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Anyone in St. Petersburg needing ass

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Anyone in St. Petersburg needing ass

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Toward the end they have you do a program for data entry in medical billing setting appointments, inputting payment data and other office functions. The trouble is that their system is not really one that is used in the real world. Some kind of generic mostly like system that providers never use.

On several of these projects completed I had to nag the instructors repeatedly to grade the projects. Had to call the school 6 times to get the final project graded to get my diploma.

The biggest insult on this is don't expect to find work anytime real soon. Employers only want somebody with 2 or 3 years of experience.

Even though I have processed medical claims for 14 years essentially doing the back end of medical coding it does not mean a thing to employers. Plan to spend A LOT of time trying to find any work once you are done. I enrolled two children in the program ages 13 and One was a 7th grader who moved to 9th grade in the Penn Foster program. The other daughter was in 10th grade.

Both children ran through the courses 1 credit at a rate of 2 per day. These classes were so simplified that they would never have laid a solid foundation for college. The younger of the two children who is college bound noted this herself and raised concerns. Please if you are not an adult learner completing your education for the purposes of job or promotion do not rely on this program to prepare you for college or life. This program is not suitable for children who have their whole life ahead of them.

We switched to a K12 program it was free and better. Penn Foster is not for or about the child learner. Biggest parenting mistake that we will pay dearly for financially while our kids have to return to a more structured program feeling behind.

I was offered a discount if I paid my account off by a certain date. I paid it in full 40 days ago and I'm still waiting for my refund of overpayment. I can never get a straight answer other than wait a bit longer. Also, I'm enrolled in 2 programs and don't feel like the curriculum or support is worth the money. I can learn more from the books they sent me than I can with the exams.

This college in my opinion is for people that want the degree or certificate but don't really care that they won't learn anything. It's all about the money not the education. I will never use PennFoster again and will never recommend them to anyone. I chose Penn Foster's high school diploma program for my son. I have since found that Penn Foster's support, while reasonably quick to respond, does not do well in following up on school issues.

For example, they requested that I had to submit a high school enrollment application before they would mail texts. My son and I completed the application and faxed it. We waited 2 days for confirmation but received no word. I emailed support again and asked if they had received the fax. Support replied" "please give us a few days to look through our faxes for your son's application.

Rather than risk further delay, we faxed the application again. I emailed support and informed them. That was 3 days ago. This issue has delayed my son's studies for a week and counting. I find it simply absurd that an institution has difficulty finding at least ONE fax. It reeks of stupidity. Do not use Penn Foster for high school education. Penn Foster was a clear choice for me when I started looking at programs. It is so much more affordable, with books included in the quoted price, and they allow me to make monthly payments rather than taking out a loan.

For me, the biggest factor was flexibility. I work full time and I cannot lose any hours. Because the program is self-paced, I'm able to set my own goal for turning in projects and taking exams. I can slow down on class work during an especially busy work week, and pick the pace back up when work is more under control.

Due to its online nature, PF is very much a program of "you get out what you put in". Can you fail in this program? You must have your own motivation to keep going - no is going to make you study! The material is tough because the field is tough.

I am already working in this field, and to me, for anyone working in the field seeking to get certification, there is no other choice. If you enroll in the program and fully dedicate to it, you will succeed. It will not be easy; you will have to study and research. You have to attend lectures often taught by Veterinary Technician Specialists! You will need to visit the veterinary websites suggested by instructors. It is a very difficult course, but Penn Foster does provide what you need to get there.

This is my personal review-- Please read from start to finish if you really want to get a grasp on the pro's and con's from someone who has attended both regionally and nationally accredited schools.

He was in his mid 30's and was in the process of graduating with his High School Diploma from PF- I will never forget his excitement! I guess for me this is what trigged my interest in this school. Well, fast forward a couple years later The year is I am working 60 hours x week in car sales, making great money within a declining economy. On top of my 60 hour work week, I was a full time college student and was wrapping up my freshman year in a Regionally accredited school.

Life was hectic and to add to it, I found out I was pregnant with 3 years before getting a degree in a promising career. I knew that 60 hours a week wasn't going to cut it once my baby was born- I needed something with flexibility. Although I wasn't into medicine- I knew that the medical field was a field in which there would always be work. I was really excited at first as it was self-paced-- my plan was to do 2 hours of work each night and finish ASAP.

He told me all of my assignments would be completed online and that my books would be mailed to me. Everything sounded great even though I knew that they were Nationally accredited, it was ok.

So far everything was all good. I received my first set of books which consisted of a hardcover Medical Terminology text book with a CD-ROM and 3 paper backed books that looked like they were printed from home and used legal sized glossy card stock as the cover.

Plain old white books with green letters. Following month was the same. In my minds defense I thought- the program was inexpensive and as long as I was learning that is what mattered most- right?!?! Did I mention that this was a time when the economy was in the slums? You guessed it- the dealership I worked for was going out of business. I spoke to the advisor I had been working with all along, he was always eager to help in the beginning but then I soon realized when money became a factor he was then snooty.

Money brings out the worst in people. My plan was to bring my cheat book to work and consider my self a professional! I stopped going and figured since I was already paying for it and was going to have a debt either way I might as well do some extra curricular reading should the time and money be available in the future. Now lets fast forward to the year I decide I want to go back to PF I called the school as I was still able to log onto my account. The advisor told me that I could not complete my Medical Billing and Coding course as it has been too long and that the medical field is always changing-- understood.

Although, I am not a professional in the medical field nor an instructor, I would a assume an entry exam would be applicable in this situation I completed over 10 courses for their general education pre req although admission rep said there would be none Communications, customer service, patient interactions, etc.

No discounts- no transfer of internal credits- nada! What this institution has at heart is finances not education. I have studied both regional and nationally courses and in each there is the ability to return and continue education. Penn Foster does not offer this. The material is low budget and even someone who can't read can pass. There is something for everyone and I don't knock any type of education as I believe our minds should always be stimulated.

Time is more valuable than money- don't invest in hypocrisy. Your life, your future. Some facilities that host these classes are local High Schools, Libraries and churches. Some even offer an online option. If you have the courage to start something- do it right.

I will start off using the rating system provided by onlinedegreereviews. I recently had a major issue with the school and up until that point I was really pleased with them. That's a lot of money for me After more then two and a half hours on the phone with numerous people at the school including two hang up from them! I repeat a representative from there school made several mistakes while advising a student and they are unwilling to work with said student.

A student with a 4. I did exactly what I was told to do and they screwed me over. I signed up for this program in wanted to further my education. I signed up for high school with early college classes. In order to get your diploma you have to take a total of exams. You have to write essays the whole nine yards. They don't just hand you a diploma you have to work for it.

At any rate, the school is regionally accredited for high school, I checked. I have been accepted into community college with my diploma. Just because you have the diploma you still have to take a college entrance exam so study hard while attending. I finished my diploma last year, this is my second time graduation high school.

I finished my 4 years in my native country but right after I finished I moved back to the states. Now the school closed down and there was no way to get a copy of my transcripts as this is a 3rd world county and nothing is ever in order.

I am now 35 yrs old and looking for a job has never been so demanding I actually lost a really good job with a large institution where I could have moved forward in my education. This was back in which is when I saw the Penn Foster commercial and I was immediately hooked. I don't have time after work to go to a night class for a simple G. I feel like I was cheating myself. Well, thankfully I completed the program and I am very excited to even hang this sucker up, my only dilemma is would certain employers accept this diploma without any issues??!!

