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Hung needs a slave

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Hung needs a slave

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Guess it was for the best because lord knows where i would be now. Anime Buddy m4w Looking for someone Hung needs a slave loves anime and manga as much as me. No prostitutes. I would like to find a female that is intelligent, attractive, has a good sense of humor, and a positive attitude.

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Hung needs a slave

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Some women (mostly single mothers) come to me regularly for a satisfying massage during the day. I'm seeking a man my Hung needs a slave or older looking for a quality, fun relationship. Local massage for you I love giving massages.

I'm a twenty year old white, single, female, who just recently moved into the area. You are definitely my type. Fun for the day m4w Is ur husband or lover gone and u want sum dick look no furthrr hope today isnt gloomy I have a great sense of humor, I'm a lot of fun and easy to get along with.

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From Grad School to Slave School :: GaggedUtopia's Story Archive

Kelli's mouth was agape as her juices were licked away with a smacking sound by her tormentor. I could see a tear run down the face of the soon-to-be, willing slave. The way you treat men is all part of a sham. And you will beg for this to happen.

Also important is how fast you can learn to please men, your Masters, or please women at your Master's bidding. Karl said to her. I will let you ask a few questions. To prove to you that you are nothing but a total slave who only wants to serve, and is only good for, serving men in whatever way they desire. Your mind may scream, 'NO', but the proof is right there between your legs and that widening puddle beneath your juicing cunt.

Her body was betraying her. I could almost see her mind trying to come up with more questions. How long will I be here? You might be trained to be a proper slave. You would receive attitude adjustment if or when necessary. Punishment as you already know can be quick and severe. That is one option. As to how long you are here, that depends on several factors that you will learn shortly.

Learning to please, serve and obey will make your life better. Isn't that right slut? She melted into him like a second skin and practically purred the words, "Yes, Master. I will set the collar to emit a partial charge as a reminder that you do not have permission to speak. It will automatically increase intensity with each failure to comply. First question is, have you ever sucked a cock before?

You will probably need a lot of training and practice. Have you ever given another woman an orgasm with your mouth, tongue, lips, or even your fingers?

I want her to have free use of her hands. I removed the silver chain from her ankle and wrist cuffs and from her collar. Then I released her wrists and ankles from the cuffs. I pushed her head all the way to the floor. Karl barked and ordered, "Reach back and spread your ass. We are going to give you some inspiration. Now lift your head so I can see your face and smile, smile like this is your first trip to the ice cream parlor.

Wider smile, yes, the joys of slavery. I made sure I got a good picture. A few in fact to make sure I got every angle. When her smile waned, Karl reminded her harshly. We rewrapped her ankles and wrists with the leather cuffs. Lena handed me a silver vibrator type butt plug. I could see it was slightly lubricated. She clenched when she felt it against her tightest hole, but I clicked it on and pushed.

Slowly but surely it finally popped in where it would stay and play with her sensitive nerve endings. A whole new experience for her I was sure. I pulled her by the hair back up to the kneeling position as Karl walked up to her.

The slut just stared at it with a look I could not interpret. If he tells you to suck, you give him as much pleasure as you know how. If he grabs your hair and just wants to fuck your throat, you will let him.

Breathing may be difficult at times but you will soon learn the art. Very important rules to avoid severe punishment are as follows. Never turn your face away to try to avoid his cock. If he cums in your mouth, you will swallow greedily, unless he orders you to hold it in your mouth. Spitting it out would be an insult and a grave error. If he pulls out of your mouth and cums on your face, keep your mouth open still.

For about five minutes I watched her bob her head up and down making no use of her hands other than to hold his cock in position. I thought to myself. Finally he grabbed a fist full of her hair and slammed his cock down her throat full length. No doubt she could not breathe but she had to swallow or drown when Karl unloaded.

She collapsed on the floor as he pulled away, re-sheathing his meaty sword. Lena was laughing, calling the used girl a pathetic and worthless bitch. I was smiling because I captured it all on video. At that moment Karl's phone rang and he spoke briefly. Remember your rules slave. First Slave, lead the newbie on leash". Lena clipped a leash to her collar, calmly reminded her to stay on all fours, and then sharply, "Do NOT lose your ass plug, you fucking little cunt," as she led her through the door.

