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Real hung stud here for tonight send number w

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Real hung stud here for tonight send number w

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Very attractive and clboobiesy. I like clboobsical music a lot though. I can travel, pretty much anywhere.

I know a lot of guys here will act like he isn't hot, and I'm sure some of them are telling the truth, but I think he's the perfect man. Honestly just based on the way he looks I'd take him at any cock size.

But I agree with you he doesn't look small in that gif. But I wonder why he was so fat before. And I'm bothered by that flesh under his eyes which made him resemble that 'Ryan Kwanten' person.

I MUCH prefer muscle with a little bit of fat, than perfect cut up instagram bodies. Those barely look human sometimes. Chris looks like the hottest guy you'd actually find on Grindr.

And the perfect amount of fur. How do we know he is a Trumper? Nothing immediate comes up with a google search. Yeah, Jean getting divorced. They both work like crazy and I never thought of them as a great match. She must have seeing the potential because he was way out of shape when they were dating.

Also, giving away a cat on Twitter does not make one Hitler. I do think he screwed around with fillers a few years ago. Something was off with his eyes. Pratt has zero connection to the alt-right. He's hot no matter what And his face is so handsome. R32, Think if he ate the animals he hunted, most here will not consider that abuse. Not the same as the Trump fucks on their big game hunts. Op is a shitstain troll, he cleaned his cookies cause she knew her ass would be blocked for prompting this deplorable piece of shit here.

He was fat for a long time before he got that part. He's said plenty of times he can't wait until his big star career is over so he can go back to being fat. The boy likes to eat. It must be hell for him to have to watch what he eats to keep looking hunky just to get work. And everyone here knows that if Pratt swung his fat cock in your face, you'd be on your knees with your jaw disengaged in less than a second flat just like the rest of us.

Now sashay your sensitive and easily-miffed ass AWAY. R34 not a troll. You are beyond tiresome. Be well gay brother. He said something about a 3 cheeseburger minimum at the table reads. Any other alt-right vocabulary you'd like to throw us while you're at it, dear Deplorable in gloves? On his Instagram he talks about raising his own lambs to slaughter and eat.

He's really unapologetic about it and I know that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. I like him, just wanted you to clrify the comment about treating a cat a certain way A lot of actors use prosthetic penises as a previous poster stated. Bugger of then R I've only said the nicest most flattering things about chris since the thread started earlier this afternoon.

If you look at that gif, the bounce in the package would indicate he was semi-hard - that was not a flop but a BOING. I eat lamb too, have no prob with it I want to hear about the accusation he mistreated a cat though now. I was raised on a farm and we went cows, pigs and lamb to the slaughterhouse every year. Hell even Martha Stewart kills ones or two of her chickens from time to time.

So he slaughters his own food? Get the fuck over it. At least he knows the true value of his meals. Meanwhile, the finger-pointing hypocrites shove burgers in their mouths, strap on their favorite leather shoes, and swap favorite chicken soup recipes, all without a single thought to the animals that made their comfortable lives possible.

I want the pussy bitch who called me queen to clarify what he said Fuckin tons of triggered cowards on DL. They ruin all the best threads by becoming less than civil. Where you hiding R43? Cat got your tongue? I don't even think you're R37 either, just triggered and unbridled. R60 I was just offended by what you said so I went for a low blow.

We should try to be civil. A lot of people still farm and raise their own animals for consumption or sale. I follow him on IG and he seems to have a good heart and lead a decent life. I also ordered a book he recommended from his Pastor. I was skeptical of LA preachers and when the book came in the mail it was a little lightweight. Never heard he mistreated any cat, that is why I facetiously asked if he hurt a "Pussy". Think you were so blind in your rant, you're calling me out for something I didn't say.

Chris had been trying to find a good home for his pussy with a prolapsed hole. He asked for advice online. Touchy twitter heads exploded, and some loons even threatened to kill him. He apologized for nothing wrong with grace and humor.

