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If you are not waiting for a relationship don't bother answering this. Also open to thedaddy o master roll as well if you are seeking for that. Someone too glaze at the stars with Hey there well I currently 19 I recently moved to the area and I'm waiting to meet someone if you're interested shoot me an email with a pic, hope you're up for some crazy shit _ other things bout me I don't smoke weed I have nothing against tho I like to do new things more importantly i like to be very spontaneous, I have my drinks every now and then ,not really a huge drinker tho, I enjoy listening to music and I can listen almost everything, also I digg girls with piercings and tattoos I don't have any yet, just gauges but anyways I'm always up to meet someone new so yea hmu if you're interested.

Sign up to get insider updates about local events, deals and contests from Seven Days. Presented in association with the University ofSchools www. Visit courts and law offices in Havana. Exchange professional experiences and ideas with Cuban legal professionals. Guided legal tour of Havana and more. Earn 3 graduate level professional development credits through interactive presentations and in-classroom workshops hosted by Cuban and U.

Visit Cuban primary and secondary schools and share professional experiences and ideas with Cuban teachers. Guided tour of Havana schools and more.

The Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center is a c 3 not-for-profit arts organization dedicated and committed to entertaining, educating, and engaging our diverse communities in Stowe and beyond. Seven Days seeks a creative, enthusiastic and strategic marketer to promote our everexpanding product line. If you are passionate about local media and inspired by the opportunities presented by this dynamic industry, we want to hear from you! Digital fluency is just the tip of the iceberg.

Applicants should feel as comfortable on stage emceeing a speed dating event and schmoozing at a cocktail reception as they would tweeting our fans about a grocery giveaway. Organization and time management are also key — rolling deadlines for five print publications and three digital-only products drive an aggressive promotional cycle across multiple media channels.

Conceptualizing strategic marketing plans for all of our products Designing and running monthly events, sometimes on evenings and weekends Organizing and motivating a team of people to execute our events Communicating with fans via promotional channels on MailChimp, Facebook and Twitter Creating and implementing contests and promotions If this sounds like a job you can handle with grace, style and ebullience, send Coordinating media partnerships for cover letter, resume and references to large events like the Vermont Tech hr sevendaysvt.

No phone calls, please. Alburghers are up in arms because the bank formerly known as Chittenden is closing a branch there. After a rash of deadly ski accidents, another man died last week at Mad River Glen — not on the slopes, but from getting stuck in a window.

This winter just gets weirder…. For more info see:. Nearly people attended; another watched the live stream online. In advance of the Mayoral Matchup, he came up with a Burlington Mayoral Drinking Game, which makes watching the debates more fun.

Find the rules on Blurt, the Seven Days staff blog, along with all of our online campaign coverage. If you missed the Mayoral Matchup, you can watch it on the Channel 17 website, cctv. There are still two debates left — an arts-related debate at noon on Thursday, February 23, at the FlynnSpace, and a Burlington Free Press debate at noon on Wednesday, February Johnsbury, White River Junction and Plattsburgh.

Seven Days shall not be held liable to any advertiser for any loss that results from the incorrect publication of its advertisement. If a mistake is ours, and the advertising purpose has been rendered valueless, Seven Days may cancel the charges for the advertisement, or a portion thereof as deemed reasonable by the publisher.

Seven Days reserves the right to refuse any advertising, including inserts, at the discretion of the publishers. Federal preemption, FCC for the win. Technically speaking, Mortensen is correct. For example, when FairPoint Communications sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in , it had to ask the PSB for permission to amend its certificate of public good.

His name was C. John Smith is not a greatgrandson of C. Kudos to Ken Picard on this exceptionally fine article [Re: It was a public service in itself to help us all learn more about the Public Service Board. Instead of a hotel there, I would strongly support a swap of city property south of Perkins Pier for relocation of the ferry dock.

This would allow the city to extend the boardwalk and park space north of College Street all the way south to Perkins Pier. And in place of the hotel, I would suggest small, seasonal retail shops rented to local artists and craftspeople to display their creations to people drawn to the waterfront for the marathon, the triathlon, the 3rd of July and all the other festivals held on the green north of the Boathouse.

One- to two-story buildings would not block views from the Ice House and other structures on Battery Street. The retail complex tucked in next to the Pelican Bay Resort in Freeport in the Bahamas comes to mind as the kind of vibrant retail shopping environment that would work well at this site in the summer. Hotel guests could then shop at the complex next door just as they do at Pelican Bay.

This is a much better fate for the Burlington waterfront. I would encourage all opiate addicts who are truly interested in freeing themselves of addiction to discuss withdrawal therapy with their primary care provider, and follow this with intensive counseling to help them control the choices they make in the future.

If there are real issues being raised by Hines and her critics with respect to marginalized groups, might Seven Days do a story on this? This Sunday at 6PM. Come watch the Oscars on the big screen and strut your stuff on our red carpet!

Your submission options include: For more information and scheduling, leave your name, phone number, and a good time to call back. Seven Days wants to publish your rants and raves. Methadone and Suboxone are not the only treatment options available to addicts.

Many physicians and substance-abuse counselors feel that methadone and Suboxone simply replace one addiction for another and keep addicts under the thumb of a drug and within a culture of dependence. It is possible to treat withdrawal symptoms with nonnarcotic medications and wean addicts off of opiates over a relatively short period of time, if the patient is truly motivated. When used in conjunction with appropriate counseling and community support, this approach has worked for several of my patients and those of my colleagues.

Though the success rate is nowhere near percent, the patients who are finally free from the cycle of. Half-price sandwiches, all day Thursdays. Single and multi-day packages include rental equipment, lift ticket and a minute lesson lift ticket is limited to the Bonanza lift.

Half day lessons meet at Thursday through Monday and every. Or is it the next Bruce Springsteen? Tickets are limited and tend to go fast. Last year, it was Shostakovich. From canvases and mixed-media installations to thrilling dance theater, the Amy E.

So clap your hands and stomp your feet, or maybe do a grapevine at the Higher Ground Ballroom next Wednesday.

With no set and no props, this visceral one-woman show speaks to the quest for freedom, both past and present. That was the takeaway by the state cops — and most Vermont news outlets — last week after release of an in-depth study of whether troopers engage in racial profiling during traffic stops.