This is my current situation at the moment. I moved to another state and literately everywhere I apply they want everything, Diploma certificate along with the original transcripts. I was able to do an income tax class with HR block and they did accept the diploma and I was able to become a tax agent. They said that in order for a person to qualify the IRS needs copies of the persons educational background.

Im keeping my fingers crossed So far the CC here does accept it which is a plus. The worst educational decision I've ever made! Avoid avoid avoid penny foster!!!! Take online community college 2 credit medical language - it will be more beneficial. When I signed up I thought "self paced online course and I had a certain amount of time to complete the course" " cool right? So research takes time and then formatting your paper - so a lot of work for no credit hours or continuing education hours.

Then you write s research paper. I had this class done within 4 weeks - I hated every minute - I wished I never enrolled - I tried dropping out but I already had two assignments done so it did not make money sense to drop out so I just kept on.

Please do yourself a favor - RUN - do your research - and call your local community college! If I had known this I would have said no to penn foster. I took the medical terminology online class. I would not recommend this program. The fact that the externship does not go along with the written portion to gel the learning experience together is a big problem with clinics that have to "train" you as they state it taking time from their busy day.

I have not found one they were supposedly contracted with willing to take me on as a student with their reasons being "too much paperwork" did not want to allow me to complete all skills which would lead me to find a second clinic at the same time to do this, the training involved because you forget what you learned from 9 months ago and in general the biggie was "I'm not getting paid for this and you'll leave me when your trained! When I enrolled into Penn Foster one of the first things I asked was, will I be able to use this degree to get into collage?

The lady I talked to had told me that shouldn't be a problem. I tried enrolling in a community collage and was devastated when they denied me entry due to not having a high school diploma from a regionally accredited school.

I did not know until then that Penn Foster was not regionally accredited. In a nut shell I was told to go get my G. D first and then reapply. I think Penn Foster is a good school, but this school did not live up to my needs. Basically I paid way to much for high school refresher courses. Don't bother with this school. It is for-profit and it seems that is all they care about, keeping people enrolled and keeping people paying.

The online format is convenient for a lot of people but the use of technology is confusing. To keep you in, they will offer you the chance to transfer to another program. Please be careful to read the agreement carefully before signing. Their only concern is making money, save yourself the aggravation. Don't fall for it. It's not as easy and convenient as it sounds. You're better off at a non-profit community college or technical school.

I have been in the Medical Billing and Coding program since Sept In January I decided to dedicate my time to the program on a full time basis. They claim this is a self paced program BUT you are at their mercy when it comes to receiving your materials.

I have been waiting for two weeks to get my books which are on back order. They claim its because they are waiting on the new material but we are in February. I would almost understand if this was January but the fact that we are in mid February still waiting on books that should have been ordered in December is unacceptable!

I wish I could give this school a negative rating! I have lost critical time waiting on these books. Penn Foster was the least expensive school I found so I guess you get what you pay for!

It is hard to get good critical reviews on Penn Foster. Penn Foster is what you make of it. If you read most of the negative reviews you will find that most are from people who find studying at their own pace and staying self-motivated a foreign concept.

Most of their complaints are basically of their own making for not doing due diligence on subjects such as transfer credits, etc Because of Penn Foster's low tuition cost they have many more participants than other colleges whose programs costs considerably more.

Because of this statistical fact you are going to get more people who complain on issues that are not really legitimate problems, for instance: Ever heard of student loans?

Go to any college and try not paying your tuition in full and see what happens. Not all credits are transferable from institution to institution, even among regionally accredited schools.

This is the way it is and always has been. Heck I had a local community college not accept transfer credits from Notre Dame for certain subjects. If you are thinking about using Penn Foster as transfer credits then check ahead of time on transferability.

Although this should be self-evident, they are not going to hold your hand. They provide the basic needs to get your degree and certification. Penn Foster is not perfect, but having attended several different colleges they are by far not the worst either. They fulfill a certain niche in our society for military, working adults, etc One final note, I contacted the AVMA and found out that Penn Foster fully meets their requirement for distance accreditation and that there are more expensive schools in the US that do not.

Interestingly enough Penn Foster is not the highest school on their complaint roster, hmmmm. Again, it is what you make of it. It is too bad that many of the negative reviews, not all, are knee jerk reactions to problems that, truth be known, are of the author's making. I've had to wait for my books to be shipped. More than half of them have been back ordered.

When I had a question for my instructor, I would write and it would be weeks before they got back to me. Then I after I do a project I have to write to the instructor to get my grade. One time they had wrote to experience works that is who paid for my class , they had sent them a final grade on my final test. Which I had never taken and I had to call them to get it straightened out. I wish I had never started the classes. A heartfelt thank you, to all those who have made my dream a reality in achieving an Associate Degree in Human Resources, although I was faced with numerous challenges I was successful in the end.

To the entire Penn Foster Team thank you without you I would not have made it. I am now ready to pursue further studies. Beware of claims of accreditation. You will not be able to transfer credits to a real regionally accredited college perhaps Excelsior in Albany. I called admissions as my daughter is interested in the vet tech program.

Having a graduate degree in education and being familiar with accreditation standards and processes I am disappointed in the slick sales and poor standards this school represents. It does not take much to be honest to potential students. If they are ripping off students as reviews indicate then a father's advice is to go elsewhere.

If you want a real college degree go elsewhere. I applaud your motivation to improve your life and accomplish something important. If you are not interested in a college degree that is recognized or if you feel that this place has what you need then press on. But read everything to include these reviews and ask questions before you sign up. The bill collectors do not care if you did not do your homework prior to the debt. My daughter will go elsewhere and is already a vet assistant. I just want to say that I am glad I did not listen to all of the negative comments about this school.

I am in my 5th semester of the Bs Business Management degree program. I have experienced nothing but great things. If your willing to put the time and effort in, you will reap the reward.

I am in middle management for a well known company and in order to move up the corporate ladder, I must have a bachelors degree. By the way, they are reimbursing me my tuition and approved PF as an accredited program.

My economics course I just finished was written by a Harvard professor, so I would say the content is very appropriate. Their credits are accepted by RA schools, I have already contacted a school and was assured my bachelors degree would be accepted and I would be able to complete my MBA afterwards.

My communication skills have improved dramatically as a result of the courses I have completed. And by the way, my Senior VP has noticed a substantial difference in my contributions I make to the team as a result of this degree program.

So go ahead and sign up and get the education you have always wanted. Don't waste your time. I'm at the end of semester 3 and I'm going to finish. But choice some place else, I wouldn't recommend this program. The instructors are horrible, the courses are ok.

While the cost of this program is good, the quality of education and instructors is extremely poor. There are many technical errors in their curriculum. Many of the instructors are new to the field. The program director is basically a poster boy and has no real power in the program to help the students and defers to other faculty to make decisions. The skills that are required to be performed in the two practicums are AVMA required skills but the school requires pictures or videos.

While videos actually show the skill being done. Still photography requires the technician student to stop and pose for each step which would not happen in a clinic scenario. The multiple amount of paperwork submissions required is ridiculous as well. If your supervising veterinarian signs you off on lab skills, it is redundant to have a PF faculty member sign off as well. In my opinion this is a poorly planned program. While their VTNE pass rates are good, the only reason for this is the ones who actually finish the program are likely to take the VTNE seriously and pass it.

