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Women looking for sugar daddy port Pauls Valley

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Women looking for sugar daddy port Pauls Valley

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Ready for this. Yes, we'll likely head down to the lovely beaches for some rest, beach cabana time at some point, though for me, predominantly. Guys are easily satisfied, the real satisfaction for me is making sure that the girl has an amazing time and hopefully wants to come back to me. I have brown hair dark blue eyes and I'm around 5'5 with an average build.

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Women looking for sugar daddy port Pauls Valley

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We will never post anything in your timeline. We have all read the headlines in one way or another: But why has society now shifted its focus to such a great extent to sugar babys or men who would choose to nurture their dating habits taking into account mutual benefits at the outset other than the more traditionally orthodox approach to it? Interracial, same sex, prostitution to name a few.

However, the blatant flaw in the argument against the Sugardaddy dating from those who engage into traditionally orthodox relationships or more precisely, those who jump on the sugar daddy shaming bandwagon is that individuals in traditional relationships can too, to a certain degree, seek mutual benefit in their quest for long term relationships; perhaps not in such a straightforward and open manner. It would usually involve a older man seeking to take part in the intellectual development of a younger boy, thus tutoring him in the realm of politics, the military, social interactions and so on.

In exchange, both individuals would engage into a sexual relationship from which the restraint in pursuit rather than capture upon hunting of the young boy would serve as a stimulus for excellence of character and soundness of spirit. This, combined with a balanced mind would eventually lead to other qualities such as temperance, moderation and prudence.

But the paradox in modern society as far as freedom of choice is concerned, is that, seemingly, the more freedom of choice worldwide citizens have in their hands, the more impaired they are by the judgements of society.

For example, it was not until that homosexuality in the UK was repealed as a crime and it remained a capital offence until However it is widely known that the coming out of gay men in industries such as sports and the corporate world to name a few, is still a reality despite the legal implications being today virtually non existent.

Most single men would not admit to going into sugar daddy dating as a result from the moral judgements of society and fear of them being seeing as someone who can only feel confident on a date when money is involved. The reality of it is that the sugar daddy relationship from the daddy point of view is no more than any other sexually lushous fantasy; it involves men or, less often, women who are willing to treat the baby or boy through financial means in the short to mid term; money per say.

But it seems that there is a collective confusion in the air amongst men and women, both daddies and babies, and the implications from that side of the coin which so often cause the negative press for the sugar relationship nowadays would perhaps require a more careful look into the attitudes that go in contrast with the true concept of a sugar daddy relationship.

Such accounts reported by real users can be understandably frustrating for both sides and more importantly, invasive to the boundaries of mutual respect; the first mutual benefit to be considered in such a relationship. Now; one might ask: So one should not dispute there is if not a clear distinction between the two concepts, at least an attempt from both parties to clearly set themselves apart from the former.

The number of negative headlines on the subject are a result of those who are not a hundred per cent in line with what it should really mean for two people to be in a sugar relationship. Amongst many examples, we can cite that a Government secretary should not be bragging about knowing her bosses every move and of knowing everything about him.

In the same way Women who clearly have sex for money goals should not be creating profiles on sugar daddy websites.

The reality is, there are bad apples in every basket and this should not be a reason for the whole basket to be wasted. We see similar examples in all industries: None of which renders the great majority unworthy of their genuine cause.

Some might argue that there should be no money gains in a relationship between two people if that is at all to rank anywhere close to the word genuine. But one should not forget examples of individuals who through no fault of their own find themselves in situations which are less them financially desirable and upon meeting someone who could potentially safeguard them find genuine feelings in the long term as opposed to at the outset. Single mothers who in doing so have guaranteed in the long term a loving family for their offspring.

Who can with absolute certainty confirm that individuals of a certain upper economical tier of society, do not pre assess economical class as one of the criteria in choosing a partner?

So what is the issue here? The investment in a non family cause? The short term aspect to it? Or simply being different? Sugar Daddy Sugar Babe. Register for free now. Register with your Email address. No place was found for your postal code. Please enter your town directly without postal code. Please select a location. My Sugar Daddy is a meeting point for successful men and attractive women.

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Police track the thief, discover he is in a prison jumpsuit, and call the prison where he is from, which discovers two other inmates are missing. An all points bulletin is put out for the other two. Meanwhile, Roberson and Finney find civilian clothes in a dumpster, then walk a great distance along a railroad.

They steal a car and a purse and plan to go to a friend in Ocala to get fake IDs, but the friend refuses. They then drive the car to Colorado , burglarizing homes along the way and stealing cash, weapons, and other needs.

In Colorado, they arrive at a motel, do not check in, and find a key card sitting outside. They discover the card operates a room that is under construction.

They stay in this room, enjoying its comforts. They become friendly with a female clerk, who allows them to use their motel's computer. Finney sends an email to a friend from this computer, and the friend calls police.

Police trace this email to the motel. Police contact the motel, and the clerk answers and identifies the fugitives. During the takedown that follows, police find the pair in the process of writing a demand note for a planned bank robbery.

Courtenay Savage shoots into the home of her former friend and business partner three times, nearly inflicting life-threatening damage. She is charged with attempted murder. While out on bail, she uses the ID of a friend, goes to Mexico , and has plastic surgery. She then flies to New Jersey and hooks up with a former boyfriend. Later, she moves to Oklahoma , where she lives for some time, before her former boyfriend lands a job in Houston , where she lives with him.

