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Looking for cool masc dudes

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Looking for cool masc dudes

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You wont ever hear anything but country playing from my radio. Looking for someone to talk to m4w Hi, I'm looking to make some new friends.

Relationship Status:Never Married
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Relation Type:Married Lady Is Looking For A New Little Girl.

Looking for cool masc dudes

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W4m I love the outdoors, relaxing, cuddling, hiking, Looking for cool masc dudes movies. I like fine dining and best cafe. The one who understands what it truly means to be a generous provider.

Waiting for some fun waiting for a clean fwb maybe you not getting what you want from home or just want to have fun your gets mine You had on really short shorts and a white top. I am 6'2 206lesbi. Huge House Pool Hot HUNG boy m4w m4mw Rented big house, amazing pool, new to LA, and here working for 5-6 months back and forth. SO REPLY AND ILL SEND YOU ONE. I NEED A BOSS w4m All these fake boobies players out here.

There were other photos I could have used — ones in which I was sipping a Cosmo or expressing an emotion, maybe — but somehow, I knew that the ones I used instead were more likely to result in an active inbox.

One afternoon in , a dude I'd been talking to for a few days on OkCupid spontaneously asked me out for a drink after work. And not goofy straight soccer dad jorts; these were hole-y, tight s twink -in-the-West-Village jorts.

When I showed up at the bar a few hours later, he glanced down at my thigh area situation and his face displayed a mixture of distinct surprise and disapproval. All prior images he had of me involved baseball caps and football jerseys, not the kind of wardrobe that suggested I'd show up to the bar wearing the same garment Mariah Carey did while rollerblading in her seminal music video for "Fantasy.

Except instead of reeling him in with the picture of a hot stranger, I had simply used a hypermasculine version of myself. In the thirst-fueled terrain of gay dating apps, few issues are fraught with more potential landmines than the topic of masculinity. In between are men who may or may not put so much direct thought into the topic but probably lean in one of the two directions, whether they realize it or not. But even when a man's profile doesn't explicitly advertise his interest in men who conform to heteronormative masculine norms, it typically goes without saying that such men are positioned for more match success than their campy counterparts — which is where mascfishing comes in.

In a social experiment, D'Angelo decided to put this hunch to the test and go on a straight up mascfishing spree. He swapped out his long-haired, expressive default face pic for one "with less expression and my hair pulled out of sight under a baseball cap.

In 10 days, he received six times as many messages as he had with his old pic in 14 days, resulting in a number of potential dates. That is, until guys got a view of his feminine side. To be fair, not every man who presents as traditionally masculine on gay dating apps is a mascfish. Some may be presenting themselves honestly or as honestly as they can in a few pictures and sentences.

This would be just fine if all men were born with naturally deep, commanding voices and affinities for growing beards and fixing cars. But obviously NotAllMen are born that way, so placing so much value on traditionally masculine qualities can leave many feeling pressured to " perform " these qualities in order to be more attractive to potential partners. Therefore, I think men tend to get caught up in putting out weird vibes, especially in gay culture where men often feel obligated to balance out their attraction to other men with behaviors and activities that are often associated with heterosexual males.

The pressure to be butch sucks enough for straight guys, who are often doomed to keep their unwavering love of Sex and the City a dark, shameful secret. But for gay guys, it can be an express train to self-loathing. It's not about feminine versus masculine. But my boyfriend and I did meet on OkCupid — and it was indeed the macho undertones of my profile that led him to reach out in the first place.

Had I displayed my penchant for abbrevs or my spiritual connection with Mariah in my initial OkCupid profile, I can't help but wonder if he would have thought to message me in the first place. Yet much like an actual episode of Catfish in which the couple decides to stay together after all, sometimes you have to fall in love with the fantasy of someone before they win you over with who they really are.

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Trump offers mixed signals on his support for criminal justice reform in bid to woo black supporters.

Pitbull - do people find him attractive?

And so on for the next three weeks until I went home. They all married from what I gathered. With my cousins younger than I am and aunt and uncle I kept in touch and went back, but never had sex again with any of them. Hadn't thought about it for a while. Jim Ray was muscular, freckled - perfect farm boy. And lazy as can be, except for one thing. It started with vodka and tina and ended up with me being a pass around bottom for 8 guys that I knew and 4 that I didn't have a clue as to who they were.

Someone said they were from Cal State, but they sort of fucked me and left. I still have the cell pic of my post gang bang hole.