Did not get what I hoped I would from this course, I quit my job so I could put everything into this because I love animals and I actually thought I would go somewhere with this, I did the Pet Grooming course years ago when they were Harcourt Learning and I learned more then than I did with the Vet Assistant course.

If you want to take care of animals you should not have to take bullshit courses like Math and English which is one of the first things they make you do.

Then the Biology was stupid , it was human not animal. I wasted alot of time and money printing out everything and keeping it in notebooks. May have to get a lawyer. This school is for students who just want their diploma. The books they send out for literature are ridiculous; the one about Native Americans and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' were okay, but the ones about a slave finding god and a short story about a homosexual boy killing himself made me feel uncomfortable.

I even emailed the school and asked why we didn't read any of the nationally required books and they never answered.

It feels like the school gives more privilege to the Christian students, seeing that they allow them to say that woman deserve to be raped because me wearing shorts on a hot summer day turns men on and they can't control themselves and the staff doesn't stop them from discriminating against the LGBT community. A majority of the students can't even spell correctly. But hey, I'm not going to college. First off I am a full time stay at home mom who recently got out the army after six years.

One day I told my husband that I wanted to finish up my high school education. He asked me if I wanted my GED or my diploma? At first I said a GED would be ok I guess but then he said no you actually completed high school you just didn't pass the graduation exam. I tell you what Im so glad he said that to me because I am now only 3 exams away from completing my diploma. I am here to say that with the dedication to stay up countless hours reading the course materials and making sure you complete at least two assignments a day you will be done sooner than you think.

I know if I can do it anyone can after all I have the attention span of a child I'm so easily distracted. Once you turn your phones and the TVs off and staying off the deadly social media you will be surprised at what you can do. I have stayed up hours after my family had gone to bed to get work done. You have to do what you have to be successful. This "school" is a joke. The Va will only pay for a one! The school say's that you go at your own pace but if you graduate from the 8th grade to the 12th grade in 3 years you have completed 4 years of school.

This is not part-time but you are lead to believe that the VA will pay you full time as a student. How wrong can you get. The CO by the name is Frank F. Britt is a rip off. I absolutely love Penn Foster College. It's impossible to come up with even one negative comment. They do offer online programs, so if you aren't a self-starter, or able to motivate yourself to keep going, it's probably not for you.

I have taken many online courses through community colleges, and have had some bad luck. I was hesitant to pursue another online degree, but really wanted to take an accredited Veterinary Technology program in order to become licensed as a technician. Penn Foster was my only real option, as many brick and mortar schools do not offer night classes. Boy, am I ever thankful for Penn Foster!! The Vet Tech program is tough, but fair. It definitely enables students to learn everything they need to be knowledgeable in the field, and also to pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam.

The director of the program, Jim Hurrell, is amazing and inspiring! He is active on the student community, and the Vet Tech Facebook page. He makes himself very available to students, and it's clear he has such a passion for education in the veterinary field! The other major bonus with Penn Foster programs is their amazing affordability!!

I have quite a lot of debt because of past student loans, and thanks to Penn Foster, I will earn this degree, and owe the school no money at the end of it all!! They offer a VERY affordable payment plan, and their prices are a fraction of what some of my friends have paid for other schooling in the same field!! I truly believe that if you are able to motivate yourself to stay on track, Penn Foster is the best online school there is!

I would recommend it to anyone! The school is good so far as being patient Stating that courses completed and graduation. Date plus anticipated date for diploma to arrive. I just graduated Yesterday!!!! I do pretty well,however doesn't. Hurt to change scenery. Goof off,come to pennfoster,you will be happy if you do.

I have been enrolled since This school is amazing! There was no way I would be able to work and go to school. So I found Penn Foster.

Not only was it amazingly affordable but I knew it was nationally accredited which was another major plus when you are a Vet Tech Student. And the fact that I was able to move back home to Arizona and bring my school work with me and work full time was a huge blessing! I have never had a bad experience since enrolling. The staff is amazing and always extremely helpful!

We have one of the most amazing Program Directors ever! He is always there on our vet tech facebook page and on the school community to help answer questions or serve as a mentor! We also have a amazing student ambassador program I am one of the ambassador and was a ambassador as well! The ambassador program has given me even more reasons to be proud of my school. It has made me a better person and a better student. I have also met some of the most amazing students who have become amazing friends from everywhere in the US and overseas!

If you are looking to further your education whether it be in Veterinary medicine or one of the other amazing programs the school offers please go with Penn Foster!

It has been one of the most amazing decisions i have made and i couldn't be prouder to call my self a Penn Foster Student! I love Penn Foster School and would recommend it to anyone! The school is fully accredit, the program is wonderful, the Instructors are very helpful and the classes are fun and challenging. If you are looking for a program that is self-paced and payment plan friendly, then check out Penn Foster!

Please note that if you are NOT a self-motivated person and need someone looking over everything you do you will not enjoy what you are learning! Penn Foster is not for everyone, but fortunately I'm enrolled in the Vet Tech program and love it! It's an online school, an online program, but it's not easy; it's still college. Doesn't matter what program it is, always make sure you know Penn Foster's policies, program-related requirements, your state requirements, and any further information that applies to your career.

I see several students drop out of their program because they didn't realize what was required of them. For example, Externships and Practicums In the Vet Tech program, the Externship is mandatory or else you will not graduate.

It's the responsibility of the student, not Penn Foster, to find their own site location where they will perform their externship. Students that did not research before enrolling are usually the ones angry and leaving negative reviews because they didn't know they had to complete an externship, find a proctor or site location on their own, unable to find an externship site that has all the necessary equipment i.

On the primary Penn Foster website where you view all the programs to enroll in, you can read an overview of your program of interest.

I highly recommend requesting info by mail; I love looking through the brochure and forms. Most questions can be answered there. If one wants to hear from current students, join the Student Community and post to the corresponding program space to get more attention and responses.

I love Penn Foster oh so very much. The school has helped me grow. I get all my emails, questions, and concerns answered in a fair amount of time.

There are many frequently asked questions to read from that can resolve issues without having to contact Student CARE. One of my favorite features is the Live Chat. It can be found in the Student Portal's Help Center. If you have a question for Student CARE, besides calling and emailing, you can immediately get it answered through Chat. You just have to access it during business hours.

Penn Foster is always in the works of creating something new for their students. They came out with a Study Planner which is available on your student account and can be downloaded as an app on mobile devices. You can create a plan for yourself to keep you on track throughout your studies, plan your graduation date or date to complete your semester.

They created meet-ups so that students can get together and express their thoughts about the school and get to know the staff better. I started the Vet Tech program with Penn Foster a couple of years ago and didn't make it very far.

Mostly because I was working and not motivated. When I decided it was time for me to go back to school, I came back to Penn Foster. I'm now enrolled in the bachelors business management degree. Why did I choose to come back to Penn Foster? It meets my personal needs. Penn Foster is nationally accredited, unlike your local community college or your state university which are most likely regionally accredited.

It usually goes like this; regionally accredited school courses will transfer to nationally accredited schools but not all nationally accredited school courses will transfer to regionally accredited schools. Because the regional accreditation requires a strict and rigorous course catalog, among other things. Schools like Penn Foster are usually career schools.