She is later apprehended there. Raymond Ross is out on parole when he continues his life of crime. He is riding in a friend's car in Lexington, Tennessee when they pull into a gas station and find a teenage boy selling speakers to raise money for his high school trip. Ross pretends to be an interested customer, then once inside the teen's car, takes over and steals the car, and runs over the victim, Troy Bowman. Police first discover the victim without a vehicle, severely injured and in a coma, and two witnesses are of little help.

Ross then takes the stolen car to his hometown of Humboldt, Tennessee , where he strips it for parts. He asks to borrow a truck to transport the parts, but when he does not return with the truck, the owner reports it as stolen. Police see Ross trying to transfer the parts into the truck and become suspicious, but Ross diverts the cop's attention onto the truck, saying he needs help.

The cops offer him this help, not noticing the stolen car, then leave. The following day, the dashcam video collected by the cop of this event leads police to identify Ross as the suspect who ran over the victim. Lexington police go to Humboldt to look for Ross, but they learn he has left town. He has traveled miles to Cape Girardeau, Missouri , where he has begun a life there of selling drugs and robbing rival drug dealers. Ross has a pregnant girlfriend in Humboldt, who comes to Cape Girardeau, and gives birth to their baby there.

But soon after the birth, his girlfriend is fed up with him and takes the baby and leaves. Ross becomes popular at area clubs, where he becomes a well-known rapper.

At the same time, he is a heavy drug user. Lexington police arrange for Ross to be featured on a national TV show.

Soon after the airing, they receive multiple calls that he is in Cape Girardeau. A friend tips him off that he is on TV, which surprises him.

He makes plans to get out of town, but before he has a chance, police arrest him at his new girlfriend's house in the middle of the night. Steve Lamb begins a career as a marijuana smuggler during his adolescence. The operation involves bringing multiple tons at a time from Jamaica into Florida by boat. At first, he doesn't see getting caught as a possibility. But one day, when his crew are taking a long time to unload their numerous bales, a fisherman spots the operation, takes a bale, and brings it to the police, who come in for a bust.

The bust is reported nationwide as the Steinhatchee 7 , at that time the largest marijuana bust in US history. All participants receive 20 years in prison. But after two years, on appeal, all are released on parole. Lamb continues smuggling from Jamaica until Jamaica cannot meet his demands, then he resorts to Colombia as a source of pot. He is stopped by his neighbors who are police officers one day and charged with violating parole.

Once in Venezuela, he obtains a visa that allows him also to travel to Peru and Bolivia, where he goes regularly for drug business.

After two years, he wishes to re-enter the United States. He does this by buying an airline ticket from a friend, then using it to obtain another fake passport under that friend's name. When re-entering, he is ordered to undergo a thorough search. He has no drugs, but his biggest liability is the second fake passport. When the officer is distracted, he hides the second passport, and the officer does not notice.

He later makes frequent entries into the United States to visit his mother and friends, but officers can never catch him. His mother dies, and he spends time with her during her final days, but does not attend her funeral, which was staked out.

Later, with his girlfriend, he spends half his life in South America and half his time in California. His girlfriend discovers his lifestyle and is uncomfortable staying with him, but feels she has to. One day, he is arrested in California during a sting, extradited to Florida, and serves 34 months for the parole violation.

All other charges are dismissed on technicalities. Sean Salley , an aspiring rapper, is broke, and turns to drug dealing for money. One day, he and an accomplice, Andre Smith, come to an apartment located above the Carnegie Deli in Manhattan to rob a drug dealer who is residing there.

The pair bind five people found inside the apartment, and prior to their departure, shoot all of them execution style in order to leave no witnesses behind. The plan backfires when two of the victims survive the shooting, and one calls Video surveillance of the stairwell shows the getaway and the faces of the suspects. It is shown on the news, and the public calls in tips. Additionally, an address book found in the apartment lists Salley's name.

Salley, a New Jersey resident, then goes on the run. He catches a bus to New Orleans , where his mother, who is a paralegal, lives, hoping to seek her council. He is extremely paranoid, especially as he sees what appears to be an unmarked police car conducting surveillance outside her house. He does not approach his mother's house, but instead phones her. He hides in motels and friends houses while in New Orleans.

One day, he asks an acquaintance from New Jersey to wire him money. The acquaintance instead calls police. Police arrange a sting to arrest him when he retrieves the wire transfer.

But they cannot watch all moneywire outlets in a large city. He first approaches the bus terminal, but when he observes surveillance being conducted there, he leaves the scene, and finds another outlet inside a travel agency. He retrieves the money from that, and police are alerted and approach the travel agency. But they are 4 minutes late.

Salley observes from a distance police approaching the agency. Police learn from the travel agency that Salley was inquiring about ways to leave the country. Salley makes plans to leave, and assuming that buses and trains are already being watched, he hitchhikes.

He reaching Miami , where he checks into a homeless shelter and finds employment. Police, on a hunch, guess he may have gone to Miami, and they broadcast his picture there. He is identified in multiple tips as being at the shelter.

