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Adult meetings poznan

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Adult meetings poznan

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To add yourself to the list, send a message to celery. Those who fail to follow the format will not be listed. Doe, Jean Elm St. Copyediting, proofreading, indexing Type of materials: In early August , together with his son Rafal Michal Oskierka [born after - d.

He married to Maria Oskierka b. However, Jan Mikolaj Oskerko, through his envoy, warned that Russian soldiers were waiting for them in Jurewicze. Thus he saved friends, but he himself was arrested on the first day of Easter in After the Smolensk investigation, by decree of Catherine II of June 20, , ranked among the first category of convicts; Oskerka was exiled to "the most remote Siberian cities.

From Irkutsk, Oskerka was moved to Zhigansk in the Yakutsk region of Irkutsk province, where he brought silver rubles. Released under the amnesty of Paul I in but he was died of apoplexy in Tobolsk in , where he was buried with honors by the son Dominik Oskierka, accompanying his father on his way back to his homeland. After the death of Oskierka, the Russians to return only a small part of the property Konotopy. The memory of the loss of the huge estates of Oskerka was preserved in the Belarusian proverb: Antoni Kiedrzynski, owner of Wierzchowisko ca 5 km north of Kiedrzyn - north of Czestochowa 8 km south-east of Kamyk, and 6 km south-west of Koscielec of the Madalinskis , inf.

He was born in Kiedrzyn [see Izydor Kiedrzynski b. The Madalinski family estates close to Czestochowa: Madalin, north-west of Karolin, 3 km north of Koscielec [Michal Walewski], 19 km south of Jedlno; 15 km south of Jankowice. Marianka Redzinska 3 km south of Koscielec. Close to Kuznica Kiedrzynska and Kiedrzyn. Ignacy Konopnicki son of Piotr, was born in ca ; studied in Kalisz, back to the country, married to Tekla Potocki, widow after death of Franciszek Byszewski; Tekla Potocka b.

Stanislaw Zychlinski, Hieronim, b. Melchior Konopnicki son of Piotr, born in ; in Bronowo; next son - Michal Konopnicki Above Madalin and Koscielec are situated only several km east to Kiedrzyn and Kuznica Kiedrzynska of the Kiedrzynski family to Roch Bleszynski of the Cracow province and Mlodziejowice in the Wieclawice parish, close to Michalowice.

Ignacy Bleszynski born in Zloczew - d. With son Ignacy Franciszek Bleszynski b. Roman Ignacy Tarczalowski b. Jakob Kiedrzynski 1st senior, b. And Adam Kiedrzynski b. We have different data: Adam-Stefan Kiedrzynski was husband of Eleonora Rozdrazewska b. Eleonora Rozdrazewska was 1 voto m. Jakob Kiedrzynski 1st senior b. Maurycy Borzecki was the owner of Pniewy. Jan Szaniawski and Teresa Borzecka, marriage in in Pniewy; witnesses: Anna Borzecka and Lucja Galecka.

Wojciech Sulimierski owner in of Losieniec, married to Dorota Trzebnicka, with son: Antonina Przeradzka; with children: Jan died , 2. Ludwik Sulimierski born ca , died ca , owner of Stronsko, m. Jan Kanty Szaniawski ca - had sons: Jan Kanty Szaniawski had daughter: Zdzislaw Godfryd Redel b. Rozalia Bartochowska lived in Ruda close to Wielun see Kiedrzynski , with 10 children.

Lukasz Kiedrzynski born ca , on Lukasz Kiedrzynski with 2nd wife Franciszka nee Raczynska had daughter Wiktoria and sons: Maria Skojewska, with children: Mikolaj Kiedrzynski the 5th, b. The same Florian Kiedrzynski b. His son Leon Kiedrzynski b. His uncle was Kazimierz Kiedrzynski m. Above Florian Kiedrzynski's father was Marcin Kiedrzynski b.

Jan Antoni Maciej Kiedrzynski - d. Presumably Teresa and Ludwika Sielnicka are sisters. Henryk Gustaw Algernon Breza b. But above mentioned Franciszka Maria Raczynska b. Above named Maria Radolinska b. Karol Franciszek Salezy Walewski - see: Mianocice close to Ksiaz Wielki in , m. And again back to Lukasz Kiedrzynski born ca , owner of Kunow, on She was daughter of Joachim Kreski b.

