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Columbia Maryland black old whores

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Columbia Maryland black old whores

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We hope you enjoy it. The Buttonhook Men turned her eyelids inside out to check for infection. Pacing the arrivals line, which ran from the docks all the way to the Baggage Room and then up the staircase of the main building at Ellis Island, the Public Health Service doctors hunted for limps, wheezes, weird nail fungi. Making her way up the stairs on June 28, , into the cavernous Registry Room criss-crossed by arched metal railings and cages, my great-grandmother Elzbeta knew she needed to navigate this maze of iron without being detained.

She was too easy to spot in the throng — her brightly embroidered red bodice and full black skirts advertising her origins. The American Consul had advised: My great-grandmother was exactly the sort of woman various acts of Congress were designed to keep out.

Elzbeta had already been showing when, in , she married a much younger man. She was 33; he was It took years until one genealogist was able to translate this archaic notation for me: In other words, a whore.

Is it any surprise then, that after passing from one iron cage to another, passing from one blue-serge inspector to another, my great-grandmother was detained for further inspection? I was detained by a man one afternoon in the state park. Another hiker, I first thought, given his T-shirt and shorts. I remember them clearly— shiny black leather oxfords— and less clearly I remembered, what was it— a book? Something wrong with the shoes.

This man smiled at me, took a step closer. Should I spring at him? What a beautiful dog, the man said. His eyes caught and held mine. On cue, my dog growled. She is just a spaniel-lab mix, but drawn up to her full height, teeth bared, hackles up, she managed to look fearsome. And I, of the jelly stomach and rubber spine, felt a bit fearsome too. And the man said Oh , then a smaller oh , and then he took off. After all, my dog was tagged the alpha of her litter. She humped male dogs that tried to hump her.

She won every neighborhood standoff without a single actual bite, snarling and snapping and whirling until the other dog ran or roll over onto his back.

The first time I saw her take down a groundhog, I was stunned. The cool precision of the deed seemed a ghostly loop of every predator-and-prey slow motion sequence on National Geographic — claws, teeth, throat; a wet rip; shake, shake, done. What was most unsettling was not that she was capable of killing, or incapable of remorse, but that she was so, well, efficient.

Still, once when my dog scuffled with an Irish wolfhound the size of a small pony, my throat clenched shut. Snarling, yelping, the two dogs started a slow tumble down the hill. Then trotting out of the underbrush towards us, my dog with the wolfhound at her heels.

She gave a sharp bark, and the other dog sat. And, when the two dogs then took off in mutual pursuit of a rabbit, he said: Man, she moves like a wolf. Of course, watching my dog is nothing like watching a real wolf, a true alpha bitch, in action. The groundhog weighed 35 pounds and my dog weighs 50; she had the advantage.

One prominent Yellowstone wolf researcher, Rick McIntyre, described her hunting strategy with obvious admiration: No one had ever seen such daring in a she-wolf before, but then again, no one had seen wild wolves up close before either. Wolves were eradicated from Yellowstone in , hunted to extinction, and reintroduced only in Tagging these wild wolves with radio or GPS collars and tracking their movements showed biologists that everything we think we know about wolves, and by extension our own dogs, is wrong.

Hitler, after all, was enamored with wolves. He was pleased that his first name derived from the Old High German Athalwolf , or noble wolf , and asked his sister to live under the pseudonym of Frau Wolf. He even demanded his lovers call him Wolf in bed. Hitler even called his beloved all-male S.

Hitler, like modern day dog trainers and pick up artists, was terribly misinformed. Among actual wolves, the females are usually the specialist hunters. So are the pack alphas. The pup had been captured via a tranquilizer dart from a helicopter. While unconscious, she was examined, tested, vaccinated, wormed, ear-tagged, and radio-collared. Once in Yellowstone, 42F was detained in her little metal box by a court injunction. The reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone was being vigorously opposed by many ranchers and communities that saw the wolf as an agent of change.

Wolves born on the other side of the Canadian border were said to be bigger, more voracious, more likely to harbor diseases. If its a bitch she can suck my dick, all fucking eight inches of it, down her fucking throat. Despite this opposition, 42F was released first into a larger acclimation cage, to keep her from bolting for home, and then eventually into the park proper. Her pups would be among the first Canadian wolves born on US soil, the anchor babies. Also in the village where Elzbeta was born, among the ribs of a ruined house and the splayed legs of an old chicken coop— archeologists found Iron Age finger bones encircled by the intricate spiral of a golden ring.

This ring belonged to an Iron Age wolf-priestess. Her people were called the Dacians , a name some historians claim originated from the Phrygian Daos for wolf, as their tribal standard was a wolf head. The warriors this priestess blessed were tall, bearded, heavily tattooed, and usually high on psychedelic mushrooms, which may explain their fearsome reputation in battle.

When the Dacians were not at war, they tended sheep. They wore wolf pelts and used their magic mushrooms to try to transform into what they most feared— wolves. Most patriarchal peoples have similarly feared women, and so conflated female sexuality with the wolf— the smell, the shamelessness. On the cobblestones of ancient Rome, dirty and itinerant streetwalkers, the lupae, serviced their clients in alleys and gave blowjobs in graveyards.