Police converge there and find him. He and Smith are sentenced to years in prison. The Republic of Texas is a militia group that believes the state of Texas is being held illegally by the United States and supports Texas seceding from the Union. A neighbor of their compound has turned in one of the militia's members to law enforcement, and the militia is upset about this. Three militia members invade this couple's home, shoot the man, and take them hostage, demanding this member's release.

After a hostage situation that goes on for hours in which the man is bleeding from a gunshot, police make the decision to meet the militia's demand's, but later capture them at their compound. Days later, the militia has booby trapped their compound to ward off a possible raid from law enforcement and arranged for guns and ammunition to be brought to the compound.

But the car in which the guns are being transported in has been intercepted by tipped off police, and its occupants arrested.

Police then approach and surround the compound. Most members decide to surrender, but while police are busy with their minds focused on arresting most of the members, two of the members, Richard Keyes III and Mike Madsen flee into nearby woods. Police take notice of this escape, and try to pursue the suspects. The suspects find the terrain difficult, tire, and start to rest.

Police send K-9 dogs into the woods to pursue the suspects. Madsen tells Keyes, who wishes to continue, to keep going while he gives up. But Keyes refuses to leave his friend behind.

Finally, Keyes has no choice but to abandon his friend. The dogs reach Madsen, who shoots one of the dogs to death, and aims shots at a helicopter hovering above.

Police give orders to fire on Madsen. Madsen is shot to death. Police then continue to search for Keyes, but likewise find the terrain difficult. They make the decision to call off the search and find Keyes elsewhere later.

Keyes has to his advantage a map showing where the militia has stashed survival supplies, including water. Keyes makes it to a state park, where he calls the New Mexico militia and arranges for a ride. He is given a safehouse at the New Mexico militia's compound for several weeks, but when he makes plans to blow up a government building, the New Mexico militia kicks him out. He then goes to another militia group near Houston , but has a similar experience.

With no militia members to support him, he contacts his family and tells his exact location. His family calls the FBI. FBI agents plan to catch him at the motel where he is staying, but they observe him getting into a car. Once on the road, he is ordered out of that car. The FBI then arrests him. He is sentenced to 90 years in prison for the aggravated kidnapping.

Dallas Slettvet is a drug enforcer. One day, he gets into a fight at a home where he is sent and stabs the victim to death with his own knife. Realizing he has taken a life, he panics. He remains in town, hiding out in the homes of other drug addicts and finally his sister-in-law's house, where he is bored and in need of more drugs, leading him to venture out and put his freedom at risk.

Finally, he is at a club when he gets booted for being drunk. He spends the night asleep in an alley and wakes up the next morning far from his safehouse.

He hails a cab and asks for a ride back, then passes out in the cab. The cabbie then starts to rob him, and he fights with the cabbie, who pushes him out of the cab. The cabbie calls police. Police spot him nearby and arrest him, leading to the end of his run. James Clement is selling a boat, and a pair of men, the Ellis brothers, pose as potential customers and say they wish to take the boat for a spin.

Once out at sea, they order Clement overboard at gunpoint and shot him to death, thereby robbing him of the boat. They arrange to drive it to the Bahamas where drug dealer Anthony Ragno will buy the boat to sell on the black market. But once Ragno learns the boat was associated with a murder, he feels uncomfortable, flees the Bahamas, and returns to his home in Ft.

The Ellis brothers want to silence him and come to his home intent on murdering him. But Ragno senses he is in danger, and he flees to Texas, where he obtains honest employment. But Ragno is also sentenced for his role to a year in prison, which he fears due to the presence of the Ellis brothers in the same prison.

He is given 30 days to report, and decides to go on the run. With the help of a drug boss, he assumes the identity of a man who has died in a car crash, and his own name is applied to the deceased in a switch.

Ragno, now known as James Collins, becomes an overseas drug dealer, using ships to transport marijuana throughout the Western hemisphere. He settles into Haiti , but when civil war breaks out, he moves to Dominican Republic. He is caught with cocaine in Dominican Republic, and deported to the United States. Dominican authorities assume he will be prosecuted, but he enters the country, slipping through the cracks, and continues his life on the run.

He has occasional brushes with the law for driving without a license, and most of the time is arrested under the name James Collins, but one time accidentally gives his real name. US Marshals investigating Ragno's cold case find records that he is dead, but are suspicious due to the lack of a death certificate. They then find an arrest record under his name years later. They visit many of his last known addresses until they receive a tip to his whereabouts.

He serves his original one-year sentence and returns to society thereafter. Erick Quesada is wanted for the murder of his best friend turned enemy Michael Newhouse in a drive-by shooting in the suburbs of San Antonio. It takes 9 days following the shooting for police to gather the evidence needed to arrest their prime suspect. But on the day after the shooting, Quesada's mother takes him to a relative in Mexico to stay.

Once in Mexico, Quesada moves around between different towns while staying on the run and works odd jobs and sells timeshares. Meanwhile, police in San Antonio continue to search the area for him, believing he is still there. That all changes when they receive a letter tipping them off he is in Mexico. Federales come to the address to learn he has been departed.

San Antonio police are helpless without the successful capture by the Federales. But Newhouse's parents attempt to aid in Quesada's capture by sending flyers around, warning the public that he is a murderer. Police continue to receive anonymous letters on Quesada's whereabouts. But Federales are always too late in their attempts to capture him.