Izydor Kiedrzynski who was b. Roch Ruszkowski; Florian d. Lucja Czekulin] were next of kin to the Madalinski family. Jozef Madalinski was son of Kajetan Madalinski, and Dorota Kiedrzynska or - Brygida Bardzka [in ]; and Julianna nee Bogdanska [ca ]. Before he was married to Antonine Agnieszka? Marianna in m. Zygmunt Grudzinski; Michalina; Karolina in was unmarried.

They were relatives of Marcin Kiedrzynski, b. Dymki and Lututow - Dymki estate of the Kiedrzynskis is situated 5 km east of Lututow, in the Wieruszow county. He was son of Kajetan Madalinski and Dorota Kiedrzynska or - Honorata Psarska died ca , with daughter Anna b. Marcin Kiedrzynski senior was the uncle of above Ignacy Kiedrzynski b. Mentione above Marcin b. Above Florian Kiedrzynski's father was Marcin Kiedrzynski senior, b.

The distillery of spirits in Wola Wiazowa belonged to Pradzynski, but the village was still owned by Walewski.

It is this and not another the Pradzynski family - relatives of the Kiedrzynskis. Franciszek Ksawery Pstrokonski, b. Jakub's Kiedrzynski - junior - brother was Izydor Kiedrzynski. Jakub's nephew was Gabriel Kiedrzynski [January with nicknames].

He died in or Named Wanda Lucja Bogumila Geneli b. His father born in - Kalisz, died - Grzymaczew, married to woman b. His grandfather born Maybe born in in Staw, in the Kalisz county, married a wife b.

His great-grandfather Franciszek Kiedrzynski b. Franciszek had 3 siblings: Franciszek married Marianna Grygowska b. Meka - 5 km east to Sieradz.

Antoni Pawel Pstrokonski, b. Franciszek Ksawery Pstrokonski, - d. Florian Kiedrzynski's father was mentioned above Marcin Kiedrzynski b. Mentioned above Ignacy Kalinowski b.

Stanislaw was born in Marianna was born in They had daughter Ludwika Marianna Borzecka nee Pociej. Emerencjanna died in Zofia was born in Above Andrzej Olszowski was son of Marceli and Franciszka Kalinowska - she was born ca before ? Olszowo - 15 km north-west of Ujazd in the Slask province Schlesien, Silesia ], 3. Seweryn Ksawery Kalinowski b.

Ignacy Franciszek Antoni Kalinowski b. Ignacy Franciszek Antoni Kalinowski - before , 2 m. Child of above Hortensja: Wladyslaw Kalinowski - m. That is married to Grigory Troubetzkoy b. This morning the family Branicki leaves with Countess Kalinovsky. Nestor Troubetzkoy with nickname Nester Kalinowski had a sister Maria. His sister's name would be given by the mother Maria of the Kalinowski house: Mary Kalinowski who had affinities with family of Oginski; in turn, this family was associated with the Radziwills and then with the Konstantynowiczs in Miezonki.

These relations also apply Miezonki, Lodz, the secret Pilsudski movement in Belarus and Estonia and the smuggling of weapons from Russia to Galicia by Lodz. Kalinowski and Paszkowski, has a lot connections.

Similarly, the colonel and then general Franciszek Paszkowski. Both participated in the Napoleonic wars, years Returned to the country in Their children were born just after Both have completed military service in the rank of general. Both family came from south of the former Poland, after in the Russian zone, and also in the Austrian partition, but had a relationships with families living in Russia.

Nestor Troubetzkoy had father: Karol Franciszek Salezy Walewski b. Children of Napoleon Walewski: Adela, b Antonina Floriana Salomea b. Born in Siedlce, he was the son of Leon Pawel Szaniawski born ca. After the suppression of the uprising, he emigrated to Paris, where he was a member of the "Polish Deputation"; an independence organization that arose in Paris in remaining active till and grouped representatives of the Polish emigre radical wing.

The Polish Deputation thereby came into conflict with the moderate Kosciuszko-Uprising emigre activists of the "Agency", founded in Paris in , which opposed armed action in Poland, counting instead on France's diplomatic and military aid, and supporting Henryk Dabrowski's Polish Legions In , agreed with his 1st wife Katarzyna, widowed Opolska. Wysoka and Smolnik was sold in to Maksymilian Mielzynski [the Koscian county]. In Pawel Damazy Borzecki junior rented Odolanow. Florian, Joanna Julia and Teodor.

