Top Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Maintaining your air conditioner is key to remaining cool in the summer and keeping it in good operating order. Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance ensures efficient performance, extending the unit’s lifespan and reducing energy consumption. Below are some tips to keep your air conditioner up and running:

Change Out Or Clean Air Filters

Alternatively, you can look after your air conditioner by cleaning or changing its air filter regularly as it is an one of the least demanding yet most powerful maintenance you can do for your air conditioner. By keeping your filters clean and unclogged, you will prevent the overall effectiveness from your system diminishing, reduce its energy use, and prevent serious damage. Tip: Clean and replace your filters every month (well, maybe not this often, but at least check to see if they need changing!)

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep the Coils Clean

Over time air conditioner coils (both evaporator and condenser) accumulate dirt. Coils coated in dirt and grime prevent the system from absorbing and releasing heat, forcing it to work even harder. Inspect coils annually and clean as necessary. Dust and debris can be lagons.redirectToRoute( You may remove these using a very soft brush.

Ensure the Fins Are Straight

Evaporator – An aluminum fin on evaporator and condenser coils is made to bend, hence can block airflow quite easily. Examine these fins regularly, and when required, usage a fin comb to straighten them. This can keep up optimum airflow and enhance each cooling and heating of your unit.

Inspect the Thermostat

Keep your place comfortable and your cooling bill low by making it is possible to control the temperatures by adjusting the thermostat. If you have an older, manual thermostat, even a step up to a programmable model will make a big difference. That way you can program the temps to fit your schedule and not have to heat or cool the house when you are not home.

With these small maintenance tips your air conditioner will be operating better, spending less energy and will make it longer. Scheduling routine Air Conditioning Maintenance prevents costly breakdowns and ensures consistent cooling throughout the summer months.