of the Caritas Community in Jersey City, a retirement home for nuns.

John the Evangelist in Clyde in , then St. Margaret Mary in Irondequoit The alleged abuse occurred during his time at St. Per the diocese, Shaw resigned from ministry in and was "dispensed from the clerical state" in Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. John's Seminary from Spent much of his later career as judge on various diocesan tribunals. In Shea pled guilty to assaulting a 14 yr old; sentenced to yrs prison.

Released on parole and "retired. Accused in civil suits of abusing 2 boys. Privileges were permanently removed.

Accused of abuse of 6 boys in s. He admitted molesting two altar boys from to Placed on leave and retired with restrictions Further restrictions added and Shea agreed to permanent restriction of ministry and to live a supervised life. Documents regarding his history were introduced in trial of Msgr. He admitted paying hush money to at least 1 other victim.

Accused in of molesting at least 16 girls in 11 parishes where he served in the Diocese. Abuse occurred over 30 years and was often referred to in church records as "prolonged kissing" and not as sexual abuse. Parents would complain and Shea would be transferred. Placed on leave Vatican refused to laicize in Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this priest. Accused of abuse of 4 from per archdiocesan report. Note that name is spelled Sheehan in the civil suit.

Brain surgery in early s and then medical retirement. LA Archdiocosan Report 2. Man said abuse occured at a Catholic orphanage in until Mother Superior found out. Sheedy transferred to Arizona and later died. Man and others accusing priest Nyhan turned around and immediately filed another suit against church for loss of consortium.

Sheedy has emphatically denied the allegation in public news conference. She said the abuse took place in the parish rectory, in various cottages and at her home. She said her brother told the diocese in , but Sheehan was kept in ministry.

Diocese of Erie Man told archdiocese late that Shelander sexually abused him late s-early s, when he was 14 to 18 years-old and Shelander was pastor of St. The Beacon Journal Computer purchaser found porn in and told church officials. Church allegedly hid evidence. He took sabbatical from St. Police received CDs of adult porn.

Also possible inappropriate emails with boy. Former high-ranking archdiocesan official turned whistleblower, Jennifer Haselberger, told police in that documents she had seen re the case said the porn included a pre-pubescent boy appearing to engage in oral sex with another male, and searches such as "naked boy pics.

St Paul Pioneer Press Ordained as Augustinian Father. Retired with letter of recommendation to Spanish diocese. May have been 2nd accuser. First complaint received by Archbishop Lipscomb in regarding abuse in s. Sherlock admitted the incident; Lipscomb transferred him to another parish. Sherlock admitted 'relations' with at least 3 students at McGill-Toolen High school.

The Catholic Week excerpt 3. Claim settled in Arrested and for public indecency. Arrested and convicted of sexual contact and attempted sexual contact with a 14 yr old boy in at St. Benedict Church in Chandler. Sentenced to 10 yrs in prison. Wrote in diary of over male partners,of whom 22 were minors. Allegations were made against Shibley in and re abuse of 2 boys dating from s. One article says that there was a s investigation. Shibley was ordered to retire in but was allowed to return to part-time duties as administrator at another parish in under restrictions.

Accused of abusing Junior HS boy on Exeter golf course in about In that year, Shields became pastor of St. Same man also reported abuse by another priest and a teacher at his school.

At last report Shields was in his 90s and living in FL. Shields allegedly invited the boy back to the rectory of St. Ann's in Lansford after bingo night and began to molest him. The boy reportedly fled and never let himself be alone with the priest again. He said he told his mother and a deacon at the parish. Shields was moved 3 months later.

Ann's years previously. Man complained to Diocese in and Shiffler admitted to abusing Plaintiff and another youth in mids. Died , age Ambrose, where Shigo was assigned in The Morning Call Obit Accused of abuse of 1 between per archdiocesan report addendum. Named in at least 1 civil suit. Name is spelled Shimmaly in Directory but Schimmaly in archdiocesan Addendum. Man filed a civil suit in alleging that Shiner abused him for 4 years from beginning when he was Said Shiner would take him out for dinner and drinks before molesting him at the Rectory.

Shiner denies that the abuse ever happened. No other victims have come forward. Diocese review board says that the accusations were credible. Shinos had been pastor of same church since He also alleged abuse by another priest as an adult. Albany Times Union 3. Accused of abuse of at least 7 youths from Named in several civil suits. Moved to Gaylord Diocese and then placed on leave in Removed after admitting sexual abuse of a minor more than 20 years prior.