He was living in in the Pawlowice parish; and in in the Pniewy parish. He was the son of Sergei Yasonovich Khrapovitsky b. Los Angeles, , with daughters: Olga de Chrapovitsky b. Condon; and above Maya de Chrapovitsky b. Named Olga de Chrapovitsky b. Named Dominik Chrapowicki born before [ca ], d. Antoni Chrapowicki married twice, 1st to unknown Wolska b. Named Kazimierz Chrapowicki married to Adela Ciechanowiecka Jozef senior had brother Eustachy Chrapowicki.

In , a judge of the Smolensk land. He married in to Helena Suffczynska, childless. In to Jozef Szadurski. Then to Wladyslaw Szadurski - the family of Jan Szadurski - he completely squandered the inherited fortune. Above Stefania Borch m. Above Wladyslaw Szadurski b. Franciszek Ksawery Szadurski b. In Aleksandr I joined the name Syberg Zyberk to Plater and making the coat of arms of the wife's coat of arms on the shield.

Izabela Helena von Syberg [] with children: Karol Borch; Kazimierz Plater b. Wilhelm's son Daniel Gotard had great-grandsons: From Jan Andrzej senior were children: Krzysztof Konstanty had grandson Tadeusz Plater with sons: Lucjan Stanislaw - Australia; Antoni Konstanty and others.

His son Leon Joachim, executed. In , Rothley Temple was the birthplace of Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Lord later Lord Macaulay the historian , English statesman, named after his uncle. In he married Jean Macaulay, sister of Zachary Macaulay, a leader of the anti-slavery movement in the early 19th century.

Named above the Clapham Sect or Clapham Saints were a group of Church of England social reformers based in Clapham, London, at the beginning of the 19th century. John Newton was the founder. Wilberforce and Thornton, were two of the group's most influential leaders. John Macaulay , minister in the Church of Scotland, grandson [great-grandson?

His mother was Margaret Campbell. He had brother Colin Macaulay, General, slavery abolitionist and campaigner. Mentioned above John MaCaulay, Rev. George Arbuthnot's father was a businessman Aberdeen who died shortly after being ruined in the Ayr Bank crash of ; George Arbuthnot secured a post as Chief Secretary to the Governor of Ceylon, and founded the Arbuthnot Bank in Madras ; he married Eliza Fraser, daughter of an Inverness solicitor who was staying with her uncle in Madras.

They returned to Britain in , purchased an estate in Surrey, and visited Rome. Governors of British Ceylon: James Campbell, to , Major general, was succeeded by Edward Barnes. Colonel John Campbell of Melford b. Husband of Colina Campbell.

She was severely traumatized by events that occurred during the Jacobite Rising of Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Campbell, b. Andrew Alexander Bonar b. John's parish in Leith and settled at Kelso. Kelso is a parish in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland. The Collace Parish, Scotland, is situated 17 north-east of Perth. Alexander Black and Dr. Alexander Keith, were sent to Palestine in on a mission of inquiry to the condition of the Jews; they traveled through France, Greece, Egypt to Gaza, back home through Syria, the Austrian Empire and German; they sought Jewish communities, to inquire about their preparedness to return to Israel; Keith in revisited Palestine with his son, Dr George Skene Keith b.

He also wrote to George Washington copies of his writings. Garioch in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with center of Inverurie, ca 30 km north-west of Aberdeen.

In later editions these daguerreotypes were used as the basis for printed illustrations of Syria and Palestine, Ashkelon and Tyre. Murray, Count Czapski, M. Bach, with several other foreigners were present.

Campbell as chairman, opened the proceedings in a feeling and energetic speech, towards the conclusion of which he said, 'If England allowed Germany to be enslaved by Princes who were themselves the slaves of Russia, she might, when too late, repent in sackcloth and ashes over her departed liberties. The measures of Napoleon against English commerce would be but a jest, a mere feather, compared with the hostility of the present continental despots Ali, as a useful and talented man.

Borowski developed great military abilities in the service of that warlike prince, and took for him the strong town of Cochan in Khorassan. Later he took the castle of Sarakhs and made prisoner the leader of the Turkomans. The English were behind most of the military undertakings of the Persians in those days, and Borowski was looked upon as an English general, and even wore the uniform. But he forsook the interests of the British government and joined the Russian party in Persia, and was shot at the siege of Herat war against the Turkmens; but close to Herat in fought Count Antoni Aleksander Ilinski.