The purpose was to identify any racial or ethnic disparities in enforcement — presumably so the police could fix whatever problems surfaced. Not surprisingly, more Caucasians than nonwhites get pulled over, Plus, minorities were notably more likely to be ticketed than whites for traffic violations. For instance, the stop rate for blacks was almost double their population percentage. The rates for Asians and Hispanics were less. In other words, when you lump minority groups together, as the state-police report did, the overall disparity rate looks a lot less alarming.

When you pull the data apart, it looks like blacks are being targeted. But they can once they stop the car. Once stopped, minority motorists were searched two and a half times more often than white drivers, Seguino says. And only a third of those searches turned up something illegal. Two and a half times more than white drivers. Statistically, Seguino says, all that puts Vermont on par with states such as Florida and — gasp!

But my reading of this data is that this underscores significant racial disparities. We need to face facts. To that end, Appel emailed state police Col. State police are already six months into collecting traffic-stop data for year two of the research, and Sheets says the second year will examine stops, searches and citations by race. Remember, most organizations nationally in law enforcement, the percentages of times they actually search a vehicle are far higher.

We search 1 percent of all vehicles stopped. Bar opens at 4: Small Business Advantage Checking Accounts. Follow Andy on Twitter: Become a fan on Facebook: Send Andy an old-fashioned email: Cops stopped the car he was riding in for a nonworking brake light and discovered that the Southern Vermont Drug Task Force wanted the car for suspected drug trafficking.

According to a settlement agreement signed by Rutland city attorney andrew Costello, police searched Allen and his luggage on-site — but no contraband was found. Allen consented to a strip search back at the station — again, nothing illegal turned up.

The white driver and a second white passenger, meanwhile, were let go without being strip searched or charged. Must be nice, huh? Our needs are different in this campaign. He always listens and sometimes disagrees.

Unlike his Statehouse colleagues from Burlington, Wright has earned perfect or nearly perfect marks in four of the five legislative scorecards produced by the pro-business Vermont Chamber of Commerce. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Wright has scored 25 percent or less in four of the five reports produced by Vermont Public Interest Research Group, while the rest of the Burlington delegation notched perfect or near-perfect scores.

Wright earned mixed reviews, meanwhile, from Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, which released its first scorecard following the biennium.

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We feel Manitowocl holds a lot of credit for the Wisconsin scene. We are not judging any bands except for the Horshacks. Get one of their demo tapes which even make DIY look bad and find out for yourselves. For the Horsfucks, we like to send you a big fuck off! Because, without con tacting me or verifying any information, a letter accusing my band and me of being Nazis was published. First, I am not, and could not be a Nazi. The accusation is ludicrous. Fur- thermore, no one is prouder of their heritage than I am.

The suggestion that I'm some psycho black Nazi is laugh- able. No one who knows me, or has spoken to me, would think that I sub- scribed to that kind of bullshit. Jean, you have a lot of nerve telling people they should be ashamed of themselves. Why not spend your time doing something about racism in- stead of just talking shit? Instead of writing bullshit letters and spreading rumors try hitting the streets and deal- ing with real fascists.

It may surprise you, but there are a lot better targets for your anti-racist action than non-politi- cal skinheads like ourselves. However, I truly doubt that Jean Cohen actually exists. By printing his faked letter MRR becomes accomplices in his divisive actions. At any rate, why is it that this letter was published without any statement from myself? Would it ever appear in these pages? I, on the other hand, have had this crap about me floating all over the world without a rebuttal for at least a month.

A lot of the people in the oi scene buy yourzine. Or at least be honest so that peo- ple who are skinheads or into oi know where they stand in the eyes of MRR. I want to clarify right off the bat that not I, nor anyone involved with the publishing of Do A Runner is a bigct.

And that brings me to the other thing that disturbs me about the re- view: He jumps right into attacking a band we interviewed, but makes no mention of the quality of the interview or the fact that we — I feel — asked challenging questions of this obviously controversial band. All RM did besides this was offer a content listing without opinion or com- mentary. Is this a review? If he loved it and told everyone, even better. Regarding your letters section. See, you guys printed a letter from an East Coast A.

I know that Gerrard is planning on writing you himself, but the fact that the letter was in print — with no counter from Gerrard — for a month or so before his response or mine came out is just plain fucked-up and unfair. Your cour- age has given hope to water enthusi- asts everywhere. No longer will we sit idly by, for fear of ridicule, while there is swimming to be done. Whether it be in a lake, a whirlpool, or even a bathtub, swimmers have long been the victims of hate and fear.

We will take it no longer. We will declare war on water oppressors such as George Tabb. Your day will come land loving New York pig boy! That goes for all that would oppose us and keep us dry! Peace, backstrokes, and spee- dos, J.

Maybe in a fair and just world, but not in Berkeley. Attention MRR graphics designers: First off, fuck any of you who actually cooperate with a pounds or under show. So weight discrimination is next. Just what this pathetic, shit-slinging excuse for a scene needs. Someone else to alienate. Once again, fuck you!! I I will not tolerate anyone, not anyone, l not Gilman St. For a venue that is supposedly I against so many forms of discrimina- tion sexism, racism, homophobia , lhow can one sit idly by and allow this] lone to goon?

Do we need to enter this lone in the politically correct handbook] Iso many of us seem eager to live by. They are jail physical traits and no one has the right to decide who looks good enough jto attend a fucking show. Especially a j punk show, I think. In my best physical shape I was] 1 1 75 lbs. Tough shit that this scene jaccepts those things.

ITough shit people still want to get in- volved in such bullshit little discrimina- tions. That sounds suspi- Iciously like the cop fired into the crowd. Maybe I would have been the one to get shot. But no I one wants to raise a hoot about that.

Nor is it an attack on j MRR. As for Gilman St. One more thing, Gilman St. I I have lived pain and rejection all my life by being cast out of my family at age 8 and being forced to ride the group home circuit all over Ohio.

From age 8 to 16 there was not a group home or school [that I stayed in for more than a year. Then I moved to Lima, Ohio and discov- j ered punk rock. At first I was jealous because they all had what I was always I denied. Then I began to see them as I people fed up with the way most of a. These kids were also doing what they 1 could to contribute to the scene and I offer new ideas to those willing to listen. Of course II am critical to those living in high in- come areas because I wonder if they have experienced the true pain of re- jection and discrimination society has Ito offer or only read about it.

Help me out here What a crappy re- Jview! Mustal J struck a nerve somewhere. Did she mistake me for a guy? Ishould consider a new line of work. But j when a bad review is just plain uninfor- j mative and biased, what purpose does Jit serve? Speaking for myself, I have been intrigued by bands who have gotten bad reviews, because the re- j views offered some information about Jthe music - which did not suit the taste Jof the reviewer, but may have suited Jmine.

