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Trucks The 13th annual truck show is scheduled to take place at the Art Robinson Transport Museum in Salina this weekend.

Water year precipitation to date, 7. Charges in the case were filed Monday morning. He said individuals, farms and even other counties purchased pesticides from Johnson. He said evidence shows that Johnson would ma-. The world renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir filled the arena of the Sevier Valley Center with music ranging from religious hymns to Disney tunes and Broadway classics Friday night in Richfield.

It was a wonderful thing for our city, a great part of a real fun year. He said his only regret from the evening, is he wished more people would have been in attendance.

The incident began when a Salina Police Department officer stopped a vehicle for speeding through a school zone. When the officer made contact with the male and female occupants, he noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

An additional officer arrived on scene, and a vehicle search was conducted. During the search, officers found what they believed to be felony drugs and drug paraphernalia, said Salina Police Chief Eric Pratt.

He said in the ensuing confusion, the suspects were able to regain access to and take off in the car. He said the suspects then turned onto State Route and drove into Redmond, where the suspect vehicle crashed into a structure and was disabled. Third such incident in Richfield in A year-old man was injured in the third accidental shooting in Richfield since March.

Brandon Stewart, Richfield, was in his garage cleaning a. The Reaper asked six people to share their thoughts about why they attended the event. What drew you to the convention? Nearly people take to the streets of Richfield Saturday morning for the inaugural Out of the Darkness community walk for suicide prevention and awareness.

Organizers and participants have expressed a desire to make the walk an annual event — the first Saturday after Labor Day — as well as taking the idea of a community support group into consideration. For more information, contact Renee Ford at Felonies continued from front page The investigation reached into records dating back as far as , but most of the criminal charges are from the period of to The thefts were not found by annual audits of the county due to normal procedures, in which cash flow and equipment is all accounted for, Pearson said.

However, since the majority of the fraud deals with expendable supplies, those items are not generally covered in annual audits. Charges filed include three counts of theft, two counts communication fraud, forgery, misuse of public money and failure to keep or pay public money, all felonies.

The charges also include an additional count of theft, official misconduct and falsification or alteration of a government record, all misdemeanors. Johnson retired from the position of mosquito abatement director in Chase continued from front page At approximately 8: Officers found her hiding in some bushes in the backyard of a residence, Pratt said. The male, William Giorgi, 28, Winchester, Calif.

Pratt said charges against the suspects include felony evading and drug possession. He said the Richfield Communications Center, which dispatches emergency services in the region, did excellent work managing radio traffic and relaying information throughout the incident. SVC director Joe Anderson said though the turnout was a little shy of what the choir and the city were planning, he felt it was good.

Stewart was treated for the injuries at Sevier Valley Medical Center and released the same day. It resulted in a year-old Sigurd man being injured when a gun fell out of the cab of a pickup and went off May From to , he was a motor transportation noncommissioned officer and served in the reconnaissance and intelligence platoon of Headquarters Company Infantry.

During his time in the service, he participated in the Battle of the Bulge. Following the war, Whittaker took a course where he learned how to work on bombers. As the plane cut through the sky above Richfield, Whittaker gave the thumbs up sign and a big smile. Daniel Baker, part of the Commemorative Air Force crew. The plane is in the area as part of the grand opening celebration for the Richfield Regional Airport. Bs flew over Japan and Germany during the war. The Maid in the Shade specifically flew 15 missions against Germany, bombing railways and other pieces of infrastructure needed by the Axis powers.

He pointed out three different bullet holes that had been repaired, the result of German efforts to stop Maid from delivering her payload. Other notable signatures included two of the men involved in the Tokyo Raid, and three women who helped build Bs. He said the sacrifice of veterans during WWII was immense, and that many people who piloted planes like the B never returned home. Maid is set to be on display at the Richfield Regional Airport throughout the weekend.

The display is scheduled to be open from 9 a. The CAF is selling rides on the B as a way to raise money for the nonprofit organization. A fly-in and open house are also slated for Saturday, Sept. For more information, log onto azcaf. Periodical Postage paid at Richfield, Utah Deadlines — weddings, anniversaries, missionaries, 1-year-old babies, and achievements, Friday, 5 p.