A few days later another man came forward alleging abuse as a boy by Shoback. In a man told the diocese that Shoback abused him at age This person received funds deducted from Shoback's pension every month for 4 years as reimbursement for lost wages.

No criminal charges due to SOL. More complaints in and Wilkes-Barre Times Leader Alleged victim named another boy he said Shoback abused; that person denied it to investigators. Shoback sent for eval.

This led to Shoback's arrest and conviction. Accused of abuse of a minor in late s. Placed on leave in Parish was told he was leaving because of stress. Left the priesthood about 4 yrs later and was laicized by Vatican in The diocese received an accusation in that Showalter sexually abused male minors. By end of a total of four men and one woman had come forward to allege that Shrader abused them 4 of the 5 were under 18 at the time within the past years. Diocese says that Sharader did not engage in sexual intercourse but there was physical contact or verbal misconduct such as sexual jokes or propositions.

Shrimplin was ordained a deacon in and says he left the active diaconate of his own accord in He denied allegations of abuse. Late Bishop Hoffman acknowledged that Shrimplin was "removed from active diaconal ministry.

Diocese said all four priests had substantiated allegations against them and all had been through some form of therapy. No other information found. In massive civil suit filed Oct 1, 27 victims allege abuse by 24 priests, including Sickler. One man says he was sexually abused by Sickler from to Sickler asked the youth to join a "secret club" in the restroom of theparish elementary school. Handshake for the "secret club" involved manipulating each other's genitals. Sickler died in October, Accused of abuse of at least 12 boys in their mid-teens during his career as a priest.

Placed on administrative leave in and then further restrictions added in Feb. Philadelphia Grand Jury Final Presentment 2. Jerzy was arrested on charges of indecent exposure. He was then placed on leave from St. Classified as high risk offender. San Antonio Express News Accused of abuse of boys in s and s. Named in class action suit. Name as Siegle is included on secret memo from Wm. Ordained in ; by he was teaching high school in Buenos Aires.

By he was part of San Diego CA diocese. Named in civil suit later settled re abuse of girls in Santa Cruz NM. Diocese of San Diego Assignment List Named by 45 victims in multiple lawsuits.

Pled guilty to abuse of child; received probation and counseling. Many new allegations in MI in Arrested and convicted twice in MI in Included in new civil suits. On sex offender list. Per the GJ, a St.

Bernadine Clinic report alluded to "sexual problems with adolescents" in , which prompted Siler's transfer to another parish. In letter to the House of Affirmation Bishop Leonard wrote, "in the last three years the problem arose about which I spoke to you A memo to Bishop Bevilacqua from a priest mentioned Siler making a pass at a young boy whose father was a policeman, which lead to Siler's removal from the parish. In a man confronted Siler about molesting him as a boy; Siler was hospitalized for feeling suicidal then sent to St.

Luke Institute Continuing Care Workshop. Luke said Slier had relapsed. Allegation in of sex abuse of a 2nd or 3rd grade St. Catherine's altar boy there Withdrew from active ministry Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Obituary Arrested and charged with abuse of boy, age 14, in during trip to France and Portugal.

Silva was Christian Brother for 17 years before being ordained in Two men filed suit Total of nine men filed civil suits alleging abuse by Silva ss. Criminal charges also filed in Silva admitted in court that he sexually abused a young man. Received seven- year suspended sentence and ordered to undergo counseling.

Multiple transfers after initial notice. Providence Journal Bulletin Sued by many in Accused of abuse of as many as 28 boys Criminal charges dropped due to Supreme Court ruling. Likely returned to Mexico. LA archdiocese referred to him as Fidencio Flores Silva. In an essay published in July , a man wrote that Silverio molested him and his two brothers in the s, beginning when Silverio was assigned to Holy Family parish in South Buffalo.

Another man told a news source that he was abused between ages 7 and 9 by Silverio in the s at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Niagara Falls. Silverio was assigned there In Silverio was on 'leave of absence', after which he left the priesthood. Name on Archdiocese's July list of priests fully restricted from ministry or who would have been restricted if still living because of credible allegations of abuse. Last assignment was at St.

Dominic Parish Brookfield between Died in at age Allegations in late s-early s. Settlement with at least one. Milwaukee Journal Sentienl Removed from parish work in Two separate civil suits filed in accused Simms of forcing boys to dress in skimpy, sexually provocative briefs and act out religious fantasies and wrestle with him.