His wife, a Georgian captive of war, received a pension from Mohamed Shah on account of her husband's distinguished services. Wolff, Narrative of a Mission to Bokhara, pp. Orgelbrand, Encyklopedya Powsiechna, ii.

Colin was half Scottish - his mother was a McVean inf. Killin, Perthshire ca 60 km north-west of Sirling, and north of Callander and of Thornhill. We remember on the governors of British Ceylon: Born at Calcutta, Tillicoultry is located 18 km east of Stirling! Whitehill - 15 km south-east of Edinburgh. Sir William Stirling of Ardoch, 4th Bt. Children of Mary Stirling and Ebenezer Oliphant: Laurence Oliphant, 8th of Condie b.

Above John Erskine was born , was the son of Lt. John Edmund Erskine and Anna Dundas. Sir Anthony Oliphant's tea estate, the Oliphant Estate, situated in the hill country in Nuwara Eliya - 55 km south-east-south of Kandy, east of Colombo, 26 km east of Hatton, close to Lindula and Meepilimana - was the first estate to grow tea in Ceylon; Anthony and his son Laurence are the first people to grow tea in Ceylon.

Laurence Oliphant was the only child of Sir Anthony Oliphant - , a member of the Scottish landed gentry. Kinlochscridain, Isle of Mull, Argyllshire: Isle of Mull is east of Iona. Descendants of Colin Alexander McVean b. Mary Wood Cowan b. Helen Brodie McVean b. Arthur Manson Huston in Educated in Switzerland, Breguet was the grandson of Abraham-Louis Breguet, founder of the watch manufacturing company Breguet.

He became manager of Breguet et Fils watchmakers in after his father Louis Antoine Breguet retired. With Alphonse Foy, in he developed an electrical needle telegraph, and his telegraph system was applied to French railways and exported to Japan. Four Breguet dial telegraph devices is in the museum's collection in Japan; the Breguet ABC telegraph was first put into commercial use in ; but in a telegraph service was started between Tokyo and Yokohama December 25, with the assistance of an English expert named G.

The telegraph apparatus used at that time was called the Breguet letter-point telegraph, and was operated by moving a handle over a disc on which letters were written.

This telegraph was operated by pointing to letters on the disc, and was easy for novices to work. The foreign expert then was an Englishman named G. In those days, many hired foreigners were invited to Japan to introduce the Western system and technology. The Meiji Government had foreigners at the Industry Ministry; one of these foreigners was an English engineer Gilbert, who in Sept. He was a foreign advisor to build lighthouses in Japan. Muchalls is a small village in Kincardineshire, Scotland, south of Newtonhill and north of Stonehaven, south of Aberdeen - is the birthplace of Richard Henry Brunton; he was a railway engineer, joined the Stevenson brothers David and Thomas Stevenson who were engaged by the British government to build lighthouses.

Japan hired the Edinburgh-based firm of D. Stevenson to chart coastal waters and to build lighthouses, what begun under French foreign advisor Leonce Verny; Brunton was sent from Edinburgh in August to head the project. Verny was persuaded to go to Japan by his distant relative, French ambassador Leon Roches in September ; he briefly returned to France helped in the negotiations for the First French Military Mission to Japan.

His great rival was the British consul Harry Parkes. He was sent to Japan with the French military mission of James Melville Balfour - was a Scottish-born New Zealand marine engineer, built the network of lighthouses; among his siblings were the physician George William Balfour , and Margaret Isabella "Maggie" Balfour - who in married the lighthouse builder Thomas Stevenson.

Balfour was born in Colinton near Edinburgh, Scotland in He was the youngest son of Rev. Lewis Balfour - ; but we know on James Balfour Mackintosh - , a minister for the Colinton parish.

The philosopher James Balfour was his father's paternal grandfather James Balfour b. Above mentioned James Balfour in Edinburgh, Midlothian, d. Above named Brunton travelled all over Japan making a survey of sites suitable for lighthouses, and advised the government on their actual construction. He was a Scotsman, and he introduced a fellow countryman, George Miles Gilbert. The Gilbert family at present in Aberdeen; we know about: Under the superintendence of an English engineer named George Miles Gilbert, wires were put up to connect Tokyo with Yokohama, a distance of eighteen miles, in George Miles Gilbert, was a telegraphic technician.

