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Wives wants hot sex Montfort

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The deformed killer in Humongous is a result of his mother being raped during a Labor Day cocktail party. Since she killed her rapist right afterwards, she came to see the child as a curse inflicted on her. A girl is raped by Bigfoot in Night of the Demon and later gives birth to its offspring. A plot point in Phenomena ; an offhand mention of a nurse being attacked by a mental patient in the past resulted in the film's deformed killer.

The mutants in The Hills Have Eyes 2 are out to catch women for this very purpose. In Johnny Belinda , Belinda is raped by a neighbor. She seems pretty happy to be pregnant with Johnny, though, and she goes full Mama Bear when her rapist tries to take the baby from her. The unfortunate Eiichi, conceived when Heibei raped Sadako. She can't get past what happened and love her son, until it's too late. In Dagon , everyone in Imboca is a child of Dagon, whether the mother wants it or not.

In The Prey , the Final Girl is captured by the killer and the film ends with her giving birth to his child. The title character of the Rika series is half-American, half-Japanese; her mother was raped by soldiers on leave from the Korean War. Two of the cast of House of the Wolf Man come to the realization that every invited member in the house is related to each other, as their mothers were all raped by the same assailant in the past, with them as the result.

Except for the Chapel twins, who were adopted. In Cherry Falls , where the killer reveals he was born from the Sheriff and his friends drunkenly raping Loralee Sherman several years ago. In Chinatown , Katherine is revealed to be the sister and the daughter of Mrs.

Noah Cross, their father, takes on the status of a true monster immediately following this reveal. Clash of the Titans has Perseus being conceived by a Bed Trick as punishment to King Acrisius for daring to challenge the gods.

Zeus disguises himself as King Acrisius and sleeps with his queen, who gives birth almost immediately. Acrisius still has it in for Perseus, even though it wasn't his fault. Room has 5-year-old Jack. His mother was abducted seven years ago and Jack is the product of her being raped regularly by her abductor "Old Nick".

When Jack and his mother eventually escape from captivity and are reintegrated into society, Jack's grandfather rejects him as he can't forget that Jack was conceived by rape. It eventually is revealed that main character Santana was conceived when his mother was raped by a sailor during the Zoot Suit Riots, in which US sailors on leave clashed with Hispanic residents of Los Angeles.

Quite possibly the case with Mary's baby, although she can't say for sure whether Rob or her rapist is the father. It's revealed through old newspaper clippings that Nell and her sister are the result of their mother's rape. The Violent Years ends with the main character giving birth to a child fathered by a man she raped at gunpoint. The Splendid Angharad is pregnant with a child by rape. She was part of a harem kept by the villain. Another wife, The Dag, reveals midway through the film that she is also pregnant, though significantly earlier along.

In this version of the story, Theseus wasn't Aegues' or Poseidon's son. Rather, he was conceived from his mother's rape by several men in her village of course, even the original version is kind of sketchy that way. According to Rayne, she was conceived by the vampire lord Kagan raping her human mother. See details in Video Games below. Eleanor, whose mother was a sex slave.

His Russian father raped his mother, a fifteen-year-old Chechen girl, who died in childbirth. All this more than explains why he hates his father and identifies only as Chechen, along with being a devout Muslim the Chechens' religion who fought the Russians for Chechnya's independence.

In Precious , the titular teenager has had two pregnancies by her currently-deceased father. He gave her HIV, which ends up killing her in the book's sequel. In North Country Josey Charlize Theron was raped by a teacher in high school and got pregnant, as revealed near the end of the film. One of the Jewish women became pregnant by a German soldier raping her.

She's afraid to reveal it since Tuvia banned pregnancy as they can't take care of an infant, but he lets it slide once the baby's born. King Arthur and Mordred are both examples of this. Uther and Morgana did so through magical illusions which made them look like someone else so Igraine and Arthur would have sex with their respective spouses. Trishna , a modern reimagining of Tess of the d'Urbervilles set in India, features the titular main character just like her book counterpart being raped by a British businessman in this case of South Asian ancestry.

She becomes pregnant, but has an abortion, rather than like the book where Tess gives birth but her baby dies early in childhood.