This lower tier of prostitutes may even have howled to attract customers. Rome itself may have been founded on the kindness of a whore. A fierce she-wolf suckles Romulus and Remus, ears cocked, eyes narrowed. Legend has it that a female wolf rescued the abandoned twins and nursed them until a shepherd found them. But this she-wolf may simply have been a woman of ill repute.

Quintus Ennis, Livy, and Plutarch all asserted that the double meaning of lupa is what gave rise to the legend. The perpetrator is usually not alone, but showing off for his friends. What is worse is what comes after, when you ignore their whistle, which infuriates them even more.

Or more aggressively, more inexplicably: But once I calculated that if I threw myself up onto the hood of the Jeep and started screaming, a crowd would gather, and it did. Someone started shouting and someone else took down the license plate.

Someone else said we should call their parents, and another someone said no, the police. I had turned and begged them earlier, leave me alone, please go away, and they had laughed at me, called out suck my dick! After all, the symptoms of rabies overlapped with those of venereal diseases, also conveyed through a savage kiss.

By the Middle Ages, the wolf became both a symbol of and slur for ambitious women, queens and courtesans alike. In Canto I of The Inferno , Dante uses the she-wolf to represent sins of the flesh like lust and adultery. But wolves are actually serial monogamists, and therefore quite shrewd in their mate selection. A she-wolf is fertile for only one week out of each year. What we mistake for voraciousness is really limited opportunity.

An unwilling female will growl, snap, bite, and run, and the only means to subdue her—teeth and claws— could potentially kill her, and thus doom the entire pack. In fact, wild wolves may love more loyally, and lie with one another more tenderly, than most human couples.

During the window when the she-wolf is fertile, she and her mate set off on a journey that it is tempting to anthropomorphize into a honeymoon. The pair touch constantly: Even after sex, the pair stays close, nuzzling one another and sleeping curled together. Was she thinking strategically, or sentimentally? Why would my great-grandmother Elzbeta pick an inexperienced mate twelve years her junior? The guards holding Elzbeta in temporary detention telegraphed her husband to come fetch her.

Elzbeta was taken downstairs to wait on a bench behind an iron grate. At the end, an officer at a desk and a railing, against which waiting relatives pressed. Her young husband brought Elzbeta to a tenement in the section of Yonkers called the Hollow, to live among a throng of other immigrants in the lint of a carpet factory, then the felt scraps of a hat factory. She rejected all of them. After a period as a lone wolf, F set her sights on a pair of yearling brothers.

She was more than twice their age, and when she found herself pregnant by possibly both of them, [x] she was stuck with immature providers more interested in playing than hunting. Biologists were puzzled by her choice:

In other words, a whore - Shelley Puhak's DETAINED: A Genealogy - Columbia Journal

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Vancouver, BC - Canada. But, that would be wrong, because if you cancel the scene, then the terrorists have won. Oh wait, that doesn't really make sense. On the other hand, as I argued in more detail here — and as lots of people have said, and Mr. Reed must surely have heard — there is at least a plausible argument that a nominee's expressions of his views at confirmation hearings may indeed improperly constrain him in the future:.

Faced with that danger, a justice may well feel pressured into deciding the way that he testified, and rejecting attempts at persuasion. Now one can surely argue that, despite this risk, the nominee should be required to express his views, because the representatives of the people are entitled to consider those views when deciding whether to give him a position of great power.

Reed's misplaced law school analogy, it seems to me, does nothing to advance this argument. The Volokh post asking for names of respectable people who support the Iraqi resistance that is, support the totalitarian terrorists trying to destroy Iraqi democracy has, so far, yielded an apt quote from Michael Moore, and not much else. As a result, Orin suspects that there may not be many such people--although, as one of Orin's commenters points out, some people who hold the position may not articulate it in polite company.

Well, I just ran "support the Iraqi resistance" through Yahoo, and looked at some of the top hits. Among the supporters of the so-called "resistance" are James Petras an emeritus professor at the State University of NY , the famous Indian novelist and winner of the Sydney Peace Prize Arundhati Roy who waffles about whether she personally is urging people to engage in violence, but is unequivocal about wanting the "resisters" to take over the country , comedienne Janeane Garafolo analogizing the Iraqi resistance to Americans resisting an illegitimate Russian-Chinese invasion of the United States, and Virginia Rodino Green Party candidate for U.

House in Maryland in , who declares herself "in solidarity with the courageous Iraqi resistance. An interesting thread on Democratic Underground shows that among rank and file activists not the more famous types that Eugene originally asked about , there is a substantial diversity of opinion about whether anti-war activists should support the "resistance.

Henry Farrell Crooked Timber is running, in response to my query about Westerners who defend the Iraqi insurgents , a query about people who "make egregious claims that a substantial section of those who opposed the war are, in fact, rooting for the other side.

Falsely claiming that someone or the majority of some group is rooting for the bad guys in a war is indeed pretty egregious misbehavior. Accurately claiming that, of course, is not egregious.