News deadline — noon, Monday. Advertising deadline — Monday, 5 p. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the editor or publisher. Letters to the Editor The Reaper welcomes opinions from its readers concerning any subject pertinent to southern Utah.

Letters are limited to a maximum of words. Anything, which is of a libelous nature or includes defamation of character, will not be considered for publication.

We request good judgement and letters that are to the point, with a maximum of one letter per month. Letters must be signed by the author only, and include his or her name, address and telephone number.

Name and place of residence will be published with the letter. Deadline for letters to the editor is Friday at noon. Destroying it for all of us As many in Richfield and the surrounding area, I am an avid shooter and a range has been provided for our use by some local supporters, but there are some in a minority that are destroying this for all of us.

The rifle range is clearly marked no shotguns, yet this minority, with no consideration for others, takes their shotguns and. I have yet to witness this firsthand, but when I do, there will be no hesitation in turning them over to the authorities, and I ask that anyone witnessing such an act do the same.

This can be done with anonymity. The ones doing this,. They could care less about you and I — one more reason to turn them in. A family goes out to dinner, and one of the dishes served has a problem. Rather than do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, the owner or manager of the restaurant decides that the customer is wrong and refuses to fix the problem. In the short term, the restaurant makes the full amount, but in the long term it has just cost itself hundreds, or possibly thousands, of dollars.

The family it refused to fix things with will never come back, and will forever give the restaurant a negative recommendation. The jamboree is a signature event for south central Utah. People have a finite amount of money to spend on vacations, and the riders of the jamboree are choosing to spend it here.

The tourist dollar impact from ATVs and their riders is extremely important, and the best way to make sure it continues is by showing people a good time. Riders can expect to see a showcase of natural beauty that can be seen from the numerous trails that. The jamboree is the result of many people in the community cooperating and volunteering to put on an event that, for many, defines what ATV riding is all about.

Through the years, untold thousands of hours have been spent making the event a reality. Forest Service personnel and local governments. During the jamboree, hundreds of riders from across the United States, as well as from other parts of the world, converge on Sevier County.

It is important that people show the jamboree riders some extra courtesy as they experience this part of the world.

During the week of the jamboree, there is some slack given to ATV riders in city limits. This is a tradition that many riders enjoy, and makes it easier for jamboree participants to travel between gas stations, hotels and trailheads. Riders need to stick to designated routes and streets, and avoid riding through residential neighborhoods whenever possible. As always, jamboree participants and guides should drive safely and wear proper equipment — including helmets.

No, the hackers instead broke into the iCloud and stole hundreds of nude pictures of celebrities. I can see how models and movie stars who regularly appear in the buff would have these types of pictures floating around, but who cares. Everyone who wants to see that already has. Why do they have these pictures? Now, all these celebrities are lawyering up and threatening the entire World Wide Web with lawsuits if these embarrassing photos get out.

All are prepping for legal action except for Hugh Jackman for some reason. My school photos the first two years of high school were so bad, I never even bought a yearbook. The second two years were not any better, but I at least have the yearbooks to remember the ocular pain they inflict. Mom thought my glasses made me look distinguished, or smart, or something. Yet, when I look at those pictures, all I can see is a doofus who was forced to have his picture taken in terrible glasses.

My photo collection seems to document every throbbing zit, out of control cowlick, dopey look and unwise wardrobe choice of my youth. There is, in fact, only one photo from my childhood in which I appear that I actually enjoy looking at — Christmas It was awesome with lights, sounds and wings that moved into attack position!


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Providence as David D. Utah Randall 'Twister' Long Colorado as Anthony N. Providence as Frank R. Colorado as Garth A. Utah as William H. Utah as John Johnson Rusty Loudermilk Colorado as David J. Utah as Stephen Mallen Scott Medcalf Utah as David Parks David L. Providence as Arthur Pottie John Raymer Bullwinkle's companion and the boxer played by Sylvester Stallone Prince: Eisenhower was known as both Little Ike and Big Ike!