Later Trishna also murders her rapist in order to escape him, but then kills herself in guilt at the end. Sylvia from Within Our Gates is the child of a racist white man and a black woman. The film says the two were married, however it's generally believed that the two being married was only added in later to get around censors.

Dagen was born to an elven women held in a brothel as a sex slave for soldiers. The circumstances of Lucy's conception are not elaborated upon.

As he's severely mentally disabled however he could not give legal consent, so Lucy would be one. Shirley reveals to Shaz in conversation that Coral is this, because Barry raped her on their first date. After she found herself pregnant, they got married. This is treated as black comedy at worst. From The Lunacy Of Duke Venomania in the Evillious Chronicles , the titular Duke impregnates several women while he's enchanted them to believe they're madly in love with him. The result is a lot of his descendants being treated like crap for his crimes for centuries.

In the same franchise, a king named Arth is magically induced to have an affair with the arc's Big Bad Prim Marlon, conceiving a little girl whose existence he never even knows about.

In Maresi , a group of men attacked the abbey. One of the women, Eostre , who sacrificed herself so the others would not be raped, gives birth to a child. She loves her daughter and seems to cope with the trauma really well. Inverted in The Ghost Writer.

However, it's quite ambiguous whether it's consensual or not. What's known is that Phyllis aggressively seduced Hugh, leading to their affair and Gerard's conception.

And when Anne discovered this, Phyllis was naked and "on his top, riding on him". In Dragonlance , Tanis Half-Elven's elven mother was raped by a human and gave birth to Tanis, who was raised by his mother's people. Both the circumstances of his conception and his biracial status make Tanis uncomfortable.

For bonus angst points, he's told that his mother clung to life in the hope that her unborn baby was sired by her dead husband , and upon giving birth and discovering otherwise Some writers later turned it into a lie to cover up a consensual affair between his parents, but others changed it back.

In A Brother's Price , the younger sisters of Balin Brindle are rumored to be actually fathered by him, on his own mothers, as his father is old and frail. The protagonists seem to think this consensual, but there is some Fridge Horror involved if you don't believe that All Men Are Perverts.

Averted with Trini , who was raped by her own husband, but didn't get pregnant. Having children is also the main reason why women commit rape in this universe — men are so rare that the only three options to conceive a child are a husband to be shared by all sisters in a family , a male prostitute, or rape.

The above-mentioned male rapist, on the other hand, was just a sadist, as he had more than ten wives who were smitten with him. In the first part of Stephen R. Donaldson's The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant , the titular character rapes and impregnates one of the first people he meets in the Land, then later has to deal with his child as an adult because of the time difference between the Earth and the Land.

In Deep Love , after Reina is raped, she gets pregnant and has a child whom she names Ayu. Arthur could be considered this as well, since he was conceived under false pretenses; his father Uther magically disguised himself as his mother's real husband Gorlois , who was being killed by Uther's men at the time, the sorcerous equivalent of a Bed Trick. Ygraine does marry Uther, and according to all sources that comment they were very happy, but she sure wasn't pleased when she worked out what had just happened.

For that matter, Sir Galahad is usually said to have been conceived when Lancelot had been enchanted into believing that Elaine was actually Guinevere, whom he was in love with. The "tainted" aspect sure doesn't apply, since he turns out to be Incorruptible Pure Pureness and the one knight worthy of gaining the Holy Grail.

In stories where Mordred is Arthur's inbred, illegitimate son rather than his nephew , he is conceived when either Morgan or Morgause magically disguises herself as Guinevere and sleeps with Arthur. In Le Morte Darthur , there is no rape or even deception; Morgause and Arthur sleep with each other willingly, knowing that it's adultery Morgause is married but not knowing that it's incest.

The Mists of Avalon portrays the scenario as the two of them reacting like they'd both been effectively raped by Viviane, who set up the encounter as part of a religious ritual where they were both disguised and didn't bother to tell the two of them who their partner actually was until afterwards, and she seems nonplussed when they freak out about it.

Sir Apropos of Nothing , whose lame leg is a clue to figuring out who raped his mother. In The King's Peace by Jo Walton , the protagonist falls victim to the first part of a Rape, Pillage, and Burn raid, resulting in a son with an important Destiny it is explicitly acknowledged that the god responsible for this destiny is not very nice, and enjoys messing with people.