Twitter heads were soon distracted by another shiny object. Personally, never heard anything about Chris abusing animals Defended his right to hunt, eat lamb, as do I etc Whomever said he mistreated a cat though should not remain silent either. You brought it up R Still on Chris' side, doesn't qualify as "ABUSE" I'm not even keen on cats, but would have been disappointed if he was involved in something cruel and unusual.

Not tech savvy at all. I had no idea this threat would blow up into such hated. I should have considering how hated he is on dlisted. LOL I love that I post something asking why people think he's a deplorable because I didn't see anything on google and that makes me a "republicunt". But that fine they would have to pay for giving the dog to another owner is outrageous. Ive never heard of anything like that. Obviously doesn't make what they did okay, still a thoroughly shitty thing to do.

Perhaps Pete The Chihuahua was a runner Dogs run away from even responsible owners I'd rather believe that. I'm not quick to judge people myself. As far as that cat is concerned, at least he didn't have it put down, he just as easily could have done that. R84 How does that make Pratt a deplorable? Deplorables worship all Aryans, thats not their fault, just a result of their genetics. Has Pratt said or done something himself?

They worship Taylor Swift too, who has never said a word about Trump or politics even, because she is white and blond. Makes me worry about the future and this polarization and what it will bring.

Can we not just talk about a hot guy anymore? R87, obviously you've never had to contend with a geriatric pet that is incontinent I had to once, and we decided to put the cat down.

This thread has been hijacked by weird fucking people. I read the Marie Claire article against my better judgement. He said he's sick of everything in this country being blue state vs red state, etc, right vs left Thread is about whether or not he's hung, not about his bloody voting history! I don't care if he's a Trump-loving deplorable or not. In my fantasies, we're not spending our time discussing nuclear proliferation, monetary policy, the border wall, or the welfare state.

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It was the hottest because it was attached to the man I loved deeply. Pratt could have a nine incher but that wouldn't change what I think of his deplorable nature. He was an ordinary casting for Parks and Recreation, a schlub type, tall, with a good face. If he can keep trim he can be a "leading man" type for a while, probably will go back being heavy as he ages. He was hot as a young man before he was schlub, now hot again. Its not like this hotness is a surprise. Always the American boy next door.

I had no opinion of him one way or the other until his social media post about killing the lambs. I grew up on a farm and have hunted all my life and ANYONE who feels that way about slaughtering an animal has empathy issues. IDK I spent part of my childhood on a farm too. The first time I killed a chicken, I was devastated. The tenth time it all felt pretty normal. I mean even as kid, you can understand the animal has to die at some point if you want to eat it.

Agreed , but understanding something has to die is not the same as equating the slaughter to a mechanical act. Again, shows a pathological lack of empathy. Doesn't Chris Evans think a lot of him? And, is friends with both him and Farris? I doubt Evans would speak highly of or be friends with a deplorable, animal abusing homophobe. Anyway, I hope Pratt manages to keep the weight off. His face looks better slimmer and his muscular thighs look delicious. That's the perfect male body to me.

He looks like he is in amazing shape, not starved half to death. And the perfect amount of chest hair. I certainly hope all the people whining about Pratt killing animals for food are either vegans or vegetarians because if they are the sort who gladly scarf down a Big Mac or enjoy a juicy steak at dinner, well they're just incredibly dumb hypocrites. There's a lot of floppage going on at R And R you are clearly mentally unstable, pure and simple. You use it sometimes when you pull something.

It can help keep the muscles from being pulled or flexed in a way that would hurt while you're doing other stuff. Lol hollywood friendships are pure pr smoke and mirrors. Just like bearding, must be a crazed frau who made this thread. I feel like its only natural some of them would meet and befriend each other.

Why wouldn't that happen? R yeah, his default is a healthy look. He just let himself fall off for a few years and get fat. He blames the role in 10 Years, but I think he just like to eat. A big beefy well built man who enjoys a good meal is a sexy thang! Cant' tolerate these muscle marys who watch every fucking calorie they put into their mouths so they can keep a 26" waist and a 50" chest. And [R] you are clearly mentally unstable, pure and simple.