The advantage is that they are able to change their courses as the real world changes and this keeps their students current. It would take a considerable amount of time and red tape to change the courses.

If they had to go through all of the processes by the time they got approval for the change, there would be new information to add. So if you plan on trying to transfer to a regionally accredited institution, keep in mind that only certain classes and credits will transfer.

Also, If you plan to continue your education like I do, plan carefully. I want to get my masters and maybe even my doctorate someday. Not all Institutions will take my Penn Foster degree. Two more things that I like about this program The tuition and the delivery system. Oh, and the self pace Tuition is affordable and all study materials are included.

They also have an online tutoring center. They offer affordable payment plans. I pay 60 a month right now, I think the lowest you can go is The delivery system, all courses you can complete online, except. Except except except you may have proctored exams. But honestly that's not too big a deal. Go to your local library, the librarians are usually more than happy to help out. I also hear that in the vet tech program you can now be proctored through your webcam.

That's really the thing that gets me. Sometimes I get lazy, I don't want to be bothered with reading 80 pages by friday so I can attend class.

I work, like the rest of the real world. I need time to tune out, pretend I don't exist. Then there are weeks where all I want to do is sit down and knock out three lessons. Those are things I can do with self paced courses. So, if you are considering Penn Foster make sure it meets your needs. As for faculty and staff, I've had nothing but good experiences with them so far. My questions are answered in a timely manner and they are always kind. But remember, they people not machines. No matter if its an online school, on campus, nationally or regionally accredited.

They are trying to take care of a lot of people and if you can express your problems in a polite way they are going to try and help you. In conclusion you need to find out if Penn Foster meets your educational needs It is your education, your life. Make an informed choice. I am in my 40s and decided it was time to finish my degree. Since our income is too high for financial aid as well as working full time, this was both financially appealing and works around my schedule.

The "classroom" setting is easy to maneuver, and there are quite a few resources that have proven helpful. I am in my 1st semester The Community school social site is glitchy and not my cup of tea - but there is nothing forcing me to participate in it.

We used K12 to educate our children from home - one clear through 12th grade, and one through 8th grade. One is starting college in the fall, the other is an honors student with AP credits in a traditional high school setting now. We love online learning. I learned more with my children in our home classroom than I ever did through high school and 2 years of college. It's not for everyone of course, but if you are disciplined enough to set a schedule and meet your goals its fantastic!

The study material so far has been wonderful; I'm enjoying it quite a bit. For those that are saying a brick and mortar school is the way to go; talk to me in 5 years when you are paying back student loans. The qualify of education you receive is in your hands with this school. Those that need a babysitter hanging over your shoulder hounding you to get your paper written should look elsewhere; everyone else, it's definitely worth looking into! This review is directed toward my youngest son's high school education.

He always had difficulty in English with his spelling and reading. He did well throughout school, until mid high school. He left the local high school and attempted to attend the local "high school program" in a local college.

The college was not aggressive with the consistency of their classes. I even asked them at one point, "Why is the classes, that he needs, not more consistent?

So I got mad and investigated another way for him to complete his studies, so he could obtain a high school diploma. After all no job today will look at you if you don't supply them one. And I wanted him to feel secure that all the difficult times the school systems gave him, would not leave a negative impact on him and his future.

I found Penn Foster. We discussed the program to see if he would be interested in it. He choose to do it. We requested his transcripts to be sent to the school. All his previous class credits counted; so he only had to finish what he needed to, to obtain his diploma. He worked every day on his work, and 4 months later he graduated! What a happy time for both of us.

They gave him a chance when all the others did not. And because of that he believed and believes in himself! So, I can not say it is a scam. You only get out of something, what you put in. The skies the limit, so fly! I am a military wife with a toddler. Moving around so much and raising my daughter that I had no time to sit in a classroom and finish my high school diploma.

Penn foster has been nothing but amazing! The staff is always so helpful and there when you need them. The Student Community site they have is great! If you are considering Penn Foster you should do it!

I have no regrets getting my education with them! If you are intelligent at all and plan on going to university do not go here. It is one of the worst programs I have ever been in and I am constantly worrying if I will get into the university of my choice in a few years.

Please do not enroll here. I am looking forward to finishing high school my junior and senior years. I hope doing this school doesn't ruin my chances to get into University out of state.

I hope all my credits transfer. I did online school to help my stress and anxiety levels and they are through the roof worrying that my education isn't good enough- and here it isn't. I am 16 and I hope this didn't ruin my chances in uni. This place is horrible. Bad customer service experience. I would not recommend to anyone.

My son could not attend college this semester because of lack of information customer service gives you. Is a hassle to deal with them. When I started the class I later learn the books and material were already out dated. It takes forever to get threw or talk too someone.

They also claim you can cancel a membership within a certain time, but as usual you miss the time frame by that much. I don't have the time or money to go to a brick and mortar school. I think if I didn't work in the field I'd have a hard time with school.

I can already apply things I learn at PennFoster to my job, and both my job and my education are benefitting each other. If you're not working as a tech or assistant, try to do some shadowing.

I'll generally read a chapter and make crap tons of flash cards on Quizlet, then I'll watch the lecture videos while I cook or take a bath, then instead of falling asleep playing solitaire, I fall asleep studying my Quizlet App on my iPhone. I've found a way to make it part of everything I do, and I'm actually motivated to do the studying, I crave the knowledge. That's how you know you want to be in this field I guess. I can listen to the lectures when my eyes need a break, I can play loud music while I'm reading the books, I can rotate the laundry on my day off while I study, etc.

This is ideal for me. Like, stupid easy, like I can't believe they're giving degrees to the people who are just searching for the answers in their book. Literally they are 20 to 25 questions. If you wanted, you could finish this degree in minimal time. Since I don't want to cheat myself and I want this to be a lifelong passion and career not to mention I get paid more at most places just having the RVT after my name I want to understand everything I'm reading, otherwise I'd have been done with the first semester 2 months ago.

So, it's your education. I didn't get into this program to be with classmates though, I've got a Bachelor's and never made any friends in classes; I've been in my fair share of them. That's annoying that they want you to be I don't even have a Facebook, so that part is really annoying, but I understand the participation part of your grade.

Just suck it up and get it over with. If you have no money, no time, a full-time job, give this program a try. People can complain about the service and the online aspects, but in 10 years nobody will care where you got your degree or how you got it. They will see you've been an RVT for 10 years. I've already got the experience under my belt of being an assistant for so long, now I will have the knowledge and the degree. Besides, who said this program will teach us everything we'll ever need to know?

This is a field where we will be learning until we leave it; new ways of doing treatments, new medications, new technologies, continuing education seminars, etc. If that doesn't excite you, maybe this isn't the field for you. The choice is yours. I have been wanting to write about pennfoster's online vet program since I left! Let's start with the people that work in the office. And then when you actually get someone, their phone lines are so awful that you can barely hear them!

I finally had someone own up to it being the school's problem because she said, yeah we are working on FINALLY getting new phone lines. It was at that time, and I just thought and told her actually I can't believe with all the money we shell out, they couldn't already have a better phone system.

Oh and don't even TRY to call the administrative office. Throughout the span of 4 hours, in the morning I might add, I called about once or twice per hour.

