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Swm needs a sugarbaby type girl

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Swm needs a sugarbaby type girl

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Working out at planet fitness m4w You had a pinkish salmon colored tank, white shorts. Can't sleep w4m Anyone up for talking, I can't sleep and I'm bored. Age size and relationship status suvarbaby matter.

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Swm needs a sugarbaby type girl

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If you are a Busty curvy BBW I would love to meet you. Four oh five, 293 threeFour4five Serious replies only. In a relationship, not waiting to replace her, she just can't sit there and watch it like i can.

I am open, outgoing I don't judge, nice man let's forget that one, I have friends not for that though. So what make a guy want a girl for more then sex. Ok,so I just read an ad from a female seeking for this. Or me with a. If mutual chemistry desire is there, then hoping to enjoy a monogamous LTR with a stimulating man that will be satisfied. Seeking for nsaFWB w4m seeking for a FWB I am here in the area for at leat 2 more weeks and would like to meet a best boy to do things with and have a few benefits of the side if interested drop me an email (no, I am not a prude by any meansi love sex just like everyonebut I am looking for more than that.

A mutually beneficial relationship and an honest relationship where both parties are happy? Sounds like the perfect relationship to me! Tired of immature boys only interested in the next lay? Here's why every girl should date a sugar daddy. The first thing that comes to mind when you think "sugar daddy" is money, but they offer so much more than that. You'll enjoy living a grandeur life that wasn't open to you with your previous boyfriends.

Your eyes are opened to expensive restaurants, fine wines and exotic bars and it's great! You may also have the added bonus of your sugar daddy spoiling you with expensive gifts. Cheating is the number one reason why relationships fail but you won't have to worry about that here.

No worries - hakuna matata! Your sugar daddy will always be older than you - duh! You can sleep pretty knowing that he won't leave you for a younger woman. Three words that are music to a young girl's ears. You're enjoying life in your 20s and nobody wants to settle down and commit to one person so young - there's plenty of time for that when you're older! You both leave your emotions outside the bedroom but also appreciate the other outside of sex and what they have to offer.

Ever heard the phrase "diamonds are a girl's best friend? What girl doesn't like to be treated? With a sugar daddy, you'll want for nothing. Both of you reap the benefits of the relationship, whether it be financial assistance, sexual gratification or sweet companionship. Your sugar daddy will want to take care of their partners, hence the word "daddy.

He'll ensure that you're financially stable and treated to the finest of indulgences. So put up your feet, kick back and relax. You both know exactly what this relationship is.

The rules and guidelines are crystal clear. There's an expiry date on the relationship so there's no need to lie to each other or hide your ulterior motives. Everything is out in the open It's an honest arrangement. You simply won't have that with a sugar daddy - he's lived through several relationships in his time and has learned from his mistakes. He'll remember your birthday, the relationship anniversary, always buy you a Christmas present and understand that you need time alone.

One of the best factors about having a sugar daddy is that you can call time on your relationship without any adverse effects. He won't scream horrible slants at you while tossing your clothes out the door of his house. You'll shake hands and part ways in an honourable and civilised manner - "Ah sure, it was good while it lasted. Monogamy is not required. Youth is always on your side. How to Avoid Catching Feelings for Someone.

Dating relationships sugar daddy. See more from CollegeTimes Staff. We bring you the good times. Life 8 months ago By CollegeTimes Staff. Life 9 months ago By CollegeTimes Staff. Life 10 months ago By CollegeTimes Staff.

Dominant Sugarbaby | Phone Sex, Sexting, and Cam |

He'll ensure that you're financially stable and treated to the finest of indulgences. So put up your feet, kick back and relax. You both know exactly what this relationship is. The rules and guidelines are crystal clear. There's an expiry date on the relationship so there's no need to lie to each other or hide your ulterior motives.

Everything is out in the open It's an honest arrangement. You simply won't have that with a sugar daddy - he's lived through several relationships in his time and has learned from his mistakes. He'll remember your birthday, the relationship anniversary, always buy you a Christmas present and understand that you need time alone.

One of the best factors about having a sugar daddy is that you can call time on your relationship without any adverse effects. He won't scream horrible slants at you while tossing your clothes out the door of his house. You'll shake hands and part ways in an honourable and civilised manner - "Ah sure, it was good while it lasted.