Aww, people who care about animals are mentally unstable in your eyes? No wonder you're into Little Dick Pratt. My dad used to hunt so I get it. Pratt just seems to lack practically any kind of empathy for animals which says a lot.

Remember, posters on here first were saying they hate him because he's a deplorable. After throwing a tantrum that they were asked to show evidence of this, now his politics don't matter anymore and they hate him because he's mean to animals. Sorry to offend your sensibilities. I came to post what R27 did. The only thing that makes me think his cock gets harder than steel is that most gingerish men I've come across have all been that way.

My mother is big-time Catholic, active participant in her church, and hates Trump. Even the Pope himself has publicly spoken out against Trump policies. The fact that they gave away a cat that was crapping all over the house after they had a baby is nothing to get into a panic over.

Cat feces is rife with diseases and no one with a new baby needs to have one in the house that is defecating all over the place uncontrollably. You people whining about them giving the cat away clearly have never had to deal with a newborn baby in the house. R no point they can't be convinced because they just want to hate Chris.

I don't get it either. Just because a guy looks and acts certain way, you know like a man, and his religious he must be a shill for trump. The crazies are just swimming around in this thread like hungry sharks. Anyone who's ever wondered how a vengeful mob gets started should just watch the 2 or 3 on this thread who have decided they know exactly what's in Pratt's mind at all times, what his motivations personal and political are, and everything about his daily life.

These are the twits who keep us from having nice things. If a cat is crapping around the house it tells their litter boxes are probably not cleaned often enough. Or there's some other reason why the cat is not happy. A person who really cares about animals realizes that. And there are millions of cat owners getting babies without having to get rid of the cat.

If you've lived with a pet for many many years you're all the cat knows since YOU are his family. Faris and Pratt's cat was 15 when he started his quest on Twitter to give him or her away.

Anyone who doesn't get offended by that either has never owned a pet or lacks empathy. My cat is 18, and she's getting a bit ill. Instead of giving her away I try to help her as much as I can, and be there for her. And BTW, in the end I agree that it was probably better for the cat get away from that household, just like the dog that ran away.

Both Faris and Pratt seem to be heartless bastards. I love how some people in this thread are trying to say people disliking Pratt's anti-animal behavior are mentally unstable. Here's a little Voight-Kampff test for all you Pratt-loving psychos.

If you can read it without getting a bit misty-eyed you're, well, damaged. Then again many of you sound like you're in your teens and at that point people generally can be strangely unempathetic. Is there a PETA thread or website the animal freaks can hop on over to? I left this thread yest for awhile becuase of this. There is a title for the thread, and it does NOT include cats, or shit Pratt is accused of!

R, aww, cunts shouldn't be called out, huh? There's one thing I agree with you, and that's that Matthew Lewis at R really is sweet. He has a dick Pratt can only dream of while out there abusing animals. Hmm, actually that's maybe why he loves the abuse so much. R, there is a time and a place for everything, and this is neither. Hijacking OP's thread for some heavy BS is unfair to him, and the rest of us. You are a distraction, and need to move the fuck on over.

Why is it that people can't let others have their lust filled fantasies without vetting all their morals, beliefs, peccadilloes, etc We're not gonna marry the bloke, let alone ever even meet him in real life! Get a grip and go rub one out. R, Whyever do people like you need to politicise every fucking thing? You're part of the problem with this country.

Completely polarizing and judgemental. And go rub one out for good measure. R, calling out Pratt for being an animal abusing asshole isn't about "politicising" this thread. I urge every sane person here to do the same. I was going to refrain, butsince haven't seen that new thread created, alas Do not feed the trolls! I am guilty for having engaged one. That and the story he told on tGNS about his encounter with the photographer when he first came to LA has me wish-thinking he has dabbled when necessary.

I think Chris is a great dad and along with David Beckham is one of the few celebrity dads that are consistently seen having fun with their kids. One of the reasons why he so religious is because the little boy almost died after birth. Takes a real man to be such a good father. Think that's why so many here who like him recognize that it contributes to his swagger.