I hope to see more objective, Iwell-rounded music reviews in the fu- Jture. Keep up the good work! J Wendy Gadzuk Dr. There are certain things that I constantly read that really piss me off and I feel that I need to interject with a little insight and common sense. Whether it be a car, stereo, or in this case military ser- vice, use common sense.

Let the buyer beware! The reason that all kinds of bullshit is waved in front of your face travel, tuition, cash, etc. Did you do any research?! Did you look into it in the least bit?! Ordid you [just sign over 8 years of your life to the US government like a mindless fucking idiot?! There are reasons for this weeks of mental and physical torture. All of which are directly related to preparing you for the job of the military, war. If an individual cannot handle certain situations physically or mentally, he puts those around him at risk.

The stripping of individualism and only the most weak minded truly [ are is to develop a unit that can rely on each other. There must be a way to complete the task at hand efficiently and [quickly. Look at your band. To reach the common goal you must make certain sacrifices and understand that you are indeed a band and not four separate musicians.

A southern redneck and a Compton homeboy have to be able to work together despite their instinct to kill each other. Talk to a veteran. I hate the thought of taking the life of an individual because some po- litico said so. But nothing pisses me off like a CO in the military. Why the fuck would you join the military in the first place?!

Yes I did enjoy some things about my time in: I made some good friends, got to see a lot of places that I may never have otherwise, and got a better under- standing of myself, people in general, and the US government. I never fooled myself going in, made some sacrifices, and got out of it what I could.

If you insist, do some research, know what you are getting into. You have no right to complain otherwise. It can be a good place for people to share information on scenes in and around bases, howto fuck shit up in the military, and just be a ray of hope for those who are punk alone somewhere.

Believe it or not, he is. Hahaha I hope to get some response to this and would like to hear from anyone who has or would like to hear some good stories of MilPunk life. And if you meet a service person at a show or anywhere, give them a chance. What I am about to 'say has been said before and will surely be said again. Sure, free speech is the most I basic of important values, but what Igood is done; other than the boosting lof your own ego, by taking part in this I ludicrous banter and bashing?

IGo out and do something important, there is plenty to change in the fucking world. The punk scene is in a state of I limbo right now, with the oppressive I pall of the mainstream always too close Ifor comfort.

How can it be expected to survive this crisis, if internally the focus I is on the very trivia, like name calling land image concern, that most of us I hate in the mainstream itself?

Me and my friends have been playing together for about seven years. We first started the weirdo quarter ass punk I rock band called Nympho Gerbils. It lasted a couple of years but it got old Iquick, so we gave our old band and Isinger a boot three or four years ago.

Well, we finally got I pur shit together and our new band is palled Nation In Flames. We are still Hooking for someone to stamp some I records for us.

We live in a tiny rednecktown called j Laytonville, in northern California. Our scene is very small, but strong. We like to drink ale, play music, hang with hip- ] pies, ride motorbikes, sk8s, snowboards, trucks, shoot guns, and do whatever else we can find to do out in the middle [ of nowhere. So if you can send anything you think could help us with whatever, your bullshit is welcome.

The Wailing Siren Hello, you spontaneous spasm of intelligence and ach- ing beauty. I have seen many a Sirenl show. Maybe you know who I am, I am the Italian beauty that is always right in j the middle of the situation, gazing intent- lly at you, with stars in my eyes and desolation in my soul. I am a girl that hates elitists, Nazis, and funky dances, but oh, do I love you. I am an animal rights activist, a vegan who enjoys fine dining, and I work for the government as an international spy.

Until] then, keep your dreams bent, and your eyes open. All my tears are for you. To Tim Jo Mama! Right, I have been buying this here mag since a veteran you might] say , over the years I have found it informative, thought provoking, outra- J geous and cheap. Living in North Devon at the time, entertainment was the Vibe T ribe ex Cult Maniax playing every few weeks and not much else. GG Allin is alive! I work in aj grocery store. Every morning at 7 AM a truck would pull up filled with, well, groceries.

My job was to unload the] truck, the driver would usually help me. He wasj kind of a stocky guy, always wore a torque and a big flannel shirt like a true Canadian, eh. Anyway he identified 1 himself as Kevin.

The next few weeks we re cool, we traded jokes, shot the shit and talked about the weather. We got along great. Then one day J it hit me. It was the outlaw scum fuckj himself, GG Allinl The next day hej came by, as usual.

We unloaded thej truck and gabbed for a while. We fin- I ished unloading and said our good-] byes. Suddenly I stopped him andj looked him in the eye. He asked me whatthe hell was wrong.

He then storms out of the building. When I asked the other trucker what happened to Kevin, he said he just took off and left. Hippriests "Pope on Dope" 7" Growling scum-fuc punk rock from Deutschland! A great smg-along record! Check, Cash, or M. Eg Stiff Pole Records. Box HP St. The Kings of snot punk are back I with a vengance. LP on white wax. LP limited to This is a fully authorized edition.

Lyrics printed in English in the booklet. Primitive thud-n- moan and some totally flipped lyrics! Northern California suburban emocore punk featuring members of Tilt and the Potatomen, but sounding more like Crimpshrine or earty Jawbreaker.

Includes Electric Frankenstein, Grey Spikes. Shock Treatment, Basement Brats. Los Cacahuetes, The Abusers. Dry Heaves and more. No tracks previously unreleased on Demolition Derby. Swank, Hot Water Music. Shopsl Yes, we sell direct! Great prices, great fills on tons of hard to find Items on so many labels we lost count. Ask for our wholesale updates with the new- est releases.

Hard- core doesn't mean shit. Lest I sound like one of those old folks that I hate so much, let me revise that last statement. Hardcore never meant shit.

I was sitting around this morn- ing I didn't go to school, and it just hit me. Sure, I knew hardcore was never going to change anything, that it relied totally on a mass workers movement and things like that, but I guess that the full weight of hardcore's insignificance hit me today.

Feeling cheated, I immediately set about cutting the patches off of everything I own and took a long, hot shower, with soap and deodorant. Does this mean that I will no longer buy records? Does this mean that I will no longer go to shows? Well then, what does it mean? Basically that I will no longer make attempts at putting out records, making patch- es or putting on shows. It means that music is no longer apriority in my life. It means I have grown up. To consummate my separation from the hardcore culture, I am writing this col- umn I feel like I've wasted quite a bit of time in my life.