We entered a room that looked like it could entertain dignitaries, in sharp contrast to the room in which I had awakened. There were plush, purple chairs, lovely wooden desks and tables, and I was being led in on a leash. There were at least three other men in the room, watching our procession. They were all masked. I was the only one without a mask, the only one that could be identified.

The man in leather. The leader it seemed. I reacted quickly, and was surprised when the other two females also assumed the position in the middle of the floor. He commanded, "Second Slave, you know your task.

These fine gentlemen wish to examine the merchandise. I was trying to put this all together. The words were strange to me; I was simply obeying, not active in making any decision. I had to obey. Make no attempt to cover your assets. I tried to check out the men from the corner of my eyes. I was paraded naked and leashed only a few feet from their chairs. I noticed their shoes. When we arrived at the alcove, she unhooked the leash.

For a brief moment, I considered making a run for it. The chains connecting the bondage rings had been removed. I was in good shape.

This might be my only chance. And instantly decided that was senseless. How could I get past everyone? I had no idea where I was. I was naked, and that damn collar could be activated in a moment. I was hating that word, 'slave. I was a UCLA grad student, who made a mistake. I heard clicks and, looking up, realized that my wrists had been clipped to chains that had been lowered from the wooden rafters.

Wider," she said sharply, and my ankles were clipped to rings that had been lifted from recessed positions in the floor. I made some groaning noises, which caused the collar to send a vibrating, not entirely pleasant, reminder through my neck.

The chains attached to my wrists began to rise, higher and higher. I looked frantically, left and right. My lips made the word, NO, and again I tried to protest without earning a shock.

I made a gurgling sound that made First Slave laugh, unpleasantly. Soon I was standing on my toes, stretched tight. From behind, "Open your mouth. When I did, a metal contraption, which I later learned was called a spider gag, was inserted and my jaws were painfully spread. I gave a guttural sound, and again the collar reminded me to be still. Each time the shock was a little more powerful. It was a smart collar, increasing in strength every time I made a sound.

I could twist my head slightly, but could only slightly wriggle other parts of my stressed body. I heard the men rise from the chairs and they moved before me.

I stared and hoped one would have compassion, but I could see nothing in their masked faces. Their stark contrast to each other was remarkable. A medium height, but stocky Hispanic, a rather tall and slimmer Arab in a kaftan, and a huge black man, probably African rather than American, judging by his clothes of many colors.

A camera flash went off and to the side, I saw Second Slave take a picture of me. I did not want anyone to ever see this. My eyes darted back and forth, as the Hispanic entered my personal space. He captured my gaze; I could not break his stare. And then suddenly I screeched, "noooooooooooo," through my gag, immediately triggering the collar to respond, a silent scream of anguish rushing past my gagged mouth.

He had grasped my crotch, gripping it tightly in his fist, a smile on his lips, his nostrils flaring. He sunk his fingers into my pussy! He held his dripping fingers before my face. I obeyed and he wiped his fingers with my juices on my tongue, lips, and the metal of the gag. I just hung there, tongue extending from my mouth, humiliated, looking like a mindless fool. He ran his hands down my flank.

He reached to my face, brushing my hair to the side. He let my hair go, and stepped back. As quietly as possible, I intoned, "eeeezeee," begging for mercy. He would show me none. He reached out with both hands, pinched both nipples harshly, and pulled them away from my body. It caused my back to sway in the bondage, and I earned another higher-level shock from the collar when I cried in pain. He twisted my poor nipples. He would not show mercy.

I was as helpless as a rag doll in his hands. If I win her, I will stretch these little nubbins immediately. As an infidel, she will get what she deserves. He stepped back, no longer smiling, just a glare of power.