OP you need help. Pratt is a fundamentalist Trumper who believes you shouldn't have the same rights as hetersexuals. Lusting over someone like that is incomprehensible to me. Of course, I graduated with an advanced degree from Tulane, while you. R I manage an office for a Business in a midsize town outside of Memphis. I went to a normal college and have a BA. You give yourself away trying to make your life seems so grand. You are a jackass and very very rude.

You accuse him of fundamentalism because he is a Protestant Christian. I ordered a book from his pastor and it is by no means radical. Get over it and move onto the next thread. OP said he's 22 yrs old. What harm does fantasy hurt? Will the universe ultimately implode right before we all cum? They should teach more critical thinking at Tulane. I've been called a fundie right-winger here, and a Repub People assuming much too much here to be considered fair-minded. I happen to be a secular left leaning centrist, and a Jew.

We need to stop shoving people into tiny little similiar boxes. People have said their piece, sorry we all are not quick to condemn him as you would like. I see horrible comments on YouTube from the right and I know most of them are just trolling about Jews but some of these people have got to be serious. I always assume that the far left ones are serious I guess because I know more people like that in everyday life. Your Welcome, OP, and sorry I made you 7 years younger!

Don't know why his detractors here could not have started their own threads. I too am bored of, tired, and worn down by all the PC BS Whack jobs they believe everything on the internet anyway. I wrote above about a similar cat situation I found myself in. That does not amount to abusing animals. These people are whack jobs; they exaggerate every negative tidbit they read about him into a condemming narrative.

They're prob uptight and sexually frustrated by seeing all the pics of him! They can't stand it! That's why I told two of them to go rub one out! I wasn't either of the ones your comment was aimed at but I took your advice anyway. I feel much better. I have a garden and I always plant extra to attract rabbits, squirrels and all sorts of birds.

There are a couple strays I take care of since I inherited this place and am even letting one live inside until her chest clears up. I have a tent for the other one on the back porch. Good on you OP: It gets very depressing. People have unfairly attacked you here too, not just Chris, and they probably would be lucky to know you. I think he really believes that people that lean right are Nazis.

I am not on the right. They are oneissue voters. OP, it seems very impossibly unfashionable to hold any conservative values nowadays too Not all conservative values are bad obviously. People who declare they believe in G-d, or are religious are unfairly held out to dry also. It's surely a wonder any of us can get along! I posted earlier on a thread about ICE round-ups, and to my chagrin, not being for all out amnesty I got called a bunch of things I'm not.

It wasn't always like this when I was younger. People tried to find common ground. I'm 49, and have many close friends who do not believe exactly as I do. Sometimes we just agree to disagree. The judging SJW's are certainly a new breed though. What is also very sad is how many people automatically believe and exaggerate upon anything even slightly negative written about a celebrity. God knows this board has a nest of loons who take the slightest thing, especially if it's about some hot stud celebrity, and turn it into a national disaster.

It's a mental disease, it really is. I'm not even Christian, but he sure "knows" me R, yeah well, Chris Pratt has been extremely consistent in his treatment of animals.

There's nothing "slightly negative" about it. You can choose to ignore it but don't act surprised when others won't. Sometimes you just need to stop and look at the person you're lusting after with a critical eye and wonder what that person is really like.

Little Miss Pratt doesn't seem to be a very nice person. BTW, I should point out that I've been here for way over 10 years and during that time I've been banned twice.

The first time was a year ago when I got into an argument with a bunch of homophobic alt-righters who were quite possibly Russian trolls. The second time was today probably because of R Kinda makes you wonder what kind of people do their dirty work here. That person could be R Is that shitty shoed loonie lady a Chris Pratt fan these days? Has she moved on from Clooney? R, it's pretty clear not all posters licking Pratt's stinky ass in this thread are gay men.

Apparently we have some conservative church ladies here defending a man that makes their undies wet. Anyone who's been at DL for some time knows that Chris Pratt is not a universally loved person here. R same old talking points. I situation that is very common that was blown out of proportion by people with nothing better to do.

