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Woman want nsa Eastwood

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Woman want nsa Eastwood

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Woman want nsa Eastwood

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In the US, local cops vs. Usually, the locals will want to shut down a petty crook to protect their town and the "little guy", while the Feds are focused on the big picture and would rather he go free so they can focus on building a case against the "big fish" higher up the criminal ladder. When a case is particularly sensitive or difficult, the friction may be reversed: This is most likely to happen if one of the groups is under pressure to improve their conviction rate and does not want to risk taking on a case they cannot solve.

Jurisdiction Friction may also occur at the initial crime scene: At this point, the hero will either turn Vigilante Man or move on to a new case that's oddly reminiscent of the old one. In addition to local versus Feds, the friction can occur between other law enforcement subdivisions over the same suspect, like drug enforcement officers versus homicide investigators, or simply one of a city's police districts versus another.

Internal Affairs can also get involved at some point. And everybody has it in for the Private Detective. Compare Right Hand vs. See also Interservice Rivalry for the military version. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Lieutenant, you were given specific orders.

I'm just doing my job. You give me that "juris-my-dick-tion" crap Happens in the anime version of Sailor Moon , of all places: Of course, the Outer Senshi are the only ones who care about prior areas of authority.

In this case, it's less due to a jurisdiction issue since Zenigata's an Interpol Special Agent but a political issue - Lupin has a death sentence in Japan and Italy refuses to extradite suspects to countries on charges if it's likely they'll be executed. Mobile Suit Gundam has some examples of this despite the wartime setting thanks to the personal ambitions of Zeon's ruling Zabi family and their loyalists.

After Ramba Ral loses his Gouf in battle with the Gundam, he puts in a request for a brand-new Dom to replace it. Walker and Pilgrim in the comic book Powers often find their investigations turned over to the Feds. Naturally, this never stops them investigating anyway. A police ally of the X-Men once used this to save them when crooks-turned-feds Freedom Force attempt to arrest the mutant heroes.

She insisted Freedom Force produce the documentation necessary to take the X-Men into custody which they didn't have on them. This gave the X-Men time to flee the city. They spent just as much time sniping at each other's respective branches as they did fighting the main threat. In Batman Year Gotham City PD and the Federal Investigators clash over a murder, GCPD thinks it should have jurisdiction as the murder happened in Gotham, the Feds because it was one of their men and also because they committed the murder and are organizing a massive cover up.

Some of the conflict is because the other squads tend to use the fact that the MCU has jurisdiction over cases with supervillains to lazily dump routine investigations on them by claiming that the case bears the hallmarks of a super villain. The rest of the conflict comes from the fact that the MCU is the only consistently honest department in the notoriously corrupt and incompetent GCPD.

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade has a jurisdiction conflict between the Wehrmacht and Gestapo. See, the crack commandos of the Rifle Brigade were caught on the streets of Berlin by Panzer ace Otto Flaschmann, who happened to be there on leave. However, Gestapo captain Venkschaft claims them as his prisoners, since Berlin is his home court.

Seeing it as his collar, Flaschmann pulls strings with some powerful friends of his to get them turned over to him and sent to a cushy POW camp instead of being tortured, interrogated, and executed. A furious Venkschaft accuses him of hunting for headlines. It's a moot point; they escape from custody almost immediately after being turned over to Flaschmann. As in the show see Western Animation , in disasters Chief Wiggum and Mayor Quimby will argue over who's in charge, starting with the first issue.

When Krusty starts his own country, Krustopia, Springfield's police camp outside the compound and then proceed to do nothing. After a few weeks, federal agents show up, and point out how useless the police have been.

They take over, cut the power Takamachi Nanoha Of When Chrono showed up on the scene he tried to assert himself as an official of the Time Space Adminstration Bureau but Nanoha, as the local offical of the Green Lantern Corps, put a quick end to that. A Republic fleet officer tells Atreus the captain of his caught smuggling can't be prosecuted because that guy was operating in Hutt space where the Republic has no authority.

They are constantly bickering over who should handle what except for Featherweight, who only provides the other groups with Intel rather than actually acting. In the fan made video "Gunther vs Paul ", which is based off of the second hotel raid in Deus Ex , Gunther is about to haul off Paul, after defeating him in hand-to-hand combat, but MJ12 agents show up just in time and order him away, causing him much frustration.

In Chrysalis Visits The Hague , there is quite a lot of it going on between the UN investigating into Queen Chrysalis' crimes on behalf of the International Criminal Court and the Equestrian crown who take the matter very personally and thus take offence to the fact human investigators are roaming around Equestria to begin with. The synopsis for the multi-fandom crossover "Like Broken Glass" openly says "a double murder turns into a jurisdictional nightmare. The cop happens to be a partner of Jane Rizzoli which brings her and Maura Isles to town and demanding to take the lead.

They track down a possible suspect only to find its NCIS: Los Angeles agent Kensi Blye on vacation. They get very little done until the end of the movie due to a " mine is bigger than yours " Running Gag and because the Interpol agent is a Joke Character who is constantly on breaks for the purpose of poking fun at French worker's' entitlements.

Ya l'Ontario dans l'cul aussi! Hey, I'm just doing my job. If you give me that "juris-my-dick-tion" crap, you can cram it up your ass. They're bringing her down now. Your men are already dead. In the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter not sure about the TV series , the Miami Metro PD gets into a jurisdictional tangle when the Ice Truck Killer, who they're investigating, leaves a body in an area under a rival district's jurisdiction.