Oh and my favorite part, is after having quit this school, I still have payments that I have to make, which was the ONLY good thing about this school, and it's funny how on the coupon books it gives you ways to make a payment. Although, still keep your id, cause that's the ONLY way you'll get to speak to anyone or to make a payment. Now I know it's a huge convenience having online classes, but that still shouldn't mean that no one should be introduced to each other or at least the teacher even.

The online school I'm attending now actually has nicely set up discussion boards, where the teacher themselves are actually fostering an environment where they want their students to connect with one another. Wouldn't you believe it, that the students are showing signs they're thankful for that? So basically if you want a school where you have absolutely NO communication from the teacher, only when you have questions, and no communication from your fellow students Their exams would be questions, when you've 4 chapters worth of reading!

To be honest, I hate studying, but I'd at least want to be more challenged then that. How do they expect someone to pass a major vet exam, that would ultimately fully certify me, and they only ask me questions! Here again, for the amount of money you're paying, you should expect more. At least more communication. I know for some people online school for vet tech is a great fit.

But to me, I honestly think that the best way to fully be immersed in this type of program is to physically be in a school. My learning style is hands on, so I learned real fast this wasn't the type of study for me, and at least in this field. I just wished I would've found out sooner instead of now being stuck with a huge bill.

To be honest, for you pet lovers, would you really want someone working on your beloved pet, that only went to online school and then a few months of required shadowing with a professional?

I am doing billing for OBGYN doctor for more then a year, but i need the certificate, that's why i enrolled in billing and coding classes online. The total program has 51 lessons, almost half of it is not about billing and coding! Its a lot of unnecessary material, which is good for managers, or somebody else only not for billing and coding.

I didn' even get to coding classes yet, and i passed already 25 classes. It was about laws and ethics, maths, basic pharmacology, words and excell, stupid projects, english writing, punctuation and a lot more bullshit. I'm not saying that its not good to know, but you sign up to get classes for medical billing and coding!!! The only usefull lessons were body systems and terminology , which actually you'll have to know when you get to do billing.

In general the program could be much shorter and not give you all this unnecessary study material. You'll waste a lot of time before getting to what you need to know, so if you find another school with a program which doesn't have all this extra material which you dont need, go with that one, dont go with penn foster. I took the pet grooming certificare course.. Went and applied at PetSmart go figure they don't accept my pet grooming certificate no one does in sask I took my hardest and practised everything for no reason!!!

I Really like pennfoster,it gave me another chance At something that i always knew was important. Something that i gave up on which was high school. But the ones i tried to scan through i didnt do so hot So i went back over it and did better. I think if you read And take notes right the first time,it can advoid alot Of time And then, if they followed up with certain reports, like areas successfully restored, where linemen will be focusing next and why that area is a priority , and areas that almost certainly will NOT be restored for a day or more, then at least people could see that something IS being done, and they might be able to plan their own lives more appropriately.

The company's job is to provide power. It is the government's job to protect and inform the people, so that they can feel safe and happy and go on with their lives. Marc-mine is out too. Oh well, at least I have power. I will read a book, clean around the house, etc.. You actually made my point: These folks are experts, they know the possibilities.

They need to learn to communicated them. If you blew one ETR because of downstream problems, then perhaps you should consider that the 2nd time you pitch an ETR, the 3rd time, 4th, 8th?

I agree, call, and call often. Do not be made to feel guilty by the "an outage has already been reported Brendan, I have been "helping" people determine timelines and schedules for decades. Overarching rule And if you screw the pooch, I will defend you to the end. But you better have a great reason and a even better reason why you won't do that again or else you are fired. It's called competency where, sure mistakes happen and we need to compensate. But you better know your stuff, your dates and you better not screw the same thing up the same way twice.

This is Sandy redux and it shouldn't be; jcpl should have improved communications, they have had in the past before they "enhanced" the system to hide their performance. I do expect vast improvement by EOD, think this is just numbers shaking out, not more people going out. FYI - cable is still out. It feels so good to have the heat running. GC - A transformer didn't blow near me.

A tree from across the street came down across the road and onto my lawn taking the wires with it. We live off N. Almost 2 days now. We weathered out one night in a cold house but sadly had to leave our precious Miss Kitty in the cold house and stay with family for a while.

We go back every so often to check on her as we are not that far away. Please don't compare this storm to Sandy.. As for Comcast, they are claiming to have all issues corrected and fixed by Hopefully a big spike by EOD. IMO, I think if you "categorized" this one, it would be in the "jumbo" category of which hopefully we will never see another category larger.

But point taken, and I guess I was saying it was big enough to use a Sandy-like assessment of the final ETR versus interim schedule dates. But 5 days is not 8 days. And one day is too much: Can anyone just verify that the power on Saxton Drive in Brook Hollow has been restored and still on Actually power is back a lot of places today All of the information out there about JCPL tell me they staff their company for day to day operations.

They don't staff for emergency situations. They have insourced groups from other First Energy companies, cooperative groups from other electric companies and lastly outsourced contractors that handle such emergencies. This is the reality of how for profit companies that are price regulated by the government are going go operate to make a dime. If anyone thinks this is going to change I think they are fooling themselves. They are not going to staff for emergencies. They also do not activate these people to get in place before anything actually happens which is where I think they could improve to respond quicker but again something I don't think they will do.

All of these above "thoughts" are what caused me to buy a generator post Sandy and I am glad I did. I don't think we will see much change as long as JCPL runs as a for profit almost monopoly. Just my two cents for today. I am sitting next to someone right now who works for jcpl and admitted they do not outsource for emergencies like other power companies do.

Additionally, the reporting originates where the mothership is - Ohio. Warren Hills is on a 2 hour delay tomorrow There are a few schools closed. Check it out on news 12 website. Thanks so much for the info and let us know if the power gets back on!! Comcast tried sending signals but didn't work.

Sending tech out on Thursday. Can only clean house for so long. Will post if power comes back on. Yeah almost a week for Comcast to restore service is kind of ridiculous. But they still expect their bill paid on time. They made a left off of Grand Street going down towards the Middle School. I hope some of you all that still out may get some light real soon if they are still out at this time.

There still may be some hope guys. We lost Comcast for over 24 hours and will be getting a credit.. I opened 4 separate calls this weekend I could be wrong so forgive me if I am. Are people really complaining about not having cable Think h-town has 10k residents to put this in perspective. Will be better tommorrow. I hope no one has to have another cold night. I am extremely thankful for having my lights and especially the heat back on. I'm one to usually complain it's to hot in here but after being extremely cold these last few days and nights I will bite my tongue from now on before saying that.

For all the people complaining about staffing being light and insufficient for high demand situations, just remember that the business environment is influenced by tax incentives and if companies are rewarded for short-term profits they will reduce headcount every quarter to make the 'numbers'.

Just a thought and JMOP. Calico - I think if you thought about it, you'd realize "countryside" is correct. I've been to your house, you and I both know the nearest transformer is probably 15 miles away. After all, Oxford has what, three in the entire town? You know it's a numbers game and there is not necessarily anything wrong with this.

A lot of work for a house or two or three will get pushed to the end I said this to my husband last night when we came back from having dinner out- where, thankfully, I got to use an outlet to charge a bunch of stuff while we ate. Helpful hint- have a power strip to plug several things instead of taking up all outlets. I live in Bloomsbury - yes Hunterdon county - but just cross the river from Warren county - the town lost power yesterday ish pm - still out now Just thought it was strange to loose it at this time.