I was being inspected, intimately, like an animal. In moments, the huge black man entered my field of vision. The Hispanic repulsed me, the Arab at first entranced me. The black man frightened me. He was huge, like a football player. He had an unpleasant smile, showing a lot of gums. He spoke, not like a black American, but as I suspected, an African.

My wives are always complaining that there are not enough whites and yellows to do all the work around the village. Let's see about the third hole.

When he pulled it out, he laughed loudly. If I win her, we carve plugs of wood, strap them in with leather leashes, and keep the slave plugged until she can take a real man. I was helpless, in deep despair. Thoughts of home and friends and school and even of escape were far away. I was indeed, slave meat, and they could do what they wished with me. I prepared myself, as best I could. I threw back my head, and collapsed in my chains, the flash of the camera the last thing I noticed.

With her mouth held wide by the gag, she was drooling. So undignified for a prim and proper grad student, not to mention the huge ass plug stretching her for further use when she was ready. Tears were streaming down her face and I wondered if the humiliation or the pain was worse for her. The Hispanic spoke to Karl first. I think a small sample is only fair. Probably just for affect. Her cunt is off-limits until after the bids, and I also think we will leave in her plug to continue stretching.

As for her mouth, she really does need to improve her technique in giving proper service to her new Master, so it would be good practice. She must learn better how to use that mouth. I did as Karl "commanded" me and he told her to crawl back to her position. Her ass plug I am sure made the short distance very painful. On agreement from Karl, the Hispanic walked up to her first, pulling out his cock as he approached.

As she had been told before, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth in offering. He laughed and said with a heavy accent, "Suck my cock you little whore. Like his stature, his cock was medium length but thick. She had trouble getting her mouth around it. Like Karl, he also soon tired of her weak efforts and began thrusting into her mouth.

He pulled out to cum and she remembered, head back, mouth open. His cum coated her face and hair, and some went into her mouth. She knew she had to swallow, though I could see she didn't like it. Not for her performance but for the man. The Arab was next. Same routine and like his build, his cock was longer and thinner than the Hispanic. He could fuck her throat and she could still breathe, though barely. He also pulled out and sprayed her face and mouth. Again she swallowed as she had to.

More applause as well. Next the black man followed the pattern. A huge man with a huge cock. I wonder how many women he had made bleed with that. He didn't waste much time with her mouth and she gagged as he tried to shove it down her throat. Karl spoke as he saw she would soon suffocate long before the African was done.

As the black pushed her shoulders back nearly to the floor, he straddled her, laying his cock between her tits. Push your tits together around his cock. He slid it frantically between them while sometimes even penetrating her mouth on the up stroke. Karl said to her, "Smile bitch, at least show him how much you love his cock and that you are grateful he didn't suffocate you.

I was getting quite a collection on her cell. It wasn't long till he blasted stream after stream of thick white fluid over her tits and face. She was covered and I had just gotten another great video. As the man backed away, Karl commanded her again. This time I was close enough that she recognized her own cell phone. A look of sheer terror filled her eyes as her life probably flashed before her. Her contact list, parents, the dean, her prof, all her friends were in it and only a click away.

Karl walked up to her and said, "Filthy whore, you look disgusting. In the meantime, while I talk to these men, I want you to wipe every bit of cum from your face and body and lick it from your fingers. It will be the only thing you get to eat today. This time she knew I was catching everything on her camera. The men retreated to the other side of the room, and huddled as though in conference.

There was considerable discussion, sounding more like a debate, but all in a hushed volume. All part of the show. Meanwhile, the slut obeyed and preened like a feline, a cat covered in tomcat cum.

Her eyes darted around the room, as she tried to pick up snippets of the discussion. Karl was back shortly, and the climax of the performance was about to occur. You have been warned. Follow on all fours, slave. Your future is about to be decided. She looked up briefly, but knew there was nothing to do but obey. She went to her hands and knees, and followed Karl. Lena and I followed behind, taking a moment to flash a huge smile to each other. The three men had taken their original seats and Kelli was put in a nadu position in front of them.