In , police investigated but agreed not to press charges if Simms received counseling and was removed from contact with minors. Both cases settled in or United Press International A young hippie sits cross-legged in a New York City park. Congress of Racial Equality trainees endure an "egg shampoo" exercise in preparation for remaining calm during nonviolent demonstrations. A first-grade girl is escorted by U. Federal Marshals to a grade school that is being guarded by city police on the first day of school integration by order of the federal court.

Its blast was five miles in diameter with a yield of 50 megatons -- 25 times more powerful than all the munitions used in World War II including the two atomic bombs dropped by the U. Rumors of an affair between President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe persist to this day. Perhaps fueling the rumors more than any other incident was Monroe's sultry rendition of "Happy Birthday" sung to Kennedy at Madison Square Garden on May 19, Kennedy right , Monroe, and Kennedy's brother Robert backstage just after Monroe's performance.

This is one of the few photos of Monroe and Kennedy together. For 13 days in the fall of , it seemed as if the world was going to end. Known as the Cuban Missile Crisis, this tense period saw Soviet forces attempt to move nuclear missiles to Cuba, just 90 miles from the coast of Florida. It was the closest the Cold War ever came to all-out nuclear annihilation.

Ultimately cooler heads prevailed and both sides agreed to back their nuclear weapons farther away from the enemy's borders. The following summer, President John F. Kennedy traveled to Berlin, Germany, the city that stood at the border of the communist and non-communist worlds, literally divided down the center by a wall.

In Berlin, Kennedy hoped to underline U. At home, millions of Americans hoped to overcome racial divides. By , despite fierce opposition, the civil rights movement had begun gaining momentum. Artists like these had come to represent the voice of both the younger generation and highlight the plight of nation's oppressed through verse -- a trend that would only grow as the decade went on.

Jackie Kennedy right , still wearing the suit stained with her late husband's blood, looks on as Lyndon B. Johnson takes the presidential oath aboard Air Force One in Dallas just two hours and eight minutes after the assassination.

The suit remained out of public view in the National Archives in Maryland, together with an unsigned note reading "Jackie's suit and bag worn Nov. Its precise location is kept a secret. It was never cleaned. Jack Ruby fatally shoots alleged Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald as Dallas police escort the latter to a transport vehicle the day after Kennedy's death.

Ruby told several witnesses immediately after shooting Oswald that he was trying to help the city of Dallas "redeem" itself in the public's eye, and spare " Kennedy the discomfiture of coming back to trial.

On March 26, , the decade's two most prominent civil rights leaders shared their only meeting. As Martin Luther King Jr. The gaggle of photographers surrounding the men took photos to immortalize the historic moment that lasted all of about one minute. As was the case with music and politics, fashion also took a bold leap forward in the s. The famous Mondrian Collection by French designer Yves Saint Laurent took an innovative approach to fashion by combining classical Western forms with the aesthetics of modernist fine art.

Today, some of these dresses themselves are displayed at museums around the world. Sporting some of the decade's most distinctive fashions, flight attendants became emblematic of the era and symbols of modern womanhood.

Many saw flight attendants as evocative of a new "kind" of woman, one who traveled the globe and free from the gender-specific duties that had kept women at home in previous decades. Just seconds after the knockout, referee Joe Walcott, holds Ali back.

Ali's courage both in and out of the ring would come to define the decade. Ed White floats just outside the Gemini 4 capsule hatch on June 3, This made White the first American to ever perform a spacewalk, which lasted 23 minutes. His arrest soon evolved into a roadside scuffle and many quickly accused the officers of police brutality.

Page 2 — The THE PORTLAND Daily DAILY Sun, SUN, Tuesday, May 28, “Bots,” computer programs used by scalpers, are a hidden part of a miserable . Do you want to Make Permanent Lifestyle Changes that will stick but do not LePage asks federal agency to provide loans for Lewiston fire victims Maine Gov. The history of the area comprising the U.S. state of Maine spans thousands of years, measured .. Secretary of State Daniel Webster secretly funded a propaganda campaign The major site for cotton textile manufacturing was Lewiston on the as building lumber needed to be "shipped around the Horn" from Maine until. Regular jting Monday (28) was presided jr by Vice-President Mike Doolan. Agents Vho worked for me before, acknowledge this ^d. Little Falls, N. J. WANTED lerry-Go- Round an* Ferris Wheel Foremen Other Ride Help. Sharon Anderson, Bertha Ford, Dollie Galvin, Mayme Wade, Rose Lewiston and Clara Silber.