Andrews tends to use this trope a lot, and often as backstory. Corrine in the Dollanganger Series was the result of Malcolm Foxworth raping his young stepmother Alicia. The storyline of The Casteel Series is set off when Leigh is raped by her stepfather and gives birth to the heroine Heaven.

In the Night Huntress series, Cat's mother Justina was raped by a vampire, resulting in Cat's conception. Avenging her mother's rape and atoning for her own existence is Cat's primary motivation for killing all vampires in the first book. Later, we learn that Cat's father mind raped Justina only after the physical seduction had been completed, violating her mind and causing her to believe she'd had sex with a demon, hence she claimed to have been raped.

Your mileage may vary on whether that's better or worse. In the Harry Potter series, Voldemort was conceived this way. Voldemort's mother, Merope, forced a guy she was infatuated with to marry her using a Love Potion.

He abandoned her and their unborn child as soon as she stopped drugging him, leaving Merope to Death by Despair and Tom to a joyless upbringing in an orphanage. Word of God states that had Merope survived to raise Tom with love, he would have turned out much differently. In Christopher Moore 's Fool , Pocket was assumed to be the child of a nearby town's resident crazy lady, who claimed he was a prince before dropping him off at a convent and drowning herself.

A witch later grants Pocket the ability to see what really happened: Nine months before he was born, King Lear essentially forced his own brother to rape Pocket's mother. A couple times in the Sword of Truth series: First we learn of Richard , whose father turns out to have been the Big Bad. The next book has Du Chaillu, who was kept as a slave and raped repeatedly, and has become pregnant. Richard convinces her not to abort the child. Usually the case with Confessors, as the nature of their power means they try to avoid falling in love and having sex with men they love, as they can't avoid Confessing them in the throes of passion, essentially turning them into brainwashed slaves.

As such, they usually confess "bad" men and use them to father and protect their children. However, as in the case of Kahlen and Dennee Amnell, their mother died when they were little, which caused their father to die of despair as well.

The Wrath of Khan ; she's one of several children produced by Romulans raping captured Vulcans. She mentions that she doesn't even know if the rapist was her mother or her father. This is also a backstory of Soleta, a character prominent in Star Trek novels.

Her story is particularly tragic: Then she was raped by a rogue Romulan, became pregnant, and decided to have the child as a gift of fate.

And indeed, Soleta is the only child her mother gives birth to. When Le Strade's actions lead directly to the near-annihilation of his entire town, Clovis demands of his allies that no one but he kills Le Strade. Starling from the Farseer trilogy was raped by an Outislander invader, but aborted the child, which unfortunately left her infertile.

Tillu from Megan Lindholm 's The Reindeer People was captured and abused by four men, after which she gave birth to Kerlew. Fern from The Stone Dance of the Chameleon.

Need by Carrie Jones has a character outright using this phrase, though whether it's "really" rape is a matter of a brief debate. And then the disaster that this was supposed to avoid happened anyway.

The child is Zara herself. At least some of the half-human half-fae characters in The Dresden Files are children conceived via rape. One of them was conceived when a human woman raped by a troll.

In one short story, we're introduced to a Grendelkin, who can only reproduce this way, with the offspring clawing its way out of the poor "mother". Elena Bothari-Jesek from the Vorkosigan Saga only learned she was the product of a rape when she finally met her mother A very rare case where the perpetrator is actually a sympathetic character, who carried out the rape whilst his anti-psychotic medication was being forcibly withheld by a third party and was wracked with guilt when he was lucid again.

The title character of Stephen King's Carrie may have been the result of marital rape, as revealed by her religious fanatic mother Margaret directly before her attempt to kill her. Carrie's mother and father, being extremely, puritanically religious, strongly disliked and were repulsed by sex; however Margaret implies that they couldn't resist no matter what and that her father raped her one night when he was drunk, which made Margaret even more ashamed when she enjoyed it.