Lena and I were ordered to nadu also, to the side of the room. There will be no counter bids allowed. As owner of the slave, I will decide if the bid is acceptable. If so, the highest bid will be allowed to take the slave immediately, once transfer of funds is guaranteed. If I am not satisfied with the highest bid, then the slave will remain with me for further training and a future auction. Only her strong will kept her from yelling aloud and shocking herself into unconsciousness.

As far as she knew, this could easily be her last night in America. He who controlled my future and my life, walked to a desk, picked up some pens and cards, like 3 by 5 cards, and gave one of each to the men.

By previous agreement, Master Ahmed will go first. Slave, lift your head and direct your gaze to each man's crotch as he speaks. My neck buzzed and I reacted, staring into the crotch of the Arab, his robes parted for a better view. Your future Master may be addressing you.

The Arab began to speak. I am not used to untrained slaves, and it will cost me extra money to send her for additional schooling in the arts. Like all Asian sluts, her breasts lack the fullness I most appreciate. She is unmarked, that is a plus, because it would be my pleasure to pierce, tat, and brand her as my slave.

Here is my bid. Master Juan, whenever you are ready. It was apparent even without my contacts. After I tire of her, I will get my money's worth by selling her out to one of these high end establishments. As for her untrained state, yes, that is an issue. On the other hand, I agree, her flawless skin, not a piercing, not a tattoo, and her tight holes are a plus. I was so humiliated, and so horrified that I was making a contribution to this mockery of the 21st century. His deep voice intoned, sending shivers through my body.

Please, no, please not him. A few days with my African wives and she would be no more than three holes aching to be used. I am more concerned about the typical Asian docility. She seems to have no fight. Instead of a tiger, she is a, uh, pussy cat. He was so wrong; I was a fighter. Just take off this damned collar and watch me. Everyone watched, including me, hoping that I no longer had to stare at the crotch of the African.

My lips were parched; the anticipation was horrible. I believe I can train her into an exquisite Gorean slave. I am not sure I want to take the time, but the minimum I will accept for this slut is," and he lifted a folded card from the table, opened it, and showed it to the men.

It must mean that the man had placed his bid higher than expected. I was still trembling with fear inside, but the thought of being worth no more than a mid-class BMW, was both humiliating and deeply embarrassing. He shuffled the cards and opened them one by one. The silence was stifling. My life was written in numbers on that card. I know, it is absurd, relief that I would be trained as a Gorean slave, whatever that meant. But as long as I remained in this country, there was a chance to escape.

After all, what is the difference between 45 and Since I consider it a toss-up, we will let the slut decide.

She has two options for her immediate future. Master Sadan or me. The way she licked her lips at the sight of his crotch and the way she enjoyed her tit fucking, I may not have a chance. You may address the gathering and make your wishes enthusiastically clear. A chance to go abroad and be trained on the African continent, or to be trained here as a Gorean slavegirl.

If you choose the latter, I expect several immediate responses. I want the passwords to your email and to your ATM account. I want it made completely clear that you are making this decision of your own accord, without coercion. Second Slave, video record this. How could this be happening?

Two days ago, I was a free, secure, and relatively happy UCLA grad student, preparing for a two week vacation of fun in the sun. Now I am given a choice of slavery or slavery. I saw no choice. If I wanted to retain any hope of escape, I had to convince my captors that I would willingly train to be their slave here. At least I would be in America. If I were sold to the African, I would never be found, never escape.

I would die in chains far from home and my family and friends would never know what happened. This was the easiest decision of my life. If I played the compliant, easily controlled slave, I was sure they would let down their guard at some point. I had to be prepared for that moment. I might get only one chance. Yes, I suddenly felt back in control. I could make this work. It would take time. My family and friends would not be worried for at least one week.

It was not until Friday that Ashley would sound an alarm if I was not to be found at the hotel. Who knows when, before any action would be taken. The Miami police would surely scout the night clubs near the hotel. That is where I must have been drugged. Did these drags have security cameras?