I'll post it if enough of you ask. Louis was the same as New York. And they also assumed that big city kids who wore glasses, were smallish, and who talked in a refined way automatically would go for the kind of thing they had in mind. I envy R10's imagination. Has to be a veteran Nifty alum, noting wrong with that, of course.

So long as it works. As for R22, now there is a whore for the ages. I'm just stunned at the thought of all those flavors. I've never been in a gang bang but I've bottomed for two guys at the same time. We actually got together a few times. I was always the bottom. They took turns fucking me while I sucked the other one's dick.

They both have beautiful dicks too. One is about 6 to 7" and the other one is almost 8". It's the best sex I've ever had. For some reason, it's a huge turn-on to be passed around like that. And I'm not even a whore I swear! Met a hot drunk guy there kinda Woody Harrelson-esque who said, "Wow, I'm so horny anyone could blow me. Then a friend of his came in. Then left, and came back bringing two of his friends.

And a few times someone came and left, and I looked up and saw 14 guys. Locked the door and I kept sucking. Except for the very drunk dudes, most of them came fairly quickly. I just loved tasting all those cocks, the smell of their balls filling my nose, the taste of their loads. The tall muscl-y guy who looked like he might have had the biggest dick? Had maybe 4" hard. A nice mouthful but no sizemeat. The guy who was 5 ft 5? He could have easily self sucked.

I think my favourite part of R10's post is "I kept in touch with my cousins but never had sex with them again. I wish I could have bottomed for two guys at the same time. That's been a fantasy of mine double penetration for a long time, but I'd have to find two very lean guys who are nicely hung but not huge…..

I was 1 in on an unplanned double penetration once. It wasn't so much sexy as it was astonishing. I'm sure my expression was one of admiration to the pure bottom who was on top of me at the time.

R39 reeks of puritantical and prissy judgementalism, complete with pursed lips and balled-up fists on hips. You'd certainly beat off to this if it were pron and you were watching it.

And love the way guys respond to it. It's a huge turn on. Can you tell me if any of the guys you sucked were really INTO it, you know, that you knew they'd do this again, may be gay, etc.? I bottomed for five guys--It was in a bath house late 90s in NYC. I had seen them come in together and I went to my "room" one of them came in and fucked me.

I guess he liked it so he told the others and one by one each came in and fucked me. One of them was really into me and it was the best. They were all closed by then. Admit that this happened in the late 70's and you are now an eldergay! In fact, a handful of times. I honestly don't remember much about it as it wasn't a one time thing. The guys who really enjoyed it took their time as much as they could.

I played with two of them at other times. The one was a redheaded guy who said he'd never cum by BJ before I blew him.

He saw me on campus a few weeks later and we ended up hooking up a few times that year. I focus a lot of my tongue and slurping on the underside of a man's cock often ignored by cocksuckers, who think it's all about the head when I blow a guy, and this guy was in heaven when I did it. When we played again I mouth-edged his beautiful cock for hours like that. R10, that is one of the hottest stories I've ever heard.

You are so lucky. R34 has the second hottest story on here. I would love to have been in that room smelling all those balls. I love how sexy they are when they talk. I love the smell, the taste, and the feel of cock. I love the taste of cum. R59 I don't know about that. Thinking back on a long career, few if any of my stories are really omgworthy, However, if mild-mannered me did all the stuff I did, with zero guilt, then I believe just about all of it.

I have bottomed in several gang bangs I met up with 8 tops I know at local hotel here in Atlanta. They all started tag teaming me, double fucking I fucking loved bit of it I could take on if they wanted to.

I bottomed for 7 guys during Xmas break. It just sort of happened. An ex and I started hooking up at a party, then other guys just started coming into the room and I pulled a train. And got my face and hole drown in jizz. Too much fucking coke, Still getting fucking tested to make sure I didn't get anything. I was in Cairo years back and met a soldier who took me to a police box in order to fuck me.

We got there and there were 3 other soldiers there. It was a long night. I can't say I enjoyed it much in the end. It was flattering but considering that we were totally sexually reciprocal and I don't think I give off a submissive energy I'm still not sure what made him think that I would be interested in the role. Not a gang bang exactly. I had a habit last year of ganging up tops in one night. The smallest and most boring first.

So I had a starter cock come at Gone in 15 min. Then it was 2 up to bat. That took 30 min before he popped his load in my ass. In a condom like starter cock. Then we built up to the finish cock.

He is a champ. Excellent rim job and about 45 min of deep drilling in different positions. He is the only guy who has made me cum hands free so he was last.