Margaret then thought that she had "a cancer of the womanly parts" until a doctor told her she was pregnant. Bruce Robertson, the brutal misanthropic policeman in the Irvine Welsh novel Filth , is revealed to have been conceived after his mother is raped by "The Beast". This happens quite often in the Malazan Book of the Fallen , but then again, it's a big series. In Memories of Ice , the so called Children of the Dead Seed are the products of women who have gone mad due to cannibalism taking to the battlefield and having their way with the corpses of very recently dead or dying soldiers, based on how the soldiers' bodies would release a last portion of semen upon death.

Anaster, in particular, is the product of such a situation and it is heavily implied that he has no soul and becomes a violent cannibal thanks to that. In Midnight Tides , Rud Elalle is the product of his goddess mother raping Udinaas, a human slave, to get at the wyval blood he is temporarily infected with at that time. Since she then drops off her child in a community of Imass to be raised, though, Rud becomes a very friendly, caring youth willing to stand up to his own mother to protect those who raised him.

In The Bonehunters , Scillara gives birth to a child which was conceived by rape during the Whirldwind Rebellion. She used to be a prostitute in the Whirlwind Army camp, but Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil , and she cannot abide to keep the child and leaves it to some villagers to care for.

In Toll the Hounds , Harllo is introduced, who was conceived by a high ranking officer raping Stonny Menackis during the siege of Capustan. She is not beating about the bush concerning her revulsion regarding the child, and Harllo, being five by this point, actually thought for a long time that Rape was his father's name. In The Crippled God , Korlat makes a vague statement about not being a pure-blooded Tiste Andii, and her mother Sandalath's point of view heavily implied that Korlat was conceived by rape.

Korlat is influenced by this even a millennia later and is not able to face her mother again, despite being a respected figure among the Tiste Andii, because she was unable to prevent her brother's death, whom Sandalath had charged her to protect no matter what as punishment for being a child by rape. In Phenomena , Sha-ra's child was born out of a case of Date Rape. Apparently, this was one of those times in fiction when a woman raping a man isn't displayed as a humorous situation. A Song of Ice and Fire has several examples of this.

But, the consensus is pretty much "it's not the incidence of rape that a terrible child makes, but what comes afterwards which can". Raise a child poorly and, well Perhaps you could have looked into providing a better education and a more stable environment, sooner, Roose — instead of, say, trolling that mill-owning family from a distance with occasional, Reekish-esque, "help", eh?

Also, Daenerys Stormborn is probably this. According to Jaime Lannister's recollections, her parents' sex life had devolved to the point that it only happened when her insane father got horny after a burning and violently abused the Marital Rape License. However, whatever problems Dany has have rather more to do with "being raised in a form of sheltered exile with a terrible brother as a replacement parental figure because we all got a Rebellion to the face mostly thanks to Dad" than how she was likely conceived.

Lollys Stokeworth's son was conceived when she was gang-raped during the Riot of Kings' Landing and her husband, Bronn, decides to name the child after his boss, Tyrion whether or not this was intended as a slight to Tyrion is left ambiguous, though Bronn apparently wanted to name the child Tywin after Tyrion's father until Cersei vetoed it with extreme prejudice — but, that could also have been the warm-up to actually getting "Tyrion": Gilly's son is almost definitely a case of this, considering the father of her child is also her own father , Craster.

Poor mite didn't ask for that any more than Gilly did. Whatever happens to the kid as a consequence of that, that's on Jon et al. Which could be highly ironic, considering Jon's possible background. Had it not been aborted, Lysa Arryn and Petyr Baelish's child might have been this, since it was the result of Lysa taking advantage of Petyr being passed out drunk and later bedridden with fever to sleep with him while he thought she was someone else.

She appears to believe it was consensual, although she is more than a bit unhinged so that by itself doesn't prove much. Franklyn Flowers claims his mother was a washerwoman who was raped by one of Lord Fossoway's sons. As a result, Franklyn hates the Fossoways despite kind of being one himself maybe. Well, that , and any time he'd approach one about it, it's gone badly for unspecified reasons.

Probably to do with lack of any solid proof combining with him still being a bastard if it is actually true so his opinion about anything wouldn't count because no status. The mother may possibly count as an example herself since her own father is the plantation owner who used to own Nanny.