Time that I could have spent reading classic literature, I spent reading zines. Mon- ey that I could have donated to charity or even bought a fucking car with I spent on records. This has all come out of a close look I took at my life. Vegetarianism was the first thing to come under scrutiny. I still don't eat meat, but for the same reason I don't smoke- it makes me feel like shit.

I actually feel heavi- er when I eat meat. People need to be more introspective. Criticizing people is great, it helps us to grow and is one of the ways that we as human beings learn. However, when you criticize other folks you had better be doing the same to yourself. Am I suggesting that you ought to have your shit together before you begin criticizing others? What I am saying is: Allow me to come clean on my politics.

I am a Communist. For those of you who have any confusion or auestions about that, I am indeed a Leninist. No, I don't support China or Cuba or any of that shit. I could get deeply into this, but to make it simple, I think that they are state capitalist regimes, which is the same label I put on the Soviet Union after Stalin's counterrevolution. If you have any other questions.

You may all begin hating me now. I'm not an anarchist, I don't dress Tike you, and I don't listen to the same music as you any- more. I don't want to play in your fucking reindeer games anymore.

As I walked up the stairs to begin writ- ing this column, my pants were lighter, as they were missing about five pounds in patch- es. The decision wasn't as sudden as it seems. For the past few weeks. I've been laughing at people who talk about the new Discordance Axis or Assuck stuff like some people in my school talk about Pearl Jam records. The hardcore scene is so fucking childish. Take most of the conversations that take place at any given show, and mostly what are they?

Substitute "Milli Vanilli" for "Dropdead" and you could have the girl's locker room at a middle school I can't believe that I actually said things like; "Yeah, man, but Man Is The Bastard aren't really a band In the fifteen odd years or so that hard- core has been around what have we accom- plished?

We have built a mass web of inter- state commerce. We have taken bands that were just kids, like us, and elevated them to G-d like status. In the name of Siege, Void, and D. I've been here for four years, and now its time to move on.

You may see me at the odd and I don't mean "strange' 7 hardcore show here and there So, if someone will just pass me a pack of cigarettes, a beer, a leather jacket and a Drags album. I'd like to get on with my life Death-O-Rama Records is done. Stop send- ing demos if you want me to put your stuff out. If you just want to send me stuff than feel free. Yes, I still have hlOOs patches and Spazz patches My address for letters I like letters I really dig your column", I will not respond I finally have email.

Big fuck off hit like that I got them from the ACLU For all you fucks that like the latest gossip, and for Jim who asked me to do it, and for me who is glad to have the whole thing behind me; Jim Martin and I kissed and made up and are now living a split level ranch in Colorado.

So, there I was, sitting in my Datsun Station Wagon, with the blue racing stripe down the center, staring at my apartment. Which was about fifty or so feet in front of me.

Of course, I was wearing my leather jacket with the U. Pins, a Ramones t-shirt and jeans. But I was also wearing a big black cowboy hat, and shit-kicking cowboy boots my mom had got for me.

She said the made me look taller and cute. I thought they made me look like a pussy and a redneck, but I wore them to make her happy. And to annoy other punks in Florida. It was fun doing that. Students are beginning to leave their apartments and make their way toward The University Of Florida campus.

I'm just getting home, and am extremely fucked up and drunk. And wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. I see the students as they pass me in my car. And the girls looked like Suzy So- rority. Little skirts, button up blouses, bows in their hair. It was making me nauseous. The booze I had drank the night before. The whole lot of booze I had drank the night before. The booze that was soon gonna make me puke. And that was my problem. There I was, in my car, The Ramones Road To Ruin" playing on the tape deck, with students passing my car to my left and right.

I figured if I ran fast enough, I could make it to my apartment. Maybe I'd puke on the lawn in front of it, and all the students would see me. Maybe I'd puke on my doorstep, and then have to clean it up. Maybe I'd puke all over myself, then have to wash it oft my leather jacket with the U.

Or maybe I'd make it to the toilet. It was all a big gamble, and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. All I knew was that it was onna happen soon, the damn cowboy boots was wearing were hurting my flat feet, and my penis felt all gross. Then I remembered why. I guess I should back up a bit. So, I'm sitting in my old dorm lobby, wonderful Graham Hall, watching television with all the other guys who didn't have a date for a Thursday night.

Actually, most of us didn't have dates for any nights. That's why I'd hang out at my old dorm, even though I now lived off campus. We'd watch televi- sion together every night instead of studying. An insti- tution of higher learning. Of higher learning on how to drink, and get rejected from girls. We were good at that. I think I was the best. I would go out to clubs sometimes, with my pals, Aaron and Jorge, get totally loaded, tell some girls I had a band called Roach Motel, and then they'd either just look at me funny, tell me to fuck off, or get their jock boyfriends to kick my ass.

The third usually being the case. Soon, after hun- dreds of rejections, I got into the habit of watching TV in my dorm, and drinking there.

I remember that if any girl from the dorm would come to the lobby, we'd all try to hit on her until she left, disgusted. Hey, what can I say?

Anyway, I'm sitting in the lobby one night, w r atching reruns of "The Love Boat", and getting excited over that Julie. Man, she was hot. I bet Isaac the bartender, and Gopher were doing her. And probably at the same time. Isaac would say, "Hey Julie, ya want it on the rocks, or straight?

That Love Boat ruled. Hey George," someone said to me, waking me out of my Love Boat fantasy, "some chick is on the phone. She says she knows you, you wanna talk to her? It was Jake, the guy behind the Graham Hall recep- tion desk. He knew me well. Hell, I was there almost every night even though I didn't live there anymore. I thought he was bullshitting me. No girl was gonna call me. Or at my apartment. Unless it was my mom. And her voice was so low that everyone always thought she was a guy.

Jake asked who it was, then nodded his head. Before he finished the word Natalie, I was over at the desk with the phone in my hand. Natalie was this girl I really liked. She was friends with all my friends. She wore that cool raccoon eye make-up and was totally punk rock.

So much so, that she used to punch me and say how punk rock she was. She also had a leather jacket, and, well, let's just say I had a crush on her. I could hear lots of noise behind her. They were all drunk, and lusting after the girls around The Love Boat pool. Sometimes she had a southern accent to go with her Russian one. I thought it was cute. I told the guys there was free booze, and lots of broads.