Bottled water and charging stations available at the WT Municipal Building along with non-potable water. We are still without power and probably will be for a while off North Main St. We are so grateful to have a warm bed and heat available to us while our power is out.

Just hoping we get this corrected before the next storm hits. Most to be up by tommorrow still but We are at Same old, same old. Had anyone seen any shelter info? Gonna get extra dicey with weds nor easter. In the past, someone usually has come by withing 48 hours to look at the damage.

It's a dead end, obviously with only one way out, and my neighbor has been trapped since Friday. I certainly hope she doesn't have a medical emergency or have her house catch on fire.

There is no way for the first responders to get to her. Press releases with support availabilty are up; maybe someone can link them. My phone may be smart We will seem to be moving forward again. Seems higher priority to Morris and Hunterdon.

Morris I can understand, population, H-don, guess money talks. No power yet, but progress. They said they cannot send the crew to fix the power until the tree is removed. My husband has a call in to the mayor to see if the town crew can come by tomorrow morning and remove the tree.

On Christine in Independence. Got message it would be onby am today. Then it switched back to Tuesday I'm still without power on Mt. The lines are still on my driveway. They said they would send someone out to investigate but I'm still waiting Still no power on overlook. Neighbor hooked up their spare generator for us. So we have power intermittently cause we can only run it for an hour or so then have to turn it off.

At least we got to heat the house up and have lights and water off and on. There are crews from Ohio, Texas, Indiana and Pa. Morris county was hit worse than us.

It's a process to restore electricity when so many are without. There are no magic wands. With so many trees down it has made their job more difficult getting things up and running in a timely fashion.

Yes, it is frustrating and difficult for everyone. Keep fingers crossed the amount of trees don't come down as they did on Friday and things won't get any worse. Hang tight everybody and stay safe, and stay away from down wires. We moved from So we had 1 out of 3 out, now closing in on 1 out of Its not perfect but it is the best night so far.

What I don't get is, this last storm was nowhere NEAR the damage that the Halloween ice storm or Sandy were, but it seems to be taking just as long to restore power??? I guess it just depends on what was damaged and where.

Then I got into mendham area and the trees were saturated with snow and ice and im like every one of these trees had like a thousand death tools on em. Scariest drive home ever. Damage wise I am not sure how big the differences were. I think in both cases we breached a tipping point into a major event. Looked like we might not break 10k tonight, now we might get below 5k. Thanks guys, hang in there, be safe. Transformer kinda hanging from a snapped pole couple houses away It won't hurt us, well, at least Some of us, to pray for help with the undue stress, and to give strength, and safety, to all that are met with this event.

It doesn't take much to pray for one, or something. Just a brief thought, and asking for a blessing, to help get through this. A little prayer cannot hurt. This is my Opinion, and by no means, do I ask anyone to do as I believe! Halloween Ice Storm , without power in NJ, 3. Largest estimate I heard was , in NJ.

This was nowhere near as bad as the last 2. Response strategy is Sandy-like and communication level is worse. Was not below freezing for Sandy. Frankly, it is not an adequate response IMO with communications being subpar. We start the day with 7k out so no progress overnight. Today, based on the current pace it is doable but they will have to pick up speed a bit to get er done before this next dumping.

And there will still be people out, guaranteed. I just hope they alteady know it so they can plan accordingly since we may be about to become immobile for a bit of time again. I called again today too we have been staying with family and don't know if they called us back or not.. Our latest now with all this to be considered is midnight tonight. Hopefully before the new storm hits. Wow, just came back from Hunterdon county, couldn't believe it.

Farther down on Mt. Grove road 3 massive poles bent over, not on road, passable but gave you the feeling to duck.

Passed a pole down in the road, letting cars by. I saw at least 10 trees down within 5 miles. I can't see that area getting their power back on by tomorrow.

I hope they make it through. I know it's not easy, I know it can be dangerous work, and I luckily did not lose power this time 5 days with the ice storm, 3 days with Sandy If anyone who still doesn't have power, and is using a generator, and could use some more 5 gal gas cans, let me know I have some you can borrow if it'll make life easier. Drop me an email the envelope beside my name. I am the Mayor of Glen Gardner, hoping everyone is hanging in there!

I'm not sure your Mayor was on the calls. I'm not bashing him he's actually a nice guy and may not have been included as he is new. Here is what I know: Ignore the Restoration Reports and the website which shows the amount of outages as they are completely inaccurate.

They prioritized getting downed trees and wires taken care of first. Earlier there were plenty still down. I have also had a meeting with the Governors Office to get more resources and the state to jump in and help. We still have no power on Mt. It seems that the pole is still down on Rockport and Mt. Bethel is still strewn with downed power lines.

I'm in Long Valley, off of Route I still have no power. However, the Internet just came back. Fortunately I have a generator but still have to drive 20 minutes once a day to find an opened gas station. Good to maybe think of buying a little generator? Then don't cry when the next storm hits. I say to my kids! On the other hand. I looked up at one of the closest pole structure, and clearly, the Wooden T-cross that supports the Higher voltage Volts shows signs of age and rot.

There is a testing company, that is supposed to take small core samples of the poles at different required heights, and test for rot, and dryness. There are potentials for a lot of jobs out there. If the infrastructure is in need of repair, then why are not jobs offered to strengthen this sector of work?

There are poles down, transformers on the ground etc. There was a man from southern NJ taking photos to record the damage, he said 60 poles down. At 2pm in the afternoon it's pretty clear that all of that isnt't going to be restored today. There will be plenty of people without power going into this next storm, a scenario taking place in many localities.

Good luck to all those that don't get restored by tonight. I was struck with how many generators have been installed, that's good news. But, it is a sad commentary on our infrastructure. Well, I think Murphy has already declared a state of emergency for this one arriving tonight Murphy "can't decide" whether or not to declare a state of emergency for the last storm that all the damage is still not repaired Foot of snow, some winds not like this one and we can do the math on that possibility.

These guys are a public utility with a contract witb our state government. They need to be held accountable. Still no power on Mt. Is that telephone pole still lying across the road there? Accountable for a major storm? Mt Bethel was open, Synder from that side was not coned off. Folks, there are some very nice and expensive homes in Chester with no power; I know a few. Same goes for Califon and others.

SD, is your power out? Bug3, During sandy tons of additional crews were brought in to help. Our street was not even listed as out of power despite repeated calls. The out of state crew had our power back on in two hours.

But we have a warm bed for the night but sure would like to be in our own.. Brings to mind a old saying "You don't miss the water until the well runs dry! Oh my gosh Joy, haven't heard that since my Grandma you remember her. If you need anything please do not hesitate contacting us. We are here for whatever you need. By mid day, I hope anyone out has accomomdations, we may be immobile till Thursday once this thing cranks up.

Also, due to the magic that is the internet, any jcpl comunication can be instantly erased and replaced with something else so its nice to record their shenanigans with the timeline and narrative. I do so with reason; while their reporting system is ok; it has been better so I know it can be done.

The bersion we have now is dumbed down. As to my own circumstances, thank you for asking. I am the last man and usually first to go and last to come back. This time I was spared for all but a few minutes. In 30 years, that has only happened a few times.