Monogamy is not required. Youth is always on your side. No Games Leave the games behind! Get the respect and admiration you deserve from young women eager to learn from an established mentor.. Youthful Fun Bring youthful fun back into your life in a way only possible with a bubbly, younger woman can.

Feel ten years younger and alive again with an eager Sugar Baby by your side. As a Sugar mama you know what you want and are usually in a position to get hold of it. Toyboys waiting in line to be with you! Men know that, and so they are more likely to look for someone who represents success, class and elegance. Enjoy your life Bring the fun back into your life in a way that you never imagined. Experience all the possibilities that only a toyboy can offer.

Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mammas are Rich in more than one way: I received many reply's and the first guy I contacted wound up being not only very sexy but every SB's dream. My mum kept on saying she did not raise a slut and me running around with peoples husbands would not be tolerated. She started to ask me who he was and warned she was not going to stop beating me if I did not say his name!

So here I was wailing like a banshee and at the same time trying to keep it together. Remember he was well known because his wife was a member of parliament in Cape Town.

Now if that came out the scandal would even make the newspapers at this rate. My mum said I was going to back to every class that day so that I should be properly humiliated because already I had shown I had no shame.

She said she had it in mind to beat me up every day until I told her who it was that I was seeing. You know what, I believed it.

Although I was crying I was defiant. I would never show face again. I know my school. I will be the talk of it for the rest of the year. At least she had had the decency to not beat me up outside otherwise I would be trending on Twitter. I am not that light skinned but I knew I had bruises. I think she got tired of trying to kill me for she stopped as suddenly as she started.

She demanded I walk her out and asked that I must be given detention for life! I walked her out and much as I tried to hold it together I was sobbing. She kept on demanding I shut up or she will start again.

Like what the fuck. When I came out of the office there was a crowd there because I am sure people had heard the crying. You know how high school is. People like things so much no wonder why they school kids are ignorant on the things that matter! Go read a book or something! I pulled my uniform down properly, straighten myself, folded my arms and put on my queen bitch face and held my head high. The car park at school is directly in front of the office. There is paving and a small quad leading to it.

The creeps from my school were lurking there wanting to see who was causing all the commotion. My mum made sure she walked slowly enough to parade me but fast enough not to make it ridiculous. At least it was over! I thought too soon, right there in front of everyone she turned and she gave me a hard clap!

I turned and walked away even when she was screaming for me to stop!! There is punishment and there was this! As I walked people where standing there looking at this shamed girl. In front with his friends was Thabo! You should have seen the shock on his face! It was betrayal and more than that, it was a love lost turned to hate.

He looked at me as I walked past and I felt as though the moment happened in slow motion. My face still tingling from that clap I had just received could not even betray my emotions as the wetness from the earlier tears left my face numb.

I wanted a place to hide. As I walked through that quad I just prayed no one had taken videos which could end up online. High school is vicious on most days but with this now i knew mine would be double.

I was well known because of my looks that much I knew but to that I am sure people where going to add horrible names. I was not mean by nature, to anyone, but people judge you on your last actions so they will find a way to make me feel low. Some kids were even walking behind me laughing and giggling. Phasha our physics teacher whom I once suspected of having a crush on me at some point called me into his classroom to get away from it all.

He chased the kids following me and threatened them with detention. Obviously the principal had put an end to that because he argued there must be a clear distinction between teacher and student.

Anyway he sat me in his empty classroom and told me that I needed to compose myself for it was going to be one heck of a long day. Its funny how when you are know you are beautiful you expect every male to be after you. He was not Mr. Phasha for now but rather the first friend since all this happened. Was she gossiping about me?

More importantly where was Thabo? Was he going to dump me? I had never been dumped before because my pride always made sure I got the final say. This time though I owed a man the right of allowing me to fall on my own sword. I was at mercy? Did want to be in the relationship further though? That whole after break session was a nightmare. It was all on me. The teachers where non sympathetic either.

You know how Shakespeare is that one book that was just designed to make you look stupid? I had to read that. She insisted I not read into the book but rather express and enunciate myself to the class.

I read that scene with tears running down my cheeks. Initially people were laughing but half way through some guy stood up for me and said that was not necessary of which the other students agreed. Now I had to contend with detention with Thabo!

Where would I hide? Eventually school came out. That I can truly say was the longest day of my young life. I was a pariah of the community and did not deserve to be here. Mondays we had no hockey practice so I was at least leaving at three.