To my surprise he popped without warning. I had no complaints as he had drilled me to happiness many times. About 20 min after he left another fuck buddy dude from months before texted me. I had taken a shower and was ready for bed. He said he was horny and he had a surprise for me. This dude had a good 9. I said bring it. He arrived and I proceeded to suck him in the living room. Naked as I answered the door. He was sitting on the couch and I stuck my ass up high to show it off for his nerdy looking blk buddy.

Eventually the nerdy dude went for my ass as I was sucking this guy and almost failing. Over 9" is a tough throat job. I was choking and my regular said okay turn around for your surprise. The dude who was playing with my ass had a true 11 incher. So big it was barely hard. It was half mast like many monster cocks can be.

I was thrilled and gobbled it up. While I got to work on that beast, my buddy bagged up and stuffed his dick in my ass and proceeded to rail me. So it was a nice spit roast. After a bit, and I was getting rug burns on my knees, we headed to my bedroom. Buddy laid on my bed with legs hanging over and I got on facing him. I rode his cock while the big boy got on the bed and stood and fed me his huge one. But soon the big guy pulled outta my mouth and proceeded to the back.

He lubed up and slipped in a finger in my ass while I rode my buddy's meat. That was a strain. I thought maybe I knew what was coming. Soon enough, he bagged up and started forcing his massive cock in my ass along with my buddy's already throbbing tool.

It probably took a good 10 minutes. And a lot of lube. But I made the decision that this was my lucky night and I damn well better relax and push my hole out and take the giant gift that was being offered. So the second slab popped in. It hurt at first but good god. Once that second dick popped the ring and slipped up it was heaven.

They both pumped for quite a while. My buddy shot after about 10 min and pulled out. The horse cock kept at it, but he was just not hard enough to continue. I sucked him after he pulled out for another 15 min but he said he was good. Just too overwhelmed to cum. I never came while they were there either. Only my buddy popped.

They both left satisfied. So from till about My best night ever. I have since let them both drill me a few times. Usually that night it is just them. So I call it a 20" night. BTW my ass is not sprung. I still have " buddies I flip fuck with. They love my ass. It must be the 8th wonder of the word cause that slot snaps back and is still as tight as ever. I still get off with a small dude pumping me. I don't understand the spur-of-the-moment nature of some of these gangbangs.

Does the whole world walk around pre-douched on the off chance that they're going to get gangbanged or is just a series of muddy messes? First at sex party with about 12 guys. Then at Rainbow Caberet bath house. I look like shit and meds are not very effective.

I hate having to inject myself every day. I haven't had sex in yrs. No one wants to touch me. The reason being if she does offer a bad connection choice instead, Faz will only see that continuing his spiral into PUA hell and creepiness is superficially successful which is the exact opposite message he needs right now. And yeah, not the example Faz needs, though not as bad as if it had been Old Joe making the first move on Malaya. Jacob is a ten. Just in the moment he begins to distance himself from that toxic thinking, JOYCE — too pure for this sinful world Joyce — begins spouting the same bullshit.

I think there is an aspect of him fearing that he drags her down with him, similar to here http: What on Earth has Joe done to Malaya to deserve being viciously assaulted in your eyes? Or anyone for that matter? The greatest weapon of evil is the ability to take on a fair form. Like Sauron deceiving the elves of Eregion. He could simply feel that her attempts might be found out and all kinds of drama would ensue. Of course, he does think Joyce has a chance.

Genuinely asking here, btw. Not British or Canadian slang. So… Despite everything, is it wrong to ship Joe and Joyce? I kinda ship them. Like, at the least, I find their friendship very interesting and very dynamic. It does imply she trusts him more than Joe might expect.

We need answers, not your flirting! This is why Marcie is taking time to confess to you! Interesting to see what happens here, almost like a devil temptation on one shoulder and angel redemption on the other. Joes turned down flirting females before because he thought he could get something better so hopefully his ego will step up and make the right decision.

And why would Joe have a problem saying that? If his relationship fails, it should be on its own terms, not from someone else interfering. And on the topic of the list, Joyce was the one that was finally able to get him to fully understand how fucked what he did actually was. What I am trying to figure out, is if Joe has romantic feeling for Joyce, or sees her more as a little sister.

He probably only now is clueing in that he likes her, but he was definitely impressed when she showed up for their date looking adorable in that yellow dress and when she asked him what she was before she was a zero-minus, he literally bolted and ran away. I dunno if Joe likes Joyce like that, although I could sort of see it since they seem to be relatively close.

Like how does Joyce think Joe thinks so low of her? Wherever could she have got that idea… http: To be fair, she obviously gets that her score reflects Joe being in a snit about their date rather than his true feelings, but she still wants him to spit it out.