The Jurisdiction Friction is so bad, they almost come to violence against Murphy while investigating a crime scene. This is because they are the werewolves themselves, in particular demonic-influenced ones, and gradually losing their human minds to the Beast.

The fact that they're the guilty parties, having set up another type of werewolf to lose control of his curse and attack a Mob head who's escaped justice, doesn't help. This is addressed in several Vince Flynn books, most notably Transfer of Power. Of course, the different Agencies have it a bit easier than most examples, because their heads know each other personally, but there is still an acknowledged interagency rivalry and pride.

It become a plot point when Renko, chief investigator for the Militsiya, wonders why the KGB hasn't taken the case away from him. There's serious friction between the Night Watch once a band of incompetents, now a semi-serious police force and the Day Watch basically a gang with badges in Men at Arms , especially when Night Watch officers discover a body during the hours of daylight.

There is also a jurisdiction question when a crime has been committed on guild territory since guilds are supposed to have jurisdiction over their members and the Watch can't take on the whole Assassins' Guild at once although the Beggars' and Fools' Guilds are more accommodating. In the later books Commander Vimes and the City Watch are respected and feared enough that Guilds will cede jurisdiction.

It helps that he's the Assasins' Guild's landlord. And in Snuff , Vimes is in the Shires, where he has a certain amount of authority as a local landowner, but is explicitly not part of the self-appointed local law-enforcement hierarchy at all. But as far as Vimes is concerned, murder is a universal crime and that's all the jurisdiction he needs.

In the novel Pyramid Power , the Pyramid Security Agency runs roughshod over every other government agency that had anything they wanted due to their charter giving them authority over just about everything that can be associated with the alien pyramid that landed in Chicago.

But one agency wasn't on the list of people they could overrule — the Fish and Wildlife Service — which brought charges against them for illegal actions against an endangered species — the sphinx and dragons that came out of the pyramid. Who then requested assistance in dealing with the violators from some of the agencies that the PSA had been pushing around — which included a regiment of paratroopers.

In Allegiance , Mara Jade, Darth Vader, and the Imperial Security Bureau all have their own different tasks, but there's one duty they all have in common: They don't get along. Vader is paranoid that Mara is being trained to replace him, Mara wishes he'd stop , and neither of them like the ISB. Both clash with Mara; the ISB tries to have her killed when she nears a truth they don't want her knowing, and Vader outright tries to murder her when he thinks she's after his target Princess Leia.

When argument breaks out after Anakin clarifies that with his new powers, Palpatine is now Commander in Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, Yoda states "Pointless it is, to squabble over jurisdiction. Ryan orders the FBI to take the lead, as it's bigger and has more resources, with the Secret Service a close second.

Yoren asserts that recruits of the Night's Watch are immune from arrest, but the Lannister men refuse to back down, resulting in a fight. Individual agents such as Kennedy may be decent people, but the FBI as a whole is portrayed as an inept bureaucracy. The mission that forms the plot is Artamos' responsibility so he has to enforce his authority over the plate mail knights from both his own kingdom and his charge's kingdom; both of them think they should be in charge.

In the Vorkosigan Saga there is a rivalry between Imp Sec and local police, as well as the normal military police. This takes on a nationalistic component in Komarr which is a conquered planet and still resentful. There is also a rivalry between Imp Sec and Ops within the Barryaran service, however that is more Interservice Rivalry.

Clay County is very much unequipped to do a proper investigation of the murder, but wants jurisdiction anyway. Meg and the Caerphilly County police chief manage to convince them to give Clay County to give the case to them by insinuating that the cost of the investigation will be astronomical, though Clay County still insists on having one of their people on the case as an observer, who turns out to be an interfering idiot.

The twist in this case is that he's not simply an interfering idiot, he also happens to be the murderer. Averted in Charlotte MacLeod's novel Vane Pursuit , in which various but connected crimes are committed in a variety of locations separated by hundreds of miles, and the law enforcement personnel are all happy to cooperate with each other and agree to let their superiors sort out who will actually have jurisdiction.

Residents of a small town fear that the stranger they blame for the murder of a local woman will "get away with it" if he's prosecuted by the state.

To avoid a lynching, the stranger is tried by the local townsfolk with the assistance of a judge who deliberately does everything incorrectly, so that the verdict will be overturned on appear and he can have a fair trial after tensions have eased. The FBI is mentioned several times in Under a Graveyard Sky as making it difficult to track down the virus turning people into Technically Living Zombies , as the microbiology experts supposed to be assisting them are also the primary suspects, and the FBI's concern is more "find the guilty party" than "stop the virus".

CDC staffers are particularly hostile to the FBI, thanks to how they reacted to previous events like the anthrax attack shortly after the September 11, attack. Ragnarok, the first book in The Echo Case Files , utilises the classic 'feds versus local cops', in which the fed protagonists can technically steamroller through anything the local cops try and put in their way, but initially at least try and play nicely with them, to avoid making enemies.

The fourth Rivers of London book, "Broken Homes", puts a spin on this. Peter states that unlike in television, friction occurs when other branches or services won't take over a murder or unusual case. Turns out murder investigations are really complicated, generate a huge amount of paperwork, use up all of the manpower budget and forensics budget, and are generally a pain in the arse all around and that is just the mundane ones. Most Chief Inspectors are desperate to get that sort of headache off their budget.

Happens in The Snow Queen Series. On the planet Tiamat, only off-worlders are subject to the star-spanning Hegemony's legal system; any Tiamatans caught in crime must be turned over to the Snow Queen's justice.

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