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Rob Stringer Kevin Kelleher. Tony Vinciquerra Thomas Rothman. Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Sony Mix Sony Rox. Sony Pictures Television animaxtv. Sony Channel Sony Turbo. Retrieved from " https: As devastating as our flood was, as costly as it will be and as sad as we all are that there were precious lives lost, this was not a Kartrina event. And, Praise God we had very competent leadership here in Nashville.

Our city officials did an excellent job of handling it. Neighbors helped neighbors just as they did in New Orleans and all the areas Katrina affected. As for the Obama slur, our President signed the disaster relief request the moment he got it and FEMA was already here. I do not know what kind of incompetence you are referring to Irish.

You think he needs to come to Nashville to survey the damage? I think the hundreds of gallons of oil being spilled into the Gulf is a little more severe than what we have experienced. He has personal experience in tragedy and loss. I appreciate the comments here. We are a village. We are a village that cares for our own regardless of how long we have known each other. It is not about history, its about community connection, a sense of belonging that stems from who we are as a people.

It will only be made stronger by this. There is pain and hardship, but there is also new connections made here that will last for lifetimes. New freindships created by hardship that will last into positive times after this has past that will make our community one that is closer. I only knew the gravity of this flood from a friend who lives there, then learned more by reading media outlets in your area.

The civility and chivlary shown by the people of Nashville gives me hope that the true American spirit is alive and well. The national media may not appreciate your struggles and your triumphs, but many of your fellow Americans do indeed. I live in the shadows of Nashville, Cheatham County. We are swimming too.

The people in middle Tennessee are kind, caring individuals. We volunteer around the world, of course, we will take care of our own. A year ago today, Montgomery, AL was hit with a flash flood. It was a year flood. It was horrible all the damage it did. We had 1 minute on the national news and we were like you, the city came together and did what needed to be done.

With that said, I now know what we went through was nothing compared to Nashville. Nashville is a great city! You will rebuild and be much stronger!! Now that I have stopped crying long enough to see the screen, I want to tell you Tennessee is in my heart. Did your mechanic make it through? Do you know how are it is to find a good mechanic only to lose him to a flood. How about the couple down the street with the little girl will they still be there?

You guys have a long road ahead of you but I have faith you will pull through just fine because that is just who you are. They got in their boats and went out and got their neighbors. Wow well said is right! I am very sorry that this happened and is still happening. The news of the flood was touched on here for less than 15 min. Good for Nashville for dealing with this disaster with your southern charm, and courtesy.

I wish you all the best, my heart goes out to everyone affected, and I grieve for those lost in this horrible tragedy. Act of God that has no fault or blame, like Hurrican Katrina etc. I pray for everyone in every city that has been affected. The media can be a friend or enemy to some and the media can highlight others in a dark way or in the light. But what did you do in all disaster situations when the media placed blame? NO actually fared quite well throughout the storm itself; it was the failure of the federal levee system that caused all the havoc.

Computer models played it out, articles were written, presentations given. Nashville is like a second hometown to me. I love it there. I want to retire there here in a few years. It is one of the most beautiful cities I have even been to. However, because I have family there, I was greatly interested in following the flood story everyday.

I never had much of a problem seeing it on the local news for a few days after it started. A couple of national news stations also made updates. And the Internet was full of pictures and stories. Keep in mind, power outages prevent many from Nashville from seeing the news while others in the country tuned in daily for updates.

Flooding also prevent certain types of interviews and even access. Cindy- this post is not about the world. It is about Nashville! We obviously are very much involved in our country……I know tons of people who went to Gulf to help after Katrina, and I volunteered at the local shelters. His article was written because we only received about 1 minute on the national news sites WHILE this was going on….. I know because I watched CNN, and barely saw a mention. I am sure there were good people in Katrina, but unfortunately the negative people are what attracted the attention…..