I haven't followed the responses, so I can't speak to their merits, but to the extent that they uncover and condemn such false claims, they are doing reasoned debate and basic decency and fairness a great service. As to whether it is indeed accurate to say that a " substantial section of those who opposed the war" is rooting for the other side, I can't speak helpfully to that, since "substantial" is pretty vague, and since I haven't followed closely the range of public commentary on the subject.

My tentative guess is that the percentages of Americans and Europeans who want America to lose in Iraq may be quite different, though I'm not sure. But whether the number is "substantial" in either place is hard to tell in any objective fashion. News doesn't include much detail about the surveys things like response rates would be nice , but I've filled out the academic one a few times and so know a little about it. Essentially each person who gets a survey is asked to rate all the law schools from We found that changes in academic reputation were associated with higher median LSAT scores for the top quartile but not for the other three quartiles.

An important question about the reputational variables is whether they are cause or effect. It seems implausible that very many law professors or lawyers or judges have even moderately well-informed views of the quality of more than a handful of law schools.

Jeffrey Stake at Indiana, in a paper in the same symposium as ours, found evidence of an "echo" effect in reputation. I have some nice graphs to post but haven't figured out how to do it yet.

As soon as I do, I will. On the Roberts-Friendly issue raised by Orin, it is clear that this raises a key question to ask Roberts at his confirmation hearing--" What is chicken?

For more on all chicken law issues, I refer you, of course, to the classic treatment by Jim Huffman, " Chicken Law in an Eggshell. As a part-time resident of DC, I was curious about the Post's take on the idea of what constitutes increasing or decreasing diversity in any community.

The Post noted that the percentage of whites living in town rose from My puzzlement is whether this represents an increase in "diversity" or not? Or as the Post story seems to imply, is "diversity" maximized when no white people live in a community at all?

But one of the defendants in the earlier case [ Bray ] was in fact a previously convicted clinic-bomber, and the amicus was filed in support of Operation Rescue, hardly a peaceful protest movement. Three years after the brief was filed, a civil jury in Chicago found that Operation Rescue was a racketeering enterprise , in a case that is once again making its way up to the Supreme Court.

Eugene Volokh points out that the Court, by , upheld the position in the brief, and argues that therefore the brief can't be said to have been outside the mainstream of legal thinking. But that brief had political as well as legal meanings.

Operation Rescue was then engaged in a violent, and largely successful, attempt to deny access to abortion to as many women as possible by closing down the clinics. If the Bush I Administration had in fact opposed anti-abortion violence and merely doubted that the anti-Klan law could properly be made to apply, it could have offered legislation making interference with the clinics a federal matter; such legislation was in fact passed under the Clinton Administration.

But of course the administration did no such thing. By arguing that the most successful terrorist campaign waged in this country since the days of the Klan was a matter for state and local jurisdiction an echo, of course, of the argument offered against federal anti-lynching legislation in the s and s , Roberts and the rest of the Bush I crew was in effect backing the terrorists against their victims.

That's not "excusing" violence, but it's not exactly opposing, either. The obvious irony here has not been noted.

Kleiman points to NOW v. Scheidler , a case that I did some pro bono work on a few years ago for NOW. It involved the use of violence including allegedly bombing to block clinics, women, and doctors from doing or having abortions.

Scheidler explicitly involved violence and bombing, which Kleiman correctly terms terrorism. Nor were the justices in the Scheidler case acting as lawyers for their client as Roberts was ; they were acting as judges interpreting federal statutes in light of the Constitution. Both Justice Ginsburg and Justice Breyer voted against NOW and in favor of those who were found by a jury to have been responsible for violence.

If one were to use Mark Kleiman's inflamatory characterization to describe their actions, both Ginsburg and Breyer were "in effect backing the terrorists against their victims. As Justice Stevens recognizes, "Congress has enacted specific legislation responsive to the concerns that gave rise to these cases.

See ante, at , and n. Thus, the principal effect of a decision against petitioners here would have been on other cases pursued under RICO. RICO, which empowers both prosecutors and private enforcers, imposes severe criminal penalties and hefty civil liability on those engaged in conduct within the Act's compass.

It has already "evolv[ed] into something quite different from the original conception of its enactors," Sedima, S. The Court is rightly reluctant, as I see it, to extend RICO's domain further by endorsing the expansive definition of "extortion" adopted by the Seventh Circuit. The lone dissenter was Justice Stevens. And, no, I don't think that the Supreme Court was right on this one for reasons too technical to explain here.

Many lawyers and judges really do believe that their political preferences are foreclosed by statutes or by the Constitution — perhaps not all the time, but often. My own speculation is that Ginsburg and Breyer were motivated both by a respect for law in this case and by a desire to discourage RICO suits against other legitimate protests. Also, one might argue that the very success of NOW's lawsuit in the s had significantly decreased clinic bombings and violence, ironically reducing the need for a big damage judgment to stop the terrorism that had been occurring years before.