Did the security loop last for longer than a week? Would they find me on the tape? Would they be able to follow any leads and intensify their search? I had to buy time. I had to endure at least a week of hell for a lifetime of freedom. I lifted my gaze to him, looking not into his eyes, but his crotch. What a sham this was. How could I choose anything otherwise? I want you to look directly into the camera and declare in complete sentences that you willingly desire to be our slave, that this has been a fantasy of yours for many years, and you have decided to live out this fantasy.

I want both passwords. Do they think I am an idiot? My ATM password is the same. She's not worth it, I tell you, just an average piece of slave meat. Let's take it and move on. First Slave, take her to the mod room. From grad school to slave school, eh slave Kelli?

People will say anything in a moment of desperation. Self preservation is instinct. Whether or not she would actually come to believe and admit to herself that she truly was just a slut and slave during her week was anyone's guess at this point. We led our trainee by the leash to another room. Over the door were just two words. On it were clamps in various places. At Karl's command, the slut rose to her feet and he placed her on the block. The size of it was just long enough for her ass to be at the edge of one end and for her head to dangle over the other.

I saw that under her head was a metal plate on hinges that could be positioned to raise her head. She struggled with the huge plug in her ass, but Karl said nothing about it, and I certainly was not going to say anything.

First he clamped her arms to the block along the sides of her body. The clamps were shiny steel and obviously very strong. Next her hair was clamped so her head was nearly upside down over the end of the block. She offered some resistance at this point, but a sharp word from Karl silenced the slave. Last, each leg was raised high and wide and clamped just above the knee. She was completely helpless and nearly immobile. A beautiful picture to be sure, with her smooth cunt open and on display, and of course I took plenty of pictures.

She cringed each time she saw the flash. Karl had deactivated her shock collar, and allowed some erotic moaning, but warned her against being too vocal. Once she was prepared, Karl spoke. First, of course, you need much practice at using your mouth hole to please your Master. Fortunately, we have a couple parties planned where you will be providing service and entertainment. I am sure your skills will improve there. We also learned from our foreign guests that each was disappointed about something different about you.

Your ears are not pierced. Nearly every woman in America has at least one piercing in each ear, but they are a true sign of a lowly slave in other places around the world and universe, for that matter. Your nipples were not stretched, which is also important to some Masters. And your ass was not ready for use by that big black cock. Those three things we can address today or at least begin. We also learned, by your own admission, that you have never had sexual interaction with a woman, which is also somewhat odd in this day and age, though not unheard of.

So, let's have a little fun, shall we? I wondered which was worse for her, the assaults on her body or the ones on her mind, which would be far more devastating in the long run.

I won't tell anyone. Have you changed your mind, slave? I am your Master, and you will address me as such. These two slaves of mine are your mistresses, and you shall address them appropriately. You are a slave, three holes in need of training, no more. Karl sizzled her ass with a leather tawse he kept on the counter. She screamed aloud in pain. I told you how to address me correctly.

Karl opened a nearby drawer and pulled out a set of nipple clamps. As he squeezed them, I could tell they were strong and had small teeth to grip the nipple. There were rings at the other ends where weights could be attached. Those would come later. She stifled a scream as he applied them.

I was sure that this was yet another type of pain she had never before experienced. Karl motioned Lena and me into position. Lena was at the slut's head and I was between her legs. Her mouth, though inverted, was right at the level of Lena's crotch, and her pussy was spread right in front of me.

No matter what else is happening, use your tongue on Lena and make her cum. If you do you will be rewarded. If you do not, then you will be punished. Obey her commands, all of them. If she tells you to use your tongue faster or slower, you will. I suggest you be enthusiastic. She had no patience. Karl motioned me to give inspiration at the other end. If she was smart, she would take cues from what I was doing to her own clit. Then again maybe I was just distracting her. She was dripping though.

She was so damn wet and delicious. She was about to get another distraction, but this time from Karl. While Lena was bellowing out orders and riding the dangling face in front of her, I was ravaging the drenched pussy, that was open and inviting, with my lips and tongue. Then Karl got into the action. He simply began to cruelly twist her nipples, already in pain from the toothy clamps. This triple attack was perfectly orchestrated to mess with her head, especially when she played it all back in her mind later.