Finally, after 4 years, they are able to capture him before he has a chance to run. He is sentenced to 75 years in prison. Randall Zandstra at age 25 is estranged from his wife of 4 years. He breaks into her apartment to stalk her with a plan to harass her. He expects her to arrive home by herself, but she comes with a new boyfriend. After a foot chase and confrontation, he shoots her new boyfriend, then flees the scene.

He settles in Atlanta , where he creates a fake identity for himself, finds employment, and marries another woman. But after 2 years of marriage, his second wife discovers his past and reports him to police. He then moves to Las Vegas where he takes up employment in landscaping and supplements his income with his poker skills.

He enters another relationship there, but it also sours. He moves on to New Jersey , where he once again takes up employment in landscaping and as a poker player in Atlantic City. He also runs a scam operation out of an office in New York City , leading to his arrest for mail fraud and a 7-month prison sentence.

Following his release, he is being sought for charges of stealing from a former employer. He returns to Vegas where he uses his real name in a poker championship and finishes in 9th place.

He then moves to Colorado , where he gets into a fight with a girlfriend. She claims he pointed a gun to her head and demanded she sign over the deed to her house, which he denies, and is not charged for. Marshals find him in Colorado, and are about to arrest him when he flees by car.

A high speed chase ensues, his car flips, and he is ejected and severely injured. After recovering from his injuries, he is sentenced to 9 years in prison for the theft from his employer. The attempted murder charge is dismissed on a technicality. Christopher Daniel Gay has led a life of crime, particularly theft, and has been in and out of prison, and has already escaped several times. He hears his mother is dying, and desires to escape again to see her. While being transported from Texas to Alabama to face charges, he escapes during a restroom break, spends the night hiding in the woods, and the following morning, steals a pickup truck that he finds parked at a factory.

He abandons the pickup truck a few hours later, and then steals a Walmart truck. While stopping for a meal, an officer spots the Walmart truck, and after Gay gets into the vehicle, the officer gives chase.

The chase ends at the home of his dying mother, where his sister Leann is also present. Officers surround the home while Gay is on the roof.

Gay sees his mother through the window, but fails to enter the home to see her. He manages to escape, and later cons his way into a secured lot where tour buses of musicians are parked. He then makes off in the bus of Crystal Gayle and drives it to Daytona Speedway , where he cons his way to a VIP pass and enjoys a day at the races.

On the way out, he is captured when suspicious officers run the plates of the bus. During a routine traffic stop, Liebman, a passenger, is the only one who can produce ID. Bowman is already a suspect in the murder, so he is booked and extradited.

Liebman already has burglary warrants in Virginia , and she is booked on them, but she is released after Virginia refuses to accept the extradition. She later catches a bus to Virginia, where her mother lives, where she briefly reunites with her.

To stay on the run, she hides out for a while at motels in North Carolina , but after wanted posters circulate the town, she returns to her mother's residence. Marshals search her mother's residence, where they find her hiding behind boxes. Aurlieas Dante McClarty is awaiting trial in Oklahoma for throwing Molotov cocktails at a friend's house.

Before the trial, he robs a taco shop and uses the money to flee to Los Angeles. There, he takes on a new identity, Donald Lang, and commits mass identity theft to support himself. He forms a relationship with a young woman named Rebecca, whom he impregnates. McClarty is living under the radar of the law until one day, he loses his temper while waiting in line at a theater and threatens a reserve police officer. He is sentenced to a year in prison, but rather than reporting to prison, he flees with Rebecca to the suburbs of Cleveland.

There, he assumes a new alias — Jonathan Kinkade — and commits large amounts of check fraud in nearby states, but does not commit any in Ohio or under the name Kinkade. He meets another young woman named Holly, and makes her his new girlfriend, but is yet to dump Rebecca. He drives to Orlando , where he shoots paintballs at Rebecca, then dumps her, leaving him only with Holly. He then enters a U-Haul store with the intent to rob the place, shoots the two employees dead, but finds he cannot open the safe, and is forced to leave empty-handed.

His next scheme is to purchase two PlayStations from a Toys R Us where Holly is working using counterfeit cash, then return them with the hopes of receiving real cash in return, but this arouses suspicion, the U. Seeing that there is no criminal record associated with the name Kinkade, the Secret Service uses him as an informant, and he is able to help catch numerous counterfeiters.

But a month into this operation, a connection is made between the name Kinkade and the U-Haul murders, and plans are made to arrest him. But before he can be arrested, he flees with Holly to Laurel, Maryland , where he rents a motel room. During that stay, Holly flees the room, gets into his car, and drives back home.

McClarty, fearing he will be reported, rents a car and moves to another motel in Laurel. He meets a couple who are also fugitives, and the two men agree to commit a bank robbery and split the cash. The other man commits the actual robbery, but when the other man is going to retrieve his girlfriend, McClarty takes all the money from the robbery and flees. He rents a car and drives to North Carolina , where he rents a house and lives under the radar for two months.

During this time, the FBI places him on their most wanted list. The FBI is tipped off when McClarty sells the car he had rented and never returned, and the buyer attempts to register the car, but can't because it has been reported stolen. McClarty notices a plumbing truck parked near his house, and suspects this is a cover for a vehicle filled with FBI agents. He attempts to flee through the back gate, but is swarmed by FBI agents, and his run is over.