Yes, I have a generator; about hours of fuel, and plenty of pellets so power is nice. I am just hoping they are spending that emergency money now, today. And the this snow is a good one. It will be wet so the potential of anything weakened coming down is high.

It is faster moving so hopefully over by dinner? But we will need just the right wind to knock the snow off the trees without knocking the trees down. Good luck all, stay safe and help those needing help. It is now Wednesday morning and snow is falling but still no power for us yet at our house. Be safe and warm everyone if you can! JR- We have a whole-house generator and gal propane tank, so I'm not complaining at all!

I think when you're on the end of a power line that runs a long way through the woods, you kind of have to realize that everyone else will and should get restored first.

DH and I both believe we won't get power back until next week. Rebecka, I was going to do the same exact setup at my house, How much run-time do you get with the gal? That's over a month right? We have to go where we can do the most good the quickest," Eck said. If there are a lot of poles for few homes, then you know the answer.

And you know that you should have a generator with a large fuel source so you don't need to go to the gas station every day, or better yet if you have a tree free area Solar with battery.

Darrin - not really sure, only because we installed the generator and tank after Sandy, and haven't had to use it for extended amounts of time. I'll ask DH if he knows the estimated run time, though. We also hooked up our grill to the tank. So much easier not to have to lug those grill tanks. That would be great, I am very interested. I was going to do gen with tank for now, then eventually change the secondary heat in my home over to propane, then the oven.

So SD, you live on a rural road. You really expect power on wood poles to be super resilient? You see trees have fallen many poles and lines but you expect a day turnaround?

Probably doable, but your rates would double or triple Our power is still out on Mt. The representative told me he will have to enter a new ticket! At this point it's just incompetence. I never said that though; I just want better reporting. We are starting to lise more folks already; damn Darrin: My hours I computed based on tank size. Its a fat standup. If you get it installed and want maintenance, use Hoffman; close enough and best I have found. So far so good but this back2back making me consider.

In a big one, the send help in waves: My first house had a mile driveway, power line cross country that was constantly nicked by buchshot, some mine: Telephone came from the driveway so different pole and wire run. And closest house half mile away. So what were you saying about rural?

But, in the real country, we knew the linemen and kur neighbors so info was much better. We are near Merrill creek and have been without power since Friday morning until yesterday we were unable to leave our neighborhood due to trees down unfortunately they keep moving our etr backwards..

My parents neighbor is at 17kw, I believe they have gal of propane and they were sold on 2 weeks. So that's fixed in four hours which, given the forecast, seems good to me. Glad folks are still coming on line today go linemen go Certainly get them something hot if you see them; it's got to be cold n wet out there. Back down to 3,; wonder if last night's uptick was fixes gone bad?

Who cares now, we are moving forward still. Rate is usually in the manual. Also have two gals for the range and three or four 11 gals for my extreme bbq backup I agree with the Sandy timing for year backup, but I figure I can cut my way out to let them in and get them there in hours.

Worked for Sandy, no issue getting them in. If I was putting in a new facility, I would go hours probably. So call and call often. If you don't have an etr, call every few hours or so until you do. If you do have an etr, they won't change it until last 15 minutes so call then for sure.

You're in the we communicate to clearly cya or cooa -- our own company. Instead we get this level of feedback, so call and call often. Just saw this on FB, posted 18 hours ago somewhere near Randolph: Call often is the answer. If their automated systems were good enough people would not physically call. They have to staff those calls so inundate them to get them to improve their systems I checked the JCPL app last night and it said there was no outage report for my address.

Called and the outage was listed. Crews from the South and Midwest have been here since Saturday and have been arriving in flocks since. There are several staging areas set up for them. They also are working around the clock with the JCPL crews. I know with todays storm frustration is rising but they are working around the clock to try to restore everyone.

Here comes the wind! Kenwood 4" inches on roof's deck area. I find it odd that no trees down They were all cleared Saturday morn just one power wire laying on ground up on Fairmount Rd and power back all around yet that stretch is still down with what looks like an easy tie in of one wire.

I drove all the area no other lines down I see.. My poor 88 yr old father has been struggling since noon Friday and refuses to pack up and leave his house. Thank goodness we had a generator to help some. Power is back at our home! Thank you so much Power and Light and our gracious hosts who have let us stay with them these last 4 days.

We are 46W just off N. We are back home but our power just went out for about 5 minutes about 20 minutes ago,. Needless to say that was scary as we have not been back home only a few hours now.

This storm too is a bad one Yeah, we had a 5-minute outage as well at the Hills of Indy. I thought that was it.

But it came right back on! Hope everyone else gets up quick! Power still out on Rockport Road. Between Airport road to the Hackettstown line. The one lane culvert since Friday. Think we have been forgotten.

Mostly east and south of us. We added 1, In warren plus the ones we fixed. So we are still fixing. Breeze supposed to pick up a liittle which may be good if if clears the weight. Snow is winding up. For information on the current power outages in town, click on the link below. Power still out for us and our immediate neighbors here Friday will be one week with no power.

Getting used to it now No power on Oak Lane in Columbia since early this afternoon. Just came back on yesterday morning and out again We just got our power back this afternoon and now we find out that the place we were staying just had a transformer blow and now they are without power.

Guess we will be having house guests now. I hope so as we would like to pay them back for their kindness in taking us in a few days ago Guys worked right through this; we are at least holding our own. Lets get some more up. Yet everyone is a major victory in this dust up. Danville Mtn Rd still out. Hey, if you get power can you mention where you are located, in general terms. Here is an update of of 6: For the safety of our workers, we have ceased work until the weather is more favorable except for life and limb emergencies.

Our current outage counts do not necessarily reflect the work done today and also reflect new outages. We have been told older outages have priority. I can say one thing. They said they fixed my dad and his whole street. Yet none of them have power and the power line still lays in his neighbors front yard one end loose one tied to the transformer.

They need to do a better job assessing before saying they restored power. We start the day with 4, out or 8. Seemed like we brougjt a few hundred up after midnight although might just be a reporting thing. Many folks have an Good weather today with a breeze hopefully clearing not crashing trees. I hope for good things as the numbers arenot on our side but are now in a number of other counties. So call and report outages again.

I believe this is day 6, right? I believe jcpl has missed their 3rd etr estimate and has not recast the new etr for the first storm. Certainly could communicate better. I started this bloody post, and I'm so disgusted. This is worse than Sandy and the ice storm for us. We are on the edge of town, so it's unacceptable. My two preschoolers ask me constantly if I am happy. And guess what I have to tell them? If this is your outage, it was one of the first ones and in an area generally rock solid on the grid.

Low voltage on Mt. Very dim lights, TV off. What does that mean? Will my heat run and do I have water well water? We just ours back this morning after being out since Friday night. Looked like there were a dozen or so of us out here.

I would shut off your main breaker, as that can ruin newer TVs computers We lost power again at Rockport, I'm so sorry you've been out the entire time. Do you even have an ETA? The automated voice said customer service reps has no information at this time regarding etr and hung up. Out since Friday on mt. We have old pets and young kids, so we have to shelter in place. Family is too far away to commute back and forth. A giant sucking sound fills the air.

We have been out since Friday 11am. Running generator is getting expensive. The idea that they will prioritze older outages in front of newer is ridiculous based on the laws of physics I believe. I mean they have to view all the outages to be able to fix them efficiently and safely, right? But I get it that they want to be sure they are not leaving round 1 in a lurch, just think they have to recast Warren and then reset the etrs which apparently have vanished.