Let me brutally clear: I think it would be offensive to tie Ginsburg and Breyer to abortion clinic bombers based on their votes and opinion in Scheidler, just as I think it is offensive to tie Roberts to abortion clinic bombers based on the government's brief in Bray especially since Roberts was acting for a client and Bray was not as clearly limited to violence as Scheidler is.

In brief, to explain my legal view of the opinions in NOW v. Even if the Court was right that the scope of Hobbs Act extortion is limited to obtaining money or ordinary property the Court's holding here is certainly defensible , the Court completely botched a crucial issue that it barely mentioned.

The Hobbs Act was not the only basis of NOW's suit; the RICO claims were also based on the Travel Act, which had been held by the Court to invoke state law definitions of blackmail and extortion, whatever they are called by the various states.

These state extortion statutes punish compelling action as well as obtaining property. Accordingly contrary to my memory of the NOW v. Scheidler majority's holding , federal RICO extortion should not be limited to obtaining property, even though the federal Hobbs Act may be.

Mark Kleiman responds thoughtfully here. I just had a VERY pleasant customer service experience with Southwest Airlines, which is not something I can say about my interactions with most other airlines these days of the "legacy carriers," btw, Continental is easily the best. Just thought I'd pass it along. In response to my recent quote of an OpinionJournal post, some people questioned whether there really are a substantial number of Western commentators who defend the Iraqi insurgents, or at least justify their actions as being a supposed campaign for self-determination, allegedly justifiable rage at Western misbehavior, and so on.

I think this is a good opportunity to collect examples of such people, to show that they do exist, and are worth criticizing. The name and brief description of the person e. The URL of the article where the quote can be found. Please refer to original sources , rather than copies of the sources on other sites, copies of copies, and so on. If you have LEXIS access and found the article there, but the article is not available online, include the name of the newspaper, magazine, or broadcast, the date, and the name of the article.

Stick with quotes that are pretty unambiguous — no need to dilute the clear stuff with questionable material. Stick with journalists, officials, or at least famous people; avoid comments by unknown people on others' blogs. Many thanks — this should be a useful resource for people who want to respond to questions about whether such people actually exist. For a sample of where I've done this once before on another topic, see my page on calls for total bans of handguns or all guns , which I posted in response to the common argument that supposedly "no one is talking about banning guns, so your slippery slope concerns are just paranoia.

In what order have I arranged the Presidents below? Feel free to do some online research, but don't just google this list, etc. Sometimes, in idle moments, I notice patterns in numbers I see, for instance phone numbers. For some reason, they especially relate to sums and differences and multiples of 9.

Is it just me, or do others do this, too? If it starts with , that's obvious: But for some 3-digit prefixes, you can't do that — UCLA's , for instance, can't yield a multiple of 9 no matter how you add or subtract any nonempty subset of the digits.

What about for any 5 integers? For any 6 integers? A Only addition and subtraction will qualify. Don't tell me how you can get the result using square roots or multiplication or what have you. B As one of the examples illustrates, it's OK to get to a multiple of N by getting to 0, and subtracting two equal digits if necessary. C Remember that the problem isn't asking for specific sets of positive integers that can be used to get to a multiple of N.

It's asking for the lowest number X such thar any set of X integers will be guaranteed to yield a multiple of N i.

Contrast that with the amount of time that children spend seeing--let's bandy about the number, or so commercial messages each year, the 20 percent of two to seven-year-olds that have televisions in their bedrooms, the 68 percent of eight to year-olds that have television in their bedrooms, it hardly seems like a level playing field for parents and pediatricians.

With respect to the difficulty of pediatricians influencing children's diets, I grant his point. If this is a concern, I can think of one obvious defense for parents to "level the playing field"--how about removing the tv from the bedroom? I'll bet that would actually make a difference in children's obesity rates.

This leaves aside the fabulism of the 40, figure--a figure that I have debunked elsewhere. I should have been more clear in my original post that my comments this time were not addressed at the question of the merits of restricting food or other advertising directed at children. It was just meant to focus on the implication that somehow the presence of the televisions in kids' rooms came about exogenously and that parents are truly powerless to prevent the exposure of their kids to television.

The importance law schools have placed on U. News rankings mean that schools are engaging in some gaming behavior. Indeed, law schools are - more or less - in the position of taxpayers figuring out how to manipulate the tax code to minimize their taxes.

There is a fair amount of play in a number of the reporting rules and schools have taken advantage of this. Some, of course, have crossed over the line and engaged in "tax fraud". Like the IRS, U. News has been modifying the rules to try to stop the gaming. We found that two strategies seemed to have worked in raising median LSAT scores. Note, we simply examined the data - we didn't interview all or so schools to see if they had explicitly adopted these strategies for U.

Schools can decrease the first year class by cutting from the bottom of the admitted pool and, if they want to, make up the revenue by increasing the number of transfer applicants they take, since transfer applicants don't count for U. Schools in the other quartiles played a different game - here we saw some schools shifting students from full time to part time part timers don't count for U.

News , which we measured by comparing the proportion of total 1L class in the full time program across time. There are other games schools can play too - hiring unemployed grads to do filing for a few weeks, for example, fits the "employed at graduation" definition any job will do.