Ricky McCurry is in a holding cell at the Unicoi County, Tennessee jail while awaiting transport back to the Nashville juvenile detention center where he is serving time for petty offenses. After three days in his cell there, he begs the lone officer on duty for a shower. The officer opens his cell door while he is dressed in nothing but underpants. Security is low because the officer is not used to seeing escapes. But as soon as the door is open, McCurry bolts from the facility, and the officer cannot catch him.

McCurry finds clothes in a trash can and stops at his home to take his belongings. He then travels to North Carolina where his uncle and aunt live, and hides out with them.

Word gets out that all charges against him have been dropped and he is no longer a fugitive. Once home, he is caught for drunk driving. Rather than showing in court, he heads to Florida , where he attempts to live cleanly, but is unsuccessful. One day, he shoplifts alcohol from a liquor store, and the owner prevents him from leaving before police arrive. He is sentenced to 10 days in prison, after which he is extradited to Tennessee to face the drunken driving charge.

He is back in the jail where he originally escaped from. There, he takes two playing cards and picks the lock to his cell, and dashes out. He then returns home, gets his car, and drives to his uncle and aunt in North Carolina again.

But they refuse to harbor an adult fugitive. He returns to Tennessee, where his drinking is out of control. To get money for his drinking, he robs a convenience store, using a toy gun disguised to look real as a weapon. While making his getaway, he is drunk, and he drives on the wrong side of the road, nearly striking a police car head-on.

A high-speed chase ensues. He crashes on a little mountain road, and flees on foot while his accomplice is caught on the spot. He is captured after a foot chase.

He pleads guilty to avoid a much longer prison term and is sentenced to 7 years in a maximum-security prison.

When in prison, he plots his next escape. He obtains a handcuff key, and when making a court appearance, he uses the key to loosen his shackles. When he sees the moment, he bolts. But the area is then surrounded by officers, and he is captured. His sentence is increased by 18 years for this escape. After he is released after this long sentence, he is caught drunk driving again and forced to serve another 7 years. He was free as of the filming of this episode, and was living with his mother.

Brenda Wynn , a drug dealer in Daytona Beach , takes in a homeless man and employs him as a driver. She is not legally able to drive due to her history of DUI and drug convictions. One day, her driver betrays her and takes money intended for an errand for himself. Wynn is angered and plans to kill him. Unable to get a hold of a gun to kill him, she runs him over and leaves him for dead.

She is arrested for the battery and posts bail. But before her court hearing, she contacts a pen pal named Glenn from the time she previously spent in prison, and arranges for him to pick her up and take her to his hometown of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Before leaving, Wynn wants her friend David to accompany them. Once in Williamsport, Glenn rents an apartment that he, Wynn, and David share. The apartment happens to be one block away from the police station. She continues to live as a drug addict and alcoholic, drawing unwanted attention.

One day, while driving to pick up Glenn from work, she is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. She cannot produce ID, and she gives police an alias, making them suspicious.

When police take her into custody, they find her ID on her, showing them her real name. She is fingerprinted, and her prints initially turn up no warrants. She is initially released, but the warrants eventually turn up after delay, and she is extradited to Florida, where she is sentenced to two years in prison.

Scott Eizember has a violent temper. His first girlfriend, Roberta, leaves him and files for a restraining order in Michigan. He violates the restraining order and is arrested, but is released and flees the state.

He then settles in Tulsa, Oklahoma , where he meets a woman named Kathy and begins a relationship with her. After several months, Kathy ends the relationship due to Eizember's violent tendencies. Eizember responds by holding her hostage and attempting to get even. To get away from him, Kathy moves to Lawton, Oklahoma.

Before she has a chance to move all her possessions, Eizember breaks into her old home, lives there for some time, and destroys a lot of her property.

She detects this when she receives a cable bill for premium usage. She calls police, who suspect it is Eizember. Eizember, bent on further revenge, goes to Depew, Oklahoma , where Kathy's parents live, and where he expects to find her. To stake out her parents' house for her, he breaks into the home of an elderly couple across the street, thinking no one is home, and helps himself to a shotgun there.

When he finds them home, he confronts and eventually murders them. He then proceeds to the home of Kathy's parents, where he finds Kathy's mother and son. He shoots Kathy's son Tyler, and severely beats her mother. Tyler gets into the family car and drives to the location where his grandfather is a coach. Eizember gets into the back of the truck, and follows, but Tyler purposely crashes the truck in an attempt to knock him out.

Tyler falls on the ground, where, lying wounded, he is noticed, and Eizember flees on foot. Police launch a manhunt, the largest in the history of the state of Oklahoma. Eizember first hides for three days in a barn, where police search for but fail to find him.

After 3 days, he leaves the barn and moves onto the parsonage of the church where he met Kathy. He hides in a closet there, where for nearly a month, he remains undetected while he eats food intended for the needy and drinks water. He also finds a small TV set that he uses to follow news about himself. After nearly a month, an year-old volunteer discovers him by accident, and he knocks her over, steals her keys, and then her car. He drives her car until it runs out of gas.

Posing as a stranded motorist, he receives an offer for help from a physician and his wife, but once inside their vehicle, he takes them hostage and orders them to drive to Arkansas, and then to Texas.

In Texas, the husband demands a stop to use the restroom, and outside the vehicle, he takes his own gun and shoots Eizember 3 times, wounding him. Eizember beats the couple, then takes their car.