Her father Alexander Cowan was the papermaker but died in Mary's mother Helen Brodie, was Alexander's second wife, died in Alexander Cowan and his first and second spouses had twenty children, Mary was the seventeenth. Mary and Colin sailed to Japan after their wedding, in the company of Richard Henry Brunton, the father of Japanese lighthouses, to the Japanese Imperial service. The last camp's commander in Lithuania was Karol Prozor.

In , Chojniki under Russia reign. Rusakowicze - 5 km south to Tsitva. JOZEF was married three times. JOZEF from the first marriage had two daughters: Petronela Karenga, and Maria died , the wife of Ignacy Bykowski, the royal chamberlain; and three sons: Married to Barbara Prozor, and she had Sierhiejewicze in a dowry. During the war of , acted together with Antoni Tyzenhauz and planned to organize a guerrilla at the rear of the Russian army in Lithuania.

Now he had the opportunity to communicate with his brother- in-law Franciszek Bukaty. Bukata urged Karol to come to London; Karol soon established contacts with the conspiracy in Lithuania in January ; he cooperated closely with Cpt. The manor in Chojniki became a conspiracy center at that time, and here in July the nobility congress was held, during which the members of the Volhynia-Polesie conspiracy set up a plan of action.

Tutolmin in , the "chief rebels" in Mozyr and Owrucz "the root of evil", the "spirit of disobedience and anarchy". Then he went to Chojnik. At the end of December , Ludwika Prozor wrote to her husband that all her property had been destroyed and insulated. The family was arrested in Chojniki. She traveled alone to St. Wybicki in Paris, He was appointed to the five-person Government Committee of the Lithuania, appointing him a Treasury Minister.

The confederation was signed in Mogilev; Napoleon received the delegation coldly. Soon after, he was appointed by Marcin Tarnowski as the president of the Central Committee of three provinces: In , the Prozors returned to Chojniki. Petersburg in the Petrapavlovsk Fortress. March , he was released from prison. Karol Prozor with Ludwika Konstancja Szujski had 5 children: Tekla Rokicka - , the owner of Chojniki and Ostrohladowicze.

Remember on Maurycy Prozor son of Murycy Prozor older. Sabina; Rafal Oskierka b. Hubert Artemiusz Swiatopelk-Mirski b. Aniela Oskierka, , married Ignacy Kajetan Prozor b.

Ignacy Kajetan Prozor was General major of the Kowno county], with: Maurycy Prozor senior was born in Rothley-Temple, Leicestershire, died in Stanislaw Grabowski lived until In he came to France. He was supporter of Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski. He became a member of the Monarch Society of the Third May. Edward; Maurycy 2nd; Lucjan. Maria Zaleska born ca m. The chapel was constructed by the Knights Templar.

In the Middle Ages, Rothley was home to a manor of the Knights Templar, known as Rothley Temple, but now the Rothley Court Hotel, which passed to the Babington family after the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century. We back to Karol Prozor b. Duke of Courland in Wife of Hipolit Ksawery Bleszynski b. In he participated in the Polish-Austrian war. He was appointed commander of Lviv. In he joined the General Confederation of the Kingdom of Poland. In he was decorated with the Cross of the Legion of Honor.

In he was a member of Freemason Lodge. Hipolit Ksawery Bleszynski b. We know on Jedrzej and Zygmunt Bleszynski in Also the Bleszynskis in the Sieradz province.

Father of Hipolit Ksawery Bleszynski b. Above Stanislaw Bleszynski b. The 3rd in , wife Teresa Gorajska d. Jakub Bleszynski had 15 children 6 sons and 9 daughters. Ludwika Bleszynska m. Jan Bleszynski born , was the son of named Walenty Bleszynski and Teresa. Stanislaw Bleszynski 1st b. Ludwik Bleszynski, of Chelm, inf. Jacek Bleszynski the Brus estate owner in the Cracow prov. Baltazar Bleszynski lived in the Sieradz province. He had son Stanislaw Bleszynski [?? Tomasz Bleszynski official in Sieradz in , MP.

