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Tones from G TO Exc. Skeletons playing pool Image VG, mt G. Inc Enfantillages 16 views 13 tissues and 3 regular views. Inc refugees, damage, overviews, Chinese businessman amidst ruins, and more. Some of the views I have never seen before. And leaning towards the latter. A few mounts with some soil, mts are otherwise mostly Exc. Tinting from nice to very, very attractive. The bottom of the box is splitting at the part which is hidden by the top of the box, which is VG.

Comes with the book, but its maps and last advertising pages were apparently roughly torn out. Inc 1 Philippines, 1 Hawaii, 1 Burma, 7 Japan.

Aside from 19, view 10 has a very subtle horizontal crease in left print. Library stamps on backs. Adherence 14 over hill and sky, otherwise views are Exc. A few boring views, but highlights inc a fine view of what looks like a Pasadena early expressway.

Another shows the Bascule Bridge in Chicago. One image of polar bears is non-stereo. Pres McK and Gov. Images G to Exc. Library rubber stamps on backs Box is G with better appearance, and inside is a library sleeve and card. There are some less-common and uncommon views present. This set was presented in CD form to the China Photographers Association at an event in Peking, in two formats, a set of precision mounted slides with a hand-held viewer and scanned images on a CD.

This set is the Original from which those copies were made. Hand-written captions were believed to be by the photographer.

There is a later typed listing of all the manuscript titles, which are present in photocopy form. These are consecutively d 1 through These are on medium-thick photopaper. Includes some superb people-views, many close-ups and close views of vendors, and other street characters.

Two views showing cruelty to animals with live pigs transported upside down to market, I say that not as an enticement to bid, but as a warning, I was disturbed by them , also several views of military men. The Chinese Photo Association people thought these were from to They come in a box which I have no idea whether it is original. The box is VG. Some views are found in the common card set, but many are very Scarce and only found in this set. Harry had just one set.

The other boxes are the correct ones. I am not sure if the set is larger than 58 views. These are printed on thick photopaper. The rest have mild warp and tones are generally Exc.

The viewer is Exc. And the box, which reads Thos. A few of the images are common, but most are very Rare. One image shows a man shearing a sheep as his dog has a nap, leaning against the sheep! Inc harbors, farming, modern-looking bldgs, some Mining, electric power, and more. One Stockholm overview lacks stereo, and has a major flaw in right print but it is in the negative and was printed that way, and there is a library stamp on the backs, otherwise views are Exc.

Inc raw rubber, rolling it into sheets, manufacture of garden hose, fire dept hose, automobile tires, boots and sandals and more. Images G with better tones TO Exc. Inc Cliff House, SF. The gilt on the cover is fading a bit, otherwise the body of this is Exc. Box has faded-out gilt, otherwise box VG. Inc Canal, people, construction equipment, and more.

The Keys negatives seem later that the others as they have automobiles and other vehicular traffic. Inc London and some other cities, too. Also a view of Stonehenge that is Not a common negative. Other views inc the man on bed of nails, Lady Curzon, Durbar parade, Simla, elephants, and more. The Ceylon views inc Kandy, Colombo, Buddhist Priest close-up, farming, jewellery, elephants and more.

This is a super set. Inc a run of negative s from to Of the views, I have likely seen only a dozen or so in my career. Almost every view is American in subject. Many are location unmarked. Inc trains, giant machinery, and some great laboratory images. Inc castles, some fine London, some fine people-views, bridges, farming, city views, and more. In one city view, a man is seen wearing a sandwich board advertises a psychic medium.

Not listed in the Waldsmith book. Circa - Some of the negatives are originally from the Littleton View Co. Inc miners, mining, a few Eskimos and more. These come in four little boxes, the boxes are G. And Lot B; 4 views Anon very tall mt with domed prints Untitled image of an auditorium or theatre, a lightish vertical crease starts at top of mount and goes about an inch into left print, minor darkened-in flaw over ceiling, tones Exc. Both views show people in theatrical apparel. One man has an extreme fu man chu moustache.

Some spots on one view, a minor mark or two on the other, tones Exc. One exterior view shows what looks like a boot-scraper. One of the interior views shows a microscope on a desk. One view shows a camera barely seen in a mirror. One view has some air-pocketing and roughness along bottom of left print. Another view has some semi-serious fly specks.