Eizember then drives to a convenience store, where he robs the store of supplies to treat his wounds. Soon after, Eizember is stopped by an officer for a routine traffic stop. The officer is unaware of who Eizember is, but Eizember declares he has been shot, and an ambulance is called.

Police, suspicious, check the vehicle and learn it's been stolen. After recovering, Eizember is extradited to Oklahoma, where he is sentenced to death. The Clovis, New Mexico jail break. In this break, eight inmates escape. Episode focuses on two: Larry McClendon and Michael England. McClendon is awaiting trial for murder and other charges. England for probation violations. McClendon had already been there for 14 months. He had been plotting an escape all along. One day, he planned to escape by striking a guard over the head and stealing his uniform.

But at the last moment, he retracts, not wanting to hurt the guard. England, a childhood friend, then comes to jail, and the two discuss their escape plans together. They steal a key to a pipe when guards are not looking, then enter the pipe.

They find it leads to the roof. They spend several days making a hole in the roof, and when that is finally complete, they and six other inmates escape. The pair go to a friend, who drives them while drunk to a family member's house. There, they get civilian clothes and cash.

Police are searching for them while they hide in mud. They then find an abandoned building where they hide for several days until they get a ride to Amarillo, Texas. England later returns to Clovis. McClendon stays in Amarillo, where he is captured by Marshals.

England is captured in Clovis. Leathers has had a long-term relationship with another man, George O'Neill, with whom she has five children. Leathers temporarily suspended her relationship with O'Neill at one time, and during that time dated Marshall before breaking up and returning to O'Neill.

Over the years, Marshall often stalks and terrorizes Leathers and O'Neill. Leathers has often pressed charges against Marshall for this, but police put little effort into the case. One day, O'Neill and their oldest son, then 18, take matters into their own hand, and beat Marshall with a bat. This leaves him undeterred, so they threaten him with a gun to stay away.

Marshall obtains a gun of his own. O'Neill and Leathers make plans to move the family away from Tampa. O'Neill comes to a prearranged location to pick up a trailer he is borrowing for the move. He is then ambushed by Marshall, who is waiting for him, and is shot four times. He dies at the hospital, saying the name of his killer before his death. A warrant is issued for the arrest of Marshall for first-degree murder. But before he can be arrested, he flees to Dallas , where he takes on the alias Bennie Thomas and gets a job as a shoemaker.

He spends a year in Dallas before he returns to Tampa to see family. There, he gets a job in nearby Lakeland , where an old acquaintance recognizes him. Suspicious of this, he leaves again, and he goes back to Tampa, where he harasses Leathers again. He shows up at her door, wanting to talk to her. But when he realizes she has phoned police, he flees her neighborhood.

He goes to Atlanta , where he purchases a van. He sets up the van to be a place where he can live, but he also places a "shine" sign on it and sets up on the streets, shining shoes of passersby for income.

One day, he is stopped by suspicious officers, who take him in for driving on a suspended license. They run his prints, but do not get any results back before releasing him. He then travels around the country, shining in many locations. In , he returns to Tampa to be with his dying mother. After spending several weeks with her, he decides to spend one more day downtown to make some income shoeshining to afford to leave.

When he arrives downtown, Leathers coincidentally arrives at a bank where he is. She spots him and enters the bank to phone police. Police send numerous officers to the area in search of him and find him. He denies he is Marshall, professing he is Bennie Thomas and that this is a mistake, but officers bring leathers to ID Marshall, and she is positive it is him. His trial is delayed for two years due to a stroke he suffers, but he is later convicted of the murder and sentenced to life.

Steven Jay Russell is fired from his food service job for being gay. He turns to low-level fraud and is sentenced to six months behind bars. After just one month, he escapes by obtaining civilian clothes, posing as a janitor, and being granted exit from the facility by a guard believing he is one. He is captured three weeks before his boyfriend's death. After being captured, he meets another boyfriend named Phillip Morris who is serving time. Both agree to live together after they are freed.

Russell is freed first. He is caught while attempting to refinance his mortgage as the bank is suspicious of how he got such large amounts of money. He then contacts a bail bondsman who gets him out. He pleads guilty and receives 40 years in prison. Once in prison, he sees that prisoners wear white scrubs and doctors wear green scrubs. He obtains an extra prison uniform and a large number of green highlighters and dyes the uniform green; he then approaches the security gate dressed in the green scrubs, and the guard, assuming he is a doctor, lets him out of the facility.

He then knocks on the door to a random house and asks for a ride into town, saying he is a doctor. Once there, he hails a cab to a hospital an hour away, telling the cab driver he is a surgeon and he has to save a life. From there, he makes his way back to Morris, and the two head to Biloxi, Mississippi. A tip leads marshalls there, who capture him.

Once he is returned, he fakes having AIDS and dying of the condition. He is released to a nursing home on medical parole, and once there, he obtains a blank death certificate, which he fills out with his name. He sends copies to the district attorney and his parole officer, convincing them he is dead and therefore off the radar. He then tries to free Morris by pretending to be a judge and having him transferred to another less secure prison, and then pretending to be an attorney and visiting him in prison.