And yes they are some amazing abs to stare at. R reminds me of a certain type of woman. I really enjoyed that one because I know so many gay guys that are their own worst enemy. I think the rest of us are enjoying life and not trying to impress anyone that will listen as to how smart we are. R, it's funny how you as a conservative and God loving person find love in your heart to defend a man who's been quite open about what he thinks of animals. But dear God when someone dares to take the side of the animals and call out Pratt for his actions.

Where's your love for those who care about animals? You are a hypocrite who's acting like you're somehow better than those who care about animal welfare. Take a long hard look in the mirror. How do you think you and your Pratt-loving Trumpster church ladies come off as? Although I suspect we might only have one Pratt super fan furiously posting in this thread.

Face it OP, R and other reasonable adults on this thread, haters gonna hate. It's all they have. They live for it. It makes their lives more complete.

Don't waste your time engaging with them. People like that are beyond help. How the fuck do you get that Pratt loves abusing animals? Because he hunts or raises animals for food? I hope you're a vegan because if you're not you need to be institutionalized.

Fool at R, dogs and cats and other family pets get loose all the time not always due to the fault of the owner. If the dog ran away and they couldn't find it that does not make it their fault. I'm sure they did like most people and put up signs.

Apparently the dog was eventually found and went on to a healthy life somewhere. Hysterical ninnies, though there is no uterus, one would swear thete's got to be one hiding in there somewhere! I was curious when someone said deplorables worship him so I checked reddit and surprisingly it's true. Honestly he just seems like an outlet for repressed gay attraction for a lot of them.

And him more than others because he has traditional aryan look and is Christian. I don't think he's doing anything to encourage it. Just remember when you watch that GIF or anything Pratt does, this is a grown adult man allowing himself to be hosed in exchange for money and attention. And we worship actors in this country.

I also think if he isn't particularly keen on us as a group, it is harmless fun to ogle pics of him, and say we find him handsome and sexy. R Nothing Pratt has said it done in public at any point has ever suggested he is anti gay. Based on just what we happen to know of him, he's a Hollywood actor, it makes more sense to assume he's a liberal like the vast majority of them are. People here have looked at him and just decided he's anti gay.

That's not us excusing anything. That's refusing to just dislike who you arbitrarily decide we should dislike. Post him saying something anti-gay I've searched for it and I will admit I am wrong and apologize. He looks so good and healthy. I wished everybody looked so good coming out of the grocery store. I see a guy into the old ways that we used to get food and how some men were able to provide. What part of that bow says "into the old ways"? That bow says violent douche with too much money.

I hope we eventually get to see a dick pic of Chris to put our curiousity to rest! We can only hope Anna Farris may have put something out there, or will now for revenge! If you think this thread looks like Breitbart. Nasty headlines and hateful comments.

The title of thread is "How Hung is Chris Pratt? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. OP is noting but a blip. He and his kind are just the blink of an eye. We will take back this country, just you wait and see. R, no, the question was for saying how 'gross' it is to wish to see a fucking dick pic. OP sounds like a teen girl or a church lady. BTW, after googling a bit about Chris Pratt it is clear he really is a hero for the right wingers.

He's seen as one of the few Christian conservatives in Hollywood. No wonder about the amount of animosity towards animal rights in this thread. I have a hard time believing all people defending him here are gay either. R you need to accept that many people don't find hunting immoral and get over that. Humans evolved hunting and eating meat. Its one of the most natural things you can do. In , after he struggling with his weight for most of his life, he realized he needed to change for the sake of his future.

This is the story of his weight-loss journey. The Seattle coffee chain released a spooky new drink this week that contains a superfood. Here's why nutritionists aren't convinced. While Timberlake recovers, experts say that he can't talk or whisper, let along sing, until the vocal cords heal. The 'Three's Company' star shares her breast cancer diagnosis story and why she chose to forgo chemotherapy, along with advice for other survivors.

Rapuano, MD — unless they're from your eye doctor. The Environmental Working Group issued a report Wednesday showing that more than a dozen popular cereal and breakfast items contain dangerous levels of a cancer-causing pesticide. Here's what you need to know.

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