The other two have some air-pocketing under the prints, negligible in one and overall in the other. Also a couple of negligible scratches. One view shows two men in an office, the others show rooms with several or more beds, one with an empty rocking cradle in foregrnd. Hautes Alpes, pres du Cautaret, route de Briancon. Notre-Dame de la Garde. Abside de la Cathedrale.

La place et la maison de Louis XI, a Cusset. And Lot D; Inc. Chartres, river view , Chartres, Port Guillaume , , , , , , All Cathedral of Amiens and , ? Portail de la Cathedrale.

He may be a French politician. Vue generale prise de la jetee. Now restored to Church House. Even one tissue view. Images Fair TO Exc. Presentation of Medals by HM the Queen. Boys bathing at Tower Wharf. Kitchener is seen on the left of picture, outside. On the right is Lord Roberts. Man in the middle unknown. The Pier Head and Colliers. The Chancel looking E. Tomb of Sir Walter Scott. Inc bridges, Roslin Chapel, Melrose Abbey and more.

Inc Glasgow Cathedral, ancient ruins, and more. Also there is an arch in one view, but not the other. Green mt circa , Untitled image showing a big palm tree on a faux Big Tree stump base. Inc Castle, some nice Abbotsford interiors inc the Entrance Hall, scenics, etc. Inc Canterbury Cathedral, ancient ruins, scenics, etc.

Oxford, Tintern Abbey, and Scottish subjects. Abbey exterior , 44 Somerset House , 57 Westm. Abbey , Thames Embankment. Inc some Parliament views two similar-looking LSC green mt views combine to make a hyper-stereo , also Westminster Abbey, street views and more.

The Choir looking E. Hospital, 8th St below Spruce. Next two post ; Anon dated Untitled close view of a man adjusting his shoe by a road, image VG, no tape fraying , Anon Untitled image of some plants pruned a la Wellesley, image Exc. These can be as early as These examples are not thick. And with no tape fraying. Untitled image of a man by an artificial pond, major starburst crack on back, see scan. It only affects image in sky, and very subtly at that. And Untitled image of a building which looks somewhat like the Madeleine, but this has 12 columns, not 8.

Plus 7 fancy palace interiors without titles. This is a Very Rare entity complete like this. View 7 has two men in it, the man at left in uniform somewhat resembles Wheeler. Some of the views have some negative flaws, meaning they were printed that way. These look like Harry filled in some s one by one, as some have retail prices pencilled on back. Present is the Extremely Rare original box, which is overall Fair but worth restoring.

Hand-carved, joined with nails, and I would call this Folk Art, except that there is a number stamped into the wood on the bottom, A few minor scuffs etc. And 6 viewers; All HolmesBates style. One has a wooden hood but part is broken off and missing. There are five slide bars for the six viewers, and three of the side bars have problems, so only two have working slide bars.

All will work fine, but some you have to hold the views, yourself. I think the lovely exterior is called burled walnut. It is missing the diffuser glass. Some of the moulding which would line the space for the diffuser glass, is missing, and there are two loose molding parts, present. There should be a mono magnifying glass on the rods held in the base of the viewer, but the glass and wooden mounting are not present.

One of the metal parts which keeps the photos in place is missing. There is a place on both sides of the part which holds the photo on which possibly two ivory tiny knobs, similar to those on each side of the viewer, would have been, but they are not present. Also a minor closed crack on the part on the underside which adjusts the angle when viewing and also some chipping where that part meets the flat with sections metal support piece.

There are also several minor chips off the surface and age-related surface wear. I made a note when I first went over the viewer, about some glue seen on a repair.

Functional and still beautiful, just as it is. Holds 25 cards for each side, or a total of 50 views. The eyecups may have been painted over, decades ago. This is an earlier viewer, with silver painted louvres instead of mirrors. Tones almost VG, mt has semi-harsh crease in upper right corner, mt otherwise Exc. The last view, the is over a white area and unreadable. I am assuming it is Group includes fine interior views of workers and machinery and product. The outer box is Fair to G.

Also included is a little folder explaining how to use the Corte-Scope. The folder is G. Inc Trocadero Palace, Eiffel Tower, a weird roundish bldg, the top of which looks military, with a weapon-like something sticking out, and views on the grounds with people seen. All of the views in this lot have modern collector rubber stamps on back. End Lot 22 views Inc 10 of the views on the milky turq.

Amateur, prints are on the back of a non-real-photo postcard. Untitled image showing people on a carrousel-ride.