The Victorious but only due to the heroism of Joan d'Arc; otherwise he was "pathetic, puny, timid and gloomy" Jacob "the Rich" Fugger Viscount Goderich: The Blubberer William "Doc" Rockefeller he started the family fortune as a conman selling herbal remedies!

The Commodore Maximilian I of Germany: Smelly, Applehead Li Po: Coo Coo Charles Bronson: The Universal Spider Imelda Marcos: Light-Bulb Lyndon because he kept turning off lights in the White House to save money! Little Boot Donald Trump: The Laughing Philosopher Herodotus: The Weeping Philosopher Charlemagne: The Sleeping King Leo Tolstoy: Bubbles because she was born with a spit bubble in her mouth Edgar Allan Poe: The Inspired Idiot Robert Walpole: The Grand Corrupter Horace Walpole: The Coroner Alexander the Great: Old Snow Trot Theodore Hook: The Swan of Cambray Francesco Algarotti: The Swan of Padua William Shakespeare: Apollo was the god of poetry, and his chariot was pulled by swans!

Homer was considered to be the greatest of the Greek epic poets, Pindar the greatest of the Greek lyric poets. Virgil was considered to be the greatest of the Roman poets. On the other hand, Robert Greene called Shakespeare an "upstart crow" because he was a lowly actor and commoner who dared to write plays and poems like his superiors or at least his alleged superiors in class and education. The Archpoet a medieval Latin poet with one of the coolest nicknames ever; his real name is not known Emily Dickinson: The Theban Eagle Petrarch: The Nightingale of India Alexander Pope: The Nightingale of Twickenham Geoffrey Chaucer: The Flower of Poets Edmund Spenser: Hank the Crank Thomas Chatterton: Don Juan he wrote a long poem with that title Ezra Pound: Abel Shufflebottom Sir Philip Sidney: Astrophel Oliver Wendell Holmes: The Autocrat Ben Jonson: The Border Minstrel Thomas Moore: The Melodious Bard Thomas Gray: Allen Ginsberg, et al.

Bob Dylan is the stage name of Robert Zimmerman, who took his last name from the first name of the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Steppenwolf were named after a novel by the German poet Hermann Hesse. Supertramp were named after the title of a book by the Welsh poet W. The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp. Harold Harefoot George I of England: The Hog Charles I of England: The Penniless Napoleon I of France: Ol' Blood-'n'-Guts a nickname he rejected Robert E.

Melanoma, Melania Antoinette Michael R. Aide de Kampf Michael R. Wrongway Conway Michael R. Koch Addict Michael R.

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The Inexorable Snail so-called because he played so slowly he drove his opponents to despair, or at least to drink Lou Butera: Machine Gun Lou the anti-Taberski, he would shoot as fast as possible to win the money quicker Albert Frey: The Striking Viking Allison Fisher: The Duchess of Doom Joe Davis: Jimmy the Greek Charles II: The Merry King he was a notorious gambler Wild Bill Hickok he died holding a pair of aces and a pair of eights, which was nicknamed the "Dead Man's Hand" Alvin "Titanic" Thompson he claimed to have murdered several men, but said they would have all agreed they deserved it Harold Worst: The Best in one of the great ironies, Worst may have been the best pool player ever to pick up a cue!

Wrestler and Wrestling Nicknames Evan "Strangler" Lewis was the first superstar professional wrestler, winning the championship in Ed "Strangler" Lewis was not related, but borrowed the nickname and signature stranglehold in the s The "Gold Dust Trio" introduced flashy moves and scripted theatrics to professional wrestling in the s "Lord" Patrick Lansdowne aka Duke Finnegan was the original theatrical heel with flamboyant robes and "valets" in the s "Gorgeous George" aka "The Human Orchid" adopted the Lord's capes, valets and "atomizer" perfume dispenser "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers was another "early adopter" of the Lord's theatrics Ric Flair was the second "Nature Boy" and he copied Rogers' bleached blonde hair, strut and even his finishing move!