I understand your frustrations, but I think maybe you need to realize this is something that we are proud of at this time, and please stop trying to be negative about it! If you had taken the time to read my other posts you would understand that my comments are very sincere.

Its about humans from everywhere coming together to help those in a time of need. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are suffering through this cotastrophe.

Cindy— I did read your other posts, and that is why I can tell you are not sincere. You are for Nashville in one post, and yell at someone supporting us in another. I just read this for the first time yesterday and I was very disappointed in all of the negative comments that were made by this blog, for which he was simply trying to say he was proud of our city! Why can someone not say something supportive without people twisting everything around?

I am proud of them for working so hard to save peoples lives, just as this article says. We are not full of ourselves here, we are simply proud of our town. And by the way- I am, in NO way in a bubble! I just went to Africa this last year to help perform surgeries on children at a hospital and as I said, I will always help out!!

It was an obvious jab for no reason…. Maybe you should look at it from our view and see why it looks like a rude comment……. Being a physician myself and helping around the world maybe you should put your money where your mouth is my friend. I have said nothing whatsoever negative about Nashville. I have friends who live there that I am trying to help get through this horrible time. I think you need to check yourself.

Maybe you are one of the people not so nice in Nashville. Get out and help people if you live there. Patten — I have to admit that while reading this it did 3 things to me: All the best to those affected in whatever way possible.

And I also am proud to be a lifelong Middle Tennessean. Great article and excellent points. Thank you for reminding me how awesome the people of the Volunteer State are! Reading this post gave me cold chills. I feel so blessed by God to live in a community where we look out for one another, help one another and pull together in times of crisis. I am so blessed to live in Nashville and to call it my home!

I am all the way here in North Central Texas, but am a very frequent visitor to Nashville. The world just might be a better place. Go back to Texas stupid! I have to agree with Marinagirl. I was out of state when all this happened and I got better and more accurate info from my pals on FB than I did from watching the local Nashville news via the internet.

And certainly there were far better pictures of the damage on FB. Sorry, but social networks kicked your behinds on this one! Thank you for the excellent coverage our local news has been doing on this tragedy; blessings on you as you continue to keep our wonderful city informed. How if she lives in Texas is she going to watch your local news station? Have a blessed day. Send her the websites for the media, fox, abc, nbc and cbs. They have excellent videos.

That is what I did for my out of state friends. Is there a reason for name calling? Way to be immature. I have family in Arkansas and Arizona both. There are videos etc. Internet is a handy thing. I too heard more about all the tragedy on FaceBook than the news channels. You are very bitter, Greg. She was probably talking about national media attention, since she does live in Texas.

Yes all of our local stations did an amazing job but the national media dropped us! Any reason to start trash talking those of us in Texas? I almost always find out about things before it gets national news coverage there. I hope that people all over learn from the lessons the people of Nashville have taught us.

Greg is that comment really necessary? I am from Tennessee and now live in South Texas. I absolutely agree with MarinaGirl. I have many friends and family that are very close to me that are in Nashville, so I absolutely have seen more coverage on Facebook from my friends and family then what I have on the news. In Nashville there was non-stop coverage.

Here in Texas at least where I live there has been very little coverage. Even the Today show only did about a 45 second segment about it. Greg, you are an idiot. You get a life and get outa TN. She is right, FB has had an enormous amount of info.

She was just stating her opinion. I can see you are very partial to your news station. Greg, your comment is unintelligent, completely uncalled for and a shameful embarrasment for Tennesseans. Greg, That gal from Texas is dead on. I have spoken to friends and family in Michigan, California, Virginia and Florida…and it was DAYS before any of them saw a thing on their news about the devistation that hit Nashville. Without FB, the media might have let it lie….. You are a professional working at a t.

Maybe you should be fired and let Marina take your place. I just love this. Thank you so much for writing such a poignant piece about our amazing city and our people here. If there was one thing I saw this weekend more than rain, it was compassion. I lived for almost four years in Nashville and then moved back to Iowa and in we experienced a year flood in our community.