Four views are marked as the Expo, the rest are not dated, but I believe these are all Paris expos. Inc a very distant balloon, some parade views and more. All with titles but the French manuscript is difficult to read. Images show Arab family life, food preparation, and more.

One of the glass views has two spots which detract significantly and there are a few minor abrasions on a few, but the tones are Exc. Wretched lepers outside Jerusalem.

Mts G TO Exc. The entire city from the south. The curved mts have better images, but one mt is creased-between. The white line in right print of 61 looks to be in manufacture.

Most or all Constantinople, inc Roberts College, people, overviews, etc. A white man seen in one image might even be Frank. Palace occupied by the Prince and Princess of Wales on their visit to Egypt. Le Tour du Monde. The sun-set views are particularly pretty.

Angelo Bridge, Temple of Vesta, and Vatican interiors with statuary. Paul , Cour de Belvedere , escalier royal a St. Topics inc City overviews, Vatican, famous bldgs and monuments, statues and more.

Topics inc bldgs, overviews, palaces, canal and one view of an oyster salesman with his product on his head. Mostly views of the ruins. Topics inc Vatican, bldgs, monuments, fishing on the Tiber and more. Also one or two other Sicily, plus other places and cities and much Rome. Various views of the Canal, palaces, etc. Inc Puntarenas, Limon, people, bridges, San Jose and more. Includes a RR hand car on a bridge, two views showing a photographer and camera, some Pigres,, people, electric plant at Mendiola?

One view shows a group posing with a human papier mache form hanging in effigy nearby. Two scenic views, with different neg s, are simply variants of each other. Richmond Pearson Hobson, the hero of the Merricmac. Skirmish Line, Ready for the Enemy.

Ready for inspection, Camp Tampa. Mts all have modern rubber stamp on back, mts G to VG. Several NPG views on photopaper. Inc some Zoo views, costumes, people, statuary, cities, towns, etc.

Inc Heidelberg, Mainz, Rhine and more. Print lifting a bit on the last view. Wisconsin Sandstone, 50 feet high. Mostly scenics, some photo equipment is subtly seen in One view with white men dressed as Indians and two others with dioramic Indians in scaled down canoes All Exc.

Tex Treadwell expressed that he was impressed with the date on the manuscript on the view, see scan. He was also a Civil War painter whose work is still collected. I suspect the view itself is by Alexis Gaudin, but there are no maker markings. The carriages were burned by Gen Anderson before leaving for Fort Sumter. This view was also taken eight months before the battle. Serious browning but still viewable. Several negative flaws, tones Exc in foregrnd, bit lighter distant, mt Exc. John Soule sea face of the fort, showing broken gun.

I found an image of Soule and it is possible this is him. End lot 21 views Mostly Paris, some Strasburg, too. Inc Bears, Buffalo, Seals, Racoons. There must have been a lot of fights over errant elbows and cues and 6 same anon home interiors: Chickering died in and operated a company which made some of the finest pianos, so likely sold to Reed. All 48 views have titles on a modern list, which I believe came from an original Period list which is missing.

See scans for all the titles. I have never seen any of these views before. Mostly interesting images showing workers, mostly men and mostly white, but a few women and black men. Office views, also sorting, loading, shipping, opened parcels at the Dead Parcel Office with neat stuff strewn around, two views in a mail-sorting RR car with a man with a rifle guarding and some of the sorters with pistols in holsters, 16 the view with the postman on a bicycle, has serious scratches.

The consignor has found a modern-made listing made from a hard to discern carbon layer set, which comes with the lot and this new listing gives more background on most of the images. See scan for all the titles. Mostly scenics, some hotels, a boat wreck view. The first view is on an orge red mt, and may be another Pease. Untitled waterfall scenic , the rest are by NW Pease; , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Serious stain and soil but in sky, only.

This lot comes with interesting research info by Richard Buck. Untitled image of a building, presumably in Newburyport.

That fancy and fearsome equipment at left must have been State of the Art for its time. Image has moderate overall soil, tones Exc. Some stains in the lot.

Images from G TO Exc. The Sword of Capt John Mason. The Hero of the Pequot War, No separate listing for a Smith in New Haven. There are many framed pictures on the walls. A small flaw to the left of center of right print in the Flood view. New York, and R. Two interiors and one exterior. Here is what I see in the titles, some of the manuscript is unclear, but you can see them on the scans.