Ushahin Dreamspinner from The Sundering is the result of the rape of an Ellyl woman by a human man. He is eventually rejected by both peoples and beaten to within an inch of his life, after which he is adopted by the leader of the wolf-like Were. In We Can't Rewind , Jaymee was conceived when her mother Denise was eleven , due to her teacher who thought she was too young to get pregnant molesting her. Their daughter Rain is a child by rape.

At the end of the book, the mother abandons their green-skinned daughter for Liir to find. In Wicked , the first book of the Wicked Years series, it's strongly implied confirmed via the family tree in the third book that Elphaba herself was this.

She was conceived after the Wizard had her mother, Melena, drink the Miracle Elixir, and then had sex with her while she was unconscious. Tsotha-lanti from Robert E. Howard 's Conan the Barbarian story " The Scarlet Citadel " is said to have been conceived when a dancing girl of Shadizar slept too near the pre-human ruins of Dagoth Hill and woke in the grip of a demon.

In Handle with Care , Charlotte's lawyer, Marin, is adopted and finds out that her birth mother gave her up because she was a child by rape. Marin's birth mother refuses to talk to her because she reminds her of the rape. In Salem Falls , Addie's deceased daughter Chloe is revealed to be the result of a gang rape. Gothon captured Kalak's mom and raped her before she escaped. Kalak himself is more shocked and outraged that his mother didn't abort him as is the Leondian custom than discovering that he's this trope.

Tantufi from the Dreamblood Duology is the result of a father molesting his daughter. She's kept hidden in the basement from people outside the family. At the end of Last Snow by Eric Van Lustbader, Annika learns that she was conceived when her mother was raped by the man who had just killed her husband.

She responds by putting a bullet in the head of her "father", especially since said father had tracked her down and kidnapped her as a child, and had tried to start a sexual relationship with her when she was only 5 years old, knowing full well who she was. The killer was the result of marital rape. Corie in Summers at Castle Auburn. Though in an interesting reversal, her mother raped her father. In Villains by Necessity , it turns out that Sam is one, via Mizzamir. In Disgrace , Lucy Lurie conceives a child after being viciously gang-raped.

In Fort Hope , Emma is most likely one of these. Towards the end of the book, she ends up briefly meeting TJ , her biological father. Memer, the protagonist of Voices , was one of many children born when the Alds sacked Ansul and raped any woman they found. They have lighter skin and the Alds' characteristic blond, fuzzy hair to mark them out, and they're derisively known as "siege brats".

Dahlia Sin'felle from The Neverwinter Saga part of The Legend of Drizzt was raped by the Shadovar battle leader Herzgo Alegni when his band raided her village, and she later gave birth to his child.

When he came back to collect his son, she got back at him by throwing the boy from a cliff. The child survived the fall, and grew up to be the sorcerer Effron the Twisted, who wants revenge on her along with his father. Tess of the d'Urbervilles contains an example of this.

For added drama, the child dies young, and the priest refuses to give it a christening because it is the result of extramarital sex. In the Towers Trilogy , Xhea learns from her grandmother that her mother Nerra became pregnant with her after being raped.

Sage Of The Noble Dead: Magiere's mother did not volunteer for Ubad's little project. The Forgotten Beasts of Eld: Sybil, quite possibly, given that her father controlled her mother by magic. She escapes and gives birth to Klesst, who grows up knowing fully well who she is, since she shares her father's characteristic looks. Ionor hates her daughter because she is a constant reminder of her suffering and shame and is even willing to sacrifice Klesst to the demon lord Tloluvin to get her revenge.

In comparison with the mother, the rapist father turns out to be a decent guy. Onyesonwu is an Ewu , the product of the rape of a woman of the Okeke tribe by a man of the Nuru tribe. Because of this she is shunned by the villagers in the town she grows up in, and haunted by the spirit of her biological father, a powerful sorcerer who wants her dead.

In the Earth's Children series, this applies to most first generation "children of mixed spirits", the term used for those born of mixed Neanderthal Clan and Cro-Magnon Others parentage. However, Ayla herself the mother of such a child speculates that Rydag may be a rare exception since his mother, though initially wary of the members of Lion Camp, did not show the levels of fear which Clan women usually show around the Others.

The half-demon Liz from Darkest Powers is rumored to be the product of this but she is uncertain. Zarien turns out to be one due to Kiloran's rape of his mother.