The whole downtown was underwater. And we got some coverage, but like you are saying, not a lot. But it will mostly take you, and what you as a community decide to do to take care of yourselves that will make the biggest difference. Thank you so much for this article. I needed it today after so much news of turmoil and destruction. It took saying it out loud to make me feel better.

I love Nashville, love the people, the community and the attitude. I was going to make a comment about the Iowa City floods until I got to your post, Rev.

Your last sentence says it all and much better than I could have. Nashville has an unbelievable effort going to save things. Not much looting, no rioting, etc. I read your article and sat nodding my head because it is so true.

If the people of Nashville had been looting and rioting it would have been all over the news. As it was, no one I spoke to knew a lot about it other than there was a storm. It is great to see the people of Nashville helping each other out and the rest of the country should take a lesson from this. This was the second time I have seen that word used for it by a Nashville resident. I think it bothers me so much because I have family and friends who live in Nashville.

It is belittling and insensitive. I realize the media is at fault for all of it but I ask you as a citizen to stop and consider the feelings of those being affected in the Gulf states. My prayers go out to the people of Tennessee and the other states that were affected by this storm. I hope that in my efforts to voice my opinion that I myself have not offended anyone because I truly love Nashville and the people who live there; I only ask that we all be considerate of each other.

I can assure you that no one is making light of the troubles in the Gulf; it would just be nice if the disaster in Middle TN—including the 19 and counting lost lives—were getting as much play. That was the point of this very moving and well-written piece. The question is why would the floods here get the same attention as the oil spill in the Gulf?

The oil spill in the Gulf not only resulted in a similar number of deaths, but was also caused by human actions. The spill comes at a time we are publicly debating expanded oil drilling, so there are lots of questions being asked and ramifications being explored. Actually, I think David seems to be the minority in Nashville that actually can use logical reasoning to assess the situation. Nashville is nice, but not the center of the world. Hi Ellen, I would never refer to the Gulf situation as sexy.

I am a born and raised Nashvillian and spent a couple of years in Destin, FL and have a soft spot in my heart for the area. The horrific situation going on in the gulf would make me cry each time I saw pictures of the disaster and then the floods came here to Nashville.

Now I cry over both. Both are tragic, environmentally and financially. I just found your blog post from a friend on facebook posting a link to it. Thank you for saying that. I lived in Nashville…well actually Murfreesboro, for 14 years. Just moved to Chicago last June.

I was in town this weekend for a cousins wedding. You wrote this beautifully. Thank you for your article Patten. Nashville will be in my prayers. Just watched my local news and they actually showed an image of nashville and spoke of the flooding receeding now, AND, that was the entire news about Nashville. I regret that nashvillians are not getting the coverage they deserve.

As you stated… it was not terror sexy enough to cover… and I despise how our local news handles news coverage. Hopefully you will get ALL of the resources you need to help your city.

You will continue to be in my prayers. Thanks again for the information you provided. The Superdome took 6 days to be evacuated. You guys deal with the same conditions those in New Orleans did for 6 days and come tell us how awesome Nashville is. But we ARE a grand group of people. Rational — We have neighborhoods that were completely cut off since Saturday night. And it will take a while to get to everyone who has unfortunately drowned because the water has to receed.

Nobody is comparing ourselves to New Orleans. Nor do we want to. Take care of themselves. You know, the poor me nanny state mentality that keeps getting rammed down our throats by the feds. Nanny state, j henry? What are you talking about? I hear this kind of nonsense all the time. The federal government ramming something down our throats.

Look, I work hard everyday and I pay my bills and my taxes. I am grateful that I can. Some folks are not as fortunate as I am. Give that nanny state crap up. But again, this was not a Katrina event. I am very grateful that organizations like Hands On Nashville exist and I am very grateful that for the most part, folks have good hearts and reach out a hand in a storm, literally and metaphorically.