To get money, he approaches a bank pretending to be a millionaire and asking for a loan. The bank becomes suspicious and is about to call police. But he feigns a heart attack and gets rushed to the hospital, from where he escapes. He flees to Florida, where he is captured again.

He is now serving years in maximum security on hour lockdown. Dennis Wayne Hope is an employee at Albertsons in Dallas.

He grows bored with his work, and comes up with a plan for easy money. He takes notice of the procedures followed by the armored guards who collect money from the store. Over a six-month period, he formulates a plan, where he studies pick-up times for cash at numerous Albertsons stores around the Dallas area other than the one where he works.

He purchases a used plain white van, which he converts into a fake armored truck, and places the decals of a real one on. He also creates a fake uniform and badge. He enters an Albertsons 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled pick-up, and fools an employee into believing he is the guard. He then drives to another Albertsons and does the same. When he departs the second store, he hears on a scanner he is carrying that the first robbery has been reported. He proceeds to commit a third, and afterwards learns that the second has also been reported.

At that moment, he quits for the day, and hides the van that was used. He continues to work at his Albertsons job for several more months until one day, he is fired. After that, he turns to armed robberies of other Albertson's stores. The identity of this serial robbery remains unknown to police until one day he boasts to his girlfriend.

After his girlfriend breaks up, she reports him to police, and he is arrested. While being loaded into a van along with other inmates for transport to court, Hope escapes by loosening his shackles with a homemade handcuff key, and makes a mad dash from the loading area into nearby streets.

He strips off his uniform down to his boxer shorts and continues to run. A police officer passing him stops, leading Hope to believe he is being caught. The officer is unaware of the escape and assumes he was a recent robbery victim, but Hope tells the officer he is training for a triathlon, and the officer believes him.

Hope then heads to the home of a friend, where he spends the next week. After a week, he leaves to get fake ID, and an officer spots him driving. He leads officers on a high-speed chase and is captured. He is tried and sentenced to 80 years in prison. Once in prison, he makes plans to escape from the maximum-security institution. Along with two other inmates, they cut power to the prison, then scale the fences in the darkness of the night. The guards in the tower observe the escape and fire shots that all miss.

The other two inmates are caught, but Hope evades the search team, running 14 miles to a convenience store the following morning. He observes a man leave his truck with the keys inside, then jumps into the truck and drives it to a suburb of Dallas, where it runs out of gas.

He finds a jacket and a knife in the truck, and he uses the jacket to cover his uniform. He approaches an elderly man, whom he robs and carjacks. He first checks in at a motel, and he uses some of the cash to buy a used car, and to rent an apartment.

He returns to Memphis to continue living his life, all while Dallas officers believe he is in the area. The first lead to his being in Memphis comes when the carjacked truck is found abandoned by Memphis police, and it is connected to Hope. Texas officers then come up with the theory that he is living in Memphis and commuting to Dallas to commit robberies. Inside the stolen truck, an ad is found in which a phone number for a car for sale is circled.

The seller provides police with a number from his caller ID, which is traced to a motel. Hope has checked out of the motel by then, but the phone records at the motel reveal the phone has been used to call a meat packing plant. His girlfriend's sister works at that plant and is shocked to learn he is a fugitive.

She invites him to a bar later that evening on the guise of it being a party, but agents stake it out and capture him there. He is sentenced to years in solitary confinement, being kept on the Death Row unit.

The shooting started when the restaurant manager Authur Lee tries to grab a gun from Van Chung and then pulled the trigger on him. Kai Yin Chuey was shot twice by Van Tran, second time in the head, killing her instantly. Amy Lee tries to call police as Van Chung ran toward her, held her and put two bullets in the head, killing her instantly on the first shot.

Doan took two rings from the body of Chuey and Van Tran gave a jewelry case to him. The group leave the restaurant. Van Tran discovered that Bounnam is wounded in his leg as he is limping toward his car. Bounnam is able to drive for couple of blocks before Van Tran takes over. He then drive in Bounnam's Camaro to acquaintance's apartment, where they find Van Chung's car to go for their long drive to Washington, D. After Bounnam's leg healed, he travels to North Carolina to stay with his uncle, while Van Chung travels to Dallas with his friend, who is eventually apprehended there.

Van Tran got arrested while staying in Houston and admits to police about why he got arrested, and he replied "For a shooting in Memphis. Ging Sam Lee, who is 77 years old at the time, is the only victim survived in the shooting and told police the story through a translator, including who robbed the place and reported her jewelry was stolen.

While other robbers left the town, Doan stayed in Memphis to finish the high school. But one day, he saw an officer showed a photo to a student if she recognized that guy and she pointed to him and then he panicked as he ran inside as officer started chasing him. He ran down the hall accidentally bumping into couple of students. He ran downstairs and got trapped when another officer came through the door in front of him. He was taken for questioning.

During the interview with Sergeant Dennis Hodges, Doan admitted that he participated in the robbery and identified three other suspects, including Bounnam. After learning that police are looking for him in North Carolina, Bounnam leaves uncle's residence and heads to Toronto , Ontario , Canada. But one night while driving to a hotel there, Bounnam was unaware that police are waiting for him and as he pulls into a parking lot; he was arrested and was extradited back to his hometown.

Bounnam is sentenced to life plus 25 years for robbery, Van Tran is sentenced to death, Van Chung receive two consecutive life sentences, and Doan remains free and still lives in Memphis. Dominick Reddick pointed the gun at the officer, he pulled the trigger but there was no bullets. He then takes the gun from officer's hand before he arrested Reddick.