Same name as previous view house, Newport. She was known for daring rescues and as the light house keeper First view has some mouse nibbles at bottom which barely go into the print, over ground, only. A few stains in the lot. The Morning Greeting, Camp Comfort. And Lot C; Photo related?

And WS Johnson Springfield address. Three different checklists in the lot. Minor air pocket under left print is mostly over road. Some browning over the ground. Tones over the trees are a bit better in left print than right. I wonder how the Grim Reaper treated him when his time came.

Some light staining in sky, hint of a finger print, tones Exc. Inc geysers, a bridge, the Falls, a bear and more. Rock Canyon, another train, more distant than in the previous view, mount somewhat harshly creased-between, affecting the print a bit, where they meet. A close view of an Indian canoe. Serious foxing and soil in sky, also a double-puncture over the ground in right print, and a few abrasions on the prints. Tuba having visited Salt Lake is emulating the whites and is building his houses on the modern plan.

I believe the others are by Beaman, also. I think this may be South Spring Street. Light soil in sky, tones about Exc. Minor mark in sky, image otherwise Exc. And North side, California St. These come two ways, Original from the neg usually with label checklist and Copyprint checklist usually machine-printed directly onto back of mount.

This is the better type. Philadelphia ; All 2-name version. And Lot B; Inc. The rock here rises one hundred and thirty-two feet. Fair to G TO Exc. Send for the snake charmer! Those times are past. He brings a Teddy Bear. From the Bootblack Series, showing real streetkids. The demure college girls promenading at midday. We caught you this time, Dear Old Santa. The rest are Not copyprints, and include early English circa lates, early French, some statuary and more.

One with maker markings no name, but French address, see scan and I believe the two wedding views are by J Elliott. Inc a view of a lady with a hookah-waterpipe looking coyly behind a fan, other people views, some lavender mounts, and more. Inc 3 multi-view examples, which are Rare. Who will pay the rent? The last two are variants with the same title.

Plus four views, all by same maker, three on blue mts and one on milky turq mt. Group in a field. Moderate soil in sky, tones Exc. And untitled image of people doing laundry, Exc. Mostly early and most European. The Valley of Death. Somehow I pity him. Anthony was at Broadway and I see at extreme right. The mount implies early s and the subject is a parade.

If not, then I have no idea the theme of the parade. A group amongst the trees and bushes. Mt has semi-vertical crease but it must be lighter than it looks because even with light reflecting off the front surface, I see no hint of it.

Mt has light corner wear and aging. I also note that this view has an old imprint of 61 and the previous view is 62, so they have been together for a long time. This partnership started in and ended in A cook or somebody is dipping into a barrel of something. Last view has little chunk of mt missing, along with a minuscule bit of print, bottom right print, and also has a corner chip. No damage to the tissue views.

Images and mts G TO Exc. The group includes black men, and others of other races, including white. Friday, August 28, 9: The man standing above and behind the fellow with the viewer, looks like Alexis Gaudin. The white area at upper left of right print is also a negative flaw. It must have been a Gaudin negative originally, but he must have sold a variant to Elliott.

Interesting connection I find quite surprising. One view shows a camera at moment of action, in the mirror. From Google I found that Seaver did have a mini-processing center on the boat, as well as a stove! Maker unmarked almost certainly Willson Untitled image with six men and a camera?

A couple of rust marks noticed on part of the roof, above the subjects. Image is otherwise Exc. See the scan for more information. This was later enclosed in a pipe underground and there is a park above it.

The consignor is from Ottawa and says this is not from that area. Might be somewhere else in Ontario, or in Quebec. But I believe this is in Canada. Total of 9 views, if you count the ones I am not counting. The mounts were originally for CW Mathers, an Edmonton photographer. Some light overall soil. Several scrapes in left print are right over the ship.

Heavy mottling over sky and road, tones Exc. Small darkened-in scrape right print and minor flaw left print. Boat Landing at Miles Canyon. Restaurant in the Klondyke. Waverley Bridge and Old Town. On the Tilt, Blair Athole. The rest, images G TO Exc. Both with same title, but variants, plus one is tinted.

Right print is significantly bigger than the left. Inc Tissue with Treadwell label, etc. Some without titles, but I believe are in Bohemia. The tissue has weak pink line in right print, otherwise Exc. These are all fine realphoto, but I believe the tinting to be mechanical. The results are superb. Vue prise du pont St Louis. View in the Middle or Honeycomb Causeway. Also one Honfleur and one Dieppe.