Way too much bravado, dude. Another idiot on here. Those idiots in New Orleans had at least 4days to get the heck out I know, I watched it every moment I could. Yes, we knew a lot of rain was coming, but not a yr flood. Grow up and get a real life Moron. Have a nice pathetic life. Why does all this have to be compared to New Orleans. Maybe if you experienced what New Orleanians did during Katrina you would keep your idiotic, ignorant comments to yourself and feel alot different.

There are wonderful people in New Orleans just as there are in Nashville. Why is it that its the uninformed, stupid people like you that have to run there mouths that they know nothing about. Yall have not one clue what your are talking about. Ben you must be about 11 years old with a new computer.

How can, or would you take a jab at New Orleans? Katrina missed New Orleans. The levees broke the next day!!!! People were returning home when they broke.

I was one of them that was on my way home. People that stayed behind or returned home were stuck on roof tops, not waiting for help, but looking to survive. You people had high ground to get to. We had roof tops and degree temperatures with no food or water. You are absolutely ignorant! You people we are Nashville? I was a fan of Nashville, but will never return reading how insensitive your entire community has reacted….. The only thing you need to do is ask yourself why would you take JABs at New Orleans when we have people up there volunteering……… I have read post and most are as dumb as yours BEN.

You can keep your proud city and your fast food restaurants. I can tell you this I will be posting every negative post an every national web site I can find to get you the exposure yall need. That yall must be the most insensitive people on the planet! A failed car bomb estimated to have been able to kill or injure people is a big deal.

Although you do have a point about the oil spill. Saying that these floods were the costliest non-hurricane disaster in American history is just ignorant.

Hurricane Katrina got more coverage because it was a far worse disaster. Almost 2, people died. This is a smaller disaster. We realize that, and we are greatful this was not a disaster of that magnitude.

This is no small disaster, I assure you. The entire city is at a stand still. No schools, no courts,no electricity downtown and now almost no water.

Katrina was a FAR worse disaster. The point is that these two things are getting media coverage and the people of the great state of TN deserve the same. People are more concerned about helping their neighbors and not kicking people who have lost everything by stealing. I felt sorry for the people of New Orleans, but they were warned and for a long while and still they stayed.

Nashville new heavy rains were coming, but no one could have predicted this. I hope you get the point now. I totally agree, Joan. Going into Saturday morning, I knew there was supposed to be heavy rain and thunderstorms, possibly tornadoes. I had no idea that by Sunday night my parents would evacuate their house for fear it would flood. They have lived in their house 30 years and the water got a good 10 feet higher than it ever has before.

To say that bomb could have killed is laughable. The size of the bomb was two propane tanks and some Ms. The Murrah City bomb which took down a massive federal building in OK killed , mostly from the building collapse. It was comprised of a ton of high explosives.

The bomb in NY was composed of 30 lbs of propane tanks with release safety release valves still in tact. The Beirut Marine Barracks bombings killed with multiple military grade explosives each one in excess of lbs. The Mumbai bombings in dense public centers killed It took 13 separate bombs to accomplish that.

The worst the TS bomb could have done is a pretty severe car fire on a street corner. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people that are bein affected by this. All disaters such as this is horrific. I agree with what you said. But in comparison to other disasterous events, ours was manageable. There are going to be some might grateful people here in Nashville who did not have flood insurance that are about to get some of those dollars. Do we have to make everything into a bash Washington, DC rally?

Something is just wrong with all this bashing of the Washington rhetoric anyway and then standing back and calling themselves Americans. Not to diminish the extent and seriousness of the flooding here, but we do have to remember that it was just last September when Atlanta had similar flooding and towns and cities along the Mississippi are frequently flooded with lives lost and damages into the billions of dollars. People across this country reliably come together when there is an emergency.

It is part of what makes us Americans, part of what makes us human. In the end, what do we want the national media to report? It was a lot of rain and there was flooding.