After spending 10 months in jail, Reddick escaped from a transport van after it broke down along a Florida highway.

He hid in the swamp for six hours until he hitched a ride to Jacksonville. His brother then drove Reddick to Chatham County in Georgia where he plans to meet up with his girlfriend. However, his brother dropped him off on the side of U. When marshalls spotted him, he ran into an apartment complex parking lot and then into the woods where the marshalls lost sight of him.

While hiding in the woods, marshalls use bloodhounds to search for him, but he was nowhere in sight. After re-emerging, he ran through a shopping mall parking lot in a black jogging suit and barefoot. After a woman spotted him running, he was reported to the police. Reddick ran off before police could surround the area. He hid in the swamp in cold and wet conditions. As he trekked, he smelled donuts and walked toward the source.

He sees that worker at the BP gas station throws away old donuts in the trash bin. After Reddick walked to the bin, a woman recognized him and told the cashier at the convenience store to call the police. When Reddick saw the officers, he ran back into the woods. After about 15 minutes, search dogs caught Reddick's scent and corrections officer ordered Reddick to the ground. He went back to the prison that he escaped from. Ricky Alan Sleight comes to Miami in an attempt to put his troubled past behind.

He starts out homeless and is trying to kick a drinking habit. He finds a job and temporarily moves in with a man until he can rent his own apartment. But he gets into an argument with the man, leading him to murdering him. He then sets the man's body on fire. A neighbor reports the fire, and police discover the cause and that Sleight is the prime suspect. But Sleight has stolen the victim's car and driven it to his parents' house in North Carolina.

After a brief visit with his parents, he abandons the car, then catches a bus to Chicago. There, he learns about freighthopping. He catches a series of freight trains to Bellingham, Washington with a goal of getting to Alaska. Periodically, he makes calls to his mother in which he hangs up in an attempt to throw off investigators.

His mother suspects those calls are from him and reports each one to police. When he reaches Bellingham, he attempts to stow away on a ferry to Alaska. But a dog in a car barks, drawing the attention of security, and he is forced to flee. He then catches a series of trains to Oceanside, California , where he decides to take a break from traveling. He joins the local homeless community and becomes well known there, including participation in church services. His case makes national news, and a homeless man in the area reports his sighting to local police.

A search for him around the town ensues, and he is located. Abraham Cavazos has been in trouble with the law throughout his youth and his had a resentment for police, even getting an anti-police tattoo on his arm.

After being sentenced to probation, he has stayed out of trouble for 1. Then he heads to a birthday party where be makes plans to impress the preppy girl it is for. He dresses in a pink and blue striped shirt and brings a gun to the party. During the party, Rogelio Terrazas, a recent dental school graduate who is in attendance, and his friends call Cavazos a "faggot". Cavazos first ignores this harassment, but Terrazas then shows something pink by showing his penis to Cavazos.

Terrazas then throws a plastic beer cup to Camille Martinez and Cavazos, and after exchanging words, Cavazos shoots Terrazas twice and he dies. Cavazos and his friends leave the party to go on the run. Cavazos calls his cousin Luis for help. Luis is unkeen about helping a fugitive, but offers to take him to the bus station.

Cavazos buys a ticket to Los Angeles, thinking he'll run there, but the bus is not departing for several hours, and during that time, Cavazos is paranoid that cops could show up. Cavazos then leaves the bus station before his bus departs. Police think they have spotted Cavazos at a theater, but it turns out they have spotted Luis, who has gone there to see a movie after dropping off his cousin.

Cavazos then meets a gang member, who recommends he go to Juarez. Cavazos gets a girlfriend to drive him to Juarez. There, he rents a cheap apartment, and his cousin Luis, who is employed in Juarez, brings him food.

He makes money by stealing and selling drugs, and he juggles relationships with multiple girlfriends who help him. One day, a tip leads officers to his apartment. But he gets away by arranging for neighbors to distract the officers, climbs on the roof, outruns an officer, then climbs a mountain to his waiting ride. He catches a bus to Torreon , where he starts a new life and forms a relationship with a girlfriend he impregnates.

He spends almost a year there when officers identify him by his tattoos and arrest him. He is extradited and subsequently sentenced to 28 years behind bars. Johnnyray Gasca has been robbed of money he has made from an illegal gambling operation by a friend with a drug problem he has tried to help. He plays Russian roulette against the friend, nearly killing him.

He is sentenced to 9 years in prison, but is paroled after 3. After that, he makes a living by taking a camcorder into theaters where Kung Fu movies are being shown, copying his recordings, and selling them on the streets of New York. This is legal, since these movies are not copyrighted. After his parole is finished, he heads to Los Angeles, where he gets involved with celebrities. He manages to gain tickets to early showings of movies before they are released, and once he does, he videotapes the movies, copies them, and sells bootlegged copies.

One day, he is caught and his equipment is confiscated. He threatens the Motion Picture Association of America that if his equipment is not returned, he will release numerous unlicensed films into the streets.

He is charged with federal copyright violations and extortion for this threat and is facing 28 years in prison. He is held without bail. But he is allowed to leave jail for a few hours a day under the custody of his attorney to retrieve evidence.

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