Also 3 Italy Naples, Venice, and ruins of Pouzole? If I have the story correct, well after his death Cromwell was disinterred and beheaded, and his head left on a stake.

Must not have pleased everyone. The Free for All. View has date of June on it. Moscow by the river, Kremlin beyond. Serious soil noticed in sky, but tones about Exc. And 6 Masonic Temples: Includes 5 Streamline viewers and one Deco viewer. The Deco viewer has the silver color screws and smooth enamel brown finish on the metal part. Plus a Novel-View viewer. Also a bakelite film and viewer holder no chips, but some dirt, and the top needs to be glued to the metal clasps to make it functional.

Inc the 33 VM Mushroom reels unused but dirty with a powdered foam similar to that in the Chinese Art set cases. I think it is earlier. The C box films and boxes are Exc. VM 11 films In C and D boxes. VM 14 films All in B boxes, and most dated from to The viewer is the Deco model, smooth surface diffuser side and with silver color screws. This lot includes a torn pamphlet, the cover of which is the loveliest of any Tru-Vue ad I have seen, and is not the part torn.

Some pkts were issued with and some without, bklts. Any which are missing the bklts I will mention, otherwise, assume complete. Some soil on some images TO Exc. Lot B; Reel color and reel bodies Exc. Lot D; Reels have several very minor rim-edge niggles, pkt-folder Exc. Lot has this set in the more desirable packet, though this is not a common pkt, either. A, Negligible bubbling reel 1, pkt about Exc.

I believe this version of to be Rare. A, negligible bubbling on the reels, bklt Exc. VM 7 pkt sets Inc Packet-Folder format. Reels and pkt Exc. Reels and pkt-folder Exc. Reels, bklt, pkt all Exc. Light to moderate bubbling and wear-rings on the reels, and one of the reels has a slightscratch-ring. A Reels, bklt Exc. A Negligible bubbling on back of one reel, bklt Exc. A Negligible bubbling reel 2 and on back of reel 3, bklt Exc.

VM 7 pkts 2 Brussels A, Reels, bklt Exc. A Negligible bubbling reel 1, otherwise reels and bklt Exc. First seven boxes Style B, the last Style D. A Lot B; Reels Exc. The most comprehensive listing known, by Harry zur Kleinsmiede, lists this set as Never Issued. Comes with a mock-up blister pak design with red ballpoint markings and instructions made by View-Master staff.

Smallish tear in that , Another mock-up blister pak without pen markings. Also a listing of the titles in English. Also inc some fascinating correspondence regarding the set. At one point, the maker of the images, The Animation Circus, complained to VM that their transparencies were not returned and there is a 30Lb charge for damaged or lost images.

However, if Milton Bradley is willing to sell Charlie Chalk next year in the UK, it is good to be ready with our product. Therefore you can feel free to terminate the contract with the Licensor. The other set did not have all this paperwork and file. If there are more than those two, there are likely less than a few sets in existence. D, reels and pkt Exc.

B, reels and bklt Exc. D, hint of bubbling on one reel, pkt Exc. A, reels and pkt Exc. A Hint of bubbling on back of one reel, bklt Exc. A, hint of bubbling reel 2, bklt Exc. Negligible rings on the reels, bklt Exc.

Negligible bubbling on back of one reels, bklt Exc. A, hint of bubbling reel 3, bklt Exc. A, one reel has negligible bubbling on back, bklt Exc. A, reels, bklt pkt all Exc. A, reels, bklt Exc.

Very light bubbling on back of reels, very minor wrinkle in body of reel 3. They all have mild warp and need a flattening, otherwise Exc. He moved to Inglewood United and, aged 18, gained his league debut in May against Floreat Athena. Despite an impressive start with the club, first team opportunities were scarce across three seasons with Inglewood.

Italiano returned to Balcatta in and quickly became the clubs' first choice goalkeeper. In 22 league appearances he tallied up eight clean sheets to play a key role in Balcatta lifting their first Premier League title.

A summer deal with A-League club Perth Glory followed, however, Italiano's involvement throughout the —12 campaign was restricted to watching from the bench. That was offset by regular appearances for the clubs' youth team which finished the home and away series in second place. After a short spell with Balcatta, Italiano head Unlike all other Transperth services, most CAT routes are zero-fare. Blue CAT runs as bus route number 1.