The King of Kings The Undertaker: The Excellence of Execution Owen Hart: Hot Rod Lex Luger: The Glamazon Chris Jericho: The Crippler Rick Steiner: Dogface Gremlin Scott Steiner: The Bionic Redneck Randy Orton: The Animal Brock Lesnar: The Beast from the East Rhyno: The Giant Gorilla Monsoon: The Giant Ernie Ladd: The Little Tramp Doris Day: The Professional Virgin Charles Bronson: Muscles from Brussels Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Rock Clint Eastwood: Johnny Debt Will Smith: Sticks because he was so skinny as a boy that his legs looked like sticks Jennifer Lawrence: Nitro her childhood nickname because she was so energetic Bella Thorne: Pickle an affectionate nickname given her by Drew Barrymore David Arquette: The Singing Cowboy Roy Rogers: The King of the Cowboys Dale Evans: Captain Cameo Johnny Carson: Excitement, Carnac the Magnificent Howard Stern: Mork from Ork a character he played that made him famous Will Rogers: The Queen of Soul Joan Baez: Satchmo Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr.: The Big Bopper, J.

The Boss, Doctor his first nickname Eric Clapton: The Big O Mariah Carey: Mirage because she skipped class so much she was hardly ever seen!

The White Witch Paul Hewson: The Man in Black, J. The Gambler Blake Shelton: Toad because as a boy he would bring toads home to his mother , Bwake because Gwen Stefani's son Apollo had trouble pronouncing the letter "L" Miley Cyrus: Miley as a child she smiled so much she was "Smiley" but later the "S" was dropped and she changed her legal name accordingly Jennifer Lopez: Left Eye Shawn Carter: The Pope of Mope Glen Campbell: The Rhinestone Cowboy Mel Torme: The Velvet Fog Jenny Lind: The Swedish Nightingale Johann Strauss: Mark Twain a riverboat term, his pen name means "sufficient depth" or "safe to proceed" Ernest Hemingway: Boz, Dickie, The Inimitable a nickname he gave himself, probably jesting, but nevertheless true Goethe: Zozo his family's nickname for him as a child; he later chose the name he is known by today , The Ape of Genius Victor Hugo Norman Mailer: Knuckles he had a habit of punching people!

Seuss the pen name of Theodor Seuss Geisel Herodotus: In the sections below, some presidents appear in multiple categories. Jack the Dripper Andy Warhol: Drella Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi: Bush, to differentiate him from his son President George W. Harding Junie, Junior Gerald R. Arthur Elegant Arthur James A. Lancer related to Camelot and Lancelot Lyndon B. Searchlight more than a bit ironic Gerald Ford: Deacon he taught Sunday School Ronald Reagan: Tumbler also ironic Barack Obama: The Dopey One his childhood nickname, Depperte, was quickly outgrown!

Our favorites in this hotly-contested category include: The Hanging Judge sentenced 79 men to death but did not personally believe in the death penalty Haskay-bay-nay-ntayl: Wyatt Earp said of Doc Holliday, "He was the most skillful gambler and the nerviest, fastest, deadliest man with a six-gun I ever saw.

Wes, Little Arkansas he tried to join the Confederate army at age nine and claimed to have killed 42 men William Longley: Harvey Logan adopted the surname Curry as did his brother Lonny. While Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid allegedly tried to avoid killing, Kid Curry was accused of killing nine lawmen some of whom he sought out for revenge and two civilians.

The Wild Bunch's hideouts even had nicknames: Robbers Roost and the Hole-in-the-Wall. The famous Hole-in-the-Wall Gang was actually a loose collection of whatever gangs and individuals happened to be hiding out there at the time. Josie Bassett claimed that Butch Cassidy visited her after he had reportedly shot to death in Bolivia.