Having a woman at her mouth and another between her legs for the first time was one thing. Juicing profusely and building to orgasm was another. Then there was the terrible pain in her nipples. How could her body possibly acknowledge pleasure much less have a monster orgasm in spite of all this, or even worse, because of it, unless, she really was a slut and nothing more than slave meat.

I pictured all this running through her mind until it was reeling with the implications. All that would come later, of course, when she had time to think. But right now, I wanted to force her into a massive cum, but the timing had to be just right.

Pain and pleasure had to be indistinguishable. I guessed the time partly by the slut's asshole and cunt beginning to spasm. Then I heard Lena say to her, "Open your mouth wider, bitch" as she reached between her own legs and furiously rubbed her clit. That was the signal for both Karl and I. We knew Lena was a squirter and was about to fill the unsuspecting mouth with girl cum. Karl viciously twisted the clamped nipples, as I sucked hard on the swollen clit in front of me.

She and Lena both exploded almost simultaneously. To my surprise, this cunt also sprayed my face. That was my reward, just as the copious fluid from Lena had been the slut's reward that Karl had told her about. I had to laugh at that. As the other two girls were still shaking from their orgasms, I waited for Karl to speak. I was pretty fucking horny by this time, but I knew I would get my chance. Karl first raised up the slut's head level and locked the support into place.

The clamp where her hair was attached was part of it so her head was still secure. Then Karl finally spoke, "I will address the piercing issue right now or rather start the process. He handed the rings to Lena but held the needle where the helpless girl could see it. Sluts like you usually use them for subliminal advertising to men, to tell them what they are or show them that they want fucked, hard and often.

Hoop earrings just represent a hole. That idea gets to a man's subconscious. Tattoos are frequently pretty little works of art in strategic places where they will draw attention. Over the ass, or above the pussy just high enough to show above a bikini.

Sometimes on the tits as well. But the fact that you have none must mean that you simply are not willing to admit what you are. Which you will learn is one and the same. Then again, you could be terrified of needles as well. Her lips were syncing, 'no. Sluts are made to be fucked, not heard.

I showed it to her, as I spread the metal hinges. Her eyes were wide with fear and dread. Let's get back to work," Karl announced. Karl wiped the needle with alcohol then took a small block of some material that looked like rubber and placed it behind her earlobe.

As he pushed the needle through, I could faintly hear the crunch of cartilage from where I stood. I am sure that sound in her ear would terrify her forever. She screamed into the gag. Her muted pleas were like music to our ears. Her 'high and mightiness' was being brought down another peg. My own ears had been pierced with a surgical hole punch. Quick, easy and less painful, but that was not the desired affect here. Karl took a large hoop and put it in the hole as he removed the needle, then turned it and squeezed more alcohol on to the fresh wound.

It is a good thing I did not completely fill her mouth with used panties. She was breathing so raggedly, that she would no doubt hyperventilate if her primary air passage was blocked. He moved to her other side and repeated the process exactly with the other ear. Kelli's eyes followed the needle, knowing there was nothing she could do to stop it. Once the second ear was pierced, she seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, thinking it was over.

Karl continued the process on the second ear with four more holes and four more rings going up from the first. Kelli screamed into her gag for the first two of the four, then just lay there moaning, resigned to her new jewelry.

Each of the four rings was slightly smaller than the last. Each time the crunch was louder. Karl stepped back to look at his work. There was only the one large loop in the one ear and five in the other. Perhaps like a gypsy or a goth. Definitely a good look for the new you, slave. I actually thought they looked quite fashionable, hardly worth having a breakdown. Kelli's nostrils flared with anger and hatred. Karl thought a second before speaking.

She will be back in this room more than once, but I will give her one more ring that can be useful as well as ornamental. He kept talking to her though; then she could see him again between her legs. Whether she understood that immediately or not, she was probably distracted by Karl's fingers, squeezing her clit and rubbing it with his thumb. As it swelled at his touch, he laughed. Wanting the fuck that I have denied you so far? Perhaps she thought this was the moment her cherry would be picked, but Karl had other plans.