Blue CAT has 14 stop 3 currently not in use stops including: Early life Born in Perth, Australia, Williams is the son of a mother that originates from Mumbai, India and a father that was born in Kent, England,[2] Williams was brought up in a footballing family. Both older brother Rhys and twin brother Ryan are professional footballers. References "May Player Registrations".

Archived from the original PDF on 11 August Retrieved 19 January Archived from the original on 20 September External links Aryn Williams at Soccerway The club was founded in as the result of a merger between three local sides, though its pre-merger history is regarded to be that of Perth Azzurri after taking full control of the club in After numerous meetings and discussions the new club known as, named Perth Italia Soccer Club, was formed.

Clubs entered from the National Premier Leagues WA, the two divisions of the State League, a limited number of teams from various divisions of the Amateur League competition, and from regional teams from the South West, Goldfields and Great Southern regions. This knockout competition was won by Armadale, their 1st title.

The Football West season is the fifth season under the current competition format in Western Australia. Ryan Lowry is an Australian professional football soccer player who plays as a central defender for Wellington Phoenix in the A-League. Early life Ryan's older brother Shane is also a professional footballer. Retrieved 13 November External links Ryan Lowry at Soccerway Jordan David Lyden born 30 January is an Australian professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for his club Aston Villa.

Born in Perth, Lyden played youth football for ECU Joondalup before moving to England to play for Aston Villa in , making his professional debut for the side in He has represented Australia at under level. He came on as a 83rd-minute substitute in a 1—1 draw. Joondalup railway station is a railway station on the Transperth network.

It is located on the Joondalup line, 26 kilometres from Perth station serving the regional metropolitan city of Joondalup. History Joondalup station opened on 20 December as the interim terminus of the Joondalup line. The league competition is played amongst eight separate divisions, divided by FFA state and territory member federations. The winners of each respective divisional league compete in a finals playoff tournament at season end, culminating in a Grand Final.

Navitas has colleges in most state capitals plus sister colleges in London, Africa and Canada. Transperth is the brand name of the public transport system serving the city and suburban areas of Perth, the state capital of Western Australia.

It is operated by the Public Transport Authority. Subsequently all private bus operators in Perth were acquired. In February the provision of ferry services was contracted to Captain Cook Cruises. He has a daughter Ellen Petterson and son Cameron Petterson He spent time with Swindon Town and Ipswich Town, where h Timmins has also played for Redditch United, Team Wellington, Wellington Phoenix as well as a number of teams in the state leagues of Australia.

Timmins has also represented the Republic of Ireland national team at youth level. He made 20 appearances in all competitions for Redditch in the —11 season, which saw the club relegated to the Conference South.

The National Premier Leagues NPL is a national association football competition in Australia which acts as the second tier of the sport in the country below the A-League. The NPL consists of the highest level state league in each state-based federation within Australia.

In it, a propos The Football West season is the third season under the new competition format in Western Australia. The overall premier for the new structure - Perth - qualifies for the National Premier Leagues finals series, competing with the other Federation champions in a final knockout tournament to decide the National Premier Leagues Champion for The preliminary rounds operated within a consistent national structure whereby club entry into the competition was staggered in each federation, with the winning clubs from Round 7 of the preliminary rounds in each member federation gaining entry into the Round of All Australian clubs were eligible to enter the qualifying process through their respective FFA member federation, however only one team per club is permitted entry in the competition.

Schedule The number of fixtures for each round, and the match dates for each Federation, were as follows. She is best known as the first Australian woman to serve as a member of parliament. Cowan has featured on the reverse of Australia's dollar note since Cowan was born on a sheep station near Geraldton, Western Australia. She was the granddaughter of two of the colony's early settlers, Thomas Brown and John Wittenoom.

Cowan's mother died when she was seven, and she was subsequently sent to boarding school in Perth. At the age of 14, her father, Kenneth Brown, was executed for the murder of her stepmother, making her an orphan. She subsequently lived with her grandmother in Guildford until her marriage at the age of She and her husband would have four children together, splitting their t Charlie Comyn-Platt born 2 October is an English professional footballer who plays as a defender.

He started his career at Bolton Wanderers under Sam Allardyce, and made his debut on 24 September as a late substitute in a 3—1 League Cup win over Walsall. Comyn-Platt was in the match day squad for numerous Premier League games and also the Carling Cup Final, but in total, appeared for the Wanderers four times. In the —05 season he was loaned to Wycombe Wanderers for one month, playing five times for Tony Adams' side. Comyn-Platt did not play much under King, but after his dismissal he found himself breaking into the first team u Bus routes in Perth, Western Australia are operated under the brand Transperth.