Iwasn't sure about the broads part, but I had to tell them something to come with me. Anyway, Natalie was there, and that's who I wanted to see, anyway. So, we all make our way across campus, tripping over ourselves, drunk as dogshit. We get to my car, and are all arguing about who Julie would fuck. I say she'd fuck me cause I'm such a stud. Jorge, my Cuban friend, said that she was an Aryan bitch, and wouldn't fuck me 'cause I was a Jew.

I tell him he's Cuban, and she wouldn't fuck him, either. He says that she's liked "several Latino" guys on the series. He has a point. Chris and Aaron tell us both to shut-up, and for me to get us to the party.

Drunk driving was something I really hadn't mas- tered. Actually, drunk driving is stupid and very dangerous, and too many people die from it.

Looking back, if I had gotten arrested and thrown in jail, it would have served me right. I had no right to drive around and endanger other peoples lives.

Even if it was Florida, and their lives only count about one fourth of other human beings. So, we get to the party, and Natalie runs up to us and hugs us. Sne liked to do that. We all hugged her back, hoping to feel her breasts against our chests, and maybe touch her ass for a second or two. That night, I let my hand rest on her butt for about three seconds. And she hit me really hard. And I didn't even squeeze or anything.

We all kinda got really drunk at this party. As we did so, I looked around, and recognized lots of punks from around town were there. They were all older than me, and thought I was some dipshit kid or something. I remember trying to talk to this guy, Gordon, from this New Wave Cover band.

The Riff, and he blew me off, telling me Roach Motel was a loser band, and I was just a little kid. It pissed me off. As I drank more and more, I got friend- lier and friendlier with Natalie. I really, really liked her, and think I began to hit on her. For me, hitting on her meant actually saying more than two sentences to her. She talked back to me, and I would feel my face turn red every few minutes.

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Life and Philosophy of Socrates, to help children understand those giants of Western philosophy. Usher can also do serious and adult; he has written an opera libretto in Latin, Voces Vergilianae, for which a Portland, Ore. But Usher finds comedy to be a perfect teaching tool. Check out our expansive selection of craft, micro, imported and domestic beers. Our selection is awesome! A Benefit for Cancer Victims.

Suggested donation also more personal: Winfield, now 33, has dyslexia. Winfield performed the work earlier this month at Goddard College. Physically, she is striking: Winfield brings each story to life with movement, sometimes simply a repeated gesture, other times dancing atop a stack of books. Talking to Winfield about the work, which she has been developing for the last seven years, offers insight not just into her process but into the way her mind works.

When she references certain vignettes, she uses gestures rather than words, just as she does in the show. Winfield tells the same stories in every performance, but she has never written them down. And when Winfield was 17, her mom was diagnosed with cancer.

In the show, this is when Winfield wraps her own tiny body in the billowing tulle. On stage, Winfield recalls seething with anger on. She remembers looking down at her diploma and thinking, I cannot actually read what this says. Her turning point came when she enrolled at Landmark College, a school in Putney for students with learning disabilities; there, her whole world opened up. It took Winfield many tries at many different colleges to earn her BA.

Thursday through Saturday, February 23 through 25, at 7: After holding court at St. Thespians who apply will be required to. The panel then gives its evaluation. With any luck, the actor walks away with the promise of a paying gig in a show.

Lopez concedes that attendance at the VATTA event has declined a bit in recent years — last year, just odd folks showed up. Still, for individuals looking to break into show biz, or build on current careers, VATTA offers a stage and a chance to act out. To apply, call , email vatta theatrevermont. These pages are archived at sevendaysvt. For more info, visit CCS online at cartoonstudies. Dear cecil, With the population of the United States growing ever more obese and oil becoming scarcer, I wonder if the government has started taking into account the energy its population is storing in body fat.

Is there something you need to get straight? Write cecil adams at the chicago reader, 11 e. The answer, sadly, is no.

I have always assumed the oldest way of making a living, older than H. One might have guessed this, but for the details I turned to Barry Popik, chairman of the Straight Dope philology department. He responded with a new post to his word origins blog, at barrypopik. Based on this, we construct the following account: According to a much-quoted press briefing from the Centers for Disease Control, American adults collectively are hauling around at least 4.

The following may give a sense. The same amount of energy would be contained in: Still not grasping the magnitude of the thing? Previously the oldest profession was generally considered to be farming. Once Kipling had nominated prostitution for the honor, it immediately chased agriculture from the field and inspired numerous droll variations. However, if you think facts are going to trump entertainment value — well, good luck with that.

New patients are welcome - call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Goodyear or with any of the Richmond Family Medicine doctors. To truly stun me, she would have had to extract a Glock from her purse and do the highwayman thing.

But it was, as I said, surprising. She seemed to be a nice person, and we had had such a chummy chat. I waited about five minutes — futilely,. Is it, like, Eastern European? Is that one of the republics that gained independence in the. The rules of eTiqueTTe grow fluid in The wee hours. Just as I shifted back into drive, a woman approached my cab from a house across the street.

I moved here three years ago, when I was Are most of your people still living in Moldova? You ever get back? As the night marches inexorably toward a new day, the normal boundaries between strangers begin to melt away. This is when — if the stars are aligned — the taxicab becomes a bubble, a safety zone that facilitates a sometimes startling degree of heart-to-heart communication. I consider it part and parcel of being a night cabbie. To pack up all the possessions you can carry and leave everyone and everything you know and love — all this on the far-fromcertain hope of a brighter future.

Our community is graced with many such courageous people, and I bow down to each and every one of them. She was speaking on — or she might have been just checking — her cellphone.

It was early February, 3: I tapped the brakes and made long-distance eye contact. Sure enough, she flagged me for a ride, and I came to a stop, switching on my four-ways. This four-lane, nonshouldered stretch along the campus is not the safest place to pull such a maneuver, but the late hour allowed for it.

Somewhat different rules apply at this time of night, as the police and we cabbies know. The girl ran across the street and jumped into the backseat. The truth is that years of hacking have given me a sixth sense about pedestrians.

In my book, every one of them is a potential fare; any cabbie worth his salt is constantly on the lookout. Free Foot Scan Analysis Let us provide you with a free foot scan analysis that will map your foot pressure points and identify your arch type. When combined with our free gait analysis and inspection of your current shoes, the scan results will help us recommend the right shoe and orthotic to meet your needs. So you go home with the perfect fitting shoe.

See our Fit Specialists for top-notch service. The diverse, surprising set of works by 20 photographers acts as an antidote to ignorance, presenting an alternative to the facile or anachronistic images transmitted by the American media. A Vermonter with family roots in Iran, Zind has traveled there several times as both a reporter and a descendant of an 18th-century ruler of the land then known as Persia.