Some of these games are harmless. All are a diversion from competing on educational quality, innovative programs, etc. We recommended that U. News consider revising its part time rules which is likely to hurt a number of schools with large part time programs and the NYT Magazine story by Alex Wellen reported that U.

News is considering doing so. I highly recommend Alex's book, Barman , an account of law school, the bar exam, and practice with the interesting feature of noting the U. News ranks of everyone in it. Alex had a much more interesting law school social life than I did; the book offers a perceptive account of legal education. He has a nice web site too.

OpinionJournal's Best of the Web writes:. The Scotsman has an explanation for the murder in Iraq of journalist Steven Vincent. See if you can finish this sentence:. An American journalist who was shot dead in Basra last week was executed by Shiite extremists who. An American journalist who was shot dead in Basra last week was executed by Shiite extremists who knew he was intending to marry his Muslim interpreter, it has emerged.

That's right, Steven Vincent was killed to prevent him from intermarrying. Those Westerners who side with the "Iraqi resistance" against America and its allies are defending the equivalent of the murder of Emmett Till. Some people interpreted the OpinionJournal item, and this one, as criticizing all opponents of the Iraq War. That's an interpretation that's in the mind of the interpreters -- I see no support for it in the text of the post. The item is quite clearly a criticism of those Westerners who do endorse the Iraqi "resistance," or at least explain its actions in ways that lessen or eliminate the killers' culpability poverty, supposed desire for "self-determination," supposedly justifiable anger at various American, Israeli, or other Western sins.

That's the group the item identifies. It's the group against which the item's argument makes sense. The item doesn't criticize any broader group of Iraq War opponents. Fortunately, the group being criticized is not a vast group. They're still worth condemning.

His letter is here. Conglomerate is hosting a forum on the Disney decision, featuring many leading commentators. Review of Lynn M.

As the title indicates, this is a book review of essay of Lynn LoPucki's fascinating and stimulating new book Courting Failure , which compiles LoPucki's voluminous empirical work over the past decade together with many fascinating case studies of problems with the current Chapter 11 process, including its treatment of many of the recent bankruptcy corporate scandals such as Enron, WorldCom, etc.

In addition to being stimulating and informative, it is a rollicking great read and is written in a style that would be entertaining to a more general audience. It is also sure to be very controversial and will frame the academic and policy debate in this area for the next several years.

In his new book, Courting Failure: How Competition for Big Cases is Corrupting the Bankruptcy Courts, Professor Lynn LoPucki's book argues that that current bankruptcy venue rules have spawned an improper "competition for big cases" that has "corrupted" America's bankruptcy courts.

LoPucki argues that this competition has harmed the bankruptcy system and the economy, transferring wealth from creditors and employees to incumbent management and bankruptcy professionals. He also argues that the competition that has corrupted the American bankruptcy system is being replicated internationally, resulting in a similar competition and similar harm on the global stage.

This essay reviews LoPucki's book and its central theoretical and empirical arguments. LoPucki offers powerful empirical evidence that something is amiss with much of current American bankruptcy practice. This essay will try to flesh out in more detail the model and theoretical foundations that implicit underlie LoPucki's indictment of bankruptcy forum-shopping and other forms of forum-shopping as well.

Empirical evidence standing alone is insufficient to draw conclusions about whether forum-shopping is in general good or bad without a clearly-stated hypothesis to test. Instead, it is necessary to also have a theoretical model sufficient to generate testable hypotheses as a predicate both for determining whether forum-shopping is good or bad on net, as well as the likely effects of reform proposals.

Although LoPucki identifies several problem areas in the current Chapter 11 reorganization process, it is not as clear that all of these problems can be clearly attributed to runaway forum-shopping.

Instead, they may simply be good-faith errors or mistakes, for which continued competition may be beneficial, in that the competition may actually expedite the process of self-correction. This review essay develops a model of the institutions and incentives governing the forum-shopping competition described by LoPucki in an effort to determine whether the empirical observations proffered by LoPucki can be best explained as the outcome of improper forum-shopping competition.

The essay then closes with an analysis of provisions of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of , noting that many of the provisions in the legislation offer substantive responses to many of the problems identified by LoPucki. A little-known piece of data that came up in a lunchtime conversation with colleagues a week ago: Unlike homicides, which are highest among older minors and young adults, suicide rates are lower among teenagers, rise in the 20s, rise again in the 30s, and then remain fairly stable, though with an odd trough in the 60s and something of a bump in the 80s.

My sense is that this will be a surprise to many, since media accounts often tend to focus on suicides among the young. That's understandable, because such suicides seem more tragic more years of life lost , more preventable on the theory that they're more likely to be impulsive reactions to shocks, such as a lover's departure, that adults over time get used to , and less understandable since it's less likely that the suicide is a response to an incurable and painful physical illness, which I suspect suicides among the old are more likely to be.

But in fact the young are less prone to suicide than the middle-aged and the old. Number of Deaths Population Crude Rate 0 19,, 0. Figures for men alone are not much different from the total ones, because men account for the great majority of suicides. Each of the following Presidents served exactly one full term in office i. However, one of them served a different number of days than the others.