I dodged everyone and I am sure was first out of the gate. I needed to think. I needed a plan really. Secondly I do not think my mother went about this the right way. I was wrong I knew that but not in front of my teachers, peers and friends. How then could I come back and people trust me? Had I not always been the one to avoid older men yet today girls whose fathers had tried to hit on me and I had refused where now laughing at me. As I walked home I felt the pain of that thought.

How did it come to this? Another thing that was starting to weigh on me was that i had already dealt with my mother and knew what was coming still; what of my father? Was he going to belt me too? I was so scared. When I got home turning into the drive way there was a car I knew far too well! It always seems to come when there was a problem at my house! I hated this car because for me it represented all sorts of hypocrisies but I knew my mother loved it so much to the annoyance of my dad!

My mother had called the pastor from out church to come pray for me! Now not just school kids knew this but the community!! That man was a gossip!!! I sat down at the gate on the drain! Only you can do that. Your priest facilitates a righteous path for you and the rest is up to you! Did she want me to be struck down by lightening or something?

I really wished I attended those big churches that are so big its impossible for the priests to come fix your day to day problems! I felt like I was in Sibongiles house! As I sat there at the gate feeling stupid I got to reflect. There is nothing more humiliating than what had just happened to me. There was no way in hell I was going to enter the house and be prayed for.

The problem with our priest is that when he gave a sermon he will give an example of you to drive his point home in the congregation. Even if the sermon had nothing to do with your crime he would find a way of bringing it in. I think I must explain, my household was not overly religious. In fact half the time my mum and I would come and gossip about all the drama that happened in that church especially how the pastor personalized things.

It is therefore why I was shocked that my mother would call him. Sitting on the drain watching the cars pass was my best option. I was waiting for my father to arrive. There are just too many laws in this country that would make a man think twice before taking that step.

Even at that thought I still roll my eyes! She was already upon me when she hissed through gritted teeth why was I sitting at the gate like a homeless child?

She asked me if I was trying to further humiliate her after all my shenanigans. Note she was hissing with a smile so that the priest who was by his car could not see her anger. He walked up behind her and greeted her. I was polite to him and courteous. He said unfortunately he had to go for he had matters to attend and then said to my mother she must tell him what she decides. My mum reassured him that it shall be done!

I was certain they were sending me to a convent. My mother sat me down and told me that she had gone over the top.

She told me that she had done this out of love because she had gotten so scared for my future. She apologized for the beating. I was the tree right and my stump was my eternal humiliation. She stood up and took my blazer which i had taken off and put on the chair. From it in my right hand pocket she took out my phone. My mother had just confiscated my phone. She said that she was not going to switch my phone off.

She was going to answer all my calls and pretend it was me until my sugar daddy called. She said she was not going to beat me up every day until I spilled the beans. That took too much effort. This was easier and more efficient. I had refused to tell her so she will find him herself. Now that one I did not expect. My phone was not even password protected!!! I had pictures there I had taken for Thabo which I am not sure I had deleted or not. I had pictures out there, some very racy indeed.

Its almost like a rite of passage for a high school girl to take a picture! If my mom saw those pictures I would die. I went on my knees. I begged her, Ke mo kopile ka dilo tsotlhe tsene kenale tsona or in xhosa, Ndamcenga ngetliziyo yam yonke!

Loosely translated, I begged her with everything I had. In any girls life her phone is her life. Have you ever driven around and seen girls in the car with their parents or even in the mall. We are always on our phones! I can genuinely say this was worse than the beating.

If she answered my calls I was dead. If she saw that it was a girls name and a mans voice she would immediately recognize the situation. I would get my phone back she said but on condition that I got born again! Eh… I immediately agreed. I had to get that phone back.

I would cut o my hand if she asked at that moment. My phone was not on silent and assigned ringtones. Beating or not she could not answer that call.

There is something about a phone that makes one feel as though your privacy is violated when someone else goes through it. Ask your boyfriend for his phone just for ten minutes alone and see how philosophical he gets.

Screw diaries phones are the new little black books. It can destroy you in so many ways its not even funny. If you have heard of a story where a woman threw boiling water at a man it was because she went through his phone and caught him when he was in bed.

In your mothers hands however if you are a teenager a phone is a weapon which determines a lot of things from pocket money right up to the nature of punishment, from your grades right down to whom your friends should be. In my case it was death. I would rather kill myself. I dived for that phone with such agility Somizi would have been proud. Literally I went for the phone and in her attempt to evade me she slipped and dropped my phone sending it shattered in all directions.

