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I also get frustrated about the propensity of this site and any post by Lenore to be hi-jacked by CPS haters. I have recently quit my CPS job after 22 years of hard bloody work where I was constantly under-resourced and stressed to the eye-balls and not just by the job, but also by the distrust and misinformation circulating in the community and the media, miscontruing the actions and motivations of my colleagues and I. And just for the record, I can remember ever single child I removed in my 22 years, because the fact is that there were just not very many.

And as for the foster carers, there were a few disasters assessing them for suitability in the first place is not an exact science but for the most part, they were gold. Only a saint would take on some of the traumatised kids I did eventually remove.

So please Dienne, feel free to call out ill-considered and reactive comments. I used it in CPS to constuct genograms for kids, help them stay connected with family, keep tabs on which drug dealers their parents were hanging out with and how often they were out on benders and other hugely useful information. I condemn them but I stick up for them.

I just want to point out that there is a 3rd side that often gets ignored. The media loves to create headlines such as: The news does this because it sells.

They are only a supplier. Besides, the amount of sensationalism that they put on is minuscule in comparison to the amount that social media uses. They then do a degree turn and spit as much venom at CPS as they possibly can! This is why there is nothing they can do right in the eyes of the public. This is similar to the CPS problem that I explained above. The terrible foster parents and children get times more news coverage and Facebook likes.

All of the foster condemning ensures that there are fewer good apples that decide to become a foster parent. All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing. Sometimes the people in charge do choose to fuss more than necessary which will take time away from those that need it.

If they can be gotten rid of even if it means less foster homes then for the kids we have do the right thing even if it hard. They decide to become a foster parent and they research it. They then find out that that as a general rule, foster parents are looked down upon. They then decide that they no longer want to be a foster parent. And this, right here, is how we distinguish a legitimate suspicion from a social media drama-monger.

Anybody with genuine concern calls the police. Those seeking attention just crowd source a tall tale. Thank you, Roseville PD, for bringing some sanity to the public! There are also, as I allude to above, a small but nontrivial number of cases where people experience encounters that appear either hallucinatory or paranormal. Maybe fewer comments would be removed if we could all have a conversation thread that stayed on topic. Save your energy for that kind of thing for Thanksgiving and your annoying brother in law or fill in the blank with appropriate annoying relative.

Donald we all have good and bad sides and it up to each of us which is in charge. Those who choose to let their bad side be in charge are bad apples. Those who take good care of kids and try to treat them right are good apples. I think if cps even gets a hint that there is a bad apple among them they should check it out asap especially if save the kids.

If they find out no bad apple well they can just say sorry like they do to everyone they accuse falsely. Ignoring request to tone it down by the owner of a bloging site will get your bloviating posts deleted. So glad to see this! He persisted in trying to talk to two preschool kids the mom was putting in the car.

When she got them in and locked the door and went around to her side, he followed her and said he had a puppy he wanted to show to the kids. I will agree, that perhaps something was not right with the guy. In all honesty, it sounded like this man may have been off his meds I only gave the shortened version above, and he may indeed need some help. That event was on the heals of another, where a man was at a birthday party in the park with his two kids.

Time to go, and two kids were left. He offered them a ride home. Released after a day with no charges. Apparently just a calm yes, this is my dad, is not good enough. The two kids lived across the road and their parents like for them to free range while they sit on the porch in full sight. The dad of the two kids who were asked if they needed a ride apologized though he was not involved or had any say in anything, but did say he was glad the police investigated and that the other father was not charged.

No idea how this is going to effect the dad who was arrested….. Not good is my guess. CPS is hated no matter what they do. People love to feel outraged. The news only prints bad news because this is what sell. This is what a majority of what people want to hear. I agree with this. I also agree with speaking out against atrocities. However, if atrocities are the only thing that gets reported about CPS or fostering, the speaking out loses its impact.

This is because so many are complaining about everything that they do. I compare this to a bed of nails. Something needs to be done and more than just complaining. The two kids were not actually invited to the party, but were playing in the same area as the party kids.

Apparently, the woman who saw him with the two kids, felt that he was trying too hard to get them into his car with his own kids to take them home where ever they lived. I should also say, our area has a very high number of high functioning and very smart adults on the spectrum. A man stranger attempted to kidnap me as a child from my own front yard.

They do know the signs to look for though. This blog is very dismissive of those who have had the kind of experiences that cause these fears. No child is SAFE anywhere or anytime — you have to figure out how to parent with that reality and where the balance between risk and living life for your family.

We also have an obligation as a society to try and help kids who are being hurt and neglected. Not all kids raised with the freedoms you support benefit from them. Yes, being kidnapped off the streets to be trafficked is rare. Yes, people are out on the sex offender registry for reasons that make no sense. In my opinion, people are sickenly dismissive or in denial about the amount of women and children that are victimized.

But the other problem is when we focus on certain events we are not addressing real issues. My father molested me for four years before he finally got caught. Then again in my teens I was drugged and raped. The mistrust that comes from that. Those experiences even cause you to have thoughts about your own husband. My view of CPS is analogous to my views on both modern education and corporate, for-profit health care.

In each of these cases, you have a rabidly dysfunctional System with hard-working, underpaid people — social workers, nurses, and teachers, respectively — caught in the crossfire.

There would be multiple concerns today, with how weirded out people are about kids. I know 8 children that have been raised or are being raised by wonderful foster parents who have fought tooth and nail to keep the kids, brothers and sisters, together.

I know 4 who were raised by their aunt, who was a widow raising her own 3 kids alone. She was the only one willing to do this. I think most are aware the conversations here are centered around the excesses of departments and paranoia gripping parents, who are CPS employees, police officers, legislators, etc. When it comes to teen prostitution most here are aware that the majority of those involved are runaways from group homes, foster homes and CPS custody.

That in not way condemns all. There have always been bad parents and bad foster parents. Some are just in it for a check. Kids have been removed from bad homes only be killed by the grandparents they were placed with. I think after time in a bad home, and then being shifted around many think they can do better on their own.

The majority are not in danger at all. I think some are terrified they will never see their kids again, some are worried about what the other parent is telling them, and I would not doubt some are set up.

Mothers attenptinh to report their children as abducted after the father is minutes late when returning them is incredibly common, especially if the divorce is in progress. Many say they are instructed to report it by their lawyers. They did have custody removed for a very valid reason. Quit calling wolf, especially when you are looking at a cat. Theresa Hall September 18, at Dienne September 18, at Just bad foster homes.

Melissa J September 18, at Dienne, I enjoy being active on this site, and I realize you are active here too. James Pollock September 18, at Rebel mom September 18, at Delaine September 18, at 1: Helen Armstrong September 18, at 1: Kimberly Albertson September 18, at 1: Heather September 18, at 1: This is a fantastic post from the police department.

SKL September 18, at 2: Theresa Hall September 18, at 2: James Pollock September 18, at 2: A Reader September 18, at 2:

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