Each of the following Presidents served exactly two full terms in office. Florida State's President T. Wetherell is making rumblings that it will sue if the NCAA follows through with its prohibition on allowing teams with "hostile or abusive" mascots from entering postseason tournaments:. Wetherell, who was angered by the decision, said he had it in his mind "to paint the Seminole logo three times as big on the field at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Wetherell reiterated comments he made to the Democrat on Wednesday that, in the face of a ban, he would seek legal action against the NCAA.

He said that because the NCAA, in his opinion, deviated from its procedures in reaching its decisions, "the first thing the court would do is throw it out based on the NCAA's process. The same article has this interesting perspective on the issue by Max B. You have a committee made up of non-natives telling people that they can not use a native name when you have a native tribe - a tribal government, duly elected and constituted - that said they agree with Florida State.

Those are abusive and hostile but not this. If anyone can illuminate me on the likely nature of FSU's claim here, I would be interested. My impression is that they are thinking about breach of contract, on the basis that the comment that the NCAA failed to follow its own procedures.

I could also see trying an antitrust action if the NCAA excludes them from participating in profitable postseason competition on the basis of this particular rule, but it isn't exactly clear to me what that action would look like. Presumably this might collapse into the breach of contract claim, as the antitrust claim presumably would be predicated on the theory that the NCAA exceeded its authority or failed to follow its own procedures.

As for civil rights or First Amendment claims, I'm no expert on that, so perhaps Eugene or someone else can provide guidance on that. The NCAA is a private organization, and it has been my understanding that in general the First Amendment would not apply in this context. I would be interested in the insights of any readers or other Conspirators on this.

I have corrected the post accordingly. Tracey George of Vanderbilt has another article on rankings from the same symposium that Andy Morriss has been blogging on the past few days. The paper uses a variety of measures to compile a rank the "top" law schools in terms of their commitment to and intellectual leadership in the field of Empirical Legal Studies. Table 6 of her article reports her summary overall ranking of an unweighted average of the criteria she uses to come up with the "Overall Ranking of All Law Schools in Study":.

One of the most striking results we found was that schools in strong legal job markets did better in terms than schools in weak legal job markets in raising their median LSAT scores. We used Am Law firm growth number of lawyers as our measure of the legal job market because 1 we had data on it; 2 large firms are widely if not universally viewed as desirable by prospective law students. Our regressions suggest that being in New York was worth about 1. We then counted up the number of Am Law firms interviewing on various law school campuses in the NALP forms for and did some looking at which schools did better at attracting these firms.

Not surprisingly, law schools located in areas with lots of Am Law firms had more Am Law firms interviewing on campus, as did top 16 schools, tier 1 schools generally, and bigger schools. In short, big firms will travel to interview students at the top schools, but interview at lower ranked schools only near their offices. Investing in increasing the chances for students to interview at large firms — indeed, at all sorts of legal employers — is likely to be a good strategy.

Coordinating off-campus programs in large law markets like NYC or investing in CSO activity in those markets are the kinds of things law schools outside the high growth MSAs need to consider. Read the whole thing here. I received this in an email today from the campaign of Jerry Kilgore, who is running for VA Governor:. Why in the world would a bumper sticker on a "pick-up truck or S.

Does it have something to do with attracting rural swing voters in Virginia to vote Republican? Or is it just some sort of joke that I don't get? The idea of more rankings touched off a lot of comments to my last post, so I'd like to push the point a bit further before moving on to additional findings from the paper. Everyone can read - and download - the whole paper here, and help Bill and me crack the top 10 downloaded papers on SSRN.

My point about specialty rankings was not that a series of such rankings would solve the U. News problem, but that there is a market opportunity for a wide range of entities to get into the rankings business there because U.

News uses a very, very small sample one faculty member at another school told me that she had discovered that under 50 people responded to one of the most recent specialty surveys from surveys to rank specialty programs. A much better job could readily be done by any journal interested in exploring the details of programs, and the universe of law schools with serious specialty programs i.

There is also a lot of room for competitors to U. News - and law schools could do a lot to encourage that by stating publicly that they are willing to provide data for alternative attempts at rankings. Unfortunately the main voice of law schools thus far - the joint letter from lots of deans - mostly condemns rankings as inherently flawed, which does not suggest that there will be much cooperation forthcoming to potential competitors.

If all a new ranking system had to go on was the ABA data, it would probably come down to simply reweighting the U. News , their universities, etc. Don't even get me started on the data needed for reaccreditation.

When I was associate dean I had to help with those sometimes and they took a fair amount of time. But law schools and the ABA could do a lot to facilitate comparisons. So far, they've chosen not to do so. Copyright maven Bill Patry has posts about this interesting subject, here and here. Recall that this is the case in which abortion clinics and abortion rights organizations sought an injunction against anti-abortion trespassers. The federal government filed a friend of the court brief arguing that the federal civil rights statute didn't apply to this behavior, and that the behavior was properly punished by state criminal law and tort law.