Etta Place was Sundance's lover, a sure shot with a rifle, and the first woman to own land in Argentina. But she's so mysterious that no one knows her real first or last names, where she was born or raised, or what happened to her after the famous shootout in Bolivia. Black Bart the Poet a "gentleman bandit," he left poetic notes when he robbed stage coaches "Dynamite" Dan Clifton was a member of the Doolin gang; aka "Dynamite" Dick Clifton Clifton was called the "most killed outlaw in America" because bounty hunters kept turning in corpses claiming they were his after hacking off three fingers to match his missing digits.

The Rose of the Cimarron George Newcomb: Captain Kidd John Rackham: Calico Jack Edward Teach: Black Bart Francis Drake: Long Ben Alvin Thompson: Titanic Thompson a proposition gambler, he said that he killed five men, but they all would have agreed that they deserved it! Nicknames for Military Groups, Units and Forces During the American Revolutionary War, civilian militia members were called "Minutemen" because they could be ready to fight on short notice.

Tokyo Rose called the USS Lexington the "Blue Ghost" after the blue-hulled aircraft carrier and her crew kept "coming back to life" after having been reported as sunk. Tokyo Rose was easily spooked and called three different American ships the "Grey Ghost. German troops called the 28th Infantry Division the "Bloody Buckets" for their insignias and vicious fighting tactics during the Normandy Campaign.

American marines are called "leathernecks" and "jarheads. Navy SEALs are called "frogmen. Navy submariners are called "bubbleheads. Walker because he suggested improvements to Samuel Colt.

Daniel Boone's rifle was called the "Tick Licker" because it was so accurate he could allegedly hit ticks with it. El Cid's sword was called "Tizona," which roughly translates to "Fireball" in English. The "Spear of Destiny," also known as the "Holy Lance" and the "Lance of Longinus," was allegedly the spear used during the crucifixion. Battleships are called "dreadnoughts" after the first modern battleship, the HMS Dreadnought. The Boeing B is called the "Superfortress. When asked what weapons would be used in World War III, Albert Einstein said he didn't know, but the next war would be fought with sticks and stones.

Jimmy The Gent Xie Caiping: Noodles bullies mocked him for being thin and unathletic Ted Bundy: Doctor Death Harold Shipman: The Beloved Disciple Barnabas: The Flower of Chivalry King Arthur: Lilibet, Lilybet, Gan-Gan and Gary because her grandchildren had trouble pronouncing "grandmother" just like non-royal children!

Charles II of England: The Conqueror Donald II: The Murderous Red Indulf: The Vehement Kenneth II: The Fratricide Malcolm II: The Destroyer Duncan I: The Red King Bloody King? The Valiant Alexander I: The Fierce William I: Continents and Such Antarctica: The Old World Asia: The East, The Orient Mesopotamia: The Middle East Africa: The Dark Continent Greenland: The literal meaning of Americus is "industrial leader.

The Land of the Rising Sun China: The Hermit Kingdom South Korea: Land of the Morning Calm Philippines: The Pearl of the Orient Germany: The Land of Milk and Honey Italy: The Land of a Thousand Lakes Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice i. The Land of Poets Peru: The Land of the Incas Venezuela: The Land of Grace Egypt: The Ivory Coast Rwanda: The Land of a Thousand Hills Athens: The Cradle of Democracy Rome: The City of Lights Bucharest: Pearl of the Danube Prague: The City of a Hundred Spires Geneva: The Peace Capital Milan: The Fashion Capital Dublin: The Fair City Edinburgh: The Grey City Toronto: Muddy York, Hogtown Sydney: The Harbor City Hong Kong: The Pearl of the Orient Calcutta: Motor City, Motown New Orleans: The Big Easy Denver: The Big D Minneapolis and St.

