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Needo of a good time

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Needo of a good time

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While having HP at the disposal of your right foot sounds amazing and a little scary , something with less power is probably better for daily use.

I spent a little bit of time in a Charger SRT Hellcat and, while it was insanely fun, it was too much. The noise that the hp supercharged 6. The little sports car made just hp when new. Unlike the Charger Hellcat, the Miata was fun nearly everywhere except for on a highway.

The little four-cylinder had trouble getting up to highway speeds and passing was laughably impossible. But now, rental cars and entry-level sports cars have more. Still, anything in that neighborhood is more than enough for the road. But, in the end, it also depends on you, the driver, and how much you mush the right pedal, too, as three hundred ponies are more than enough to get you into trouble. What do you guys think? Is HP the sweet spot to have fun or is there no such thing as too much horsepower?

Series 1 of the Lotus Elise managed to do amazing things with hp. The same hp would make my current ride pathetic. There are a lot of factors that contributes to it, for example Exige is a good car. But the sound of Jaguar straight six makes up for it. I have not yet ride or drive American muscle car, but people are different. Some like the raw thrill of high horsepower as they drive past through the line, some like have a blast of driving loaned Up GTI in UK B-road.

I would agree that is about right, although torque and weight can make that insufficient or overkill depending on the actual application. I think the issue is more that the average person has no idea how to quickly navigate corners, so the only simple thrill for the masses is mashing the gas.

How else do you explain the prevalence of automatics even in performance cars? For that, you can probably guess that most people would prefer more than hp. In reality, there are few places on public roads where you can actually go full throttle for more than a split second with that much power.

I always found corners to be the most fun part. I had a Shelby prototype CS-8, one of 20 with a hp engine, derated to hp, until I totaled it in a low-speed collision, but I was headed for an IL racetrack to kick it up to mph redline.

BTW, thanks for your reply about the Bizarro glitter cartoon. I would like to borrow a friends Hellcat — but I would never want to own one. I have a C SRT8. It can get to 60 mph in 4. IF it can get traction. And given how quickly it can get up to speed — the fun is over before you know it. A 7 second to 60 car is more fun. Jokes aside, Fun is subjective and different from one person to another, few would argue that fun is driving a small city car with no constrains to any mechanical or complicated systems, the sense of freedom attached to say a small car.

For heavier sedans and even trucks, I think just north of is a good number for fun that can get you in trouble. Agree with most…hp is on target for the fun factor. Hope to find that day again! Yep i agree as I stated above my 17 Explorer Sport makes hp and does in 5. It also rides, handles and stops really well for a large vehicle and is very comfortable. Oh and it tows our cargo trail with ease. If you drive on side roads or hills then you barely enjoy a Porsche, Ferrari, Mustang or else.

If i really had to spend some more it would be a Cayman or a Gt-R with the GT-R being unsuitable for most things i like to do with cars which is back roads and hilly roads. I am not interested in top speeds on straights. I have long wanted a Lotus. I have no desire for supercars because they have too many limitations. They are not genuinely enjoyable. There are a lot of sports cars make you happy when driving.

Porsche Cayman I drove 3. But for me there is a limit somewhere between and hp. Supercars are not so fun, they are just strong and powerfull. Sometime they are to big. I agree that horsepower is a great number but foot pounds of torque is an addition that gives red light to red light a thrill. I just sold my 95 Corvette and I can tell you in the 10 years I owned it the back roads around my area have been used quite frequently and never really got a ticket.

The 95 Vette at a 1. The three modes selective ride control was always on sport. I have a motorcycle capable of in 2. Get me in under 7 seconds. HP is nice but gotta factor in weight and torque too. My S Porsche HP in a 3, lb chassis is more than adequate and very nicely balanced, combining tremendous handling with enough power on tap to never be boring. The magic formula IMO is hp lb-ft lb. Adjust power to more or less depending on weight. Car like that is fun just putting around town and also plenty fast for the track.

My thing is to get around corners and on back roads. This car was fantastic. Fuel economy was great, car had less than HP, and it was fun as hell. My dream car is more of an S than a C They are either automatic or you will be going to fast! Then again my 17 Explorer Sport makes and I smile every time the turbos kick in. Anything over hp is overkill for road cars. That being said…I have no problem with car makers stuffing ever more of it into their vehicles. Even I can see where marketing has overpowered useful practicality.

Anything over hp is about appealing to the internal combustion crowd. I have a hard time explaining why I spent the same money on a new Grand sport vette over a Z06 year old … was plenty for a track day and daily.. If you driving go-Kart, you feel the speed and more exciting. Different others races, there are the objects closer to the periphery of vision. Objects closer to vision appear to move faster and hence disappear faster from vision than objects further away.

In the street, compare on motorways the drivers have less information to process and act on. Hence, with less decisions to make, and fewer actions required than on urban roads, the driver may feel that the speed of the car is below his or hers cognitive capacity. The car makers for the market competition reasons, Constantly Produce higher horsepower but not practical vehicles to satisfy people, Because we obsessed to Speed somehow related biological factor.

So speak of how many horsepower in urban roads is impracticable. If you wanna feels speed about how much horsepower is necessary, regular racing is only choice. The Aussie carmaker can now re-badge Buicks, Chevys and even Cadillacs if it thinks they are a good fit. VW could start producing its own solid-state batteries and not rely solely on its suppliers in the mids.