For more on the legal issue, read the Court's opinion. John Roberts cosigned the brief, and delivered the government's oral argument. I thought I'd add one detail, though, that people haven't noted: Not only was the government's position -- the one that Roberts is faulted for arguing -- accepted by six of the nine Justices, those six included two Justices who voted in favor of recognizing abortion rights in Casey v. Justice Kennedy signed on to the majority opinion in its entirety.

Justice Souter agreed with the majority on the issue that had been briefed by the government, but dissented in part because he thought another issue -- which the government's brief and oral argument, as best I can tell, had never addressed -- might be a winner for the plaintiffs. The majority thought this separate issue hadn't even been presented below; Justice Souter argued that it had been adequately raised; but the government apparently didn't think it was in play, and therefore didn't address it.

Whether this particular federal statute, as interpreted by the Supreme Court over many decades, should be read as barring illegal private interference with abortion rights, is a contested question -- the Court did split on it Justices Blackmun, Stevens, and O'Connor were in the dissent, Rehnquist, White, Scalia, Kennedy, Souter, and Thomas in the majority.

But, as others have pointed out, one can certainly oppose criminal trespass and obstruction of entrances and yet think that this is a matter for state law, not federal law as written in the s and interpreted by the Court since.

And it's quite clear that this is an eminently mainstream position , taken by centrists and liberals Justices e. What person has the most credits listed under one category e. Thus, he has total credits, 80 credits under one category, and is represented in nine different categories. Brian Leiter posts a lengthy and informative email from Paul McKaskle, former dean of the University of San Francisco mentioned in a comment to my earlier post, but I wanted to highlight it for those who don't read all the comments.

Dean McKaskle makes some interesting points about rankings in general and suggests a two tier division of schools - the very top and the rest.

He suggests that the biggest advantage of the very top schools for students is the presence of a larger percentage of other excellent students.

Dean McKaskle has some very good points in his criticism of the U. There is a lot about U. News rankings that troubles me: But prospective students need something on which to base their decisions about where to apply, which school to accept. News is clearly meeting a demand for information. So what to do? One answer is that we're seeing a proliferation of information resources for prospective students.

I get contacted by prospective students not all referred by the admissions office who see something in my web bio that interests them and prompts them to ask for more information about Case. Brian Leiter is publishing both his own assessments of quality for the top schools and lots of specific information on faculty movements in Leiter's Law School Reports, information that gives prospective students some sense of whether a school is trending up or down.

Bulletin boards are allowing the exchange of information, including things like scholarship offers, among prospective students. This is making life harder for schools since they have better informed applicants who have more specific questions.

I think that one of the best things law schools could do is to encourage a proliferation of rankings and not just lists of schools, but all forms of rankings.

Consider business schools - there are multiple, major business school rankings that use different methodologies and examine different aspects of MBA programs. News' "rankings" of specialty programs are even more primitive than its rankings of law schools generally. I'd like to see a Business Week or Wall Street Journal ranking of business law programs, a Wired ranking of law and technology programs, and so on. Dual degree programs are currently unranked and proliferating.

Let's get more information on the web and have it in a format like Jeff Stake's Ranking Game. That will let prospective students mix and match characteristics that they think are important.

If they need to be educated about why certain things are important, by all means, let's educate them. But law schools ought to be embracing more data disclosure as a means of combating the influence of U. We found that within each segment of the market i. News ranking the first year the magazine published rankings did better in terms of change in median LSAT.

The data bears this out. Testing again in a few years would give us better data that might prove or disprove that hypothesis. This result is exactly what we would expect if students are sorting themselves according to their LSAT scores and the reported scores in U.

And, as Brian Leiter has noted, there is evidence that students are paying attention to components of the U. News rankings rather than just to the overall composite ranking. But starting position does matter, at least in the second quartile and below. We think this has important implications for the schools in Quartiles Moving their LSAT scores up is going to be hard and these schools might question whether or not trying to do so is really the best strategy.

If they want to compete for higher LSAT students, however, these schools are going to need to innovate, compete vigorously on the dimensions they can affect such as numbers of employers interviewing on campus and tuition costs. For several decades, American law schools have pursued a remarkably homogenous approach to legal education.

A summary of a talk he gave on the subject is here. Law schools in the fourth and even third quartiles may want to consider trying some different strategies. The ABA standards are a real constraint in this area and kept the Massachusetts School of Law , one of the few recent real innovators in delivering legal education, from being accredited. In words and images, the ad conveys the idea that Roberts took a legal position excusing bombing of abortion clinics, which is false.

My imnpression is that liberals and the left have been somewhat divided in their response to Kelo unlike conservatives and libertarians who seem to be largely critical, with a few exceptions. Maxine Waters's response to Kelo that indicates that she really doesn't like it:.

What has galvanized Waters and a surprising left-right coalition in defense of private property is the Supreme Court's instantly notorious Kelo decision in June saying government can use its eminent-domain power to take property from one private owner and give it to another. The Constitution says eminent domain — used to force the sale of property — must be exercised in cases involving "a public use," a phrase the court has stretched to encompass any private purpose that will produce more tax revenue.