In Linda Castillo's The Dead Will Tell , it turns out that the murderer, Ruth aka Hannah, may have been conceived this way, since her Amish mother Wanetta Hochstetler was abducted, raped and left for dead after a botched home invasion and robbery that resulted in the deaths of her husband and all but one of her existing children though the latter's deaths turn out to have been because of an overturned lantern causing a fire.

After Wanetta was found and nursed back to health, it was discovered that she was pregnant, and she never returned home or let her living son, William, know she was still alive out of shame at what had happened to her and because William had unintentionally left the lantern that caused the fire and his mother held him responsible. Ruth believes that her father is her mother's murdered husband but Wanetta at least believed she was actually this trope and verbally abused her.

After Wanetta dies, Ruth goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the perpetrators and tracks down and murders them, and to accomplish this she goes so far as to marry William with the intent of Gaslighting him for his role in the deaths of his other siblings. It's vaguely implied she succeeds in this by telling him their true relationship which causes him to take his own life. Saints are serious prayer warriors. We don't think that praying with the Saints detracts from the worship of God anymore than praying with friends detracts from worship of God.

Saints are not all knowing, but they know a heck of a lot more about this spiritual game than us. This does not take away the tremendous benefit we can get from communing with them. Catholics think "their intercession is their most exalted service to God's plan. We can and should ask them to intercede for us and for the whole world" Catechism The best way to respond to this "million prayers at once" objection is to describe something in our lives.

We have a little computerized recording studio. A friend of mine knows nothing about computers and when he heard our CD he said:. Hey how is it that you are singing all those voices and playing all those instruments at the same time.

You are not omnipresent! We explained to him that it takes us hours to record a 3 minute song. With the computer we record each instrument and voice one after another and then mix them all together into this 3 minute song. So the measure of time we use to record the song is not the measure of time that people perceive when they hear the song on the radio. The recording was not made in "real time. Heaven is not in "real earth time. On one of our songs, I Hugh am singing 75 voices and playing 60 music tracks at the same time because we do not record in "real time.

Calling on the Saints is not like calling the help desk for your internt provider, where they say "due to unusually high call volume there may be a wait time of 10 minutes, you are 8th in queue.

It is outside of earth time. The great scientist, Einstein describes the physical universe in 4 dimensions, length, width, depth and time. Jesus said "My kingdom is not of this world," therefore it makes sense that it is outside of time. The universe is a big place, omnipresence implies being everywhere in the universe and beyond at one once. A saint's ability to hear a bunch of requests for prayers at once doesn't infer omnipresence.

It just means they are outside of time like everyone else in Heaven. Catholics don't think people have to be omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent in order to be in heaven. Scripture tells us there are many levels of authority in heaven archangels, angels, cherubim, seraphim, etc. I think Evangelicals believe angels know what is happening in different parts of the earth at the same time, yet they are not omnipresent. Mary doesn't need all knowledge or be present everywhere to hear more than one request for intercession at once.

The scientist Albert Einstein describes the physical universe our world in 4 dimensions, length, width, depth and time. Jesus said "My kingdom is not of this world. So hearing 1,, requests for prayers at one time would be no problem. Just line them up or whatever. Being out of time is more than sufficient to overcome the standard "million prayers at once" objection.

Catholics believe people in heaven are out of time and are enabled to observe and hear what is going on in the earth which is expressly indicated in Scripture - at least the observing. The "hearing" is a valid deduction. Talking to Heaven is not like calling a "help desk," where you sit in the queue waiting for them to answer while you listen to bad music on the phone. The universe is a big place. The term "omnipresence" implies being everywhere in the universe and beyond. Mary's ability to hear a bunch of prayers at once doesn't mean she is omnipresent.

It just means she is outside of time like everyone else in Heaven. When I was a baby, God trusted my earthly mother to care for me. That did not make my mom omnipresent, although I thought so when I was a kid. God trusted Mary to care for her Son when He was a child. At the foot of the cross Jesus trusted her with the care of John. Catholics think in this gesture Jesus gave Mary as a mother to all humanity.