The Twin Cities Lima: The City of the Kings Beirut: Paris of the Middle East Palestine: The Holy Land Jerusalem: The Holy City Cairo: The Yellowhammer State Alaska: The Last Frontier Arizona: The Grand Canyon State Arkansas: The Natural State California: The Golden State Colorado: The Centennial State Connecticut: The Constitution State Delaware: The First State Florida: The Sunshine State Georgia: The Peach State Hawaii: The Aloha State Idaho: The Gem State Illinois: The Prairie State Indiana: The Hoosier State Iowa: The Hawkeye State Kansas: The Sunflower State Kentucky: The Bluegrass State Louisiana: The Pelican State Maine: The Pine Tree State Maryland: The Old Line State Massachusetts: The Bay State Michigan: The Great Lakes State Minnesota: The North Star State Mississippi: The Magnolia State Missouri: The Show Me State Montana: The Treasure State Nebraska: The Cornhusker State Nevada: The Silver State New Hampshire: The Granite State New Jersey: The Garden State New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment New York: The Empire State North Carolina: The Peace Garden State Ohio: The Buckeye State Oklahoma: The Sooner State Oregon: The Beaver State Pennsylvania: The Keystone State Rhode Island: The Ocean State South Carolina: The Palmetto State South Dakota: Mount Rushmore State Tennessee: The Lone Star State Utah: The Beehive State Vermont: The Green Mountain State Virginia: The Old Dominion State Washington: The Evergreen State West Virginia: The Mountain State Wisconsin: The Badger State Wyoming: Alexander the Great kills Cleitus the Black, an officer who had once saved his life in battle, during a drunken quarrel in BC.

William the Conqueror seizes the crown left by Edward the Confessor and becomes King of England by winning the Battle of Hastings in Samuel Mudd's name does, indeed, become "mud" after he was accused of aiding the murderer of "Father" Abraham Lincoln in Bonney, better known as "Billy the Kid," in The two had been gambling buddies.

Nixon to justice in The Cincinnati Reds were named after hosiery: Louis Cardinals were also named after hosiery when a female fan admired their leggings' "lovely shade of Cardinal. The Los Angeles Lakers were originally based in Minneapolis and Minnesota is the "land of a thousand lakes. Other inexplicable team names include The Stanford Cardinal the color without an object? Grizzlies Memphis Titans Tennessee, the Titans were the original badass gods! Exotic Smashmouth the Tennessee Titans' offensive style Predators Nashville, because they found a sabertooth while digging the stadium's foundation!

Louis Rams offense in its heyday The Splash Brothers: Wilt the Stilt because he was so tall , Goliath, the Big Dipper the nickname he preferred; he had to dip his head to enter rooms Pete Rose: Charlie Hustle because he ran to first base on walks and was an always fierce, fiery competitor "Pistol" Pete Maravich because he was hot as a pistol and would "shoot from the hip" as a young basketball player Reggie White: The Minister of Defense he was an ordained pastor and a defensive lineman Ted Williams: Lighting Bolt Florence Griffith Joyner: The Rocket Christine Evert: Babe because she hit five home runs in one game as a girl Sandy Koufax: The Galloping Ghost because he was so elusive and hard to find, much less tackle Michael Phelps: The King Willie Mosconi: That, my friends, is true greatness!

Wampum Walloper someone was apparently a fan of alliteration Shaun White: Ubbo Ubbo because that's what he would cry when he made a good play in the outfield Jimmy Wynn: Twinkle Toes Boscoe because of his speed Bill Dickey: Urban Shocker his nickname was apparently created by a primitive spell checker Donald Stanhouse: Stan The Man Unusual he carried a stuffed gorilla to games and would erupt into primal screams "Ugly" Johnny Dickshot don't ask and we won't tell Greg Minton: Moonie, Moonman he sunbathed in the nude and ended up with more "craters" than the moon!

Not because he's a DB greedy for interceptions, but because as a baby he was greedy for formula! William Van Winkle Wolf: Chicken Wolf with that name, did he really need a nickname? Crybaby because as a boy he would cry when his teammates wouldn't pass him the ball Coaches John Wooden: The Wizard of Westwood Vince Lombardi: Dabo his younger brother called him "that boy" but struggled with the letters "t" and "y" Mike Krzyzewski: The Predator Joseph Addai: Darth Raider, Three Mile Lyle, Rainbow due to his mood swings , The Destroyer he starred in a movie with that title Lyle Alzado played with the rage and fury of a "trapped water buffalo.

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