He says his visits have revealed a reality quite different from the stereotype. In addition to focusing on universal themes, the mostly nonpolitical show situates the Iranian art scene in an international context. The expressionist use of the camera by many of the photographers, and the challenging styles that some of them have developed, suggests that this work would fit familiarly in galleries in New York, London and other Western art capitals. The technically illegal TV satellite dishes clamped to roofs around the country stand as totems of a global culture, Zind suggests.

Bayat is represented by artsy black-and-white compositions that call to mind the work of the pictorialists, a group of earlyth-century photographers gathered around Alfred Stieglitz in New York. Rejection and acceptance have alternated at various times in history.

The Islamic Revolution led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini can thus be more accurately understood as a nationalist. The covering of female heads and bodies demanded by traditional Islam is a recurrent subject of this touring show.

Only one of the photographers is a woman. Right at the outset of the show, which was organized by the. The right In one, a gray-haired half of her pouty exman snoozes on a sofa. Tavakoli S teve Zind nature scenes, is also includes himself, his represented by a photo brother and parents of a woman whose face is completely in another cheery domestic tableau. Everyone is seated on suggesting the shape of a gas mask. Gary faces of toothy Western women.

The con- Hallman, the now-retired University of trast is clearly meant to be jarring. It also Minnesota art professor who orchesprovokes the viewer to wonder about the trated the show on the U. Brooks Buxton, who lived in the region for many years as an oil-company executive. As it happens, his contributions to the Fleming Museum of Art this winter and spring do help to bring that part of the world a bit nearer, at least in the imaginations of viewers.

It was a time when travel photography was relatively new — as was the medium itself. Just as vacationers and photojournalists still do, the curious and intrepid explorers of the day recorded buildings, people and pastimes in the Near East, and brought the exotic images back home.

As such, the images reflect what the visitors — not necessarily the natives — found interesting. The Holy Land and antiquities were the two main inspirations — and subjects — for 19th-century documentarians, he explains. Once they got there, though, many photographers became fascinated with Islamic culture, capturing the expanse of ancient ruins, medieval citadels and thencurrent cityscapes, as well as the citizenry and ubiquitous sand dunes. Buxton is also interested in depictions of everyday life, and, indeed, these shots literally abound in human interest: Reza Ramazani, a professor of economics at St.

Why is a man in one image standing in a field and pressing a tattered, fingerless glove to his face? Why is she holding up a snapshot of a man, and is that an iron railing in front of her? The artist is contrasting contemporary Iranians and their classical heritage.

But to what end? Other photographers chosen for the show also appear to be speaking in a visual language that requires translation for an American audience. Ramazani is more helpful in that respect: Photojournalists Kaveh Golestan and Mohammad Farnood both focus on the hellish nature of war — any and all wars.

In their photos, the absence of accompanying explanatory texts helps drive the point home. A wash the color of dried blood has been brushed across these scenes, making it difficult at first to notice bodies lying on stretchers.

In one image, a man averts his gaze from a corpse and covers his mouth and nose with a scarf. In another, a samaritan crouches to place a chunk of ice on the lips of a figure that does not appear responsive. A final twist of distress comes with the news, not provided in the show, that Golestan was killed by a landmine in Iraq in while working for the BBC. It may happen that a show like this will help avert that catastrophe. The extended family apparently includes a mullah or two.

It was traditional, Buxton says, for wealthy families to have their own mullahs — one for religious and one for academic education. He notes that early photographers in the Middle East faced significant technical challenges, not the least of which was keeping their plates dust free in this arid land.

The photographers had to get permission to shoot everything. Fa r q u h a r, W i l d e r a n d L u d w i g all had such a good time skeweringthe institution of marriage Early travel Photography from the J. Selections from the J. Brooks Buxton talk about his private art collection and the works in his current exhibits. Light lunch available for purchase from Parker notes that most songs were cut in Avenue, volumes one and two, by Billy two or three takes, vocals were generally recorded live, and there Bragg and Wilco, Multitudes is generally spare and straightforward.

Most songs were few overdubs. Though not entirely justified — or The album reflects that relaxed fair — comparisons to the Mermaid approach. Unlike its highly produced Avenue sessions are inevitable.

For one, Guthrie-related predecessors, Mermaid. As the lanky songwriter sips a coffee drink, the froth dangles from his mustache above a long, unkempt beard. The months leading up to that anniversary promise to be filled with all manner of tributes celebrating the life and art of the folkie icon. Parker says the project was originally meant to be a Gob Iron record — his own folk-based side project with Farrar. He says they spent hours poring over boxes upon boxes crammed with material Guthrie left behind.

And there are the sappy love songs. Some kind of gangster tunes. In that way, he was a real folk musician. He wrote about everything. Any musicologist will tell you that most branches of modern American songwriting eventually connect with Woody Guthrie. A Taste of Italy: Gardening Italian Style Charlie Nardozzi Charlie presents tips and techniques for planning and planting gardens with an Italian flair. The perfect class for the foodie in your family.

To register, call , or sign up in store. Pre-registration and pre-payment required. To hear a track from the album, log on to this story at 7dvt. There is also the inextricable connection between Farrar and Jeff Tweedy, who cofounded and cofronted the legendary alt-country band Uncle Tupelo, before splitting up and starting Son Volt and Wilco, respectively.

But Multitudes is merely the latest in a long line of projects from a wide variety of artists to take the approach. Dropkick Murphys gave Guthrie the Celtic punk treatment in The list goes on. New Multitudes was actually scheduled to come out in , but since there was another Guthrie project released last year, Nora Guthrie asked that it be shelved until Sifting through the archives, he says, was overwhelming.

The continuous explosion of thoughts. Or they [were] just so harsh and direct. Feeling up to the challenge, I undertake the Afterburn class, the most advanced group training option at Artemis, with trainer Betsy Bluto. A whiteboard on the wall indicates our circuit for the day, which the half dozen of us in this Friday morning session do three times: If that sounds exhausting, it is.

We have 40 seconds for each interval, with just 20 seconds to recover and get to the next station. But, thanks to helpful tips. Now, trace down your torso until you get to the goods. Before stepping up to Strip, I decide to try out Artemis Fitness, a bright and immaculate gym that opened in South Burlington late last year. Named after the Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis is geared toward women who are looking for a change from wandering the gym machines.