What can they really do. As noted, we are doing pretty good job taking care of ourselves at the moment. Our local and state agencies have the resources to manage the current situation.

What they can do is to help financially. TN has always had one of the highest per capita donation rates in terms of both money and time. The Nation needs to understand just how bad this is.

Why does that seem to bother you? I agree with much of what you said, but belittling what Middle TN is going through is over the top. We will take care of the rest. They would only screw it up as they have everything else.

As someone who lived through those September floods, I am somewhat surprised at the somewhat high-handed, superior attitude that seems to be coming from Nashvillians posting on the web. I saw this post in a comment thread to an article on CNN. The floods here in this area in created millions of dollars of damage and there are places that are still being cleaned up.

If you wanted to go anywhere, you had to first check to make certain the routes that you normally took were actually open.

There were people who were driving on roads that looked safe…right up until the roadway washed away with them on it. It was a disaster. What is going on in Nashville right now is a disaster. It is going to take a lot of time and money to recover from.

Remember that not everyone is oblivious to what is going on. Some of us have family in Tennessee. Some of us have seen the story on the news sites. So true in so many ways. If the national media gave us attention then we would get national attention, then there would be a bigger push for a federal disaster to be declared…hence opening federal funds… think they are thinking we dont need it or deserve it tn is primarily republican.

I think we deserve some help for a change, as we are the volunteer state and have helped everyone else. Just my thought on subject!!! The process for getting Federal aid begins with the local and state officials making assessments and making requests for the aid. This process has started, but it takes time for it to happen. The President has already talked with the Governor, so there is know lack of attention from that quarter.

As for political affiliations, Tennessee has a Democratic governor and Nashville is heavily Democratic. If party affiliation is being taken into account it can only help us. The Governor has completed that request — at 7: Obama has signed off on four of them and has yet to even release a single sentence boilerplate response.

We Are Nashville discordianZen. She had to pass the Opray and flooded roads. I do wonder while passing everything what she was thinking about the who, what, when, and where of it all as she saw the devestation. One day I hope she realizes what she has survived and that is makes a vast difference in her life. Mean while I will continue to use my facebook to vent through her teenage life lessons to keep my sanity or what is left of it after this weekend!!! As I thank God she is OK!!

None of the family could have gotten to her; we are all two or more hours away. And, I her mother is the closest in Knoxville, TN and can only sit and watch the weather channel in her are and they covered more in Memphis, TN due to the levee scare they had I never want to be in the dark til Monday again.

And living in South FL, the spill is a topic which looms more in our future than not. I find it rather cheeky you think you are being ignored. At this moment, proof of that reliability is seen not only in Nashville, but also in the overarching response of volunteers stepping up along the gulf coast to help save yet another community.

Being from the middle TN area since , it hurts to see areas i know so well hit in such ways. I recall young days goofing off along the Harpeth, wondering about its reserved nature.

And you all did damn well here in the first few days. Remain focused, and rest assured you are not being ignored nor renounced. You could not have said it any better! I have spoken with friends and family in different states and they have no idea what is going on in Nashville. This tragedy has touched all parts of Middle Tennessee.

I have seen nothing but compassion and the willingness to help out anyone in need. I love my state!!! Great job on the article. It has really shaken my faith in people. Based on Reuters video, I actually thought the situation was worse than it is, and my friends who have never been to Nashville were very concerned. I too agree, very well written. Proud to have lived in Nashville my whole life and still here. Not sure if I want anyone in the media other than FOX to report more than they have.

As most know, if you can give your time or any amount of money, lets help get Nashville back on its feet! Thanks for your brevity and great thoughts about the situation and the town that we live in. I pray that the nation will take notice. Sony Mix Sony Rox. Sony Pictures Television animaxtv. Sony Channel Sony Turbo. Artists on BNA Records. A Tribute to Hank Cochran The Christmas Song Discography " Shuttin' Detroit Down ".

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