Ignacy Bleszynski official in Brodnica. Tomasz Jan Bleszynski b. Clerk in Sieradz, m. Parzymiechy - 9 km north of Krzepice - see Kiedrzynski. Wierzchlas - 9 km south-east of Wielun. Kazimierz owner of Zelislaw, b.

Zelislaw - 3 km south-east of Blaszki. Godynice - close to Lagiewniki, north-west of Zloczew. Zofia - Suliszewice - 6 km north-west of Blaszki. Abdon Ignacy Tadeusz b. Married to Bronislawa Mniewska. Ludwika was mother of mentioned above General Augustyn Gorzenski. Above Jakub Bleszynski d. The 3rd wife Teresa Gorajska d. The genealogy of above Ignacy Bleszynski: In the part of Bobrowniki had a new owner.

Konstancja was married in to Pawel Skorzewski ]. Ludwika married in Jan Jakub Zamoyski. Kiedrzynska; she was b. Adam Kiedrzynski married in in Krepa to Anastazja Bleszynska b.

Bonawentura had a daughter Anastazja m. See Izydor Kiedrzynski and his son Gabryel Kiedrzynski. The Wielgomlyny parish, in in Trzebce, bpt. Antoni Felicjan was born as son of Andrzej Ujejski of Trzebce. Godfather - Jan Bleszynski of Bieliki, owner of Wiewierow. Copyright by Andrzej Hennel at geni.

Ludwika married in Jan Jakub Zamoyski, by whom she had an only daughter. Mikolaj had son Wladyslaw Szadurski born in Wladyslaw Szadurski married Stefania Borch; grandchildren: Marian Eugeniusz Wladyslaw Szadurski b. Mikolaj died in Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Architecture. Contemporary Caribbean Art, p. Looking to Read p. VII Heft2, , p. His work has been exhibited extensively in America and Europe, he now lives and works in Paris.

Studienaufenthalt in der Villa Massimo, Rom 1. Steininstallation aus Narvik Granit dim. Poliertes Titan Siebdruck auf Papier, 50 x 65 cm, Edition: Warmes Rot Siebdruck auf Papier, 50 x 65 cm, Edition: Diese Werke bestehen u.

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam Haags Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag Stedelijk van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven Galeria Bonino, New York City Renaissance of Optics, Volkshochschule Aachen.

Galeria Bonino, New York []. April , Galeria Bonino. Welten in der Schachtel. Mary Bauermeister und die experimentelle Kunst der er Jahre. Oktober bis Horno de la Ciudadela.

Comisariada por Lorena de Corral. Comisariada por David Barro A window in Berlin. Madrid A vueltas con la maldita pintura. Una propuesta de Juan Ugalde. Madrid Un disparo de advertencia. Comisariada po Angel Calvo Melodias Imposibles. Comisariada por Lorena Corral Feria Arco. En la cuerda floja. Tudela Contemporany Art Recinto de la Ciudadela. Feria de Arte joven de San Salvador.

Museo Gustavo de Maeztu. From the age of fourteen she studied painting and drawing with various Iranian masters of pictorial art, notably with Gholem Hossein Nami. This comprised a video-installation, a painted screen, a group of drawings and some projected films. Statement For several years I have been painting screens. These screens have, for me, a direct link with the cinema.

During the first part of my career, painting affected my films. Now, in reverse, it is cinema that makes itself felt in my painting. The influence appears most clearly in the way in which the compositions are affected by the idea of cinematic sequences. The triptychs I made originally have been succeeded by compositions that are screens with multiple panels.

Each element or each panel resembles a sequence in a film. A screen, which gives the possibility of deployment in space, offers important compositional advantages. In particular, it makes it easier to put together a multitude of ideas that can be read both independently and in combination with one another.

Screen compositions, and the spatial ambiguity that they permit, allow me more and more to produce the interpenetration of painting and cinema that I have always wanted to create. Museum Klausum aka Klaus Wehner Education: Head from the Hierophilia series.

Curated by Museum Clausum: Includes a commision to photograph the three Telfair Museum sites to include in the exhibition.

Supported by a National Endowment for the Arts Grant. I developed the concept from its early stages to the exhibition istallation in the main gallery approx. This was complemented by an installation of my own work in the Soane rooms of the historic house, the site specific installation: Now and Then, featured 20 photographic prints and the video work Soane Time.