But not women as sex objects. But later she said she was the only woman he had rated based on who she was right? Because they have grown since Joyce punched Joe because he was being a creep. They became friends through mutual understanding and bonding over parents who are fighting. Plus Joyce opening up and showing Joe that she trusts him.

Enough to tell him about Gashface. She forced herself to eat her buttered noodles with the meatballs on top because she wanted to be more normal for Jacob and the girl she tries setting Jacob up with, Sarah, is pre-law, just like raidah and jacob himself and she could very well feel that her education choice is below his academic level and therefore dont match up.

Mad and highly-unlikely possibility: Joyce sees that Malaya is making Joe uncomfortable so she decides to run interference for him. Well in reality I think Joe would be a bit stunned in this situation, like going off with someone is not how he thought this situation would end so it would be nice to see Joyce look out for Joe. Solution is to see a therapist, like most characters here should be doing.

Nobody as any obligation to build people up. And I think this stopped being about breaking up a short while ago. Given I have a wife who suffers from depression, I find this statement to be bullshit as the basics of a friendship is to be there for that person. What really surprises me here is that this is a surprise for Joyce. Got correctly gendered in the airport yesterday. Was even wearing makeup because business trip while in the US and closeted so.

Only thing different was my hair and I did not know hair made such a huge difference in how people gender you. Am totally gonna use that style again cuz I finally found a masc style that seems to work for me. Oh yeah, hair makes so much difference in my experience too. More people have been talking to me in masculine language since I got a shorter haircut. But one purpose of a rating system is to locate yourself on it. And Joyce thinks she is pretty low.

This is inevitable given her guilt-based upbringing. On her scale, yes. A cosmology of guilt and female subservience will lead to feelings of unworthiness. She sees her entire life as being something to someone else- a daughter, wife, mother. She had implied, and Becky has outright said, that that was what she was raised for.

In Gender Studies she made it clear she believed although at that point it was starting to crack that her role was to have a husband and let him make the rules. She, as a person, is nothing without God- and implied that she believes he had built a plan for her life that overrides anything she wants.

Which links back into my above point. I remember one movie with Liv Tyler where a guy tries to use that as an attitude for her to leave fundamentalist Christianity. It is a central doctrine of her religion that she is sinful and worthless without Christ, and the comic has several references.

When she expresses sin envy — she is afraid to sin, and afraid not to. She parts her foot into components — her peer group rolls eyes. She was unable to cuss — her peer group laughs about it. Imitating Sal and getting her gloves thrown out by Ruth. Possible turning point for Joe here. Either he goes with Malaya for casual superficial sex or he stays and tries to pursue a real relationship with Joyce. Possibly Joe chases after her?

Faz presumably in tow, I guess. Or he just stands there like an idiot. Honestly, I just want to see Malaya to crash and burn a little here. I kind of want Malaya to succeed. Not even Carla is this annoying. Who cares if she fakes her accent? Sal drove a motorcycle to catch a super heroine in mid air! We saw Sal save Amazing-Girl, not Malaya.

All Malaya has seen of Sal is her being a gigantic pain in the ass. Yes, Malaya was not present then. Joyce is Christian, she should be very familiar with the idea of the devil. Also we hate Malaya for going and hitting on a hunky dude with impeccably but inadvertently bad timing now?

We know she has first-hand experience of these attributes. I think her upbringing has been such that she would not dare to think any of these things about herself. Learning that she can — and that she will not be struck by lightning if she does — is part of the process she has begun at UI.

March 28, at March 28, at 8: March 28, at 1: They can ride them just fine. Their steering and balance may need a bit of work. March 28, at 2: At first, I thought that linked to a memo from the Royal Flying Corps written in March 29, at 2: BrokenEye, the True False Prophet. March 28, at 9: Sorry, Joyce and Joyce alone earned her score as anything other than objectification. Also, Faz seems pretty okay with this development. Faz is a pretty chill guy, honestly.

Living in a bubble of arrogance will apparently do that. Between this and his penchant for charts I see a future career in management for him,. March 31, at 8: Nicely done summing that up!

You could always throw a Shockwave, but…you know. Only if she a freak. March 28, at 7:

So, you just met a cute guy on OkCupid, or Grindr, or Scruff, is really asking them if they look like a man, are strong, and are aggressive. Ben Kawaller desperately wanted to be liked by guys seeking “masc” men on Grindr. So he changed his appearance to better cater to their. Picture the scene: it was me and my friend Michael talking over a beer after work one night. It was the usual catch-up between university mates.