Power to weight is more important than a HP figure. Weight deeply influences cornering ability. So low weight with a good power to weight ratio. I need Power, Power, Power is all I need….. Yes, around for a 1, kg car is good enough. Depends on what your doing. My hp mustang is plenty around a corner. In a straight line? October 27, at 6: October 27, at 5: October 27, at 4: The plant, which is currently under construction, will also build the batteries of the two EVs.

October 27, at 3: October 27, at 1: The front-engined, FWD Integra has been transformed with an 8. BMW claims the Mi is not just a cruiser, but a sports car capable of rivaling the a October 27, at October 27, at 9:

7 Tips For The Perfect Instagram Post - Needo

We were just going to leave all of that to go on a sabbatical? It started with a trial run. The couple spent 40 days backpacking through Cambodia and western China. After the experience, the adventurous duo returned to Shanghai feeling refreshed. Convinced that a year-long honeymoon was totally doable, the couple began saving for the trip.

It was a year of eye-opening experiences -- they took salsa lessons in Colombia and got robbed in Africa, luckily without being physically harmed. Setbacks aside, the couple were able to stretch their budget with a few strategies.

They took advantage of credit card travel promotions, collecting redeemable points and rewards. Mark estimates they opened 10 to 15 cards by the end of the trip. The couple also worked along the way, taking on everything from check-in services at hostels to social media management, design consultation, blog reviews -- even mopping floors.

After 16 months abroad, Mark got a job offer in Austria. To arrange visas, the couple had to apply in their countries of residence. While waiting for Camille's visa to be approved, the couple ventured to El Nido -- a pristine corner of the southwestern Philippines. Meaning "the nest" in Spanish, the remote beachside area is home to beautiful turquoise water and imposing limestone cliffs. They hosted travel workshops while scouting out potential real estate investments on the island.

The couple could see that El Nido was due for a tourist boom. They came across a half-acre plot of wild jungle, set back from the beach on a mountain. We decided to buy it -- it was a no-brainer. They bought the land in November and began building in February Coming off a year of liberating travel, it wasn't the most glamorous transition. We had no running water. It was rainy season and we were collecting rainwater and using it to shower and everything. Six months later, The Birdhouse opened with three glamping tents -- which the couple dubs "nests" -- and a communal lodge overlooking Marimegmeg Beach.

It's so "off-the-beaten path" the couple had to build their own trail. From the aforementioned coconut stand, hand-drawn wooden markers pegged to tree trunks lead travelers over bamboo bridges and deeper into the jungle.

After the short trek, a stairwell leads travelers up a steep mountainside where contemporary tents are visible between the tree branches. At the top, a treehouse-like lodge dubbed the "Mother Nest" triples as a lobby, restaurant and Mark and Camille's home. Designed by Camille, the communal house has an eclectic vibe, featuring romantic hanging bamboo chairs, Moroccan-style rugs, a library of travel books and a ukulele.

You will figure out how regularly you need to post in order to keep customers engaged. One thing you should never do is block post — Instagram users hate to see multiple posts from the same user directly after one another in their feeds. Post times a day ideally but always remember that posting frequency is not as important as consistency. There are various tools to schedule your posts. As with all social media posts, the key to success with an Instagram post is when you post it.

You need to think about where your customers or target audience are based and tailor-make your posts to suit them. This can also involve a good deal of experimenting and testing! Use analytic tools to find the best time for engagement. Are you using Instagram Stories? Because watching Instagram stories is the biggest trend on Instagram lately and using this feature can help your business a lot.

Stories are the best way to build an authentic and personal connection with your audience. The world of social media is changing and posting videos or photos in your story to show your latest campaign or just a short sequence of an average office day can generate a lot of interest among your Instagram followers.

Users on Instagram search for various subjects in the same way as they would on a search engine. You can use keywords in your captions in pretty much the same way as you would when writing a piece of content. Hashtags are also important. These can be based on an event or a current hashtag which is trending or you can create your own.

Hashtags are a great way of potentially reaching a much wider audience. The amount of time you can use on video is limited, but sometimes a small amount of time is all you need. If you want to show off a new range of products or your latest shop you can post a shot video to the platform. Think of it as like a short advert, but without the enormous budget usually associated with it. Many users have set their accounts to automatically play video content and even if they scroll past at high speed, a good video is certain to make them stop and watch.

Your users and followers are there not just to watch what you say in an Instagram post, but they can also help you. More and more companies are turning to their customers to help them promote themselves. There a couple of ways you can do this. Firstly you could enlist the help of social media influencers. They can promote your products in their own posts, often for a small fee or the promise of some free products.

A good influencer with thousands of followers can really help you out and it can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of most marketing campaigns.

Another way to generate interest in your products is to run a competition.

Calcium helps support the development of strong bones and teeth. Calcium. Calcium. Daily Value per serving of NIDO 1+. *Percent Daily Values are based on a. Needo is a consulting company that focuses on sustainability through communication and education. Needo provides advice and training in digital and . Here's How Needo Can Save Your Apartment Community Time and Money Wouldn't it be great to have an automated system in place to help.