The exhibition was awarded Arts Council England funding for which I applied as an individual artist. Courtauld Institute of Art, London Video installation: The Thing About Museum, Routledge. Malplaquet House, Diptych 23 in Petry, M. Balancing Figures From a series of mobile sculptures made in Mixed technique — steel, wood, plaster, fabric and wax. Height — cm Size of each sculpture: Male figure, cm; female figure, cm. A former student of Christian Boltanski at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, she was, in the late s, interested in multi-disciplinary installations.

This enabled her to make several visits to the United States. While there she worked on a huge video installation project entitled Tell Me About Art, midway between art installation and documentary film. She was also artist-in-residence at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT where she continued her investigations into the field of digital art. During a decade, from onwards, she concentrated on projects that made use of new media.

However, her interest in materials finally led her back once again to sculpture, installation and painting. Her recent work consists of mobile sculptures. These are half human beings, half toys, apparently delicately balanced.

They evoke moments of suspense, of waiting for something to happen. This feeling, however, fades with time. The dolls seem calm and resolute, but their movement is limited and they can do nothing about it — their situation seems tragic.

Held by the rod that displays them, her characters are silent and reclusive, watching the world from a distance. If we look for what is Iranian in this work, we should perhaps look at the life of the artist herself — at the things that have influenced her concerns. Had she not been born Iranian, and without the events that have affected the recent history of Iran, would the same questions have emerged?

Through out my work I strive to question personal identity within an urban environment whilst communicating with the people I photograph. Offering me a years paid Internship at Photoshot where I am currently working full time. If found return to The first page of grandfather's prayer book oil on canvas, 38x21cm, His photographs reflect the colours and composition of everyday life. However, through techniques and devices, he proceeds to trash the absolute realism of photography by subverting the image, literally from within.

By splitting, mirroring and twisting his images, disorientating and unseen depths come to light - engaging the viewers to reconstruct reality for themselves. Various aspects of his cultural heritage helped foster a strong graphic sensibility and bold playfulness, such as Persian ornamentation, patterns and compositions that can be found in carpets, architecture, traditional mirror works and miniature paintings.

Men of Allah portray the artist trapped in the female figure and disguised in chador robes. Taking off on this farce, Ramin has placed his own portrait himself a thickly bearded man within the guise of a chador-clad female. Challenging the norms of contemporary Iranian society by digging up its rich, and very often conflicting, cultural history, Haerizadeh offers a resourceful and pointed criticism with his characteristic sense of humour.

The artists shared strong interest in the performative act in relation to the making of visual art, with an intensive focus on the body and its re-presentation. Flynt, the photographer, works extensively with performance artists and dancers, both as models for his work and as a collaborator with many dance and theater projects. This is his first collaboration with another visual artist. Spinosa, the painter, works in an extremely performative, quasi-ritualistic fashion, using his own body as the primary carrier of pigment, subsequently altered with hand applied elements.

Additional shooting with completed earlier paintings on both the walls and floor of the studio created additional imagery, and Spinosa was also actively engaged in the making of the photographs through drawing with light via other flashlights , as well as through conventional mark making.

Flynt subsequently edited the photographic images, using many for his own work, often layered or sequenced with found imagery. The modified digital files were emailed to Spinosa, who had them printed out as light-jet prints and then further drew and painted on these already collaborative images. The conversation continues following an intensive 5 day residency in Berlin, creating a large series of new underlying images that will be developed over the coming months.

Blind Trust installation G. Installationview from Hamburg In Between exhibition front: Rudolf zur Lippe, dipl. Different chairs as Prof. Since Fellow at Wissenschaftscolleg in Berlin.

Simone Pellegrini was born in Ancona, Italy, in He has had 30 solo shows in Italy, in Germany and in France and has participated in over group exhibitions in Europe. Many of his works belong in museums and private collections. From he teaches visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. He lives and works in Bologna, Italy. Zanchetta [C] "Nell'acqua capisco", Apokalips", Grattacielo Pirelli, Milano, curated by G. Catalogue [C] "Aperture", Rassegna internazionale d'arte G.

Catalogue [C] "Allarmi", C. Sofia FO , curated by Daniela del Moro. Marco TV , curated by Daniela del Moro. Starting his university career in mechanical engineering at the Univeristy of Bologna he moved soon to a humanistic studies graduating with honors in modern architecture in Florence.

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