An Evangelical friend said, " I don't pray to dead people. We see Lazarus alive by Abraham's side Lk At the transfiguration we see Moses and Elijah alive beside Jesus. The Church thinks heaven is a lively place with lots of singing and stuff.

They don't think people in heaven are saying "Hey shut up with the singing will ya, I'm trying to sleep!!! Jesus said "Now he is a God not of the dead, but of the living; for to him all of them are alive. I recently read an interview with Gracia Burnham, an Evangelical missionary who was held hostage by Muslim terrorists for over a year with her missionary husband.

Her husband was shot to death. In this interview she said the following:. Phil Calloway editor of Servant Magazine-Evangelical: He sounds like an amazing guy. Is he making trouble up in heaven right now?

I used to tell the kids, I can just imagine your dad pulling on God's sleeves saying, "There's Gracia, she needs a car, she needs something. And I switched my thinking to God pulling on Martin's shirt sleeve and saying, "Hey Martin, look what I'm going to do for Gracia and her family. It does not appear that Gracia thinks her husband is in some kind of a coma until the final judgment. Here is a perfect example of how the Catholic view on death is very prevalent among Evangelicals who have had a loved one die.

Sure she distanced herself from her initial instinct of Martin praying for her in heaven, but I think her initial instinct was better. She said "Why would God need a human to tell him what we need. Your spiritual family is even more important than your physical family because it will last forever. Our families on the earth are wonderful gifts from God, but they are temporary and fragile, often broken by divorce, distance, growing old, and inevitably, death It is a much stronger union, a more permanent bond than blood relationships.

The Purpose Driven Life , pg , my emphasis. Some Evangelicals think that asking a person in heaven to intercede for us is condemned in Deuteronomy The Catholic Church believes that Deuteronomy It is not about heaven, angels and Jesus. Ghosts have not entered into heaven so it would displease God to talk with them. Also this passage occurs before Jesus was on the scene so no one was in heaven.

Samuel was in the ground 1 Sam They were all in Sheol dead so the passage makes sense. Leave them in peace. Catholics believe that it is perfectly safe to ask Christians in heaven to pray for us. Mary's place in heaven is assured and she's not going to do anything dumb like cast an evil spell on us. Mary is in Heaven and as such she can be a trusted friend.

All Christians are baptised into one Body. We see nothing in Scripture that tells me that that relationship ends after a Christian gets into heaven. Mary is a "born again" Christian who received the Holy Spirit at the Pentecost and spoke in tongues years before Pentecostals got the gift. You are more than Eve or Sarah, blessed above all nobility, wisdom, and sanctity.

Catholics do not think of Mary as a "dead" example of faith. They think of her as a living witness to it. Then I fell at the angel's feet to worship the angel, he said ""You must not do that!

This person was suggesting that it is unscriptural to communicate with anyone in Heaven except Jesus. Let us examine the relationship between John and the angel.

The angel is his "fellow servant". The angel was sent by God to give a critical message to John and all Christians: What was the result? The Book of Revelation God used an angel, he could have done it himself. The angel didn't say "hey, don't talk to me, talk to God alone. This takes nothing away from God. It simply reflects his overabundance of grace. We suggest that the communication John had with the angel was called prayer.

The passage supports the Catholic viewpoint on the role of heavenly servants rather than the contrary position held by some non-denominationalists. Was John a peer with his "fellow servant? In an army, is a "private" a peer with his fellow soldier who is a "corporal?

There is a hierarchy in heaven And at the bottom is us lowly fellow servants on earth. Most evangelical theologians readily preach this hierarchy in heaven and we Catholics think there is nothing whatever unscriptural about communicating with heavenly creatures.

Apparently, John, Mary, Zachariah and a ton of other holy servants have no problem with it either. The Bible says so. God commissioned us to fight the spiritual battle on earth.

Catholics don't think He'll decommission us when we get to heaven. It is perfectly fitting that God would use the mother of Jesus and spouse of the holy spirit in this battle against Satan and his team of evil spirits. She spoke in tongues at the Pentecost Acts 1. Scripture is plain that all generations will call Mary blessed Lk 1: Some Evangelicals are nervous about asking Christians in heaven to pray for us because the final judgment hasn't occurred yet however, they are certain that a Christian's place in heaven is assured the moment they are "born again".

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