Kelli continued to move her head as much as possible, emphasizing her horror at what seemed to be happening. Soon you will beg me to take your virginity. Lena was waiting with the gold ring and the alcohol. It was over in seconds. One yelp, and Kelli passed out from the pain. Karl removed the hideous dental gag and said to us, "I want her ass and nipples stretched.

It doesn't matter how you do it. Might as well leave in that ass plug overnight and we'll replace it with a larger one tomorrow. Do whatever you want with her except don't break her cherry and no permanent marks.

Chain her as you wish, but don't leave her gagged overnight. We removed her from the remaining restraints and decided against the sirik at this point. Of course, we left on her leather wrist and ankle cuffs. When she awoke, we made her stand. She was wobbly at first. I stood behind her, pulling her head slightly back by her hair.

I was bigger and stronger than she was, so controlling her was easy. She moaned a bit, but that was to be expected. Lena finally spoke to her venomously. Each one had a clip at the top. These attached and secured nicely to the nipple clamps. First one, then the other.

You could see the pain on her face as the weights pulled on their metal teeth. Lena was not satisfied though. She added another and bigger weight to each. This time the slave couldn't help but rebel, twisting and turning, screaming, "Fuck, fuck, please stop!

I yanked her hair as Lena yelled at her. I don't care if you scream. I kind of like to hear it, but no talking. If you disobey me I might convince Master to give you your second taste of his slave whip.

Now, as much as I would love to tear up that juicy cunt of yours, it is off limits for now, but," she continued, "Master does want your tight asshole stretched as well as your nipples. This little whore needs more muff diving practice. I had been horny as hell all day and I needed a good cum even if it was by an inexperienced tongue. It was sweet revenge though, that it was from my good old teach. Lena forced her to her knees, then her head to my juicing cunt.

Lena lightly warmed her elevated ass with a wooden paddle, each swat slightly stronger than the previous one. As I began to huff and puff, a consuming fire building within my loins, Lena increased the speed of the swats.

Kelli was gasping, in pain and in need of oxygen. The weights were swinging wildly and painfully, doing their job as well. I quickly had a hard orgasm, but that did not extinguish the fire. As one orgasm waned, another built. My TA, a bitch on one end of the continent, was now slave on the other end, and she was enthusiastically fueling my oven. That's a beautiful thing about women. Multiple, even dozens of orgasms are possible, especially with the right tongue or strap-on, no down time like a man.

After my second orgasm, Lena pulled the panting Kelli from my gaping pussy. I lifted my head; my new slave's face was covered in my love nectar.

She was licking her face as far as her tongue could stretch. It was such a cute sight to behold, my little kitty. All she needed was some whiskers. As I wobbly got to my feet, and left the room, Lena was riding Kelli's face like a bareback rider. I returned with a little bell. We had talked about it during our planning session. While Kelli was focused on satisfying Lena, I inspected my slave's ringed clit.

It was completely engorged, ready for action. This slut's virginity was going to be short lived I knew but for now I pulled on the clit ring, twisting and turning. Kelli moaned loudly under Lena's cunt. I attached the bell to her clit ring, flicking it, making sure the sound was loud and true. I could not resist, and took her belled clit into my mouth, biting down until Kelli began to scream and cum, her face still smothered by Lena.

Suddenly, Lena screamed in ecstasy, as an intense orgasm washed over her. Still panting, Lena said to me, "Help me chain her to that wall. We bound her legs and arms, with her back to the wall. She hung from her bound wrists, barely aware of her surroundings, lost in a sexual fog. Lena left for a moment, and returned with a small bottle of liquid. She spoke to me as she used a cotton ball to apply it liberally to the hapless girl's nipples, clit and pussy lips.

It's what gives them their zing. These chemicals in just the right proportions will produce the ideal amount of heat and irritation in all those wonderful places, where in her current position, she can't scratch. Kind of like the affect that Spanish Fly is supposed to have.

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