Almost immediately, Waters was on the House floor denouncing the decision, part of a backlash that has dozens of states considering tighter rules in how they use eminent domain.

Waters is a longtime scourge of eminent domain. A few years ago the L. Unified School District wanted to take a park and private homes in the community of South Park to build a new school which at least is a legitimate public use. However, it is already evident that it was quite lucky that the attack occurred in a downtown area which typically has a heavy law enforcement presence. Most other locations in this area would not have the benefit of such rapid police response and resolution. Tomorrow, you will get up and go about your business…just like any other day.

I call this professional bad guy a friend. He is pro-Second Amendment. He is a native of Virginia. He never served in military but he has looked out for vets. He is an articulate guy that loves his country. It has privileged education amidst pastoral splendor and American Revolution patriotism. Also tucked in are bi-racial affairs, indiscriminate promiscuity and incendiary politics … not to mention, a near fatal car accident, motorcycle crashes.

Scribing for nearly every magazine in New York as well as body-guarding the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Rod Stewart and more …and my global vision for 21st century America.

Patrick is smart and often as serious as a heart attack but he is good people. If you see his name on the credits of another movie, or in the book store soon check it out. This week on the podcast, Kenn interviews John Pierce, Esq. He answers the questions about what to do if you have a history in another state and are trying to clear your name so that you can exercise your right to self-defense. I am trying to keep you out of jail. If you are going through a ugly divorce, involved in a domestic violence case, use a firearm at work, John also breaks down some stuff you should know about the Lautenberg Amendment.

Suicide awareness week is approaching and Michael and I talk about the signs that someone is considering it. Woodland reviews the JP4 Tactical Relic holster. New fiction books takes you into the world of werewolves, the Blues and the supernatural. Check them out at http: This week is packed with information as I try to make sure this is the responsible gun owners podcast. Play in new window Download. Eye protection might well be the least exciting shooting accessory in our range bags, but it is certainly one of the most essential.

We only have two eyes, and a moment of neglect can have tragic and permanent consequences. But one of the great features of the Hunters HD Gold line of glasses is that they feature photochromic lenses which become lighter or darker as the ambient light changes. Combined with the high definition gold tint, this means great visibility whether indoors or outside, in bright sunlight or shade, and in all types of weather.

One thing I was curious about, however, was how well I might be able to see different fiber optic sight colors, or red-dot sighting systems through the gold lenses. I even tried them with my archery sight, with the same great results. Hunters HD Gold glasses can also be made with single vision prescriptions, or with bi- or tri-focal lenses using their TriVueLens progressive design which eliminates lines and image jumps typical to some lined lenses.

Detailed information and retail links are available on their website at: In my military career, I have shot the M16 more times than I care to remember. Imagine lying outside in the prone position in the rain or snow trying to shoot; miserable. Miraculously, those elements had no effect on my shooting ability. I learned that the weather, my attitude, and location would vary each time I shot, but four fundamentals stayed the same through those shooting experiences.

I had established a steady position, my aim, breathe control, and trigger squeeze. These skills sound pretty simple but surprisingly many people might forget one or two of them. I truly believe everyone should understand, practice, and apply these skills on and off the firing line.

The firer should assume a steady, comfortable position on the firing line. The firer is the best judge on their position, and they should be able to hold the front sight post steady during a shot. The firer needs to align the rifle with the target the exact way every time. To do this, there are a few important sight elements that come to play. The firer needs to control their breathing during target engagement.

Practicing on paper targets is a sure fire way of seeing if breathing is under control. At last, the final fundamental. The firer can have all other fundamentals perfect, but if the trigger squeeze is off, the rifle misaligns with the target at the firing moment. Dry fire training is the best way to practice and examine whether trigger squeeze is being utilized correctly. Some people are naturally good shooters while others may have a few kinks to work out.

These rifle fundamentals are here to instill the rifle marksmanship basics from veteran shooters down to the utmost beginner. With these marksman skills in mind, remember that it might take more than one try to get them nailed down and that is ok.

Aside from these skills, always remember to practice rifle. This guest article was written by Joshua Babicz. He is the founder of a firearm blog, combated. This firearm enthusiast served 6 years Active duty Army and continues to serve as a reservist.

This week Michael and I talk about concealed carrying your firearm every day. When and where to carry is a little like walking around naked. Some places its comfortable, and other times its inappropriate, offense and even illegal.

Mike says you need:. If you want to see a movie that does everything wrong, check out this classic film. Silencers on revolvers, pump shotguns that shoot 3x before reloading and more. All the things that feed the ignorance and fear of anti-rights folks and those that fear guns. Welcome to all new listeners. I look forward to talking with you in the future. Join us online on our Facebook page facebook.

And for some reason I had a little Georgia on my Mind. I share a little history of gun laws in Georgia. I had a chance to present there and it was phenomenal. I am a fan of https: I realized this week that having a co-host can be a benefit. Michael has helped me in times when I was frustrated with politics of gun rights. His being new and still excited to the movement is sometimes contagious.

I have started a fiction series about a blues playing werewolf named Solomon Love.

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