At Artemis Fitness, you get either group training or personal training — no ifs, ands or butts. She opened Artemis with gym buddy Kendra Sowers when they realized there was no women-only gym in the Burlington area after the departure of national chain Curves. Limited seating — register today: Or the part where we use that old rubric to choose our stripper names: Justine, amazingly and perfectly, is Raven Cherry. Join us in an open discussion about the role of higher education in student protest, the core values of OWS and the future of the Occupy movement.

I feel nothing but heavy and uncoordinated as I try to follow the steps, but eventually catch on when Gibson compares movement patterns to things like the hands of a clock.

What really clicks is when she tells us not to be so judgmental. I do, actually, feel lighter and more joyful. While Artemis puts me in touch with my powerful side, and Nia with my soulful side, can Strip Hop unearth my sexy side? One even has a burlesque-like outfit on, and it dawns on me that some of them are going to perform later for their partners. Tickets go on sale to Flynn Members on Tuesday, February 28 at 10 am and to the general public on Monday, March 5 at 10 am. Why Aunt Dan has singled out Lemon for this attention is unclear, but she holds nothing back.

The impression these tales make on the girl is profound, especially the ambiguous moral hues in which they paint Aunt Dan. Lemon says little during these sessions, which adds an air of self-indulgence. You might find yourself on the defensive in polite conversation, and rightly so. Her tale is a mixture of reflections on Nazism and recollections of her youth, in particular those passages in which her Aunt Dan was most present. See the monologue The Fever and its s creen version starring Vanessa Redgrave.

Strong individual performances by the actors in the title roles keep the blood pumping in this wordy, heady bit of theatrical business. Lemon Emer Pond Feeney narrates and frames the play, which takes place in the present. The bulk of the scenes, however, are retrospective — set in England during the Vietnam War era of the early s. Off Center for the Dramatic Arts, Burlington.

Thursday and Friday, February 23 and 24, at 8p. Other performances are mixed, the characters less developed. As the somewhat tragic vixen Mindy, Genevra MacPhail is mostly come-hither looks and lavender leggings, and her part calls for little else. At the opposite extreme, Sebastian Cliff plays his incidental characters, Andy and Marty, with almost no affect at all. This time, he has Small Potatoes to thank for it.

Outside of these scenes, Feeney is compelling as Lemon. The juxtaposition of her educated English accent and elevated diction with her childlike bangs and pajamas is disarming.

Her invalid status raises initial questions about her past that grow more complex throughout the play. The enigmatic edge that Feeney brings to Lemon gives her license to speak freely and at length as the narrator. She may be psychotically cynical, but not for a moment is she tedious.

As Aunt Dan, Butler also rises to the difficult occasion of dramatizing dense Shawnian diatribes. She is passionate in other ways, as well, and the lusty stories she shares with year-old Lemon captivate and charm the cloistered girl.

Butler plays this absurd crush with credible emotion, creating an effect at once amusing and disconcerting. To embody a force of entropy in the lives of the other key characters calls for an energetic presence, and Butler delivers. Neilson does bust out one spirited monologue early in the play — on the stresses of economic life in England.

He earns laughs as his matter-of-fact introduction to his adoptive home yields to a red-faced. Come alone, or come with friends, but come out and learn to dance! Saturday, March 3 Seven Days delivers deep discounts on concerts, plays and more!

Between ticket deals, get local perks on shopping, services and dining. So novelists and their publishers often choose suggestive titles and cover images, even for books with scant erotic content. She has always been a loyal spouse. He smuggled a few porn videos, lent by his best friend, Sonny, into the house. Clara discovers the tapes and calls her daughter, Hannah, in distress. It seems like the start of a rollicking plot. Who knows what about whom, and how they surprise even themselves with their sexual proclivities, become the issues that shape the book.

Those proclivities are a bit creepy. Sonny grew up with a louche grandmother who liked to flash her grandchildren. The narrative visits each character at multiple points in his or her life. Hannah, as an undergrad, has an affair with her religion professor. Eve, whose confiding voice begins and ends the book, provides its title when she realizes her sole high school friend wants her to pose naked for his camera. The problem with the form of the novel, however, is that it raises expectations of a story that develops toward a conclusion.

By far the most entertaining voice is that of Bill,. Open House, Thursday, March 8, pm Come meet our providers, tour our facility, have some refreshments and enjoy complimentary treatments. Thursday, June 23rd healthcare p. But this little sliver of a thing that wants to rescue me squeaks out its feeble no. Of course, it should be noted that pure female fantasy abounds in fiction by women; witness romances and the Twilight phenomenon. Whether they strike readers as believable or not, these portrayals will get under their skin.

Eve moves toward him. It feels like sleepwalking. It makes her catch her breath. Nothing measures up to the sight of himself. And anyway, to walk away now is out of the question. She does what her grandfather has taught her to do with strangers of note. Extends her hand and speaks in a clear voice. Away from her face to her chest. He barely places his fingers into her hand. She laughs at him.

Not in a mean way. His eyes lift but stop at the level of her mouth. With the top of his index finger touches the center of her collarbone.

Turns and walks toward the punch-bowl. There, owner Vasily Karpov is heating water for his varenicki, or Russian pierogi. In Russia, pierogi, or pirozhki, are not dumplings but filled breads that can be served baked or fried. He says sales of beer, wine and cigarettes keep his five-year-old business afloat, but the popularity of his native treats is growing.

He throws in a package of his frozen potato, mushroom and onion dumplings. Then he pulls bacon and onions from a case of sandwich fixings, chops them roughly and tosses them in a pan with just enough oil to set them rhythmically sizzling. In less than 10 minutes, dumplings and sides are combined on a plate, a simple Russian feast. Karpov sells his packaged varenicki in meat, cabbage and ricotta flavors, as well as the potato option, at his store and at A Taste of Europe in Colchester, owned by the Bosnian Vujanovic family.

He touts the locally purchased ingredients in his own wares: Karpov also notes that he manufactures his homestyle varenicki entirely by hand. The mashed potatoes inside the mushroompotato-onion variety are creamy, with just a hint of earthy mushroom flavor and sweet onion.

The dumplings are well seasoned and have pleasingly chewy edges. Shoppers may also find mini cheesecakes and fruit tarts there, says Karpov. Karpov, 66, works from 7 a. The couple came to Vermont as refugees 15 years before that, for reasons Karpov prefers not to specify. After their arrival, Karpova soon earned her chair at the. In what may be a first for potatoes, the humble tuber takes a starring role in a Vermont-made web video series whose first episode debuted last week.