The Public Transport Authority of the Government of Western Australia tenders the provision of bus routes in Perth to private operators;[1] privatisation of services began in The privatisation of Transperth bus services was completed in July Captain Cook Cruises similarly operates Transperth ferry services. Services generally finish before midnight, though many routes finish earlier, between 6: Weekend services are approximately half weekday levels.

Major routes are more frequent, operating every 10—15 minutes off peak on weekdays, and every 15—30 minutes on weekends and evenin Career Born in Edinburgh, Smith played for Hibs' youth teams as a goalscoring midfielder, but was released by the club after he went on a two-day trial with Newcastle United. In the summer of , with Livingston experiencing financial difficulties, Smith allowed his contract to expire.

Smith signed for Hearts in the summer of The Football West season was the fourth season under the new competition format in Western Australia. A revised Relegation system for the bottom team will depend on whether the two Division 1 teams that meet NPL WA eligibility criteria finish in This knockout competition was won by Stirling Lions, their sixth title.

The draw was as follows: The Football West season is the second season under the new competition format in Western Australia. The overall premier for the new structure qualifies for the National Premier Leagues finals series, competing with the other state federation champions in a final knockout tournament to decide the National Premier Leagues Champion for On 13 January he made his debut, coming on as a second-half substitute in a 6—4 Youth Football League win at Newcastle Jets.

This is a list of clubs that play Australian rules football in Western Australia at the senior level. Nurse education consists of the theoretical and practical training provided to nurses with the purpose to prepare them for their duties as nursing care professionals. This education is provided to nursing students by experienced nurses and other medical professionals who have qualified or experienced for educational tasks.

Most countries offer nurse education courses that can be relevant to general nursing or to specialized areas including mental health nursing, pediatric nursing and post-operatory nursing. Courses leading to autonomous registration as a nurse typically last four years. Nurse education also provides post-qualification courses in specialist subjects within nursing. Historical background During past decades, the changes in education have replaced the more practically focused, but often ritualistic, training structure of conventional preparation.

Nurse education integrates today a broader awareness of other disciplines allied to medicine, often involving inter-professional education, and the u The club's founders were of Greek heritage.

In , the club won all three trophies to claim its first ever treble. History Early years The club was formed in as the Athena Club by Greek-Australians as place for the local Greek community to unite around football. The club entered the third division of WA's state league football in It was also in that Athena played their first season in the state league's top tier, ending the season sixth and m This knockout competition was won by Bayswater City, their first title.

Preliminary round A total of 30 Western Australian teams took part in this stage of the competition. A total of 12 teams were given a Bye to the First Round. All matches in this round were completed on 1 April Club career Danze was playing for his local side ECU Joondalup when talent scouts from Southampton offered him a professional contract. Danze turned down this contract, determined to prove himself in Australia before leaving to play football overseas.

During this time Danze played for the under 17 Australian national football team and the under 20 Australian national football team. Danze had success with both of these teams, scoring goals at both World Youth Cup Championships they participated in. C Champion; R R Clubs entered from the newly formed National Premier Leagues WA, the two divisions of the State League, as well as a limited number of teams from various divisions of the Sunday League competition.

This knockout competition was won by Bayswater City, their second title. Preliminary round A total of 39 Western Australian teams took part in this stage of the competition and 3 teams were given a Bye to the First Round.

Matches in this round were played on 29 March This knockout competition was won by Western Knights, their second title. A total of 32 teams took part in this stage of the competition. All 12 Clubs from the State League Premier Division and Football West State League Division 1, and 8 clubs from the Amateur Premier League the top 8 out of 12 from the previous year's league table[2] entered into the competition at this stage.

The Football West season is the first season under the new competition format in Western Australia. Clubs entered from the National Premier Leagues WA, the two divisions of the State League, a limited number of teams from various divisions of the Amateur League competition, and from regional teams invited from the South West, Goldfields, Great Southern and Midwest regions.

Schedule A total of 61 teams took part in the competition, from Perth-based and regional-based competitions. Herd can be described as a utility player who can play in a number of positions, including central defence, full back and central midfield.

He made his Premier League debut in November , and went on to become a regular first team player in the —12 season.

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