She was stunned by my reaction but to be honest if she had picked up that phone I swear I would have fought her for it. I was so scared because if she had reacted like that at school what would she do next. Cowards die many times before their deaths! I had to make sure this ended now. It was only then after this sudden rush of blood that I realized what had just happened.

My mum does not really know how to use technology. She told me to hand over the phone parts which I did nervously. I had a small victory inside me. I thought for sure I was about to have round two but thank God my dad walked in. My dad is the voice of reason in my family. My mum I am sure you have noticed by now was not the subtle sit in the corner type. My dad sat and listened quietly. I thought I was dead for sure. My dad is a soft spoken man.

My mum is king and the law of the house. When she was done my dad asked me what I had to say for myself. For the first time I was being asked for my side of the story. I told him that yes the police had stopped me and went on. I told him how mom haad known on Saturday then came to surprise me at school. I told him about the humiliation and how I would only ever go back to that school on a stretcher.

My mother immediately jumped in to say: My father asked me to go my room so he could speak to my mum. She started off by yelling that he must do something but my dad somehow calmed her down. I heard him telling her to calm down. He reminded her of how they had met. My mum was 19 when heard me and my dad had been He had been married at the time and had two kids.

He had lost his family because of the shame he had caused. My mother started shouting saying how he can compare her to me. They were in love.

And they ended up together. My father did not raise his voice as he again calmed her down and asked if she thought her actions of today had made the situation better or worse! You know when you are a child its quite embarrassing when your parents have such a big age difference especially where it is noticeable by physical appearance. Moreover even new functions or places we attended as a family it was odd for my dad and little brother.

I remember this so well because I might have been young but i saw how much it had annoyed my father. We even left the mall at that time having just arrived.

My dad being older no miracles could stop him from ageing to be fair. He was 58 now so you can imagine. I had heard enough! After what she had just done what a hypocrite! I had lost all respect for her! I stomped in angrily.

How does a mother humiliate a child like that over the very same crime she had committed. Maybe she was ashamed of herself for having me and had taken it out on me. I was going to have my pound of flesh. Before I even opened my mouth to speak there was a knock on the door. My dad was closest to the door and he opened it himself. Standing at the door was Jack, Siyandas father! What was he doing here?

There was about to be a showdown!!! I am sure by now you can tell why. Last time I was surprised had ended up with public humiliation and a thorough beating. A lot of people get into trouble not because they are unlucky but because they create a sequence of events that lead them into trouble without actually factoring in the potential consequences. You find that they blame God, the devil or if you from traditional communities you find a Sky Diver or two to blame!

You are the creator of your own destiny pure and simple. Taking responsibility for your actions means you get out of trouble faster and on your terms. I know its easy to think that when people say man think with their dicks is a generalization but really it is not. A grown man going after a child is not using the brain. A married man with kids having a nyatsi is not using the brain. A married man sleeping with prostitutes is not using the brain. If you have a girlfriend and you still insist on chasing is not using your brain.

Have I placed all the blame on men? We play a role too but if you are older then the blame is entirely on you. That said, you do not come to your sugar babies house unannounced like what that fuck!

You make her panic and fucken make mistakes. It was not cute whatsoever! It was more than shock. What on earth was he doing here?

He was just going to make the situation worse? I know he had called first but him coming here was completely unnecessary. My parents too seemed a bit shocked. You know when you are in the middle of a fight and some respectable person enters you tend to put up appearances.

Well that was us at that moment. My mum and dad are super actors shem. My dad greeted him like an old friend.

He asked him to come in with a smile and asked my mum to make some tea. It was so bizarre. I think the realization of the drama she had caused was starting to set in for my father just knew how to calm her down.

Jack, sorry, Siyandas dad, spoke directly to my father as though I was not there. He declined the tea. He basically told my parents that he had brought some study aids his daughter had used and passed Geography. He gave a tale of how she had been so bad at it and yes she only got a C in it but from where she had come from it was beyond a miracle.

My dad a true ANC groupie just swallowed it all in. Jack told them that there was a conference for young aspiring geologists this weekend in the North West, Sun City, which he strongly suggested I should consider attending. He said his company had three slots which were open. If they were interested he would add me to it. He told them that such opportunities could lead to bursaries in future which I would greatly benefit from.