While Tuberville and Murphy are fictional, the series is based on a local nonprofit that actually does grow potatoes to fight hunger. Eventually, eight six- to eight-minute episodes will depict the story of Tuberville over the course. Still a favorite for many pho fans, the restaurant will open its second location at 9 Park Street in Essex Junction on March 2.

That location has been home to Pho Vietnam since July Pany Deng promises that the Essex Pho Dang will feature all the dishes Winooski regulars have grown to love, along with several new specialties. Get your slurping spoons ready. Watch the results at. The staff has begun serving dinner Thursday through Saturday evenings, accompanied by live music, readings, wine and local craft beers.

Along with a variety of local craft beers on tap — Trapp Vienna Amber Lager. The first two episodes were filmed on the Chappelle farm last August, and the next two will be filmed in early March.

Their first year, they harvested pounds of tubers; since then, the enterprise has grown to three Vermont plots — in Colchester, Milton and at. Dedicated to improving lives. Burlington or Despite his continued employment in food, the store owner struggled with culture shock. Right now, too Vasily Karpov hard, but much worse 20 years [ago]. Never have time, only work.

Others are Russians Karpov met before his life got too crazy for socializing, he says, though he refuses to charge his compatriots.

Plenty of Americans ask for the delicacies, too, he adds, eager to learn about foods from another culture. Other dishes need to be ordered in advance, such as the Olivier salad,. Follow us on Twitter for the latest food gossip!

Karpov is also refining his recipe for gourmet pizza crust. Karpov has plans for the more distant future, too. He realizes that his tiny market will never compete with the likes of nearby Shelburne Supermarket, he says. But a restaurant might just be a moneymaker. Because that one contains mayonnaise, Karpov, who attended culinary school in Russia, prefers not to let it sit on the shelf. With enough advance notice, Karpov will even delve into the preparation of French pastries popular in famously Francophile Russia.

He recently made an order of Napoleons for a customer. Brown sushi rice in the kitchen and a brandnew rice cooker, still resting in its box on a table in front of the deli counter, hint at his plans to begin making sushi by special order.

Chalk up more accolades for Vermont craft brews: Hill Farmstead Brewery was rated No. After all, the Shed was a beloved local hangout with its own mythos, where the food seemed almost immaterial to the scene and the ever-flowing beer. The Crop gang scrubbed and tore away decades of funk and smoke and spilled beer, but kept the bar, the layout and the cozy, woodsy feel.

In the spacious dining rooms on the other side of the building, Schimoler went whole hog with the renovation, decking out the main bistro room with an elegant, circular bar adorned with gnarled cedar boughs.

With its warmtoned walls and floors, Peter Miller photographs, and humongous stone fireplace, the space is drop-dead gorgeous. A high-profile chef, a high-profile spot and a stunning new dining room. So is the food immaterial to the scene at Crop Bistro? In Ohio, Crop has earned a reputation as an innovative, playful spot where the kitchen marries fresh. Its name has become something of a brand, adorning many dish names Crop Cobb, Crop Burger, Crop Pops on the Vermont menus, which can be a tad confusing.

Whether patrons sit in the pub or the main dining room, they can order from the same lunch and dinner menus, the same wine, beer and creative cocktail lists.

Cleveland diners reportedly have gone wild for Crop Pops, the warm, savory popcorn drizzled with various sauces. New House Made Items! The cocktail menu includes a stellar, puckery sidecar and a 27 Bridge St, Richmond not-to-miss libation called a Mr. The bar offers some 15 wines by the glass — in12v-toscano In a few weeks, Mountain Discover what Road will again become a bona-fide Sovernet customers brewery with the arrival of new equipalready know: Experience Those beers may be the main draw customer satisfaction.

Those who arrive right after 2, as I did one afternoon, will find the cutoff is quite strict. In the pub, we had to ask three times for water, once for a fork when the second courses arrived and so on.

In the bistro, service was snappier, but our waitress disappeared for significant stretches. In Vermont, farm-to-table is practically a second language, and this ski town is crowded with dining options that shoot for the mid-palate. The fries that came with both sandwiches were long, fingerlike, moist and fresh. Each night brings a weekly special here, and I looked forward to the braised short ribs offered on Wednesdays.

However, when I visited, the ribs were replaced by tenderloin. I opted instead for a Crop Burger, a wide, flat patty delivered on a glossy, almost-blackened bun. Though the burger came medium-rare as requested, the meat lacked a depth of flavor, a flaw that even melted cheddar, tangy ketchup and mustard, grilled red onion, and two crisscrossed slices of maple-cured bacon could not disguise. But we were definitely thrilled with a warm salad of succulent lobster chunks.

Other appetizers and main dishes mimic their Cleveland cousins with rustic twists. Other appetizers are less well balanced or muted in flavor. A cheddarand-ale soup had the cheering color of golden sunshine but was on the thin side, both in consistency and taste.

Instead of having blistered flesh, these were only slightly warmed before being bathed in what tasted like a roux; the toothpickthin radishes scattered across the top accentuated the textural discordance. Still, the more I ate here, the more I picked up on a kind of dissonance.

Perhaps those Ohio-born dishes are out of place in Vermont, or perhaps the kitchen is still working things out, or perhaps the two separate dining spaces have brought about a similar fjord in the menu.

In the more majestic dining room, it seemed unanchored and dwarfed by its surroundings. In the pub, the sandwich was a finger-licking snack. Set down in the dining room, it looked underdressed for the ball. So did the Poulet Confit sandwich, filled with shredded chicken. Eric Swanson of Vermush leads an examination of the fungus among us as he teaches folks to culture and grow mycelia into fungi. Hunger Mountain Co-op, Montpelier, p. Painter at the Court of Milan. Spark Arts, Burlington, p.

Two weeks of familyfriendly diversions include sleigh rides, a torchlight parade, skating, snowmobile races, a chowder fest and more. Main Street, Lyndonville, Perry Hall, Champlain College, Burlington, 5: Catamount Arts Center, St. Burlington City Hall Auditorium, 7 p. Prospective students and their families scope out the school through presentations and campus tours. A short presentation introduces visitors to the programs and new facilities of this organization working toward economic, social and racial justice.

Various prices; visit montrealenlumiere. Seniors increase their muscle power in training exercises for balance, flexibility and fortitude. Senior Citizen Center, Colchester, 1 p. Natural Remedies to Reduce Depression: Stephen Brandon looks at the role of vitamins, hormones, toxicity and stress to identify the causes of this disorder, which antidepressants do not address.

Healthy Living, South Burlington, 5:

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