I think they have a failure to communicate. My husband actually got a JCPL person on the phone this morning. At the end of the conversation, the rep recommended calling the NJ Board of Public Utilities to lodge a complaint regarding the response of the storm.

NJ Board of Public Utilities. JCPL told me five minutes ago "we are sorry you'll just have to sit and wait.. So its all about how to make it look like they are dropping numbers faster by moving to the larger volume areas..

Day 6 and no ETR in sight according to the rep I hope they ate getting more numbers in, this is terrible. We have no etr; looks like they all have been wiped. This is when folks elected to public service can shine. The call center automon is not doing it.

Those customers will be given first priority for power restoration, Morano said. In case anybody is wondering where the out of state crews are That place looks like a bomb went off. From as far as Michigan and West Virginia. Even more problematic is most cell sites were down by this point, at one point I drove for 45 minutes with no cell service at all.

Trees down everywhere although main roads were passable. About one in ten traffic lights I passed was functioning. Made me feel better about coming back home where at least I can run the furnace and charge the phone on the generator. You could get more runtime of course with a smaller generator, but we ok, DH wanted to be able to fully crank up the central AC and run all the major appliances without having to worry about the load, when we lose power in the heat of the summer.

Rockport by Allen got power around 6: They tugged on a tree branch by my house and all the houses nearby were lit up. That's what DH said. I'm not sure what their report will say, but that was too easy. We offered pizza to the Toledo lineman, but he had just eaten and refused it. The same trees had been trimmed at least 4 times in the past 5 years by us and the power company. Hoping everyone else gets power ASAP! Idk about that runtime Rebecca That's gallons per day I would of thought you would get a lot more time from it.

I guess this will be your best estimator! I think my parents neighbor has a 17kw with what I believe is gallons of propane, and they were told 14 days runtime. In this situation the generator has been running for just about a week and they have only gone through 75 gallons according to the Guage on the tank. Rebecka you would get more then days on gallons. Under full load that gen burns 22 a day. Keep in mind on that unit you want to swap the oil out about ever hours of continuous use.

It gets real dirty because it runs at rpms. So call yours in for service now so it's all ready for the next one because it's not if, it's when.

PS I have the same unit just the 22kw version. Specs are online but thats where I came up with about hours for gals which seems to work for mine. Oil change is every two years; i do mine yearly or, like cbb, after a big one like this. Oil is cheap and I have burned one of these out although I believe it was the control board.

They idle high to handle potential load. Like a 1, cc motorcycle set to idle at 50mph. CBB - it burns much more propane than than I've recently learned. Not to worry, DH changes the oil himself every few days. SD, that is not correct. Many people in SE Florida bought generators usually connected to natural gas after Hurricane Andrew in the s where power was out for months.

Outage totals for NJ as of Friday March 9 6: Closer to home, we are at our out in Warren putting us even with weds total eod stats. They fixed over 50k households yesterday, Warren got about 3,; it all went east or south, repair-wise. But ty for working through the storm. This is where our politicians can step up or be called to account next term. Our citizens need help; this is a public utility.

This is getting ridiculous.. Which is a funny end time since most nights, progress slows dramatically on this outage. I'm still out too and get this kicker, my DPW came Tuesday to remove the tree from my road and accidentally cut my cable wire. So now I have no power, no phone, no TV and no internet. What makes it the worst is, there is no cell service on my street.

I've been cut off from the world. I'm back at work today and can at least make some calls and stuff. Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to be leaving for a trip on the 15th.

If I don't have power, I'm going to have to cancel it. I can't go out of town with my house still running on generator power. We are back home now but cannot imagine what you are going through right now. If you need anything I mean we pretty much escaped round 2, it hit east and south why do we have to suffer their ETR? Or at least set a pace that gets these 3, up in days, not a freakin week from now.

With this the fourth schedule reset, our politicians should be jumping on this public utility and doing better for our citizens. At least they should demand accurate and comprehensive communications and reporting, not four schedule resets and a giant single unilateral state-wide total ETR stating one final date for over , outages.

We can demand more, we know they can do better they have in the past. Or in the first hour today. For politicians wondering who they support that have the most need for your help: Liberty is a disaster zone on a summer thunder bumper. I can't imagine a higher priority for Liberty than power. I mean they are third-world up there. Hackettstown is still running at or so out which is amazing given the town is usually more hardened than this.

Nobody has even been down my parents street in Roxbury to cut the down trees I saw a couple of trucks from Indiana headed up 31 north this morning. Maybe they'll get to a few HL homes. I saw a full caravan of out of state trucks on 31 this morning, at least I also saw about 20 yesterday heading west from Washington on 57 yesterday.

That's what happens when problems get shuffled around, and get band-aids to fix it. Time to upgrade, and jump out of the 's power grid, and get modernized. Franklin, Frelingwhatever and Hope had the largest percentage gains.

It's a start Phil: Tell us what you did to make it better? Did the SoE do anything? Actually does anyone know; I just have not looked. It's one of those "be careful what you ask for" moments. Long Valley needs attention. Folks without power for 1 day after storm 2 in neighboring towns are already up and running! Financially it's becoming a burden.

Seems like a good day so far. As the sound of generators fades in the evening cold, and bright earth-friendly lights once again dot the landscape, we bid farewell to our out of state brave and resilient linepersons, god speed and god keep you safe. And to your emergency management team we bid you ten fold the karma you handed us. In the past few days we are starting to see linemen from other states Our power was restored at about 2: The whole fix took 21 minutes.

We had to wait a week for 21 minutes? Ten minutes ago another crew came by from Georgia. I told them we were up and running. Comcast just left, so my triple play is back up as well.

Anyway, I'm thankful to all of the hard working crews out there who are away from their homes and their families trying to get everyone back online. Turn up the heat, turn it up some more, crack a cold one, sit back, put your feet up, take a sip and Accountants at JCPL are making the calls on this.

And you all know how hard-up these power companies are I feel for those especially Calico. Do-Nothing Murphy should have mobilized the National Guard to assist where applicable.

Especially since they are both FirstEnergy companies. We start the day with a little more than 1, out. Off hand, these are special for some reason. If out or if you know someone who is out, call jcpl to report outage. Hopefully this ends, for Warren county, today, Now we need to figure out how to comment on the investigation. This is old news, but for people stranded in their homes, the Guard would have been able to get them out.

The Disaster Area proclamation should have been made a lot sooner than 5 days after the disaster. After 2 days, her BFF trekked through impassable roads to get them and take them to Branchville, where another family member had a whole house generator.

There are many older folks without family that the Guard could have done wellness checks as well. Granted our township was offering to do limited checks, but that would have freed them up for other emergencies. The Guard is here for us, we just need to sign paperwork to use them. Hoping everyone gets power today, not the 13th. Here's the trouble spots listed below. Again if you are in there, call and report again. If you don't have an etr, try to break through the call center to get a human.

I know the website can be a pain and sometimes its hard to keep current when they erase the past to replace it with the next reality: NJ Outage totals Saturday March 10, 9: Blairstown, Frelinghusen, and Mansfield Hardwick Before you say that's in the noise, step into their shoes.

It ain't over yet folks and these folks have it bad.

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