This guys could sell water to a dam shem. My dad was already thanking him before he even finished. Anything to cut a corner. My mum though angry seemed to be in approval as well. She had sat down. Hands crossed across her laps like the dutiful respectful wife.

She told him that God will bless him a million times over. Nobody asked me if I wanted to go. Nobody asked me if this was good for me. The decision was made and was final. My dad offered to walk him out but he said rather me for he needed to brief me on what I must email him by days end tomorrow inclusive of a letter of consent from my parents. What was he playing at? Was he making all this up just to get me up there alone. Wow he was a great liar if it were so. My father said it was ok and my mum agreed to but not before hissing with grated teeth that I mustnt embarrass her.

In fact because whispering tends to make your voice have a higher pitch it means it carries further especially in a quiet room. My mother was one of those people who tried the whole gossiping in public through whispering and often I was left embarrassed.

This was yet another of those moments. Immediately Jack asked if this was a problem but my mum assured him no even though I was in trouble. He just laughed and said I have a teenage daughter too the drama never stops of which they all had that uncomfortable laugh at my expense. I walked him out and asked him what he was thinking showing up at my house like that as soon as we were out of ear shot.

It was a program funded by a company his was affiliated to. It was real and official. The perks of having an older guy neh.

They justify their failings by overcompensating with gifts. They believe they are doing you a favor. There are two kind of sugar babies out there. The second kind is those who use these sugar daddies to advance themselves financially, intellectually and get access to resources. Yes they give up the cookie but get so much more in return. I wanted to be the latter. He asked me what phone I wanted and I said a Blackberry.

I had been begging my parents for ages and this guy just said yes just like that. But how would I hide it from my parents? I thanked him and went back into the house.

My mother forever the pit-bull was waiting for me and started telling me that I can only go if for the whole week I was well behaved at school and there were no incidents. At school I had never had incidents up till today.

I had detention this weekend for sitting down in class during English! I could not go!!! But that was not my biggest concern! How was I going to enter the school grounds tomorrow? I knew everyone was waiting for me! When my alarm went off I just wished that I could stay in bed forever and that time could just stand still be it for a moment.

The thing with time is that when your execution is near it seems to move so fast. When something good is coming your way it seems to drag on forever. With my impending death versus my trip away I am sure even time took a moment for it was confused which one to take.

I was on both extremes. Was she going to make another scene? Immediately I had tears welling down my cheeks. Was this a woman showing how much she loved her child or a psychopath who loved drama? Where was my mom? I think that morning more than anything would change our relationship forever. I did my things silently but when I denied breakfast she went off on there was no way in hell I was leaving that door without eating.

Every girl will tell you that rolling your eyes has to be the worst crime you can commit to your parents as a girl. Fortunately my father and little brother walked into the kitchen at that moment. My dad immediately told my mum to stop. He told her that I have learnt my lesson and disciplining is about teaching not maiming. I know he was angry at me but I am sure he now felt sorry for me. I knew he would be in trouble later on for picking a side against her in front of the kids.

After we were done eating my dad took my little brother and I left with my mother. Fortunately because I did not use the transport I got to school. There were not many people at the gate. I instinctively let out a heavy sigh of relief. It was immediate and unintentional. She saw it and heard it too. I could see a slight smile of victory on her face though I must pity too. She had driven her message across. I hated that woman with every ounce of my body at that moment but I knew how to win a war not small battles.

I was going to grin and bare it. A lot of teenage girls hate their mothers at some point in their development. This was the first time I had ever had that sentiment. Even as I walked in I could see the grade 8s pointing at me arguing whether or not it was her meaning me. One fat girl with bad acne and crooked teeth insisted that it was not only me but I had been dropped off by my sugar daddy. Some where even whispering that I had been kicked out of home. The thing with students is that when you are in shit, they want you to know that they know and want to do it in your face to evoke a reaction out of you.

Two girls that I vaguely know but we are in the same grade came to me. Much as I was so angry I kept quiet and just cried. One of the girls just said hang in there and they walked away. Even my friends where turning against me. It is so true that saying that when times are hard friends are few.

In high school I had always kept a small circle. I did however speak to many different cliques of girls but not necessarily as a member. I therefore expected that a lot o people that knew me even vaguely would either laugh at me or speak to me to comfort me. People love such things that humiliate others. I heard someone call my name. I knew that voice very well. I was not ready for the questions for I had no answers.

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